So Long Insecurity Week Eight!

Hey, Sweet Things! I’m so happy to meet you over here on our new site! We really feel like we’ll be able to serve you more efficiently here on WordPress and appreciate you going to the extra trouble the transition takes. In no time at all, this will feel like home again to the community we call Siestaville: a spicy little respite in a chaotic world. We’ll have the benefit of more technical support and far fewer quirks (besides the 1300+ X 10 on last week’s post. A keeper forever. And don’t think I won’t tell on you. Speaking material for years to come).

I am writing your Thursday post from my back porch on this gorgeous Wednesday late afternoon.  Houston has a reputation for a lot of things (good and bad) but few people accuse her of beauty. She gives it her best shot in the Spring, however. The azaleas are in full bloom and so are all my early roses. The lawn has turned green. The trees are budding. Staring across my small back yard I can count at least fourteen distinctive living colors. The temperature is perfect. The wind is blowing. I hear at least four different kinds of birds singing. Some of them are fussing because I’m out here and the feeders haven’t been filled since yesterday. They think this is IHOP.

Keith’s out and about. Star is dropping a yellow tennis ball at my feet and wearing a plaid bandana the color of Easter eggs. Curtis, Amanda, and the kids are on their way to Wednesday evening church where they’ll eat supper with friends there in our Fellowship Hall (do all churches have those?), then CJ will teach his class. Amanda will be his best student and biggest fan and Jackson and AB will go to their classes. Melissa is in Atlanta fighting with the clock on the countdown till the final form of her Thesis is due. By the time you’re reading this, it will be turned in. She will be exhausted but relieved. Colin will no doubt be ecstatic. God knew exactly what kind of man that young woman was going to need.

I have had my first real day off in several weeks. Hmmmmm. Maybe even three or more. That’s not the way we like to do it around here but it was largely unavoidable. The book tour (first time I’ve ever done one) pitched into the middle of the regular speaking/teaching calendar threw my schedule over the edge. I have said to the Lord several times, “If You’ll just get me till next Wednesday…” And He did. The tour is complete and I am getting to take a glorious deep breath. I did meet my LPM staff at Sweet Tomatoes on this day off, however, because, after all, they’re my best buddies. I’m so blessed to also like so many of the people I love. We’re all in town this weekend, of course, for Easter. I wouldn’t be away for anything. It would never be the same away from my home church of 25 years where I will worship with people precious to me, both family and friends, both young and not so young. Then my extended family will meet up at our house for a big roast, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and an as-of-yet undetermined dessert. About the time we’re too full to bend over, we’ll bend over anyway and hide Easter eggs.

I dearly love this time of year.

OK, young ladies, we have a book to bring to finish so I better stop musing over Spring and start thinking So Long Insecurity. We’ve got only two more weeks to go in our discussions and five chapters left to read. That means we’re going to need to take three chapters this week so we can close up next week with only two. That works, though. It’s not hard reading and many of you have already finished the book anyway and are reviewing it for the sake of discussion. However it works for you is great with me!  Your homework this week will include Chapters 14, 15, and 16 and the following three questions –  one per chapter. Try to be as succinct as possible in each answer so we can read through many of the comments.

1) As you surely noticed, Chapter 14 is more of a testimony than a teaching but it concludes with a charge to deal with our female insecurities for the sake of young girls coming up behind us.  Annabeth was my big inspiration for the journey. Briefly describe someone who is worth doing what it takes to you to live abundantly and effectively in Christ. Help us picture her so that she inspires us, too. Needless to say, don’t share more than she’d want you to.

2) I wish we could discuss all of Chapter 15 in person but this is the next best thing. Name a couple of ways pertinent to your sphere of life and influence that you could look out for your own gender in our battle with insecurities. In other words, how can you (not others but you in particular) start becoming part of the solution in your female relationships rather than default into part of the problem. No condemnation here. Goodness knows, we’ve all been both. Our challenge is to learn to be deliberate. How are you prepared to do that?

3) I can’t wait to see your answers to this one. Based on Chapter 16 and the challenge to look past ourselves, what is your passion? If you don’t have one presently, don’t feel pressured or unnerved. You might be too deep in toddlers or school work to think past the urgent. Those things are priority and need to be your passion right now. If, however, you long for something that makes you feel fully alive and part of something specific God is doing for the greater good, ask Him to nurture that vision in you. It will be ultimately be the key to life on the outskirts of self-absorption. Keep in mind, your passion may not be anything you’re currently engaged in. Maybe you don’t have the opportunity to participate right now. Maybe it’s just in dream-form. Or maybe it’s just a place God has tendered your heart. Try to give it a name. What is something outside of yourself that you feel passionate about?

I will look so forward to your answers, Sisters! I’m so honored to have you along on this journey. Try to enjoy it while you’re at it. Believe it or not, as much as it’s pried into our business, we might just miss it when it’s over.

May the Lord answer you when you are in trouble. May the God of Jacob make you secure! (Ps. 20:1 NET)

With much affection,




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  1. 51
    Rebecca says:

    I am testing this out. i have sent 2 messages and they are not getting through. Another website to learn. Let’s all have a cup of “insecurity”. Cheers!!!

  2. 52
    Burning Heart says:

    1) I so desire to impact my grandchildren, not yet born. Until then, the young women God has put in my life.

    2) The best way I can be a part of the solution is to continue on my journey to get healthy. To live my life out of who my Father says I am and not the lies I have been believing for way too many years. To live boldly, honestly, and humbly before my God, and those He has placed in my life.

    3.Ah yes, what is my passion? I have been seeking the answer to this one for several months. Right now, to do what God puts in front of me and to trust Him with the outcome. I like the way author Paula Rinehart Says it in her book, Better than My Dreams, “You have only to find how your DEEP GLADNESS is meant to touch the worlds DEEP HUNGER, and be there–because the love of Christ is too good to keep to yourself.”

  3. 53
    Laura6986 says:

    I don’t have children of my own, but I want to leave a legacy of secure faith to my nieces and great-nieces. I am especially close to my niece, Kellie. Her daughter Marnie is also very special to me. Marnie just turned 3 and is already learning to trust Jesus with her heart. If the picture loads ok, she is wearing her princess dress at her 3rd birthday party.

    Before reading Ch15, I wasn’t aware of how often I made comparisons and how my insecurity was making other women feel threatened; I just knew I always felt weird in a large crowd. It is already easier for me to be in a large group of women and keep a my heart aligned right – seeing each of them as a whole person and praying for God’s best in their lives.

    My passion is to lead women’s Bible studies and to teach children to play the piano.

  4. 54
    Linda says:

    I have not read this week’s chapters yet, but I just wanted to comment that since I have started reading this book, it seems that everywhere I turn I hear or read the words secure/security or insecure/insecurity. I never really realized how widespread this issue is. I am so happy that we are dealing with it here.


