The Luke Challenge

Hey, everyone! This is a challenge I pitched out to the attendees of Living Proof Live Eugene, Oregon because it corresponded with our concept but anyone is invited to participate! Here’s a bit of background:

At our Living Proof Live in Eugene, we studied the repetitions of the powerfully placed words “this Jesus” in the Book of Acts, particularly in the first and second chapters. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Luke was intent on the reader understanding that the one who is both Messiah and Lord is “this same Jesus” (1:11 CSB/NIV) who was arrested, beaten, crucified, raised from the dead, who ascended to the Father in Heaven and who will descend again to earth in like manner. The challenge is to know “this Jesus” not second hand but straight from the pages of Scripture. While He can be found in the full stretch of Scripture, what He was like when He took on human flesh and blood and walked among us can most clearly, concentratedly be seen in the canonical Gospels.

My objective was to keep it completely uncomplicated even in the title. We’re simply calling it The Luke Challenge.

All you need is a Bible, a pen and a simple spiral notebook.

Write on the front of it with a marker: In Search of This Jesus

Choose a 30-day period of time in which you commit to read the book of Luke, 1 chapter a day, for all 24 chapters. Your 6 extra days are there when you miss and need to catch up. Start at any point but don’t leave it open ended. Really try to conclude in 30 days so you don’t lose momentum. Leave a comment to this post on the day you’re beginning as a means of strengthening your commitment with a bit of accountability. I don’t know about you but that always works better for me.

2 ground rules:
1. PRAY: Each time before you read, ask Jesus for two specific things: A) to open your mind to understand the Scriptures and B) to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
2. WRITE: Take notes and make comments on each chapter with particular emphasis on who Jesus was/is and what He was like. Freestyle anyway you wish and get as detailed as you like but here’s the catch: do so in dialogue straight to Jesus. Your notes, in effect, become prayers. Communications. He speaks to you through His Word. You speak back through your pen. For example, “Lord, I’m seeing these characteristics in you in Luke 4” and “I wonder what was going through Your mind when Peter…” and “this about you is particularly confusing/fascinating/troubling/comforting/exhilarating to me,” etc. Get the idea? Record what seems to draw Jesus near to a situation and also note what seems to repel Him. Recount to Him what you see happening around Him in the scene. Record how people responded to Him, both positively and negatively. Describe Him to the degree Scripture describes Him. Record your responses to Him. Do it any way you wish but make this an exercise entirely between you and Jesus.

One of our major points at Living Proof Live was that there is a difference between knowing about Jesus and actually knowing Jesus. This 30-day period focuses on knowing “this Jesus” who is both Messiah and Lord.

Anyone can do it with you and anyone is welcome to participate.

THEN, watch for a blog to follow this one in 30 days so that you can report having completed it and share your primary takeaways. THEN!!! If you liked it, DO THE SAME THING WITH THE BOOK OF ACTS! Luke wrote it, too, and it’s the perfect follow up.

We’re so happy to serve you here at Living Proof. We exist entirely for this purpose: to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ. THIS Jesus of Scripture.

Enjoy Him!

P.S.  Our comments are all moderated so don’t panic if you don’t see yours show up right away. It’s there! You’ll see it on the next work day!


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  1. 501
    Candi says:

    I started the Luke Challenge in August 1. In search of this Jesus. ❤️

  2. 502
    Lorene says:

    I attended the conference in Eugene on Friday evening July 26th. I was unable to attend Saturday because my mom ended in the hospital Friday night. Some friends from church shared notes with me and gave me information about this study through Luke.
    I will be starting my 30 days today August2nd!!
    GOD bless you and your team. In Christ, Lorene Hart.

  3. 503
    Shelley Bohlken says:

    I am so excited about doing this! I volunteer with youth in both the county and state juvenile justice system and I have been encouraging them for years that if they really want to know the kind of person/God that Jesus is they should read the gospels. I love this new “twist” – using my reading as a conversation between the Lord and myself.
    Today is August 2 and I am starting my Like Challenge right now.
    Thank you Beth for this inspired and inspiring challenge!

  4. 504
    Connie Hirschy says:

    Starting today August 2, 2019. I had been reading in Acts about This Jesus, thought it was a good follow up. I had also been thinking about our time last year on the lifeway Alaskan cruise, My husband and I had a wonderful time and it was great to meet you in person and get our picture taken with you. Thanks for your challenges. God Bless Jude 24 and 25. Connie Hirschy

  5. 505
    Lindsey says:

    Starting today!
    I was at LPL Eugene and am excited to get started!

