The Luke Challenge

Hey, everyone! This is a challenge I pitched out to the attendees of Living Proof Live Eugene, Oregon because it corresponded with our concept but anyone is invited to participate! Here’s a bit of background:

At our Living Proof Live in Eugene, we studied the repetitions of the powerfully placed words “this Jesus” in the Book of Acts, particularly in the first and second chapters. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Luke was intent on the reader understanding that the one who is both Messiah and Lord is “this same Jesus” (1:11 CSB/NIV) who was arrested, beaten, crucified, raised from the dead, who ascended to the Father in Heaven and who will descend again to earth in like manner. The challenge is to know “this Jesus” not second hand but straight from the pages of Scripture. While He can be found in the full stretch of Scripture, what He was like when He took on human flesh and blood and walked among us can most clearly, concentratedly be seen in the canonical Gospels.

My objective was to keep it completely uncomplicated even in the title. We’re simply calling it The Luke Challenge.

All you need is a Bible, a pen and a simple spiral notebook.

Write on the front of it with a marker: In Search of This Jesus

Choose a 30-day period of time in which you commit to read the book of Luke, 1 chapter a day, for all 24 chapters. Your 6 extra days are there when you miss and need to catch up. Start at any point but don’t leave it open ended. Really try to conclude in 30 days so you don’t lose momentum. Leave a comment to this post on the day you’re beginning as a means of strengthening your commitment with a bit of accountability. I don’t know about you but that always works better for me.

2 ground rules:
1. PRAY: Each time before you read, ask Jesus for two specific things: A) to open your mind to understand the Scriptures and B) to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
2. WRITE: Take notes and make comments on each chapter with particular emphasis on who Jesus was/is and what He was like. Freestyle anyway you wish and get as detailed as you like but here’s the catch: do so in dialogue straight to Jesus. Your notes, in effect, become prayers. Communications. He speaks to you through His Word. You speak back through your pen. For example, “Lord, I’m seeing these characteristics in you in Luke 4” and “I wonder what was going through Your mind when Peter…” and “this about you is particularly confusing/fascinating/troubling/comforting/exhilarating to me,” etc. Get the idea? Record what seems to draw Jesus near to a situation and also note what seems to repel Him. Recount to Him what you see happening around Him in the scene. Record how people responded to Him, both positively and negatively. Describe Him to the degree Scripture describes Him. Record your responses to Him. Do it any way you wish but make this an exercise entirely between you and Jesus.

One of our major points at Living Proof Live was that there is a difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus. This 30-day period focuses on knowing “this Jesus” who is both Messiah and Lord.

Anyone can do it with you and anyone is welcome to participate.

THEN, watch for a blog to follow this one in 30 days so that you can report having completed it and share your primary takeaways. THEN!!! If you liked it, DO THE SAME THING WITH THE BOOK OF ACTS! Luke wrote it, too, and it’s the perfect follow up.

We’re so happy to serve you here at Living Proof. We exist entirely for this purpose: to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ. THIS Jesus of Scripture.

Enjoy Him!

P.S.  Our comments are all moderated so don’t panic if you don’t see yours show up right away. It’s there! You’ll see it on the next work day!


673 Responses to “The Luke Challenge”

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  1. 601
    Chris Brooks says:

    I’m starting late, but excited to do it!

  2. 602
    Stacy Lee Allen says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today!

  3. 603
    Debbie Kleinsasser says:

    I reviewed the instructions today and plan to start tomorrow, August 22, 2019..

  4. 604
    Kristal Martin says:

    I started the Luke Challenge on Sunday, August 18th.

  5. 605
    Sheri Smith says:

    I have been enjoying this “challenge.” I started on August 4, and frankly, it’s taking me longer because I find that I am “chunking and chewing” so much of it. Forward progress is being made however!

  6. 606
    Nancy Rogers says:

    I have been doing this challenge although I started a little late. I’m knowing Jesus in a fresh way! Thank you for the challenge!

  7. 607
    Patricia Holt says:

    Started August 24, 2019
    Needed this! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  8. 608
    Tina says:

    Completed Luke Challenge!

