A Little SSMT Quiz

Ladies! Our SSMT Celebration is right around the corner, and believe me, we know it is on your mind because it is on our minds, too! Like, all the time. Grin.

SO, before we get any further I do want to clarify that this is NOT the post for registration. We are working on that and will have it up very soon (read: hopefully this week!), but we are ironing out a few quirks and we’ll have it up and ready to roll!

However, we didn’t want to leave you hanging and we also want to hear from you!

First and foremost, the date for our SSMT Celebration is official Saturday, January 18th. Yes! We’re mixing things up and going with a one day event, instead of the Friday – Saturday plan. So, as you’re planning, plan to be here for sure from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM that lovely Saturday.

With that said, here are a few questions for you:

1) Are you planning to attend?

2) Have you attended in past or first time?

3) For those that have previously attended, what is your favorite memory to share, especially for those that have yet to attend?

As you’re thinking ahead, just a reminder that Β the actual celebration event is free of charge as your β€œticket” is your worn out spiral, but when discussing finances, be sure to consider two things, traveling and lodging. (More travel and hotel information is found in the FAQ page when you register.) We are so excited to have Travis leading worship with us again this year, as well.

Alrighty, y’all. Let’s hear from you! And be checking the blog regularly for registration updates and more details! We love y’all dearly.


286 Responses to “A Little SSMT Quiz”

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  1. 151
    Terri Tripp says:

    Yes I am looking forward to attending. This is my first event. Claiming God’s promises in this way has been life- changing !
    Terri Tripp

  2. 152
    Monica Pribe says:

    1. I am planning to attend with my best friend from California. I am so excited.

    2. This is my first year participating in SSMT

  3. 153
    Kristie says:

    Midland, TX

    1. I’ll be there!
    2. This will be my second time to attend.
    3. I loved enjoying this event with my sister, and look forward to a special time with her again this time!!! This event is so intimate and special…definitely worth the blessing of memorizing scripture!!!

  4. 154
    Nicola says:

    I feel like I am hijacking this post but I NEED HELP!!!!!
    We live in Calgary Alberta, Canada
    We bought a small church digital pass for the Simulcast on Saturday.
    We cannot find a church willing to let us gather and watch. No, my own church turned me down. And my friend’s church owns no building.
    Please, if there is anyone in Calgary with a venue and technical support send an email to [email protected]
    Please pray! We feel sad that no church in our city has stepped up to this plate. The food is so rich and delicious, the people are hungry.

  5. 155
    Alyssa says:

    1. Yes I’m planning to come!
    2. It’s my first time and I’m stoked!!! Can’t wait to fellowship with all these beautiful women of God!!

  6. 156
    Melanie Miller says:

    I am planning on attending in January, can’t wait!
    This will be my third SSMT celebration!
    Favorite memories: q&a with Beth, Melissa & Amanda; writing scrips on the big poster; worship time; but the BEST memory is meeting Karlys and Leslie for the first time. Both ladies are from Louisiana (different towns) and we all met at the first SSMT celebration. We have been emailing twice a month (1st & 15th!) ever since with our verses (even in the “off” years) and what’s happening in our lives. These sister warriors in Christ are precious to me and we would’ve probably NEVER met (I live in Idaho) this side of the pearly gates. So, thank you, Beth and team!

  7. 157
    Jennifer T says:

    1. Now that I won’t miss anything by flying Friday afternoon –maybe!
    2. Attended in 2012 as solo siesta

    Faves: AMY from Washington!!! Unbelievable blessing and divine choreography to have us meet. Amy, if you read this, my walk with Jesus is forever changed by hearing your story, your verses, your heart. You ABIDE well and it’s a privilege to be counted your friend. ALSO : getting on my “dirty praise” (ring tone is March On and my kids sing it now with gusto); Papasitos (had date with just Jesus and some in-SANE tamales. Wonderful.); glory-bumps to the hum&sweet thunder of so many women’s voices simultaneously reciting His WORD to each other (and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng!); taking BACK the ground my God had given me (smiling huge); seeing some crazy women in a van nearby and KNOWING they were Siestas having a BALL; having my buddy at home recite verses fo me and Amy on my cell as she watched via live stream. I would also say driving my rental car around Houston, but even D.C. traffic didn’t prepare me for that! Thank you, Jesus for talking GPS apps.
    Make the trip if you can, Siestas! Allow Jesus to pour truth into your veins through our beloved BTSPTB and the other lovers-of-the-Word surrounding you!

    • 157.1
      Amy Hart says:

      My DEAR FRIEND, Jennifer! I consider it a total privilege to count you as a friend! Only God would weave a friendship from Washington to Washington.
      I am so excited to attend again! I am looking forward to uplifting praise and music and a fresh WORD from the Lord!

  8. 158
    Hannah says:

    1) I hope to come down from Michigan! Once I have details, I’m going to make it my number one Christmas wish! (And I’m so glad it’s on Saturday, 1/18 because I have that Monday off work for the holiday! YAY!)

