The Luke Challenge

Hey, everyone! This is a challenge I pitched out to the attendees of Living Proof Live Eugene, Oregon because it corresponded with our concept but anyone is invited to participate! Here’s a bit of background:

At our Living Proof Live in Eugene, we studied the repetitions of the powerfully placed words “this Jesus” in the Book of Acts, particularly in the first and second chapters. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Luke was intent on the reader understanding that the one who is both Messiah and Lord is “this same Jesus” (1:11 CSB/NIV) who was arrested, beaten, crucified, raised from the dead, who ascended to the Father in Heaven and who will descend again to earth in like manner. The challenge is to know “this Jesus” not second hand but straight from the pages of Scripture. While He can be found in the full stretch of Scripture, what He was like when He took on human flesh and blood and walked among us can most clearly, concentratedly be seen in the canonical Gospels.

My objective was to keep it completely uncomplicated even in the title. We’re simply calling it The Luke Challenge.

All you need is a Bible, a pen and a simple spiral notebook.

Write on the front of it with a marker: In Search of This Jesus

Choose a 30-day period of time in which you commit to read the book of Luke, 1 chapter a day, for all 24 chapters. Your 6 extra days are there when you miss and need to catch up. Start at any point but don’t leave it open ended. Really try to conclude in 30 days so you don’t lose momentum. Leave a comment to this post on the day you’re beginning as a means of strengthening your commitment with a bit of accountability. I don’t know about you but that always works better for me.

2 ground rules:
1. PRAY: Each time before you read, ask Jesus for two specific things: A) to open your mind to understand the Scriptures and B) to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
2. WRITE: Take notes and make comments on each chapter with particular emphasis on who Jesus was/is and what He was like. Freestyle anyway you wish and get as detailed as you like but here’s the catch: do so in dialogue straight to Jesus. Your notes, in effect, become prayers. Communications. He speaks to you through His Word. You speak back through your pen. For example, “Lord, I’m seeing these characteristics in you in Luke 4” and “I wonder what was going through Your mind when Peter…” and “this about you is particularly confusing/fascinating/troubling/comforting/exhilarating to me,” etc. Get the idea? Record what seems to draw Jesus near to a situation and also note what seems to repel Him. Recount to Him what you see happening around Him in the scene. Record how people responded to Him, both positively and negatively. Describe Him to the degree Scripture describes Him. Record your responses to Him. Do it any way you wish but make this an exercise entirely between you and Jesus.

One of our major points at Living Proof Live was that there is a difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus. This 30-day period focuses on knowing “this Jesus” who is both Messiah and Lord.

Anyone can do it with you and anyone is welcome to participate.

THEN, watch for a blog to follow this one in 30 days so that you can report having completed it and share your primary takeaways. THEN!!! If you liked it, DO THE SAME THING WITH THE BOOK OF ACTS! Luke wrote it, too, and it’s the perfect follow up.

We’re so happy to serve you here at Living Proof. We exist entirely for this purpose: to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ. THIS Jesus of Scripture.

Enjoy Him!

P.S.  Our comments are all moderated so don’t panic if you don’t see yours show up right away. It’s there! You’ll see it on the next work day!


673 Responses to “The Luke Challenge”

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  1. 551
    Jodie Owsley says:

    Looking forward to greater intimacy with This Jesus!

  2. 552
    Laura S says:

    I’ll start on August 12th.

  3. 553
    Chris Wheeler says:

    Started Aug 1 along with getting together with the 2 friends who were with me in Eugene. The 3 of us and another friend are going to meet weekly to talk over Luke 🙂

  4. 554
    Jennifer says:

    Started the Luke Challenge today!

  5. 555
    Pat says:

    I started July 29th.

  6. 556
    Amber Riggs says:

    I was at the gathering in Eugene and started the Luke Challenge the next day. I’m loving it!

  7. 557
    Lori Gant says:

    I’m starting The Luke Challenge today.

  8. 558
    Deseray Cline says:

    I’m starting today Tuesday August 6th. I have been fostering a relationship with a Jehovah’s Witness woman and a 12 year old girl she has been bringing to my house for a couple months to study the scriptures. I’ve walked with the Lord for a long time and I would not recommend somebody new in their faith to do this. I fostered this relationship for the sole purpose of introducing them to “This Jesus”. So yesterday after our study I asked them if they would do this with me and they agreed so every Monday we will get together and share what we have learned. I’m so excited!

  9. 559
    Jackie UK says:

    Started on August 6th. I registered on the 5th but my comment hasn’t been included with the others for some reason. Praying for a deepening of my relationship with the Lord over these 30 days.

  10. 560
    Karen says:

    Started actually August 3rd, but reread the points so now I am clear. This is transition with Christ Jesus my Savior- written to Him from my heart.

  11. 561
    Traci Church says:

    Starting August 7

  12. 562
    Kathy says:

    Starting August 7

  13. 563
    Joanna says:

    I started the Luke Challenge on Aug 1st!

  14. 564
    Tracie Luff says:

    I’m starting the Luke Challenge Aug 12! I just received my new study excited to start this challenge with my new bible!

  15. 565
    Sharon J says:

    Starting today Luke 1st chapter! Exciting
    Sharon J.

  16. 566
    Ange Keskey says:

    I am so in, thank you, Ms. Beth for an achievable summer goal.

  17. 567
    Eileen says:

    I started on August 1! Im on chapter 7 today looking forward to seeing what Jesus has to tell me personally.
    .Love you sisters in Christ,

  18. 568
    Nicole Lawrence says:

    I began yesterday, August 7th! Let’s rock!