  9. 609
    Tresa flowers says:

    August 24th 2019 I am Blessed to have finished the Luke Challenge, I have been Blessed in so many ways,I had to take all 6 Grace days but still loved doi g it , thank you Beth Moore for the Homework and letting the conference linger on from Eugene ❤️,

  10. 610
    Beth Taft says:

    Was absolutely the most intense and God inspired experience I have ever had. Looking forward to starting Acts on Monday!

  11. 611
    Zoe Delk says:

    Today is August 24, 2019 and I just finished my Luke challenge. It was a wonderful study and blessed me tremendously. I’m getting ready to start the book of James Sept 4th and I’m so excited. Beth you too have blessed my life so much with your other studies I’ve done. God bless you my sweet sister in Christ.

  12. 612
    Karin says:

    Starting the Luke challenge today!

  13. 613
    Shellee Magnuson says:

    Started the plan Monday

  14. 614
    Lori Betten says:

    Just read about this challenge on IG. I am starting today!

  15. 615
    Kim Marsh says:

    Saw this blog post on Instagram and will be starting today, August 26th.

  16. 616
    Angela says:

    Just saw this. I am going to give this a try and start today, 8/26/19.

  17. 617
    Nancy S says:

    Starting today! Loved our time with Beth in Eugene

  18. 618
    Toni Arms says:

    Just saw this today and today will be my start date!

  19. 619
    Whitney Key says:

    Saw this post on IG. Will start

  20. 620
    Adrienne Terrebonne says:

    I’m starting today!

  21. 621
    Heidi Hoskins says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today – August 26, 2019

  22. 622
    Rae says:

    Well I finally started the Luke challenge today, after a month of out of town family and many late hours at work. I kept saying today I will start but something would come up and of course I would say tomorrow for sure I’ll start. This morning I clearly heard the Lord say make the commitment no more excuses. I’m so excited because I know He is going to reveal some amazing truths!

    Thank you Beth and team for a fabulous conference, words can’t express my gratitude and the amazing time I had!!!!

    Blessings ~Rae

  23. 623
    Kathy Cooper says:

    I am excited to know Jesus better thru this challenge. I am starting in the morning. August 28th.

  24. 624
    Dawn says:

    Better late than never! My structured Bible reading is now on Luke, so here we go!

  25. 625
    Christy says:

    My friend who attended the Eugene told me about this challenge, starting today and eager to KNOW Jesus even more. Thanks for the challenge!

  26. 626
    Heather says:

    I’m taking the Luke challenge today, August 29th, 2019!

  27. 627
    Ange Keskey says:

    Finished the challenge about 4 days ago and LOVED reading the Bible like an investigative reporter. I loved being able to see things I might normally look over and I loved learning more about Jesus!

  28. 628
    Nicki L says:

    I’ve started the Luke challenge on September 1st with a small group of women including my sister, niece plus 3 of her friends, and me…

  29. 629
    Dee Dower says:

    I’ve almost completed Luke. I took 2 days on some of the longer chapters, so I’m a little behind. This has been such an enlightening journey; questioning, journaling, and finding a “take away”. I had just finished The Quest, so using questions posed in that study has added depth, also. Experiencing the conception of Jesus, Mary’s thoughts, the call of the disciples in Jesus’ ministry, their humanness, His patience, and now in chapter 22 his anguish and arrest, has spoken to me in new ways. I’ve stopped for the day in chapter 22:46. I needed to. Feeling the end of the portion of scripture tore into my emotions like never before. On this side of the cross my heart breaks; the agony, the willingness, the ‘human side’ of fear, the sorrow, but most of all the love. If this scene were to unfold today I would like to be the angel who comforted Him. I would not have the power to strengthen God Made Flesh, but I would have loved to have thrown my arms around His anguished shoulders and rocked Him; telling Him how much I love Him and believe in Him. -My Sweet Redemption- – Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing His praise –

  30. 630
    Lynette Paulson says:

    Starting today. Love the idea when I heard it in Eugene.

  31. 631
    Jan Lewis says:

    Starting today, September 1. Excited to see where God will lead me.

