Talk To Me Tuesday! Topic One

Hey, Siestas! Thank you for such an outpouring of support in my blog break. God has already caused it to bear fruit the way I’d hoped. He’s so faithful. I miss you so much and think of you daily. I hope to see some of you Houston area girls at Bible study tonight. I’m so blessed to serve tonight with my friend, Christy Nockels. OK, here’s today’s TOPIC for Talk To Me Tuesday.

Talk to me about a time in your own life when God called you to an area of obedience that was particularly difficult but ultimately (and surprisingly) led to joy. Limit your story to one meaty paragraph so we can read as many as possible. Let’s hear it! I surely do love you girls.


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    Ginny says:

    Our church went through a difficult time last year. Our pastor and many of my friends left. I wanted to leave, too, but my husband encouraged me hang in there and see what the Lord would do. Now, a year and a half later, our church has been blessed with a new beginning. I have grown closer to other church members who stayed, and we are looking forward to seeing what God will do next! God has provided for every need in our church both financially and through the people who serve there. He is ever faithful!

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      Melanie L. says:

      My church just went through something like that. What a blessing to be among those who never left. Not that we are superior to those who prayerfully decided they needed to leave for a time. But sticking it out brings a special blessing.

  2. 52
    Tracy says:

    About two years ago, God led my husband and I back closer to home. We had been living in the Chicago area for about seven years after moving away from our family in Oklahoma. This was a hard decision because we had just purchased a new home a few months before and knew we would take a huge loss when trying to sell. We also were not sure we were ready to be closer to our families again (complicated relationships). With much fear and excitement we followed what we believed to be God’s plan and moved to Missouri. God has blessed us in so many ways for our obedience in this. We finally live in a community we can call home, our children are happy and settled and love it here, and we are able to see extended family when necessary, but still are able to maintain our distance when needed. He has opened doors for many serving opportunities here and changed our hearts to want to serve Him more. I do not believe our hearts would have been so open to His calling on our lives if we had not followed Him and moved here. God called us here for a reason, and we are so happy He did!

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    tracie says:

    Hey Beth! I’m loving this format. God called me to leave the only church home that I had ever known. I didn’t come to know the Lord til I was 40. I’d been at this church – in ministry in a fabulous choir – for 4.5 yrs. God said move and I didn’t want to move – and didn’t move for about 8 months. Then He said ‘move or be moved’. I was so concerned that that ‘be moved’ would look like that I moved. And cried for weeks. I understood why He wanted me to move. I really did. But I still cried about it. Now I am in a new ministry – small groups coordinator & leading these fabulous Bible studies the Lord has empowered you to put together. Gurl, you are an inspiration. God loves you and so do I, Beth. Please know that I pray for you daily and consider you a good friend! If we never meet this side of heaven, why, I’ll just see you there!! Tracie

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    AmberJ says:

    When God led us to leave our church home after 21 wonderful years. It was so hard, but so clear that it was God’s leading and became an issue of disobedience if we did not follow His leading. Learning “the ropes”, joining new ministries or even just the way around the church has been interesting and sometimes challenging, but it has definitely been rewarding. Obeying usually is! Thank you, Beth, for your obedience to Christ in writing your studies. They have changed my life.

    • 54.1
      kendal says:

      I wrote about a church change, and you are the second other writer I’ve come across who did the same….I love beginning to see parts of GOd’s plan!

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    Cindy says:

    Almost 1 1/2 years ago my husband was looking for a Pastorate position. He hollared down the hall to me and said “Hey, you wanna go to New York?” (we lived in NC and I had for most of my life) I said “Sure if that’s where God sends us.” Little did I know what that would cost me. We left our home that we had raised our kids in. We left my oldest daughter just a few weeks after her highschool graduation. I left all of my family and friends. Although at first my job (of 10 yrs) allowed me to work from home, that too was soon gone. Talk about being thrown into a pit! I’ve wallered in that pit for a while now, but have recently decided it is time to get out and clean up. Serving God is much easier when my attitude is in check.

  6. 56
    Julie Marler says:

    We are going thru this RIGHT NOW! But we’ve been here before too! God has led us to sell our much-loved home and move into a “lesser” loved home. We KNOW God has led us to do this. And everyone thinks we’re crazy! (that’s usually a good sign it’s from God! ha!) So now we are packing and moving from our very new, comfy home to go just down the road to a home that’s almost 30 yrs old and in need of so much love (and work!). We are excited to see what God has in store for us. Yep, we’ve done it before about 20 yrs ago and loved/hated it. But in the end – it was glorious!! We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this time!!

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    Sheryl says:

    One of the greatest experiences in my life was about 16 years ago. At the time my children were 6, 8, 11 and 13.
    Backing up a little; I have always been a part of the church choir whether as a child, youth or an adult. We had recently joined a large church with an INCREDIBLE worship leader and I loved Thursday night worship rehearsals and Sunday morning leading in worship. As a mother with four children this was one of my times to get away from duty and the busyness of life as a parent. Oh how I love my Jesus music! Well…for several weeks, maybe longer I felt God speaking to my heart to step down from choir and be with my children in “big church”. Oh how I wrestled with it. Finally, one Sunday morning as we were worshiping during the music time I felt God say to me with what I sensed as finality, this is it…you may choose now to do what I ask or settle for the “usual”. That’s all it took. Not one more second passed before I turned to the friend next to me and said, “this is my last Sunday in choir.” Of course she looked at me like, “what was that about…?” But I had to act right away so God would know I had chosen him. Two Sundays later my third born was so convicted during the song service (not the invitation!) that he had to give his life to Christ right then..AND I WAS THERE WITH HIM AND PRAYED WITH HIM. When God calls us to obedience He is doing a work whether we see it right away or not. Eleven years later I have rejoined the choir and my heart and life is full. I LOVE HIM!

