Talk to Me Tuesday: Topic Two

Good morning, Sister Girls! It’s Tuesday and time to talk! I am so happy to have gotten the joy of connecting with you over the weekend. It was an unexpected gift on a rare lazy day. I’ve really been excited over how many sisters have chimed in lately for the first time. A heightened number of you have said in the last several weeks that you’ve been reading the blog for a while but you were commenting “for the first time.” I just want you to know that it’s the comments that turn this place into a community. Not the blog posts but the comments. That means it’s more your part than mine. That’s a pretty cool thing I think. All that to say, I love seeing somebody who’s been watching finally imparting. Welcome! You are freely loved here in the gracious Name of Jesus Christ. We cannot replace counselors or local churches or face-to-face, life-to-life friends but we gleefully do what we can do: encourage you in your walk with Christ.

OK, let’s get to today’s topic: Talk to me about someone Jesus brought into your life who really stretched you but won your respect. Maybe a very unlikely friendship or relationship that you know God brought your way to grow you and to open your eyes to the wide-sweeping work of the Gospel. Put another way, who sort of broke a mold for you? This should be fun. Only share a name where there is nothing that would make your person uncomfortable or embarrassed. This might be a good time to tell you that this community, because of God’s grace alone, gets an average of 10,000 independent hits a day. Only share what you mean to be public but, by all means, have joy in the process! Just don’t tell us a secret. Grin.

I love you dearly. I can’t wait to read these.


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  1. 301
    glenwood says:

    I was in a Bible study and a lady there said she tried not to be jealous or envious of others when God did something good for them. God’s warehouse is infinte and always full. If He can give a co-worker a raise or a neighbor a new car etc… then why can’t he do the same for her at the right time? I have tried to remember that.

  2. 302
    Carol says:

    Years ago, when I was a single gal, two friends, Gail and Mary, prayerfully and lovingly came to me to help me understand how I was coming across to young men. I am forever grateful to them for the words they shared and the Christlike heart so evident behind the words. They have been an example to me of how to “correct” our brothers and sisters. Don’t know where they are today, but I wish them every blessing from the Lord!

  3. 303

    I’m late in leaving a comment but being the mother of two toddlers, I’m always playing catch up! I wanted to thank you for this post. I read it back when you posted it but never got around to leaving a comment. Even so, it got me to thinking about how I would answer. My husband does this for me! He wasn’t brought up in the church and became a Christian in his late teenage years. I was brought up in a Christian home and did the whole Southern Baptist thing (Mission Friends, Choir, GA’s, Bible Drill, you name it & I did it!) Since he doesn’t come from a background of VBS Bible stories and Kool-Aid, everything he knows about God’s Word (and it’s quite a lot!) is from research and digging that he’s done himself. He questions every answer I give because usually I don’t know exactly where to support it in Scripture. If you can’t find it in God’s Word, he won’t believe it. He’s been very good for me in that he challenges me to know what I believe, not just because someone told me but because God says so. I’ve grown to not be so complacent in my walk with the Lord and search Him out in Scripture. It has created a love for the Word & study that I’m sure I would never have gotten if it weren’t for him. So even though I grow frustrated and weary of his crazy questions and random thought processes, at least I’m growing! Amen? I thank my Lord that He gave me such a man that I can respect and that stretches me in my walk with Jesus.

  4. 304

    That would be my brother. 🙂 He is precious. He and his family are in the middle of a serious war-time spiritual battle.

    Since I’ve learned of his family’s situation I’ve been praying for him regularly – talking to him at least once a week and we’ve just been glorying in the LORD.

    Yesterday I called him and said, “What are you doing?”

    He said, “Oh… Walking around the building.”

    I thought that sounded odd, especially since it was pouring down rain in the D/FW metroplex. 🙂

    “On Purpose?”

    “Yes. Well, sort of.”

    “Are you getting wet?”

    “No… I have an umbrella.”

    We went on to have about half an hour of conversation about life and things God is saying to us. His brokeness over his situation and his transparency is so refreshing. From a family that has a history of wounding each other with shared stories and words… It’s a big risk, but he is trusting me and taking that risk. THe reward – for the first time since I was seven years old I feel like I have my brother back. ANd, we are doing something I’ve prayed about for years… We are loving and glorying in our God together.

    Would you all pray for my brother and his family? You don’t need his name… Just Michelle’s brother will do. I’m in tears right now just thinking of how brave and strong God is making him even in some of the weakest moments he’s ever had. I’m so proud and so honored to call him my brother both by blood and in Christ.


    • 304.1

      P.S. I’m only commenting at all because I’m at home in bed with a fever and ear-ache. I hope it is okay to chime in when I’m able. Love you all.. I love reading your stories and your comments. I don’t always have time to post a reply— But, I’m reading and praying and loving you all from out here.

