A Prayer Request for Beth and a Question from Curtis

Hi ladies! We have a prayer request for you today. My parents are in the Dallas area for the next 24 hours for a Life Today taping. Mom will teach two sessions tonight and 3 sessions tomorrow. These tapings require almost twice as much speaking in about the same amount of time as the Living Proof Live events. They’re so worth it, but very intense. Would you all pray Beth through this weekend? Please pray for: God to anoint her to teach the Word boldly, energy, endurance, focus, a great connection with the studio audience, restorative sleep, and for each message to build up the body of Christ. Thank you so much, siestas!

I also have a message from Curtis:

Hey Siestas,
I need your help with a little research I’m doing. Would those of you who are married please leave a comment finishing this sentence?

I wish I knew why my husband…

It can be serious or lighthearted, but it has to be something you really would like to know about your husband. We won’t post the comments, but if you would feel more comfortable, feel free to leave it anonymously. If you’re interested, I can post a summary of the most common responses. I need as much help as I can get, so please take 5 seconds and let me know what you wish you knew about your husband. Thanks!

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    Charlotte says:

    Please pray for healing for the following people please Jose, Cindy, Lindsey ,Pastor Jerry ,D.R. a evangelist , Steve , Cathy , Mrs. Reginia Hawkins , Mason, John Stanley , James Lowe , David Postal , Shirley ,Lynn , Holly and Heather. Christian,Carlos Marie,Jody,Rita and Marco to be saved.For President Trump God’s protection and guidance.Andy and Amy’s house is restored by the builders from mold.My job peace and Shirleys. Peace for Amy and Andy . Victoria’s baby healing from heart problems.

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