Gloriously Good Friday

My Dear Siestas,

There is simply no time on the annual calendar more precious and profound to us in Christendom than this. I was reflecting a moment ago how rarely we could land on a day or a weekend that most of us were having the same kinds of thoughts. Even Christmas has our attentions strewn among many things but Good Friday, for all of us who follow hard after Jesus Christ, only one.

I told the Lord a little while ago that I supposed, if we really fathomed the depth of Christ’s sufferings and the heights of our redemption because of it, we surely would not be able to lift our faces from the floor. The reality is, we can’t comprehend it. But we can well sit and reflect. We can well glance back over our pasts just long enough to realize afresh what God did for us on Good Friday so many years ago. We can well plead for Him to break through all of our distractions and self absorptions and make Jesus the dearer to us. We can well ask that we would allow our circumstances to make us the nearer to Him.  We can well picture every challenge in our lives, every difficulty, every loss, every sickness,  every sin, every defeat, and every heartbreak as the soil beneath Christ’s Cross, left beyond choice but to move that it might be planted in the depths with a victorious thud.

“And even though you were dead in your transgressions and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, He nevertheless made you alive with Him, having forgiven ALL your transgressions. He has destroyed what was against us, a certificate of indebtedness expressed in decrees opposed to us. He has taken it away by nailing it to the cross. Disarming the rulers and authorities, He has made a public disgrace of them, triumphing over them by the cross.”  Colossians 2:13-15 NET

The power of the Cross has taken our disgrace and publically heaped it on our enemy.

I told Amanda yesterday that I could not think of a sweeter and more powerful way for us to observe Good Friday on this blog than to invite you to share your own story (in short form please) of your salvation. We have learned so much about one another through various journeys here but this will be the first time we’ve actually given our testimonies of salvation. When did you receive Christ as your personal Savior? How old were you and what were the circumstances leading up to your decision?

I cannot convey how much these testimonies will increase my appreciation of the power of the Cross this day. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

Blessed Good Friday, my dear sisters.



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  1. 451
    Kitty Clymer says:

    I was nine years old, and Father God became a father to the fatherless. Oh, I love Him, and always have. Simple. I just read the Word and believed it, and have avidly studied the Word since age 9.

  2. 452
    Donna says:

    I have two tickets for the So Long Insecurity event in Atlanta, GA (Woodstock First Baptist Church) on April 24 that I’m not going to be able to use. The event is sold out so I assume there are people who are still looking for tickets. If you know of a place to advertise them, please let me know. If you’re interested in going, please let me know! Thanks!

  3. 453
    amybhill says:

    (25 years ago) i was 5 years old. i was invited to a 5 day club in the neighborhood. if we had time, i would love to tell you of His faithfulness. He has stuck with me through so much.

  4. 454
    Kelly Ford says:

    It has just been recently, through a bible study that I’ve been taking part in at church, that I’ve realized just what salvation is and how we attain it. Growing up in a baptist church (and i do love my baptist churchs, so theres no condemnation here…), we were taught that to accept the Lord as your savior you had to pray a sinners prayer. That much, I accomplished at the age of 7. However, John chapter 3 references us to Gods account of salvation which is told to us as the Israelites were being plagued by the serpants and they “looked to” the staff. So when was it that I became aware of my need? That my faith became more than the childlike faith that I had at 7 years old, when I knew enough to trust Jesus but not enough to know that i needed to be saved from myself?… sometime in adulthood, I suppose. All i know is that the more I learn, the more drawn I am to Him and the more acutely aware I become that I will never be good enough to be called righteous apart from being covered by His blood. I think that this is the first good friday that I’ve really known that to the depth that i do this year. So i dont know how to tell you my “salvation story” really, because for as long as i can remember I’ve trusted the Lord as my savior. There was at one time a “sinners prayer” and maybe that was when the Lord wrote my name in the book of life, maybe not… but i KNOW that He is my savior and i am His child and that ” no man can pluck [me] out of His hand” 🙂
    Does anyone else out there have a similar story? Again, i’m not bashing the sinners prayer at all… i only fear that there are too many people who intellectually pray such who never have a heart felt leading by the Holy Spirit to do so and are missing out because so many of us have felt the need to put this “requirement” into salvation so we can keep a head count at church (if that makes sense to anyone…).
    Love your blog!

  5. 455
    Heather says:

    I was ten and it was GA camp during the summer. We had a guy who worked at the camp who had CP. His job was to stock tp and paper towels in all of the cabins. Everyone loved him. That night he gave his testimony and he talked about one day he will be made whole. He would be able to run, and dance and do everything he was not able to do on this earth. But most important he would get to praise God continuosly and sing in a clear voice. Then he sang “the king is coming” as pretty as any angels could sing. I knew that I wanted to know his God. I wanted that kind of relationship and I asked Jesus into my heart. I prayed with one of the counselors(well she prayed and I just cried) but the overwhelming sense of peace I remember to this day. I was able to tell this man how his testimony led me to the Lord and how thankful I am for his life.

  6. 456
    Angie says:

    It was the summer of 1985 and I was 16. I was attending Super Summer with our youth group at Southwest Baptist University. I thought I had accepted Christ as my Savior 8 years earlier… what I realized at that one extrodinary worship service is that I had not. I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart more than ever that night… it was if He had wrapped His arms around me… and welcomed me to my new home. I was never so excited about Jesus accepting me for who I was… having been broken and ashamed… He loved me anyway!

    Thank you Jesus for loving me…. thank you God for sending your Son to die for my sins, that I may have eternal life through you!