  8. 58
    Melissa says:

    My husband started in youth ministry, but went on to become a full-time pastor. To be honest, I was always more called to the church as a whole than youth. A year into his first pastorate, the youth girls of our church needed a Wed. night teacher. I knew that I was supposed to be that teacher and I couldn’t believe it! I was not called to youth! But…God had a perfect plan and it turned into an incredible blessing to me and to them. Obedience is ALWAYS worth it.

  9. 59
    Kim B. says:

    Obedience to the decision to NOT marry the wrong guy a number of years ago. Painful during that season, but ultimately resulted in roots of faith that grew deeper still, a love for Jesus MORE than the desire to be married, and a heart broken now healed and beating in full time ministry. The desires of my heart are surrendered in a posture of hope for His best for my life.

    He is faithful! He is able! He is everything to me.

    • 59.1
      Tammie says:

      Know this one a few times around… want to be MORE in love with Jesus myself; We lack NO good thing when we walk and trust Jesus with our deepest desires and dreams.

  10. 60
    Amy Storms says:

    First of all, CHRISTY NOCKELS!! Love her. I often carry on imaginary conversations with you and with Christy Nockels, so the two of you together would just do me in.

    Now for the meaty paragraph: My husband used to be a children’s pastor, and for the last few years of that ministry, I knew God was telling me to stop teaching children. I couldn’t figure out why, and I couldn’t think of anything else to do in place of it :)…so I just ignored Him. When He persisted, I backed off and taught less, and congratulated myself on my compromise, but it was still disobedience. Finally, my husband was moved out of children’s ministry and into the small groups area at our church. That was a clear-as-day instruction to stop. (Or, rather, “Okay, if you won’t stop, I’ll stop you.”) I did nothing for several months as I tried to learn my real place before God…I realized how much I’d equated my service on Sundays with earning His love, etc. It was a painful season of doing nothing, but I learned a lot. And now, I’m coming out on the other side, and He is opening up teaching opportunities for me again.-He’s dropping them in my lap, really. Not with children, but with women! It’s not at all a ministry I ever expected, but it’s obviously the one He wants me in, and I couldn’t be happier here.

    • 60.1
      Patti says:

      So glad to know I’m not the only one who carries on imaginary conversations with my mentors. Have a blessed day.
      Patti Hayes

    • 60.2
      Tammie says:

      I am experiencing this as well… when i yield and trust, he POURS into my life avenues of blessing, ministry and relationships that fill my cup to overflowing!

  11. 61
    christy says:

    Almost 2 years ago after a long 5 years, my husband finally made it into drug rehab. Those five years were very difficult and a lot of our problems revolved around church. We were married when I was just 20 years old and from the beginning I had been the spiritual leader. My husband was raised in church, a different denomination, but began coming with me while we were dating. He became very involved after our wedding, serving on the board & leading worship, but after 7 years of attending, he decided he didn’t want to go anymore. This devastated me! It was very hard for me to leave my home church & the people I loved. We fought about it so much! He had a history of drug abuse through college and early adulthood, only becoming clean months before we started dating (I had no idea until after we were engaged)! But after praying & fasting & many tears & much pain, he finally made it to rehab. While he was there God spoke to me so clearly & said, Christy, if you submit this one part of your life to Jason (meaning going to church with him somewhere he wanted go) sit back & watch what I’ll do with it. Wow! God’s promise has been amazing! I have seen God do a mighty work in this man! It’s been almost 2 years & it is beautiful to see the transformation God has done! Jason continues to grow in His Word & has felt a call into the ministry! That was difficult for me but God has blessed my obedience & I’m so thankful I listened! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I love Him so much!

  12. 62
    Anonymous for this One says:

    I’m a regular Siesta, but I’m going to stay anonymous for this one so I can share something intimate and give God glory for something very few people in my life know.

    A few years ago, my marriage was shattered. My husband had just confessed his third affair. He was repentant (and there are so many reasons for his affairs that I beg you not to judge him here), but I was beyond heartbroken. And I was angry. I was so angry that God had allowed this to happen again. Could I believe God was for me after my own husband had betrayed me? Could I believe that He could use this for good? Could I really believe that He could change my husband? Most importantly, did I believe He could give me supernatural forgiveness and grace so that my husband and I could begin again?

    Yes and yes. Oh YES. He did. I have never felt such a joy as I did when I finally forgave my husband. The anger and bitterness and self-righteousness left. And I was left with pure joy unspeakable. (To this day, I almost burst into tears when I hear the Newsboys song “Joy.” It was my unexpected anthem of grace that year.)

    • 62.1
      lavonda says:

      “Could I believe God was for me after my own husband had betrayed me?”

      Dear Anonymous, that sentence right there brings tears to my eyes. That is such a true result from being cheated on. My first husband cheated about 10 times over 15 years before leaving to marry his high school sweetheart. I found that my view of how God feels about me was totally tied up in how my husband treated me. It’s taken years to come through the other side, to know and to FEEL the truth about God’s love for me. Your statement above blesses me so much, making me remember how far I’ve come in the last 6 years. Thank you!
      I’m so happy for you that your road is turning out different than my own did… it’s so good to see men who let God turn them around for their family’s sake. It shows what God can do when we LET Him.

      ps… Joy is also my theme word. I have several little things around the house that say “Joy” on them, to remind me of where my Joy comes from!

    • 62.2

      Anonymous for this one,

      Your testimony about your marriage is powerful, God restoring it even though there was repeated unfaithfulness. You still saw His Goodness in the land of the living.



  13. 63
    Joy S says:

    Within the last year, I was going through a season where my reputation was under attack. While I hadn’t done anything to merit the circumstance — and stand confident of that after asking God to search my heart — I was particularly captivated by the want to know my accuser and to understand her motivation. I nearly became consumed with trying to figure out who and why until the Lord spoke to me through His word and a series of devotions about letting Him be my defender. Clearly, I knew that even if I discovered the who and why of the situation, it would do nothing but cause greater wounds to my heart. God called me to obedience on the issue of trusting Him to stand in the gap and speak for me. Ultimately, to my surprise, though I know neither of the answers to my questions, I found great victory and joy as I saw God work in redeeming my reputation and renewing my faith in HIm.