  6. 506
    Jennifer King says:

    Being Luke challenge this weekend! August 3rd.

  7. 507
    Heather says:

    I am confused! Are we doing the Luke challenge using the book of Luke or the book of Acts!? Peter is not even mentioned in Luke 4, as Beth refers. However, he is in Acts 4!

    Thanks in advance!

  8. 508
    Tam says:

    I am starting tomorrow 8/03/2019. I am hoping to hear a word from Jesus concerning who he is and what he wants me to know about my calling.

  9. 509
    CBByrd says:

    The Luke Challenge- Chapter 3

    Dear Jesus,

    John’s days in the wilderness prepared him for his ministry as the word of God came to him. The words of the prophet Isaiah resonated as he preached in the district around the Jordan River, a message of repentance of sins. The not-so-veiled message to the complacent and sinful Jews was that God would raise up sons from among non-Hebrews and that fruitless trees would be cut down and burned. He gave explicit instructions for actions that must be taken to transform the culture: share with the poor, don’t abuse taxing authority, don’t accuse falsely, be content with your wages….. so much so that people speculated that John might be the Christ. But John assured them that while he baptized with water, he was only the precursor of The One, you Jesus, who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. John’s reproving exhortations would win him the adverse attention of Herod the tetrarch and bring him imprisonment.

    You, Jesus, and your cousin John had spent many years studying the Law and Prophets. You both knew well the stories of your special birth announcements and your special purposes. God’s favor and anointing upon you both guided your lives on earth and brought about God’s salvation for all people. The message today is as powerful and relevant for hearers of the Gospel as it was when John heralded it and when you lived it out for us.

    I read again your lineage listed by Luke. God created us as his children, even as Adam and Eve were created from clay and rib. Physically, we understand this. You, Jesus, as the Christ, have made it possible for us to be spiritually reborn as God’s children when we were separated from God by our sinfulness, even as Adam and Eve were separated from God’s presence in the Garden. When we feel the conviction of your Holy Spirit, repent, confess and return to you, you are pleased. Even when we are separated from fellowship with you, we are never separated from your love. We never cease to be your children.

    Grateful for your love, even when I deserve your discipline,

  10. 510
    Kristi says:

    Started today, August 2nd. So glad to be part of this

  11. 511
    Natalie Evans says:

    Starting now! No more delays!

  12. 512
    Kim says:

    I started the challenge!! I can’t wait! August 3rd:)

  13. 513
    Karen Glenn says:

    Thank you for the challenge,I needed to jump-start my studying, and then will start an in depth study of Acts (9 mo.)in Bible Study Fellowship, in Sept.
    I could only make it to LPLEugene last Sat a.m., but was blessed by it.
    Is it recorded, so I could hear the Fri part somehow? Just curious.
    In Christ,

  14. 514
    Melissa Moore says:

    I started the Luke Challenge on August 1! On day 3 and loving it so far.

  15. 515
    Soni says:

    My sister-in-love and I started on August 1. We live indifferent cities but send photos of our letters to each other every day. I LOVE this exercise and I’m already knowing so much more about THIS JESUS!

  16. 516
    Kathy Manthey says:

    I’ve started this challenge today 8/3/19. I’m praying for Jesus to speak with me through every chapter.

  17. 517
    Rachel Cappelen says:

    Starting today! Seems like the perfect time.

  18. 518
    Teresa says:

    Memories of teachings from the Eugene event have stayed with me all week. Normally those thoughts will fade with each passing day. I’m taking that as an encouragement to jump in and take the challenge. Here I go!

  19. 519
    Tina A. says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge on August 4th!

  20. 520
    Julie L says:

    Starting today, Saturday, August 3rd, I am starting The Luke Challenge. Looking for This Jesus in scriptures. Excited to see Him in a whole new way in His word.

    Central Point, Orgeon

  21. 521
    Marlee says:

    I am starting this today. Looking forward to diving in and learning more about “this Jesus”!

  22. 522
    Angela H says:

    I am starting 8/4 – thank you!

  23. 523
    Rita says:

    Started August 1st!! Excited to do this study!

  24. 524
    Kathy Shannon says:

    Hi! My name is Kathy and I am starting the Luke Challenge today! I was supposed to go to the event in Eugene but ended up being hospitalized. I am excited to see what “this Jesus” has in store for me!

  25. 525
    Merrie Dawn Enos says:

    I was very encouraged and motivated by Beth last weekend! I’m finally starting the Luke Challenge today!

