Siesta Summer Bible Study Gathering Three!

Siesta Summer Bible Study (Weeks 3 and 4) -Part 1 from LPV on Vimeo.

Siesta Summer Bible Study (Weeks 3 and 4) -Part 2 from LPV on Vimeo.

(Remember: all comments are meant to come after your gathering or your solo viewing of the video as feedback to the study. Thank you for your cooperation!)

How are my favorite fellow Bible students doing? My small group has gotten so much out of Jennifer’s study, Me, Myself and Lies. Honestly, we can’t stay within our time limit for discussion to save our lives but that’s what tells me the study is getting to us! I hope the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, too. Where on earth would we be without God and His Word? Lord, have mercy. If you’re able to stay on schedule, you should have weeks 3 and 4 of your homework completed and your group discussion will be a reflection of that material. I hope you can watch the video instructions I’ve prepared for you but, just in case you have technical difficulty, here is a list of your four interactives for today’s gathering:

(The first two are from Week 3; The second set is from Week 4.)

1. In our LPM small group discussion, we never made it past the second page of Day One without stopping for discussion. Look at the top of p.57 and note the track Jennifer gave us from emotions to thoughts to actions. Discuss its relevance and any recent examples. At the bottom of that same page, she refers to “THINKING WITH OUR FEELINGS.” Discuss this familiar female propensity as well.

2. Turn to p.65 where we studied the woman with the issue of blood. In the first full paragraph, Jennifer writes, “We often face one defining circumstance that becomes the headwater from which other issues flow.” Would some of you be willing to share what your “one defining circumstance” is and how it tends to affect a number of different areas?

OK, this is not a discussion question but I want to mention it because it was one of my very favorite things and I’ve thought about it a ton since I read it. Take a glance at p.73 where Jennifer shares the story about being stuck on a plane and the little girl near her saying to her daddy, “I spy something good.” Did that speak to you, too?

Now, from Week Four:

3. Based on p.81. where Jennifer discusses what we say to ourselves when we talk to ourselves about sin: What has been your most recurrent conviction lately and what are you doing about it? (If you’re not presently doing anything about it, admitting it to your group is a start!)

Discuss how she ties up the point on p.87 with these words: “Never let the Enemy be more aware of your weaknesses than you are.”

4. Review p.88. Do you have a framework set up in your life for consistent accountability? Do you have at least one person in your life who holds you accountable in your pursuit of God and godliness and doesn’t just help you stay comfortable in your strongholds? Look at Jennifer’s statement: “The Enemy goes after the solitary and the silent.”

Discuss the fears involved in opening up to accountability and the solutions to those fears. What holds us back? Is it time? Exposure? Fear of confidence being betrayed? Talk about fears, solutions, and the importance of taking the chance.

That should keep you busy today and smack in the middle of each other’s business!Thank you so much for participating. Study hard! See you in two weeks and we’ll finish up!

I love you so much.


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  1. 101
    Anonymous says:

    This study has come during the right season in my life as I am facing a situation that I feel I could not have given more of myself(job)for the outcome to have been so dramatically different than I could have ever planned. (job loss) Constantly drifting & focusing on this situation in my thoughts and has affected so many areas of my life. Come to the realize can not give so much of myself to one area of my life (job) again. This situation has strengthen my faith to realize all circumstances on this Earth are temporary.

  2. 102
    j sammons says:

    When asked about our defining circumstance we felt this is the same circumstance that led us to faulty assumptions that are hard to break. These deep rooted issues are brought to the surface each time we allow our emotions to guide our thoughts and determine our actions. God's truth is the only thing to conquer this joy robbing cycle. Being aware of our weaknesses is the first big step! The enemy is not all knowing but he does know our past and that is where he tries to "get us" (strongholds)
    Each of us feel our recurrent conviction lately is the tongue. We need to "keep my tongue from sin; I will put a muzzle on my mouth as long as the wicked are in my presence." Psalm 39:1 (NIV)
    The fears involved in having accountability partners are betrayal & judgement. However that being said each of us does have an accountability partner. We have partners that will speak the truth in love and we are accountable to do the same for them. It is a blessing to have someone that loves us enough to correct us.
    Loving this study!

    The So-Cal Gals
    Carol, Jeanette, Lisa, & Julie

  3. 103
    Rhonda says:

    1. Yes- at church & home – oh they must be mad at me becasue they did not say hi .. so now I am mad at them becasue they have no right to be mad at me….
    2. Husband's battle with God…not one but several seasons of our lives ( miscarriages, death, etc.)Yes the I spy something good did speak to us because we tend to spy negative first.
    3. negativity, pride, bitterness. Pray & get in the Word to be kept aware of our weaknessess.
    4. yes our family (sisters & mom)

  4. 104
    Nichole says:

    1. Thinking with our feelings has been a pretty big issue. Whether with a spouse or kids. We can see how God is changing this though.

    2. Defining circumstances: Physical health (lack of!)and how it affects EVERYTHING. Also circumstance that lead to an abortion.