  14. 64
    Nancy says:

    The time is right now. I am a teacher, both in profession and as a spiritual gift. I have not been teaching at church for a while now and was sensing that I should. I was approached this summer about teaching a preschool class during Sunday School. I said yes, kicking and screaming, because even though I knew God wanted me to, I didn’t want to give up the fellowship of other adults during that time. I also play piano during the service so I don’t have that as a time of fellowship, either. I am trusting that the blessings I receive by being obedient will be so much more than the fellowship from the adult SS class.

  15. 65
    Kathy B says:

    Whew! Not goofin’ around here, are you? Several yrs ago I was put in a situation (not of my own making) where I was given an ultimatum: either do as a certain person said or they would cut off communication with me. And no, I was not in jr high. I so badly wanted to do what I knew I had the “right” to do: slam the door in their face. But as I sought the Lord’s direction, I believed He was asking me to submit to their demands. Bummer! I bristled, to be sure, but did as the Lord asked. And then the Lord did something I pray I’ll never forget: He blessed me with a renewed assurance of His love, protection and Presence. It’s become one of those places I can look back to in order to remember that no matter how difficult or seemingly unreasonable the task, if God asks it, I can completely trust our living, brilliant Father. Thanks for the reminder. Praying for you, Melissa and James.

  16. 66
    Elisabeth says:

    I’m actually going through this NOW. 3 weeks ago I was convicted to live in a way in which I’m increasing my faith by giving much more than 10%. The day I made this decision, my hours got cut at work & I had to choose obedience by continuing in my commitment. I’ve entered a way of living in which I’m giving while not even making enough to pay bills! The only way I’ll survive now is if He comes through. I had moments of thinking I was crazy at first. Being totally broke is difficult. I was kind of ashamed of being an adult & not having a nice fancy income. So I was quiet & didn’t tell anyone. Suddenly, someone hired me to mow & weed their lawn. Someone else gave me a huge box of clothes just my size. And get this-they’re even all brand name! And I’ve suddenly been asked to attend many meetings at my church throughout this month- and most of them involve a meal that is provided for me. The ways in which I am experiencing God’s creativity at provision are so much better than just having the money I need! It’s been a fantastic journey so far!!

    • 66.1
      Deborah Menning says:

      You go, Girl! This is so exciting. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “you can’t out give God,” and have seen it prove true. May He continue to provide in amazing ways as you minister to others by giving more.

    • 66.2

      Whoa Elisabeth, that’s great! My older sister and her husband are in TX while he is in seminary, and they have many a story like that where God provided for them at just the right time. Your radical commitment to giving, God is honoring that!

    • 66.3
      Cathy J says:

      Elisabeth, keep remaining true to your convictions. I will pray that all your needs be met. I am reminded of one of my (many) favorite verses. Numbers 11:23 – Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not.

    • 66.4
      Pam says:

      Journal all of these “unexpected blessings!” When we went through a financial crisis, God told me to begin tithing on the gross and not the net – in the middle of job loss! I obeyed and the blessings poured out. Most were not “extra” but always “enough” and even sometimes a little surprise extra showed up. God is faithful! I often go back and read my journal and share with others His faithfulness in my time of need!

  17. 67
    jordan says:

    At age 18 I was climbing up the ladder in the Nashville country music business. A publishing deal was a matter of time…until I went and saw Point of Grace in concert. I saw the joy on their faces as they sang to their God, and from the front row I sat in tears as God said to my heart, “THAT Sweetheart is what you’re meant to do.” It was SO hard, and people called me crazy, but in blind obedience I walked away from Nashville. I went back home to Oklahoma. Months later God led me into prison ministry. I’m now in my 2nd year in women’s Prison Ministry and the joy is inexpressible and full of glory! Those girls are the uncontested joy of my ministry life. And I almost missed it. Oh, God knew what He was doing!

    • 67.1
      Sally Denton says:

      Please pray for a dear precious friend of mine named Kyra who is climbing the world’s ladder right now with her brilliant talent but I wonder if she may need to hear God say the same sweet message. Thank-you

  18. 68
    Melinda Fowler says:

    26 years ago, God called me to move from my parent’s house in Arkadelphia AR to St Louis MO to work as a programmer. I prayed for just one friend in such as big city. One Sunday when visiting a church, I had a wonderful Singles Group turn to me and say “oh you are the one we’ve heard about. We’ve been expecting you”. What a rewarding time that was. I learned when I step out in faith into my unknown, God is already there waiting for me.

  19. 69
    lori bordas says:

    I have just returned from Liberia where I worked with a dental team for 8 days. It was as far out of my comfort zone as I could have possibly gotten. HOT, sticky, bloody (extracting teeth) bugs, poverty, I could go on and on…… I am a homebody, I love that my entire life is lived in a 3 mile radius, home, church and work. After “arguing” with God for months about why I could not go, I finally issued the ultimatum “If you provide another woman to go with me, I’ll go” The team was all men and I knew there was not another woman even on the radar screen for this trip (I work for the ministry that put it together)
    The very next day a lady called the office to ask if she could go!
    As usual, God was faithful to one who desperately clings to her comfort zone! It was an honor to serve the Liberians in Jesus name and I can’t wait to go back next year!

  20. 70
    Amber Moon says:

    A life-long dream came true for me when I was accepted into UNC-Chapel Hill as a Junior in college (2000). However, after 8 miserable months of being away from home (for the first time in my life) and also being consumed by a very bad relationship, God called me back home through my mom’s simple words… “it’s ok if you want to come home sweetie.” That’s all I needed to hear and I was completely packed and back home by the end of that week. I delayed going back to school and went to work instead and through a set of events that only God could orchestrate, I was married to the most wonderful man on the planet 9 months later. In 2006, God allowed me to complete my Bachelor’s degree, has blessed me with a wonderful job I’ve been in for 5 years and my husband and I are coming up on our 9 year wedding anniversary. At the time, I never would have dreamed Chapel Hill wouldn’t work out for me but I’m so glad God had other plans…and I obeyed!! He is so good!

