Picture Overload

Right after Jackson was born, my dad gave me a really nice digital camera. It’s fast and it takes pretty pictures. With my limited photography skills, I’m unworthy of having such a great camera, but I love it. Scores of parents have learned the hard way that when you’re taking pictures of squirrely kids, slow digital cameras just don’t get the job done. You say “One, two, three, cheese!”, your kid flashes an over the top grin and squints his eyes, and then five more seconds pass before it takes the picture. By then your child is either picking his nose or running to the breakfast room to make another spit drawing on the glass table top. (Not that my child does those things.) The camera my dad gave me has been such a blessing. Melissa just got one for her birthday and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

There are two drawbacks to my nice camera. One, it’s heavy and not very fun to lug around sometimes. It’s not one that you can just tuck away in your purse in case something cute or funny happens. Two, I miss out on some good picture taking opportunities because I refuse to take it near water or leave it in my pool bag while I play with the kids. If it gets damaged or lost, I can’t replace it.

Those are the times when Mom has my back. She always says, “Honey, take mine!” Hers is a little point and shoot camera. I took her up on the offer last weekend. When I uploaded the images onto my computer, all 256 pictures that she’s never done anything with came right along with the ones I’d taken.

You may be wondering why we had never done anything with these pictures. Well, the cord that connects the camera to the computer got lost long ago and, until a few days ago, Dumb and Dumber didn’t know you could just stick the photo card straight into the computer. (There I go using bad words from my thought closet!) I wasn’t going to share this detail, but Mom insisted I let you know that she didn’t even know how to review her pictures on her camera’s little screen. Bless her heart.

Your faithful Siesta Mama and Siesta Daughter thought you might like to see a sample of the smorgasbord of pictures from the last year and a half. It’s never too late to share, right?

Here’s the back of Melissa’s head when she was doing a wedding hair and makeup trial run.

There’s a story to this but I don’t remember what it was. That was before the puppies came and obliterated the back yard. (Mom just reminded me that this was when Dad asked her if she had gotten a new makeup smock. He had no idea she was going to wear this to work.)

Here’s my dad with his two-year-old cowboy. This was the day we took Jackson to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for the first time.

I had to include this one because of Sunny.

The miniature Wranglers were just too much.

We ran into one of my best friends, Kay, and her little boy.

We’ll try that one again.

We had a lot of fun watching the baby goats. They’re so naughty.

A carnival ride.

Bibby and Jackson on the carousel.

Mom spending a few minutes in the correspondence office at LPM. The person who sent her those slippers must have just done Daniel.

Starley McFarley as a wee pup!

Bad Dog Geli laying on the furniture. Nowadays she jumps on tables. She’s very goat-like.

A deer feeder at the ranch. There were a ton of beautiful pictures from there, but I think we’ll do a separate post for them.

A view of the sunset from the ranch.

This is a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Mom took this when Jackson stared at it and said, “Bibby, birds love Jesus.”

Here’s my family on a carriage ride last December. I was sweating in that track suit with my hot chocolate. That’s Houston for you.

Absolutely no idea.

Bibby and Jackson playing some air hockey at our church.

Jackson was making a Popeye face.

You may not know that the Chick-fil-a cow recently visited LPM.

Mom loves Chick-fil-a.

This was my mom’s birthday lunch at P.F. Chang’s. Praise the Lord.

Star on her way to work. Part of me thinks she should be in a 5-point harness.

This is what happened when Mom snubbed the perfectly good milk that had technically reached its expiration date. Dad was terribly offended.

The milk carton says, “For Keith Only” and the drawing is supposed to be a skull and crossbones. Welcome to the family freak show.


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  1. 101
    Leslie Lauren says:

    P.S. There is just no one else who can make sweet tea like Chic-fil-A…except maybe Cracker Barrel 🙂

  2. 102
    Maria Cristina says:

    that smock!!! that smock!!!! I recall secretly pining for it… 🙂 thank you for the photographic mementos, Amanda!! Star and Geli melt my heart!!! waaaah!!!!!!