    3. Recurrent convictions: People pleasing. Yuck! Watching what we say as well as what we choose to believe that comes from others.

    4. Accountability: We are crazy about each other and thankful to God that he has provided the safety of friendship to pray and share in each other's journey. It is a beautiful gift that we do not take for granted.

    Nichole and Julie
    Marion, Iowa

  5. 105
    kimberly says:

    it's been difficult to get together this time around because my and terry's schedules keep conflicting (i've been out of town a lot), but we finally made it together yesterday! we had a really good discussion following all of your questions and made commitments to each other for accountability. your pointed question about conviction forced us to open up and lay bare, which was very good for us to do. we're new friends, but this study has done so much to help us trust and get to know each other – it's been the perfect setup for being accountable to one another! thanks for giving us this opportunity!

  6. 106
    Anonymous says:

    I'm currently not doing the study but after watching the video hope I get to do so in the future. I desperately need an accountability partner in life. I've had some rough experiences previously with respect to that but recognize the importance of having a Godly person speak truth into my life over areas of sin and rough edges. Would you pray that God would bring someone into my life that would help me grow up in Him? I need help. Thanks!

  7. 107
    Colima says:

    We met on Tuesday night, we've all been trading houses. We didn't get to watch the video, internet was down. We've met every week even if there wasn't a video to keep us all accountable and doing our homework 🙂

  8. 108
    Anonymous says:

    We met on Saturday morning,July 25. We both feel this study is helping us very much. On question one we agree that thinking with our feelins has been a problem for us.Question two regarding our defining circumstances one of us was able to state it clearly and one more vaguely.
    The "I spy" idea took with both of us. I had a day of opportunities today to practice that!
    As to recurrent conviction lately: We both stated presumption. Confession and asking for help is a plan of action.
    We have know each other for 25 plus years and have been accountable to each other. I(Nancy) am blessed with the greatest friend and Christian friend any one could have.Thank you Beth abd all for blessing us.
    Nancy/Wi and Elaina/In

  9. 109
    Kristin says:

    For the first time all four of us were together! That itself is a good thing – between business trips and sick babies we’ve had one person absent for each of the two previous meetings, but Tuesday night we were all here! We took a picture and added it to the guest book!

    We all agree that we are seeing progress in ourselves as a result of the study. We are not perfect by any means and still have plenty of junk in our closets, but can more easily identify lies, stop ourselves from straying down a negative path, and focus on “what is” rather than “what if”. We all agree in the importance of being still and are working really hard to do just that. “Be still” before reacting. “Be still” before saying anything. Just “be still”.

    Unfortunately, however, I for one (and I can say this because I am the post writer and hostess of our group) was sad that our group wasn’t “smack in the middle of each other’s business” (as Mama Siesta put it)! Seriously. Not one of us brought up a single personal example at all during our discussion and come to think of it I think the most personal we’ve been this whole time was our “please pray for me. I…” text from week one! Yikes! I think airing out some of our junk so-to-speak will help us grow and get more out of this study. It will be my prayer that come next meeting I will have the courage to share something personal in the context of our discussion. Perhaps if one of us can do it, others will follow.

    Also, none of us have consistent accountability partners (doesn’t seem a stretch does it – seeing our inability/unwillingness to open up). We all see the value in it though and will work on finding someone. Some concerns mentioned were trust issues and concern that our would-be-partner may not hold us to God’s standards instead of the standards of this world.

    Your siestas in Bellingham, WA,
    Jamie, Jen, Jennifer, and Kristin

  10. 110
    elaine and faith says:

    This is a seriously hard study – just all in our business – Praise the Lord! Thank you Jennifer and Siesta Mama for this bumpy ride.

    "I spy something good" –
    always a choice we have. Difficult situations hinge on perspective. You choose your perspective and can see something as a curse or a blessing.

    Last time I flew from Houston to New Orleans, we sat on the runway for 2 hours. I felt totally responsible because I was praying to not fly in the horrific weather that caused the delay. I saw the grounded time as a total blessing as I ALWAYS have a great book to read. Reading on the ground beats turbulence in the sky every time.

    3. The tongue.
    Before you speak, ask yourself, "is it positive, kind, necessary and true."

    4. Accountability. Faith and I have been accountability partners for several years. We met in Bible study 6 years ago and have studied together ever since. This friendship is truly a gift from God, fashioned by his sacred hands. A friendship that stays in the word is the three strands scripture refers to.

    For those of you who don't have an accountability sister, move the request to the top of your prayer list. Don't be scared. Trust me, neither of you will ever be perfect and there is not room for condemnation. Support each other, tell the truth, pray, laugh, cry and thank God for the gift of a true sister.

    Elaine and Faith
    New Orleans, LA

  11. 111
    Kris says:


    We were jumping up and down when you mentioned us. (Did we mention we miss the good 'ol USA and feel a bit disconnected at times? You made our week! We are a new group of girls here in Okinawa- not the ones from last summer. A few of us did do the Esther series though!)

