So Long Insecurity Week Eight!

Hey, Sweet Things! I’m so happy to meet you over here on our new site! We really feel like we’ll be able to serve you more efficiently here on WordPress and appreciate you going to the extra trouble the transition takes. In no time at all, this will feel like home again to the community we call Siestaville: a spicy little respite in a chaotic world. We’ll have the benefit of more technical support and far fewer quirks (besides the 1300+ X 10 on last week’s post. A keeper forever. And don’t think I won’t tell on you. Speaking material for years to come).

I am writing your Thursday post from my back porch on this gorgeous Wednesday late afternoon.  Houston has a reputation for a lot of things (good and bad) but few people accuse her of beauty. She gives it her best shot in the Spring, however. The azaleas are in full bloom and so are all my early roses. The lawn has turned green. The trees are budding. Staring across my small back yard I can count at least fourteen distinctive living colors. The temperature is perfect. The wind is blowing. I hear at least four different kinds of birds singing. Some of them are fussing because I’m out here and the feeders haven’t been filled since yesterday. They think this is IHOP.

Keith’s out and about. Star is dropping a yellow tennis ball at my feet and wearing a plaid bandana the color of Easter eggs. Curtis, Amanda, and the kids are on their way to Wednesday evening church where they’ll eat supper with friends there in our Fellowship Hall (do all churches have those?), then CJ will teach his class. Amanda will be his best student and biggest fan and Jackson and AB will go to their classes. Melissa is in Atlanta fighting with the clock on the countdown till the final form of her Thesis is due. By the time you’re reading this, it will be turned in. She will be exhausted but relieved. Colin will no doubt be ecstatic. God knew exactly what kind of man that young woman was going to need.

I have had my first real day off in several weeks. Hmmmmm. Maybe even three or more. That’s not the way we like to do it around here but it was largely unavoidable. The book tour (first time I’ve ever done one) pitched into the middle of the regular speaking/teaching calendar threw my schedule over the edge. I have said to the Lord several times, “If You’ll just get me till next Wednesday…” And He did. The tour is complete and I am getting to take a glorious deep breath. I did meet my LPM staff at Sweet Tomatoes on this day off, however, because, after all, they’re my best buddies. I’m so blessed to also like so many of the people I love. We’re all in town this weekend, of course, for Easter. I wouldn’t be away for anything. It would never be the same away from my home church of 25 years where I will worship with people precious to me, both family and friends, both young and not so young. Then my extended family will meet up at our house for a big roast, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and an as-of-yet undetermined dessert. About the time we’re too full to bend over, we’ll bend over anyway and hide Easter eggs.

I dearly love this time of year.

OK, young ladies, we have a book to bring to finish so I better stop musing over Spring and start thinking So Long Insecurity. We’ve got only two more weeks to go in our discussions and five chapters left to read. That means we’re going to need to take three chapters this week so we can close up next week with only two. That works, though. It’s not hard reading and many of you have already finished the book anyway and are reviewing it for the sake of discussion. However it works for you is great with me!  Your homework this week will include Chapters 14, 15, and 16 and the following three questions –  one per chapter. Try to be as succinct as possible in each answer so we can read through many of the comments.

1) As you surely noticed, Chapter 14 is more of a testimony than a teaching but it concludes with a charge to deal with our female insecurities for the sake of young girls coming up behind us.  Annabeth was my big inspiration for the journey. Briefly describe someone who is worth doing what it takes to you to live abundantly and effectively in Christ. Help us picture her so that she inspires us, too. Needless to say, don’t share more than she’d want you to.

2) I wish we could discuss all of Chapter 15 in person but this is the next best thing. Name a couple of ways pertinent to your sphere of life and influence that you could look out for your own gender in our battle with insecurities. In other words, how can you (not others but you in particular) start becoming part of the solution in your female relationships rather than default into part of the problem. No condemnation here. Goodness knows, we’ve all been both. Our challenge is to learn to be deliberate. How are you prepared to do that?

3) I can’t wait to see your answers to this one. Based on Chapter 16 and the challenge to look past ourselves, what is your passion? If you don’t have one presently, don’t feel pressured or unnerved. You might be too deep in toddlers or school work to think past the urgent. Those things are priority and need to be your passion right now. If, however, you long for something that makes you feel fully alive and part of something specific God is doing for the greater good, ask Him to nurture that vision in you. It will be ultimately be the key to life on the outskirts of self-absorption. Keep in mind, your passion may not be anything you’re currently engaged in. Maybe you don’t have the opportunity to participate right now. Maybe it’s just in dream-form. Or maybe it’s just a place God has tendered your heart. Try to give it a name. What is something outside of yourself that you feel passionate about?

I will look so forward to your answers, Sisters! I’m so honored to have you along on this journey. Try to enjoy it while you’re at it. Believe it or not, as much as it’s pried into our business, we might just miss it when it’s over.

May the Lord answer you when you are in trouble. May the God of Jacob make you secure! (Ps. 20:1 NET)

With much affection,




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  1. 201
    Jariza says:

    Alburtis, Pa

    I think one practical thing we could do is begin to genuinely compliment one another instead of instantly comparing the way we look to the way they look. Another would be to talk to each other more openly about what is making us feel insecure to your close friends so that it helps them to personalize you as well and vice versa. We have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to those we love and have an intimate relationship with. That was such a great point about personalizing the person we feel threatened by, so true. I am prepared to put these into practice to help myself and those women I love to get our dignity back.

  2. 202
    Kristi says:

    1. My beautiful 13 month old daughter is my inspiration. Anything I can do to be a good role model for her in hopes she can weather the storm of life any better than I did is absolutely worthwhile. I know my Mom did hard work for me, and my life reflects the result, I would like the same to be true for my baby girl.

    2. I believe one of the best things I can do is to be the type of friend (and choose the type of friend) who will encourage and speak the truth in love rather than look to worldly ways when times are tough. Thanks in no small part to my Godly women friends, I still have my marriage.

    3. God made me a counselor, and part of the reason I am on this journey with you right now is because I realized I cannot be the counselor God intended me to be with my chronic lack of confidence. My passion is the relationship between teens and their parents. It is a difficult time of life, and I am a good “translator” when parents and teens are struggling to communicate. I also have a new area that I am becoming passionate about, which is losses related to mothering- whether it be infertility, loss of a pregnancy or loss of a child. After a very close friend had her first child die at birth one month before the birth of my own child, I realized how much pain mothers often endure. I want to be there for them.

