Talk To Me Tuesday! Topic One

Hey, Siestas! Thank you for such an outpouring of support in my blog break. God has already caused it to bear fruit the way I’d hoped. He’s so faithful. I miss you so much and think of you daily. I hope to see some of you Houston area girls at Bible study tonight. I’m so blessed to serve tonight with my friend, Christy Nockels. OK, here’s today’s TOPIC for Talk To Me Tuesday.

Talk to me about a time in your own life when God called you to an area of obedience that was particularly difficult but ultimately (and surprisingly) led to joy. Limit your story to one meaty paragraph so we can read as many as possible. Let’s hear it! I surely do love you girls.


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    Donna says:

    God has called me to lead a Bible study. Currently, Here and Now…There and then. This is so out of my comfort zone, I am by no means a leader. When I finally stopped and asked, “Why do you want me to do this, I am not ready, I can’t even say a bible verse by heart.” His answer, loud and clear, “because you love ME.” Well what could I do. So Here I am on the begining of a journey…

  2. 352
    Bonnie says:

    I’m still in process, but for me God is calling me to forgive my birth family…..I have had several break-throughs lately and it’s just so refreshing to feel so free, at peace and to have such joy ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot wait until I can be totally free and healed..the JOY of the Lord truly is my strength right now!!!!!

  3. 353
    Elyse says:

    Hi Beth!

    When I first became a Christian I was struggling with how to tell my parents. I grew up Jewish and my family is still practicing. I had just gotten out of college and was hiding my bible and Max Lucado books under my mattress (which is ironic because it used to be drugs I’d hide under the mattress at home in high school). I knew it would kill my parents to tell them I believed in Christ, and that Judaism is my culture and heritage but not my salvation. One night at dinner, it just came out of my mouth. It was the most amazing thing. I didn’t even think about it, God just spoke through me. Something I was terrified about doing, God just took over for me! Now I feel so much joy being open to my parents and witnessing to them on a daily basis.

  4. 354
    Tanya says:

    I have never been good with kids and didn’t even like to babysit when I was growing up. The Lord brought my future husband into my life (with two children). I never envisioned in my wildest dreams that I would be a stepmom. I was way out of my comfort zone but the Lord has given me the strength I need to grow in this area over the past three years. Then, I loved our Sunday School class because it was married couples that we could relate to. A couple of months ago, my husband and I were asked to help with the youth. He was more excited about it than I was. I didn’t want to leave our Sunday School class and I really wasn’t that excited about helping with the 9th and 10th grade girls because all I could think of was “drama”. I didn’t even like myself as a teenage girl. Anyway, I have been out of my comfort zone and this teaching thing has been new for me but the Holy Spirit speaks through me and all I have to be is a willing vessel!

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    Angela says:

    I was called this morning to something I do not care to do. I said to the Lord, “I do not want to do this, God, but I will listen.” My husband and I have been fighting to the point of I am thinking of divorce. He says that I neglect him, and I say I do it because he talks so ugly to me. He makes the biggest arguement over the tiniest things. I am so tired of being hurt by his words that I have put a guard up to protect my feelings. I know that I have done this and told him I would be more receptive to him if he would just speak to me with love and control his temper. This morning I was praying about it and God told me to just give a little. Try to just hug him for no reason, give him a kiss when he comes in. Try to let my guard down some and stop trying to punish him. God told me to do my part to honor him by acting in love and let him handle the rest. So, I will obey. Will God bring joy from this? I have faith he will. BTW, I am currently doing the revised Breaking Free and love this study! I have daily verses I read on my own and the one God gave me this morning was Psalm 118:5 “In my anguish I cried to the Lord and He answered by setting me free.” Thank you Lord that you prove so faithful to me everyday. I will walk in obedience, after all He knows me better than I know myself!

    • 355.1
      Yanna says:

      Angela, praying joy for you. Continue to obey God’s voice He is never wrong. I’ve been in your shoes and I understand and because I know I also know how to pray and will be a warrior for you. Just wanted you to know you are not alone in your prayers.

    • 355.2
      K says:

      You will probably love the book, Love and Respect, by Emerson Eggerichs. Sounds a lot like some of what you’re walking through. Totally changed my marriage 4 years ago. Will be praying for you and your hubs! God is so faithful to redeem the stolen years when we commit to doing things His way.

    • 355.3
      Erin says:

      Praying for you sweet Angela and for your man. Know that you can always cry out to God He knows what your going through and knows your husband. Wish I could give you a hug just because and a second one with a high 5 for obeying God today!

    • 355.4
      flip flops says:

      I have been there where you are and I listened to what God was telling me to do. I encourage you to do what God says even if you do not feel like it. HE IS FAITHFUL! Praying for you.

  6. 356
    Cathy J says:

    Wow. so many great stories. Mine is pretty simple but to me it is an act of God. Due to the many disappointments that I had have over the years I had became a hard, bitter, angry person. I have a certain family member that I had lent a lot of money about six years ago. I was certain that he would pay me back. He not only did not pay me back but started avoiding me. I became even angrier and more pessimistic. I recommitted my life to Christ last year and my whole attitude changed. I now have a much better outlook on life. I am positive and some people can not believe the change in me. But I was being led to forgive this family member and it was so hard for me. Not really because of the money but because he avoided me for so many years. Our family had to juggle events so that we could both come but not run into each other. I recently obayed the Lord and forgave this family member and even let them know it. He recently lost his job and is going through a horrible divorce and he has moved in with us. We have so much fun sometimes laughing and cutting up. I cannot believe this is me with someone in my house upsetting my schedule and I don’t care. I love the fact that I now have a more positive outlook. I still have to fight fear and pessimism but am determined to prevail.