    Angie, Nixa, MO

  7. 457
    Missy says:

    I already commented about my testimony the other day, but I have a question. Why do some of the ladies pictures show up but many of ours do not? I remember reading from Amanda that the new blog didn’t understand/recognize our profile pics to post them. Anyway..just curious since I see that some photos are showing up. Didn’t know if there was something else we could do. Thanks!!

    Missy 🙂
    Sumter, SC

  8. 458
    Vicki Lee says:

    It was 2002, I was 33 years old and pregnant with my 3rd child. I was also 13 years sober and couldn’t figure out why I was still so incredibly miserable inside, even suicidal at times. I had been dealing with having been sexually and physically abused during my young life and a rabid alcoholic/drug addict in my teens in therapy for a long time. I was better, but true healing was nowhere in sight. My dear friend Jessica had recently re-dedicated her life to Christ and the changes in her were enough to make me want what she had. So, as I sat alone in my computer room one day, I said the “sinners prayer”. I’m about as stubborn as they come, so things have come slowly, yet profoundly. The Lord has done so much for me and my family, and healing is HERE! It is amazing…I love Him more every day and want nothing more than to further His kingdom in any way I can…love it!

  9. 459
    go-between says:

    Although I know the Lord was drawing me unto Himself all through my younger years and made Himself known to be with me in some very frightening situations as a little girl in a very abusive home (when I called out to Him); it wasn’t until my college years that I heard the gospel. Unbelievably, I put off giving my heart to Him, choosing to stay in an abusive live-in situation. Once I was married, I went seeking a church to tell me how to be born again. When I finally found one, I was baptized that day! To this day, I am grateful that the Lord didn’t say “Tough luck! You had your chance!” but that He opened His arms wide to me – received me and forgave me! I had to live with my grave mistake of not coming to Him when He first called, and narrowly escaped alive from that marriage I had chosen over Him. Over thirty years later I still shake my head thinking of my foolishness and bow my head in thankfulness over His mercy towards me! He has given me a wonderful godly husband, three godly daughters, and abundant life here and forever with Him!

  10. 460
    Cinthia says:

    I was working as a Regional Planner for four counties and two women were transfered into my department. I was on the verge of looking for a new job, expanding my horizons and broadening career choices so to speak, when these two women were given to me to help with extra projects. I was so impressed by their work ethic, their abilities, how smart they were, how ready to jump right in, and how funny and joyful they were. I decided to stay in my job because I thought I had something to learn from them–work wise. 🙂 Turns out they were Christians! I worked in a very liberal field and I was astonished to discover this about them. I worked with them for two years and I never stopped questioning them about their faith. I nick-named them Love and Reason because one couldn’t answer all my millions of questions– her’s was a child-like faith with a deep, deep love for everyone, especially me. And the other was all rationale and could have the deep philosophical discussion but didn’t like to get too mushy. Working with these two women, side-by-side, day-by-day–mostly in the field, so lots of time for driving–eventally took me straight down the path to Christ.

    I remember vividly asking Reason if she ever felt lost because I had felt lost my whole life. I wondered if Christians ever felt lost or got lost or if their faith protected them somehow from that experience. Especially in a world where everyone I knew was somehow lost, professional though they were. Her answer burned in my brain. She said, “Christians can and do get lost, just like everyone else. Its just that we have someone to come find us when we get lost.” I looked at her like WHO WOULD DO THAT? She smiled and said, “Jesus would.” That was it. I was all His.

    Oh, and Love and Reason are now my BFFs.

  11. 461
    Valerie says:

    I’m a preacher’s kid and was born on a Sunday and in church the next. (and ever since) 🙂
    I was saved when I was 8 years old. My dad, my sister and I were in the car driving to my grandma’s house and I told him I wanted to be saved. My dad led me to the Lord that day.
    My dad has been preaching for 51 years. I praise God that today on Easter I had the awesome privilege of hearing him preach one more time.

  12. 462

    18 years ago Luke and I were precisely one week away from divorce. I hated him as much as I’ve ever hated anyone on this earth.

    He began calling me to tell me he’d started going to church and wanted to rethink what we were doing. I gave him a solid cursing, hung up the phone, and threw myself into the bed for what I thought would be a peaceful night’s sleep.

    God Himself awoke me that night and literally turned my heart of stone into one of flesh. (Ezek. 36:26) I missed that stinkin’ man of mine so badly I couldn’t stand it. Called him the next day, halted the divorce proceedings, and within a short time both of us were born again. And if that weren’t enough, God then set Luke apart for ministry. This Wednesday will be our 20th anniversary – 17 of those have been spent joyfully serving His Bride.

    So, don’t tell me God ain’t good orr that He can’t redeem. He does both quite well, thank you very much.

    Is it okay to say we are Living Proof? 🙂

  13. 463
    Tamara says:

    My grandmother tells me that at 5 I asked the devil to scoot out and Jesus to move in! I asked Him more “adult” like since then.:) He is just so good! I was so blessed to have three God-fearing women in my life!

  14. 464
    Kristi Brewer says:

    I joined the Presbyterian Church and was baptized at the age of 12 on an Easter Sunday. I walked the aisle of a Baptist church at 16 to please my pastor and his wife that I was living with at the time.

    From the time I entered college until I was thirty my life was all about doing what I wanted to do.

    At the age of 30 I realized it was not all about me. I was listening to an evangelist and realized I had not made Jesus the boss of my life.