  3. 203
    Sharon in GA says:

    I am a rule follower but I am not answering the question for this week quite yet (will later). I just finished reading chapter 17 and my heart is doing flip flops!! Thank you oh thank you Beth for writing this!! I started strong with the discussion blog…read ahead and faltered in the responding… and now am finishing yet again strong! I would love to write more and share all that is going on in this oh so been deceived by Satan mind of mine but then I’d be late to pick up kids from school and be in hot water with my 15 yr old daughter! 🙂 Just had to express my deep gratitude to Beth for being faithful and used and to my Lord for sending His message to me through the black and write words on these pages! Thank you!

    40’s, married, 3 teenagers 🙂
    Sycamore, GA

    • 203.1

      Hi, Sharon! I live in Wilcox County. Do you know where that is? I’ve never noticed a Siesta online before that lives so close to me! How exciting! Hope to talk with you soon 🙂

  4. 204
    Brandi says:

    40 in Louisiana

    2. When I find myself feeling hurt, angry or offended, I’m going to brainstorm possible reasons why someone said or did something instead of assuming it’s about me. For example, instead of feeling like someone is being short with me, I can tell myself that maybe that person has a sick family member or a pressing issue.

    I also want to reach out with smiles and acts of kindness. I was the benefactor of 2 such occurrences this past weekend and the effects are amazing. While out eating, I took my daughter to the restroom and felt ugly right away when I saw this gorgeous blonde mother in there. Right away, she smiled, complimented my daughter and made conversation. My insecurity vanished as I saw her as a real person (personalizing her:)) In another instance, a woman surprised my son by buying a small toy for him at a store and presenting it to him. These small tokens really warmed my heart and I would like to do the same for others.

    3. Reading, roller skating, walking, cooking, horses, animals and playing games. I am keeping my eyes and ears open for volunteer opportunities and know that this will be key in getting outside my self and into others! I’m also trying to get my courage up to invite some people over to play games:)

  5. 205
    Candace says:

    1. My 2 daughters are 8yrs and almost 7yrs. I often worry that I’ve already ruined them with all my parenting mistakes…but His grace is big enough, right? So, I’m praying that He is also big enough to help me get out of this RUT I’m in with insecurities…I know He is big enough…am I strong enough!?!?

    2. What can I do personally? Stop comparing myself to the women around me!! Trust that God has my back no matter what I *think* or feel that others think about me. (which is usually SO NOT TRUE!) LOL!

    3. My passions…right now I almost feel like I have too many. I think I need to narrow it down. My passions are homeschooling, worship/music, encouraging other women struggling with depression, the needy/homeless in our area.

    East TN

  6. 206
    Kimberly says:

    1. My inspiration is my 18 year old daughter. I am watching her grow into a woman who has so many great qualities. She has developed some wonderful standards for living life because of her commitment and love for Jesus! She has also learned from women that have had such a positive impact on her life. I am so thankful for those that did think of her as their own daughter, and have taught her and influenced her well over the years in our church. There were many times that she didn’t really want to “hear” from her parents. Although, she watched others and saw how Christ lived through them. She is much more secure and confident than I was. Praise the Lord! I see her facing so many new challenges, friendships, and opportunities. I just pray that she will continually seek God’s plan for her. I don’t want my insecurities to get in the way!
    2. I really need to be an encouragement to others. I also need to stop comparing myself to other women!
    3. I have a passion for children. I am a teacher, and I see how the devil is influencing our children and families every day. I also have a passion for children that are waiting to be adopted. They have a story…a great need to have a family…and the greatest need is to know Christ and have security in Him. I have 2 adopted boys. They are my greatest challenges in life, but I know God has blessed our family with both of them. I didn’t mention them in question #1, but they are definitely another very important reason for me to deal with my insecurities! At times I wonder if I am being the mother that God has intended me to be for them. I do want them to see a secure mother, clothed in strength and dignity!

    I just loved the ending of chapter 16. Isaiah 58: 6-11…I so needed to hear that!

  7. 207
    Heather says:

    1. She’s many young girls but I’m most moved by the girls who fall in the middle of the birth order of larger families. Her words tell me she ready (or already is) mature, beyond certain toys, activities, or concepts. But, something lurking beneath the surface of those words makes me think that she doesn’t quite want to grow up that fast, that she may just like to be nurtured a little longer…if someone had the time… She is worth my time and my time is so much more meaningful to her and to God when I’m secure in Him!

    2. To pray proactively and reactively that the eyes of my heart are enlightened to see and love other women as God does, realizing that we are all at different stages in our walk, with different struggles (present and past), and that we may all just grow in Christ a little faster with an added measure of grace and mercy. Also, to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me to live in such a way that I bear the fruit of the Spirit that other women may desire to be more like God.

    3. Right now, I’m pretty deep in toddlers and babies, so my current everyday passions revolve around them. However, in the future, I can see my passion being to make people feel loved and special by using my God-given creativity in the form of crafts (sewing, cards, painting) or food (a special party or meal).

  8. 208
    Aimee says:


    It is funny that you asked the 3rd question about sharing our passion….you see I have a passion along with a dear sister in Christ and we’ve been thinking that we were supposed to somehow share it with you but we weren’t sure how…and then you asked us to share so here goes. God started us on a journey that we did not seek out….we just sought obedience and He has so led each step of the way…making the “next” very obvious each time…and so answering this question is a “next” for both of us. My dear sister and I come from very different backgrounds…with struggles of our own….mine include a painful childhood then bad choices in high school which led to depression, drug addiction, etc etc…but then I met Christ…the true Hope and He began to work in my life (freed me from the drug addiction after going through your Believing God study)…and He freed me from the depression as I had been told for years that I was bipolar and would be on medication forever. He has done some humongous things you see, things I never thought possible. Well, I play the piano and my sister sings…God led her to our church…we loved singing and playing to the Lord….we both share a passion to let other women know that there is something so much better and greater out there than the bad circumstance they may be dealing with right now…and to just hold on—- that there is a God who loves them who is FAITHFUL …just waiting for them to come to Him for healing, comfort, security…whatever they need…. to let women know they have worth and value and to share the HOPE in Christ that we have come to know and trust. You see,back in December, God started giving my friend Sara songs…and I never ever have played by ear in my life. I’ve always had to have the music….but God totally has used my hands and Sara’s voice to put tunes to these songs and He has given us song after song. The songs proclaim His Strength, His Sovereignty, His MIGHTY power, His Faithfulness…..and then we picked up your book and the songs go along with So Long Insecurity…God has not stopped amazing us and building this passion within us. We have come to know and understand that even when we were going through those difficult times in our lives and not understanding….nor thinking they would ever end that down the road God had something BIG in store for us that we would’ve never dreamed…..stirring a passion and sense of purpose like never before and give us great joy and keep us so in awe all at the same time. We anticipate what He will do next….we will be obedient.

