Three LPM Christmas Gift Ideas… and Giveaways!

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Hi Everybody! Sabrina here! (waving)

Just in case you are wondering something like, “wow, I can’t remember ever hearing from Sabrina”, you are so very right!  I have never been on the blog before today.  So why now??? Well, I am pretty jazzed about something and want so much to share the excitement with you all.  LPM has a new resource that is on the printing press at this very moment.

With all glory to God, have a look at Breath.

breath_cover_front  breath_cover_back

Y’all, Breath has been new life to me. Here is the deal: a few co-workers and myself do several reviews for editing and design – so we watch it a lot (smile). Every edit review was a fresh breath from God. Actually, I would get so wrapped up in the teaching that I would forget I was editing (laughing).

This lecture study is on the Holy Spirit, “The Life of God In Us”.  The companion booklet includes Beth’s listening guides, along with 6 written lessons by Melissa Moore. These articles give deeper insight into Beth’s lectures with expanding applications but they also offer an opportunity to glean from the fresh research of an amazing young teacher. Beth’s six sessions were filmed live with our local Houston Bible study group.

Thank you for praising God with us about this series and believing God to meet each person who seeks Him through this teaching.

We expect shipment in about 1 week, however if you are too excited to wait until the DVD sets arrive, the digital downloads are available now.

Breath is one of several items on my Christmas shopping list (definitely a perk to have a store at your workplace).  So I thought it would be fun to share those with you as well. I’ve listed them below but, truly, what better way to share than a Blog Giveaway?!

SO, your comment to this post will be your entry to the drawing.  We are so excited to share five copies of each new resource item shown below, so there will be 15 winners!

“Portraits of Devotion”

This is a 366-day compilation devotional. For those of you familiar with the Personal Reflection Series (90-day devotional journal drawn from the lives of Jesus, David, John, and Paul), this unites them all into one beautiful book.


LPM’s DVD set “The Great Escape”

The Great Escape was recorded at a Living Proof Live event in Bossier City, LA.
You can preview The Great Escape here.


LPM’s DVD set “Breath”


You can preview Breath here.


Since it is the season of giving, if your name is selected in the random drawing and you prefer to ship your gift directly to someone on your gift list, please know it would be our joy.  This post will remain open until 4:30 CST on Friday, December 5th.  Winners’ names will be posted first thing Monday morning, the 8th. If your name is drawn, watch for an update to this post. We will also notify you by email to get the mailing information for yourself or your recipient.

Of course we are glad to help with any of your gift needs. You can browse in our online store here.  Please note LPM’s last day to ship is 12/17.

With much love and many Christmas blessings to you!




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  1. 851
    Brenda Powell says:

    Abundant Christmas Blessings to the entire LPL team from your sisters in San Diego, CA! Praying God’s favor on the ministry as you lift high The Name of Jesus!

  2. 852

    Sweet – it appears that I will be at the 500+ mark as well as comments…so ..

    Lord…you see that my son took my extra STASH this month ( college kid ) and if YOU would like me to receive this giveaway…then I accept it and thank the people with Beth and this blog site….

    If it is not Your will to win, then Lord, please provide an extra job for my son to earn some extra cash when he is home for the holiday and then I won’t have to spend my extra money on him and I can order this stuff…which I would like to have.

    I would love a FRESH BREATH from YOu and Beth Lord…. thank you – ahead of time.
    Michelle Pritchard
    Okeechobee, FLorida

  3. 853
    Rachel says:

    Pick me!

  4. 854
    Sue P. says:

    How exciting and encouraging! Can’t wait to get into it!

  5. 855
    RaeAnne says:

    What a generous give away!! I am excited to do this new study on the Holy Spirit! Thank you for being obedient to sharing God’s voice with us through the Word and teaching. I am so encouraged by the way God chooses to speak to me when I press in through your studies:)

  6. 856
    Cindy childers says:

    How wonderful! Yeah for a study with Melissa. We’ve all been waiting. You go girl!