    A few years later a lady from my church had an extra ticket to see this Bible teacher. I reluctantly went and that weekend changed my life. I found out Jesus could really be my friend and that studying the Bible could be fun.

    Thank you Beth for being such an incredible servant for the Lord!

    This pastor’s wife is still is awe of what Jesus has done for her! Praise You Lord!

  15. 465
    Michelle says:

    I was raised Catholic – Catholic school for 8 years, mass 3x a week and daily prayers. I always knew that Jesus loved me and died for my sins. I don’t remember a time I didn’t — but I watched many hardships and my dad ‘scream’ at us on the way to church every Sunday and abuse my mom — but he became the ‘model’ dad at church. After many years of this — I easily walked away from my ‘Catholic’ heritage and fell in love with the grandson of an Assembly of God minister. Oh — how my family said it would never work — some 29 years later — ha. But, as a teen, at a Terry Talbert Concert I realized the difference — I wanted to go to heaven and my boyfriend at the time (husband now) knew he was going to heaven and I wanted that. As a 10th grader – I raised my hand and said the sinners prayer. I continued my confiramtion as a Junior in High School and did the Catholic Stuff but attended church with my boyfriend. I knew a lot of stuff — but, neither of us were pure or were serious — until we wanted to get married. Our favorite ‘church’ was ‘roadside assembly’ — ha ha. Now, I just look back and say — sorry Lord! We played church for a long time! I got even more ‘serious’ about Jesus when I wanted to conceive. Little by little, God became the center of our home and I beleived at that time HE was our LOrd; however, I have come to find out that perhaps I really did not trust HIM.I have loved our Lord for many years — but, until this past year — I was never IN LOVE with HIM and I would say that in October of 2008 — I fell in love with my Lord. So, when people ask me about my salvation, I say – I have been a babe with Christ for far too many years — I am now – walking with him and I am so thankful he waited 43 years on me! Praise Him. Again, I am so humble that HE waited this long.

    PS. My husband and I now attend a Southern Baptist Church but when I am home, I attend Catholic Services with my family and soooooooooooo love it — there is such history there and Jesus meets me there too!. How cool!

    Okeechobee, Florida

  16. 466
    Sylvia says:

    I was seven years old and several weeks earlier my older sister had asked Jesus into her heart at church during a spring time revival. I was curious and having been in church since I was a newborn in the cradle roll department of Sunday School this was a very natural flow of the Holy Spirit. My mother was a tremendous influence and a mighty woman of prayer and bible study. I knew that even as a young child I was a sinner and wanted Jesus in my heart. Mother took me through the scriptures that explain salvation in the New Testament and also had our pastor talk with me to make sure I really understood what I was doing and not just following my sister.

    I was nine years old when I began seeking more and asking God to be LORD of my life. As I have grown up over the years, so has my faith and desire for God’s Presence to take over all of my life. God has blessed me with some amazing experiences good as well as very difficult experiences that have grown me to be the person I am today. Praise the Lord for his Amazing Grace, Mercy and Peace in my life. Only Because He Lives within my Heart Today!

    A song I must Sing.


  17. 467

    I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord on November 10, 1978 after a 2 1/2 hour phone call from a minister I had never met who learned of me through a mutual friend. At that time, I had found myself in possession of a King James Bible (I had been raised in another denomination that did not stress learning the Scriptures for oneself, at that time). I had begun to have a hunger to understand the Bible and my friend told me of a home-based ministry to the singles and young married couples in the Birmingham area. She gave me his name and phone number and told me she would tell him I’d contact him. At the time I didn’t own a car and I lived in the midst of the metro area of Birmingham at the Y.W.C.A. She asked me a couple of times if I had called about the Bible study yet. I told her no. Finally, one Friday night (I don’t know if it was a conscious thought or not) but I’ve come to believe that I decided to call him and because it was Friday night he wouldn’t be home and my friend would stop bugging me about it anymore. Well, I did call about 9:00 p.m., and lo and behold, Sarah his wife answered the phone and said John had been expecting my call so she got him on the phone. He told me he would be happy to have me join their Bible study and a way would be made for me to come (from clear across the city). He started to share some verses from the Bible about salvation. I told him I really didn’t know where he was referring from, but if he would tell me where he was reading, I would like to follow along because it sounded important. He did and he coached me through the plan of salvation for over 2 hours. Then, at 11:30 p.m., he said he was going to say a prayer for me, and if I wanted to ask Jesus in my heart as my personal Savior, he would leave that decision between me and God. He prayed and then he said, “Well, good night!” I had a million questions, but I couldn’t call him back. So, I went over my life before the Lord that night and said “anything You want to keep, keep; anything You want to get rid of, I give up.” That night I slept more soundly than I had for years. I obeyed the Lord by giving Him myself as His Christmas present as I was baptised on Christmas Eve that year. He is now and always will be my most blessed Treasure!

  18. 468
    Melissa May says:

    I asked Jesus into my heart when I was four… praying with my mom. I don’t remember the details, really, but I have loved Jesus ever since and looking back know that I NEEDED Jesus at that time – right when my dad was about to divorce my mom and us kids. I’m so glad my mom didn’t think I was too young. I’m also so, so, so grateful that He has never quit working on me. Based on what I still have to deal with, I know that without God I would have been CONSUMED and DESTROYED by perfectionism and depression. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS SAVING GRACE AND GLORIOUS FREEDOM AND LOVE!!! : )

  19. 469
    Lovin Him says:

    I was 4 years old in a small Sunday school class room behind the alter in our little Lutheran mission church. Mrs Lowe was my teacher and told me Jesus was right there with us and He would even come in to live in our hearts if we asked Him and then be with us where ever we went! I wondered if Jesus came through the walls from the alter, and had a hard time picturing Him fitting in those little Sunday school chairs – it was even harder to imagine how He’d come to live in my heart, but I sure liked the idea that He’d go with me wherever I went so I invited Him in as Mrs. Lowe led me in prayer. I loved Him from then on but it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I realized He was not just my Savior but also needed to be LORD in my life. That surrender of my will to His has been a continual challenge but, all praise to God, it has become easier as the years have flown by and He is the uncontested love & joy of my life these many years later!