  9. 209
    Maryount says:


    1. Question one is easy… daughter, Kathryn. When she was born I would look at her sleeping in her bassinette and just cry for joy that she was a girl and would grow up and feel all the things we as women feel and enjoy all there is in being a woman. (I love and have always loved being a woman.) She is now almost 27 this month and growing in the Lord. At 27 she has been through much pain and sorrow and her share of bad choices. (I failed as a Godly mother because I was trying to do it in my own flesh and then gave up…only to be wooed back into the fold 5 years ago, forgiven, restored, and now used by God.) She has been a witness to all of this and I can remember around a year ago she said she did not want to be “one of them.” (A Christian Woman!) But that did not stop me or my prayers. If you are breathing it is never too late to set the example and point them to Jesus! She has just finished a 12 week study with my bible study group on personal revival and guess what…..she is on her road to being “one of them”, and I get to watch His hand work in her life. WOOT WOOT! So she is worth doing what it takes to live abundantly and effectively in Christ. Spiritual Legacy Ladies!

    2. Become part of the solution! Okay! I need to act when the Holy Spirit tells me my math is incorrect and become deliberate about reminding myself that I am clothed with strength and dignity and that my security in Christ is mine to keep. He gave it to me and no one can take it away. I need to start looking deeper when I look or talk with other women. The cover is not always what is on the inside pages. I also think we as women need to lift each other up and put others before ourselves. I think we should also not just be an example of a secure Godly woman, but teach others how it is possible for them to be also through Christ.

    3. Wow….my passion! When I first saw you and sat under your teachings and bible studies Beth, I wanted so badly what you had, and to grow up and be like Beth Moore!  I even asked the Lord to put my mansion next door to yours in heaven or at least in the same block. I know….lol! But as I grew, I have found that I CAN have what you have, that LOVE for Jesus and the burning inside to tell EVERYONE you know ALL about HIM and EVERYTHING you have learned and what HE has showed you. So my passion is Jesus and I want to share with women. I have a burden for baby Christians that do not get fed and watered. Their lies my mission field. The Lord is working this out and hopefully next fall I will be lead to teach a class for babies in Christ. I also have a burden for the elderly that are left all alone in the nursing homes with no family and no visitors. As a child I can remember seeing elderly women in the grocery stores and they would drop can goods and I would go and pick them up for them. Scared to death of them, but crying inside for them at the same time. I will be praying about these and trusting the Lord will lead where He wants me to be for Him.

    Love u Beth 

  10. 210
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    2. I try to build up the other servers that I work with. I also try and encourage others in my life by sending them cards or leaving notes on their windshields.

    3. I love sign language, I don’t know much and I don’t have the funds/time to go to school for it right now. I really love encouraging people! It energizes me when God plants an idea in my head, and I am able to carry it out! I love being used of God in this way.

  11. 211
    Blaire Ruch says:

    Topeka, KS

    1. My 4-year-old daughter is absolutely worth the work involved in changing the way I choose. She is going to grow up in a world out to take her down, and I want to be prepared to help her not fall for the lies I did. She loves people, and already has a crush on a little guy in her preschool class, so I’m going to be praying for her to fall in love with her heavenly Father more than anything or anyone.

    2. Do not compare. No more bad math. Encourage and build other women up. Believe the best ALWAYS! Even when it seems logical to think otherwise. Personalize every woman. Focus on them as sisters in the Lord. Treat them like I want to be treated. Think of them like I want to be thought of. Speak to them like I want to be spoken to. Don’t boast or flaunt anything.

    3. Very deep in toddlers right now, but I’m asking God to make a specific passion more clear to me. I think marriage and family spiritual health are part of it though, based on my pain/past.

  12. 212
    Rene says:

    My 18 year old is the most wonderful woman I know. She has been scarred by the effects of being raised in an alcoholic atmosphere. She has managed to retain a Christ-centered innocence. Her vow of celibacy given in church at the age of 12/13 was very important to her. My 5 year old is funny and intelligent. She is what Beth was at her age. These are the two that inspire me to be secure.

    I feel I do personalize women. Or I should say that I thought I did until I read that we walk into a room and start picking each other apart. It was kind of a ‘duh’ moment for me. I don’t really get along with women and now I know why. I’ve been picking them apart in my head before they can pick me apart. [Shiver].

    I want people to make the Bible their own. I recently learned that to take communion, the body and blood of Christ actually means to consume the Word. I have felt the pull to immerse myself in the Word but did not get that all-important “click” until recently. I want that for all people but have no idea what to do with this desire.

  13. 213
    Sarah Vint says:

    Ames, IA

    1) Well, my biggest inspiration right now (since I don’t have any children yet) is my small group of jr. high girls. I lead 8-12 jr. high girls in a discussion and hang out with at least one of them each week. They are in 7th grade and boy, oh, boy are they a handful, chatty group of beautiful siestas! Most of them are best friends and some of them are believers. It has been such a joy (and sometimes a slight headache) living life with them. They are motivation to me because I see myself in them. I was a 7th grade girl not that long ago seeking to be sensual and flash my long, lanky body off to the world in my short shorts, thinking little of what my mother told me. That to say I want to live a life that reflects Christ and is so trusting of Him because I want them to see Him in me and how worth it he is. Even as friends I know they struggle sharing life together (real authentic life) and this breaks my heart. I don’t want them to struggle the ways I have and by getting healing from the true Source and helping them to see the lies they believe, I think that my future daughters will be better off as well!

    2)Oh wow, Beth this chapter was amazing! I think the first way I can become a part of the solution is to tell myself to stop. This past weekend I was tempted to compare myself physically to some of my cousins who are 4-5 years younger than me. I went into my grandmothers restroom and looked in the mirror and I said, “Girl, get a hold of yourself! Love those girls, don’t make them out to be competitors. You look great, so just stop!” And that was that. I realized what I was doing, that I was being insecure, and to just love them. We played an obnoxious board game and made complete fools of ourselves together and had a great time! Whew! Relief from the nagging lies! Gracias for truth! =)

    3) Oh girl, I think I have two. First, I am all about making things look beautiful. I am so into cooking and decorating my house so that people can just come and relax and gain some peace and dear rest. Oooh! I just love it! I had the day off from school yesterday and my husband and I had a group of friends over for dinner and for some good ol’ march madness and it was just a hoot! I spent the day re-doing a room and planning out food and I just loved it! By the time we went to bed my feet hurt so bad, but oh it was great! I love being hospitable!
    Secondly, I am passionate about young women who are in need of such help. Maybe it’s because I was there not long ago (and kind of still am), but wow I just want to help them see that there is so much we have in Christ beyond what playing MASH in this life could ever give (house, husband, looks, cars, jobs, etc).