  5. 55
    Laura6986 says:

    Sorry – I forgot:

    single, 40’s

  6. 56
    Maria says:

    1. This is tough…I live in man world…married, 5 sons and a young man we are raising after the tragic death of his mother. I have one niece in her twenties I am close to and one outstanding young woman who has been my side-kick teaching in the pre-school room at our church for years. For them. They are so beautiful.
    2. My challenge is to live transparently before the women in my life…God saved me out of an abusive relationship and I live a miraculously restored life.
    3.My passion is to encourage others to live connected to God not controlled by their fears. Most of my life I lived paralyzed by fear. Afraid to leave, more afraid to come home. Afraid to speak or cry or complain or dream. Afraid to get up and get out. Afraid God would not show up. He did. He really did. I still have overwhelming fears sometimes. Then I remember Isaiah 41:10-14. Then I go and do what He wants.

  7. 57
    Deana says:

    Wow — I love your book — God has had a field day with me this lent and I’m okay with that.. I’m okay because I’ve learned to trust his voice — and that was a long fought for battle. To your questions.

    1. Who inspires me? — My first pastor’s wife, Lisa. She has a testimony similar to yours and that’s all I can say about that. She’s kind, loving, brilliant, and taught me precepts. That is a gift I can never repay, only payforward.

    2. How can I be part of the solution? — We have a young gal in our church leading a fitness class and Bible Study — she’s beautiful and sweet and feels insecure about the study portion of the class — I try to encourage her everyway I can. She has the new teacher jitters… and we all — in the class try to make it as easy and enjoyable on her as possible.

    3. My dream? — It keeps changing. Encouraging and uplifting women. Teaching them to celebrate who God made them to be. I just recently learned that I can be funny and still be Godly — I’m not sure where that will lead, but I’m enjoying the journey. I still have one child left at home for two more years. I really am not sure where God wants me yet. So I just keep doing the deal one day at a time and stay as close to Him as possible.

    Blessings Beth.

    Broken Arrow, OK

  8. 58
    Glenda says:

    Glenda, 50’s
    Single again

    1) Since my kids are grown, the person who inspires me to live more abundantly now is my six year old granddaughter, Ainsley. She and her father now live with me, so I recognize that I have been given this opportunity to bless her. I want to be her spiritual mentor, just as my incredibly godly grandmother was to me… with the help of SLI, I can now do a better job of it.

    2) I believe the struggles I faced with my own insecurities help me to recognize them in others. Part of my reason for reading the book was to help me overcome my insecurities, and the other part is to be able to help others. Knowing that some women may be intimidate by me helps me to reach out and encourage them.

    3) My passion is helping others. I have done mission trips in the past, but have not been able to lately because of my family situation. And to those who have young ones at home and cannot at this time, remember that there is a time for everything… God gave me the desire for missions about 15 years before He gave me the opportunity.

    Beth and Melissa, thank you for sharing Melissa’s experience. As part of my church singles group, I tried to inspire others to experience something beyond themselves by participating on a mission trip. Through my trips (local opportunities as well as international), I realized the best way to feel better about myself was to invest myself and do something for someone else. There are not words enough to describe what the experience does to a person, but Melissa conveyed the feelings well.

  9. 59
    Anonymous says:

    1) My sister. She lives in Hollywood and is imersed in the media frenzy that values youth and beauty. She is young and beautiful, but so insecure. I long for her to look past herself, find her passion, gain security in Christ and be able to grow old and know that she is beautiful to her Maker, inside and out…always.

    2) I am going to pray for those that I am insecure around. I agree that you cannot de-personalize someone if you are praying for them. My prayer for one in particular is that the Lord would fill her so full that she wouldn’t feel the need to fill herself by seeking approval and praise and admiration from others. I am also going to be more intentional about encouraging others instead of wondering what they are thinking about me.

    3) My passion consists of kids and missions. I am a teacher by trade and love kids!! I speak their language more fluently than adult language. I long to be a mom, but I remain married without kids. I am learning that I can minister to kids regardless of if they are my own or not. Missions has been a passion for a long time. I’ve been blessed to go to 3 continents (other than my own) to do short-term missions, but maybe I could go full time someday?? Maybe…my hubby and I both share this passion. What is holding us back? I’ve never connected this issue with being a remedy for insecurity, but I believe you’re onto something. I can testify that when I am being used and busy in ministry or service, those are the least times I am insecure. Interesting…

    East coast

  10. 60
    Amy Shupe says:

    Dear Beth,

    I just finished reading your book “So Long Insecurity”. All I can say is “wow”. You nailed it!! I am sure I will read it again and probably again after that. I am even planning to purchase the book for my daughters for Mother’s day. Its like a “women’s handbook for life”. I know that you had God’s annointing on you when you wrote that book because you had the facts down to the nitty gritty. I would find myself thinking over and over, “I thought I was the only one who acted like that or thought those things.” I am planning on writing down some of the scriptures you mention in your book such as “I will clothe myself with strength and dignity” and carry them in my purse or pocket so I can get it out and look at it if I need to. Like a mini refresher. God bless you Beth, I am so glad you wrote that book. Its like a fresh start for me. Thank you!!! Love in Christ, Amy

  11. 61
    Marilisa Jimenez says:

    Gainesville, FL (also Miami)
    1) I had a real trial about two years ago where I felt like I was being “shifted as wheat.” I was on the floor more than I can say, just praying and making it one day at a time on the grace of God alone. At times, all I had was a scripture such as “He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.” I knew God had started something good in me and though He is faithful to complete His work, He was not “finished” with me. He still had plans for me which was something I had to cling to. I just turned 30 and I do not have children yet or a husband…I am a doctoral student actually and I teach literature classes at a university so I have a bunch of kids but they are all about twenty. The thing is, God really impressed me with a dream of my children and husband during this time. I knew that I had to get off the floor because I was going to be a mom one day and a wife and my family was not going to get a victim (what I had been) for a mom. I wasn’t going to present myself to my husband as some person with “issues.” I had to get it together even when the people worth fighting for where not before my eyes. They were my promise and future and it kept me going. It may sound funny but sometimes in church, I will clench my hand as if I am holding someone’s hand in mine…to me that is my husband I am holding onto, wherever he is, and I remember the promises that are worth fighting for.

    2) Looking out for our gender means being a good example for young girls who are forming their opinions about what they want to look like. I am teacher at the university-level so I am very aware that young ladies look at me and think “Could I be like her someday?” I was in their place just a few years ago…I represent Christ and I represent the fact that it is okay to where your cute clothes, have a brain, and believe in Jesus! We need to let girls know that it is okay to be secure in Christ and not just looking for the next best thing (the next boyfriend, the next pair of jeans, the next Latte, the next degree) that doesn’t exist anyway. I think we women but on a lot of talking and posing about being secure in Jesus for our young women but they aren’t buying it…because we project this vibe that deep-down He is nice and all but you really need something else. Especially if we are thinking of single ladies (which I know a bit about) churches and church women can make it seem like you are just some person with no purpose and you better go get married now so you can get you some purpose. But, I though Jesus gave me my purpose and since He has my purpose and my husband and children (see answer 1) then I think I am doing okay. It is okay for me to think that, right? Like Ms. Anne Graham says, Just Give Me Jesus!