  3. 103
    tiggerdaisy says:

    I so needed this! Thanks for sharing some great pics that made me smile and let out a few hoots and hollers! 🙂

    Prayers and blessings,

    p.s. Had you gotten a hold of my photo sd card, you would have gotten around 400 or so images. Why you may ask? Well, I have a 22 month old and an 11 week old–and those pictures are priceless. WHAT IF something happened to my computer where said pictures have been saved? It would be a very traumatic seaspm in my household that's for sure. 🙂 Love you!

  4. 104
    Mama Bev says:

    Ahh. . .sweet memories of Chick-fil-A when we lived in Waxhaw, NC and Savannah, GA. The Pacific NW really doesn't know how to do chicken (though I must admit, we recently got a Popeye's in Salem and that's not too bad)
    Thanks for sharing, Amanda!
    beverly, Stayton,OR

  5. 105
    ArmyReserveWife says:

    Amanda-Those are great pictures. I have to admit, I love the Dumb and Dumber comment. LOL The pic of your dad and Jackson with the hose, I don't think I would want to know. Some things are just between a grandpa and his grandson. LOL

    Have a wonderful day and weekend!!
    Alexandria, VA

  6. 106
    Anonymous says:

    so specail thanks i so neeeded that,my dog needs some thing tsits in front with me(my husband did that when i was with my best freind for a week)she things she is human & at times i think she is, so now i do have to find soemthing for her, shes a lab,i loved all the pictires,they all are so specail,love the milk thing ha,& the one what ever,ha loved it all.I am Suthern Baptist but i have all ways loved that St i love all Gods animals big & small.Thanks again.Victoria Welch Reidsville NC

  7. 107
    lavonda says:

    love those pics! Y'all are so much fun!

  8. 108
    abraham's daughter says:

    Thanks for being the real deal!

  9. 109
    Beckycain6 says:

    Ain't life grand? What's funny to one woman, is borish to the next. I MUST say, this line had me literally crying in laughter (sorry bladder AND uterus):

    "Bad Dog Geli laying on the furniture. Nowadays she jumps on tables. She's very goat-like."

    Seriously. So daggone funny. Eat your heart out Ellen Degeneres…..

  10. 110
    SoonerAggieMom says:

    Oh those were funny! Thanks for sharing from your "freak show". Hilarious!

  11. 111
    Anonymous says:

    My daughters love Chick-file, we even stopped at the original in Greenbriar Mall once on vacation and the workers there did not know they were the original (where is the respect for history). My oldest daughter would buy ten calendars every Christmas for the coupons and eat there almost everyday of college. She knew everyone and called them by first name, the manager was Sam. About 2 or 3 weeks before she moved she noticed "Sam" had a name plate on for "David" she promptly called his attention to the fact that he had the wrong name tag, no I don't he told my soon to be college grad, my name is David. But I have called you Sam for years she exclaimed, Yes you have David answered but I did not mind. We still tease her today almost 10 years later. Don't you just love the special idiocincrities (did I spell it right, I doubt it) that make up a family. From one family freak show to another…. Shalom

  12. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Milk after the expiration date – GROSS!!! Not touching it. –This is a fear I don't need to bother the Lord with :O)

    Love the pics – thank you for sharing and have a fabulous weekend everybody!

    Dawn Holmes
    Daytona Beach, FL

  13. 113
    Elizabeth says:

    Amen to Chick-Fil-A being the best. If you have not tried the Chick-Fil-A sauce to dip your nuggets in, try it-you will not be sorry.
    For the record, the date on the milk is a Sell By date(meaning the date the grocery store has to remove from the shelf) You still have time as a consumer to use the milk (sometimes as much as 5 days). I am a home economics teacher so I had to get that in. (I teach high school and I am on summer break and I haven't had to teach this all summer, so thought I would get some Foods teaching practice in since school starts in a month ) 🙁

  14. 114
    Unreasonable Grace says:

    Courageous move, posting some of those pix. Love the milk. And the bad-dog Geli. And baby Star.

    That frig looks too clean to be true.

    I'm just sayin….


  15. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Those lion slippers have some nice hair! Just like Beth!
    Jenny from VA

  16. 116
    Missy says:

    Hey Beth & LPM,

    Just wanted to let you know how excited I am for Deeper Still in Greensboro next weekend! Quick story for you… Day before yesterday, I was on my way to work feeling rather weary and down- trodden. I was listening to our local Christian radio station in Winston-Salem. They were doing a give-away of free Deeper Still tickets to the person with the most cluttered purse. In order to win, you had to call out everything in your purse, and if you had the item they were looking for you could win the tickets.