  14. 214
    Sandra says:

    Wichita Falls, TX

    Chap 14. It would be my daughter. She reminds me of myself when I was younger. Of, course I still act like I am her age which doesn’t help her in anyway. My prayer is that I can change my behavior so she can change hers sooner then later. She can be so unsure of herself and frightened of what will happen when she needs to do anything.

    Her confidence is lacking. She is going to the simulcast to learn what she and I can do to make a change.

    Chap 15. I need to be more confident and stop listening to what Satan puts in my head. I always think the worst and I really don’t know why I do that. I also look too much at the negative in anything I do. How I don’t want to do that.

    Chap 16. I am almost 50 and still don’t know what it is I am called to do. One thing that I think on is to be able to study the bible and learn the language. I have thoughts of writing also. I don’t know if they are really callings or dreams that I have.

  15. 215
    Martha says:

    I’m just going to say………….”catch it”…….security. I too believe it is contagious!

  16. 216
    Hannah Leigh says:

    My passion is to help others come to know themselves in Christ and be open to the endless possibilities that exist in a life captivated by Him. I know personally that the more my relationship with Christ develops, the more understanding I gain about who I am in Him. With this comes increased confidence in woman He created me to be and greater revelation into the things He’s capable of doing in and through my life. I want this for everyone I know!

  17. 217
    Donna says:

    1. Someone who is worth doing what it takes for me to live abundantly & effectively in Christ? On my end table is a picture of my first (and currently only) granddaughter, Sofia, and me. The picture was taken at a large gathering w/o my knowledge (i.e., it is natural and unposed). Sofia is 6 mths old. Her chubby wrist is adorned with a beaded bracelet, and she’s sucking on 2 fingers. Her dark-haired head rests on my cheek, and I look as though I’m whispering something in her ear. This is what I would say: “Sofia, your grandma loves you. More than anything else I want you to know Jesus. In Him you will find salvation, peace, joy, and the only real security that exists. I want to be His light of truth in your life. With His help I promise to overcome my own issues of poor self esteem so that the woman you see in me will glow with hope and strength and dignity. It is my heart’s desire to pass on to you the legacy ‘of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.’ You’re worth it to me, and you’re worth it to Him. So I do this for Him, first, but also for you, my precious first granddaughter – our little Sofia.”

    2. To look out for my own gender I will refuse to compare myself to other women, esp. in the hearing of other women, and I will not allow them to do so, either. I will make a conscious choice to see all women – even (maybe esp.) those who “threaten” me – as multi-dimensional, real flesh and blood people with heartaches, disappointments and trials. I will be sensitive to the insecurity switches of the women around me.

    3. Something I am passionate about? The ministry of mentoring women. For years I have longed to see inter-generational mentoring – the kind of situation where I am being mentored as I mentor someone younger than me, who in turn is mentoring someone younger than them, etc. It’s in process but we have a long way to go.

  18. 218
    texatheart says:

    1) My niece, bff Audrey Marie is my inspiration to get’er done. She has taught me so much in her measely 7 years of age. She once told a stranger at a store she was not an angel, she was a princess. Her daddy in Heaven’s princess. I don’t want her to feel what I felt everytime I saw someone I thought was cuter than I was, or had it more together than I did.
    2) I work with elementary school kids. I am telling you we are down right out mean, by the time we get much past 2nd grade we are, to our girlfriends. Boys duke it out to solve their issues but we just keep digging and digging. I am going to start here and try to change the younger girls. Maybe by example, they will see a difference. As far as my own peers, I am going to quit sizing everyone up to see if I am better than they are.
    3) What am I assionate about? I have two driving forces within me. I am passionate about children. Growing up in an alcoholic home and experienced abuse first hand. Working in an inner city school, our kids have so much to deal with, stuff that isn’t even their fault or their stuff. Their parents are messed up thus, they are thrown into this life with extra challenges. If I had enough money and bedrooms I would adopt more kids. (My mom told me not to have more kids than I have hands). Thus this May I will celebrate 14 years of legal motherhood. My boys have grown so much. It breaks my heart to think where they would be if we hadn’t crossed roads together.
    The other thing I am passionate about is really a surprise to me. Over the past 3 years, I have participated in many indepth Bible Studies. I have seen first hand how they can change you in the blink of an eye. I want to share that and help others to be there. I hear all kinds of excuses from friends that sound like what I would have told them 3 years ago. Now, with the Bible Study and memorization my life has been transformed. I just can’t get enough of it. I want other women to feel that too. I want them to know what I have learned and to experience the joy and strength that I have experienced this past 3 years. I could definitely see a career change as a result of this.
    Thanks Beth. I can’t wait to read the last bit of the book.

  19. 219
    Sandy says:

    As of this moment in time, I will leave out question 1 because I really can’t think of anyone. Question 2: A couple of ways that I could help other women would be to paint out their attributes in the situation they are in. Such as, you have been so helpful, you are an extremly helpful person and so on. By becoming more aware of my negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones and to remember that God does not make mistakes, He made me exactly as I am, but He also mad everyone else exactly as they are. To remember that not every bad mood is because someone doesn’t like me. They also have issues to deal with. And let’s face it. I am not that special that everything revolves around me.
    Question 3: A year and a half ago, I had the awesome experience of spending 2 weeks at the Pan de Vida orphange in Mexico. I left a huge part of my heart there, but so far, God had not called me to spend any long term time there. My greatest passion though, is God. When studying His word, I am always at my happiest. This is when my heart soars like the wings of an eagle.

  20. 220
    Bonnie says:

    Williamsburg, VA

    1. The person who is worth doing what it takes to live abundantly and effectively in Christ is my nine year old daughter Sarina. She has a deep love for the Lord and for worship. I hope and pray that she will have a hedge of protection around her and will be able to keep her purity. I pray that God will give me the wisdom, guidance and love to guide her down this path.

    2. I need to find the way to share in others joys and not feel left out. I need to encourage others at work that are not Christians and not get caught up in the decpetions and lies and wanting to be justified. I need to remember to pray more for these individuals. I need to let God have control and let go. He is the one who will fight my battles.

    3. My passion is to do God’s will in my life. I want to be able to die to self and truly hear Him direct my path. The World is getting so dark and self absorbed. I desire to be able to produce productions that would reveal the glory of God and change people’s lives to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. I want his consuming fire to come down and transform lives that are lost and desperate.