    The big points this week for us:

    1. We all struggle with lack of self discipline. A question that Jennifer asked on page 75 resonated with all of us though. It said, "Do you rely on your self-control or the Spirit's control?" This was huge for us to realize we aren't supposed to have the control. We are to rely on the Holy Spirit to give us the control. This was great for this group!

    2. We all struggle with accountability partners. The consensus is that the partner should be a very close friend. Because we are military spouses and we move so often we don't make friends as deeply as others because we know they/we will move again soon. We agreed to work on this.

    Loving it!
    Kris, Kathy, Natasha, Maiko, Melissa

  12. 112
    Marion says:

    I think the thing what spoke most to our group was figuring out what our "defining circumstance" was and how our thought closets are affected by it. Our circumstances revolve mostly around being wives to Godly men and mothers to several children and how to be who God wants us to be without comparing ourselves to other women. It is easy to think, "I wish I could be more like her," instead of thanking God for who we are.
    Also, we are all more aware of how our feelings do play such a huge role in how we think. Realizing which feelings and thoughts are not of God and shutting the door and throwing away the key! Most of those thoughts arise from our own insecurities and trying to please the world, instead of God. Our challenge is realizing those weaknesses ahead of time and covering them in prayer before the enemy gets a chance to throw those flaming arrows!
    Marion, Katie and Gina
    Georgia and Washington

    PS~Sorry I'm behind in posting this :/

  13. 113
    leighanne619 says:

    We met again via email and are both really enjoying this study.

    We both had never really thought about how our emotions lead to a thought then lead to an action; but, it's so true. Emotions can often lead to an action with a negative or unintended outcome.

    Our defining circumstances are also similar. We both come from families of worriers and this is also one of our major issues. We are both working on this.

    Our recurrent convictions are different. They are putting work before everything else (including God)and muzzling our mouth.

    We are both each others accountability partners. We don't want to be silent and solitary.

    Love this study!

    Leighanne and Jennifer in GA

  14. 114
    Rhonda says:

    A couple things for me personally I wanted to add. First, on page 65 where Jennifer says "No, a time comes when you must speak a word to your soul that prompts action resulting in healing." That really hit home with me. We can do all the bible studies and sit in the best of sermons but until I take responsibility for it, make the scripture MINE, for me from MY God, it will do little good. I must speak to my soul. No one else can.
    Second, a little thought closet victory. My mind goes south in a hurry if I let it. I tend to do worst case first. So when I was scheduled to have a root canal this past week, I had all kinds of vain imaginations. BUT I had been praying about it for a while and had some godly confidence. As I was thinking of some of the worst cases possible, a thought spoke from my heart to my head- it does not matter what the worst case is. God is bigger than that. He is. Whatever He allows to happen will be for a purpose and His glory. He is bigger than the worst. Peace followed suit.
    May seem trivial to some, but it was huge for me!Thanks

  15. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Going solo.
    I also think this is a hard study to do, I don't want to think about what is in my thought closet.
    3. My issue that God has lead me to think on is LOVE as in loving your neighbor as you love yourself.
    4. Still working on get some one to have as accountabiltty partner.
    Bartelso, Il

  16. 116
    DigiNee says:

    As a solo have not been posting but have to say that the caffeine tip was so funny (and I do not drink coffee)! Was behind on the lessons and got caught up today (the car would not start – needed a new battery – could not go to work until my man brought a new one home) – so, "I spy something good" was time to get caught up today and watch not only the Beth video from Tuesday, but the Jennifer videos along with doing the lessons. For me, my thought closet needs a complete overhaul – am working on it . . . so many of the posts are right where I am at. "No man is an island."

  17. 117
    Superhero Mom says:

    I can't believe it took me this long to respond for my group of New Smyrna Beach Florida siestas! We had a wonderful gathering and we certainly were able to dive deeper into the heart of each and every woman present! The subject that interested me (as the leader) was the one of accountability. It appears that our ladies really don't have what they understand to be accountability and some didn't even think it necessary. We discussed this at great length, uncovering more hidden lies the enemy was trying to get some of us to believe. I encouraged the women to look at accountability as iron sharpening iron and then it started to seem less daunting and less intimidating. It was a wonderful meeting and we all agree we don't really want it to end!

  18. 118
    Karen says:

    The Bristol VA-TN siestas all met again at a local coffee shop.

    We discussed our emotions, thoughts and actions relating to road rage, false assumptions and handling frustrations. Each lead to a negative or unnecessary action unless it was surrounded with prayer. Our road rage girl has begun to "see and communicate" with the Holy Spirit as if he was sitting in the passenger seat when she drives. This is helping her to practice responding to others on the road in a positive, godly way.

    Weight, home life growing up, and abuse were discussed as issues that became the headwaters from which other issues evolved. You know, the fact that we were sharing some of these issues is in itself a positive result of doing this study with each other. Trusting others enough not to hurt you later with the information you shared is profound.

    Being more organized with my physical and spiritual surrounding was the area that I have felt conviction lately. Through this study itself I am striving to be more consistent. Another member has felt most convicted recently of choosing to be mindful of how she responds while driving. (Shared above.) Another member reminded us of Jennifer's comment on page 86 of the need for our souls to awake and pray.