  20. 470
    My Cup Overflows (Renee) says:

    I used to go to church via a Sunday School bus that picked me up. I was about 5 or 6, old enough to write, and I remember the moment that I felt the love of Jesus, I remember the warmth of the sun coming from the window that I was standing near and I remember writing “I love God” with a heart around it. I truly loved Jesus and wanted Him in my heart but I grew up to a live a life for myself and not Him. By worldly standards my life seemed ideal. It wasn’t until I was 38 years old and after my 21 year old son called me and told me that He had just asked Jesus into his heart that I started to surrender. My mother-in-law was in town right before this time and I remember telling her during a conversation about “religion” that I was a good person. That my good outweighed my bad. And I will never forget what she said, “Being a good person won’t get you to heaven.” No one have ever told me that before and it was like a veil had been lifted from my eyes. I started attending services to “support my son” and wow did the Holy Spirit show himself in a mighty way. I met with the Pastor and asked Jesus into my heart, I knew in that moment my life would never be the same. I didn’t know what was ahead for me and how God was preparing me. Approximately 10 months later my 19 year daughter asked for help for a heroin addiction. I fell to my knees. God sustained me, I felt Him holding me up. I stopped everything in my life and prepared to be there for my daughter. You see this time had been set apart by my Father. This is when my thirst for Word began, this is when I began to grow and get to know my Father. My daughter asked Jesus to come into her life the night before she left for rehab. Ladies, I have watched a miracle in the making the past 2 years. I watched a young lady who didn’t want to hear what I had to say about God, be transformed into a beautiful child of God. Who now loves the Lord, teaches Sunday School and sings His praises in choir. Who stood before the church before singing her first solo and told her testimony and sung “In Better Hands Now”. We just came back from Israel and will be going on a missions trip to Brazil soon. My God is restoring, me, my daughter, my family. Let me tell you about my Jesus. I know this is long ladies but what you don’t know is that I have never written my testimony before and just before this posting had been asked to submit it for the missions trip. I have been struggling because I of the digging I have had to do but tonight my fingertips flowed. Thank you for your obedience my Siesta Sisters.

  21. 471
    Miranda says:

    I accepted Christ 2 years and 4 months ago! 🙂 My testimony is definitely different, and sometimes I feel so silly when I say it. Ha! But.. I am practicing to be a secure woman! So… I loved loved loved Reba McEntire when I was a kid and meeting her was the only thing I had ever really prayed for. (I knew of God and I said I was a Christian, but those were just words out of my mouth. I had no clue about any of it.) Anyway, I entered into a contest in May of 2007 and out of 500,000 people I won the chance to meet Reba in such a big way. It was where I was to be one of her helpers at a Habitat Community Build. Wonderful! I seriously began thinking, “God.. is that you? That had to of been you!” Not to mentioned that same week that I found out, I also got a raise at my little part time job, and won the local beauty pageant that I was in. Then several months later one thing led to another and I was invited to go to Reba’s sister, Susie McEntire’s, Christian Women’s Retreat. I met a wonderful lady there who was on fire for the Lord and she had such a plucky zealous spirit. LOVED her and I felt comfortable talking about Jesus with her, because for some reason, I just couldn’t get Him off my mind. One thing led to another, and on Dec. 8, 2007 alone in my college apartment, 21-yrs-old, I accepted Christ bent over on my knees with lovely woman praying with me through the phone.
    I joyously announce that my first year in Christ was absolutely amazing and I sought after Him fervously. Got my Bible read it a book at a time, enrolled in a Biblical Studies program, learned about everything that I didn’t know. Grew more passionate for Jesus… and I had the honor of being invited back to Susie’s event the next year to share my testimony. Since then, I’ve been blessed with super cool internships in TV production, Radio, and News… and God has affirmed everything. I’ve even crossed paths with Reba a few more times. (I think God just did that for fun.) The cool thing? I no longer “idolize” anyone, yet I look at everyone as a normal person and pray for them and for myself. I run to the Arms of grace who has delivered me and set me free and has changed the desires of my heart. He has also allowed me to exercise my gifts in things that I love. I’ve been able to speak at different churches in different states about what the Lord’s done in my life, and I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Communications: TV/Cinema last year, and now have a job at the Gospel Music Channel in Atlanta. How wonderful?! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, Bless His Holy Name!

