I Can If I Want To

Remember? I said that I reserved the right to get on here and write if I wanted to and if what I wanted to write didn’t take away from the James study. I do and it won’t, so there.

It’s a Saturday off after several really hard weeks of work. I relish the Life Today tapings once I get there because the studio audience is always fantastic and the PERFECT size. (150 maybe?) I am close enough to them to hear them groan or chuckle and to see puzzlement on their faces so that I know whether or not to clarify. I am close enough to see if any one of them has tears in her eyes and if something I said hurt too much to leave alone. I am right there to see the work of the Spirit when He moves at His own discretion and I’m on occasion left with chills standing straight up on my arms, all because I’m standing close enough to feel it. And because He let’s me. I love all these things about the Life Today tapings BUT they are just about as much work over a 20 hour period of time as I ever do. Even the skin feels too heavy on my bones to take back home with me. It’s so worth it but 5 one-hour teaching sessions is a hard task.

All that to say, having the next Saturday off is a beautiful thing. I took Thursday, too, but I had a lot to do out and about that day. I had fun but not exactly rest. I’ll often opt for the former over the latter but not today. Keith left early this morning for a sporting clays tournament and just shut the bedroom door and let me sleep in. I opened my eyes about 8:45 and said good morning to the Lord. I then smiled really wide at the thought of a first cup of coffee. It never tastes better than that first sip. Then I had my quiet time and reflected back on the evening before. CJ took Jackson “camping” at a friend’s land where a handful of dads around the same age brought their young sons and did all but sleep outside. That is my kind of camping, too. As my grandmother would say, “I’m right outdoorsy till I’m sleepy.”

AJ and Annabeth came and spent the evening with my man and me. I’m just not sure little kids are ever any cuter or funnier than around 21 months. She talks constantly and, of course, had the undivided attention of three adults. Everything she wanted read to her got read to her. She ate spaghetti like she’d been starved for a month and with such enthusiasm that she had to be hastily swept to the tub lest all in her path receive a baptism by marinara. I did not say maranatha. I said marinara. Aunt Melissa then called us all on Face Time  (I-phone 4 – it’s one reason we got it) and she, AJ and I howled our heads off. I like to wear different hats when I talk to Melissa on Face Time because it makes her laugh and, because I can see myself in the little square in the corner of the screen, it makes me laugh, too. First I wore a stylish little straw hat with a thick green ribbon around it that Melissa bought several months ago then I put on one of Keith’s cowboy hats. I just hate to be predictable.

Annabeth was scared of Face Time at first and hid all but one eye in Amanda’s shirt but now she totally participates and loves to talk to Aunt Melissa and to wave to her. It’s almost more than Melissa can stand and she invariably laughs until she gets a lump in her throat and wants to cry because she’s so far from home. She loves Amanda’s babies so much. Annabeth blew numerous kisses to her last night and even told her she loved her. (“LUH- do”) She even said something to her about “Jedus.”And that’s part of what had me reflecting during my quiet time this morning.

Annabeth thinks that the greatest part of getting ready for bed is rocking with Mommy and singing about “Jedus.” I love how her little mouth looks when she says His Name. I want them to love Him so much. That’s the one thing. The one thing I ask over and over and over. I don’t mean it’s the only thing I ever ask but it’s the only thing I ask like a broken record. If they – Keith, Amanda, Curtis, Jackson, Annabeth, Colin, and Melissa and others of our family yet to come – and I love Jesus, and I mean really love Jesus, everything else will be okay. I am convinced of that. We can get through virtually anything on love. I often ask God to spare my dear family of tragedy but not to spare us of His glory. Tragedies do sometimes come but we must never think for a moment that they’ve come lightly. We must steady our reeling selves to the anchor beyond the veil and know, when we know nothing else, that somehow, some way, glory must have been at stake.

I hope your Saturday is, at least in some way, a sabbath to you. I finished yet another Wendell Berry novel this morning and let the time pass without much notice. I finished a book last week that simply said, “Stop hurrying so much.” And I’ve been trying to practice that. Even both dogs are sound asleep right now which is no small wonder, especially as I spy a squirrel at the bird feeder in our back yard. Shoot. I might go back to bed myself.

On second thought, I’m starving here. When on earth will somebody around this house go to the grocery store???


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  1. 201
    MimiRebecca says:

    Dear Beth,
    I’m so glad you had the chance to write and share, and even happier to hear you had a day to relax. Please know those “Wednesdays with Beth” have been a God send to me. Not long ago my husband sent a donation to the Robinsons and got a CD set of yours as a surprise for me. We generally refuse any gifts with donations, but he knew how much joy I get from hearing you preach the Word. Well, sister, those CDs have been a blessing as I drive back & forth to work. I’m on my second time listening to them since I hear something new each time.