    Accountability: As a group we did feel that we could used each other as accountability partners. Maybe one time it would be one person and for another issue it would be another member, but as a group we could be accountable with each other. We had one person who has an accountability partner at work and the Lord is using this partnership to make her aware of better ways to lead her group without getting angry at being "corrected" herself.

    The thought of being accountable to someone is hard especially if you have been burned by others in the church in the past. (Someone who you are accountable with now becomes angry with you later and uses your past struggle against you.) We all agreed that for some issues it must be something that you have felt the Lord's direction to do and for any issue you must be prayerful so that you have a partner that holds you accountable and doesn't just try to make you feel good all the time.

    I am so thankful for the beautiful ladies in this group that through this study I have grown closer to. Thanks to everyone involved. You are more of a blessing than you may realize.

  19. 119
    Amy says:

    We talked about how we all thought our emotions and our thoughts were the same, and how much they influence our actions! Huge! So glad to recognize that!

  20. 120
    DianeCK7 says:

    Beth, our group has 18 women in it. We are experimenting with an online forum format. So far there are positives and negatives–one positive is for the young mom's and young career women who can participate around their schedules; one negative is that there is no one "meeting" time and so very little accountability to a time line. Consequently our group is one week behind your video postings. Still, I have had e-mail feedback that the Lord is doing work in many hearts. I'm not sure I would try this again as a leader or participant but we're going to see it through to the end of this study.

  21. 121
    texatheart says:

    Now thatVacatioin Bible School is over and our night group met, I have to tell you I love being with this group.
    1. Thinking with our feelings leads us to some big trouble. We feel a certain way, come home expecting our spouse to undersrtand, he doesn't and then we react to his lack of knowing. It is a vicious cycle.
    2. Went everywhere from mouth speaking out in ungodly ways then we react with being displeased with ourselves and wishing we hadn't said things. Food/low self esteem was another area. Wanting to look my best, mad at myself for giving in and then eating myself up and spitting me out for not being good to myself.
    3. Most recurrent conviction lately has been our mouth gets us in trouble. We try to keep the tongue tamed. Sometimes, it is a mighty loud lion. Others said that mouth is also their conviction: both what goes in and out. Eat in a Godly way. I feel good about myself and don't usually feel bad or say things I regret a few minutes later. The enemy knows our weakest points. But God knows our strongest points.
    4. Most of us know an accoutability partner would be a great thing. But most of us are too insecure and afraid of rejection to set something like this up. We know the good out weights the potentially scarey part. We know our church and women's group would be much more vibrant if we actually held each other accountable. On line with a partner who is distant is much safer. Even on this blog it is safe to share what our deepest parts feel, because there is not that fear of instant rejection. It was kind of sad to hear how bad each of us desired this kind of reationship, yet couldn't brng ourselves to set that accountability up.
    Good stuff!

    Jan, Judy, Sharla, Kendra, Carol, Robin, and Julie all from Topeka, KS.

  22. 122
    Katie says:

    Beth, our group could not seem to get together for this meeting, but I thought I would go ahead and leave a comment with my personal answers:

    1. emotion: feeling bad about myself
    thought: "I'm not good enough, I was supposed to be better than this…something is wrong with me, I'm not ok."
    action: frustrated. Being snappy and critical towards others, and isolating myself. (ugh, this is soooo ugly of me, but its the ripe fruit of my destructive thinking)

    I really get the thinking with your feelings concept. My example: Just because we don't feel God's presence constantly doesn't mean we should think He's not there. He says He always is. So who's the liar when I feel that way? God or my feelings? Obviously the latter. But if I don't know that He is there irregardless of how I feel then I won't pray, which is sin, and it all started with a faulty feeling.

    2. My one defining circumstance that I have been battling most of my life would be the issue of self-worth and value. So many of my other issues flow from right here: deep insecurities; shaky confidence; low self-esteem; social apprehension; and even at one point mild depression.

    3. My most recurrent conviciton has been pride…focus on me, myself, and I. This has been a very hard realization to come to, its so ugly. This Bible study has been kicking my tail all summer long:) I am working on trying to think God's thoughts above mine, and putting Him above me.

    4. I am sad to say that I don't have a consistent accountability partner. I have several people I see and talk to off and on but nothing like what you are talking about here. I need this. I guess some of the reasons why I don't have this is probably the formerly mentioned pride I deal with: being afraid of what they will think of me, or that maybe I will be "too much" for them. Also, that they may take advantage of me or push me away.