    I was so touched by the lady who called in!! She was squealing with delight as she rapidly screamed out everything in her purse. (Mind you she was in the drive-thru line all the while she was doing this.) When they told her she had won the tickets, she was so excited that she pulled her car over so she could dance her praises! Hearing her excitement about Deeper Still made my day! I just thought, "How exciting is it to know that there are so many women out there (including me) who are filled with anticipation to see what the Lord is going to do next weekend at Deeper Still!!!" As you always say, Beth, ain't no high like the Most High! Praise Jesus!!

    Know that I'll be praying for you Beth, for LPM & for Travis, et. al. all week. See you there!!


  17. 117
    Heiress of God says:

    Great Pictures .. thanks for sharing them with us…

    And Beth, I don't blame you… I wouldn't drink that milk either!!!
    If it smells the least bit funny … out it goes… and experation date… GONE!!!!

    You all make us feel like we are part of your family… thanks for being so real with us.

    Love you all!!!

  18. 118
    Brandy says:

    thanks for the pictures! Lots of fun…

  19. 119
    BillsGirl says:

    LOL! Thanks for sharing. The photos are great. I feel like such a part of the Moore family.

    Blessings & Love to all of you!
    Mary Ann
    Woodbury, MN

  20. 120
    Jenny says:

    Thanks so much for sharing pictures from your everyday life! I love it! I too have pictures on my camera from last summer…guess I just never think to do it when there's so many other things to get done, as a mom of three. 🙂 God bless you and your mom today!

  21. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks Amanda for those great pictures. So much happens in a year. This blog made me smile. In Jesus' Love Kathy Knoblock

  22. 122
    Kristen says:

    I am so tickled by this post… especially cause the "blonder than she pays to be 2" didn't realize that I could take the photo card out of my camera until a light bulb finally went off one day… I would fret when I couldn't upload something from my camera when the batteries were dead. How did I ever reach the age of 43?

    The milk carton.. oh so funny. Of course this comes from a girl that has many a science experiment in the back of her fridge.

    … and finally the Chick-fil-a Cow – went to CFA a few weeks ago for lunch and the cow was out front waving at folks. I had to run out to him and get my picture made w/ him! LOL. I love Chick- fil-a too!

    Thanks for brightening my day!

  23. 123
    Rachel says:

    I knew someone else wears slippers at work!!

  24. 124
    Holly in Houston says:

    My favorite is Jackson's cute little boy bottom in the wranglers. And being from Houston I TOTALLY RESPECT y'all for taking a little one and stroller to the rodeo! That is not an easy task! Go Team!

  25. 125
    Lynn says:

    Love the pictures! Not sure about that skull on the milk, great communication tool thought!! I too just learned you could put the memory card directly in the computer, alas my computer doesn't have a disk drive for the card!! I take many more pictures now with a digital because I can delete the ones that don't work. Thanks for sharing with us.

  26. 126
    Erica says:

    So fun to share in your memories. I am glad you recognized your "Thought closet lie" because I was going to call you out on in, like a loving Bible study buddy should : )
    See you soon!

  27. 127
    Jerry, Kim and Elijah says:

    The other day we explained to my 8y/o son that when Mommy and Daddy were growing you dropped off something called film and then went back ONE WHOLE WEEK later to see the pics. We had found an old roll of film of my Moms and were going to drop it off to be developed. He said, "Well, let me see the pictures." If Bibby needs technical assistance, she can call my 8y/o. I wouldn't have known you could just put the card in either, but he probably does. I remember when you Mom posted about buy a digital camera at Walgreens and it asked her, "What kind of pictures do you want to take?" And your mother yelled at the camera, "Christmas pictures." Anytime I invite someone to a Beth Moore Bible study, I always tell them that story! It's great outreach.
    Kim Feth
    Apex, NC

  28. 128
    Siesta OC says:

    OK – Ya'll are the sillest people…

    The Cowboy boots on Jackson, I couldn't stand it.