  7. 357
    Christen says:

    This is my first post!I am excited to share a very recent opportunity to obey God. God’s truth > than my truth (I’m doing Breaking Free week 3-4 right now).
    My husband just got this 2 week notice after 10+ years. The next morning, I was feeling all manner of fears and emotions. The Lord made it very clear to place “my typical response/behavior” down on the alter in front of him in obedience. In fact a version (I had not heard before) of Psalm 46:10 helped me get there. “Cease striving, and know I am God.” Peace and obedience followed. I could almost see my self in the act of taking this to the alter to place before HIM. God made it clear that I had a choice.I could do it His way and take another step toward Freedom in Christ. It was so easy when He showed me. He is so tender and loving as he helped me see this is His will for me- to help me to be more Christ like.
    Each day since has been a choice. Today,I am choosing God’s way. My words can not totally capture this experience or give some of the details that are so God’s grace and glory shown to me, his daughter! An heiress of the living God. God’s truth is greater than my truth!! Give him the glory!!!!
    See you in Spokane Wa (Oct 29th) for Living Proof Live!

  8. 358
    Emily says:

    I have 2 little ones about the same age as Jackson and AB. I tried to go back to work part-time, praying all along the way that God would make it obvious to me what He wanted me to do. He put up a few road blocks that I ignored. Even after the biggest, clearest, “No, I don’t want you to go back to work for this season” (which was showing up for my first day of work and they had already hired some one else full-time for the position and didn’t tell me) I was trying to ignore His “no”. It wasn’t until some true, humble submission in prayer that I saw His answer and clear wisdom. This is a season of work at home, with lots of important work to do; even when that work doesn’t feel important. It’s not always easy to be at home with little ones, but God has truly DELIGHTED me with them!

  9. 359
    katie says:

    This week I did something I haven’t before. As I was walking I listened to your Eat,Pray,Love sessions. I love them!! Oh how they spoke to me!! I love, love, love you! But…I love HIM more! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Heather says:

    There has been so many times that God has called me to obedience that was difficult at the time but produced joy; always in my relationship with Him but not always with circumstantial joy. My most recent challenge with obedience is in having children. For right now my husband and I are not able to have children and the doctor would like to start fertility treatments but I have heard a direct “No” from the Lord and a “Wait on me.” I do not know where this will lead but I anticipate with faith the joy. It is hard right now especially when I see all the cuties in their parent’s arms.

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    AvA says:

    oh my, that is a loaded question!
    one meaty paragraph:
    the time when i was called to obedience (but didn’t want to) was when i was seeking marriage counseling through our pastor for a marriage on the edge of disaster due to an addiction to alcohol that my husband had. my pastor kept on insisting that i needed to know Jesus before the issues of our marriage would be settled. i would get irritated at him because i wanted him to fix my husband, not talk to me about God and His Son! but, he kept on persisting. and i finally gave in (thank you God) and realized that i needed some areas of my life fixed as well and the biggest was my relationship with His Son, that was nonexistent. only by the saving Grace of God and led by The Holy Spirit was i agreeable to attending the ladies meeting after church about the next ladies Bible study. i remember walking up to the meeting and thinking, ‘what am i doing? i don’t want to join group of a bunch of old ladies sitting around reading the Bible, how boring!’ well, once again, i found myself wrong about all that i thought. the ladies were eager to have ‘young blood’ into their group and was even willing to change the day so that it would fit my schedule. i was thinking, ‘great, i cannot even get out of it and they want to change the day just for me!’ that means i really have to go. yuck, was my thinking. yes, i had a bad attitude, i know. BUT………. the way it turned out it wasn’t boring and i loved those precious ladies and their way of allowing a new girl attend who didn’t know a lot. i’ll never forget how my life changed the moment i heard and watched the first dvd of ‘a woman’s heart, God’s dwelling place’. that was the fall of 2007 and i went home studying my heart out. i had a little two-year-old son at the time who took every cell i had to make it through the day with because of him being so active, imaginative, creative and iron-willed. but i couldn’t tear myself away from reading more and more of the Scriptures when i was doing my homework for the ‘a woman’s heart, God’s dwelling place’. if the lesson required me to look up just one verse, i couldn’t just stop there, i had to read the whole chapter and maybe even the whole book. all the while we (my husband and i) were getting counseling on how to save our marriage and i didn’t know how to share with my man what i was learning. i wanted to shout it out and say, ‘hey, i’ve been wrong, i want our marriage to focus around God, Jesus and His HOLY SPIRIT instead of what i want’. but it took me some time. about two months into the study we had a major argument and after we settled ourselves down i told him there was something i needed to let him know about. we sat down civil-minded and i started pouring my heart out to my husband about what i was learning in the Bible and how we were missing it for raising our two sons. this was the first time that he actually listened whole-heartedly and with full attention to every word i was speaking. i know now that God was calling him too though me. FROM THAT MOMENT ON, we started living our lives for Jesus! AMEN! it just didn’t take all the bad stuff away instantly but it was a road we were willing to take for Jesus. we turned from our sinful ways, repented and sought after the Word of God. we ate it up like we were starving for more the more we took in. we are both avid readers so there were many late nights in bed us with a Bible dictionary, my b.m. Bible study, his Bible, and highlighters flying……
    i am happy to say that in the saving Grace of my God, we celebrated our eighth year of marriage yesterday!!!!!! hallelujah!
    and for three years my husband has been sober and cigarette free!
    our boys are now six and 12 years and we are seeing the fruit of our choices. I give God all the Glory and to HIm I Praise!
    thank you for your work in Bible studies for women. it truly changed our lives, Glory to God!
    (that’s a pretty meaty paragraph, and i even condensed and left a lot out!)

    • 361.1
      Kristi Walker says:

      …picture me jumping up and down with you…and throwing my arms around you…

      I absolutely LOVE this!! I just love how Jesus can do that! I know…He did the same thing for us!! Love and blessings to you, sweet sister!

