Gloriously Good Friday

My Dear Siestas,

There is simply no time on the annual calendar more precious and profound to us in Christendom than this. I was reflecting a moment ago how rarely we could land on a day or a weekend that most of us were having the same kinds of thoughts. Even Christmas has our attentions strewn among many things but Good Friday, for all of us who follow hard after Jesus Christ, only one.

I told the Lord a little while ago that I supposed, if we really fathomed the depth of Christ’s sufferings and the heights of our redemption because of it, we surely would not be able to lift our faces from the floor. The reality is, we can’t comprehend it. But we can well sit and reflect. We can well glance back over our pasts just long enough to realize afresh what God did for us on Good Friday so many years ago. We can well plead for Him to break through all of our distractions and self absorptions and make Jesus the dearer to us. We can well ask that we would allow our circumstances to make us the nearer to Him.  We can well picture every challenge in our lives, every difficulty, every loss, every sickness,  every sin, every defeat, and every heartbreak as the soil beneath Christ’s Cross, left beyond choice but to move that it might be planted in the depths with a victorious thud.

“And even though you were dead in your transgressions and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, He nevertheless made you alive with Him, having forgiven ALL your transgressions. He has destroyed what was against us, a certificate of indebtedness expressed in decrees opposed to us. He has taken it away by nailing it to the cross. Disarming the rulers and authorities, He has made a public disgrace of them, triumphing over them by the cross.”  Colossians 2:13-15 NET

The power of the Cross has taken our disgrace and publically heaped it on our enemy.

I told Amanda yesterday that I could not think of a sweeter and more powerful way for us to observe Good Friday on this blog than to invite you to share your own story (in short form please) of your salvation. We have learned so much about one another through various journeys here but this will be the first time we’ve actually given our testimonies of salvation. When did you receive Christ as your personal Savior? How old were you and what were the circumstances leading up to your decision?

I cannot convey how much these testimonies will increase my appreciation of the power of the Cross this day. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

Blessed Good Friday, my dear sisters.



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  1. 1
    undapar says:

    It was 1992, and I was 23 years old. I was living with my Godparents while playing on a professional golf tour throughout California. My Godparents have prayed for me from Day 1 to give my life to Christ. My uncle had home Bible Studies, but I wanted nothing to do with it. Then, one night while sitting around the kitchen table, talking about various things and enjoying one another’s company, the power of God hit me. That night when I went to bed, I asked for His saving grace, redemption, and for Jesus to be the Lord of my life. I left for a tournament the next day and knew that my life would never be the same again. So, as we celebrate Passion Week, I am humbled and honored to be able to look upon my Saviour. He has redeemed me, He has faithfully loved me, and HE IS RISEN INDEED!

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    I was 12 years old. I always grew up in the faith, but after the constant influence of my great grandmother Helen and my grandmother Jean and my mother Dee, Jesus became real to me through my AWANA leader and study group. What a glorious day to reflect back on what Christ has done in my life—all I can do today is sit out in this great Ohio weather–basking in the sunlight that only Jesus can shine upon us!

    • 2.1
      Anne says:

      So glad to hear you mention your salvation came during AWANA. I’m an AWANA leader and have seen wonderful things done in it! : )

  3. 3
    Lindsey says:

    I do not know the day or time when I first accepted Christ. It was when I was young, though. I asked Christ into my heart many times throughout the years. You know, just to make sure “it took.” I credit by mother to leading me to Christ. I’m sure we had countless conversations and she answered many questions. She always took us to church, alone, because my dad is not yet saved. She is the woman of God I hope to be one day and I am grateful for her Godliness in my life. Happy Easter! God is soooo good!

  4. 4
    karen says:

    Revival. 9yrs old. Every night I sat closer and by the time Friday night came I was on the front row. After church that night, broken, I knelt on the front row and ask Christ to be my savior.
    I realize more every day my need of a savior. The King of Kings bent low to save a child knowing my every failure. Praise Him !
    I stand amazed…..

  5. 5
    Christelle says:

    I cannot recall a time in my life when Jesus was not a part of my life. My mother and her grandmother had a passion for God and a diligence in serving Him that could not be ignored. The first clear commitment I made was when I was a little first grader. I loved my sister’s 7th grade teacher. She was an older teacher, but she had a kindness streaming from her eyes. My friends and I used to wait for her in the mornings to park her car so that we could carry her bookcase. It was on one of these mornings that she took me and my best friend in a small room in our school’s gathering hall and she asked us if we had ever asked Jesus into our hearts. She then asked if we would pray the sinner’s prayer with her and she gave me the verse in Rev 3 :20. I remember that there was a small window high in the ceiling and a bright sunbeam streaming down from above while we were praying. My heart was filled with joy and I couldn’t wait to tell everybody I knew that I asked Jesus into my heart. I know so many people are sceptic about the conversion of little kids and eventhough there have been many times of rededication in my life, I truly was not the same after that beautiful morning in my elementary school in a small town in South Africa. God bless Mrs Naude and her faithfulness of reaching out to two skinned kneed, pig tail girls.

    Best of all she didn’t belong to our more conservative church, she was a Baptist and known among people in our church as ‘happy clappy’! Praise God she was!

  6. 6
    Kimberly says:

    I was five years old when I found Jesus as my own personal Savior. I was a little terror at 5 years old. I realized that day, November 4, that loving God and Him loving me was not enough. I had to ask Jesus, His Son, to be my Savior and be the boss of my life. My mom helped me pray and say those things to Him. I was a changed little girl after that. Yes, I still struggled with lying and wanting my own way, but when I did I no longer liked it or wanted to keep on. I also know that from that day on I have had a huge desire to tell everyone about how they too could have Jesus as their Savior. I loved that Jesus was helping me learn to be truthful and have better attitudes. Now, I have two little girls of my own and I pray daily that as they get closer to understanding who Jesus is that they too will ask Him to be their Savior. Thank you for having us share! Every year I celebrate my Spiritual Birthday and this is a good day to remember and share!