  22. 472
    Buffy says:

    I was 6, laying on the couch while my momma was vacuuming the living room. She had set down a large clear Mason jar full of ice water on the table beside me and as I lay there staring at that jar, it looked so good, so inviting and the words “Jesus gives Living Water” kept rolling through my head. I finally stood up and asked my mom exactly what was “living water and how do I get it?” My sweet momma immediately shut off the vacuum and explained to me salvation and right there kneeling by the couch, I asked Jesus to come into my heart and give me living water so that I would thirst no more! It was Feb. 17, 1981 and he has been faithful to me, loved me and delivered me every single day since. Even when I don’t know it or recognize it. In other words – He LIVES with me. He gives me what I need, that “living water” flows freely! And I have a strong fondness for clear glass jars full of ice water! 🙂

  23. 473
    AmazingGrace says:

    I was 23 years old, had been married for 5 years, and had two darling children. My husband and I filed for a divorce twice in a matter of a year. We meant it. Our marriage was dead as a doorknob (is that the saying? My husband always tells me I get sayings wrong!) Anyway, I was bartending at a restaurant where, it just so happened, a bunch of bible college kids waited tables. A handful of them really took the time to talk with me about Christ. They didn’t understand my “married with kids” life, but they understood my need for The Savior. I started reading my Bible in between cocktail & draft beer orders. I couldn’t wait to get off work so I could rush home & read the Word all night. I ended up meeting Christ, reconciling with my husband, and surrenduring my life to ministry. That was almost 10 years ago. Hubby and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this year. We now have 4 children, and we serve in full-time ministry as children’s pastors.

    TO THIS DAY I still shudder to think where on earth I would be today had I not surrendered my life to Christ. I hope the awe & wonder never goes away.

  24. 474
    Ruth says:

    I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, and I met Jesus in a dream, when I was 13 years old. I told Him I was a sinner, and He told me I was forgiven. No one around me could explain my dream, or who He was, until I was 18, in 1965. A friend had come to Jesus, and asked me if I knew Him. I was so excited! I told her about my dream, and asked her if that meant I knew Him. Being a new Christian herself, she didn’t know, but took me to the woman who led her to the Lord. That woman explained the way of salvation to me. In the middle of her explanation, I became afraid. I prayed my own private prayer in my heart, and told the Lord, that if He were really God, to speak to me in the Bible on my lap. I opened it to Luke 12:32, which says, “Fear not, little flock, it is My Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”! I interrupted the dear woman’s explanation and prayed with her on the spot to receive Jesus. And I’ve never been disappointed that I did. I have loved Him and walked with Him these 45 years…a very blessed woman!

  25. 475
    Dawn Gifford says:

    I was saved watching Billy Graham on TV when I was yrs old. My parents raised me in church, but when they got a divorce my whole world fell apart. It was then that I really knew Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

  26. 476
    Cindy says:

    Thirty years ago after an abortion& break up, we both went through an alcohol and drug filled couple of years before getting back together and marrying. We were back from the honeymoon about two weeks when we learned that we were pregnant. Both of us were fearful that something would be wrong with the baby, but he was born as the sun was rising on a beautiful Spring day. He is the only one of our 4 kids that got a “10” on the Apgar score. My husband went home and thanked God and told him he knewour lives needed to change but didn’t know what to do. He then went to tell our new neighbors about our son. They invited him to dinner and shared the gospel with him. I received Christ the nextday. When we came home from the hospital the whole earth was in bloom. There was a rain shower and a beautiful double rainbow! God’s mercy overwhelms me!

  27. 477
    Keysha says:

    The power of the resurrection overtook me yesterday during church. I woke with the resurrection as the first thing on my mind, not my to do list before our entire family came to our house. Then during an old hymn that was sung by full choir and orchestra I was taken away by His love for me. I had asked for it, but it was more than I could have fathomed. Praise Him. I often think I don’t have one of those great testimonies like others, but here goes. I was 5 years old and in kindergarten. I attended a Christian school and Mrs. Cooley asked if anyone would like to accept Jesus as their Savior. I lifted my hand, we went out of the room and everyone who wanted to sat in circle. She helped us with the prayer of Salvation. From there on it has been a ride. One that I was so glad he was the driver. Of course there have been many times that I took over the wheel, but He always kept me from a fatal crash. Some felt like they were fatal, but I survived to be a better person. I now look back at 38 years and see His wonder grace keeping me from things that many of my friends endured because of bad choices. I love Him so and He loves me even more.

  28. 478
    Beth says:

    I grew up in a very conservative church, but never quite agreed with it. The emphasis, to my small mind, was not on having a relationship, but rather on following rules. I remember crying myself to sleep for months, probably a few years, during middle school because I felt worthless…I was “different” and could never be happy. I would often cry out to God, but it was when I finally BELIEVED that He would rescue me that He really came in.
    It wasn’t until I came to college that I stopped trying to be “that good little Christian girl.” I didn’t get into much trouble, but I stopped trying to portray an image to please my parents. I had spent a little time in Germany away from everyone and had really started trying to walk in the Lord, but I was so confused. So many things happened freshman year of college that proved that…but this past December, I spent nights awake just seeking the Lord – reading His word and no longer “taking everything at face value” or because my parents/church had told me to believe something. While my walk started six years before, my true relationship..where I was giving a little…started in December. Talk about drastic changes! Along the way He has used so SO many people to influence me. God is good…He does not change and His promises are still alive!

  29. 479
    paintergal says:

    I grew up attending church and Sunday School and felt God calling to me throughout.
    But it wasn’t until my first week in college, when I was invited to a Lowell Lundstrom crusade by my brother, that the reality of Christ’s death for me was made clear.
    I grew a lot in my faith through my college years by being involved in Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.
    I still am growing and learning. He is leading me through some valleys I don’t care to tread, but He is faithful and will not forsake me.
    Praise Him!