    • 361.2
      Yanna says:

      AvA well stand up and shout hallelujah! What a testimony and so “meaty” thank you thank you. I praise Him for your family’s life and the generation you are raising to serve Him. Whew what a powerful story. Tears and praise all in this Siesta’s soul one of those moments I love! Beth it’s stories like these that reconfirm how good you are at asking just the right question, but how in the world are we supposed to get anything done the week following Tuesday when there are so many great testimonies to read I can’t tear myself away! Not only testimonies, scriputres, prayers, Bible Studies encouraging ideas for the next mountain in our lives. Thank you AvA!

      • AvA says:

        thanks for your support! and yes a new generation for Jesus we are raising. it is all very true and i need to write it all down, completely because it is indeed a powerful story. God is good all the time!

  12. 362
    flip flops says:

    Hello Beth and Siestas,
    James 1: 2-6 God is using this in my life right now. My son has chosen that he and his family will no longer acknowledge us as his family. He sends back everything that I send to them.
    I am learning to rejoice in this situation and asking God for wisdom in how to deal with this. The pain is great at times but I am rejoicing in the Lord.
    Thanks for this oppurtunity to communicate with one another.
    Praying for you all.

    • 362.1
      Yanna says:

      flip flops I have loved your comments and post on the blog for so long. I will be speaking James 1:2-6 for you and your son. All I can think is flip flops a woman of faith who loves the Lord so much having to go through this trial, just not fair. I think maybe this is more a season of your son’s life and your faithfulness will one day be his reason to want the Rock you held onto. I am gathering harvest of encouragement, and may have to start a journal from all the post. Beth, here’s a new book for you. Voices of the Obedient. grin

      • flip flops says:

        Yanna, thank you so much for your words of encouragement, I so needed them.
        I found out that my son and his wife are having their second child, today Thursday Oct. 21.

        Beth and all you siestas, you will never know how much this blog means to me. I pray for you and get such encouragement for my life’s journey.


    • 362.2
      Tara says:

      My bro-in-law did the same thing to us a few years back, we missed a lot of our nephews lives.The hardest part was that he was raised with morals and religion and knew better. The remaining family stuck together, because other family thought it was their job to intervene and “mediate the problem”.We stayed away from the destructive family and he did the same.
      Sure enough, he was tired of choosing a bad deceiving manipulative wife over family that loves him and wants the best for him. He finally came back into our lives and it hasn’t been perfect but we are so thankful that we let him have his time to reflect instead of pursuing him. God had told us to let him be and we did, as hard as it was to not ream him out for being wrong.

  13. 363
    Julie Elrod says:

    Well, this doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but at the time it was. I absolutely love the show “Friends”. So much so that I owned all seasons on DVD. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, I began asking myself “in what way does this show glorify God”. For a week I tried to justify my answer all the while knowing God was asking me to get rid of the DVDs. Finally, I confessed to my husband what was going on and he said “Baby, you know what you need to do..” I did it and although some funny lines from the show still run through my mind on occasion, I have not missed it at all and God has replaced with so many meaningful things. Love to you all!!!

    • 363.1
      Cassie says:

      Julie! Dear Siesta! I need to let you know that this is definitely a big deal (: We mustn’t compare our stories and know that there are things that might seem like no big thing but to take a step like this and live in and not of, looking to glorify God in even the smaller details is so important. Plus, it can be really hard to give up shows that have been near and dear for a time…I’ve been called to do it a few times and it’s definitely something that takes obedience (:

  14. 364
    Dee Dee Wike says:

    Four and a half years ago, God called me away from full-time ministry at my church and people I dearly loved, into full-time ministry as a stay-at-home mom at a time when my kids were particularly needy. That, in itself, was not a hard decision, but the financial effect of losing a substantial source of income was. In this season of obedience, God has not only shown Himself to be a faithful provider, but has richly rewarded me with a closer relationship with Him and my family, a new writing and speaking ministry, a published book (!), and the joy of encouraging others from His Word through my online devotionals. While I give God the glory for all of it, I must say, Beth, that He has used your passion for Jesus and God’s Word to fan into flame my love for Him. How I praise God for your love, faithfulness, and servanthood. Thank you for teaching us all that it’s OK to be CRAZY about JESUS!

  15. 365
    Sandra says:

    Last year in November, I had been feeling pain in my right side. Went in for a laproscopy surgery, where they found a grapefruit size mass behind my uterine wall, when I got the news and biopsy showed signs of cell activity, I needed a full hysterectomy, I have to say fear overtook me, my husband, and family started praying, I felt Gods peace all over me. From this time to Dec when I had my surgery, I kept singing songs of praise to the Lord, without ceasing. When my doctor walked in my recovery to say they found no cancer, I literly wept for joy. God is good, When I fully surrendered, he was there to catch me.:)

  16. 366
    Serena says:

    I am 34 and this spring I had colon cancer. I had never seen laying on of hands or anything like that before but I knew I needed Jesus to save my life. I called two missionaries over to our house and they ministered James 5:14-15 to me. I spent the next week repeating that I was cancer-free in Jesus’ name because James 5:14-15 was obeyed in my behalf and the scripture is truth. I went to Mayo Clinic the following week and there wasn’t one cancer cell left! Jesus had healed me! Praise Jesus! I will live and not die because of Him.

  17. 367
    Deby says:

    In the last 18 months, my Mom passed away, I’m going thru a divorce, and my Dad is getting remarried this January. It’s been quite the emotional rollercoaster to say the least. My conversations with God have changed from me-centered to God-centered. Instead of praying please fix this, heal her, or make it easy for me. My daily prayer is please prepare me for what you have planned. Saying that prayer AND meaning it makes life so peaceful.