  7. 7
    Amber says:

    I was about 7 when I accepted Christ as my savior. I was at my dear grandmothers house. She loved the Lord and the only channel she usually had the TV on was TBN. That day on TBN, there was a girl around my own age with long blond hair curled into ringlets playing the piano and singing. I don’t remember too many other details. They must have had a “alter call” of sorts and I acknowledged that I needed Christ. I remember my grandma telling me that I had been born again. I though she had lost it… in my 7 year old mind, I didn’t understand the concept of being born again. I was 7 not a baby 🙂 In the 25 years since then, I’ve had my years of straying and my years of closeness with the Lord. Every time I take communion, I rededicate my life to the Lord. I’m so grateful for His gift of grace and the hardship He had to endure to offer that gift. Amazing love!

  8. 8
    Kirsten says:

    I was saved when I was six years old, one day after my birthday. A few dear ones of my family had passed away during the previous year and this had really upset me. I began to have vivid dreams of them standing outside my window calling to me to come and join them, but try as hard as I could I was never able to reach them before they would leave. This terrified me because I knew I was going to hell. On the evening I was saved, I had been scolded for arguing with my little sister. I ran to my room bawling my eyes out because I was so scared of hell. When I came out of my room, my mom asked me why I was so upset. After I told her, she called my daddy into the kitchen. There, using a simple stick-drawing, he illustrated the gap between me and God, but told me that Jesus was the bridge between the cliffs and that all I had to do was trust that Jesus wanted to forgive my sins and would forgive my sins if I asked Him to. With tears running down my little chubby cheeks and falling on my favorite mickey mouse night shirt, I sat at the kitchen table with my mama and daddy on either side of me and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and let me walk across to God the Father.
    Even though I have not always been faithful, my Jesus has never left me always holding onto my hand even when I let go of Him… Praise His beautiful, blessed name!

  9. 9
    Erin says:

    I grew up my whole life in church, and even received Jesus into my heart when I was in 4th grade. BUT…it wasn’t until fall of 2008 that I really KNEW Jesus. HIS TIMING IS PERFECT! He regenerated my heart and my husband’s heart at the same time. We joined our church on Februrary 17, 2009 and two days later, on the 19, we found out we were pregnant with our first child. My husband and I would not be the married couple we are today, nor the parents we are today, without our loving, gracious Savior, Jesus Christ!

  10. 10
    Charlene says:

    I was raised in a local Baptist church from the day I was born. My parents kept me active in all of the church activities from being in the nursery through high school. I accepted Jesus along with many of the same kids that I started with in the nursery at the age of 9. We all attended baptism classes together and were baptized on the same day. I do not believe that I understood the full concept of accepting Jesus when I was 9. I love to participate in Bible studies and am amazed at each new thing I learn even after reading the Bible countless times. Today is a day that brings pain and sorrow for what Jesus endured for me but also great joy and love for what Jesus endured for me.

  11. 11

    I received Christ as my Savior as an 8, almost nine, year old. It was a Tuesday night in August during our revival. I remember what I had on and how stepping out into the aisle was so scary. I remember feeling so loved. I was baptized that following Sunday night. When I came up from the water, I thought of as myself being completely white as snow. It wasn’t until I was older and I heard a description of what Christ experienced physically on Good Friday. It makes my heart hurt deeply to know that I placed Christ there.

  12. 12
    Lahna says:

    I was 8. I don’t remember much about it. Over the years as I grew in knowledge, I appreciated more the sacrifice that had been made for me and was re-baptized at 13. Five years ago after a double cardiac arrest, when my birthday rolled around, both my husband and I were re-baptized. It was a symbol of the new life and rebirth we had in Christ. I really think my first profession of faith as an 8 year old was real, but as I matured the knowlege I acquired would make me realize how much I needed God and the sacrifice He made for me. I feel like Lazarus. Jesus called me from death twice. Today, life is so good. I learn more every day and enjoy the journey (bumps and all) to the fullest.

    60’s married in TX

  13. 13
    moosemama says:

    It was the summer of 1977 and I was 21. My good friend had become a Christian…and I was unsure what that meant as I figured we were ALL Christians cuz we were Americans…right? But I had been SEARCHING for SOMETHING in my life, for months, and couldn’t put my finger on it…but felt it had something to do with God. As I spent time with her, I discovered that it was indeed GOD and the saving grace of Jesus that my soul longed for. It would be too long of a post to tell all the things that God did to bring me to Him. But I accepted Christ as my savior that day. And just a glimpse of what God will do to fulfill His plan for you…..the man who led my friend to the Lord would 5 years later become my husband. I will be 54 this month and we have been married 27 years and I love Jesus more now then I did on that summer day 33 years ago. HE is my life!!!!!

    Melana 🙂

  14. 14
    Shara says:

    My parents were not believers. We had good friends that would pick me up each Sunday for church. Though I can’t remember when I received Christ, I do know I was a young child listening to either my Sunday School teacher or my Pastor. I will forever be thankful for the dear family that took the time to pick me up each week. My parents and sister did come to Christ. I have been forever thankful to Jesus for putting the hunger in my heart for Him, and for His great gift to me.