  21. 71
    Melinda from Alabama says:

    I dated a guy for about 5 months. It was emotionally draining, very difficult for my WHOLE family. He was emotionally abusive because of his history of child abuse. I didn’t feel a peace about leaving the relationship. We broke up and he married a woman a month later, but that ended up in anullment. There were rumors about him and no one stood by him but me. Him marrying someone else ripped my heart out, but when he called me for help God miraculously took away the feelings of hurt and allowed me to help him. He said to me that he didn’t understand why I was helping him, afterall, he had hurt me and my family the worst. I said to him “I hope you see the love of Jesus in this. We have offended him the worst and he will never leave us.” Over a period of time he was able to see God as a loving God. He couldn’t because of the lack of attachment as a young child. The pain of that relationship was worth seeing him get God’s love. He is a completely different person today. AMAZING! (sorry so long)

  22. 72
    Siesta OC says:

    I am in one now…Obedience in learning to do my work ‘unto the Lord.’ I am at a job that is outgrown and I feel trapped, but I know GOD has blessed me with this job and I don’t feel it is time to go. I know HE wants me to learn to detach feelings from focus and that I am NOT entitled to stop doing my job because I don’t feel like it – as immature as that sounds, it is so easy for me.

    PS: HUGE Lightening and thunder storms this am is socal…I get THRILLED when I see the power of my Papa!

    Miss you! Bless you B! (and M)

  23. 73
    Sheryl says:

    One of the greatest experiences in my life was about 16 years ago. At the time my children were 6, 8, 11 and 13.
    Backing up a little; I have always been a part of the church choir whether as a child, youth or an adult. We had recently joined a large church with an INCREDIBLE worship leader and I loved Thursday night worship rehearsals and Sunday morning leading in worship. As a mother with four children this was one of my times to get away from duty and the busyness of life as a parent. Oh how I love my Jesus music! Well…for several weeks, maybe longer I felt God speaking to my heart to step down from choir and be with my children in “big church”. Oh how I wrestled with it. Finally, one Sunday morning as we were worshiping during the music time I felt God say to me with what I sensed as finality, this is it…you may choose now to do what I ask or settle for the “usual”. That’s all it took. Not one more second passed before I turned to the friend next to me and said, “this is my last Sunday in choir.” Of course she looked at me like, “what was that about…?” But I had to act right away so God would know I had chosen him. Two Sundays later my third born was so convicted during the song service (not the invitation!) that he had to give his life to Christ right then..AND I WAS THERE WITH HIM AND PRAYED WITH HIM. When God calls us to obedience He is doing a work whether we see it right away or not. Eleven years later I have rejoined the choir and my heart and life are full. I LOVE HIM!

  24. 74
    Hannah R. says:

    Breaking off a serious relationship two years ago. God showed me clearly it wasn’t His best. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I walked through a lot of heartache afterwards. BUT God has been faithful! I have an amazing job, I’ll graduate w/my masters in May and now, 2 yrs later, He has placed a wonderful man into my life. Particulary difficult > ultimate joy 🙂

  25. 75
    Julie says:

    I ended up in a place in college where the Bible was being twisted and manipulated to abuse and decieve. I stayed in that environment for 8 years. When I finally was able to walk away (ONLY by God’s grace), I was left completely confused by and terrified of God’s Word. For several years, I pretty much just stayed away. Last year, I just knew God was asking me to come study again. I started BSF and did the Esther study. I have to say I was still so cautious and sometimes really scared, but I can’t even explain the joy I experienced. I just couldn’t get enough. Last night I joined 750 women excited to learn about Isaiah in BSF, and tomorrow I’ll be with my small group to do the Revelation study. God is unbelievably faithful to redeem!

    • 75.1
      Yanna says:

      Hannah, Julie, and other Siesta’s with similar stories of obedience while away in college brings me such hope and encouragement for the one I love and pray for. thank you!

  26. 76
    Liz says:

    I got pregnant, unexpectedly, at age 19. I had taken some medicine the week before I got pregnant, not ever dreaming I’d turn away from who I was (a child of God) and give into a drunken one night stand- embarrassing to admit, but just keeping it real, and ultimately get pregnant. When the doctors found out what medicine I had taken, so recently before getting pregnant, they told me my only choice was to terminate, that the baby would not survive or if it did, would not have any quality of life. For the first time in my life, my pro life stance was tested. I wept and prayed for a couple of hours and, as much as I hate to admit it, I went back and forth on what to do. After that short time, I decided whatever was found on the ultrasound I would not take away that baby’s life- that was not my descion to make and was in the Lord’s hands. At the ultrasound a couple of months later, there was a normal healthy baby (boy!). PTL! I feel the Lord honored my descion to keep my baby whatever the results were, because as far as doctors were concerned there was no way my baby could have been normal. God is not limited to a doctor’s diagnosis. Eight months later, my son is normal, healthy, and active as can be. God is a good God!

    • 76.1
      Yanna says:

      Liz I am shouting His Name! Glory to God for His love and your obedience during this season of your life. You will raise an incrediable warrior I commend you for filling your call in this generation. Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby boy! Even more encouraging is your age and your love for God. Share it with your peers!

    • 76.2

      Oh Liz, how awesome is that?!

    • 76.3
      Tracy says:

      Great story! Athough I do not know you, I’m so proud of you!!! From a girl who has lost five babies through miscarriage, it means the world to me for women to hold on to those babies that can make it! I know God is proud of you too!!!

  27. 77
    Gretchen says:

    The Lord called this “I’m never gonna” girl to homeschool my kids. Even though I have a background in education, I always said I would never homeschool. Never say never!!! He gently pricked my heart and called me out. It took almost a year of “are you sure?” before I followed His voice. The blessings have been abundant. I don’t think everyone is called to homeschool, but I do believe that everyone is called to obey the Lord’s prompting. We’ve watched our children bloom and I have stepped beyond the homeschool stereotypes that I was fearful of becoming. He is good indeed!