    Katie Taylor
    Phil Campbell, AL
    Group consists of 10 college age women

  23. 123
    Lori says:

    Lori flying solo and I'm just going to answer the first question as it was fairly profound for me. In September I began a specific journey of transformation when it came to thinking with my feelings. 1.5 years earlier I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I began a regimine that included a total of 15 medications including chemo to treat the severity of the disease I presented with. My husband left me upon diagnosis. You can imagine all the things Satan was shouting at me in my thought closet. After about 1.5 years I honestly was ready to give up this life BUT after viewing healing videos and testimonies and soaking myself in the Word I began to see the lies…Not only that I absolutly lived in my pain, dwelled there and unfortunantly I could say I thrived there, I allowed it to define me. I decided to believe Gods Word, even though every thing in me felt ugly, damaged, and unloved beyond repair. I started to speak to my mountains, of illness, fatigue, pain, despair, etc., and literally sometimes twice in a minute I would address my "feelings" quoting scripture. I chose to not get wrought up in anxiety but rather wrought up in Christ crucified and what He provided for me on the cross 2,000 years ago. Those actions manifested my healing. I am now disease and symptom free AND finding that God does indeed renew our youth and strenght like the eagles. If I had kept giving heed to my "feelings" I don't believe I would have acquired healing. Instead of a woman scorned I truly feel loved, covered, and provided for in a very special way. To Jesus be the glory…AMEN!

  24. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Karen, Sue, and Susan St Joseph, MO
    Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church, so we altered our schedule.

    Each of us can identify with emotions moving to thoughts moving to action. We all speak move often than not from our emotions.

    Each of us has experienced our own trauma thas created a load of other issues. For one of this group it has been a safe place to learn to share her own story.

    This question ask by this group;
    How well does ducktape work to help control flapping lips?

    Each of us are accountable to others in our lives. It has been great to be accountable to another woman in doing this study.

  25. 125
    Anonymous says:

    I am finishing another study but I watched the last video on Me Myself and Lies about accountability. It is
    sad to say that I do not have anyone I feel I can talk to about things on a daily basis. I am single w/o children.
    Married people tend to hang together.People who are sinlge again usually have children in their background. I am
    different for them to relate to socially. It is not that they are not polite but I am
    not usually included in adult activities,despite being their age,unless I
    initiate them.

    I confided in one person. I heard what I talked about at work the next day.This person understands according to their job what they can and can't talk about. When it comes to socially it you are just talking if you don't say
    this is confidential it is fair game. If you say it is confidential then they get
    bent out of shape "I know what is confidential". When you point out what they have done before they say 'I only told.. they won't tell anyone'.How is the 3rd person supposed to know it was confidential in the first place? It is doubtful they are told and this person wonders why I do not tell them things!

    I confided in a church officer whose job it was to keep confidences. I heard what I talked about spoken about-it was in general terms but it was me. It
    was nothing big and scary just personal. If I had been asked first it would have
    been alright but I was not.
    Other people find people at the same church to keep their confidences but so
    far it has not worked for me.

  26. 126
    Poof says:

    The Wagnolia Siestas have finally met for Gathering Three. We had to wait for the VBS Boomerang Express Train to leave the station.

    We had a sweet time of honesty and truth and appreciating the depth of our friendships. We discussed how our emotions ride upon our hormones so often and are not reliable meters of truth.

    Several of our defining moments stem back to our childhood and the effect of our parents. We discussed what that means now that we are parents, too.

    Accountability, that was a tough one. We are raw and sore and we've all been betrayed in the past. We find it hard to be accountable in total honesty. We think perhaps it's easier to have an accountability partner who lives far away and wouldn't be tempted to "spill the beans." We need to grow to a place where we can trust God to take care of us regardless if the accountability partner lets us down. Aren't we instructed to be "wise as a serpent?" Accountability is no light matter. We must be very wise in this regard adn not just jump in any old way.

    Thank you ladies for all the work you're doing!

  27. 127
    Valjmow says:

    This is an update for the DOZ in Clare, Mi. This gathering was especially difficult for us. We met at our church and then went through our study. Apparently we all have a lot of issues that have shaped our lives and it was kind of difficult to share this week. We had some very funny stories down to some very emotional stories about how our emotions lead to actions that are not very healthy. This bible study has really been such a blessing to our group and has really opened up some doors (besides of our thought closets) and has rekindled some friendships that had been waning and introduced some friendships that had never been there. Thanks again! We love our sweet Siesta Mama!

  28. 128
    Kay - Bluebird Sightings says:

    Finally! We're a week and a couple of days late, but we got our discussion in. Busy summers and long distance discussion make it tricky, but it's so worth it!

    We are accountability partners so it was good to affirm that relationship and its benefits in our lives. We discussed how we are pretty good at speaking truth to ourselves, but we still struggle with acting on that truth! Such a good study!

    Kay, Sierra Vista, Az
    Kim, Mabank, TX

  29. 129
    Luv2Praise says:

    We are late! Because of vacation we met this past Tuesday, on July 28th. Out of 15 of us only 6 could make it. No matter how many come though we always have a great time in the Word.

    Question 1) We all were able to track our emotions to thoughts to actions. It never ceases to amaze me but no matter how different we are the more we are the same. (If you know what I mean.) This truly made us more aware of how we react to things. I think Vicki put it best when she said this exercise has been like "the Spirit of God taming you like a lion tamer!"
    We are all making concerted efforts in changing our reactions to certain situations. It was fun to share the stories.