  7. 857
    connie Kempf says:

    You never cease to amaze me with all the new and wonderful lessons God brings to your mind and heart to share with us and how each one touches and blesses me right where I am needing it most. God bless you richly in His love, Connie

  8. 858
    Mishelle says:

    LPM is such a blessing and so are each one of the anointed women who teach us! Thank You for answering your calling and dedicating your lives to help your fellow sisters in Christ. May the Lord continue to fill you to overflowing so you may continue to pour into us. May we all continue to stand strong, lift one another up, love and care for each other and take what these precious women of God are teaching us and apply it to our lives and share it with others. Thank you ladies and Beth Moore for the life changing studies you provide us with. God Bless You Always. With love & appreciation.

  9. 859
    M Miller says:

    Greetings, Sabrina (waving back atcha!). Any one of these study helps would be a blessing.

  10. 860
    Cheryl says:

    I was at the Breath bible study in Houston and I CAN’T WAIT to see it again in a new light!

  11. 861
    Gay Idle says:

    Wow…watched the preview on Breathe and tears came to my eyes when she said, “what if God gave us back our heart for our work today.” I’ve been struggling with that very thing…I moved from D.C. to the high desert mountains of Northern Nevada in 2009 with my husband to do a church plant. We are in the 5th year of the church’s life and my heart for the work here is struggling. I am praying that God restores the love for this town and these people that I had when we first moved here. I know the Holy Spirit is waiting to do an out pouring of work in my life and in this town. There is such a spiritual oppression here…it is palpable. I’m praying that God will work through the church to bring about the advancement of His Kingdom in this dry and spiritual battle worn town.

  12. 862
    Joann Switzer says:

    All of these look amazing!

  13. 863
    Hannah Styles says:

    So excited about this new study! Can’t wait to read it!

  14. 864
    Traci Rivard says:

    I LOVE anything with Beth Moore! Excited to see the new stuff out.

  15. 865
    Lisa Waghorn says:

    Wow, I’d be so thrilled to win any one of these gifts!!

  16. 866
    Christie says:

    These are great gift ideas! I already have the personal reflections series, but I would love either of the DVDs. The Breath series sounds really good and I’d love to hear Beth’s teachings on The Holy Spirit and I’m sure the other DVD would be great too! Thank you so much for doing this wonderful giveaway!

  17. 867
    Bitsy Rawlings says:

    Hey, Bethie (and Sabrina) –

    Thank you so much for allowing us to have a chance to win these wonderful giveaways!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


    PS – Loving that you are working out of your comfort zone with Living Proof next year! YEAH!!! Can’t wait to see what GOD does next year!!! 🙂

  18. 868
    Sharon Lumsden says:

    Wonderful! Can’t wait to see them…

  19. 869
    Tanya says:

    “Breath” sounds absolutely wonderful!

  20. 870
    Kimberly says:

    So exciting! Thanks for putting this together.

  21. 871
    Jena M Delk says:

    I am thrilled to learn of this new resource. I can’t wait to dig into what the Lord has given Beth to teach.

  22. 872
    Denise Ramey says:

    Love some new Beth Moore Bible studies!!!

  23. 873
    Kathy Isaacson says:

    I am super pumped about ‘Breath’! Since I really started studying about the Person of the Holy Spirit and experienced His fresh filling I am NOT the same.. Kinda a Peter experience after Pentecost! Beth you are my most fav teacher.. There are not many people who make me laugh out loud, you are one! Bless this new material as women realize the power we have in Christ through the Holy Spirit that we have not tapped into!

  24. 874
    Sarah says:

    Yay!! So excited for Beth’s new study!!

  25. 875
    Bec says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it!! 🙂

  26. 876
    Laura Sumpter says:

    This study looks amazing! The beauty of all the aspects of our Lord!! Can’t wait!