    3) I would like to work more with women and teach the Bible and minister out of what God has taught me. I love teaching!!!! I can do it all day and smile when I think about how a student probably got something a little better today because his/her teacher said something that stuck with them.

    Thanks for listening and letting me write. The book is nice by the way!

  12. 62
    Georgia Boone says:

    Help!!!!!!!! Pray for me!!!!!!!!!! I am behind in my reading and I REALLY want to catch up this week…….
    Bible Bunny in NO MI

  13. 63
    Carla says:

    1. My 12-year-old daughter is why I’m going to be secure in Christ. She’s strong-willed and passionate just like her mother and I want her to be on fire for Jesus Christ because with her strong will, watch out world. That’s why I want her security to be Christ alone! And I desire to be the best example God will make of me.

    2. I try to be deliberate by being totally transparent and honest in my female relationships. I’m trying really hard to reach out to friends, make plans, invite them to your simulcast or Bible studies, for example, sharing myself and my faith honestly. Then my challenge is to let God work after that, as I pray fervently for these beautiful girls.

    3. I’m currently in the throes of raising teenagers and my desire is to raise children who love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. I realize that is a matter between my children and God, but I’m going to be the “praying Mom of the year.” After that, my passion lately has become to study God’s word and I feel over the last 10 years of my life he’s growing my faith deep, but I’m not yet sure where He wants to take me with that. I feel my soul is overflowing with God’s love and I want to share it, but I’m not sure how that looks with my feet on the pavement of life right now. I keep praying to be able to listen and obey!

    Beth, have a blessed Easter with your precious family and thank you for all you teach me!

  14. 64
    Sarah says:

    1. Her name is Madelyn Lee and that’s her in the picture. She’s 7 years old and I am blessed beyond measure by her and her older brother. She’s brave and spunky and she makes me laugh until I cry.

    2. I am currently working with a small group of senior high girls at church. As you can imagine, insecurity is a frequent topic of discussion. I often share 2 verses with them that have helped me through some of the issues they are encountering: I John 4:4 and 2 Cor. 3:18.

    3. This has been my prayer for the past few months. I know that God is preparing me for something as I work with children, youth, and women, but right now I haven’t found that one single “passion”.

  15. 65
    Linda says:

    1. My daughter and granddaughter who live with me. My daughter does not go to church and now my granddaughter who I have taken to church since she was 2 wks old does not want to go and I know it’s because her mom stays home. I want so much for them to have a relationship with Jesus.

    2. Like a few ladies have said “I am out of the game”. I want to only uplift.

    3. Passion? I need to pray more about this. Years ago when I caught my husband with someone and who he eventually married and since divorced my passion was to speak to women that have hurt this way on the way that God healed me and even brought an angel to help me. Beth, you are right for praying for someone you dislike or have hurt you. I did this immediately when I found my husband with her and kept on praying for them because I knew they were not walking with God. God also during this time showed me I had to asked my husband for forgiveness and forgive them. How else could I expect God to forgive me if I couldn’t forgive. What a lesson!! This came full circle when “she” came up to me at a retreat years later crying and asked me to forgive her for what she had put through. To put it short here I said God took care of that along time ago. GOD is AWESOME!

  16. 66
    Tiffany M says:

    Praise the Lord for His indescribable gift!

    1. I 100% agree with Eva who was the 1st siesta to mention (in order of posting) that her inspiration is her 4 sons. I only have 1, who’s only 10, but I pray for God to protect/keep his bride for him. She has so much to overcome in these next few years, but what a blessing she’ll be to her daughters/sons when she does. To do that, I MUST live an effective life to show it CAN be done! I already am burdened with navagating him through this “worldly” approach to life without just keeping him in a bubble somewhere. I keep telling him, “we know those words, we know those websites, etc. too- but we are to be set apart from those things.” So scary.

    2. So-what can I do to be a part of the solution? I am emersed in Jesus. No pride here girls, it’s a struggle. But, I can’t change anyone else if I am not myself first changed. I surrender each and every day. I don’t skip one or I’m in trouble for sure. The enemy still attacks. I heard a wise woman (wonder who?) say, “People are not looking for you to have it together, people are looking at what happens to you when you don’t.” We’ve got to walk-it-out girls. Everyday- whereever we are.

    3. My passion is loving the Lord out loud. Shouts of praise are fading quieter and quieter around the world. When I come to worship, I know He’ll meet me and He does. “Before they call, I will answer, whille they are still speaking I will hear” says the Lord, (Is 65:24) and this is anywhere we are-car, cubicle, conference. I am committed to serve Him fully in accordance with His will and purpose. The sacrifice comes in not telling Him where that ought to be.

    Praise You Lord Jesus for meeting us where we are. We love You so.

  17. 67
    Mercy4Drew says:


  18. 68
    Kitty Clymer says:


    Though I have no daughters, I do have 200 I see very often, as I am a housemother at a University. I answer all three of your questions with the very same answer. My life passion is personal fellowship with the Lord; encouraging others to KNOW him, not about Him. I want women everywhere to know He wants US as much as we want Him. Just like the relationship you have with your two daughters, one cannot take the place of the other. I have two sons. I long to fellowship with each one, and I KNOW that Father God feels that way about us. There is no other Beth; no other Kitty; no other Amanda; no other Susan (you get the point!). Only EACH person can fellowship and minister to Him as He needs. He longs for us. I encourage journalling, and personal fellowship.

    Your prayer in SLI is one of the most powerful prayers I have ever prayed. You said what we wanted to say, but didn’t have the words. Thank you. What a wonderful book.

    Thank you.

    Kitty Clymer
    Atlanta, GA

  19. 69
    Anonymous says:

    1) My “someone who is worth doing what it takes to you to live abundantly and effectively in Christ” are my twin daughters. I had boys 4 and 2 when I found out at 24 weeks that my “last boy” was actually twin girls. I already wanted to be a better mom, a better woman, a better person for my boys, but you are right, that girl thing adds to it. They are 19 and in their fresmen years at college; identical genetically but as different as night and day! All through their growing up years I heard them say things I could vividly remember saying to myself either at the same age or at some point since. I do not want them to battle the same insecurities I did for so long. I pray for them daily and attempt to give them an example of a flawed, but loved and forgiven woman.
    2) A couple of ways I can become part of the solution…Mainly I have been trying to put myself in that woman’s shoes, to try to personalize her more, knowing that she may look at me in the same way I had been looking at her.
    3) My passion is a local pregnancy center where I have been volunteering the last 3 years. I am a nurse, but began volunteering there as a volunteer counselor. We offer free pregnancy tests to get them in the door, then give them information and referrals to try to lead them to choose life for themselves and their babies. I have enjoyed it immensely, but had longed to be more involved. My kids have all gone off to college, and don’t demand as much of my time. Then just last month the opportunity was brought to me to take the class to become certified to do the sonograms we offer to women who are abortion vulnerable. I am so excited! I get to take the class in July, then will begin doing them under our nurse manager’s supervision. The board of directors and our director are also in the final stages of planning for a 4th location which is right in my community! I am just waiting to see what God does next!!