    I though I understood the phrase “clinging to the old rugged cross”. Now it takes on a whole new meaning. Isaiah 40:28-31 (currently my favorite verse). If you are hurting, overwhelmed, or lost your way – God knows, He knows! Did I tell you – He knows!!! Go have a talk with Him and start reading His word. He loves you so very much!!

  18. 368
    Twila Baker says:

    This past summer when going through buying out my business partner. I know he was leading the way becasue of the doors that opened up that had been closed for 5 years or more, but he cautioned me not to talk to anyone outside my family and employees about what was happening. The process went smoothly and I’ve received tremdous support from clients and associates. God is good all the time no matter what you are dealing with!

  19. 369
    Kristi Brewer says:

    Hello siesta mama!

    When my husband was called into the ministry I was scared to death. I did NOT want to be a pastor’s wife!! My husband said he would not take the job unless I was called too. I felt so guilty. The Lord was calling me but I was ignoring Him. But then I went to a conference for women, I believe it was Women of Faith, and I finally listened. We have been on staff now for 15 years and I can’t imagine not being a pastor’s wife! Joyful, joyful I adore thee!

  20. 370
    Judi Kenney says:

    I agree with Anna…these stories of God’s faithfulness are amazing! Last November I made a decision after a year of prayer to sell my bookkeeping business and work full time creating and photographing a line of greeting cards with scripture as the inside message. I have been tested beyond my imagination and have wondered why I’m doing this business. I am not a photographer; I am not a sales rep; I have no experience in this industry and have made plenty of mistakes. But God keeps putting on my heart to walk; to stand in obedience to this ministry. Never before have I been so dependent on Him! After completing Beth’s Breaking Free series this past summer, I realized I needed to repent for my pride, my doubt and surrender all areas of the business to him. I need His strength daily; I need His guidance and direction daily. It has made me dive deeper into His Word! Surely the success of our cards belongs to Him because I don’t know what I’m doing half the time and I know it is God leading me every step of the way. He just asks that we be obedient. Phil. 3:13-14. I love Him, and so I will trust and be obedient.

  21. 371
    Wendy says:

    Actually, He is calling me to do something right now that is very difficult so I covet your prayers! I know that He has ALWAYS been faithful in my obedience and He will be again, but I am really struggling through this one. I guess you could say that I am in the difficult part now, but I know that JOY is coming!! Thank you for your faithfulness to His call!! Praying for you as you write the study on James!

    • 371.1
      flip flops says:

      Praying for you my siesta friend, as you are living in God’s truths. You are right HE IS FAITHFUL!

  22. 372
    Jen Van Horn says:

    Lately work has been very difficult and I’ve felt insecure in myself and my value. One of my male co-workers has been very supportive and encouraging, and without realizing it, I developed a “crush” on him. I wanted to look cute around him, wanted to say funny things and gain attention from him. Yesterday I got a devotional that was all about temptation and affairs, and it was a smack in the face! God was clearly telling me that my actions were NOT ok, and were going to lead me down a road I should not be on. I also felt led to confess this to my husband, which was very difficult. I prayed about his reaction and praise God, he did not condemn me or become angry– he prayed for me and told me he has not lost trust in me. I am praying that I can learn from this and become a better wife.
    I am so thankful that God knows what’s in my heart even when I don’t understand/acknowledge something that’s going on there. I wanted to share that he has turned something that was becoming destructive into an opportunity to turn to HIM for my value and worth! I feel such joy and peace from God’s loving correction!

  23. 373
    Living4Him says:

    This current season when I know God had called me back into the workplace after 17 years at home. It has helped to take so much pressure off of my dear husband and has actually been a great source of joy and reward. It has also shown me how many hurting women are out there. It is a great place to allow the Holy Spirit to shine through me.

  24. 374
    Fran says:

    Several years ago, our family made a very hard decision to leave the denomination my husband and I had been raised in because we live in a small town and the church here was ultra-conservative and teaching things to our children that we did not want them growing up believing. My mother believes that unless I am a member of that denomination I will not be going to heaven, so, needless to say, she was devastated by our news. She told me I was not welcome in her home any more unless we returned to ‘the church’.
    Up til this time my relationship with my mother had been a strained one and, of course, this just made it worse. Well, about a week later, she called and apologized, but I knew she still felt like we were lost and had made a terrible decision. My struggle was to treat her in a loving way in spite of what she had said to me.
    My husband and I were traveling a weekend after that and would be stopping by my mother’s house on the way home, so I prayed very hard about my encounter with her, knowing that my usual way of treating her would be with coldness and indifference. I prayed that the Lord would fill me with His love for her and allow me to extend grace to her. That afternoon when we arrived at her home, the Lord answered my prayer. I was able to hug her and treat her with kindness that I knew was not coming from me. Since that day, my relationship with my mother has evolved into one that I would never have dreamed possible. We are very close even though she still does not agree with our decision. The love for her that God placed in my heart made ALL the difference.

  25. 375
    Suzy says:

    Divorce is not an option – that’s the way I was raised. But I finally had all I could take, and knew, Biblically, that I had more than good reason to walk away. However, as hurt and totally wrung-out as I was, God just wouldn’t let me do it. (Trust me, I argued with God about this with everything I had!) What God was teaching me at that time – and continued to teach me, because I’m such a slow-learner – is that HE is the only one I need. That Jesus Christ can fulfill all the longings of my heart – no man can do that, whether he is a faithful man or an unfaithful man. So I finally told God that I would re-commit myself to the marriage, which I did (I didn’t tell my husband this, though, I just let him see my changed heart). It was not a perfect or quick turn-around, BUT I was able to forgive, and it did turn around. That was about 12 or so years ago – and this last August we celebrated our 37th anniversary. I will answer to God for how I lived my life, and my husband will answer to God for his own life. But I see God working in his life almost daily. Joy? You bet! Because I finally learned to lean on Jesus totally – and with Him there is nothing but joy. Is everything perfect? Not yet…..but that day is coming, too!