  30. 480
    Carol says:

    I was a senior in 1976 at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Mass, a private prep school founded by DL Moody. Sadly, the religious teaching no longer reflected Moody’s original mission. I took a course on “Jesus”. My religious upbringing was as a Sunday attender, although not very faithful. Even at that, the lessons I had gleaned from Sunday School in my early years were questioned in this course on Jesus. We read books that challenged the deity of Jesus, explaining that Jesus orchestrated the fulfillment of scripture and ultimately never died or was resurrected. I felt unsettled after the course, so much so that I applied for an independent study to figure out who Jesus was for me. An intern at the school, who had audited the course on Jesus, was my adviser and he helped me choose books to read that balanced out the teaching that had been in the course. I read the Gospel of John, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Who Moved the Stone?, and Mere Christianity. Even before I had finished the course, I embraced Jesus as the true, risen Lord of my Life. Shortly after my decision, I went up to the grave site of DL Moody – located on the campus, and asked God to let him know that there was still fruit being produced at the school. AND this past fall the Northfield campus was sold and will be The CS Lewis Institute. That land will return to serve God’s purposes!

  31. 481
    Judie, West Texas Girl says:

    I was saved at the age of 21 in my pastor’s study, on my knees, with my husband of 1 year right next to me, on his knees, asking for God’s saving grace. We began our Christian walk hand in hand and 36 years later, we’re still on the same path. Nothing is more precious to me than the remembrance of when I first felt God’s saving grace…..even more precious than my children’s first cries. A song by Casting Crowns pretty much says it all…”You’re more than enough for me….” Praise Him!

  32. 482
    Missy June says:

    I praise God for saving my sweet little heart as a very young child. I remember the feeling that I couldn’t be good enough to get to heaven on my own and therefore didn’t belong in church until I was saved. My mother prayed with me at home and I knew it was enough to depend on Christ. In adulthood, He has proved himself faithful through many of lifes hurts and disappointments. I’m so grateful to have a Savior greater than my needs and my pain. I am a testimony of His loving care for a lifetime.


  33. 483
    Michelle Buhl says:

    11 years old, Piney Grove Baptist Church, with the most beloved man in my life at the time- my one believing relative Uncle Raymond Harkleroad….The angels heard his jubilant shout as I wispered, “I did it”! There was never a happier man, and his face shown with the Glory of God, he had prayed many many prayers for me. I will love him forever now, thanks to the Work of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord, Thank you Beth and friends…Thank you Uncle Raymond.

    Michelle Buhl-Bought and Paid for.

  34. 484
    chanda says:

    This is late but here goes! I was ten years old when the Spirit of God convicted my heart of the life I was living. Being young I was sinful, rebellious and had a lot of things I needed to straighten out. God had a plan and He knew he needed to start early. I knelt by my bedside and prayed and received and was joyful beyond words. My parents also prayed with me and we walked the aisle together the next Sunday morning. I have served the Lord with gusto ever since giving Him my total self. My testimony will forever show God’s glory when He saved my life early so to use me mightily for as long as I am here on this earth.

  35. 485
    Eleanor says:

    It was 36 years ago; I headed off to college from CA to VA to Liberty University (Lynchburg Baptist College back then) to find me a Christian husband…..:) Well, God had other immediate plans for me. While in my second week of school I was in my Personal Evangelism class and the professor was going through the 10 evidences of salvation. As he was going through each evidence my heart was pricked that I had none of them! I had all this head knowledge, but no true relationship with Christ. But, this was a class not a service with an invitation so I went back to my dorm and got down on my knees and took all my head knowledge and made it a heart relationship. Now, my whole purpose for being there at school changed and I was out to get to know my Savior personally. (God did eventually provide a Christian husband and we married 2 weeks after graduation, 4 years later..:))

  36. 486
    Kelaughter says:

    I accepted Christ at Vacation Bible School when I was 6 or 7 years old. Of course, not having ever went to church or anything before that, I had no idea what that meant. I didn’t even start going to church until I was old enough to go on my own in high school and still no one really explained to me what it all meant. I knew I wanted to know Jesus and who He really was, but had no idea of how to do that. When we had kids, we knew we wanted that for them too. So, a few years ago, when the Passion of the Christ came out, I realized just how much Christ had gone through for us. It was a life changing moment for me. I got involved in a church and have been growing ever since. Even just a few short weeks ago, it hit me just how precious our God is and He loves me even though I am just me. So, through the years, I have asked Christ in my heart several times, just to be sure I was saved, but it wasn’t until the last 6 or so that I truly started getting to know Him more and more and really understanding what that means. I don’t want to just have fire insurance, I want God to be able to say that He knew me while I was here on this earth.

  37. 487
    Jamie says:

    I was raised in the church, have attended my entire life. But not until I enrolled in an Intro to the Bible class at the college where I worked, did I begin to realize that I was a Sunday only Christian, living a good life, but only living on the surface. The class was taught as a “history” class, but that Bible was speaking to me and I wanted more, and more, and more. Now almost twenty years and many academic religion classes and church related Bible studies later I still want more. My life has an abundance it never had and is so much richer. I am truly in a personal relationship with Jesus and everyday it takes me deeper.

  38. 488
    Karen says:

    I was at work when a new employee started. She had the desk behind mine and decorated her space with all this Jesus stuff. AND she didn’t want to go on break with me and the other foul mouth employees in our group so she could do her devotional. One time she even said she needed to memorize Bible Scriptures since she & her husband had challenged their 5th & 6th grade Sunday School class to do the same. I told her I would quiz her and low and behold I had many questions about those Scriptures (which were all the plan of salvation!) She answered them all and one night as I sat on my couch looking for every one in my Bible (b/c maybe she had a fake Bible :)) I found them all!! And instantly, knew Jesus was who i had been searching for!!! My life has not been the same!! That was 24 years ago next month!!!