    2) This would be my first time!

    Hannah : )

  9. 159
    Michelle O'Banion says:

    1. YES!!

    2. First time!! & first year as SSMT <3 <3 <3

    Marking the calendar! Yippay!!

  10. 160

    1. I’m planning to attend.

    2. I’ve never attended before.

  11. 161
    Kelei Liggett says:

    Kelei Liggett. Iowa Park, Texas.
    1. Yes I will attend.
    2. Yes I have attended.
    3. My favorite memory was last year when I gathered dirt and put it in a glass jar where I can see it and told Satan I am taking MY GROUND BACK! THIS DIRT IS MY LIFE AND GOD HAS CONTROL!!!! SATAN SHOULD HAVE KILLED ME WHEN HE HAD THE CHANCE BECAUSE MY DIRT IS IN HIS EYES! THANKS BETH FOR REMINDING ME OF MY FREEDOM….

  12. 162
    Janet, Simpsonville says:

    1) Yes, hopefully!

    2) Attended once (2012)

    3) Bible study up close with Beth.
    The sweet spirit among fellow Siestas.
    It was a surprise Christmas gift from my husband for me and my best friend to attended
    together. VERY SPECIAL!!!

  13. 163
    Dawn says:

    1. I am planning on attending.
    2. I have attended the previous two.
    3. Among the many great memories was after the first SSMT Celebration, I phoned my husband to put clean sheets on the guest bed because I was bringing to Siestas (neither of whom I knew previously) home with me because both of their flights were cancelled and I was not about to leave them to sleep in the Atlanta airport. The Lord taught me much that weekend! I’m so looking forward to January.

  14. 164
    mitzi cordle says:

    Yes, planning on coming with my 2 daughters, and several friends!
    I’ve done the scripture memory every time but was only able to come for the first SSMT.
    My favorite part was when we were all saying our verses to each other at the same time… such a powerfully Holy moment!

  15. 165
    Cher Goeder says:

    Cher Goeder, Toledo OH

    1.Planning to attend
    2.This will be my first time
    Can’t wait!!

  16. 166
    Tina says:

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. Meeting people from all over the country and making new friends!

  17. 167
    Lahoma Kinsey, OKC says:

    1) YESSS!!! My daughter and I are attending!!
    2) No, I’ve never been before, but someone who has told me I wouldn’t want to miss it!
    3) My favorite memory is about to be made in January 2014 =)

  18. 168
    Pam in San Diego says:

    Yes, I have attend the two prior events, the first one by myself and the last one with my dearest friend….she and I will be attending this next one together again. the best memory was the actual saying of the verses together. talk about a “power surge”…that was amazing, seeing all these women quoting Scripture….looking forward to the event. thanks so much! Pam in San Diego

  19. 169
    Paula says:

    1 yes, I am planning to attend. Hopefully, my sister can come to Houston to go with me. If not, I will go alone.

    2. I attended in 2012 alone and had no trouble finding others to share scriptures with. It was a wonderful experience for me and thebgirst inevitable had ever memorized any scripture!!!!

    3. My favorite memory was being able to recite all my scriptures to a partner. I cannot describe how this felt to me since it was a first experience like that for me! I loved writing on the board outside and getting my picture made with Beth !!!

  20. 170
    Aubrey says:

    1. Plotting on how to attend now that I know it isn’t the same weekend as the Klove cruise πŸ™‚ Whootwhoot!
    2. First time
    3. I know there would be great memories made πŸ™‚

  21. 171
    Katherine Sloan says:

    Yes, planning on coming, hoping it will work out
    Yes, attended both before
    Favorite memory: Even as the event has grown over the years, it still has felt intimate with the increased numbers. Also, I’ve always come alone, so it’s been fun meeting ladies from around different areas and hearing their stories and how God spoke to them through their verses chosen. Worship and the Word were very powerful!

  22. 172
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Oh so exciting!!:) I’m looking forward to hearing more about it!

    1. planning on attending, Lord willing:)

    2. have attended in the past

    3. meeting Beth and giving her a hug, and writing out my favorite Scriptures on the Scripture wall:)

  23. 173
    Stephanie Volkmer says:

    I am planning on attending…and I have never been before. πŸ™‚

  24. 174
    Peggy says:

    1) yes
    2) this will be my second time
    3) meeting others and developing friendships with others

  25. 175
    Kerry says:

    1. Yes, I plan on coming.
    2. Yes, I came to the one 2 years ago.
    3. I loved getting to hear Beth in person, and getting to meet others who were saying their verses – just hearing a little of their stories and promising to pray for each other.
    Can’t wait to come and started a SSMT group at my church. Six signed up and only one is still with us, but she is coming to the event with me!

  26. 176
    Kay says:

    Muscle Shoals, AL

    1. Yes!
    2. No.

  27. 177
    Kendra W. says:

    1. Yes!
    2. No!

    Excited to try it with my mom!