  5. 305
    Janelle says:

    6 years ago I moved to a neighborhood for the first time. I’m a country girl and was not used to seeing people every time I stepped out of my front door. At the time I had 2 little girls and a husband who wasn’t around much (he’s in the military). The Lord brought into my life some VERY interesting neighbors. Not only was it hard enough for me just to HAVE neighbors, but these neighbors were some very “choice” people. I had issues with both (they were on either side of me) families and their children…some were because of them, some were because of me…all were a growing experience. One of the neighbors in particular had a lot going on in her life. Her health was poor, her husband was suspected to be having an affair, she was an older mother with 2 small children…and my lovely youngest daughter kept picking on her oldest daughter. One day she just snapped with me. She yelled and cursed at me…in front of my children…she told me that if I was what a Christian was, she wanted nothing to do with Christians. It was all very sudden and very unexpected as we had never had any confrontations in the past. I wrote her a letter of apology, trying to smooth things over…afterall, we shared a common yard and our children were so close in age. She brought me a hate letter back. It was extremely uncomfortable for a long time. I told my children we just needed to love her and pray for her, and we did. Finally they got orders to transfer across the country–what a relief. I, however, did not feel comfortable with them moving away with this big, ugly mess over my head. It was amazingly hot while they were packing and loading their things into the moving van. Their children were hot, the parents were so busy with moving, I asked if I could take their children into my home and cool them, feed them and entertain them while they got things done. It went over well…I did my best to care for her children. This went on for just under a week and right before they were ready to hit the road, she came over, broke down crying, hugged me and apologized for EVERYTHING. I gave her a big hug, told her I forgave her, and sent her off with my best wishes…and I truly meant it. What a wonderful ending the Lord brought about to such an ugly time…what an opportunity to love this family through our differences. I haven’t spoken to them since they moved…but I know I was able to be a light to that family, that the Lord was able to use us for His purpose…and for that, I am SO grateful.

  6. 306
    Pauline says:

    Oh Beth.. Can I only name one who broke my mold? (smile)

    I have to say Beth, that the ones who broke my molds the best were the street people, the homeless, the beautiful ones who are and were addicted and the prostitutes I worked with in Amsterdam and Utrecht(yip I am dutch)and in Winnipeg, Canada.
    I adore these people. They tought me so much about my short life here on this planet. I am maybe one chapter further than them in some of my skills in life, but they have so much to teach me! Don’t think that there is no beauty on the streets. And yes I know, so much sadness as well.. but it depends on where you look right.. And God does move in their lifes and speaks to them and through them! ‘Love’ received a whole new language when I started hanging out with them and they with me.

    They have a genuine honesty about life and what it is all about.. they know that what they are doing doesn’t work.. but in the mess and hopelessness God is there and He shaped me in the community I had with them. I do see Him in the poor and the broken people. and I get humbled by His heart that reaches out to them!

    I hope this makes sense..

    Let worship and Justice kiss!

    Big love, Pauline

  7. 307
    Andreea says:

    A lady I worked with last year….she is absolutely amazing!! She has been the one person other than my mom and you, Ms Beth, who has shown me what God’s uncoditional love is all about. She even encouraged me to go back to school and get my teaching certificate, which I said would never happen. I started my classes in August.

  8. 308
    Sharon says:

    The first person that came to my mind when this question was posed is my associate pastor. He was called into the ministry out of a science background and is extremely intelligent. We’ve had some very interesting discussions and he’s made me think a lot. I thank God for bringing him and his wife into my life.

    Pontotoc, MS

  9. 309
    Kimberly says:

    I don’t know if there is necessarily “one” person who has broken the mold for me. As I sit here, I am just finding myself thinking of those moments where I have realized that my perception of who God can save is so not who He came to save. I know that probably sounds snotty… but honestly, I know I had these feelings and I am so thankful for those moments when God BROKE the mold… and made it REALLY clear that HE came to SAVE us ALL. He came to save MY snottiness and MY SIN and ALL the sins that I was uncomfortable with. And I as live life more and more, I realize with a sweet assurance that He is so into saving that He will do whatever it takes to break the molds. Thank you Jesus for breaking my mold and for the molds of those around me.

  10. 310
    Marie says:

    This is my first comment on the site- I absolutely love Beth Moore and truly enjoy her studies- I have learned so much from her! God has definitely placed people in my life that have stretched me in so many ways. Women that struggle so much physically, mentally, and emotionally. At times it is so overwhelming and at times I don’t understand why He has brought these stretching relationships into my life. But in reading your comments and in looking back, I can clearly see that He has taught me so much through these experiences and these women have been as another Siesta commented “grace growers”. Although it has been so challenging at times, I look forward to seeing how He continues to stretch me and grow me through these relationships!

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