  39. 489
    Sandee says:

    I was 24 years old when I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, but all my life I was a seeker. I was fascinated with all things “church,” and was baptized at age 13 (mostly because all my friends had been baptized and I was embarrassed that I hadn’t been), and at that point, I truly thought I was a Christian. I married a wonderful Christian man (we were both too young, but we’ve been married for 30 years now, so I suppose it took!), and we faithfully attended our local church together. I grew in head knowledge about God, but not in heart knowledge–there was no relationship. In 1984, my husband and I were accepted at Keith Green’s Last Days Ministry Intensive Christian Training School (this was after his tragic death in the plane crash). I even wrote a glowing “testimony” as part of my admission to ICT. We learned from wonderful teachers like Fran Paris, Leonard Ravenhill, and many others. When we read Charles G. Finney’s “Victory Over the World,” the chapter about salvation by works versus salvation by faith really spoke to my heart. I realized that for years I had been working to earn my salvation without truly grasping that it was the free gift of God. When the realization hit me, I knelt down at that very moment and prayed for Jesus to cleanse me of sin through his blood he shed on the cross. From that moment on, I’ve never been in doubt again about my relationship with the Lord. I am His, praise the Lord!

  40. 490
    Shelly says:

    I grew up in a religious home, but it wasn’t until I was 31, sitting alone in a church pew, that i was able to hear the words “Jesus loves YOU” from the pulpit, and accepted Christ as my Saviour! I traded in religion for Jesus and the journey has been unbelievable! Praise be to God!

  41. 491
    Becky says:

    In 1979 I was 22 years old, a “Christian” since childhood and searching. Dr. Francis Shaeffer was the Biblical Study equivalent of a “spiritually intellectual rock star”. During audience Q&A in a Dallas “How Shall we Then Live” conference a disabled person asked Francis Shaeffer “Why did God make me this way?” In front of 10,000 people Dr. Shaeffer spoke to one heart with compassion I have never witnessed. All doubt about my relationship with God fell away. Whatever Francis Shaeffer had I did not have; reality that night was a terrifying certainty. The ride home that night from Dallas was made in silence and fear, surrounded by Christians, but absolutely sure that I was not whatever Godly was.

    I sought counsel and was told it could not be. Only one said “You seek. You carry this through. He will show you.” Weeks later, now at 23 years old, I read in Matthew “Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. I prayed that scripture, not knowing what I was doing, and found myself unable to go to work the next day. I called in sick and spent the next 3 days reading my Bible. Unable to stop. Unable to believe that words so familiar were now unfamiliar and so clear. I could not explain it. I knew that everything spiritually was settled and it no longer mattered whether I could explain it or my life previously. The key was not me; it was the “Come unto ME” of Jesus and the rest he gave.

    This Easter Sunday I found myself thinking about this terrifyingly Holy reality who is God that is now such joy. Thankful beyond words for this Holy, Loving God and this amazing relationship Jesus has made mine.

  42. 492
    Kimberly says:

    Well, I was young.. 10 actually. Felt the call in the small Baptist church I was raised in. “Just as I am” sounded so differently that Sunday. I was afraid and the Spirit was strong, I couldn’t stay. I loved Him so much. Over time, I never was the same, but never drew closer.

    Shortly after college (which by the way, some of my favorite moments with God came while attending church during these years), I married and knew I wanted my family in church. In early 2001…. I did my very first in-depth Bible Study ever … “A Heart Like His, the study of King David” and my Bible came alive!!!! sadly, for the first time. Since then, God and I have had a relationship that is indescribable! Thank you Beth. If you have a Bible Study out, I own it. And I don’t give you the credit. In fact, one year I gave up anything Beth Moore for Lent 🙂

    But, indeed, I appreciate and am grateful for the work God has done in my life through your example and your teaching and certainly your love for Him.

    Thank you.

  43. 493
    Valarie says:

    I received Christ at the age of 12 and while I was raised from even before birth on a church pew my relationship grew about as much as that wooden pew did. Until the Lord yanked me up by my head at the age of 23. I had turned my back on Him due to some extreme circumstances and He let me try things on my own until one glorious day He said “ENOUGH!” and brought me back in! He delivered me from so many things that it would take a novel to tell them all but that pit was deep, dark and filty!

    Since then I can’t stop singing His praise – I WON’T stop!! His sacrifice for me gets sweeter with each passing year and I can’t wait for the day when I can kiss those nail-scarred hands and feet!!

    I also, wanted to add that I attended my first Seder on Good Friday and I am so grateful for the many studies of yours that taught me the tradition and the Promise of that Blessed New Covenant! Thank you for your effort in opening our Gentile eyes and for being so diligent in your call to teach!!

  44. 494
    JR Forgiven says:

    I was eight years old… I have been so blessed to grow up in a CHristian family – both my grandfathers were gospel preachers, and both my parents are saved and are devoted to serving our Lord… so with this environment, I grew up knowing I was a sinner and not ready to meet my Maker. But when I was eight years old, on Sunday, May 8th – Mother’s Day that year, my beloved Sunday school teacher died from cancer. That is the first time I remember thinking about my OWN soul, and realizing I was not right with God. That night at our Sunday night gospel service where two men get up and preach from God’s Word how to have your sins forgiven and how to know 100% that you will be in Heaven when you die. That night I sat up a little straighter with my heart paining from knowing my beloved SS teacher was gone… and knowing as I was, I would never see her again. That night, God spoke to my 8-year old heart through the speaker when he pointed “at me” and said “If you die, right now, right where you are – where would your soul be?” Wow. In that instant I knew without a doubt that I would be in Hell… and I knew that I did NOT want to go to that awful place… and in that instant it dawned on me that I did not HAVE to go to Hell because that is WHY Jesus died – He died for me! The verse came to my mind – “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.” (Acts 16:31) I knew at that moment, without a doubt, that if I died right where I was, I would NOT be in hell because my sin was forgiven: Jesus had already taken my punishment …. I now had a Saviour. Jesus died for me. Praise God! I am so thankful He loves little children and found me in that little place when I was only 8 years old.