    • 77.1
      Siesta OC says:

      I love that point, ‘I do believe that everyone is called to obey the Lord’s prompting!!’ YES AND AMEN!!!

  28. 78
    Sue in Grapevine says:

    A few years ago I really felt that I was to stop trying to be my husband’s “personal Holy Spirit” & let the real One point out his mistakes. It has been a great thing in our marriage; many genuine apologies/ asking for forgiveness have come out of my keeping my mouth shut. A heart is more easily changed by the Holy Spirit than the most diplomatic or eloquent words I could utter. What do you know; God’s way is best again!

  29. 79
    Lori Deevers says:

    God called me to repent of by lack of self control in a couple of areas in August, the next day not only did I find a support system in my inbox ( a weight loss contest/ accountability) but an enormous amount of grace to work on it…the next week I started Breaking Free (I did it 10 years ago) again and have found victory in Jesus alone!!! He is my counselor, my divine romance, my hope and salvation. (btw I thank you for your comment about romance novels and female pornography in session 6 of the new breaking free, I have felt that conviction for awhile but no one talks of it) Repentance is my theme for the last few months and I have found it doesn’t come without sound doctrine- thank you for pouring it out so we can soak it up- for victory not just learning!

  30. 80
    Ouida Ray says:

    As the pastor talked about forgiveness, I haughtily was happy that my parents were in church that night. Now they would be preached at. I heard, “No, Ouida, it is you who needs to learn how to forgive.” I literally looked around because the voice was so audible to me. In my head I said “how?” All I heard was “Prayer and fasting.” And I did. At the end of the fast, I was presented with my life Psalm. Psalm 27. It would take much more than a paragraph to illustrate what God showed me…suffice it to say, I learned how God viewed my parents and how he viewed me…and I learned to love…with no regrets.

  31. 81
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    I was coaching collegiate volleyball as a single woman but when I did marry at the age of 33, I felt God begin nudging me to move out of my comfort zone and resign what I had felt was my calling. Obedience was hard and very scary because I had already been coaching for 10 years and the “unknown” was staring me in the face. However, I knew I had to obey His prompting so I left the active ranks of coaching and began building a relationship with my new husband. I found a job in the business world that I enjoyed but I did not feel as passionate about it as I had my coaching. But, God laid one of my co-workers on my heart and I began praying for his salvation and for God to give me opportunities to shine for Him. Several years later, this co-worker came to me and asked me to help him come to know Jesus….he wanted something different in his life. What an incredible experience and a very humbling one to boot. I’m so thankful I was obedient in following God.

    Miss “talking” with you Beth but rest assured that MANY of us are praying for you and Melissa as you spend time “with” James!

    Wetumpka, AL

  32. 82
    Laura says:

    My husband has been an associate pastor at our church for 8 years now. We’ve had some good times and some rough times while serving here, some of the rough being that we live half a country away from our extended family. I know God has called us to be here. I can see His hand at work. Loneliness still creeps in. I often claim the verse about “leaving father and mother” to serve Christ and do believe, in eternity, it will be worth it. Today is one of those hard days where I’d just like to hang out with my mom. But God has been faithful before and He’ll be faithful again.

  33. 83
    Jennifer says:

    This one is work related – I was passed over for a promotion at work and was (at the time) very dissapointed and upset. However, over the last few years of continuing with my existing job, I have joined Weight Watchers at work and lost 22 pounds (and have kept it off for 2 years now) and have been actively involved in Bible Studies from Beth with my neighbor at our local church (6 of them). Even though I was passed over for the promotion, God has pulled me near him and I am taking care of my health so I can experience his Joy every day. I have also been called to be the Financial Secretary at our church to record weekly tithing and print quarterly reports.

  34. 84
    Ginny says:

    As a child (and into adulthood), I was paralyzed by fear and insecurity. It manifested itself as perfectionism and I was a very shy and serious little girl. I suppose I showed a talent for music so my parents signed me up for piano and violin lessons. I played in various orchestras and chamber groups through high school, but whenever I was asked to play alone, I would just freeze up…sweaty palms, hives, shortness of breath…the works. Once I left home for college, I put the violin away. While I loved the feeling of power when I was part of an orchestra, it brought me little joy because it reminded me of my fears and perceived failures. Years later, God began to ask me to get it back out. I resisted…I wasn’t good enough to play for Him, I was afraid of what other people would say. It brought back all of those old feelings again. But one day, I just couldn’t ignore Him anymore, so I walked up to the worship leader at church and let the cat out of the bag. “I play the violin and I need to worship God with it”. Was I scared? YES! Hives? YES! (wearing high necked tops helped) There were times I wanted to crawl under the carpet with embarassment. But now, years later, I can not think of one thing in my life that brings me greater joy….closing my eyes, searching for His Face and pouring my broken spirit out to Him through those strings. And the fear is GONE! Obedience is hard, but the blessings are MAGNIFICENT! PRAISE His Wonderful Name!

  35. 85
    Selena says:

    For me it was leading a bible study. I’ve struggled with shyness all of my life. God called me to lead a bible study and I stepped out of my comfort zone and obeyed. With the obedience, I have been blessed with so much joy. There are several benefits to leading also, I’m held accountable and I always have my lesson done. Therefore, I get so much more out of my study. I’ll have to be honest, the first day of a study I still struggle with the shyness. But with God’s help I make it through. I feel like Moses… How can I speak? God is always faithful in speaking for me. At times I still break out in hives, but the joy of following God’s calling totally outweighs those moments. I just make sure to wear a cute turtle neck or a pretty scarf. This is my ninth year of leading, too many studies to actually stop and count. My favorite studies to lead are the ones with DVDs. A lot of times you, Beth Moore, do a lot of talking for me. (You are like my Aaron!!) I just help guide the discussions on the study. So if anyone is reading this and God has placed on your heart to lead a study, I encourage you to go for it!!! God will bless you. With God’s help, you can do it!!!

    • 85.1
      Joyce Watson says:

      I know just how you felt, that was the way I started and I am doing the Beth Moore Esther Bible studies too.
      Bless you.