  32. 632
    Kim Visser says:

    I started the Luke Challenge 7/28/19 and stayed with it faithfully for 30 days. I have fallen more in love with Jesus than ever before. Writing personally to him in my journal has transformed my perspective and intimacy with Him and His Holy Spirit.
    I moved on to Acts on 8/27/19 taking this new perspective in seeing “This Same Jesus” working through His Holy Spirit in ordinary people like me. It has removed scales from my eyes and softened my heart as it is my desire to be a true disciple of This Same Jesus. I am blessed.

  33. 633
    Sharon Paul says:

    Starting today, 9-3.

  34. 634
    January says:

    I’ll try to be a rule follower and do as instructed. I’m starting today and holding myself accountable to re-post my impressions by October 3. Thanks for the fresh idea since I needed a jumpstart.

  35. 635
    Kelli and Brianna Clark says:

    We’re starting the challenge today, September 4th!!!

  36. 636
    Dawn Vader says:

    I am starting today, Sept. 4, 2019. I am challenging all our women in our church’s Bible study tonight to start as well. I can’t wait!

  37. 637
    Olwyn Wismer says:

    I am in! Started my Luke challenge and am a little slow, but the Lord is already meeting me right where I am at! Loved the conference, thanks Beth!

  38. 638
    Kathy Silva says:

    Im just starting today, however dedicated to do it

  39. 639
    Kathy Silva says:

    Im just starting today, however dedicated to do it. Ive completed through chapter 4 as i got so excited while reading, i need to pace myself though as I am recovering from an illness and i know i wont do as well if i plunge on.

  40. 640
    Chantal says:

    Spending most of the next 3 weeks in hotel rooms makes me think today is a great day to start this challenge.

  41. 641
    Julie Koenug says:

    I so enjoyed the conference. I’ve started the challenge yesterday. Looking forward to learning how to have a conversation with Jesus!

  42. 642
    Lori Curtis says:

    I finished Luke challenge and I am more than half way through Acts. Any suggestions on where to go next? Talking to Jesus in my notebook has been sustaining me every day and some are rough days. I am not going to stop after Acts.

    Thank you Living Proof team. You have blessed me so much.

    • 642.1
      Media says:

      Hi there Lori! While we don’t have an official suggestion for you we can recommend any of Beth’s studies on the Bible. Personally, I would recommend to you Colossians for New Testament and/or going through the Psalms in the Old Testament. Hope this helps! Blessings!

  43. 643
    Rebekah Truman says:

    I enjoyed the conference SO much! It was a breath of fresh air to my soul and I was in awe of the message the Holy Spirit gave Beth to preach, because it was exactly what I needed to hear! I am so hungry for more of the Holy Spirit and to truly begin to know Him more and hear His voice. I want to become less that he may become greater!

  44. 644
    Rebekah Truman says:

    I guess I got a little carried away 😉 …I’m starting the Luke Challenge today!

  45. 645
    Jessica Anderson says:

    Here we go! My precious friend and I LOVED the conference! We love how the Holy Spirit is moving through the body of Christ all over the world. Many of Beth’s points and heart cry’s we are hearing from other leaders, friends, and are the echo of our own hearts. We were simply in awe all weekend in Eugene. Now we are finally ready to get going on this challenge. Today we start together! We are desperate to know THIS Jesus. Hungry to know THIS Jesus. Longing to glorify THIS Jesus alone. We are in constant awe at the abundant love of THIS Jesus. We unashamedly want to shout THIS Jesus from the mountIn top. Make fishers of men. Light of the world, salt of the earth. For THIS Jesus’ kingdom come, His will be done. Thank you Beth- we’ve journeyed with you before and are honored to do so again!

  46. 646
    Susan Whitaker says:

    I started on September 7. So grateful for the challenge.

  47. 647
    Dianne Thielman says:

    Starting September 18, 2019

  48. 648
    Cori says:

    Loved everything about LPL Eugene! Summer was crazy and I knew I couldn’t do this challenge as successfully as waiting for the routine of the school year 🙂 So here I go! Luke Challenge October and then Acts Challenge November! Woohoo!!!

  49. 649
    Kathy Silva says:

    I so enjoyed this challenge and actually finished last week. Now onto acts.I didn’t get all my questions answered however i understood better than ever and felt the chadm of communication between Jesus and myself narrowed..thankyou Beth

  50. 650
    KaraL says:

    I’m starting today!

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