    2) We all love the story of the "Woman with the blood issue". We love how bold she was with her faith in reaching out to touch his garment even though she was "unclean". We all agree that there is one crack in the dam that starts the flood! Most of us had insecurities as the "crack".

    3) When we talked about our sin and what we say to ourselves, that was hard. We all know we have sin in our lives. One example was gossip. We know it is wrong and yet at times we make excuses for it. It is unacceptable and we must treat it as such.

    4) Some of the Woman have had an accountability partner in the past. Vicky and Renata are sisters who have each other to keep themselves in check. I love to watch them praise and worship. They are two women who are faithful to God and are a blessing to those who know them. Suzanne has also had a woman at Church who she looked to at times, however, like the rest of us sometimes that need for confidentiality keeps us from sharing our needs.

    We also had an interesting discussion that Sylvia brought up about sometimes what we "want" is not what God has planned for us. We spoke about praying to God to change our "wants".

  30. 130
    Ninette says:

    There were 3 of 8 of our group present. We met on Tuesday, Jul 28th. due to a pressing Church function the previous Tuesday. We thoroughly enjoyed the small group conversation and let the Holy Spirit led us through the 4 questions Beth had us converse. Admittedly, they were tough ones, but issues that we needed, that's for sure. One thing that we spent a lof of time discussing, was that was profound, is the Three Rs to wisdom: Request it, Revere God, and Receive counsel. Thank you so much for having this summer Bible Study!!! Love you so much, Beth!

    Ninette G
    Seagoville, Tx

  31. 131
    Anonymous says:

    What an amazing study! Our group of moms is really opening up and bonding through this discussion. 2 of us have marriages in crisis and are realizing truths about ourselves – not just the programmed thoughts – but real, biblical truths to give us strength to get through this challenging time.

    3 of us identified that abandonment of our fathers while children/teenagers is a defining circumstance that affects several aspects of our lives. It is hard to move past the feelings of worthlessness and blame and anger.

  32. 132
    Anonymous says:

    League City, TX Ladies
    Our group meets every Sunday afternoon, so we did Session 3 on July 12 and Session 4 on the 19th. We go through our homework, then watch the video, then go through Jennifer's questions.
    For Session 4 I had 4 ladies take one day each and lead the discussion of that homework (I started with Day 1). This invited deeper participation and didn't overstress anyone, including me! So we had teaching and equipping along with the fruit of the study. Loved hearing from different perspectives and had lots of sharing. We have anywhere from 18-22 ladies each week.
    I will be out the next 2 Sundays on mission in Southeast Asia so one of the precious young wives whose husband will be in ministry one day will coordinate while I am gone.

  33. 133
    Bonnie/Momof3 says:


    I'm about to catch up as I've just completed Week 4 and beginning Week 5. I've been traveling with my daughter's sports team and it leaves small intervals for Bible study. However, my mind does have time to dwell on what I've studied and I pray constantly. This study has been particularly great for clearing my thoughts of the lies fed to me by my older sister growing up … making fun of me, her words were always truth, belittling me, etc. Although, I've sought wonderful Christian counseling in the past over these issues, this study is a blessed reminder to guard our thoughts against haunting untruths and old patterns of thought when we aren't paying attention. Beth, I'm praying for you too, as you continue to work through your personal struggles. The enemy never sleeps, but our Savior doesn't either!! He is mighty and his victorious right hand is ready to protect, deliver and secure us. He is bigger than any untruth the enemy throws in our mind.

    Sending my love and prayers.

  34. 134
    Becky says:

    It is often a mistake to think with our feelings because it causes us to have faulty assumptions and inaccurate thoughts and thus our resulting actions become incorrect. Also, when we think with our emotions, we do not always receive messages as others intend. Thinking with emotions causes us to strike out or to freeze and shut down. It is okay to think with our emotions (such as joy, compassion, empathy) when we are being obedient to God.
    Our defining circumstances help to make us the people we are, but the journey is sometimes painful. The blood issue of the women gave her the opportunity to have – and exercise – her faith. She was being refined by God. Too often we fail to turn our issues over to God and act on our faith.
    Grace United Methodist Church
    St. Augustine, Florida
    24 women enrolled!

  35. 135
    Anonymous says:

    Our group has been so blessed by this study! We met a week late due to summer schedules this time.

    We had some great discussion on the discussion points and the accountability partner challenge was huge! When we talked about how isolating yourself can be destructive, it only reinforced how important accountability partners are for us women! I pray that each of us in our group find that accountability.

  36. 136
    Nancy says:

    I haven't left a post yet as we were out of town. But I have kept up with the study. We are almost ready for the last one! I found these questions difficult to answer without a discussion group (and I am on my own). The accountability question struck me hard as I really don't have anyone. There are a handful of women that I go to as I value their wisdom, but not as an accountability partner. It's not that I haven't tried-it just doesn't happen.

    Jennifer's statement on pg.87 about being more aware of our weaknesses than Satan were already underlined and starred before Beth mentioned them.

