Winners for “Feathers From My Nest” Giveaway!

OK, everybody! Here are the results of our random drawing for our book giveaways! I wish so much we could send one to each of you who entered. I so badly wanted some of the men to win! Bless them for posting on our blog today!

Carole Hunt

Addison Rothrock

Brandy Tucker

Gina Myers


Julie Meador

Kristin Funston

Allie Field

Sarah Bryant

Betsy Martin

Mykael Story

Stephanie Bandy

Cami Lang

Amy Harris

Patricia Hoskins

Brenda Prose

Heather Briggs

Robin Lamp

Jill Roberts

Amy Wilch

Dawn Reeves

Angie Osborne

Alison Vaughan

Please email LPM as soon as you can at [email protected] with the street address (no P.O. boxes please) where you want the personalized book sent and we will get right on it! Thank you! We are so blessed to serve you! Tons of love to you all.

Hey, Everybody! We would just love to do a drawing to give away 23 personalized copies of Feathers From My Nest for Mother’s Day. It’s the only official “Mom” book I’ve ever done. I wrote it with wet affection right after my youngest daughter went to college and it is still dear to me. The idea to do a random drawing for a giveaway occurred to me right at closing yesterday so I asked KMac and Evangeline to do a quick perusal and tell me how many copies we have on hand at the ministry. They looked on our resource shelf then around several tables and came up with exactly 23 copies. That’s the reason for the random number. If we find any more around the ministry, we’ll add those into the drawing and give them away, too! I wish I’d thought of it sooner and we would have placed an order for more but we’ll have fun with this many. I so hope some moms will enjoy it.


If you’re interested in winning one, here’s what you do: Leave a comment to this post with your own first and last name and then the first name of the person you want to receive it for Mother’s Day so that I can personalize it. 


We’re going to do a really fast turn-around because we want to get them into the mail in time for Mother’s Day. That means we need to close the post at 11:30 AM this morning. We will then post the 23 winners at 12 noon today in a second post and ask them to jot us a brief email as soon as possible to supply us with a mailing address for the book.


Sound easy enough? Let’s do it!




So much love to you guys today!


701 Responses to “Winners for “Feathers From My Nest” Giveaway!”

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  1. 251
    Judy Smith says:

    I would love to have a copy for my mother, Johnnie. I love her so much and I am so thankful for her.

  2. 252
    Audrey says:

    I am Audrey Brown and would love one for my friend Alison Pierce

  3. 253
    Steve Bainbridge says:

    I would love to get this personalized book for my beautiful bride Christine. A wonderful wife and mother to 4 great children.

  4. 254
    Lisa Eaves says:

    My mom is with The Lord now so I would like a copy to go to my amazing mentor Dr. Bette Talkey

  5. 255
    Julie Duffy says:

    My best friend Francine. She and I live on opposite ends of the country now, but I buy the single videos of your bible studies for us to do together. Thank you so much for giving us this option. Our time studying GODs word with you is just so precious and dear to us!

  6. 256
    Amanda Porter says:

    My name is Amanda Porter and I would love nothing more than to bless my momma, Barbara Porter with this book for Mother’s Day!

    Thank you Mis. Beth for this opportunity.

    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  7. 257
    Julia Rios says:

    Julia Rios
    Mom- Dolores Collins

  8. 258
    Linda Wilson says:

    For my daughter Megan

  9. 259
    Jamie says:

    Jamie Golden. I’d love to give this to my mom Jan Golden.

  10. 260
    Brianne Bergeron says:

    For my mom, Sydney! I am about to graduate from a masters in medical school, and I get married one month after graduation. I would love to be able to give my mom words of hope! Thank you!

  11. 261
    Lou Ann Ratliff says:

    For my beautiful Mom, Earlene.

  12. 262
    Kelly Sites says:

    Love love love mom books.

    Kelly Sites (book one) (me)
    Marlene Tebben (book two) BFF

  13. 263
    Gina Myers says:

    I would like a copy for Susanna. She is an amazing ‘nest builder!’
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Gina Myers

  14. 264
    Lauren Himmelreich says:

    Lauren Himmelreich, for my mom Robin Himmelreich!

  15. 265
    Karen E says:

    Karen Edlund

    For my great-aunt Dorothy Mae who fills in as mom and grandma now. I am blessed!

  16. 266
    Susie Huston says:

    My name is Susie Huston. My daughter is Colleen Abbott.

    My daughter is one of God’s great gifts to me — a true blessing, always. She is, also, the best mother I know.

    Thanks for being so thoughtful, Beth! This is a fun idea!
    In Christ, Susie Huston

  17. 267
    Misha Smith says:

    My incredible Godly mother: Myra.

  18. 268
    Eddie Becker says:

    My wife, Kathryn Becker, would love this book. She’s a great stay-at-home-mom for our two little girls. Thanks for this Beth!

  19. 269
    Amy says:

    I would love to have one for my mom-she has 4 daughters and my older sister just got married this year. We’re all out of the house now, so she’s entering a new season of “mom life!”
    Amy Kelly
    Mom’s name is Melody Kelly

  20. 270
    Wendy Burger says:

    Hi Beth! As I write this my eyes are filled with tears from just watching you minister on Life Today about your “secret closet”!Talk about lumps in the throat!
    I would be honored if I won if you would sign this for my sweet Mama, Judy. I’ve been sick for a while and she continues to help me in every way – as well as every one around her! She is a retired nurse who has spent her life loving and caring for others. I pray to some day be just half the woman that she is! I hope to win this for her as she does so much for me!
    Thank you Beth! Happy Mother’s Day!