  27. 877
    Marissa says:

    Wow! Thanks for the giveaways! All of these look like great resources.

  28. 878
    Gena says:

    Thank you.

  29. 879
    Vivian says:

    I can’t wait to get this new study!

  30. 880
    Steph Albritton says:

    Love the way Beth communicates Truth! We’re hosting her in Wichita, Kansas in September and we are so excited and expectant for what God is going to do!

  31. 881
    Gerry Warkentine says:

    I have been feeling the Presence and Breath of the Holy Spirit so strongly today; I played “Breath of Heaven” for my Bible Study tonight; and then to find your blog about your new study entitled ‘Breathe” Talk about a God-Stop! Looking forward to soaking in your new study.

  32. 882
    Lynne says:

    I think the Breath is going to be amazing !! Thank you Beth for listening to the Holy Spirit !

    Can I just say I think it would be the most amazing thing to sit face to face and have a conversation( of course with a good cup of coffee ☕️

  33. 883
    Dendy says:

    I’m in search of a new study!!

  34. 884
    Gwen Eungard says:

    Definitely want to check out Breathe! Thanks for sharing about the new release!

  35. 885
    Jennie Freeman says:

    Hi and Merry Christmas! Thank you for yet another generous gift from LPM! You are so kind, and it is great to preview some new items. Thank you again! Hugs, Jennie 🙂

  36. 886
    Deana says:


  37. 887
    Michele M says:

    I couldn’t be more excited for a new bible study from Beth!
    Beth makes the Bible come alive! Looking forward to starting
    Breath! Merry Christmas!!!

  38. 888
    Kathy Charles says:

    Looking very forward to doing the new study ‘Breath’ someday soon. Winning it would be great. I would like to be able to share with ladies from my church. Hi Sabrina.

  39. 889
    Hilda Quintanilla says:

    Id love to do the Breath study during the Christmas break!!!

  40. 890
    Michelle says:

    I have been looking forward to the “Breathe” study since I first heard about it. I intend to take the study whether I win this giveaway or not! (but would love to win the giveaway) 🙂

  41. 891
    Kelly P. says:

    Love Beth’s teachings. What great gift ideas!! So thankful for what God has done in my life through Beth.

  42. 892
    Patsy Wilkinson says:

    Looks so good…always need encouragement…thank you Beth, and all of your staff for the hard work you are doing….

  43. 893
    Debbie Blendermann says:

    Oh Beth Moore, you probably won’t even see this, but I just love you so and am SO grateful for your message of GRACE that I so desperately needed when I began your studies some 20? Years ago.
    After each of your studies, I buy the CDs and continue to catch things that I missed. I listen to them until I can almost lip-sync them. So I would be happy to have anything that you, Beth, have done.
    Here is a big hug for you!!
    Debbie Blendermann

  44. 894
    Linda says:

    Count me in! May joy abound to you & yours! He is always good!

  45. 895
    Andrea D. says:

    What a blessing! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  46. 896
    Ryann J says:

    Thank you so much for your ministry!

  47. 897
    Ina says:

    Hi, I am always so excited to see new products on the LPM site. Only problem is I’m in South Africa… BUT I am still excited.

    Earlier this year I managed to get a copy of the Children of the Day study. (Even though there is a picture of Table Mountain on the cover of the book, it has not arrived in SA yet :))

    That said, one of our pastors were traveling to Texas… And she graciously agreed to get me a copy!

    Thank you for making beautiful studies available, which teach us to love Jesus even more!

  48. 898
    Grace W. says:

    Breath looks absolutely intriguing! I’m definitely up for a giveaway. 😉

  49. 899
    Regan Vickery says:

    I love this blog and even though I’ve met none of you wonderful ladies, I love you all for the encouragement, faith and light and giveaways of course that you bring to this blog. Thanks for keeping it going and keeping me going at times as well.

  50. 900
    Gina Renard says:

    So excited to have this new study. Love this ministry so much!!!
    God bless you all!