Three LPM Christmas Gift Ideas… and Giveaways!

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Hi Everybody! Sabrina here! (waving)

Just in case you are wondering something like, “wow, I can’t remember ever hearing from Sabrina”, you are so very right!  I have never been on the blog before today.  So why now??? Well, I am pretty jazzed about something and want so much to share the excitement with you all.  LPM has a new resource that is on the printing press at this very moment.

With all glory to God, have a look at Breath.

breath_cover_front  breath_cover_back

Y’all, Breath has been new life to me. Here is the deal: a few co-workers and myself do several reviews for editing and design – so we watch it a lot (smile). Every edit review was a fresh breath from God. Actually, I would get so wrapped up in the teaching that I would forget I was editing (laughing).

This lecture study is on the Holy Spirit, “The Life of God In Us”.  The companion booklet includes Beth’s listening guides, along with 6 written lessons by Melissa Moore. These articles give deeper insight into Beth’s lectures with expanding applications but they also offer an opportunity to glean from the fresh research of an amazing young teacher. Beth’s six sessions were filmed live with our local Houston Bible study group.

Thank you for praising God with us about this series and believing God to meet each person who seeks Him through this teaching.

We expect shipment in about 1 week, however if you are too excited to wait until the DVD sets arrive, the digital downloads are available now.

Breath is one of several items on my Christmas shopping list (definitely a perk to have a store at your workplace).  So I thought it would be fun to share those with you as well. I’ve listed them below but, truly, what better way to share than a Blog Giveaway?!

SO, your comment to this post will be your entry to the drawing.  We are so excited to share five copies of each new resource item shown below, so there will be 15 winners!

“Portraits of Devotion”

This is a 366-day compilation devotional. For those of you familiar with the Personal Reflection Series (90-day devotional journal drawn from the lives of Jesus, David, John, and Paul), this unites them all into one beautiful book.


LPM’s DVD set “The Great Escape”

The Great Escape was recorded at a Living Proof Live event in Bossier City, LA.
You can preview The Great Escape here.


LPM’s DVD set “Breath”


You can preview Breath here.


Since it is the season of giving, if your name is selected in the random drawing and you prefer to ship your gift directly to someone on your gift list, please know it would be our joy.  This post will remain open until 4:30 CST on Friday, December 5th.  Winners’ names will be posted first thing Monday morning, the 8th. If your name is drawn, watch for an update to this post. We will also notify you by email to get the mailing information for yourself or your recipient.

Of course we are glad to help with any of your gift needs. You can browse in our online store here.  Please note LPM’s last day to ship is 12/17.

With much love and many Christmas blessings to you!




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  1. 1051
    Beth says:

    That looks amazing – and timely! What a wonderful gift!

  2. 1052
    Amanda Teske says:

    Wow! These resources look super neat!

  3. 1053
    laura morris says:

    What a blessing ! Every Good Gift comes from above. Thank you for being His representatives from above !!
    Love you ladies!!

  4. 1054
    Susan C. says:

    Thank you so much for letting us know about these resources.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. 1055
    Suni Heflin says:

    I find myself here looking for some words of hope to get thru this season. And I always find some :). Thank you !

  6. 1056
    Judith says:

    A co-leader & I were just talking about this study yesterday!! We have already chosen our curriculum for January but would love to do this one in April!
    Thanks so much!

  7. 1057
    Karessa says:

    Blessings to you all! Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord Jesus and to us!

  8. 1058
    Martha Kimbel says:

    Always love everything you write. Such a joy
    to study the Word together.
    I send much love for the Christmas season.

    Martha Kimbel
    Heart, Soul & Strength Fitness Ministry
    Atlanta, GA

  9. 1059
    Stacey Sharp says:

    What a great give away!

  10. 1060
    janalese mcknight says:

    Merry CHRISTmas Living Proof Ministries!

  11. 1061
    Valerie Finch says:

    So excited about this new lecture study! merry Christmas to all of you 🙂

  12. 1062
    Terri G says:

    All 3 of these look wonderful!

  13. 1063
    Monique says:

    What a blessing Beth’s studies have been to me. I always learn so much from her teaching.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  14. 1064
    Mindy Gallant says:

    How awesome is this – so very generous. 🙂

  15. 1065
    Karen Rankin says:

    What a blessing!

  16. 1066
    Mindy says:

    Any of these items would be a blessing!
    Thanks for all you do at LPM!!

  17. 1067
    Karen Gainey says:

    Love me some new Beth stuff!!! Thanks for the opportunity to receive a fabulous gift!!!

  18. 1068
    Kristi says:

    What a blessing!!