  21. 271
    Steph Schmidt says:

    Steph Schmidt

    Would LOVE a copy for my mom, Nancy.

  22. 272
    Angie Tucker says:

    My 62 year old mother, Janice, facilitated your studies for several years at her church, FBC Paris, Tn. She taught MANY of your studies to the young ladies of her church and would spend hours preparing herself for those Bible Studies. She and I were able to hear you speak at a LPL event in Knoxville, TN several years ago. Mom has been a big Beth Moore fan for years. Now, my sweet mother is living with dementia. She was diagnosed at the age of 60. It has been a difficult road with an even harder road to come. My mother has always been an excellent example of a Godly woman and has lived for her Lord every single day of her life. Now it’s hard for her to speak and read and write and perform daily tasks. She gave me a copy of Feathers From My Nest when I was a new mom. We both love the book and have read it more than once. I don’t really care if you send us the book I just wanted to take this opportunity you gave to tell you how much my dear mother has enjoyed your work and she enjoyed sharing the Word with so many ladies over the years. Thank you for your dedication to women everywhere and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. 273
    Marcia King says:

    I would really like my daughter Anna to have one of your books. She is a single mom at age 23. She worked hard to graduate college with honors. Most of all she shows Jesus Christ through her life.

  24. 274
    Courtney Schuster says:

    Hi Beth!

    I’m my mom’s baby (youngest) and she’s coming to Dallas this Mother’s Day to help me pack as I prepare to move to Denver next week. She’s sad to see me leave Texas again (4th time!) but I would love to gift her your book as she graciously gives up her Mother’s Day to help me pack and prepare for the next chapter!


  25. 275
    pauline richardson says:

    I would love to give this to a lovely young mother who is going through a tough time after a traumatic delivery..her name is Angie

  26. 276
    Laura Donald says:

    My name is Laura Donald and the gift would be for Lyn.

    My mom has gifted me and my 2 sisters a trip to see you at LPL for the last 5 years. Mom joined is as well and it is something we all look forward to every year. She would be so touched!

  27. 277
    Kristy Marcus says:

    My name is Kristy Marcus and I would like to win a copy for my friend Jennifer Robinson. =)

  28. 278
    Kimberly Norman says:

    Would love to have a copy for myself, Kim Normanin memeory of my Mama Sonia Heath.. My mama passed away. GOD BLESS

  29. 279

    My name is Brittnie Blackburn. I would love to win a copy for my Aunt Marsha, she has been like a mom to me since my bio mother passed away when I was age 7.

  30. 280
    Debbie Walker says:

    My name is Debbie Walker and I would like it personalized for Vickie my mom!

  31. 281
    Brian Schwartz says:

    My name is Brian Schwartz and I would love to give this book to my wife. Her name is Kasey. Thank you for your ministry.

  32. 282
    Lori Kohls says:

    I would love a copy for my mother-in-law, Nancy Kohls. Since my mom passed away she has been the best mom to me ever!!

  33. 283
    Laura Beth Harpe says:

    I would be so excited to give this to my mother… My name is Laura Beth Harpe and my mother’s name is Maleah…

  34. 284
    Gina Robertson says:

    My names is Gina Robertson and I would like to bless my best friend Trisha Prescher for Mother’s Day! She has two beautiful girls and is raising them to know Christ. She was asking for ideas of what book to read next ….this one would be perfect!!

  35. 285
    Julie Nordsieck says:

    For my fabulous Mom, Annette

  36. 286
    Rhonda Rhoades says:

    My name is Rhonda Rhoades and I am submitting my Mother in Law, Carol RHOADES

  37. 287
    Jonnetta Farmer says:

    My name is Jonnetta Farmer and I would love one for my mom Louetta Carnell!

  38. 288
    Laura Jackson says:

    I would give it to my sister.

  39. 289
    Andy Robinson says:

    My name is Andy Robinson & I would like it to read:

    Jennifer Robinson, an amazing wife and wonderful mother.

  40. 290
    Candace Ottoson says:

    I would LOVE to bless my mother-in-law, Merilee, with this book!!

  41. 291
    Jennifer Tanner says:

    Would love this, your devotional and studies are wonderful!

  42. 292
    McKenzie says:

    For my mama: Diane

  43. 293
    Katie White says:

    My name is Katie White and I would love to get a copy of this book for my dear mother, Sally White!

  44. 294
    Kelli Swisher says:

    A gift for a very special mom to be….Abby

    Thanks for giveaway! So much fun!

  45. 295
    Tracy Stark says:

    Diana Pepper

    I would love to give this to my mom, who is my best friend! She is struggling with health problems daily and to be able to have this would be wonderful!

    Thank you so much!

  46. 296
    Karen Brisco says:

    Would love a copy for myself. Looking forward to hearing you in Memphis. I’ll be singing with Travis in the Englewood choir. It’s my first time to hear you!! I’m excited 🙂

  47. 297
    Karen Hutzler says:

    I would love to win a copy for my loving mother Shirley.

  48. 298
    Caitlin DeArmond says:

    I would love this book myself! It’s my first Mothers Day and I’ve learned so much from your books. But I would want it for my sister Rachel who has two beautiful children and she loves Jesus. 🙂

  49. 299
    Nancy Kruger says:

    I’d love a copy for my daughter-in-law Beth! Nancy Kruger

  50. 300
    Kristi Parker says:

    Hi – My name is Kristi Parker and I would love to give this book to my mother Shirley. She is my very best friend and I love her dearly.