    Thanks Beth for letting us share here. 🙂

  45. 495
    Kisha says:

    I had what I thought to be a salvation experience when I was in the 6th grade now I realize I had completed a religion act. Don’t get me wrong I was very involved in Church and I loved God however the word of God says when we have a personal relationship we are new creations. I wasn’t completely New. Then came 2004, I lost my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and my mother within 9 months. Tragic is all I can say. My mother was the closest person in my life and I didn’t know what to do or think or anything. All 3 loss were sudden. My brother-in-law was on 27, same age I was at the time and my mother 48. Almost a year later a friend invited me to her church. The pastor said that day to thank god for everything, the good, the bad, everything in our lives because they were all part of Gods plans. Something happened that day. I knew I needed to fall in love with Jesus and have a real relationship with him. And of what A God and friend he has been. He leaves me speechless. I am a full new creation. I asked for him to use me from my experiences to help others and you wouldn’t beleive the things I have walked through people with. From the line at Walgreens praying with a lady that was crying in line to just going through a check out line. Oh what an honor to be used! Now he is restoring my marriage. Some days are unbearable but he has great purpose. He says in his word if your spouse is unsaved you could be his way to salvation! I praying that till the day I see him saved! The desert is hard sometimes but God is always there with water to restore my soul! My circumstances have built my character and made me who I am. I am 33 years old and I thank God for finding me while I am still young, there is so much work to do and so many lives to be touched! After doing so long insecurity by audio in my car back and forth to worth he is restoring the pain caused by harmful words so now the devil will not have a stronghold there because I am clothed in STRENGTH and DIGNITY!!!!
    Thanks for letting us share!!!!
    I am 5 years in this journey and everyday is such a blessing to love him and live for him!!! THERE IS A GOD! He holds me and carries me and he is my daddy! I will never stop thanking God for his love and salvation!

  46. 496
    Kay says:

    April 10, 1973. I was 10 years old – at a revival. Only God can change a heart. I praise Him for changing mine that night!

  47. 497
    Irene Amadore says:

    I was 17 yrs old, living in Simi Valley, Ca. It was the middle of the Jesus People movement (1971). A flyer was given to me at my high school, with information about a house meeting for teens to learn about Jesus. I went, and accepted the Lord that night. About a week later, a friend went with me to the free clinic where I found out I was pregnant. An abortion was suggested and intuitively I knew I wanted no part of it. I’m 56 yrs old now, and I love Him more than ever. This week I worked at being quiet and tried to fathom the sacrifice that Jesus gave us on the cross. I fell short of course, but feel stronger than ever in my faith and connected with other believers that I don’t even know. I am left with the overwhelming conviction that there is a hunger in our land for the knowlege of who God is, and the Lord is preparing hearts to hear His word. Get ready church for an influx of believers that you have never seen before! Be prepared to share His love, forgivness, and victory. People are seeking Him, and we want to be ready. Oh how glorious is His Name, JESUS.

  48. 498
    Tanya says:

    I was in church as a child, both grandfathers were preachers. Walked an aisle as a child and was baptized because I knew I was supposed to. Around 1976 my family quit going to church when my grandfather retired, the other had passed away the year before. At 17 (1981) I went to a revival with a friend and thought I truly accepted Christ, BUT I did not know what that really meant. I had seen my grandfather read his bible but did not know why I needed to. At no point did I know God should be involved in my decision making process. I shallowly attended church for the next 4 years but after many bad decisions, marriage, child and then divorce. I quit going. Years later I had remarried and had another child. Since we were not in church we put him in 4yr kindergarten at a christian school where on Monday periodically the teacher would ask “Who went to church yesterday?” Finally, he came home and said “Daddy, I want to go to chuch Sunday and I want you to take me.”, “OK” he responds, so off we go. After attending only a few weeks I gave full control of my life to Christ (January 1999). Nothing held back. Now at 46, I wish my whole life had been like the past eleven years. There is so much more that could be said but it would take all day.

    Beth – Thank you for your role in my growth in Christ. I am eternally grateful.

  49. 499
    Samantha says:

    Age: 6
    Seated on my bed one Thursday night in Oct. The conviction of the Holy Spirit on my heart had made me cry during the hymns at church for several weeks. That night, Mother shared scriptures with me and I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come live in my heart. The feeling of my salvation was instantaneous. I floated on a happy cloud for weeks!

  50. 500
    Darrensgal says:

    I was 5 years old and kept begging my mom to tell me how to get saved (she thought I might be too young to understand.) Finally, one Sunday after church and dinner, mom and I sat at the kitchen table and my little eyes were opened to the TRUTH! I was so excited about it that Monday, during recess, I got in trouble at school for telling the kids they were going to hell if they didn’t get saved too! I guess the teachers got suspicious when everyone around me was crying ’cause they were scared! Haha! Hey– the truth isn’t always the easiest thing to hear, but it’s always the best!

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