  21. 221
    pluschei says:

    Back when I was in “full mother-mode”, raising my then teen age daughter, I watched my own insecurities sprout up in her. I became committed to not passing “my stuff” on to her. Today, she is a 25 year old young woman, not carrying my baggage from the past. Thankfully, the Lord dealt with me, so I could then help her during those years. I can only stand in awe that the Lord would bless me with such a daughter who loves Him, serves Him and is discovering her sense of who she is in Him. Being a mother taught me so much more about myself, my weaknesses and sense of helplessness at times. God was so faithful and supplied what I lacked. For anyone reading this, hang in there. Those sweet faces with jelly and dirt on them, grow up someday and you’ll be amazed how your prayers will be answered. blessings, Pam, 50 ish, married in San Diego

  22. 222

    I would love to see younger women come up with a stronger sense of identity in who they are in Christ. I had a hard time seeing it when I was in my 20’s and now I’m watching my niece who is late-20’s deal with some of the same issues I did. There just doesn’t seem to be a huge crop of young Godly men in churches & there is the tendency to compromise on the kind of man to settle down with and marry. And oh, I wish that I could get the message across how important that one decision is in life. Not to get so caught up in wanting to be loved & accepted that they will settle for a non-believer. It’s a trap that I fear many young women get pulled into.

  23. 223
    heather says:

    1. Who is this worth doing for? Hands down, my two little boys! But also the women in my family who struggle with insecurities every minute of the day. The 7th & 8th grade girls in my class are worth doing this for as well. I see day in and day out how insecure they are and how the school environment plays apart in their insecurities.

    2. I’m prepared to do everything to becoming part of the solution. I’ve decided to only pick two things to start with first. Those are to intentionally stop making comparisons and personalizing women.

    3. My passion is being a middle school special education teacher to students with mild/moderate disabilities. I love my job even on the tough days. I love praying for each of my students and being a part of their life even if it’s for a short period of time. I love watching them be successful and supporting them with their challenges. I love encouraging them. Most importantly, I want the kids to know that they are loved and accepted for who they are. I’m so blessed that God has allowed me to be a teacher as well as take care of two little boys (2 1/2 yrs old & 7 mos) who I adore with an amazing husband. There is no way I can do both without him–God definitely takes care of us.

  24. 224
    DeniseK says:

    MY beautiful big brown eyed 2 year old daughter is my reason to be a better women in Christ! She is worth every gut wrenching brokenness that God mends with His Mercy! Even though she is a little spitfire! I pray I can help guide that firey character into Great works for Christ.
    I actually do have my passions already in the works. Besides my blessings God has given me…which is my precious husband, my 5 year old son, and my 2 year old daughter. God has allowed me to serve Him through leading Bible studies at church, which He has given me the courage to invite those outside of church. Praise God, that part has been a huge in building His Kingdom!! I am also going to lead a Post abortion Bible study, for the first time, at a women’s center this summer, by Pat Layton called Surrending the Secret! Wow…God has used her and this study in undescribable ways! I have a passion to serve the Lord and witness His amazing healing power! I have to mention this neat thing I read in a book I am currently reading about ‘balancing’ life for God. It is called “The New Eve”, by Robert Lewis. Beth you will like this part!…In the forward he is compared to ‘a mens version of a good Beth Moore talking-to” LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Just thought I’d share… 🙂

  25. 225
    Jodi says:

    I’ve not read your new book yet, but intend to. Enjoy reading your blog and felt comfortable enough to answer #3 even if I haven’t read the book. Something I am passionate about is sharing my faith through art. I don’t get to do it as much as I would like but so enjoy a good creative challenge. As I was dealing with my son being diagnosed with ADD, a close friend of mine understood my frustrations with the testings and the not knowing, and she challenged me to create a mini book with photo’s and journalling to document my journey. This was exactly the release I needed, and the book has been a tremedous help to others who have been on the same journey. Thanks Beth for helping me grow spiritually with your amazing gift of teaching! Just finished Breaking Free!

  26. 226
    Jodi says:

    Here is a link to the book I spoke of in my previous answer to question 3.

  27. 227
    phillipsgirl says:

    Lanaya in Jacksonville, FL
    Married 10 years, 30 years old

    1. I have daughters and I definitely want them to live abundantly and effectively in Christ. But what inspires me to keep going in Christ and not give up is a girl I used to babysit. When I was in college, her mom sent me one of her school assignments where she had to talk about someone she looked up to. She had chosen me because I was pure and faithful and a good example to her as a Christian. Now I remember my thoughts and rebellions at the period of time when I had babysat her and there were times when I was on the verge of not being pure and faithful. But when I received that letter, I was so glad I had stayed faithful. I remember her now and know that others are watching me even if I don’t know it. I want to be a Hebrews 11 and 12 person. “May those who come behind us find us faithful.”

    2. I really need to personalize women instead of see them as the competition. I want to walk into a room and think, “How does God see these women?” instead of “Look at Miss Thing over there thinking she’s all that…etc.” Yesterday I was thinking about how ugly my armpits are. And I thought, “Everyone’s armpits have got to be ugly, not just mine!” So then I thought that would be one of my key thoughts upon encountering a group of women, “She has ugly armpits just like me!”

    3. I’m so thankful I get to do what I grew up wanting to do: Stay at home and raise my children, homeschool and be married to a preacher. A few years back I was tired of raising my children and had an attitude of just wanting them to grow up so I could be done. Through Bible studies and friends and prayer, I realized that this was my job for this season of life and it would pass soon enough. I had always wanted to do this also and here I was complaining instead of being grateful for happy, healthy children. Thank God my passion was renewed and I’m enjoying it again. I’m not sure where my passion will lead once they are grown ~ I love to watch people learn, I love planning curriculum for school or church, I like serving others behind the scenes.

  28. 228
    heather v says:

    #1-my kids. I was never really “taught” much of anything growing up. Lordwilling that will change with me and my kids. I want my daughters and even my boys to find security in Jesus alone!
    #2-the comparison game. I play it all the time and I want to quit!
    #3-my passion…well I am knee deep in diapers and am currently homeschooling three of our kids. Right now my passion is at home with my kids. To do better and be better for each one of them. I want to have more of a servants heart.

  29. 229
    c says:

    1) I think my inspiration is already past me, in many areas. She seems to have heard my talk, and ignored my walk, if you know what I mean. Regardless, I try to give her confidence in the Lord, not in what she can do, or what she looks like. I would like to help her see the talents God has given her, though, and to enjoy them. All the while, knowing that she has strength and dignity regardless of her talents, and gifts.
    2) I have recently become more wealthy in money terms, and have been moving in different circles because of it. (Husband’s job, home location, etc.) I have avoided trying to get close to anyone in the same tax bracket as I am in now, mainly because I do not value what money buys, I value good character. I guess I decided that I may be righteous with money, but others are not? So, anyway, I have decided to try to become friends with these dear ladies that I have pre judged, knowing that God has not put me here by accident! (and if they are deceived by what money can do, then they probably need a friend all the more) I think I have been depersonalizing them.
    3) In the past, I have been rejected and lonely, and God seems to have given me a passion for visitors at my church, or the lonely.