  19. 1069
    Kaylee V. says:

    Wow! So excited about this new study. Really wanting to learn more about the Holy Spirit, especially wanting more of the Holy Spirit in my life.

  20. 1070
    Kari says:

    Oh Im sooo glad this study is out! Cannot wait to share it with my ladies because aren’t we all in need of a fresh breath from God….always!!!
    Thank you for letting us know these resources are available!

  21. 1071
    Diane in Flagstaff says:

    This is wildly exciting news about a study on the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait to start delving into it! Love and hugs to Beth, her family, and staff.

  22. 1072
    Dee Carabajal says:

    What can I share but……….WOW….Awesome!!! What a Giveaway!!! Want to express all my love to u all!!! Thank uuu for such an Amazing Godly Blog!!!! We r truly blessed to be part of it!!! May u all have A Merry Christmas! Love Dee ur sister in Christ!

  23. 1073
    Tammy says:

    would love to have any of these teachings of Beth. I have learned so much from her bible studies that our church have done. have a Merry Christmas!

  24. 1074
    Janet says:

    What more could a girl ask for than one of Beth’s giveaways! Thank you!

  25. 1075
    Jana Williams says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you at LPM, and I pray for 2015 to be so spirit filled that you glow.

  26. 1076
    Tamika Eason says:

    Incredible! Thank you Mrs. Beth and LPM! Love the wonder of this time of year and the joy of Jesus that intentionally feels thicker than I could hope for!

  27. 1077
    Tracy Torres says:

    Can’t wait to read it! Merry Christmas!

  28. 1078
    Gail Ramesh says:

    I LOVE when ya’ll do give-a-ways!!! You are SO GENEROUS and SO CREATIVE . . . . . . and . . . . . . SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 1079
    Debbie, Jacksonville, FL says:

    Merry Christmas to everybody at Living Proof!

  30. 1080
    Nina H. says:

    This looks amazing!! Thank you for a wonderful resource!

  31. 1081
    Monika Ritchie says:

    Hello LPM! What a nice giveaway:) — I love Beth’s teachings!!–Thanks!

  32. 1082
    Tshaka says:

    My eyes were drawn to the Great Escape. I began giving bible studies as gifts a few years ago. :-0)

  33. 1083
    Pattie says:

    This is awesome. I am a ship run aground and so need a dose of the Holy Spirit. Can’t wait.

  34. 1084
    Trena says:

    Yall are just amazing! What a wonderful gift!

  35. 1085
    Kelley says:

    What a great Christmas give a way. Would love to win!

  36. 1086
    Kim Fortner says:

    Yay!! Love some new Beth!!

  37. 1087
    ULCARDSFAN says:

    Great job Sabrina on your first post ( I know you use a random site to select winners so this is NOT an attempt to get you to pick me 🙂 Beth speaks to me more than any other teacher so I would love to win. Thanks to you and the whole LPM village for all the hard work you do every day for us. May you have a joyous and restful Christmas.

  38. 1088
    Pam says:

    I would like to get these for Christmas. Thanks for sharing with us.

  39. 1089
    Rachel Ashworth says:

    Merry Christmas to Living Proof! Love you guys! I love your teaching, Beth!

  40. 1090
    Chris Parramore says:

    I love Beth’s teachings! She inspires me daily in my devotional, Praying God’s Word day by Day. I’ve done sone of her Bible studies, avid it was my great joy to actually see and her her in person at Living Proof Live in Lubbock, Texas last July. I am very excited about the series “Breath” and getting to know the Holy Spirit more personally!

  41. 1091
    Pam says:

    I am looking forward to diving into these resources. I can’t wait to see what the Father is going to teach me next!

  42. 1092
    Debbie Luffman says:

    So thankful for another study. I can not wait to share this with the women at our church!!!
    Thank You & Merry Christmas

  43. 1093
    Tammy Drake says:

    I always love the LPM giveaway!!

  44. 1094
    Angie Sharp says:

    Looks awesome! Would love it!

  45. 1095
    Alston Lippert says:

    What a wonderful giveaway for Christmas!

  46. 1096
    Linda White says:

    I am praying that the Lord will continue to bless this ministry and shower it with His richest blessings. You are making a difference in people’s lives. Merry Christmas!

  47. 1097
    Keely Pettijohn says:

    Perfect timing! IXOYE-

  48. 1098
    Danielle Gahman says:

    I appreciate you all so much at LPM. God has used you tremendously in my life! Blessings to all!

  49. 1099
    Elizabeth Andriot says:

    These all look like great resources, thanks!

  50. 1100
    Connie Foil says:

    These pack a powerful punch! Blessings to you all.