  15. 15
    Kimberly says:

    I grew up in a “religious” home we went to church every Sunday…and yet lived a different life from 10:30 on one Sunday until the following Sunday at 9:00 a.m. If you would have asked I would have absolutely told you I was indeed a Christian…of course I was…after all I went to a Christian Church EVERY Sunday. I even made sure I was in church every Sunday when I was in college…and on one of those Sundays…in about 1988 when I was 21 years old the minister said this “If you died today would you go to heaven?’ He paused. I answered in my head “of course I would.” He then said, “if your answer was yes…then why?” Again, a longer pause…and in my mind I began rattling off in my heads the “reasons” I would be welcomed into heaven…I don’t sleep around…I don’t drink as much as most of my friends do…I go to church every Sunday…then my list was interrupted…The minister said “if your answer was anything other than Christ died for me you are not going.” I left that day stunned…but nothing really changed inwardly…BUT GOD was at work and for the next few years He surrounded me with true Believers that had a RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS…a real, living, visible relationship with Jesus…and He faithfully revealed to me that I needed Him…and He could not be my Savior without being the LORD of my life…and on December 6, 1992 He spoke directly to my heart through another precious Believer…and GLORY to His Name alone I received Christ as my Lord and Savior and praise His name my life has never been the same…You ask me how I know He lives He lives within my heart. He is risen…He is risen indeed!

  16. 16
    Holly says:

    I was 25 when I finally, fully gave my heart to Jesus Christ. For many years the Lord was gently leading me to Him, but I was so full of hurt and shame and ME that I resisted. For a few months before I finally surrendered, Jesus was tenderizing my heart through Christian music, teachings and people around me. I asked my younger sister to go to a Christian concert with me, and on Friday, April 24, 1999 at the Reigning Mercy concert I became a new creation in Christ. He has completely transformed this woman’s heart. That night I committed to not date anyone until Jesus revealed THE ONE to me. Here I am nearly 11 years later still waiting and still trusting. Because the tomb is empty, I am not!! I am filled with the beauty, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

  17. 17
    Melinda says:

    I made my profession of faith in front of my church body on Palm Sunday, 1975, in response to an altar call, and walked the aisle to an organ rendition of “Just As I Am.” I was blessed to be baptized that next Sunday on Easter. I was 11 years old. Frankly, I used to be embarrassed to tell my “conversion story”, as I always felt it was a little boring in comparison to the amazing stories others told. My childhood was idyllic and I was raised by loving parents who showed me Jesus at an early age. However, as I’ve grown, and especially as I minister to other women, I see that my testimony is the very one most people wish they had. I embrace it now, and am joyous with praise at the stirring of a young girl’s heart by the Savior that reigns there, making a lack-luster story shine for Him!

    • 17.1
      AbbyLane says:

      you are a beautiful writer.
      love, nugget

    • 17.2
      JLI says:

      Your comment really struck a chord with me. I have been downright apologetic at times for not having what I consider to be a really GREAT salvation story, but because it’s backed with emotion, people tell me it’s more special than I give it credit for, so I totally understand that statement!

      Secondly, my husband is going to be baptized this Easter Sunday!

      • Melinda says:

        Thank you for your kind words. Aren’t we silly, sometimes? Truly, we’ve been spared an eternity apart from God; there is absolutely NOTHING boring about THAT! Blessings on your husband this day, as He celebrates that truth in his own life!

    • 17.3
      Krystle says:

      I have a similar story, and I too am becoming more aware of how blessed I am for it. Thanks for sharing!

    • 17.4
      Liz says:


      My husband reminded me recently that EVERY time someone is saved it is an amazing story!! Details don’t matter … Jesus SAVES and THAT is the miracle.

      Happy Easter 🙂

    • 17.5
      Debbie says:

      Your story is precious and don’t be ashamed you don’t have a ‘wow’ story. I used to feel that way as I accepted Jesus at 17 and didn’t drink or do drugs so I didn’t have a wow conversion story. Well…I fell away from my close communion with the Lord for a number of years and did some things I really regret. Things I thought I was not capable of doing. Now I have that “wow-God has delivered me story” although I wish I didn’t have to take such a hard and painful road.
      Don’t let the enemy steal the sweetness of your story, it is still an encouragement to others of what God can do in a life!

  18. 18
    Tara G. says:

    I grew up in a Christian home. At about age 6 I attended a backyard Bible club at a neighbor’s home- she had it in her basement. I remember her using the colors from the wordless bracelet and each day she’d say that if someone wanted to ask Jesus to be their Savior to just raise their hand during prayer. I wanted to, but I wanted to know if anyone else did, too, so I peeked each time. I finally decided to go ahead with it and raised my hand; we prayed right there on the basement stairs. I’m 36 now.

  19. 19

    I was only 7 years old when I accepted Christ as my Savior. My parents had faithfully taken my sisters and me to church since we were born so I heard about Jesus from an early age. I felt the Lord working in my heart (conviction!) during a couple of Sunday services before making my walk down the aisle. I remember telling the pastor, “The Lord has touched my heart”. And He’s still touching my heart today!

  20. 20
    Lisa says:

    Saved at the age of 4 – prayed by myself, alone in my room. Not sure of the motivation, but remember the incredible JOY afterwards, even at 4 years old. Now, I’m a missionary with an organization whose goal is to “Reach Children and Develop Churches Worldwide” – because children CAN receive the Lord!
    -Lisa B.

    • 20.1
      Rachel says:

      Lisa, I was 4 years old also. My daddy was a pastor of a little church in Miami and I was on the playground outside at sunset. It was so beautiful and I remember feeling the Lord tell me that I was so special. I immediately went inside and told my parents that I needed Jesus. My daddy baptized me that 4th of July Sunday. Sunsets today are one of my most favorite things. Yes, children can!