  30. 230
    Cathy says:

    My 13 year old daughter is my inspiration. I see insecurity in her already because of her personal disposition, but mostly because of a personal limitation. I believe the best thing I can do for her right now is homeschool her, but my insecurities are getting in the way. LORD please help me.
    I am going to stop making comparisons and start personalizing other women at my kids school events. I am going to do that by engaging in conversation with these ladies instead of sitting by myself.
    My passion is for the unborn. I want to see ultrasound machines in all pregnancy support centers. I haven’t taken a step to do anything with this yet.
    Rhinebeck, NY
    40’s Married

  31. 231
    TheKing'sLittleGirl says:

    Searcy, AR

    My answers hard a bit difficult to fit into these categories the way you have them worded, so I hope you will allow me to tweek them a bit!

    1. Honesly, she’s me. I am concerned with becoming the kind of woman my sons can look to and know the kind of woman they’d like to marry. I am also already praying about my relationship with those young women. I want it to be a healthy one, but fret because the models I have had on both sides are so poor. I have openly stated to a few older women at church that I am looking for mentors in this area!! And God has been sweet to provide. I guess what I’m saying is my modeling goes UP and DOWN and I’m the “thing” in the middle. I’m looking for mentors and looking to be a mentor. Who inspires me right now? My own sons. If they can view women differently then another generation can be positively effected. (Kind of a shot-gun answer–sorry!)

    2. I have LOTS of kids in my home on a weekly basis. (Which we live in a tiny house that is often MESSY. *see first sentence.) By modeling for these kids and allowing them to feel complete comfort here, I am praying this will be something that positively influences their young lives. I get hit with panic from time to time thinking my house and housekeeping fall way too short to have them in because I tend to live in chaos. (CHAOS-Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome 😉 ) Then my DH will remind me that the house isn’t the reason they’re here and to let it go. These kids, mostly boys, are my present sphere of influence.

    3. I feel a passion brewing inside of me, but it truly is in a dream state. I am overweight, but I don’t want to be. When the day comes that I can truly break-free of the strong hold the varied aspects of this has had on my life, I want to minister to other women who are in it’s tangles. I feel like God is not leaving me here but the process is taking much longer due to my own muddy feet not moving as they should. I can begin to see the vision in sharper details and this book is certainly helping with that. Thank you.

  32. 232
    Juley says:

    Psalm 30:6 ~ When I felt secure, I said, “I will never be shaken.”
    Psalm 16:9 ~ Therefore, my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body will also rest secure.

    1. I have a daughter who is almost nine. She loves Jesus, is precious, sweet, full of joy and beautiful. She is very social, and loves to make friends with anyone. It is so interesting to me how other kids can point out a difference and suddenly she feels there is something wrong with her. How girls can be mean even at a young age – she will tell me stuff they said, and how she feels left out while fighting back the tears. She will usually follow it up talking about the good, nice friends she has.

    2. Looking out for our gender, I am going to earnestly try to stay positive, stop complaining, choose to believe the best of another without comparison or depersonalizing, pay genuine compliments even if the receiver doesn’t deserve it or like me, smile more, and be more approachable and vulnerable – trusting God instead of fearing rejection.

    3. My desire and passion is for people to KNOW God ~ especially kids! Remembering to LOVE ~ being willing to serve and disciple whoever and whenever as HE leads and guides, to not be a hypocrite/fake/Pharisee/sad-you-see but the real deal (genuine). To be found faithful, full of integrity and strength, fighting the good fight of faith. To GO and DO (and not necessarily just go and do another Bible Study – even though I LOVE a good Beth Moore Bible Study). To remain teachable – abiding in the Word, to LIVE, to ENJOY my life, and to know the fullness of my calling!

  33. 233
    robin says:

    Cleveland, TN

    1. The person who it is worth it all for is my daughter. When I left my last church she got hurt as much as the rest of the family. She is now attending a new church of a different denomination than we left, just as I am, but I am now studying the word of the Lord and trying to walk with the Lord more than I have ever before. I will be a 1st time grandmother in the fall and if this child is a girl (we may find out next week) then she will be worth being a example for both her and my daughter in law.

    2. I know the lonely part of not feeling as if I belong. Any time I see someone who looks as if they feel out of place, I try to engage them in conservation and find out about them. To make them feel as if they belong and if they do something to embarrass themselves, I try to make them feel better about it, if it is something really embarrassing to point out a good quality.

    3. My passion is bible study! I hope to step out and have a small group in my house; I have asked my Sunday school class if anyone is interesed so I will see where the Lord leads me with this. This is so totally new to me for and something that I would have let my insecurities keep me from doing a short time ago, so I pray that this is the Lord’s will for me.

  34. 234
    Katybug says:

    1. I feel like the Lord has really given me a heart for younger girls, so many have been beaten down in so many ways before they reach high school or even middle school. I want to be secure so that younger girls can see that life can be different. I also want to become a secure woman for both my 11 year-old and 18 year-old sisters and any daughters of my own that I may have someday.

    2. I think some ways I can begin being a solution to the problem would be to STOP comparing myself to other women – that alone will change my attitude toward them. I also need to be aware of what makes my friends insecure and be intentional about NOT baiting them in this way.

    3. I am almost done with college and have been looking towards what’s next. The Lord has been giving be an anticipation for the future, He has not yet revealed what is next, but I am learning to sit back and wait for His timing, not mine (hard as that may be). Right now I would have to say my passion is growing in the Lord and working on becoming a secure women so that I can walk out security as a shining example of security to everyone around me. I am excited to see what the Lord has planned next!

    Baker City, Oregon

  35. 235
    Kim R. says:

    My inspirations are my 4 daughters, now between the ages of 11 and 23. (I have 3 boys too-but that’s another study, I suppose) And even though 2 are involved in a ministry dealing with teenagers, I can still see the behaviors that stem from insecurity. Lavished with love, but bombarded by culture, the task seems monumental. I pray for the awareness to see opportunities to help them to focus on what really matters, and what will never fade away.
    My husband and I also volunteer alot of time to this ministry with teenagers. Where else do the deeply rooted “seeds” of insecurity sprout more rapidly and emotionally, like weeds, than in the everyday, hormone-driven, ever-changing life of a teenage girl?? Our ministry is a drama called “Dead Serious about Life”–all life, born and unborn. Yes life is important, but an abundant, joy-filled, SECURE life in Jesus, will now be my focus.
    I actually intended to answer each chapter individually, but as I re-read my answer, I may have already answered all 3.