  26. 376

    Obedience…He’s calling me there now. I’ve been on maternity leave for 3 months and I can’t tell you how I desire to stay home with my kids. But He is calling me back into the workplace. I am there only 3 days a week (I am blessed to work part-time) and I carry our health insurance. My working allows my husband to be self employed and he can have the option of spending as much time as he can with our kids also. Even though I don’t want to, I will go back to the office. Maybe His call will be different one day and I will walk joyfully in obedience then too…

  27. 377
    Erin says:

    I’m a new mom… she’s 14 months old and just so much fun! I started working part time when she was three months old picking up where I left off before giving birth. I’m an engineer by trade… yes, total nerd… and was completely content in my part time, best of both worlds schedule. Recently, a (God directed) opportunity came up for me to work full time. The sacrifice to be away from my daughter is huge… but God knows that, and He is faithfully answering my prayer and obedience in HUGER ways! I haven’t ever spoken the name of Jesus to my co-workers in such a way as I’m doing these days! And the Holy Spirit is MOVING at this office… we may be a bunch of nerds, but nerds need Jesus just as much as the next guy (if not more!). And working for His Kingdom with urgency is all I want to do… this was not the outcome I expected… Glory!

  28. 378
    Heather says:

    When God called our family to leave our church. It was very hard & I ignored the request at first. He eventually made it happen in His time. It was like leaving the family “compound” cuz our extended family was there & we had been there over 20 years. We are now in a better place & experiencing spiritual freedom & growth. Praise God for it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 379
    Sarah M says:

    The experience that first comes to mind was back in May of 2006. I had just finished college with a BA in Christian Counseling. I knew the time was not right to go on and get my Masters so I (first problem) gave myself two options. Stay in the town where I went to college or move to Panama City with a friend from college. The second option looked best so she and I started checking into apartments and looking for jobs. The apartments were all full with a waiting list. The jobs were no where to be found. So we put ourselves on the waiting list and decided we would wait. I went home one weekend while she stayed in Graceville. We knew our plan would work. That very weekend I was approached about a position at my home church as a Children’s Ministry Coordinator. I was amazed. I never said anything about wanting to work with kids, in fact tried to stay far from it. She was also offered a position at the college as the BCM Director. To make a long story short, God closed the doors on Panama City when we didn’t get the hint to start with. Today I am still on staff at my home church…and still working with the kids. Working with the children has opened a door to helping put emphasis on and working with the Women’s Ministry as well. I can honestly say it has brought great joy. Difficult at times, but joy overall.

  30. 380
    Tammie says:

    It has been good to read these responses – haven’t read ALL of them but I found I was very encouraged after reading one or two…i kept coming back for more. I am struggling these past few days – from a hard obedient decision I had to make Last May – of course, a relationship – that I did not have peace about. I have had lots of solid unspeakable peace since yet grieve deeply for the relationship and find myself thinking, “there is something wrong with me”… God gently whispers His love and invites me to trust Him – that I am not broken…. I know i made the right decision and at times I feel very strong and sure… then I have days like the last few ones where i am an emotional mess and being spiraling down. I do look forward to God replacing my tears with Joy…. Psalm 126 was encouraging today. I am glad His is my Rock when I slip and slide all over the place.

  31. 381
    Beth says:

    My time of obedience has been within the last year. Of all the things that God has called us to be obedient about this one was the hardest. He called my husband and I to leave our church. I struggled so much with the idea of how could leaving our church bring God glory in any way, shape, or form. We are NOT church jumpers we are loyal people and the thought of this was both terrifying and a bit thrilling all at the same time! God made it clear to us that He didn’t want us to be loyal to the church body that had helped raise our two sons, a life group that we adored, or even a denomination; He wanted us to be loyal only to Him. About 6 months later my husband, a christian of nearly 40 years stood before the congregation, was baptized and has been refreshed in his spiritual journey. God continues to receive His glory as we find our place to serve in our new wonderful church. We decided long ago that to live in disobedience was the worst possible place to live, so glad that we are able to sing “where He leads me I will follow.”

  32. 382
    Angela H says:

    Obedience itself has been the challenge, as the LORD has shown me that my feelings have been on the throne instead of His Word-resulting in chaos and inconsistancy in so many areas. Thinking that I was free-er by resisting routine and order in any form, was actually binding me. “I don’t feel like it,” can’t be the deciding factor. Flylady(.net) has been great for this in home type areas-a great Christian resource for those of us who can’t seem to “get it together”. A very tangible reward for obedience-loving when I didn’t feel like it-my daughter. Makes me wonder what other blessings I have missed out on when I chose my own way. He is so quick to bless obedience!

  33. 383
    Lorene Nielsen says:

    I’ve been praying for my husband Mike to be saved for 9 years. Recently he showed some tiny glimpses of responding to God’s stirring in his heart, which he’s never, ever done before since I’ve known him. Usually he’s pretty hostile towards anything that has to do with Christ. During this same time I have been struggling with some reoccurring things that he does in our marriage that make me want to distance myself from him, be angry about. Things I’ve asked him repeatedly to stop doing but he won’t. God has asked me to let these things go and give them to Him but it’s so hard. I have to hold my tongue and refuse to let my anger lord over me. I have to die to self constantly and consciously resolve to obey Jesus instead of follow my flesh. The Lord led me to 2 Cor. 4:16-18 yesterday and used that to explain to me that this stuff is momentary (the struggles in my marriage) but my husband’s salvation, which is in process, is eternal. He asked me to be still and know that He is God, and just love my husband no matter what right now. That this is so crucial at this time. For the first time I could understand, thanks to the Holy Spirit revealing it to me, how small annoyances are, but how the eternal glory these things achieve are worth far more. For someone to be saved, you bet I can let my anger go, and you bet I can choose to love Jesus more than I love my hurt. When I told Jesus I’d do things His way no matter what, I was filled with such joy and peace. It’s never easy to let God be the one to deliver me when someone hurts me, BUT it is the best thing I could ever do. God also is worthy of obedience. He knows when my husband will be saved and I think that whatever He tells me to do these days in regards to Mike is based on that timeline.

