The Luke Challenge

Hey, everyone! This is a challenge I pitched out to the attendees of Living Proof Live Eugene, Oregon because it corresponded with our concept but anyone is invited to participate! Here’s a bit of background:

At our Living Proof Live in Eugene, we studied the repetitions of the powerfully placed words “this Jesus” in the Book of Acts, particularly in the first and second chapters. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Luke was intent on the reader understanding that the one who is both Messiah and Lord is “this same Jesus” (1:11 CSB/NIV) who was arrested, beaten, crucified, raised from the dead, who ascended to the Father in Heaven and who will descend again to earth in like manner. The challenge is to know “this Jesus” not second hand but straight from the pages of Scripture. While He can be found in the full stretch of Scripture, what He was like when He took on human flesh and blood and walked among us can most clearly, concentratedly be seen in the canonical Gospels.

My objective was to keep it completely uncomplicated even in the title. We’re simply calling it The Luke Challenge.

All you need is a Bible, a pen and a simple spiral notebook.

Write on the front of it with a marker: In Search of This Jesus

Choose a 30-day period of time in which you commit to read the book of Luke, 1 chapter a day, for all 24 chapters. Your 6 extra days are there when you miss and need to catch up. Start at any point but don’t leave it open ended. Really try to conclude in 30 days so you don’t lose momentum. Leave a comment to this post on the day you’re beginning as a means of strengthening your commitment with a bit of accountability. I don’t know about you but that always works better for me.

2 ground rules:
1. PRAY: Each time before you read, ask Jesus for two specific things: A) to open your mind to understand the Scriptures and B) to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
2. WRITE: Take notes and make comments on each chapter with particular emphasis on who Jesus was/is and what He was like. Freestyle anyway you wish and get as detailed as you like but here’s the catch: do so in dialogue straight to Jesus. Your notes, in effect, become prayers. Communications. He speaks to you through His Word. You speak back through your pen. For example, “Lord, I’m seeing these characteristics in you in Luke 4” and “I wonder what was going through Your mind when Peter…” and “this about you is particularly confusing/fascinating/troubling/comforting/exhilarating to me,” etc. Get the idea? Record what seems to draw Jesus near to a situation and also note what seems to repel Him. Recount to Him what you see happening around Him in the scene. Record how people responded to Him, both positively and negatively. Describe Him to the degree Scripture describes Him. Record your responses to Him. Do it any way you wish but make this an exercise entirely between you and Jesus.

One of our major points at Living Proof Live was that there is a difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus. This 30-day period focuses on knowing “this Jesus” who is both Messiah and Lord.

Anyone can do it with you and anyone is welcome to participate.

THEN, watch for a blog to follow this one in 30 days so that you can report having completed it and share your primary takeaways. THEN!!! If you liked it, DO THE SAME THING WITH THE BOOK OF ACTS! Luke wrote it, too, and it’s the perfect follow up.

We’re so happy to serve you here at Living Proof. We exist entirely for this purpose: to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ. THIS Jesus of Scripture.

Enjoy Him!

P.S.  Our comments are all moderated so don’t panic if you don’t see yours show up right away. It’s there! You’ll see it on the next work day!


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  1. 51
    Joyce Davidson says:

    Hello! I am starting The Luke Challenge on July 28th. I just finished reading Luke about a month ago. This challenge is perfect timing to walk those pages again in this way and to meet Jesus there. So good!

  2. 52
    Dr. Phil says:

    Such a great idea for getting to Know This Jesus, Beth. Jennifer and I continue to lift you and your team up. Praise God for what He did through you in Eugene. Dr Phil 🙂 and Jennifer Rothschild

  3. 53
    Susana says:

    Committed to start on Monday 7/28

  4. 54
    Michele Peters says:

    Oh I am ON it! I was just thinking this morning that I need to switch up my quiet time with the Lord a little! Thank you for inspiring me to love Jesus even more, for so many consecutive years!

  5. 55
    Jen Little says:

    I’m in, Beth! Thank you for coming to Eugene! It’s been probably a decade since I went to my last LPL event and boy was it good for my soul. I know you’ve been under a lot of attack lately, and I want you to know that there are loads of us less loud and less public people (even here in the “heathen” PNW :)) who are cheering you on!!

  6. 56
    Becky says:

    I’m starting today! This challenge is completely in step with God’s wooing of me back to the Gospels to know this Jesus more intimately. Thank you for being His voice this weekend. Have a blast here in Portland with Melissa!

  7. 57
    Stephanie Jo says:

    I’m ready to start TODAY 7.28!!

  8. 58
    Constance says:

    I loved the time with you in Eugene being reminded to seek and serve “this Jesus”. Such a powerful conviction for me. Today 7/28/19 I begin the Luke challenge. Thank you, Beth

    P.s. loved the dance time, too!

  9. 59
    Candy Redel says:

    Great idea! Ill be starting on July 29,2019.
    Thank you Beth!!

  10. 60
    Nancy says:

    I am starting the Luke Challenge today. Everyone who rode in my car to Eugene this weekend has committed to the challenge. We want to know the Jesus of scripture, this Jesus!

  11. 61
    jaye says:

    I will start my challenge on 8-1-19. I need it.

  12. 62
    Kinzy Troudt says:

    Starting The Luke Challenge today! One month before I start school (ultrasound school at Boise state). Eugene’s conference was so incredible. Leaving inspired and filled with hope to fully know THIS Jesus!

  13. 63
    Cheri Gielish says:

    I am starting the Luke Challenge today, July 28, 2019.
    I was at the Eugene, Oregon event and it was absolutely perfect timing.
    Thank you Beth and the Worship Team for an amazingly blessed time!