  21. 21
    Sharon in Frederick,MD says:

    I was at a revival and I was twelve years old, I accepted Christ. But…I went through my rebellious years the next 38 yrs to be exact( I went through many growth spurts during this time) and in my 50’s I came into relationship with Him. This has been an exciting time, and I love Jesus, and I love learning. One other thing, my husband is a Christian and very knowledgable in the Word, and I can see how God has used us in each others lives. The knowledge he imparts to me has helped me grow, and my faithfulness to God has kept him on track.
    Happy and Blessed Easter to Beth, and all the Siesta’s.
    May God continue to reveal himself to us and to those who are searching and to those who are lost. In Christ Name. Amen

  22. 22
    Candace says:

    Wow, what a beautiful post and a beautiful idea. Thank you so much! I acknowledged my need for a Savior and accepted Jesus into my life at 14yrs of age. For a southern baptist pastor’s daughter, this was actually pretty late. 🙂 I grew up as a PK but really struggled with seeing my dad preach one thing on Sunday mornings and live a different life at home, I wouldn’t learn until I was an adult what “other life” my dad was leading all the while…but, I decided early on as a child that I didn’t want that. Then, as a teenager, friends at school invited me to youth group at another church and I started attending. When I saw the testimony of many wonderful Christians, especially my youth pastor, I sensed something different in them. I noticed that their lives were CHANGED and DIFFERENT because of Jesus…Jesus wasn’t just someone they talked about, they KNEW Him and LOVED Him…because He loved them and they believed it and accepted it. It was then, at age 14yrs, that I knew my need…that I was desperate for a Savior, and that Jesus had been there waiting for me all along. Hallelujah, WHAT A SAVIOR!

  23. 23
    Carol says:

    I grew up in church, was baptised and never thought anything different. But I didn’t understand what “being a Christian” really meant. When someone asked if I was a Christian I would reply, “I’m trying to be.” It was not until years later when I did something that I thought was unforgivable that I found what the redemtive forgiveness of Jesus Christ really meant. I now live AND believe in HIM. How wonderous is our Savior’s love for us!

  24. 24
    Elaine Johnson says:

    Short and sweet this will be, otherwise I’d be here all day and y’all would just be tempted to “skim.”

    Grew up in a non-Christian home. Always the sensitive one, I was easily hurt, diappointed, and turned inside-out. Clamoring for attention and affection, I pursued all the wrong things. Some youth interns from local church were at one of my softball games (a teammate of mine went to their church). I was surprised at how encouraging they were to all of us and thought that there was something very peculiar about them. These interns decided to host a pep rally for us at the church as we were playoff bound. During that time at the church, they invited us to go on a retreat that was coming up. Just one other girl and I went and I don’t remember them talking about Jesus or salvation or anything else…I just remember that I never felt so free and satisfied and so stinkin’ loved. It was from that moment that I began my lifelong pursuit of Jesus. That was 27 years ago. A happy, mostly healthy marriage and three kids later, I am happyily humbled to say that the legacy of faith, love, and grace has begun with me…

  25. 25
    Marcy says:

    Feb. 1979, I was 12…accepted Christ was baptised, I didn’t really get it. I thought cool I’m going to heaven. That was the extent of it (at the time). Fast forward, some 15 yrs. Jesus had a plan for me all along…after heartache, gluttony, drug addiction, abortion, miscarriage, grief, mind you I was pretty happy, these are the ugly portions. But one day I had HAD ENOUGH. I was on the bathroom floor BEGGING, and I do mean BEGGING: GOD HELP ME! I had been on meth for 7 or 8 yrs, and just couldn’t quit or take it anymore, and FYI, this bathroom was no place you would consider a sanctuary 🙂 But God indeed heard my cries for help, I don’t know how long it was after the face on the floor episode, but I found out I was pregnant. It was my redeeming moment, with out any difficulty, withdrawls, or questions, I QUIT, drugs, alchohol & cigarettes. It was my miracle. I still can’t believe the goodness of our LORD, I mean look at the heinous things I’d done. Thank you Jesus I love you too. In His grace and mercy he even allowed me to facilitate a few Beth Moore studies…isn’t that CRAZY??? Somtimes I look at old pictures from the partying days and can barely wrap my mind around the change He brought about in my life! As I am sure you all know there are so many more miraculous moments and details, because God is BUSY, but this is the condensed version and I am gratful for a place to share and be reminded what HE did for me on the cross.

  26. 26
    KarriedbyHisLove says:

    I was in a Children’s Church service, in what would become our local baptist church. My parents had attended there a few times, but we were still fairly new attendees. I was eight. I still remember the teacher, the upright piano, the rows of children and the room. I don’t remember what the lesson was about, but I distinctly remember when the teacher had us bow our heads and talked about our personal need of a Savior and what Christ had done on the cross for our sins. I clearly remember feeling the tug on my heart that I did need a Savior and this was for me that Christ had died. I prayed to accept Christ that day in a little side room with the teacher reading to me from her Bible. I remember like it was yesterday!! Praise the Father for His gracious, merciful redemption provided through Christ death, burial and resurrection!! I love Him and thank Him for this amazing gift!!!!

  27. 27
    Janet says:

    When I grew up, my family was at church every time the doors were open. I had a longing for spiritual things, even at a young age. When I was 7 years old, our church had a revival in the fall. One particular evening, during the sermon and especially during the “invitation” (altar call), I felt a stirring in my soul to receive Jesus as my Savior. I walked the isle and told the Pastor I wanted to ask Jesus into my life. He signaled for my father to come forward and the Pastor asked my dad to pray with me. I remember we knelt at the front of the sanctuary and that’s where I asked Jesus to come into my “heart.” As I look back on that event, I think it was really cool that the Pastor had my Dad pray with me….that’s something special to me now as I think about it. Even though there were times early on when I doubted my “salvation experience,” I am so grateful to Jesus for calling me at an early age and wooing me to Himself. It is with a thankful heart that I celebrate this Easter. We just found out my Dad has colon cancer,(they caught it really early, Praise God!) so I am even more grateful that I have that special moment with my Dad when we knelt together and He prayed with me to trust Jesus as my Savior. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share our testimony.

  28. 28
    Holla says:

    I was 9 years old and it was an altar call. I was so moved by the music and the preaching that I felt the Lord speaking to me. It is hard to fathom that at 9 you can know what bad the world has in it, but I knew in my heart that this is what I needed to do!