  34. 384
    christina says:

    The Holy Spirit gave me a firm elbow to the ribs through Mama Beth’s “The Healing Heart” series on Life Today. I followed God’s leading to pray daily for 30 days for healing of my grief and anxiety about a wound (spiritual rift) in my marriage. The situation hasn’t changed, but somehow I’m okay with it now, at peace with God’s control of the situation.

    Thanks for listening to Him, Miss Beth, and speaking the messages He gives you!

  35. 385
    Becky says:

    Wow….these testimonies are so wonderfully encouraging. Mine seems small in comparison but it was such a HUGE personal moment of “seeing” God. I am a southern girl who had never lived anywhere but NC. I moved to CA when I was 25 to have a big adventure. It was harder than I thought and I was barely making ends meat. I was in the shower praying one morning and it was as if the Lord spoke out loud and said to takethis particular person 150.00 and give it to them without wanting it back. The 150.00 I had in the bank was the ONLY money I had in the bank and so I thought I must be imagining this. Yet it persisted through the morning until I was almost physically ill from the weight of it. Finally I said OK Lord I will take it to her. NOW was the reply. So I got in the car and drove the 20 minutes to her house. When I got there and she opened the door it was obvious she had been crying. I handed her the money and she sobbed…telling me that she was in desperate need and was praying right before I arrived that God would do a miracle. I was in total awe of what the Lord had done. When the mail came later in the day there was a card from a lady who I had gone to church with in NC….she said the Lord had put on her heart to send me….you guessed it…150.00. Now I was the one sobbing….Only an amazing God could have used such a simple thing to teach me such a HUGE lesson. It has been 10 years and He still uses that moment to remind me to trust Him when he asks hard things of me.

  36. 386
    Pam Houston says:

    Honestly, I stand back amazed at God’s perfect timing and plan! It was 40 years ago, at just about this very season that the Holy Spirit did the most powerful work in my life and jerked me out of “the world” and into His LORDSHIP. I was a young 23 year old who was now a divorcee due to my sin and self life. On my way back from my affair in Mexico, and thoroughly repentant, I read the book “Will the Real Phoney Please Stand Up” and it was a book written about the book of James. I wept and cried the entire flight as I read those words of truth and convinction, and climbed off of that plane to a new life. I am realizing I’ve been on a 40 year wilderness wandering, yet at the same time living the promised “Abundant Life” as I believed God. Your powerful teachings down through the years has made all the difference as I have poured over God’s Word and made it mine. Married for 39 years and many times living “less-than” because of my own doubt and unbelief and unaddressed issues that had been shoved down in religious effort. It is only by the grace of God that my husband and I have made it this far by faith rather than by our wounded and damaged feelings. How appropriate that you and Melissa will unlock the book of James in a fresh new way of present revelation by the Spirit of God. I cannot wait to read of it’s goodness. I do declare: I’m in the promised land now! I’m cheering you on as you hear from and capture what the LORD will say in and through you and His unfailing WORD.
    Lovingly in Him,
    Pam H.
    Buena Park, CA

  37. 387
    Alicia Hall says:

    Dear Siesta Mama,
    This is my first time on your blog but after reading your Talk to Me Tuesday topic, I realized it was a divine appointment – at least for me. Here’s my story…

    Just over a year ago, my husband and I officially made the decision to become missionaries to Ecuador and transplant our family smack dab to the middle of the jungle. I wish I could say that this was an easy decision –being obedient to God’s call–but it was not. In fact, it took me over a year and a half wrestling with it before I finally gave in. Besides the obvious issues of leaving a comfortable life in the US, there were the not-so-obvious, but very painful issues: “mourning” the figurative death of my parents as I would NOT be the one caring for them in their senior years; letting go of the “American Dream” for my children – no Friday night football games, no dressing up for Prom, no cap and gown pictures, no living near my grandkids. (There were more obstacles and issues to overcome but I’m trying to be brief.) Although, we are still raising funds to begin our missions journey, my heart, which was once filled with dread and anxiety, is now full of excitement and contentment. This has been the hardest decision of my life, but walking in obedience gives me peace and joy like I’ve never known.

    Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve given through your bible studies. During the “missions decision” process, I worked through the Esther bible study. Just wanted you to know that God used it mightily in my life.


  38. 388
    Meg Ebba says:

    I know this might sounds trivial, but God told me to stop cheating at board games, so I did. And now they are much more fun, and I don’t have any guilt or anxiety. Lose or win, at least I can play without sinning. Sheesh!

  39. 389
    Carol Ashworth says:

    I am from Georgia and after attending your conference at Woodstock, God lead me to bring your September simulcast to our rural community. After speaking with our Pastor and getting the OK the work begin. I mean we didn’t even have the internet in our church. Our ladies pulled together and formed a wonderful team. What a blessing and a joy to have 41 different churches represented by 136 ladies join us for a wonderful day of praise and worship. Our team also invited 17 ladies from a local drug and rehab center as our guest. We all experienced God’s amazing love on this day. Looking forward to other great simulcast in 2011.

  40. 390
    Kelly says:

    Several years ago I was entering my final year of seminary in the bay area of California and was required to have an intership in some kind of ministry. After hearing a couple speak from a homeless ministry in San Francisco, I felt like that’s where I was supposed to be. I was just a gal from Arkansas and had never experienced any kind of inner city ministry. God blessed me through being able to lead Bible studies there and pray with so many broken people and taught me so much about myself and more about Him as a result.