    Trenton, Ohio

    visit this website to learn more about “Dead Serious about Life”

  36. 236
    Juley says:

    3. …for the Glory of the LORD!

    married/30’s/Spicewood, TX

  37. 237
    Kate says:

    Concord, NC

    #1) Someone who is worth doing what it takes to live abundantly & effectively in Christ is my children to come. I am not married, but hope some day to be and I want to get this straight in me before having daughters of my own. I also want to do it for my nieces to show them a model of a strong Christian woman who can also enjoy what this life has to offer so that, hopefully, it will be an easier journey for them.

    #2) How I can look out for other females who battle insecurity, becoming part of the solution instead of the problem, is to give women compliments which I have always found hard to do because of my own insecurity. I plan to be deliberate by giving one woman a compliment every day until I no longer depersonalize them.

    #3) What is my passion? I believe my passion is to mentor children of divorce because it has been, and continues to be, a huge part of my life. I will continue to search for opportunities to live out my passion.

  38. 238
    Lisa says:

    1) I have two blood and two in-law living inspirations and many to come in the future. My two daughters, aged 21 and 15 and daughters-in-law aged 25 and 23 are and will be the most important women in my life for many years to come. They will be the mothers of my granddaughters. They are incredible women of God already. My daughters-in law are great blessings to my sons but not yet mothers themselves. My daughters are by far a remarkable show of God’s grace and work. They will be mothers someday too. Here is the rub. I AM THEIR MOTHER, Lord help them! It will never cease to amaze me that their walks are already stronger in some ways than mine was at twice their ages. They seek godly counsel from the wise people in their lives, live graciously toward their peers and desire with their hearts to share what they have in the Lord, their salvation, with others. And they are all hilariously full of energy and good humor. What joy!

    2) I deal with many younger women in the area of home education. Some are young mothers, some a little more experienced. I seem to have a history of many more years than any of them so they come to me with questions, counsel, etc. in many areas of their mothering and educating. It is and will be my privilege to stand with them in looking their insecurity directly in the face and speak truth. I pray my testimony will be living proof that Truth sets a person free. That is what this study has helped me to do, and I hope to do the same to others. All glory to God!

    3) There are a few places my heart is growing tender. Young insecure women, including teens; young mothers who are exhausted and depressed, and crisis pregnancies. What outlets God will provide, I don’t know but I hope to be faithful as those with needs come into my life.

  39. 239
    Sylvia says:

    Wow! How many of us are lonely – including me. I have co-worker friends and church friends but evenings and weekends get very long.
    1) My inspiration is my daughter-in-law whose family aren’t believers. She is about to become my ex-dil but I am committed to remain her spiritual mother and encourage her in her walk with the Lord.
    2) I can stop my participation in gossip at work and personalize people. That really spoke to me how we depersonalize people.
    3)My passion is to teach the Bible and Celebrate Recovery. I recently completed my 12 steps of co-dependency and want to help other women learn to be happy and content. Even though I struggle with lonliness, I am learning to find my value according to God’s Word and take my needs to God and not look for my sons to “complete me”. This has been extremely freeing for me. I highly recommend Celebrate Recovery – for everyone who has a hurt, hang up or habit which is everyone!

  40. 240
    Jariza says:

    #3 When I know that I am most looking outside of myself is in relationships with other women. Being there for one another, doing bible study, etc is where I feel passionate. I feel alive when I am investing in their lives and hearts.

  41. 241
    Cara says:

    1. I’m not married nor do I have children, though it’s a huge dream of mine. If it’s the Lord’s will for that to come true someday, then yes I’d obviously want to be secure and whole for their sakes. I can’t think of someone else specifically. Honestly, I just want to be secure and whole for everyone’s sake I come in contact with since we are all vulnerable, we’re all involved in this war.

    2. It’s extremely important to me that people are comfortable in my presence. One of my passions is that that people would know their worth (even though I’m still fighting the battle myself) I know that the enemies primary goal is to destroy the true knowledge of Who God is and who we are (2 Cor 10:5). Although it’s going to take some major transformation on my part, I want to cease making any comparisons and doing “summations”. To be proactive about encouraging others. Not only saying compliments when I think of them, but to be in a ready mindset, to see every encounter (no matter how small) with others as an opportunity to share the truth of who God is and who were are through words or actions. I want to pray for insight in how to help with that, to have His eyes, to no longer regard them from a human point of view (2 Corin 5:16), to see His truth and fingerprints on them. Even if it’s only a small drop on the forest fire.

    3. I have several passions and I’m still trying to figure out what direction God wants me to go. Aside from what I said in the last question, I’m passionate about the International Justice Mission and organizations like Compassion International, I love children. I love to paint and want to make art that glorifies God and draws people to Him. I also really love to share the Word and what I learn about God so maybe doing something with bible study/teaching.


  42. 242
    Missy says:

    Tulare, CA
    30’s married

    1. I am fiercly fighting to live securely in Christ for my sister and my 3 year old niece. I will not give up that together we will live victoriously!!!
    2. I have sought accountability from my husband to make me aware of when I am comparing and/or judging other women. I am determined to be an encourager and refusing to dehumanize other women. BTW, I loved this chapter!
    3. Did I stay awake worrying about what my passion is? YES! How ridiculous…but I do feel that God has blessed me with the gift to manage finances and teach others how to be good stewards of their finances. It is my passion that women (and men) would live victoriously against the stronghold of discontentment and experience the freedom of living within their means. I have already worked with some people and I am praying for direction in how to move forward in this ministry but struggle with balancing ministry with being a stay-at-home mom and wife. How does one squeeze it all in?

  43. 243
    Elisabeth says:

    1) I do not have any daughters, but the Lord has blessed me with some special young girls that He placed in my life. One sweet girl is very dear to me. I feel as though I have helped raise her and I love her as if she was my own daughter. She is the daughter of a very dear friend & I have been in her life since the time she was born. They have lived with us for short times on two separate occasions, so needless to say, we are close. Then, a year ago next month, the Lord placed another baby girl into my life! My brother & his wife had the first baby girl in our family and I love her dearly. God has graciously allowed us to be near them this past 9 months and I have grown attached to her & love her so very much. I want to be a godly example for these two little girls and I want them to know Christ and live their lives for Him. I don’t want them to struggle with insecurity, but know that their security comes from Him.

    One of my greatest memories in ministry was having the wonderful opportunity to baptize a young girl. I had prayed with her as she asked Jesus into her heart & she wanted me to be the one to baptize her. (so sweet!) Nothing could have prepared me for what I felt that day. As we entered into the baptistry, her with her princess crown on & all, the Holy Spirit flooded my soul! I thought that day . . . “Even though I never had a daughter, the LORD has given me many spiritual daughters to be an example before them!” It is my heart’s desire to leave a legacy of faith to all those that I have come in contact with. I want them to see Jesus in me and I want them to know Christ and the abundant life that only He can give. I desire to live abundantly and effectively for my Lord!