  29. 29
    Myriam says:

    I was raised in church, choir member, altar girl and all. But it was not until I was 27 years old that I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour. To make it short, I wasn’t looking for Christ. I was trying to run away from my old life. I became a single mother out of wedlock and that was not the plan I had for my life. I was running away from NY to Fl to start over where no one knew me. In my own view, I was a total failure. I took my 2 months old boy and headed to Orlando and a few days later I was invited to attend church. I didn’t really want to go to church but went anyway. The preacher read portion of Romans 7. It was as if God was talking to me directly out of the verses. I was having a conversation in my head as he read each verse. He spoke about the good I want to to do I don’t do and that it is the result of sin. I thought
    wow – so it’s not me after all and someone understood and this is in the Bible.
    He asked the question: who will rescue us from this body of death? and I thought ‘so there’s hope after all’ and he concluded ‘thanks be to God….’ and I was sold.

    Went to the place where I was staying and cried my eyes out and confessed every known sin and was so thankful that Christ redeemed me from this body of death. Got up from my knees and knew that I was not the same person.
    That was 10 years ago. Still amazed that He chose to die for me. For us all. Thank you Lord.

  30. 30
    Letty says:

    I was 29, knew about Jesus but did not know Him, love Him, or serve Him. A small voice within began “nagging” me to go to church (I hated church). I was to the point of thumbing through the yellow pages looking for a church. A co-worker, who is now an incredibly close friend, began sharing with me about Jesus and the church she attended. She invited us to her daughter’s dedication. When I sat down, listened to the music, heard the message, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I had come “home” and 30 years later, Jesus continues to be “home.”

  31. 31
    Paula K says:

    My story actually begins with my parents’ salvation: My parents became believers soon after they were married. Their decision to trust Christ was of great offense to both sides of their family. The were given the choice to renounce their faith or be ostracized from their parents. Dad and Mom chose Christ. Although the persecution they endured was devastating, their faith was dramatically enhanced since they had only God and each other to lean on for support. My dad, who had been a high school drop-out, got his GED and then enrolled in a Christian university. Upon graduation, he entered seminary. Neither he nor Mom could get enough of God! Why do I give you all this background for MY story? Because my parents chose to commit their lives completely to God and to follow hard after Him, the chains of alcoholism, emotional/physical abuse, and dysfunction which ran rampant in both their families were totally broken. My parents rewrote what would have become their own family history. I eagerly accepted Christ at the earliest age of understanding. This Easter weekend, my godly parents will be surrounded by their 4 children, 3 sons-in-law, 1 daughter-in-law, 12 grandchildren, 2 grandchildren-in-law, and 3 great grandchildren to celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made for each one of us. Each one of us is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Halleleuah! What a Savior!

  32. 32
    Sarah says:

    I was at church camp as a young girl of age 9. I grew up in church and a christian home. It wasn’t until I reached the ripe old age of 30 (smile)that God really turned me around. I never rejected my saviour, but, do to bad choices, I felt God was too distant. At 30, I had my little girl and God woke me up. As a single mom, I want/wanted nothing more than my daughter to have a heart for Jesus. I just love my saviour and am so very thankful for his grace and mercy.

  33. 33
    Diana Tempksi says:

    After being raised in a strict and dogmatic Catholic home, I rebelled against anything to do with Christianity as a young adult. A few years later, I came to Christ when I was 24. I had only been married about a year but had lived with my husband for 4 years prior to marriage, this sin has been placed at the foot of the cross. Quite simply, I was given the opportunity to experience and receive true Christlike love from some very dear friends who were on a mission to bring my husband and I to a new relationship with Christ. These friends never once criticized us or condemned us but rather built a friendship with us and loved us! They spoke truth in love to us like nobody had ever before and we both received it! Praise you Lord Jesus for loving me so!!! I thank God frequently for chasing me down with such love!

  34. 34
    Pam Houston says:

    Praise God! He is Risen…He is risen indeed! Jesus the same, yesterday, today and forever came into my heart on July 8, 1956, as a little elderly woman that lived two doors down from my childhood home, loved Child Evangelsm and shared with me the necessity of asking Jesus to become my own personal LORD and Savior. She gave me a tiny Bible and we wrote in it the momentous occasion and dated it and I signed my name in childish scrawl to ratify my decision. Years later when I went on a serious backslide into the world, I questioned whether or not I had truly been born-again. How could anyone who is born again make such disasterous decisions that had long term consequences? I was sick at heart and sick to death. I couldn’t possibly have been born-again and committed such ungodly acts. My wise and loving Mother produced the little Bible and there the truth of my conversion stared me in the face. The problem was me. I was in control of my life and not Jesus! I repented soundly that day for my doubt and unbelief and asked the LORD to take control of the throne of my life, and allow the Holy Spirit to have rule and reign in my life. I was 22 when that happened, and I have never again questioned whether I was born-again or not. I was a child of the King and I was blood-bought! Today is such a glory day to realize passion of our LORD and the agonizing price He paid…for each one of us. How could I ever express my grateful thanks for dying for me? Every day I ask the LORD to make me a blessing to someone, and that I might know Him in the power of His resurrection glory. Joy unspeakable and full of glory. Thank you dearest “Siesta Mama” for giving us such a forum to share our testimonies…and blessed Resurrection Day to you and yours!
    Pam H.