    Also, I had to smile hearing your grandbaby story. Aren’t they too much? Too much joy, cuteness, and love for a “Mimi” to absorb sometimes. Our Lilli, is four now and our daughter started teaching her about Jesus as we’d watch the sunset each evening. We’ve always been a sucker for that beauty. So as Lilli learned about Jesus and how he’s painting the sky for us she’d say “Good job, Jesus”.
    Of course, that’s what we call the sunset now.

  2. 202
    Becky Justice says:

    I love you, Beth!……I am just sick because I was trying to send you a picture over twitter(don’t really understand it) of our Ladies Bible studies that we were starting for the Fall at our church……We had Five Beth Moore studies starting and we took a group picture to share with you……I had been planning it all Summer…hoping it would pop up on your phone at just the right time…maybe while you were studying James…at least I was hoping…….BUT when I went to send the picture to you..it somehow changed to a dog…and even worse…the rear view of a dog….It wasn’t even my dog…I have no idea how I did it…I tried to delete it………..I’m sorry you got that………..good news though….all of those ladies Bible studies are still going on and we have over 150 ladies in God’s Word……Thank you for writing Bible studies!

  3. 203
    Jana E says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about your Saturday and your family story. The comment about tradegies and trusting the Love of God seems like so many other instances this week ordained for me to see. Less than a month ago, my youngest daughter who just turned 2 was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Prior to this, my husband had been temporarily transferred across the country for three months. At the start of both of these circumstances, we could see God’s hand and feel the Spirit moving. But since getting out from the hospital with Elizabeth, I have allowed the cares of the world to have a foothold and I have been so hurt and angry. This past Sunday, God used several godly ladies from my church to reach out to me. He used the pastor’s sermon to convict me. I have repented of my anger, and am learning to once again wholly trust. God led me to Isaiah 45 and reminded me that He is God and He knows what He has planned. He loves my daughter more than I could even begin to fathom. For months, I have felt the Spirit leading me to revisit the Breaking Free study, and I kept putting it off. Here is another wonderful instance of God’s provision: My assistant at school and I were talking and she mentioned wanting to do that study. So we will be studying Breaking Free, and letting go of the bondage that I have allowed to claim my walk.

  4. 204
    sepik-meri katie says:

    oh i love you mama beth, and your saturday rambling! thanks for the glimpse and sharing your morning!! i KNOW. i get so excited for my coffee in the morning with the Lord that i can hardly get to sleep sometimes! lol. i have been barely able to look online lately as i’m working so much and not having internet at home! so i’ve missed you! but at least i know i’m not missing TOO much since you and James have business to cover. know that i’m praying for you these days! not like it’s a new concept, but just so ya know you are covered. much love!

  5. 205
    Kathy Paro says:

    Beth, I hear you mention Sabbath and Saturday which is a huge topic in my house at this time, and I would love your help. My husband has stopped going to church with me because he believes we are all being lead away from the truth and the 10 commandments. ” Sabbath is and should be on saturday, it is Gods sabbath and we changed the day”. He can’t find a place to worship that believes the way he does so he stays home. This is so hard, I continue to go to Calvary Chapel and pray but we talk less and less about the Lord because it is always a fight. I keep praying, can you help? Kathy

  6. 206
    HarborMom says:

    I just don’t know what was more enjoyable: your post or realizing that I was reading in my mind with a southern accent. Why, this California-girl-turned-Northwester has a little southern twang goin’ on in her head! Mercy!

  7. 207
    Loretta says:

    I’ve missed you… I’ve been gone for sometime from all of you, but not because I wanted to be (I have limited internet access). I just wanted to stop in and say hey to yall. Yall are often in my thoughts and prayers. My church ladies are doing Esther we just started this past Wednesday. Can I say… thank You, Lord, for Beth and her dedication to You. Keep up Your good work, Father in Jesus name-amen.

  8. 208
    Gayle D says:

    Oh, Beth,
    How I agree at baby’s wonder. Our Avery is 17 months and with a very funny dad who loves laughter; Avery is very happy, too.
    Though he doesn’t talk much; I share your dream that our family will each love Jesus.
    Our study group of women do Revelation study just now.
    I think I’ll join you in praying no tradegy.
    Appreciate you and pray for you.

  9. 209
    Deb Weaver says:

    I’m catching up on the blog today since I’ve been trying to spend less time online. Thank you for posting this glimpse into your day. I teared up, I smiled, I grinned as I savored the catch-up moment with you! Thank you, Beth, for allowing the Lord to use you in our lives. You are dear to me. God is truly speaking difficult, but soul-stretching and soul-capturing truths to me lately as I do the study of Esther and as I’m reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Radical by David Platt. May He be eternally and mightily glorified in each of our lives in this season.

  10. 210
    christy says:

    AMEN Beth!!!! That was spoken beautifully…as a mother of four precious little ones, I also pray that they love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength! I also know that if we do, everything will be just fine, to His name be all the glory! Thank you for being a faithful servant to the Most High!!! Love you girl, may God continue to bless you and use you, Amen!

    Christy in Summit, MS

  11. 211

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