  20. 70
    Kristi says:

    Rogersville, TN

    1. My inspiriation is my 7 yr. old daughter. One of the most important things to me is to be a godly mother to her. I am so thankful for her love of church and knowledge of scripture already due to our AWANA program. I am so proud of her. She told me she wants to be just like me when she grows up. Talk about pressure. I just want to be a good enough example to help her find her place in Christ and strive to be just like Him.

    2. I had never noticed that I do compare or size up other women. It is now my goal to stop doing that. There are lots of times I don’t personalize other women. If I feel threatened by another woman I have at times looked for her insecurity switch on purpose.
    It is my goal to pray for these women from now on. And to pray that I change to become an encourager and example.

    3.My passion is Women’s Ministry. I use to be the one in class that just sat there and never participated in any discussions. Then I started bible study. The first one I done was Stepping Up Psalm of Ascents. Everything started clicking for me during this study. I understood the Bible in a way I never had before. The homework drew me closer to God than ever before. I had a different/closer more personal relationship with God. I now lead in bible study and teach a women’s SS class. I can’t get enough of God’s word. I want to share this passion with other women and help them find the passion for God’s word. He amazes me every day of my life.

    Thanks to you Beth for writing these bible studies. God used you and them to truly change my life.

  21. 71
    Dionna says:

    I’m several chapters behind and I was doing so good in the beginning! I’m sad – but I have a good excuse. 🙂 I’ve also been in the middle of Bible Study and due to something unforseen – decided to start the book over again with my 13 year old daughter and I’m reading it aloud to her. We’ve only made it through 2 chapters so far. So I’m reading ahead when I can and then back with her. Phew!

  22. 72
    Sister Lynn says:

    1) I am doing this for the next generation of sisters that will come to live and serce in our convent. I want them to be fearless in their trust of the Lord. Maybe they will learn from a lived example.

    2)I think the biggest way I can support my own gender is to encourage and affirm their intellect. I would hope that I would encourage other’s opinions rather than argue or negate them.

    3)My passion is prayer. I don’t know yet how I would spread that passion or live it differently.

  23. 73
    Siesta OC says:

    Beth and crew, Happy Easter! He is risen indeed!

  24. 74
    Lisa Wooley says:

    I believe I am on chapter 7. Between a full time job, caring for my disabled husband, and school I am more than a little overwhelmed. I am in the midst of a huge battle with insecurity and the Lord has truly brought me back to him so that I can begin in earnest to fight for a marriage that was born out of insecurity and desperation. I have been married 5 years to a man with cerebral palsy, who I felt pretty sure was a Christian when I met him. I fell in love with this sweet man, who at the time was in a very vulnerable time in his life after suffering a still yet to be explained medical trauma. He had been a very active man with a career, who never let his disability set him back. After five years he has still not recovered, in fact I think that he has gotten worse suffering depression. He has decided that he no longer wants to be married, because he is not happy and says the marriage was a mistake that should not have happened. I am of the opinion that the Word of God states that regardless of what may have happened 5 years ago, if it was out of God’s will to marry at that time that we made a covenant before God that must be honored none the less today and into he future. If we as a couple hold fast to the commitment that we made to God, he will honor our marriage. To round this all up I guess the lesson and Passion that I want to renew and begin again today is with Jesus Christ, My Lord, Savior and Caretaker. You see ladies if I can be of any encouragement to you and warn you of the incredible pain born out of insecurity it would be to say to let Him be your Caretaker. Those of us who grew up in homes that were out of control and dysfunctional sometimes in times of great fear and insecurity feel we have to get control of a situation and it never fails that we bungle it up. I made a confession to God and my husband today that I have once again in trying to fix things, in trying to be the Caretaker removed God from his role as Supreme Caretaker. I pray that God will restore my husband and I back to Himself and to each other, I am in dire need of a Marriage Caretaker. Please be praying for John and Lisa.

    • 74.1
      Lynne says:

      Lisa ~ your post struck such a heartnote with me. I too struggle with similar issues.

      I married a widowed believer (who is also a Vietnam Vet with PTSD and depression) almost 4 years ago. I no doubt ‘jumped in’ to the marriage before praying about it long enough. (We dated for a year and a half before marrying). My husband has over the course of our marriage intermittantly told me our marriage was “a terrible mistake” or that he wanted to end the marriage. So far we are still together and have good days and not-so-good days (like any other couple). After our couples’ counseling ended – after a couple of months he refused to go any more -I decided to get myself into counseling with a Christian counselor.

      She is helping me understand the difference between a covenant relationship and an enabling one. I am working on remembering that it is not my job to “make” my husband happy. That is his job. Just as it is not my job to make him a better/more loving/more whatever person ~ that is the Holy Spirit’s job. In the meantime I am trying to make my walk with God a closer one and remember that his problems/issues are not mine (unless I choose to make them mine). His depression or his view of the world is not something I can “fix” or something I cause – I can pray for him to find peace and security in God’s arms but in the meantime my job is working on Lynne.

      I’ll add you and John to my prayers Lisa, and would appreciate you adding Lynne and Rudy to yours.

      Your Siesta


  25. 75
    Karen E says:

    1. My 21 year old daughter is a wonderful reason to pursue my own healing in this area of insecurity, and what’s so cool is that she IS learning about herself and contemplating change as I share what God is teaching me. It’s a blessing to have our faith in common! God can accomplish much when we let Him be first in our lives.

    2. As God has worked mightily in my life in the past 5 years, assisted by my best friend being willing to poke at my weaknesses and misbeliefs, I have been become more aware of what it sounds like when someone else is plagued by approval addiction or legalistic rules. God has gifted me with discernment and counseling skills and that is where I find myself most often helping others address their insecurities (one-on-one, small groups, etc.).

    3. My passion is for women’s ministry — loving and learning together in Christ. I love leading small groups (some teaching) in scripture study so they can find out for themselves what fun God is all about. In the process, the fellowship that develops because of our common interest in learning more about God fosters encouraging and supportive friendships. That sounds somewhat high-faluting 🙂 but in practical application it is so much fun. God is amazing and I want everyone to know!