  19. 569
    Theresa Parrott says:

    I am starting the Luke Challenge today, August 8th.

  20. 570
    Peggy says:

    I started the Luke Challenge on 8/7.
    I want to say I am fascinated by Luke 1:15.
    I use the ESV Study Bible and reading through the extended notes, it states; God’s equipping him (John) for his ministry. It also indicates that he was a distinct human person before birth and suggests that, in an uncommon way, God imparted regeneration to him before he was born.

  21. 571
    June Kuitert says:

    Starting the 30 day challenge today August 9th studying Luke to get to know This Jesus more intimately.

  22. 572
    Amanda says:

    I am starting the Luke challenge today- August 9th and am inviting my
    household to all join me in it!

  23. 573
    Crystal says:

    Starting the Luke challenge today

  24. 574
    Sarah Austin says:

    Daily, I see the Word anew. Love my time in the Word!

  25. 575
    Heather Rattray says:

    I’m starting on August 11 and will do Acts as well!

  26. 576
    Rindy Fleming says:

    I started August 1st and it’s been great to focus on our sweet Jesus! I have 4 friends that went to the event in Eugene, and they are joining me on this challenge. Shout out to Trixie, Cami, Michelle and Danielle!

  27. 577
    Shirley Ann says:

    Started Luke Challenge but hadn’t been able to post. I’m on chapter 6 now.

    Special verse: 1:38, Mary gave herself as maidservant of the Lord to conceive and birth THE LORD!!! Wow

    Jesus knew Mary’s heart before angel told her she would birth the Son of God. In her song she tells about how He regarded the lowly and exhalted the lowly, who then became blessed.

    Luke 2- decreed to be registered so were they undocumented until census? Wonder how Jesus felt to be helpless baby, but all powerful. (No wonder everyone Marveled)

    Verse 51-52, went home with parents and was subject to them.
    Wonder how awkward to know and be all, but subject Yourself under fallible humans.

    Luke 4:34 even the unclean demon KNEW Jesus as the Holy One of God. Says report went out to every place in the surrounding region. (Was that ancient facebook?)

    Verses 38-41 Jesus touched a lot of people, can WE touch the ones around us and bring connection to the hurting?!

    Luke 5:12-16 Lord, if You’re willing… Jesus, please be willing and cleanse me also!!!

  28. 578
    Cheryl says:

    I started it August 1 and I just love it . Everyday is new insights new connections . Thank you

  29. 579
    Shawna says:

    I am starting today!

  30. 580
    Gina says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today, August 12th! (Better late than never!) I’m excited to know THIS Jesus even more. ♥

  31. 581
    Jodi Olson Moore says:

    Thank you for warning us that following Jesus may make us squirm.
    Luke 9 just got in my business! ☹️

  32. 582
    Barbie says:

    Starting the Luke challenge today, August 12.

  33. 583
    Carrie Swanson says:

    I started the challenge on Sunday, 8/11!

  34. 584
    Sue Middeldorf says:

    Starting the Luke challenge today, 8/13.

  35. 585
    Pat says:

    I started the Luke Challenge yesterday! Anxious to see what I learn about “this Jesus” as I read this book!

  36. 586
    Linda says:

    I started the challenge August 14, 2019. Looking to THIS Jesus!

  37. 587
    Sandy Hartley says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today! Praying for insight and the leading of His Spirit ~
    Blessings sisters~

  38. 588
    MaryJo Landwehr says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today! Thank You!

  39. 589
    Lilah Bruce says:

    starting Luke challenge August 15, 2019

  40. 590
    Bekkah Morgan says:

    Doing the Luke Challenge!

  41. 591
    Richard J. Bogue says:

    Dear Beth Moore,

    I recognize in your words a follower and apostle of the True Christ. Unfortunately, in this society, the name of Christ is taken in vain as often as not. I dare say, Christ is evoked more often in disdain for the poor, in hatred of those with other faiths or no faith, to promote selfishness and greed, and to justify violence by the state and by individuals.

    Christ himself would not be recognized even once if he walked into the US Senate and embraced every so-called christian in the place.

    Thank You for bravely remembering and evoking the actual teachings of Christ. Thank you for standing up, resolutely and without spite, in the face of so much unholiness in Christ’s name.

  42. 592
    Susan M says:

    Starting the Luke challenge on August 17th! Thank you!

  43. 593
    Leah Leach says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but starting this today!

  44. 594
    Chloe Roberts says:

    Excited to see what God is going to do through all of these image bearers seeking Him! I’m starting TODAY!

  45. 595
    Sparki2003 says:

    This sounds like just the “right” Challenge for me right now!

    Count me in, Ms. Beth!

    In Christ’s Love, Jennifer Olmstead

  46. 596
    Mary McMillan says:

    Registering late but now on chapter 17 of Luke. Appreciating so much the fresh challenge to find and know Jesus.

  47. 597
    Sherrie Potter says:

    I know this will be a case of “better late than never.” I’m beginning the Luke Challenge today.

  48. 598
    heidi smith says:

    Started 3 days ago. Your message in Eugene was amazing. I was a last minute add and i reallly knew that This Jesus planned for me to be there. It was awe inspiring and life changing. Thank you for being His vessel.

  49. 599
    Tacey says:

    I began the Luke challenge August 8th and I am surprised at how much I am
    enjoying it and gleaning so much from
    It. I like how I am spending time in God’s word and praying at the same time. Now I pray that I can apply what the Holy Spirit is teaching me!

  50. 600

    Beginning today, August 18. Eager to see the face of Jesus during the study of this beautiful book.

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