  28. 178
    mary from jonesborough tn says:

    1.would love love love to attend (need to check finances)
    2.first time….my daughter introduced me to ssmt

  29. 179
    Chelsea, San Angelo, TX says:

    1. I plan on attending!

    2. This will be my first conference

  30. 180
    ally says:

    I will be there!! I have not attended before, but I have done the 2011 SSMT, just not the celebration.

  31. 181
    LaDonna says:

    I would love to but I haven’t faithful in my memorization. I hope you all have a wonderful time!!!

  32. 182

    Hey y’all!

    I’m planning to attend and can’t wait! It will be my first SSMV event!

  33. 183
    Bonnie Wallace says:

    1. I want to come! But working out the finances for a flight…

    2. This would be my first time!

    **Any thoughts on bringing hubby for the trip? Any other ladies bringing hubby & letting the guys have a day out during our celebration??

  34. 184
    Marsha R. says:

    LINDSEE…I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but a friend did a 2 and a half minute hilarious promo video for her church hosting the simulcast. I really believe ya’ll would enjoy watching it and laugh like we did. Problem is…I don’t know how to get it to you so if you could email me and we could figure it out. It’s on her FB page.

  35. 185
    Heather Smith says:

    1. Planning on attending with bff that I haven’t see in 8 years…..when she moved to Maine!!

    2. Never attended before….but these scriptures got me through Stage 4 Breast Cancer

    The celebration is my gift to myself!!!

  36. 186
    yvonne says:

    I am absolutely heartbroken that I will not be attending this year. Heartbroken, I say!!! Circumstances came up this year that could not be helped. I have been to the last two and they were two of the best experiences of my life. My favorite memory will always be worshipping with all those women, not knowing names, but knowing we all were sisters in the Lord and that one day, we would all be sitting at His feet doing just what we were doing there. It still gives me chills.


  37. 187
    Andria donnelly says:

    This will be my first scripture memory event. However, I did see Beth Moore in Pennsylvania last fall. I have asked my husband for the plane ticket for my Christmas present. Trying to convince him to come with me too.

  38. 188
    Judy Woodward says:

    1. Yes, I plan to attend.
    2. It will be my second time to attend.
    3. I was able to have a one-on-one
    conversation with Beth’s daughter,
    Melissa. What an awesome blessing!

  39. 189
    Mary from Birmingham, AL says:

    1) Yes planning on attending!
    2) Will be the first time for SSMT! Thanks for having this celebration!

  40. 190
    Angie Miller says:

    I am planning to attend. This will be my first SSMT event.

  41. 191
    Tammy Bellinger says:

    Yes, I am planning on attending. I went the last time also. My favorite memory- meeting new fronds and being with Beth and all my sisters there.

  42. 192
    Natalie Dawes says:

    1) Yes! All the way from Calgary, AB, Canada. πŸ™‚

    2) No, first time. So excited!! Coming with a few of my small group gals.

  43. 193
    Tracy Chapman says:

    1- Yes I am attending

    2- First time!

  44. 194
    Melissa Ens says:

    1. No, can’t come this time… too far away from Peru!
    2. But I went to the very first one…
    3. And it is really, REALLY hard to pick a favorite memory – the entire trip turned into one amazing memory for me! A funny memory though is when there was a line of ladies waiting to hug Beth’s neck and say hi to her, I opted not to stand in the line, but I was right behind her at one point so have said to people since “I was close enough to her that I could have reached out and pulled her hair if I’d wanted to!” But I controlled myself. πŸ™‚ Ha ha! But God spoke to me in such a powerful way that weekend – during the event and during my time alone – that was definitely the best part of all. πŸ™‚

  45. 195
    Brandy Sermons says:

    Yes, I plan to attend.

    This will be my first time attending and I am so excited.

  46. 196
    Janet Worthy says:

    Somehow I missed this blog, but I am sooooooo looking forward to the Celebration! It will be my first as this is my first year with SSMT and what an amazing difference it has made in my life to memorize Scripture again! I am 60 years old and haven’t worked this hard since my GA’s “Queen Regent with a Scepter” days:)

  47. 197
    DeAnna Morris says:

    De Anna- Greenville SC
    1- YES!!! I cannot wait to be with my Sisters!!

    2- This will be my second SSMT
    3- ONE of my favorite things was the scripture wall. To see so many verses in NEON ink that represented Lives marked by HIS Voice. Amazing.

    Being FACE TO FACE with my sisters was the BEST!!

  48. 198
    Carolyn says:

    1. Yes I am planning on attending.
    2. No I have not attended before.

  49. 199
    Jill Knight says:

    Yes! I’m planning to attend and asking God to make it so.

    I’ve never been before. This will be a first and I’m looking forward to it.

  50. 200
    Anita says:

    Yes three of my Siestas have made it our goal to be at the celebration in January!!! Whoot Whoot!!! We will be coming from the great white north, Canada!

    It will be the first time for each of us!

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