  26. 76
    Judy from NC says:

    I have no children but five nieces to whom I am not just a favorite Aunt, but also friend confidant, advisor, and sometimes grandmother figure. They think I am “cool” and enjoy spending the night with me, baking cookies, shopping, and doing girly things. I panicked this week as I got an email from my 11 yr old niece wanting to know what I thought she should wear to an awards banquet. YIKES! Was I feeding her insecurities by suggesting she call her girlfriends to see what they were wearing? Trying to make amends for that, I assured her she would be by far the prettiest girl in attendance no matter what she chose. Then I wanted to smack my own mouth for daring to have her compare rather than show compassion for all the others. I kept thinking, “Oh, what would Beth do?” Next week my niece is having her birthday party at my house so we can all play dress-up in my clothes. Is this OK or am I pushing them to grow up too fast?
    I need this book, I need this book….

    2. To be part of the solution I need to project empathy and choose to assume another woman’s best intentions when I am caught off guard or offended. I need to realize I possess assurance, strength and grace and exhibit it in an infectious secure way. I need to stop comparing myself to other women and be sure not to trip their security switch either. (Been there, done that!)

    3. My passion is to teach, and teaching the Bible is the main thing I teach now although I taught second graders for a few years in public school and still have them now asking me to be their friend on faacebook, bless their hearts! Reading this chapter may have propelled me to seek out adult literacy groups to work with. I love seeing the light come on when someone learns how to read.

  27. 77
    amybhill says:

    1) My 21 month old little girl, Carolyn. Although I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a little girl, I liken my having Carolyn to Enoch having Methuselah (Gensis 5:21-24). God and I have certainly stepped up our game since she has come into my life. To Him be the glory!

    2) LOL – put it this way, a portion of chapter 15 has already been quoted in a heartfelt letter to a friend expressing both an apology and a confession of hurt feelings. You will be happy to know that this served as a strengthening force in a friendship Satan would love to extinguish. Not gonna happen. Especially not after chapter 15 😉

    3) I JUST got this from God a few days ago, so I’m super-excited about this one! I am passionate about CHEERLEADING!!! Sounds bizarre, I know, but hear me out. I was a cheerleader from first grade through senior year of high school. I never really liked learning the cheers, I never really liked learning the dances, and I never really even understood football (LOL). Turns out, I was cheering for the wrong thing. Now I’m learning new cheers (verses!), and these are cheers that affect actual change! In this game, cheerleaders are players! We play, we invite more people to play, and we encourage those who are already playing! You can tell I’m excited from all of these exclamations – right?! LOL!!!

    Love my siestas <3 Amy

  28. 78

    Dear Beth,I’m loving the book, and I’m loving participating in the blog. I just have to tell you that I lived in Houston my whole life till I married an amazing Canadian man and have lived up here for the past 17 years. Your description of spring in Houston made me so homesick. That was always my favorite time of year. How I loved it when the azaleas were blooming!!! Thank you for a great memory. I can even remember how the air smells!! So in your next post, could you please talk about Mexican food????!!! Thanks. Love, Laurie

  29. 79

    Albuquerque NM

    Chapter 14
    touched my heart Beth you are awesoome, There is a young lady that goes to my church and has a few problems I do not know exactly what it is but she is about 14yrs old and I feel at this point in her life as she has said she gets picked on alot in school and her older brother she is a sweet kid so I feel she kinda looks to me so I always go to her when I see her in church and hug her and give her a high 5 and I kinda feel like a role model for her and she is watching. So lord help us women as the younger ones are watching us help us to be role models of your love Lord Jesus.

    Chapter 15
    Need to be in prayer for our younger generation and the young women and the young girl childs in our generation and to be a role model of Jesus Love. I have felt stupid or insecure around one friend that I have because she always makes plans for us to go to the movies or out to eat and then cancels at the last minute and then my feelings get hurt then I get mad at her and its just my own insecurity because when she cancels I feel like I am not good enough for her she doesn’t want to be around me. I do not want my insecurity to rob me of my relationships with my friends in my life.

    Chapter 16

    One thing that has always been my dream is to be able to mininster to the abused and hurting women and children in our church or to have a womens ministry to help the women my heart has always wanted to help the struggling and downcast that is somethignI have always dreamed about doing or being a missionary to help the poor and needy.

  30. 80
    Colette says:

    Though I’m tempted to say my stumbling on to this book was an “accident,” it probably was more in the category of “divine appointment.” I discovered the blog a week ago, but this is the first I’ve posted.

    1. My two daughters (single, 20s, young professionals) inspire me to gain security. I invited them to come home to attend the simulcast with me (yay; they are!) and now I’m asking God to prepare each of our hearts in anticipation of the event. I have friends with primary school daughters; I’m not sure how much of an influence I’ll be, but I want to be prepared just in case…

    2. I desire to be deliberate in encouraging the women I know to be comfortable with themselves and the calling God has placed on their lives. I thought the suggestions in this chapter regarding stopping comparison, not inciting another woman’s insecurity by my own action, etc. were spot on. I am most comfortable in the shadows not the spotlight. My natural tendencies to “blend in” and my inner insecurities were brilliantly masked by a persona that effectively managed a high school English classroom for 25 years. In spite of my reticence, I speak effectively in public and thrive on teaching small groups. The “teacher” in me always trumped the quivery, insecure me. No one who does not know me well would guess that my inner core is home to insecurity.

    3. My passion is prayer, but I’m not sure what “form” it will take in this chapter in my life. Thirty-some years ago as a new bride and a first-year teacher, I knelt in tears before my ugly, orange, upholstered, hand-me-down chair with an earmarked copy of an Evelyn Christenson book and asked God simply, “Lord, teach me to pray.” He has been faithful to me on this journey ever since. I was a bit surprised, then, to discover after Chapter 9 that the Holy Spirit was revealing one area of insecurity in my heart that has to do with an as yet unanswered prayer that I have been praying specifically for the last 8 years and generally for the last 25… I have realized that some days when the “tide is high,” and I feel I’m sputtering salt water in an effort just to breathe, I sense a wave of “junior high” come over me. I imagine my specific as yet unanswered prayer ascending to the Throne of Grace and the heavenly beings whispering among themselves (sometimes in English, sometimes in French), “Can you believe she’s praying for that? No wonder it hasn’t been answered.” And then I convince myself I hear heavenly snickers and my insecurity swells. On those days I can easily convince myself that it is the unworthiness of my request that has delalyed an answer for so long. On other days I rest in the sovereignty of God.