    2) I believe that the best way to look out for my female gender & the battle of insecurity is to start living victoriously over this issue myself! I love the passage in 2 Corinthians 4:6-7 that says, “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” ~ “But I have this treasure!” I want to live my life in a way that radiates the glory of God! Jesus Christ lives in me & I have no reason to be insecure. . . my security comes from Him!!

    3) My passion is women’s ministry. I love seeing women of all ages “get it!” I love seeing them come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and watch as they grow in Him. I love seeing those moments when God’s Word becomes alive and active in them and it is like a light bulb comes on . . . they get what the Lord is saying to them. It brings joy to my heart and fills me with such a sense of excitement and fulfillment. My heart also beats wildly for young pastor’s wives. Being a pastor’s wife myself, I have been through many trials and valleys, as well as, on many mountaintops. I know what it is like to feel as though you have no one to turn to. I know what it’s like to feel as though you have to be “perfect.” I feel an obligation to be a mentor to other young pastor’s wives who may feel as though they have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. I don’t feel obligated in a bad way. I feel honored to be able to come alongside other pastor’s wives and to be able to listen, pray and encourage their hearts. This is something that I have become more passionate about over the past 2 1/2 years. I hope that the Lord gives me opportunity to be poured out for His glory. I love Jesus and I love serving others through Him!

    Elisabeth 🙂
    married & 40

  44. 244
    Kristen says:

    I am far behind as I just picked up the book yesterday… I was in the middle of facilitating “The Prodigal God” by Timothy Keller (read it ladies) and did not want to start another book until I had finished our small group study. I know I won’t be able to catch up at this point and be on the same page as all of you. However, I am looking forward to reading the book and posts in the weeks to come!

  45. 245
    Barbara says:

    New Orleans

    1. The reason I want to be secure is for daughters and my neices. My sister was tricked by the enemy into believing she should do everything opposite of how our mom raised us. A generational curse has repeated itself with my neices. I want to minister to them and let them God still has his arms wide open to them and wants to use them.

    2. We as Christian Women have some areas of our lives that has not been delivered. Sometimes the trigger is set off unintentionally, but the reaction is the same. My co-worker gave me this acroym:QTIP (QUIT TAKING IT PERSONALLY). We need to pray for our sisters and ourselves to be delivered from any spirit that contradicts God’s love and word.

    3. One of my passions for the past year or so is that our church meet the financial, spiritual, and emotional needs of the congregration. There are resources(members) that can meet needs(members). I pray that we would heed the Holy Spirit when he speaks to our heart about a particular need and don’t rationalize it away. The other passion is getting young girls/women to know the power that they have. So many young women (myself included) have settled for men that we should have never been connected to. God’s grace is sufficient but we don’t want to waste his grace. I would like them empowered to know who they are in Christ.

  46. 246
    Mischelle says:

    I forgot one thing to say about those “lovely paper shorts” and our legs in need of a tanning bed. Girl, my legs are so white they make my tennis shoes jealous!!!


  47. 247
    Diane says:

    Ok – It’s only three chapters but I am dragging my feet because I DON’T want it to be over yet. I don’t want to finsh before ‘I’ am finished! “God may it stick, like duct tape on kitchen plastic wrap, to me til I am the secure woman You have planned for me to be.”
    Diane 30’s married

  48. 248
    Marion says:

    I hope I’m in the right place for answering questions from week 8! The responses don’t all seem to be homework related so I’m not quite sure. Anyway, here are my answers to the three questions:

    1. We have a girl (not sure how old) at our church who has down syndrome. She is the most precious person and always smiling and happy. She absolutely loves the Lord and you can’t help but smile when your around her. I admire the people I have seen with disabilities because they don’t seem to focus on insecurities or what they don’t have, instead, you see them doing the best they can with what God gave them. That’s admirable!

    2. I can begin to encourage others with what I have learned in this study. Instead of joining in the “pity party” like I often can do, maybe I can remember to say, “WE are clothed with strength & dignity, ” and OUR security is OURS to keep. God gave it to US. No one can take it away from US.”

    3. This was hard for me. I want to have a passion about something, but I’m not sure what it is yet. I sponsor a child through Compassion International and that makes me feel that I am doing something for God’s kingdom. I love corresponding in letters, etc. But I don’t know how that can grow into something more. I also have a heart for the persecuted church. Again, what can I do?
    I can think of a few things if only I wasn’t scared half to death of speaking to a group of people. I’ll just keep praying for now and see what the Lord has in mind for me.

    40’s, Married, Round Hill Virginia

  49. 249
    Linda says:

    1. I would say my daughters and granddaughters, the first I know I can do different now, the little ones are so much the joy in my heart.
    2. How could I become part of the solution, by being more open and willing to talk and share.
    3. My passion yes that is the question, being open to what ever God’s plan is in my life. Summer camp work?

  50. 250
    Dawn in PA says:

    Married in PA

    Oh my!! I loved, loved, loved these 3 chapters (and you are sooo funny!) I haven’t been to a shopping mall in quite awhile (I am a TJMaxx/Marshalls’ gal) and ours are not in the mall but I do remember the Abercrombie posters right outside the store…how sad for us, and the power we have to BOYCOTT!!! They really would change their ways if we would hit their pocketbooks but we all cave to our teens and to our culture. I am guilty and ashamed.

    1) – for my daughter Brooke, of course!! She is 23, soon to be 24 and actually she has a lot on the ball already about being secure, I am happy for her! I still want her to look at me as a confident and secure daughter of the King – just based on that truth – for she is young and harder times are in her future.

    2) – this is great for me! My sphere involves working with and serving – WOMEN!! I do home parties (about 16 a month) and have a team of women counting more than 150 so I try so hard to remember that each of us has dignity and we should never, ever injure it. I am going to start to bow my head, effective immediately as tonight we have a workshop, for the women I will meet that I do not compare myself to them or feel better than them ever….I LOVED – But…I…have…this….Tressure! I will recite that hourly if need be until it is embedded and me and I get it right!

    3) – I have known this one for a long time…..from my very first glimpse into the Voice Of the Martyrs I have had a heart for the persecuted church. Because I do sales pesentations for a living, my speaking skills are decent and I would LOVE to travel to churches all over and do presentations for VOM!! I would LOVE it! I did go thru the motions of filling out the applications, but I never sent them…I just got consumed in ever day stuff. Sooooooo…..a step in faith — I am going to contact them again immediately and go for it!

    Thank you for this weeks lesson and homework! I love being part of this community of women 🙂

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