  41. 391
    Joy says:

    “…it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”. 1 Corinthians 2:9

    In my wildest dreams I never would have guessed what God had in store for me that day. God had called me to step out in faith and fly, on my own, to North Carolina to attend the “She Speaks” conference. My husband and I arrived at the airport and all too soon the necessary check-ins were accomplished and it was time for me to say goodbye. Trying to look as brave and excited as possible, I posed as my husband took a couple of pictures to chronicle this adventure. I may have been smiling on the outside, but inside I was feeling pretty hesitant. I was absolutely terrifed of flying. I turned to walk through the security doors – each step a step of faith…each footfall a following…each deliberate movement a new dance with my King. Not being a seasoned traveller, and a white-knuckle flyer, finding my departure gate was an adventure. Thankfully the Lord directed me to a sign indicating I needed to board a bus that would take me to another building and I would be on my way. Once I was seated in the correct terminal there was nothing more to do but wait and pray…and pray some more. I had brought with me 31 pages of typed Bible verses, prayers, and words of encouragement that friends, family, blog contacts, and Proverbs 31 Staff had sent to strengthen me along the way. Each thought was so precious. Each inspiration a gift of hope. Truths to treasure. More than sentences on a page, they were promises that spoke of victory already accomplished. I cherished each assurance and clung to every word, breathing in the testimony of triumph they conveyed. With each passing minute, fear raced closer. Time was an enemy, constantly reminding me of the challenge ahead. I sat praying for God’s peace to envelop me and praising Him for what He was going to do.
    Suddenly my attention was drawn to a gal walking by. My heart skipped a beat. Gathering my belongings I followed after her, calling her name….”Lorie”. She turned. We embraced. I had a friend. God was not going to make me face this journey alone. He had provided the sweet surprise of a travelling companion. Lorie and I had attended school together in Grades 7 and 8, but over the last 30 years we had probably only seen each other about half a dozen times. What fun it was to sit and reminisce. My heart was overflowing. As we stood in response to the boarding call, Lorie asked me where I was sitting on the plane. I told her I was near the front of the plane – aisle 2. She explained to me that her seat had been chosen and booked quite a while back, but when she arrived at the airport that morning she had been told that her seat had to be changed. She was disappointed as the plane was far from capacity and she couldn’t understand why they would switch her seat. As she pulled out her boarding pass to see where she was now located, can you believe the joy that exploded in my heart like fireworks to discover that God had moved her right beside me! Oh my friends, never doubt what God can do. God was still asking me to trust Him, but He was providing such wonderful evidence of His love for me. Could He have asked me to travel alone? Most definitely yes. But, in His great love, compassion and care He saw my timid heart and said, “Dear Precious Joy, I see how you have taken these difficult steps to trust Me. If only you had realized all along that I would never ask you to do anything too hard for you. I will always make a way for you, if only you would trust My heart. Before you had even registered for the Conference in obedience to My call I had chosen a friend to travel with you on your journey from fear to faith. Where I guide, I will provide. You can believe My promises. I have good plans in store for you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Fall into my embrace and let me carry you the rest of your days, in peace and calm assurance that I will never leave you or forsake you. I gave my life for you, My precious child, don’t doubt my provision any longer. I love you so very much!” With a heart of reckless abandon I found my seat. God was going to fly me to heights unknown as my plane sped down the runway.

    “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…” Ephesians 3:20

  42. 392
    Jen says:

    Towards the end of last school year, my husband and I felt God calling me to stay home and not work. It took me longer than my hubby to submit to His plan because we NEED my salary–I mean NEED it. On paper, it made no earthly sense for me to stay home, especially since I am not a mom (praying for a miracle, though!), and I really felt like I had no REASON to stay home. Shortly after I told my bosses my decision, my mom got deathly ill and we almost lost her. During her time in the ICU, word came down that my position and others were being phased out due to the economy (and the school later closed). I ended up spending 7 weeks in LA (I live in MA) nursing my mom back to health. Had I not decided to stay home this year, I would’ve been panicked about not being home to look for a job. In the weeks it has been since school has started here, I can honestly say I feel like I was BORN to take care of my home and my hubby. I feels like I’ve come HOME personally. Funds are tight, but God is good!

  43. 393
    anonymous says:

    I was struggling with infertility, and I really wanted to follow my doctor’s advice to begin fertility drugs. I felt God holding me back. My husband and I were having a rough time, and I sensed God showing me that if I pursued fertility drugs, things would get worse and not better with my husband. In obedience, we decided to put off any decisions about it for a year and to stop the “baby talk” (with which I had become obsessed). I was so worried I was losing my chance to conceive. Three months later, I was shocked to discover I was pregnant. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. 394

    I am in an ongoing, trusting relationship with Jesus, and I have recently been called to fully step off the ledge in faith, along with a few other college-aged peers and friends. We have been given a beautiful vision of planting an orphanage in Tajikistan, that will prayerfully grow to be much like a Compassion International institution, while retrieving orphans from the streets of human trafficking, and meeting their basic needs; but most importantly introducing them to The Father that calls them their own. It started at the end of last summer when the Lord called me away from my original summer missions plans to be a part of something that, at the time, had no validity and honestly sound utterly impossible. Since taking the initial step and trusting that He is omniscient, I could never be more grateful. I changed my major to support a career in ministry and non-profit organizations. Individually and as a team, we have been received with much encouragement and belief in us, but just as equally we have been faced with the opposition of skeptics or nay-sayers. Because we are planting in a country with a high risk in “religious” persecution, I know that this is just the beginning of opposition. But as He has already proved to us through givers, encouragers, and the blessing of being a part of a visible harvest in our area, we know that this is just the beginning of the eternal impact our organization can have!