    • 85.2
      Ginny says:

      Dear, sweet Selena,
      I thought I was the only one who got so nervous I broke out in hives! How wonderful to know I have a Hive Siesta!!! 🙂 Thank you for the scarf tip…might be tough with a violin under my chin, but I’m definitely going to give it a go. Keep on pressing on!! <3

  36. 86

    The very first time I made the choice to walk in obedience even though it would be difficult was over twenty years ago when He told me to break up with my boyfriend. I thought I would marry this young man, and I was scared to death to give up the relationship. I asked the Lord if we would be able to get back together later, but the only answer I received was to trust Him with it. I was shocked to learn years later that my boyfriend knew all along God did not want us together, but he was too afraid of breaking my heart to do the right thing. Not long after we broke up I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in love with my best friend, a handsome young man who was/is wholeheartedly devoted to his savior. We married within a year and have been in love ever since. Many, many, many times I thank the Lord for telling me to break up with that guy who really didn’t love me enough to do what was right. And even more often than that I find myself thanking God for giving me a husband beyond what I could even dream.

  37. 87
    Georgia Jan says:

    Good Morning Beth! In the spring of 2001, a situation occurred with a couple in my church. In their pain, they said some very unkind and hurtful things about my husband. I knew they were untrue and everything in me wanted to fight for my man! However, the battle was not mine and I knew that. It was SO hard, but I began to pray FOR that couple, specifically the wife, because I knew she was reacting out of her own deep pain. She continued to avoid me and be hurtful. Well, on 9-1-1, that fateful awful day, she and I “just happened” 🙂 to end up right next to each other in the nail salon. (Yes, we both went to the nail salon on 9-1-1, it is true.) She could NOT escape from me, and was actually sitting with her hands in the nail dryer. We began to talk and big old tears ran down her cheeks. I got to wipe them away because she couldn’t. God humbled us both and we made things right. It was hard not to take up an offense earlier in the year, but my obedience and time in prayer led to the ultimate reconciliation. We are still friends today.

    I love you Bethie!

  38. 88
    Kim says:

    He asked me 7 years ago to stay home when I had my baby and I did. Now, after several years of struggling, I am really enjoying and seeing the benefits of the time I’ve spent at home – now with my three little kids. I’ll go back to work someday, but for now I’m really appreciating my time home with the kids. Praise God for giving me gifts that sometimes I initially reject but when I finally unwrap it find that it is truly wonderful. I’ve received another gift in the form of a trial and am still working on unwrapping it but I believe God is good.

  39. 89
    Angel Haynes says:

    My husband and I have four children of our own. Four years ago, we were given the opportunity to foster four sisters. At one point “our kids” ages ranged 11, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 3. It was so difficult. Our new girls had so many deep wounds and the safer they felt in our home, the more they acted out. Many times I would cry out to God in frustration. At one point, I was so frustrated that I went out in our backyard, cried, and complained to God. I told him that I would continue to obey in taking care of all the kids, but in my spirit, I felt like he told me that he desired my joyful obedience and not my stubborn, reluctant obedience. I wish I could tell you from that point on I danced with a smile on my face in full obedience, but that just isn’t the truth. But, I can tell you that after the two years that the girls were part of our family, we all learned to trust Jesus with our family more deeply and love people in whatever way God asks us to. We continue to foster children in our city. My oldest daughter who is not 14 recently told me that she believes she and her three siblings have the gift of hospitality because they can so easily take kids in and out of their home and love them for the time they are with us. I was blown away. The joy and thankfulness in my heart was HUGE, knowing that through the two tough years with eight kids our whole family was completely changed.

  40. 90
    Mary Arnold says:

    This is my first comment ever. I remember a particular season in my life where I was so depressed from choices I had made in my life and even though I was going to church, doing Bible studies, and praying, I just couldn’t come out of the depression. A wonderful friend of mine said, “Mary, maybe God is allowing this season to last a little longer than you want bc you are seeking Him more now than you ever have.” I continued to pursue a relationship with Him, I just kept holding on to what everyone was telling me about the other side of life with a real-life, active relationship with Jesus. And they were right, I love Him dearly, I need His Word in my life to live, I enjoy my time with Him, these are great joys in my life. He also gave me two wonderful children and the type of husband I never knew existed and now I am more compassionate and loving and patient. Those are all great joys (to everyone not just me) 🙂

    • 90.1
      Amber Moon says:

      Dear Mary! I understand you so much because I have been dealing with anxiety the last 6 months or so and I’ve grown so much closer to God through this whole ordeal! He has used this struggle to grab my attention and make me realize just how much I needed to refocus my life and it is working! Keep following Him Mary!

  41. 91
    Naomi says:

    I’d like to start this paragraph out with a really uplifting and terribly entertaining anecdote about some insurmountable obstacle that the Lord miraculously delivered me from that would bring you, dear Beth, and all the Siestas to tears of joy. But – I don’t have one – sorry. Although I know that the Lord has delivered me from many, many unsafe life-threatening situations, I don’t have a really good, “I could write about that one!” response. No, my relationship with the Lord has been more like a very long series of small steps, with me often stumbling over very pointy and hard rocks until I finally submit my limitations before the throne of God to get to those once-in-while places of green pastures and restful visits by still waters that our Shepherd always leads us to.

    • 91.1
      Siesta OC says:

      Naomi – love the name…I think small steps with HIM is one of the biggest pictures of obedience.

      One of my favorite verses is from Ruth…it spoke to me in my state of where I was:

      …she left the place where she had been living and set out on the road that would take them back to the land of Judah. (Ruth 1:7)

      We leave where we struggle and fail…and set out to Jesus! Bonus is HE is with us!