    Starley McFarley: Now I KNOW what ya'll do during the day, you think up names.

    Geli, closing her eyes for the camera – "no more paparazzi"

    Beth's Lion slippers – I need me some about as much as a bump-it!

    Jackson's vans – I live in Cali, so vans are big here!

    The Chick-fil-A Cow, I love good marketing. And NO, it is no surprise your mother is a fan.

    AND #1: the milk with the Pirate Warning – Be Warned: this milk is past due. I love that she made it clear who it belonged to.
    I guess he is daring.

    Thanks for the random shots – they were great.

  29. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Hey Amanda! Thanks for the laughs and for sharing the family with us again. The Wraglers were cute, but the boots were about to die for. Nothing cuter than a miniature cowboy in boots! (Noticed his bud wore tennies…to the STOCK SHOW…goodness!) Your little man's in style! Hey…just wondered if Mama Siesta knows she can take that same little camera card right over to the Walgreens and pop it into the machine and print out all those wonderful pictures…better yet…she can send them online from her computer and just go pick them up!!! I LOVE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN…well mostly for technology anyway. Heaven still calls! Have a great weekend. Thanks again for the laughs.

  30. 130
    Nichole says:

    I have the same relational issue with my camera too!!! It's a Cannon D-40. Super nice. Fabulous pictures. I made my husband add it to our homeowners policy before I'd even touch it. I feel like I need to take a class to really use it. So we have this intimacy problem. I'm scared to really get acquainted. Sometimes I really miss my old Powershot 35 mm with FILM. Much less risk involved.

    Anyway, loved the pictures. Especially the milk carton freak show. Hilarious! And in response to the Dumb and Dumber comment:
    "Out pets heads are fallin' off!"


  31. 131
    Bev Brandon says:

    all i can say is that i lost my camera cord when we moved to austin last year and you have just solved my problem of "no camera cord" and made me happy tonight—i can finally download my pictures after 11 months…thankyouthankyouthankyou

  32. 132
    Missy says:

    Cute pics!! Thanks for sharing and for the stories behind them! 🙂

    Sumter, SC

  33. 133
    Vicki says:

    My Daddy bought me one of those fancy fast cameras too. I love that thing! But yes a second small, fits-in-your-purse, camera is a requirement! Although, I must warn you the SLR camera spoils you and the lag with the point and shoot will now bug you even more! Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  34. 134
    Kingdomseeker says:

    LOVE Chick-fil-A! We just discovered it when we moved to Wyoming 3 years ago.
    Given a choice of eating out anywhere, my teenage boys always choose Chick-fil-A. The people who work there are always so polite!!!
    And can we talk about the sweet tea? I never understood what all you southern bells were talking about with your 'sweet taaah'
    NOW I UNDERSTAND!!! Although I do like mine with a little lemonade in it…

    Girls, what kind of camera did your dad give you? I need to upgrade from a point-and-shoot-and-hold-that-pose…

    Really fun pictures!

  35. 135
    Cindy in Ferndale says:

    great pictures I enjoyed everyone!

  36. 136
    Groovewoman says:

    These are some GREAT pictures!! I love looking at pictures. Okay, the Milk picture is HILARIOUS… especially since I heard that Beth mentioned it in her lesson at the taping today! 😀

    And Chick-fil-A is AMAZING & my absolute favorite fast food place. In fact a few weeks ago was "Cow Appreciation Day" at CFA & if you came into the restaurant dressed like a cow, you got a Free Meal.
    You better Believe that I dressed Hubby, 2yr old Son, AND Myself up like cows & we drove 20 min. to the nearest CFA. We each got a Free meal *AND* they took pictures of us and put them up on their website. If I could post pics on here, I would so you could all see. We were the cutest cows you've EVER seen!!! 😀 LOL!!

    Love you all,

  37. 137
    S says:

    The last two pictures and your comments cracked. me. up! LOL!!

    Great pics! Thanks for posting!

  38. 138
    Fran says:

    Too much fun! I loved looking at these.

  39. 139
    The Farmer's Wife says:

    I have a great SLR, and like you, I'm terrified to take it near a pool, or any place dampish, hottish, dusty-ish, etc. BUT, here's a little trick that might help….my husband got me a big lens for it, for Christmas, and now I can stand a LONG ways away from the water, and still take the shot! Yay, telephoto! And the best part is that the kids don't know I'm taking their picture, so they are very natural.