  35. 35
    dinahloo says:

    Grew up in church, but never really heard that you had to be born again,so I always assumed that I was a Christian. Partied (drinking, no drugs) alot in high school, made out alot (but never went all the way) but I did alot of things that I now deeply regret.(this was mid-1970’s). Was never satisfied with life, thought about suicide. Always thought that if I moved “Out West” I would be happy (from Ohio). After first year in college, 18 years old, went to a Christian retreat. First night at retreat stayed in a cabin with both guys & girls…alot of stuff going on in there that shouldn’t have been..why no chaperone’s?
    Some were smoking pot. At that point I decided that if these people were “real” Christians, then there must not be a God. Smoked pot that night at the alter of an outdoor chapel.Next day heard a couple of women talking about Jesus like he was a friend. Knew in my heart that that was what I had been looking for. Talked late into the night to these two about Jesus. Next morning had worship service at the same outdoor chapel, at end of service, group stood around the alter holding hands and someone praying. I “felt” the Holy Spirit for the first time. When I went home, was laying on bed and said to God “if you really are real and can fix my life that I felt I had pretty much screwed up, please come into my heart”. I felt the peace that passes understanding, and became a new creature in Christ. So for the last 35 years it has been a roller coaster of a journey, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  36. 36
    Beverly says:

    Though I prayed “the sinners prayer” at a Good News Club when I was in the 5th grade, the god I knew through church, etc. was a distant taskmaster, demanding perfection and punishing any disobedience. I tried for years to be perfect, to measure up to his standards. Of course I never could . . .
    I became more depressed and angry and despairing; I was a missionary; I taught Bible classes; I served meals; ministered to the sick and grieving. No matter what it was, it was never enough.
    By 1992, at age 35, I had sunk into mental illness. I was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, hospitalized in a lock-down facility. Yet, it was there, on a tile floor, having totally “failed”, reputation lost, that God truly drew me to Himself. I had thrown my bible across the room, “what did I ever do to deserve what you have done to me?!” (oh, how I cringe even today at my self-centeredness). When I got up to pick up my Bible, it was open to Psalm 73. I read, and tears began streaming down my face. God knew how much pain I was in! God was right there, all along! “Whom have I in heaven but Thee? And besides Thee I have nothing else on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. . .”
    I stayed on the floor all night, reading the familiar passages with new, redeemed eyes. I allowed God’s grace and mercy to be mine. I received His forgiveness. I truly was a new creation.
    After 3 weeks of inpatient, I spent 2 years in intensive outpatient therapy. By God’s tremendous mercy, I am healed of my mental illness. My personality is integrated; I stay in reality; I have emotions. My counselor (a non believer) admitted that truly a miracle had happened. . .
    For the last seventeen and a half years it has been my passion to give hope to hurting and abused women, that Jesus is there; He is enough. He loves you; He died and rose for you. He sees what has happened; He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6)
    As an aside, my husband stood by me; my children have forgiven me and we have a good relationship, a healthy relationship. Sure, I lost some “friends” when I failed, but God has given me even more friendships that are based on Christ, not on personal performance.
    I love this Easter season. I know what it feels like to be at the brink of death and have God rescue me. I will always be grateful and amazed at His mercy. I love Him so much!

  37. 37
    April Lewis says:

    I was saved at 20 – but wasn’t living the way I should. 3 years later I met my husband… in a bar – I was into drinking and partying nearly every weekend. I wanted God but I wanted my way too. We were married in August 2005 and I became pregnant in December. A friend of mine invited us to high attendance Easter service at her church and we went. It was then that I realized we were about to bring a child into the world and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I rededicated my life to Christ in 2006 and I’m so grateful for His amazing grace. You see, there really is no logical reason I am where I am today. He protected me all those years between being 20 and 26 – I am truly amazed when I look back and realize all of the trouble I really could have been in. God is amazing!

  38. 38
    Christina says:

    I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was 5 years old. I lived my life waiting for the next bad thing to happen. I knew He was there my whole life but, I didn’t “get” the relationship until I was well into my 20’s and realized that He wanted to bless me. My entire life changed after that. God has never been so dear to me as He is right now in my life! I am breaking cycles, bondage and learning not to let my security be rocked! I love you Lord! Thank you for what you did for me!!!

  39. 39
    HisJules says:

    I was 6 years old when I invited Christ into my heart. I can still remember walking that aisle and the feelings that led me there. Sadly I can not remember really having a relationship with Christ until I was 17, at that age I rededicated my life to the Lord and even accepted the call to ministry of whatever kind he chose, that lasted about 10 months. 9 years later, after living life for myself and my own desires, I returned to church I thought to make sure my daughters were brought up the way I was, but it was for a much better reason. The Holy Spirit drew me to the altar and the refreshing in my spirit was like standing under a water fall and letting everything fall away. I knew that Christ had brought me home. I no longer wanted the old lifestyle or those choices, I wanted more of Christ. I wanted to be so full of Him that I ceased. I still strive for that. Praise you Lord for the sacrifice you made and for the grace you extend to those of us with stubborn hearts, and strong wills. Thank you for having mercy on me and leading me back to the ROCK of my Faith. I am so unworthy, and you are so HOLY!!

  40. 40
    Deana says:

    My mom’s dad was a pastor. While my mom was still a teen his lack of rest and balance in his life caused him to have a stroke. She married my dad, a wonderful man, that didn’t come from a christian home. When my sister and I were little my dad did not go to church and my mom didn’t know if she should go without him or stay home. Often she would stay home but would drop us off at church in our small community. There people I didn’t know showed me about Jesus. I am so thankful for them!!! I went to the altar when I was in Jr. High and asked Jesus into my heart. I loved the Lord and got serious about my walk when I was in college. MY dad became a christian right before my wedding. Now he and my mom attend a great church every week. He delivers meals for the elderly and will tell them about God whenever he can!!
    I just got in from a run. As I was listening to worship music the thought occured to me also that I take for granted the pain my Savior endured for me… We are blessed blessed children to be loved so dearly…

  41. 41
    Geneva says:

    It was 32 years ago and I was pregnant with my second child. I started to attend bible study and from there went to church and received the Holy Spirit. Unfortauntely, I slipped not once, but twice through the years and went through some terrible battles but praise be to God, he remained faithful to me and I was able to surrender to him again. The last couple of years have been glorious and I can’t wait to see what he has for me and my walk with the him.