    This study has really been a blesssing. As I have progressed in it, I keep thinking of more people I could have asked and kick myself for not thinking of them sooner. The ones I initially asked, never got started. Oh well maybe next summer I''ll have a better memory!

  37. 137
    Shellie Paparazzo says:

    I finally met with Jeni on Friday. I was on vacation with my family the week before and earlier that week. We once again established that I have extremely low self-confidence. So low in fact it barely exists! And because of that I am extremely insecure in public situations. I really would love to just lock myself up in my home for the rest of my life and never have to face the world, but my family won't let me, plus I get extremely depressed when I'm not around people for long periods of time, so I get out anyway, and make a complete fool of myself. Both Jeni and I have been involved in recovery on some level, so we have both dealt with the issue of not wanting accountability in our lives through that. She came face to face with the need for accountability through ministering to people in prison and I ended up recovery because I needed to be in recovery and finally got to a point where I was more afraid of myself and what I was obviously capable of then I was of being accountable to someone who could use that information against me. Anyway, we had a great meeting. I absolutely love Jeni and we haven't known each other that long. But the more I get to know her the more I love her. I hope the feeling is mutual.

  38. 138
    Shelli says:

    Our Hopefully Devoted blog group hosted from Almont, MI has felt the effects of summer busyness. We've lost a few along the way and our responses were slower in coming, but we have about nine women who are faithfully working through this study and loving it.

    Many of us have noted that we have things in our thought closets that we didn't realize were there – some things that we thought we'd dealt with long ago. We're really working to clean them out once and for all.

    Question 1 brought out some great testimonies from our group. God has done some amazing work already!

  39. 139
    froggymamma says:

    Heather, Lufkin, TX
    Well, I'm 2 weeks late, but wanted to catch up!
    1. my emotion – anxiety, my thought – just lost all calm and peaceful thoughts, my action – became violently ill from a med doc gave to help me relax. Realized that wasn't the answer!
    I think w/my feelings a lot…anxiety, worry, "I'm right", "this is ridiculous"(I say that one alot when I think I'm right, ha!). I am definitely the slave to my feelings.
    2. As a child in the grocery store w/my mom, I heard a little girl say "mom, isn't she pretty" as she walked by me. Then I heard the mom say "not as pretty as you, sweetheard". I know it's silly, but since then, I think I've always struggled with not being "as pretty" or "as thin".
    3. Ps. 39:1 is definitely the one for me…I am being convicted through this study to watch what I say and quit thinking it's all about me. I have been repeating Ps.19:14 a lot lately, reminding myself what God wants of me…
    4. yes

  40. 140
    ~ Crystal says:

    Oof what a slacker I am with updating this! I just realized as I was watching the new video that I never posted for the old one. Anyway, here are some highlights from our conversations about weeks 3 & 4:
    Janelle said: I like when Jennifer said, "We have two choices: Act according to truth or react to our emotions." This will be a struggle for me, but with God's help, I know I can train myself to recognize truth versus a gut reaction. I also really liked the paragraph at the bottom of page 58 where it says,
    "A surplus of emotion usually precedes acting without wisdom." AMEN to THAT!"

    Heidi said, in response to the story on page 73: This was amazing. I'm one that usually gets caught up in the annoyances around me… like being stuck in traffic or a slow computer or something. Little things like that really TICK ME OFF! But I was reminded again of how I need to take stupid things like that in stride (but after reading this part, I was stuck in traffic yesterday afternoon and wouldn't ya know I didn't learn my lesson. Thanks goodness God gives
    us many many many chances!!!)

    I adore my siestas & have just LOVED doing this study with them – and with all of you! God Bless –

    Shippensburg, PA

  41. 141
    Johnnie says:

    Sorry to be so late in posting feedback—couldn’t meet earlier due to vacations.
    Here are some topics of discussion:
    1) Thinking with feelings—Satan wants to keep us all stirred up when we trust our feelings instead of what God’s Word says is true. We become unstable as water, double-minded (James 1:6-8) and walk on unsteady ground, making us more likely to stumble and fall.
    2) One defining circumstance—we need to go back and try and find the root causes of what we have internalized as truth. Ecc. 3:3 says there is a time for healing. Several other examples besides woman with blood issues in Scripture of faith leading to healing, i.e Roman centurion in Matt. 8:5-13, Jesus said, Go your way. It will be done just as you believed it would. We need to let Christ in to cleanse us and have the faith He will make us whole.
    3) Yes, we liked the game of “I Spy” – we need to see something good in all situations, for God will work everything out for our good (Rom. 8:28). We just need to believe it to be true.
    4) Being alert and aware of our adversary, the devil, is critical so we are not caught off guard, overtaken and devoured. I Peter 5:8 says Satan is prowling around like a roaring lion, seeking a weak target. The story of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4:1-16 picture this perfectly as well. God told Cain, If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it. Sin is at the door of our heart, desiring to possess us—crouching on all fours like an animal—we must learn to subdue it by the power of the Holy Spirit within us. We are to be controlled by the Spirit and not our sinful nature (Rom. 8:5-8).
    5) Great verses on controlling anger and calming our soul. Psalm 46:10—good word study—to be still is to let body go limp, release control, and acknowledge God’s ways are right. Yield to God and you will yield fruit!
    Great lessons, can’t wait to see how Jennifer finishes up the study!
    Johnnie, Christy, and Victoria
    Wake Forest, NC

  42. 142
    Dawn says:

    We had a light group for our last study time together, vacations are in full swing. But the Lafayette Siesta's that were here had a great night. We watched both your video and Jennifer's. It was great to get her input also.