    • 80.1
      amybhill says:

      collette- first, i love your name. how great is your name? i LOVE it! second, i just wanted to say welcome to the blog! i’m so happy you found the book and joined us. sometimes beth, amanda and melissa respond to us individually on here (which is THE coolest), but more often we girls respond to one another, and build each other up in our faith. i am so jealous (in a godly way, i hope) of your passion for prayer. that is so my prayer – i want a passion for PRAYER! prayer doesn’t often come easy for me. i try to pray at least three times a day – but most times it is out of self-discipline. when prayer comes from the overflow of the passion of my heart, i KNOW it is the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. it is nothing short of a miracle – every single time.

      recently, i believe God spoke some pretty profound words to me with regard to prayer. i wanted to share them with you – perhaps they will help to silence those snickers. we don’t have worry about the content of our prayer so much. the only thing we should be worried about is our heart. if we ask for something that God doesn’t want us to have, then the answer will be, “no.” and sometimes, “no” can be pretty awesome. why do I say that? because after getting this word, i tested it. i asked God for something specific and something big. Something bigger and more specific than i had ever asked of Him before. the funny thing is, He knew i wanted that all along. it wasn’t a surprise to Him. and i honestly felt like He smiled at me when I finally had the courage to (once and for all) lay that request down at His feet. i felt like He was proud of me for daring to trust Him with my truest heart’s desires. then He said, “no.” it was almost immediate, and it was clear as could be. “no.” but let me tell you, that was THE most loving, exciting, “no” that i have ever heard. He told me He would have loved to give me specifically what I asked for. indeed, He would love to give me even more. but a “yes” was not in my best interests. as a mother, i immediately knew how He felt. i want to buy my little girl every toy under the sun, take her to disney every year, and meet her every whim. but i love her too much to do that. and to know He loves me enough to say “no” filled my heart to the brim.

      He’s not critically judging your requests – however big or small. He is looking at your heart. If you come before Him with a genuine desire for His will, it is always better to ask and get a no, than not to ask and never know…

      oh, and i have one final message for those snickers. Romans 8:33-34, “Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.” Take THAT snickers!

      so happy to meet you! your siesta, amy <3

      • Colette says:

        Thank-you for your response to my post; I could truly hear your heart! And I appreciate you sharing your experience with prayer recently. It is always good to be on a journey with someone, isn’t it? That’s what I like about this blog; it provides purpose and meaning for the journey…

        Thank-you for the verses in Romans 8 also; they are powerful, aren’t they? And, truly, good “snicker” killers!

        Well, I hope to “meet” you again soon, Amy! I trust you will be empowered to pursue your passion for prayer.
        Most sincerely,

  31. 81
    Theresa says:

    1. Although my daughter is a grown woman living on her own, she is worth my doing what it takes to live abundantly in Christ. I know what lies out there and I want to be the one that battles with the enemy on her behalf. She is sweet, kind-hearted, giving, talented and vulnerable. She would be an easy target. I pray for her constantly.

    2. To look out for someone of my gender battling insecurity I would lead them to your book. I would improve how I presented myself around them. There is a group of us who spend time around the pool in the summer and I’m determined to work on some behavior patterns in that realm.

    3. My passion is to mentor middle-school girls. I work in a middle school and I see so much cleavage, hyper-sexuality, an occassional pregnancy, disrespect for themselves and for their teachers. I want to shine and be an example. How I wish I could tell them about Jesus…you can’t do that in school. Just today I saw a sweet one in tears and I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her how much she was loved, not only by me but by the Lord as well. There is a place in my community that works with unwed mothers. *note to self….call them!*

  32. 82
    Sarah says:

    Sarah, 30’s, single, Dallas, TX

    1) My niece. She is 2 and not a believer (nor-and this really breaks my heart) does she hear about Jesus in her home. She is so beautiful (and yes, I’m biased!) – blond curls, big blue eyes. I don’t get to see her nearly enough. I am writing her a book of letters to give her someday when she can read them (age 10 or so?) so that she will know how much I love her.

    2) I have tried to be authentic in my relationships with other women. This took me a while to learn and Lord knows I’ve lost some friends in the process. There is a balance between sharing too much and just enough not to overwhelm. Above all, I want my friends to know me – my heart, and to know that I care for them, no matter what. Loyalty and dependability are 2 qualities in a girlfriend that are vital!

    3) I’m going to write the first thing that came to my mind about my passion. Babies. I love them so much it hurts. I have dreamed all my life of being a wife and mother. At age 36, I am now nor have ever been either. I know God knows what He’s doing and I’m trying hard to be patient. I keep babies in the nursery every Sunday and love on my friends’ children, and that (in God’s great provision) satisfies that hole in my heart right now. Lord-willing, some day there will be a husband with whom I can adopt a baby for keeps! He is able!!!

    This is such good stuff, Beth! Thank you so much! So timely and needed!

    Have a blessed weekend celebrating our Savior’s redemption of us. HE IS RISEN!!!

  33. 83
    Fran McCurry says:

    Beth, I am so enjoying spring, this book, and your “Here and Now, There and Then” Revelation study! And I am truly looking forward the the April 24 simulcast. I am so glad you are getting a day or three off. I would just like to thank you for all of your dedication, hard work, and “days on” that have meant spreading the Word to me and everyone else. Have a glorious Easter!

  34. 84
    Joy says:

    22 single
    I have to say I’ve been increadibly blessed by your book. 🙂 A little unnerved because at some points it was like reading my mind.
    As for the questions
    1. My (possible) future children are always worth any change I can make in my life. But even that I’m a youth coach at the middle school at my church and some of the issues they’ve had to deal with at some times just makes me want to weep. If I could help them to becomes secure by modeling security better, that would be awesome.

    2. I think quitting the label-addiction (no I’m not talking about the cute ones we give friends. Btw I almost died laughing at the “Beth La Ham” nickname) but the ones I’ve caught myself giving (or reinforcing) to “size up” other women. 🙁 She is a (fill-in-the blank). Maybe thats a method of depersonalizing…

    3. I haven’t read this one yet (is going right home to read it now) but I know my passion. God’s truth presented with any medium. Especially the creative arts. I think the culture have such a hunger to see the truth, but we are so under
    nourished in the areas of film, theater, and telvison. I’m hoping to afford college someday so I can do this.

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  35. 85
    Wanda says:

    I’ve been reading the book but I haven’t had a chance to post. I wanted to respond to the first two questions before I read the chapters. I am motivated to get rid of my insecurity so that I might be an example to my three stepdaughers. They are all young teenagers and are just now running into major insecurity issues. I also want to be an example for other women. I know so many of them with these same problems. I want to be able to tell them how I gained victory over this.

    Lately, I’ve been helping the women in my Bible study group confront their insecurities with scripture. This has worked for me and I know it will work for them. I’m also sharing the things I”m learning in the book with them.

    I’ll answer the third question when I read the chapters. I’m so enjoying this book and the freedom I’m experiencing just knowing that I am “clothed in dignity and strength.”


  36. 86

    I think I just figured out how to amend my inbox overflow. Yes, I do have the mind of Christ. Thank you all for your prayers during my confusion.

  37. 87
    Diana A says:

    I just wanted to quickly answer if every church has a fellowship hall, and ours does not. Our church is an all in one, one big room to do everything. I got married in the front of the church and had the reception in the back half. Although we do have a great Upper Room for our Beth Moore Bible Studies:)

    1) I am a mom of two young men who are not married. My mom is with the Lord. With our woman’s group I am not distinctly connected but hopefully will be an example to them. I am also hoping to be an effective witness to my future daughters-in-law.