    My oldest daughter, her husband and four children now serve the Lord and that is truly a blessing, they came from a home of violence and drugs and now they are healed. I am praying for my husband of 34 years and I know that the time is near for him to turn his life over to the Lord, the anticipation is killing me! My youngest daughter and her family are also heavy on my heart and I pray that as they sit with me for the first time in church Easter Sunday as a family that they will listen the our Lord Jesus Christ and will yearn for his presence in their lives.

    Praise the Lord, these chains are gone and I have been set free.

  42. 42
    Mindy says:

    I was in 5th or 6th grade, and I had been to church on a Sunday night. As the preacher made the alter call at the end of the service as he always did, I could feel my heart pounding as if it would beat right out of my chest. I was very shy and terrified to go down in front of the church. I’m sad to say that I did not go down that night even though I knew God was calling me. My heart quickens as I remember how I felt all those years ago. The next day, alone in my room, I asked for God’s forgiveness and salvation. I have let Him down a countless number of times since then, but He has never once let me down or left me. Over the past eight years, I have truly come to know what it means to have a relationship with Christ, and I am so grateful for it! He is the love of my life. Thank you for reminding me of His relentless pursuit of those He loves. Happy Easter!

  43. 43
    Nancy Casady says:

    I came to Christ at 19. I often say I became a Christian when I figured out I wasn’t one. I grew up going to church and doing the ‘look good’ religion, but had no idea about what the Bible actually taught, it was described as merely a book of stories. After high school I worked in a Christian bookstore that some family friends owned. I was not prepared for what these people were truly about and why they wanted to run this bookstore. They sold all these books, resources and music that were about a relationship with our Creator not defined by a church or a group of people. At the same time I was also seeing some scary spiritual activity and reading fictional books about how the spiritual world might work, angels and demons fighting and humans praying. (Books by Frank Peretti). I quickly recognized that I did not have protection from the darkness I’d always feared (childhood nightmares etc). Then the people who owned the bookstore did the same thing the people in the books did. They read the Bible and prayed and the dark spiritual forces were silenced. Shortly after this, I prayed the prayer that one of the characters in the book(s) prayed and asked Jesus to be in charge of her life, protect her from the evil forces I saw all around me, and fill me up with His purposes.

    • 43.1
      Kim says:

      I love to read so it is great to hear how God used Christian fiction in the process of drawing you to the truth, I have a friend from Holland who was drawn to the Lord from listening to Michael W Smith songs. God is so good!

  44. 44
    partialemptynester says:

    My parents were missionaries in the Middle East when I was born and I cannot remember ever not knowing Jesus. Early one morning when I was 7 my family was leaving a hotel in New Delhi, India and as far down the sidewalk as my little eyes could see were beggars sleeping. My heart focused on the children and God spoke in my heart that one day I would bring home a little girl of my own from a foreign country. I believed Him as my Lord and Savior, accepted His promise for my life right then and there. Not long after, pride in my “knowledge” of Him grew and became ugly in my heart. Rebellion set in and I spiraled downward into a pit of sin. At 19 I chose to play God and take the life of my unborn child growing inside of me. At that point, I truly believed that God would henceforth be unable to keep His promise to me that He had made when I was 7. Long story short, in the darkest of darkness, I cried out to Him and rededicated my life to Him, but was unable to accept any chance for the promise made a lifetime ago to be kept. I eventually married the man that God put on my heart, which would have been plenty, but God had even more spectacular plans! He gifted us with a biological son, and opened my heart to His promise anew. When our son turned four, he began to pray for a baby sister every night for two years and when he was six went to Russia with us to bring home his baby sister from a foreign country. My son walked the streets of Russia with his baby sister in his arms, telling one person after another, “This is my gift from God”. My daughter is now 12 and never a day goes by that I don’t look at my precious gift from God and know that I know that I know that my Lord and Redeemer lives and is a PromiseKeeper indeed! She is my answer to the first question of this week’s discussion questions!

  45. 45
    Devin says:

    I was 19 years old when I accepted the Lord! It was Feb 26 @ 8:30, my Jr. College basketball coach asked me to come to church with her. The service was different that night. They ask the congregation to commit to pray for one person who was lost. My coach leaned over, put her hand on my back and said she wanted me to commit to praying for the girls on our team who were not Christ followers. At that moment, I knew I had lived a fake life, playing the good girl for many years would not result in, “my child enter the kingdom”. Broken as I could be before the Lord, I still denied making the decision, until I planted one foot outside the church doors, and it was like God audibly said, “This is it” Last chance, Devin”. I quickly walked back inside to find the pastors wife (whom I didn’t know, but has become such a mentor in my life), and said I need the Lord, and I can’t run anymore. So I prayed the best way I knew how, and Jesus blood washed me clean! Now I am a child of OUR GOD! Amen! Looking forward to every path he is creating….God is to be praised!


  46. 46
    Monica says:

    I grew up catholic and raised in church doing all the catholic rituals. My father had a brain tumor that his second surgery, when I was 12, did not fix but made him worse. He was the primary breadwinner and my mom was beyond devastated. She grew up in an abusive alcoholic home and my dad was her “knight in shining armor.” She was depressed and my dad was in a nursing home. One night right before Christmas, she committed suicide and my life changed forever. I always believed in God; but I probably didn’t believe God and who he was. From 13 to 21, my life was sad; and I lost my way(in many different ways). I met my husband who was raised with Christ, but his home was a mess too. After we were married, we found a church family and dabbled in Sunday service, Sunday school and fellowship. After our first child was born, we tried to get more “into it.” One February day when I was picking my child up from daycare, after work, I got a call that my home we were renting was burning down. Thankfully, my husband wasn’t sleeping, which could have been likely due to odd hours for work; he was with a friend. I was wanting to be baptized for a long time but “too insecure/shy” to go forward. The Sunday before the fire, our preacher gave a “why wait” message that stirred me, then the fire; the next day, 2/15/95, I was baptized. But it gets better. I really believe that I gave my life to Christ before the baptism; but I gave my heart to Christ after that. After life goes on, I got to stay home with my 2 children which afforded me the HUGE blessing of BSF and Beth Moore bible studies. Both of these changed my life and my heart, to this day, I am a living miracle because of Jesus!