  42. 92
    rachel h says:

    While I was engaged, God called my fiance and me to move to the south. A week after the wedding we packed up the moving van and moved several states away from all of our family. This mama’s girl cried all the way there. I was terrified of living in a place where all the women are so “put together” when I was anything but. Turns out I met so many of the most incredible women who are now lifelong friends. I can’t imagine living life without them. And because of Skype, our toddler gets to see her grandparents on a regular basis. God is faithful!! (Heb. 10:23)

    • 92.1
      Warm in Alaska says:

      Yikes! At first I thought you named your daughter Skype. Clearly I need another cup of mid-morning Joe! Blessings to you!

  43. 93
    Sister Lynn says:

    Hi Beth! What a great question!
    I didn’t want to be a nun! DID NOT WANT IT AT ALL. It became clear to me over the course of a few YEARS after college that this is the life He was asking of me but I wanted marriage, kids, family. I kept whining and complaining “WHY ME??” However, once I KNEW God was calling me to this I couldn’t ignore it. Finally, I submitted and in obedience to Him I began searching for the right place. He was with me but in my heart of heart I had resigned myself to being miserable for the rest of my life. Since then I know experientially that plans He has for us are for a future filled with HOPE…I discovered more joy than I thought possible here in the convent. And I pray with utter thanksgiving and disbelief… “why me?” love you so!!! Sister Lynn

  44. 94
    MiChal says:

    In the mid-1990s, my husband had an affair and after struggling for nearly a year we split up. But God called me, the injured party, to woo my husband back. It was the most painful, productive, and blessed season of my life. — We’re devotedly, joyfully, lovingly married 22 years now, a state we would likely have never gotten to otherwise. God indeed restored the years that the locusts had eaten — and then some. <3

    • 94.1
      Anonymous says:

      Would love to talk to you. My husband has had so many affairs and continues to struggle with porn. I have felt God call me to woo him and have done so for 2 years, however I feel like giving up. How do you know when to stay or when to go?

      • MiChal says:

        Although our marriage was restored, redeemed and recreated, looking back I see that the obedience God called me to was about me & God, not me, my husband and God.

        It was HARD, but when I’d remind myself that I was being a godly wife for GOD, and not because of how my husband did or did not respond (or how I hoped he would someday), it got easier.

        Honestly, it wasn’t until I’d hit the point where I felt I had done all I could and I began to lovingly let it go, that my husband had a mountaintop moment (literally!).

        Oh man, and then the work really began. I sure don’t want to live through all that again, but I’m sure thankful for that season. God has done so very much in us and through us because of it.

        All that to say, dear Anonymous, there isn’t an easy answer of when to give up. If your friends and family are like mine, they begged you long ago to divorce him. But look on this as a time of offering to God, and absolutely leave the results to Him. He’ll let you know when (or if) it’s time to go. <3 to you.

    • 94.2
      Melanie L. says:

      I am happy for you, that your marriage has been restored. That is so wonderful. Me, I’m gettin’ tired of the locusts thinking that my beloved husband (I will NOT call him my “ex” if I can help it) is some sort of “all you can eat buffet”. Those locusts need to back away from the table and stop eatin’!!

      • MiChal says:

        Thank you, Melanie. The temptations seem so much greater these days, and men (even churched men) are usually ill-equipped to handle them. We can pray for them but we can’t fix ’em. But God can and DOES. I had to learn to get out of His way, to pour our my desperation and neediness to Him in journals so that I wouldn’t spew it on my husband.

        So pray powerfully and mightily for your man in your prayer closet and ask God to show His love for your man through YOU.

        There is great joy in obedience, even when the end result isn’t what we wanted.

  45. 95
    Joybreaks says:

    I went shopping one day in one of those Mom and Pop grocery stores. While cruising through the aisles, I noticed a sweet young girl in a manual wheelchair, pushing her way through the store. I felt the Spirit say to me, “Pray for her.” I thought, “Okay”, and I was about to, then I heard, “No, I want you to pray WITH her.”

    Well, normally I don’t have a problem with this, but that day I was struggling. I wrestled with the Lord in my heart, making all kinds of excuses, and before I knew it, she was at the checkout, and then she was gone. I grieved, knowing I missed an opportunity to obey. I sighed, checked out, and drove next door to the Dollar Store. I needed a toilet plunger, okay?

    Well, lo and behold, as I pulled into a parking space, there she was, sitting in the car next to me (with a child, around 4 or 5) as if she were waiting for someone as they ran into the Dollar Store. Man, this was it. A second chance. Still wrestling.. (Can you believe it?) At this point, I laid out my fleece. I said, “Okay Lord, IF THIS IS YOU (yeah, right, like the devil would ask me to pray with her), I will go into the store first and ask for the plunger. IF they are out of plungers, I will know.” Well, drop a sign in front of me that says “Eat at Joe’s” and get it over with!

    I slowly walked to the front door of the DS, stuck my head in the door and asked, “Do you have toilet plungers?” (Say that loud and folks look atchu real funnylike). The cashier nearby said, “Yes we do!” Touchdown! But, then she added, “Well normally, but today we are out.” Well, at this point, I was REALLY struggling. I almost didn’t make it. I had my hand on my car handle, and I was thinking, “You are gonna blow this and go home miserable, just because you let fear get in the way.”

    At that very moment, the child in their car, poked half her body out (You know, the way kids do. They are so free!)and said, (in the sweetest voice), “What’s your name?” Talk about an opener! I said, “Carol. What’s yours?” And she said, “Tiffany”. Well, after that, I felt the ease to walk over to the young lady in the wheelchair, minister to her, and even pray with her and she was extremely open. Needless to say, I was on Cloud 1001. That song rings true. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. Flesh has a way with wrestling with the Spirit, but if we are open, even in a mustard seed fashion, the Spirit will win.

    Well, that’s my obedience story. Not saying I obeyed, at first. It took a babe to nudge me, but I’m okay with that. 🙂 You guys have a super blessed day!