    2) Only as God allows me to shine my light for others will I be of any worth. I would have to agree that personalizing other women would be the most effective way to look out for my own gender, with prayer and with asking God to send me to someone who needs to be encouraged and become friends with.

    3) My passion right now is praying, and spending time in God’s Word. I am the (un)official encourager with our women’s group, sending emails, keeping in contact, encouraging those who miss a video, and praying for them daily. I long to speak with the Word of God to bring blesses upon others.

    Surrey BC Canada

  38. 88
    Valerie J. Eades says:

    Valerie Eades
    Scott City, MO
    50’s, widowed

    The last 10 years of my life have been intense, difficult, and impossible outside of the Lord’s help, but bless His precious name, He knew exactly what He was doing in walking me through them. Through it all, I knew that my responses emotionally and verbally HAD to be sound spiritually for the sake of our 4 children, especially for our sweet Amanda, third child and only daughter. She has been a delight to me from the gitgo, and I have been driven like a madman not to mess her up. I had to demonstrate and explain what was Godly, not only because it was right, but so that her future decisions would come from the Lord.

    My first concern in the gender field is my Amanda and my dear sisters-in-law who have always treated me like a regular sister. I pass onto Amanda every Bible study, DVD, and CD that hits me between the eyes, and bless her heart, she even told me about your Wed. lessons on that I needed to listen to, and if I would buy myself an Ipod, I could download them and listen to them in the car. We have been to two Living Proof Live conferences, and I have had a blast learning by her side. My second fix is my High School girls’ Sunday School class. I am determined for them to learn the things I know Biblically now instead of when they are in their 50’s. I am a natural with children, but God has boosted me out of my comfort zone into the most wonderful group of girls you could ask for. I love em, and teaching them is one of the thrills of my life.

    One of my passions is for others to know the deeper things of scripture and not to be ignorant of God and His ways. I want them to love the Lord with all their heart and make their decisions based on Him, not what the world says is right or normal. I want girls and women not to suffer for wrong decisions that will haunt them when they smarten up. And if the Lord allows, whenever I get a clear picture of how to, I want to write children’s books that make them understand salvation and the deeper things of scripture. I can do a presentation before of room of children that they get, I just have not figured out how to put it in a book, yet. If I’m not supposed to write it, I hope he raises up someone else to.

    I nearly rolled on the floor laughing from the store scene with your daughters, remembering various daughter comments to me in the past. I love it, especially when I get to say- “You’re stuck with me!”

  39. 89
    Susan says:

    Beth, just getting in on your Blog again. Planning on getting your book tomorrow!!
    I think you need to make a Texas Sheet Cake! I got that recipe from your blog some time back. My family loves it.
    I pray you have a Blessed Easter. I can’t tell you here in just a few words how God has used you during some very difficult times recently. And they continue to be on going…..I praise God for his love and mercy! Love you, Beth.

  40. 90

    Dear Beth,
    Three friends and I joined you in Tucson, AZ last weekend for the conference and I am still glowing with God’s infilling. We live in Portland, OR but one in our fellowship has a home in Phoenix so she hosted us complete with a bath of bubbles to soak our feet in while we sipped hot tea and laughed ourselves silly. We loved that picture of you and your girls so we sported the cutest platic tiaras you ever saw and wore our Hawaiin leis with our pjs. I’d love to send you a picture but I’m not sure how.

    The words that have been going through my mind since the conference are: “Stand Firm, you have not labored in vain.” I’m a fitness instructor and nutritional advisor with a dream to impact lives by sharing my love for music, fitness and health. I’ve planted many seeds over the years and believe the fruit of the harvest is coming specifically in a business I’ve been building for the past 6 years. God’s Word though you inspires me so much. I’m leading a Bible study on Tues. mornings and we are currently doing Esther. I absolutely love studying the scriptures with you. Thank you for making them come alive for me and so many others. I have been truly blessed by your teaching over the last 10 years as a Christian.

    I have to admit to you that I also love your conferences because of Travis. I’ve seen you both in Portland twice, once in Seattle, and now Tucson. I have all Travis’ cd’s and I’ve told my friends that my secret dream is to one day sing with him and the praise team at one of your conferences. I asked myself after this last one, what it is that I love so much about the way they do worship and it’s this: they have an authenticity and vulnerability to the Spirit that brings me into His presence so powerfully that I am completely undone. To have the kind of talent Travis has and still be so drawn to Jesus everytime he sings is every worship leaders dream. I love how you work so well as a team and I’ve followed some of his blog about the transistion he is in. I will continue in prayer for he and his family as they make this big move.

    Well this is way to long, but I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share and I will be praying for your rest as you celebrate Easter with your family and enjoy this time at home. May God’s peace fill you and His joy overwhelm you my sweet sister in Christ.
    Abundant Blessings,
    Jean Crawford

  41. 91
    Tamara says:

    1) My three girls ages 5, 7, and 9 whom God so graciously blessed us with through adoption from China. My desire is for them to grow up to be strong women in the Lord and not have to deal with insecurity that will keep them from living a fulfilling life through Christ.

    2)I think the best way I can become part of the solution to insecurity is to share with others God’s healing power. I have personally been healed of a lifetime of insecurities.

    3) My passion is drama. I have loved it since I was in 4th grade and participated in our church’s children’s musicals. I took several classes in college and once I found out that drama was developed by the church to spread the gospel, I’ve felt that we need to get that back. I have been so blessed that only 6 months after moving here I was asked to run the children’s drama group at our church.

    Now here’s a testimony to my healing. I was asked a while back to coordinate a skit of sorts that would involve adults. Normally I would be terrified to work with adults but I graciously accepted and we had our rehearsal tonight and none of those adults intimidated or scared me. I was so comfortable working with all of them.

    I would love to go full force and be used by God to touch peoples lives through drama, using children and yes even with adults. Although I have no idea what that looks like.
    Highlands Ranch, CO

  42. 92
    Tamara says:

    Kelowna, BC, Canada
    late 20s, single

    1)My first thought on reading this question was that I don’t have anyone who is a reason for me to deal with my insecurities, but my mind quickly moved to a couple of younger women who I was just in a Bible study who have asked me to mentor them. I feel so unqualified to do that, but that’s where I am, and for the sake fo these two women I need to deal with my own insecurities.

    2)One of the biggest ways I can start becoming a part of the solution is to stop the comparison game whenever I’m with other women. The second way, came up just recently in a conversation with one of my roommates. I can help to be a part of the solution by not always jumping in with the “right answer” immeidately when the conversation turns to theology or Bible history. It was pointed out to me that when I jump right in with my forceful “this is how it is” answers, I make other women insecure in their own knowledge of theology or Bible history. Ouch. I’m glad my roommate said it, but it wasn’t easy to hear.