  47. 47
    Julie says:

    I was first “saved” when I was about 18 years old – the year my father died of cancer. BUT, there was no fruit, no change in my lifestyle – in fact, my life went from bad to worse to even worse. In the meantime, I married and had three children. We went to church and while I was “good” at church – my homelife was horrible. In December 2005, our church split and I’d had enough of “religion”. We were invited to a church that I vowed I would never go to due to a bad experience with the church 7 yeears prior. My girls wanted to go back to church, so we went to this church. From the first day visiting the church, one woman in particular grabbed on to me and wouldn’t let go. Then another woman followed her. These women held me accountable in so many ways – some I didn’t like, but God knew I needed. They didn’t let me get by with any further “pretending”. During this time, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, my daughter was diagnosed with seizures, my family was falling apart, my drinking was getting worse – so many things were happening. These women were by my side through it all. They didn’t let me go and never gave up on me. In October 2006, I met my Kinsman Redeemer headon! I was baptized in August of 2007.

    God is so good. He sent His precious Son to die for me! I can’t fathom that at all – can’t even comprehend the tiniest shred of that, but I can reflect and I can thank Him for His son. Thank you, Abba Father!

  48. 48
    Lonnie says:

    I was 40 years old … had been raised Catholic, married a Southern Baptist, and dragged him to other protestant churches for 17 years. I was constantly searching for “it” but was sure that being “born again” was NOT IT! Then, one day in a little Baptist Church, God TURNED THE LIGHTS ON FOR ME – sent me a woman who discipled me every morning at 6:00 am for 11 weeks using the Survival Kit …. It has been 23 years and I still have that same silly grin on my face! I know that God spends much of His time just shaking his head at the things that I do on a daily basis … but I am holding on to the promise that, while I constantly mess up, He constantly loves me. I am so not worthy – but HE IS !

  49. 49
    Mimeriffic Girl says:

    I believe the seeds were planted for my walk with God from the time I was a very small girl. C.S. Lewis’s timeless classics, “The Chronicles of Narnia” have been a beloved source for my imagination, love of literature, and most of all, my decision to follow Christ. I remember as a six-year-old how much the main character of the series, Aslan reminded me of Christ, and what He did on the cross. I also remember feverently praying to God to “let me go through the wardrobe, into Narnia, and one day let me meet Aslan.” I smile now at both the simplicity & profoundness of what I was asking God for – I was looking for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. As time went on, I was involved in church, and raised with Christian values, but when I was 13 years old, I realized at a church conference I didn’t really know God for myself. Not long after, as an 8th grader, I had a Godly teacher (in the public school system!)who said openly how much she loved the Bible, loved the song “Friends,” & loved the CCM artist Micheal W. Smith. Intrigued, and because she was a favorite teacher, I began to explore these concepts for myself. I found the song by calling our local Christian music sation, and hearing the song was a new concept for me -I’d never thought about friendships, relationships, etc as being based on God, as having deeper meaning, and menaing beyond this life. Not longer after came Petra’s “Road To Zion,” which directed the concept of the narrow road that led to life, and the wide road that DIDN’T!I realized I was on the wide road, and needed to change, and my life became His. As I look back, I see all the ways that my Bridegroom has wooed me, and called me His. It is a Good Friday indeed!

  50. 50
    Jean says:

    I was 28. Everything thus far had failed. Two marriages, drugs, numerous “religions”, hippie-hood, etc. But I had to go to work to support my son. The receptionist at the office was serene and peaceful, not pushy at all. She just read the bible every day at her desk as there wasn’t anything else for her to do. So I started asking questions. Some from genuine interest, but basically trying to woo her to my way of life (since I was so “enlightened”.) Long story short: If you are working with other people, you may have the ministry that no one else has…that someone desperately needs. I thank God that He put Suze there. Knowing Christ saved my life (then and there – here and now – forevermore). Amen.

    • 50.1
      Caroline says:

      I asked my Sunday School teacher when she began giving us verses and poems to recite at our little church’s Easter program;”As soon as you could talk!” she replied. We wore our Sunday best and a little hat, passed down from our cousins. It was all very special, and, although I didn’t realize it at the time, it was the beginning of my walk with Jesus. I was 14 when I realized that I needed to repent, and that Jesus was my Savior. I was 19 when I realized He was my Lord. I was 31 when I more fully realized He is Sovereign over all. Today, on this Good Friday, I rejoice that He is my Faithful Savior, Lord, Sovereign and King; yesterday, today and tomorrow.

      • Karen E says:

        I love how you articulated this: “I was 14 when I realized that I needed to repent, and that Jesus was my Savior. I was 19 when I realized He was my Lord. I was 31 when I more fully realized He is Sovereign over all.”

        All those stages of growing in faith. My story is similar — at 18 I realized Jesus’ death was actually for me because of my huge need, then I tried to earn more of God’s grace by being “good” for many years. At 37 I began learning who God really is, and at 46 I’m finally accepting God’s sovereignty. What a journey!

        I thank God for His patience and grace to me throughout!

    • 50.2
      Heather says:

      I am so grateful that that receptionist was there for you. God is good, for He puts us where we need to be!

    • 50.3
      Anastasia says:

      Oh I love it, God intervenes and we get eternity! Bless you my sister!
      In the Beloved,~A~

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