    I'm afraid much of the food in my fridge should wear the skull and cross-bones….

  40. 140
    Laura_Primus says:

    Too fun!

    Now I love your mom even more because she loves Chick-fil-A. I do, too! And, it is depressing because I don't live anywhere close to one. I'm in No. California and have to wait until I go to Phoenix ever summer to visit with family to eat C-f-A. I'll go several days in a row…

    Thanks for sharing.

  41. 141
    Donna @ Way More Homemade says:

    OK Mrs. Beth & Amanda,

    I laughed so hard about the milk picture when I saw it Friday morning… and then for you to bring it up this weekend at the taping was all the funnier.

    I'm sitting here this morning having quiet time and pondering all that I heard this weekend. Friday night God just really spoke a word into my heart… and then to hear some of Travis's concert Sunday night just capped off the weekend in an amazing way. This thirsty dry person who has been on empty for several weeks is now beginning to see that she can feel full again. I still have questions. I wonder if I have been doing the courageous thing, if I have made the choice of courage. I wonder what courage looks like in my situation and I'm having a hard time discerning how it looks.

    Can I just ask, "Why does life have to be so stinkin' complicated?" I just want to do the thing and it's just so complicated.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I laughed, I cried, and I was ministered to this weekend in a way that I needed so badly.

    Thank you, and may God's richest blessings be upon you.

  42. 142
    Donna says:

    My 19-yr.old son works at a Chick Fil A in Greensboro, N.C. He is the resident cow. Nobody else wants to do the job and he's great at it and likes kids. He often takes other people's 2-hr. shifts as cow. If he was closer, he'd come see you, Beth!

  43. 143
    nicoleduplechain says:

    LOL about that "make-up smock"!! I own that dress!!!!!!!!!
    Tell her to wear it with some tall boots next time 😉

  44. 144
    nicoleduplechain says:

    PS – I'm glad to see you use Heinz Ketchup and Hellman's Mayo.
    I'm not sure what that stuff in the middle is though 🙂

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 145
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    What great pictures! Love the slippers. I know ya'll are probably tired of my roller coaster life, but I'm experiencing something else that is proving to be very hard for me to deal with. My grandpa has cancer and just 10 days ago we found out it had spread to his bones and that they had told my uncle and grandpa that he had 6 months. That was difficult enough, but I called my Mom today and asked if it would be okay to visit him today and Mom said, "No! The hospice people are coming today to set him up with a hospital bed and the social workers are coming and everything. I'm going up just as soon as I can get out of here, and they're not sure he'll even recognize me when I get there. He's fading fast. When I get up there and find out more I will call you and tell you if I think you can come tomorrow." Well, it's after 9 p.m. and she hasn't called. All I can think is, "DO NOT TELL ME I CAN'T SEE MY GRANDPA! My favorite grandparent! The one grandparent who never treated me like I was hopeless." He continued to help me when nobody else wanted to anymore. My parents did because they thought they had to, but he did because he truly saw something good in me. So, I'm a little upset at the thought that I won't be able to talk to him and tell me how much I love him and how he was always there for all of us and helped us even when he probably shouldn't have. I'm crying big fat alligator tears even as I type this. I have to stop typing every few word to wipe my face before I get my laptop all wet.

  46. 146
    Tammie says:

    Oh man…Beth's bunch lets the dog ride in the car! I cannot not let mine, either. Thanks for settling an issue of heart for me and my priorities. Seriously. LOL

  47. 147
    ma P says:

    thank you for sharing those. that was so much fun.
    sunset at the ranch, german shorhair pointer puppy, border collie pup, carousel and grandkids, special bird bath, all of it delightful. blessed!
    p winn

  48. 148
    Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife says:

    I just have a question..

    Is there one picture anywhere in which all you girls don't look phenomenal? Honey, I take some funky pictures and I want to know the secret behind the Moore Photogenetics..:)

  49. 149
    McFonzie says:

    Dont doging your mom wearing those slippers.She looks awesome !!!

  50. 150
    frostwire says:

    Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Very useful info particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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