    3)My passion is to see people understand how to and be able to dig deep in study of the Word on their own. I want people to be able to study it personally, as well as with other people – but not being totally dependent on what someone else says about it.

  43. 93
    Tami says:

    1) I’m inspired to change because of my beautiful (inside and out) preteen daughter. She depends on my “wisdom” often, coming to me with so many issues that she is trying to sort through. I’m thankful to God that she is secure enough in our relationship to trust me with her insecurities. Middle school can be so brutal! I need to have a healthy perspective in order to teach her how to deal with problems in a healthy way.

    2) I need to start putting into practice every principle laid out in Chapter 15. But the practical thing that comes to mind right now is that I need to begin personalizing the women I’m threatened by. Often, I’m threatened by images of women and don’t have a single thought about them as individuals. (I nearly stood and did a jig when I read your thoughts regarding a certain “underworld” store in Ch 16. I couldn’t agree more!!!)Perhaps if I learn to see them as women with their own private problems, I will see my defensiveness turn to compassion. I will try to remember to pray for the women in the images instead of despising them.

    3) I want to encourage young women to find thier security and significance in Christ alone. Regardless of marital status or maternity. I want to help them find the One who will complete them, the One who has every good quality they find lacking in themselves!

  44. 94
    Ashley says:

    I read the entire book in just a few days, so I’m just now coming into the conversation here on the blog. These last couple of chapters are the freshest on my mind (and were the most desperately needed for me!).

    Chapter 14- I don’t have children of my own, but I really have always “mothered” people around me. There are several young ladies in my life that I have invested in over the years that, even though there isn’t a huge age difference, are like my daughters spiritually. I’ve watched them grow more in love with Jesus and allow Him to take over their hearts. And I knew I HAD to get over my insecurity if I am ever going to be as fully effective in their lives– and, I pray, my future daughters’– as I hope to be.

    Chapter 15- I have been checking myself mentally in nearly every encounter with another woman. I try to immediately find something to appreciate about her, and if I can compliment her on anything, I do. I’m also trying to be more sensitive to my girl friends’ insecurities and find ways to encourage them toward security (nicely, discreetly, and not annoyingly haha). I try to be more aware of the things I naturally compare about myself to others and STOP it. I also am trying to think about what I might be able to do to build relationships with the ladies at the YMCA I am a part of. I think that if insecurity is going to show up anywhere it would be at the gym.

    Chapter 16- This is something that has been nearly plaguing me for SO long, at least until I finished the book. I read it on the heels of the Esther study, so I was already primed for fulfilling my destiny. It’s still coming into focus, but I have a strong feeling that I have to help pave the way for the girls who are growing up in this world in the area of healthy relationships. The other day I created a new blog (called “Keep Him or Dump Him?”) and enlisted the help of several amazing, wise gal pals to help girls know when a relationship is worth fighting for and when they should just walk away. Among other things, I see too many young girls–desperate for someone they can depend on in their lives–who are in “fake marriages” with guys and severely more committed than they should be. I was in a relationship like this for many years and tortured myself with it. I want to help girls avoid this (and other unhealthy relating) and find the REAL Man they can depend on. I feel like God definitely wants to redeem my past by influencing the future somehow.

    Ok… wow… this got long. Sorry! 🙂

  45. 95
    Kristin says:

    1. My biggest inspiration is my 17 year old daughter. She is a beautiful, sweet-natured, honest girl, and my prayer for her is to live as a light in this world. I want her to know security in Jesus when the world around her is trying to pull her in so many negative directions. I want her to know the true love of Jesus and how it compares to no other. It’s my hope that my life and walk with God will inspire her to draw closer and closer to him through her life journey.

    2. I want focus more on being a prayer warrior and focus my thoughts and worries on Jesus and the peace that only He can bring.

    3. My passion right now is raising my teenage daughter and two young boys to love God with all of their hearts. I want to teach them to see God in everything, from the smallest insect that my 4 year-old is so excited to catch in his bug cathcer, to the big things that come our way. My four year old was swinging on his swing recently, and I heard him shout at the top of his lungs, “Praise the Lord!” He was just swinging and shouting “praise the Lord” and he said he was having so much fun that he had to praise Jesus. This same sweet boy whispered to me one night last year, when he was very sick and in the hospital, critically ill, that God was holding him — at three years old!! I burst into tears to know that at that tender age, my son could feel God holding him right there in that hospital bed.

    My passion for the future is to work with unwed mothers, and/or teenage mothers. I would like to work with this population to give them a hope for their future and to be a part of the miricale of life and supporting those who most deperately need hope.

    Thank you Beth, for being an instrument of our Lord, and for speaking His words into my heart.

  46. 96
    Christina says:

    Listening to you on Klove right now! Love that you are sharing the wonderful news of the resurrection. You and your family are such a blessing. Thank you for all you give to us. Just wanted to wish you a very blessed Resurrection Day to you and all of yours.
    Love you much!

  47. 97
    God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:

    1. My inspirations are my 2 daughters. I feel like I might be too late. They are almost 16 & almost 15,but I know that God’s timing is perfect and He knows what He is doing. I am picking them up tonight as they have been on a mission trip all week. I also work with young college-age girls that I want Jesus’ light and love to shine on through me.

    Have a wonderfully blessed Easter,Beth, Amanda, Melissa,& all you Siestas!

  48. 98
    Cheryl in OK says:

    This is not a reply for the So Long Insecurity but I just couldn’t help myself.
    When I saw this story I thought, “this is something Beth Moore would flip over”. So here is the link
    We just returned from Hawaii where we were able to watch whales from our balcony every day. My 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter couldn’t get enough of it and neither could I. This story shows just how amazing is our God!!

  49. 99
    jenny says:

    Easy but wonderful dessert for Easter:

    Line a 13×9 with icecream sandwiches then cover with whip cream…repeat cover with saran and leave in the freezer over night or all morning (several hours). When you take it out, drizzle chocolate syrup over it…no one will know it is the sandwiches…they think it is something really hard

    Sometimes I use the peanutbutter sanwiches and crumble reeses cups on top. It goes a long way for a big crowd and everyone loves it. The offbrand sandwiches are smaller and seem to fitin the pan better.

  50. 100
    WorthyofLove says:

    Hey Ya’ll,

    I wanted to share how God was showing off BIG time in our lives this week. Two days ago my husband, who is in Iraq, was riding in an 8,000lb vehicle when the stearing went OUT. To thier left was a huge drop off. Straight ahead was a bridge. On thier right was traffic. After jumping and dragging a concrete barrier they hit the traffic. No one was injured. They hit two cars, that the government will replace but no one was hurt!!!

    Then, on the same day. We found out that the Army is sending us to Carson Newman Bible College in TN!!! This is HUGE for us. You’d be reading forever if I told you all the details. HUGE! My husband will teach ROTC there…”Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” or the steering doesn’t go out!! Even if it does…He’ll be there.

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