  26. 526
    Shalas Benson says:

    I attended the event in Eugene at the last minute. It was wonderful. I’ve started the Luke Challenge.

  27. 527
    Janelle Wade says:

    I started on July 29th… loving the simple, beautiful truth of Jesus so far!

  28. 528
    Lisa Jones says:

    August 4, 2019 – Beginning the Luke Challenge today. I look forward to what “This Jesus” has in store for me!

  29. 529
    Judith says:

    Starting today! Sunday, August 4, 2019
    The “This Jesus” message at LPL Eugene was so impactful to me, & I’m excited to go deeper in the next 30 days.

  30. 530
    Kirsten Speyer says:

    I started the Luke Challenge on Monday this week and forgot to post! But wow! What a week I’ve had getting to know THIS Jesus!

  31. 531
    Nancy Judd says:

    Finally got my notebook and am starting it today August 5th!

  32. 532
    Maria Dickerson says:

    I’m in!!!!

  33. 533
    Sheri Smith says:

    Looking forward to this “challenge.”

  34. 534
    Tosha Spivey says:

    Today Aug.5th marks 14 years of marriage! I begin today in a prayer to continue to be grateful in Times that For Sure are growing my character:/ Praise our God who never changes! Praise our Lord for for knowing and guiding! And All praises to our Jesus who graces and loves and blesses me…even me…((to THIS ONE KING JESUS-I give my All)):)

  35. 535
    Valerie Light says:

    I’m starting today August 5, 2019

  36. 536
    Meredith says:

    Attended Living Proof in Eugene and loved every minute of it. Just returned home from family church camp and excited to jump into the Luke challenge. Beginning today and can’t wait to see what He’s going to teach me!! Thank you Beth and team for your obedience and contagious love.

  37. 537
    Leiah Greene says:

    I am starting the challenge today, August 5th.

  38. 538
    Angela Alderson says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today! What a blessing it was to attend in Eugene. Looking forward to knowing THIS Jesus more.

  39. 539
    Marna says:

    Starting the Luke Challenge today. Looking forward to learning and getting to know who THIS Jesus is!

  40. 540
    Annette says:

    Attended this event with my daughter and today we are beginning our walk through Luke together. We live 4 hours apart so we are doing it over the phone. We are excited to be partnering together to learn more about This Jesus!

  41. 541
    Pam Sims says:

    I am starting today! (August 5th)

  42. 542
    Jessica Brown says:

    I was at the Eugene conference last weekend. I’m beginning the 30 day Luke challenge today. Blessings, Jessica

  43. 543
    Jackie says:

    Jackie Uk
    I will be starting tomorrow August 6th. Only just seen this will get my notebook in the morning!

  44. 544
    Karla says:

    Does Beth have a study on ACTS? My church is doing that next and I wanted to supplement.
    See you Friday in Green Bay!! I’m bringing my college daughter. She has never been!!!
    (I’m doing the Luke challenge!)

  45. 545
    Patricia Garren says:

    Starting today. So glad you’re back on Twitter.

  46. 546
    Dawn says:

    Starting the challenge today, and praying that God will help me be committed to this search to know Him more ❤
    I love His word, but lack discipline and purpose in my devotion time.
    Thank you for the challenge!

  47. 547
    Beth Mince says:

    Starting this today August 5th. My husband wants to do it as well even though he has already said he was going to take it slower due to time constraints. I’m not worried…he is far more disciplined than me. I have a friend who is also doing it with me. Excited to see what God is going to reveal during this time.

  48. 548
    Kathleen says:

    This was my third Living Proof (one in Portland in ‘03, a few years ago here in Eugene and this one). I’ve come away blessed each time. I am starting the Luke challenge today, August 5 and looking forward to what God has in store for me. I’ve been very active in my church over the past years but right now God has me in His waiting room. I know it’s because I’ve had a couple of years of emotional turmoil in my life and God knew I needed to work on/with events and family members which will come to some conclusion soon (I know everything will be alright—maybe not my alright but definitely God’s Alright). I think the chaos is coming to a low simmer but feel like I’ve been twiddling my thumbs as far as my faith. I’ve kept up reading the scriptures but this is going to be a great way for me to dig into and study the scriptures. Thank you for the challenge. Kat

  49. 549
    Paula says:

    Excited to know Jesus and be known! Starting bright & early in the morning, August 6. Thanks Beth

  50. 550
    Janis Nelson says:

    I started August 1, 2019 reading Luke and commenting. Loving the personal conversation and writing it on paper.

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