  45. 395
    Jamie says:

    My husband and I were married seven years ago. He had been divorced for about six years and I had lost my husband in a car accident a year previous after a separation where he was very much away from the Lord no matter how much I begged for him to come back.

    Our marriage was nothing short from a miracle because in looking back I probably never would have done it and I would have missed out on a very great blessing. My husband has two daughters from a previous marriage and I have a son.

    Since my son was three I have prayed for another child. I so wanted for my children to be close and as my son got older the more I panicked that they wouldn’t be close and I knew in my heart that I so wanted to be a mother again.

    For three years I prayed with no answer so I prayed that God would take away the desire, the hurt the emptiness and He did! He filled it with contentment and I will say that when my son turned six that God answered my prayer. I was such in denial that I was pregnant that it took a doctor and four pregnancy tests for it to sink in. On May 15, 2007 my Ellianna which means “God has answered” was brought into this world and I am so thankful that we serve a God who not only takes care of our needs but answers our wants. He knew when I was ready to recieve the blessing.

  46. 396
    Cindy Kelly says:

    Well, I am on my way to Joy! =) I am being obedient to Christ with the letting go of a friendship that I thought would last forever. God had other plans, and I am not quite to Joy yet, but I know its coming and I know Joy is not based on my circumstance but Who God is and His love and GOOD for me. He will be faithful when we choose to obey. I often wonder how much quicker things would happen or come to pass if we would just obey and trust instead of fighting tooth and nail against it. God have mercy on US! Praying for you Beth as you study God’s Word, praying He would speak to you like never before and that it would be a sweet time of fellowship with Him as you Dig into the very heart of God! Praying for good health for you and your family also! Have a great rest of you week! love you,


  47. 397
    Valerie says:

    A couple weeks ago I attended my uncle’s funeral – he had died unexpectedly at the age of 41. I knew this meant that I would be seeing my father whom I choose not to have a relationship with and hadn’t seen for 15 yrs – the last time being my mom’s funeral. My father is a Christian and I have forgiven him for his actions but feel God has released me from have a relationship with at this time so as to protect my children. God gave me such peace and reassurance leading up to the day of the funeral that I was praising Him for all He had done before I made the trip. Little did I know how He would continue to pour out blessings on me that entire day. I reflected later on how He had provided for me as my Heavenly Father only could and wrote out 17 ways He had shown up for me that day alone. I also noticed that when a blessing came through a person that day it was a male in my life – my husband, my son, my brother, my step-dad. It had always been us girls, my mom and sister and I, that had endured hardships together. But this day God showed me His power through the wonderful men in my life.

    A couple things I focused on as I prepared for this reunion of family were lessons you taught me, Beth, through God’s Word. In particular that He clothes me with strength and dignity. I was also praying that the Law of Kindness would be on my lips. The Lord truly gave me genuine, kind words I to speak to my father and his wife. The fact that I could mean the words proved it was God and not me! Thank you for that lesson in Chicago – perfect timing for me!

    The day after the funeral I had to stop and get a Starbucks while I was at Super Target. I opted for the Pumpkin Spice as you mentioned, Beth, that it was a favorite of yours. I decided with each sip I could thank God for using you to direct me in His Word and celebrate a victory He gave me in my life. Little did you know I felt like we were sharing a cup together!

    My father is the hardest, longest challenge in my life. Through Christ I can have rest and peace in facing my father. I know that God will direct me and protect me in all interactions I have with him. Some day when we get to heaven and the sin is gone and the strongholds are broken, we can have a relationship. I am so thankful that God has not left me an orphan but shows me over and over that He is enough for me! He is my loving Father that knows me like no other! Praise you, Jesus!

  48. 398
    Amanda says:

    After a very LONG period of unforgiveness in my life, God very clearly led me to forgive someone who had hurt my twin sister deeply. I will never forget how certain I was that the Lord was saying to me, “You are done carrying around this hurt. I want you to forgive him and confess your own sin in this situation.” This realization took place during my morning devotion time on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I promised God that day that if I was ever to see this person again, I would apologize for the things I’d said about him. My husband and I left the next day to visit family in another state. As only God could ordain, I walked into a coffee shop with my husband that Saturday… three sates away from home… and who do I run into? The one person I had hated for over a year was now standing in front of me! Wow! I turned to my husband and said, “I promised God that I would apologize!” I forced my feet to walk over to his table. I told him about God’s conversation with me and asked for his forgiveness. I felt as if a HUGE weight had been lifted off of my shoulders! That is still one of my proudest moments of obedience.

  49. 399
    April says:

    My grandaughter started kindergarten this year and it happens to be a christian school in the area. The front staff did not seem to be particularly friendly and a little sour. After a phone call and talk with the principle, The Lord laid on my heart to just love on these ladies.The flesh part of me was like are you kidding, Lord? So one morning God put on my heart to take them some of our farm fresh eggs and it brought my heart much joy to see how he touched their hearts that morning. Now they refer to me as the egg lady with smiles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. 400
    karen says:

    Years ago I found myself in the place of being unmarried, but pregnant. During that time my mind was inundated with choices and, of course, the enemy’s slick lines. To make a long story of grace short, I choose to honor my Heavenly Father and all I knew the Bible to say and married my man and gave birth to my sweet, precious daughter. That was thirty one years ago and two more children later…and now, four awesome grandchildren. She is my very best friend and confidant and I am thankful everyday for God’s call of obedience in my life. To make my story even better, she and her husband are church planters and she mercifully ministers everyday to other women. Only God can do that. He always knew the “rest of the story”.

    • 400.1
      karen lipford says:

      wow! i saw your name…which is the same as mine….but i chose to forgo my name on my story of being unmarried and pregnant….i didn’t get married and almost had an abortion 16 years ago. i still don’t tell many people….i had someone in our church do that for me. i want to protect my son from the ugly gossip in the church so i never discuss it much with other people.

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