  14. 64
    Roxanne says:

    I’m excited to do the Luke Challenge! Starting today.
    Thank you for coming to Eugene OR. I definitely got blessed, thank you Jesus ♥️

  15. 65
    Margie says:

    I’m in! starting today.

  16. 66
    Martha says:

    I am starting today, 7/28/19.

  17. 67
    Rebecca says:

    Thank you for sending me home with homework! I’m starting the Luke Challenge on July 27th. I’m actually super excited to have this time with Jesus and I’m praying He opens my eyes to the scriptures and shows me who This Jesus is!

  18. 68
    patrice says:

    Thank you for coming to Eugene, OR this past weekend! I so enjoyed your teachings! I will take up the Luke Challenge today to lean into This Jesus!

  19. 69
    Katherine Rachford says:

    I am starting today, Sunday July 28.

  20. 70
    Brenda Thomas says:

    I am beginning The Luke Challenge today :).
    Thank you, Beth, for declaring so simply yet poignantly, “This Jesus”, at the conference. The focus to recognize “This Jesus” vs “That Jesus” is a passion for me, having been trained in abusive ways to view Him as an angry, condemning, conditional, displeased…God. Thank you for “revealing Him” as Who He Is 🙂

  21. 71
    Christi Morley says:

    I am starting the Luke Challenge on July 28th! I loved your message in Eugene this weekend, Beth, and I am eager to be “In Search of This Jesus” in the next 30 days! Thank you!

  22. 72
    Jennifer says:

    Committed to start on August 1!! I am excited about this challenge!

  23. 73
    Meagan says:

    I am starting the Luke challenge on Sunday July,27th. Ending the summer the right way! And plan to start the school year the right way with Acts

  24. 74
    Yvonne says:

    I am committing to The Luke Challenge beginning today July 28th. I am desperate to know This Jesus. Thank you Beth for your commitment to This Same Jesus and showing me the way to Him.

  25. 75
    Nancy Weikle says:

    Starting this study July 28, 2019. Thank you for this.

  26. 76
    Sue says:

    Starting today! Sunday July 28.
    Woke up asking God what book of the Bible I should start reading today and then I saw the email. Perfect as our pastor is preaching on Luke on Wednesday nights.

    Thank you Lord Jesus for directing our lives by your spirit as we listen to you speak to us by Your word, the Holy Spirit and one another. Amen

  27. 77
    Marilee Farr says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today!

  28. 78
    Kristin says:

    I’m doing it!!

  29. 79
    Kristin says:

    I’m in!

  30. 80
    Geralyn says:

    Thank you Beth for this timely challenge that I’m starting today July 29th!

  31. 81
    Katherine says:

    Going to start this challenge tomorrow, July 28. =)

  32. 82
    Jamie Wendel says:

    Sounds like a really cool way to get to know Jesus more! I’m in beginning tomorrow! Monday is a good day start anything!

  33. 83
    Carol Hardisty says:

    I am beginning the 30 day challenge today! I’m excited to be doing this with so many. Thank you for coming to Eugene. We had a wonderful time! May Jesus move in us here in the Pacific Northwest and May those around us see, “This Jesus!”

  34. 84

    Hi there. I am so excited to start this challenge on July 28! God bless everyone! Marian.

  35. 85
    Carole says:

    Starting the Luke challenge this morning 7/28.

  36. 86
    Linda Rosario says:

    Starting 7/28/19. Thank you so much. Only God knows how much I needed this !!

  37. 87
    Kelly says:

    I am starting today!! This comes at a much needed time for me and, given Luke has always been my favorite Gospel, I feel I’m meant to do it.

  38. 88
    Dede says:

    I am beginning the challenge today! Thanks for the invitation!

  39. 89
    Cyd Zipf says:

    I attended your Eugene event as a 1️⃣st timer‼️ I am starting the Luke challenge August 1st with my disciple leader & friend LaChel. This will be new for me I’ve been a Christian for a little over a year…..excited to see what God wants me to learn

  40. 90
    Jenny Lott says:

    Wonderful idea! I will start today–7/28/19

  41. 91
    Linda Mayes says:

    Committed to begin July 30th @ 8:00 PM

  42. 92
    Tricia says:

    Love this idea!! I’m committed to start Monday, July 29

  43. 93
    Kami says:

    I’m starting today (7/28)! I loved this weekend and am so excited to take this challenge and see where the Lord leads.

  44. 94
    Paula says:

    It’s July 28th and I’m in.

  45. 95
    Dee says:

    I was at LPL in Eugene and my heart is full! So thankful for God’s sweet spirit and how He surrounds us even when we least expect it. I’m in the middle of The Quest right now, but plan to start The Luke Challenge with our ladies group on Aug. 1st. I hope I can wait that long!

  46. 96
    Kerry says:

    Day One: Here I go!! I am so hopeful for this time. This challenge could not be more perfectly timed for me and my PNW community!! Thank you, Beth, and the LP team for not only fully showing up for a community in desperate need for “this Jesus”, but also providing a lasting opportunity to allow the teaching to dig deeper roots through our personal discovery.

  47. 97
    Linda says:

    Great plan & starting today July 28th.

  48. 98
    Julie says:

    I love Dr. Luke

  49. 99
    Mindy Seekford says:

    Hi! Mindy Seekford, Stonewall Louisiana. I will be starting the Luke Challenge on Monday, July 29th.

  50. 100
    Brandi Luiz says:

    I am going to do the Luke Challenge

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