    In Christ!
    Carol Skipper

    • 95.1
      Amber Moon says:

      What a great story Carol! I had a similar one with a lady in a WalMart parking lot this summer but she was asking for money for food. Normally I wouldn’t have had cash (much less given it up) but I did that day…I had no choice because God TOLD me to! After my WM trip, I stopped by the McDonalds next door (something else I never do) before heading to work and there was the lady (God) had given money to sitting in a booth with an empty tray in front of her…she was asleep on the table. My heart dropped out of my chest and I sat down with her to talk for a little bit and bought her some food to go. She said she knew Jesus and I walked out of that place absolutely astounded by how our God works! That was no doubt a divine appointment and so was yours!

    • 95.2
      Jill says:

      That is the funniest story. I am laughing so hard my side hurts!! I will remember this for a long time.

    • 95.3
      Kathy B says:

      Wonderful story. “Eat at Joe’s” -hilarious!

  46. 96
    kcinmt says:

    I was living in a suburb of St. Louis where I grew up. I had gotten an early morning phone call from my mom & aunt. My aunt wanted me to moved to California & work for her in the daycare center she had. Well I was very comfy where I was so even though I didn’t give her an answer right away I had no intentions of going. Obviously God had a different plan for me because he made life so miserable in the coming weeks that I RAN to Ca. In the 4 years I was there I reunited with extended family that I hadn’t seen in years. I also had to find a church to join. Something I had never done on my own. I did all this, with God’s help and was very happy. I discovered the central Ca. coast & Yosemite National Park where I began my photography career. While photography is not my full time career it contributes greatly.

    Thank you God for not letting me have my way!

  47. 97
    patty says:

    A few years ago during Christmas God laid on my heart to buy a Bible and have it engraved and give it to my ex-husband’s wife. I was floored. I didn’t want to and I am just being honest. I talked with God about that a lot, mainly because I knew my ex husband would be mad at me and they would think I was being arrogant. I took a step of faith and decided to obey God. I went to the Bible book store and prayed over which one to buy. God led me to buy a purple one. I thought, purple??? Anyway, I bought it and gift wrapped it and wrote her a note telling her that this gift was from God. My boys thought I was crazy but they gave it to her and they told me she cried when she saw the gift and note. Turns out that purple was her favorite color. She wrote me a sweet thank you card.

    • 97.1
      Zenobia Wise says:

      Obedience to God is always best and always yields a positive result. I had the opportunity to host my ex-husband, his new wife and her sisters for dinner. I did with joy and my oldest son marveled at my grace (which was the grace of God). My ex-husband called and said what a blessing it was to her and her sister – that they couldn’t stop talking about. ‘How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity’ Ps. 133:1

    • 97.2
      lavonda says:

      I just love you Patty.
      here’s a ((hug)) from North Georgia!!

    • 97.3
      Siesta OC says:

      Wow – GOD is so GOOD!!!!

  48. 98
    JJen says:

    That time has been now, with everything I have going on as a minister’s wife and a young mother I know God called me to write and I wasn’t so I finally, FINALLY started a blog and publicly committed to writing poetry everyday about the everyday stuff I know. It’s only use is entertainment for my friends and family but for me, everyday I do it, I go to bed knowing I’m right where He wants me using the little gift He gave me, and it’s hard and not so fun sometimes and very inconvenient, but so great. As I sit to write other projects my brain is primed, the words are coming and He is just SO in it! 🙂

  49. 99
    Rene Thompson says:

    God wanted me to stop drinking. It was plain and simple. It did not help that I had people in my life telling me that it was ok because I could control it. That it wasn’t like it used to be blah blah blah. God wanted me to stop drinking. After accepting Jesus as my Savior it still took 9 years for me to finally believe Him when He told me that I did not need the crutch and that He was enough. Now I feel that I have a wonderful testimony and I can walk tall and proud. It gives me great joy to know that I believed Him all these years and He delivered. Looking back I am glad He did not just take it away like He does to so many addicts. We’ve had a great journey over it and has helped me to know that this next thing that I think will never go away – will. And the journey with Him supporting me is going to ROCK!!! I adore you Beth Moore – God bless your heart this day more and more and more (giggle) !!!

    • 99.1
      Jen says:

      Thank you for this testimony – As I have been struggling with the same thing, and your words have encouraged me greatly!

  50. 100
    lavonda says:

    My Obedience:
    When my ex-husband’s pregnant wife (who he left me for) called crying last Nov, because he was cheating on her now too. My choices: say ‘you should’ve known this would happen’ or be Jesus to her. I knew what God wanted me to do. So I’ve prayed with her, invited her into my home for overnight visits, and walked with her these last 11 months through what I know all too well is a painful time.

    the Joy:
    Redemption. Having never defended myself back when his family cut me off, my former in-laws (who were my family for 15 years) have reached out to me, realizing now from his new wife that everything their son/brother told them about me was a lie. Relationships I’ve missed so much have been re-connected. Apologies and hugs and visits… things I’ve longed for the last 6 years, have now happened without me lifting a finger. All because I chose the difficult road last November, and showed love to a woman who’d hated me for 5 years.
    (An added Joy: holding my children’s precious half-sister who looks exactly like they did as babies.) God can take ANY bad situation and use it for His good. You only have to wait on Him, and be patient. Sometimes it may take 6 years!

    • 100.1
      Siesta OC says:

      What a blessing! HIS WAYS ARE THE RIGHT WAYS!!!!!! Love to you!

    • 100.2
      Pam says:

      You inspire me! My ex has not remarried, but should he, I pray to demonstrate the grace that you have.

    • 100.3
      Michelle says:

      wow — your story .. .blessed me so. . . my husband had an on again off again affair for almost 7 years with the same woman. .and she has a 6 year old daughter. . believe me. . I have looked and looked at her. . and I know she is not my husband’s daughter. .but satan used that early after the revelation of the affair. .and then . well, it was something I had to let Jesus cover.. but ..I knew that somewhere. .there was someone who had a similar experience or one that had a ‘worse’ experience..

      I praise God for HIS mercy and grace. I praise God my children don’t have a half sister.. but . I also Praise God for your testimony . as YOU have spoken volumes ..thanks.

      PS. my husband and I are in the process of getting back together. .as I am being ofedient and doing what God has asked me to do –to love him and forgive, and I will/have.

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