    The one thing that really interested us was the story lines on page 58. We have several newbie bible studiers and it was great for them to see how the story lines affect even present day.

    We had one of creative ladies bring homemade (beautiful) frames for each of us in the group. We are going to put our group picture in it, and you never know but one may end up at LPM! (shhhh it's a secret though) It is so great to fellowship with such a wonderful group of ladies.

    I think we are all realizing that our thought closets need to be but are not always based on truth.

    Last time we meet I handed out little notebooks and Jennifer has included soooo many wonderful scriptures, I have asked them to keep a scripture notebook. I think they are tired of me saying…"Great notebook scripture!" I have promised them that I will not ask to see the notebook though, even though I really want to!

    Can't wait until next time.

    Thanks again for leading us in the Word this summer!

  43. 143
    Cindy from Georgia says:

    1. This is a great exercise! One recent example for me has been: Emotion: Discouraged (It's so hard to find a job right now) Thought: (I'll probably not find a job anytime soon) Action: Procrastination (Why even put that much effort in to finding a job right now?) Yes, thinking with our feelings can guide us way off course. We need to remember God is with us and as long as we seek His guidance, He will provide and place us right where we're supposed to be.
    2. My one defining moment is when someone had faulty assumptions about me and let me know I was not welcome around their family. I ended up marrying into the family and the wedge between me and this person affects me a great deal. I have prayed about it for years as I am still carrying around a heavy burden over the words the person spoke to me. The other person seemed to immediately get over how they treated me, but it affected me deeply and it still does. I guess I always expected an apology that didn't come and won't come, so I need to let it go. That defining moment has caused me to always feel very uncomfortable around the family as though they still probably have faulty assumptions about me. With God's help, I will prevail.
    3. I've been working to stay alert of Satan trying to pull me down and make me feel insecure about things. I tell myself to be alert to any negative thought patterns Satan tries to put in my thought closet.
    4. My accountability partner has my best interest at heart. She isn't afraid to tell me my weaknesses or areas that I need to work on. She keeps me on the right path and I thank God for her. Her truth can be hard for me to hear sometimes, but I now she wouldn't ever lead me the wrong way and she gives me scripture to back up her advice for me.

  44. 144
    Jeffrey says:

    We all agreed: that for us women thinking with our feelings is something we all do and need to be aware of and work so it doesn't control us; to realize as Jennifer says: "feelings should serve and strengthen us, not enslave and deplete us."

    There were defining circumstances for some of us. Each one is praying the Lord use it in their lives to mold and shape them in His image for His glory!

    It was unanimous for all three of us: worrying about one thing or another is the top weakeness in our lives. We all recognize this and are committed to fortifying this weakness in our lives with the strength of God's word and giving it to the Lord in prayer.

    We felt the biggest roadblock to opening up to others is the fear of not being able to express ourselves adequately, appearing "stupid", or just plain pride preventing us from sharing with others.

    Becky, Hannah, and Lydia
    Choctaw, OK

  45. 145
    Amy says:

    Doing this solo ~ just finished Weeks 3 & 4. Thankful for this study,

    ~Amy 7634 (SF Bay Area, CA)

  46. 146
    Linda LaFrombois says:

    Hi Amanda and Beth:

    My two girlfriends and I just finished Week Three of Me, Myself and Lies this morning – January 21, 2010. Are we behind?!! 🙂

    So we didn't exactly stay on schedule, but we are persevering, and God is teaching and blessing us.

    Actually, I think the material was so spot on, at least for two of us, that it was almost too much for us to take at the time. Now that a bit of water and a lot of prayer and Scripture has passed through our hearts and minds since, it's time to continue on.

    We'll get together to discuss Week Four in two weeks. We think we'll be done by the time the next summer study begins. How perfect is that?!

    Next time we meet, we'll try to remember to take our group picture. Is it too late to be added to the slide show? (jk!)

    Now to finish up memorizing our 24 verses from 2009… pressing on, even if at a snail's pace.

    Lots of love,
    Linda in St.Paul
    (and Charlene & Carrie in Minneapolis)

  47. 147
    that site says:

    I precisely wished to thank you very much once more. I am not sure the things My hubby and i would’ve implemented in the absence of those recommendations documented by you directly on such a question. It has been an absolute terrifying problem for me, nevertheless encountering this specialized form your entire family processed it forced me to weep with gladness. I am just grateful for this help and thus believe you will recognize what an amazing job that you’re carrying out instructing people through the use of your webblog. Most likely you’ve never met any of us.

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