Siesta Summer Bible Study 2013 Registration & Launch!

Welcome, everybody! We are ecstatic that you are joining us for Bible study this summer! Please read the following instructions quickly but carefully then watch the video. On each of our summer Bible study posts, I’ll always write out the interactives just in case you can’t get the video to work. OK, Sisters! Here goes!

BEFORE LEAVING A COMMENT: PLEASE READ ALL WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS AND WATCH THE VIDEO IF AT ALL POSSIBLE . ALL COMMENTS ARE MEANT TO BE IN RESPONSE TO TODAY’S INTERACTIVES. Your comment today is particularly important because it also serves as your registration for the summer experience.

UNLIKE PREVIOUS YEARS, WE ARE ASKING FOR EVERYONE PARTICIPATING TO LEAVE A COMMENT RATHER THAN THE GROUP LEADER LEAVING ONE ON BEHALF OF ALL. It tended to be too confusing. Your comment to each of the 4 blog posts this summer is your interaction with us here in our blog community.  (I know some of this seems redundant but we get lots of questions about these kinds of details so we’re just trying to make sure we’ve covered as much as possible.)

If you are in a SMALL GROUP: you will share your responses to all of the interactives with one another in your gathering. Then, when you come back to make your comment to this post, you will choose one of the questions to answer here. You can answer more if you desire but we are only “requiring” you to respond to one.

If you are GOING SOLO: please respond succinctly to each of the interactives. The whole community will in effect become your group and sharing your answers will be part of the activity and accountability. It will make the summer experience immensely richer for you.

ALL PARTICIPANTS identify yourselves in your comments to this post by: First Name, city, state, and country if not the USA and whether you are participating with a small group or going solo, then respond to your interactives. Here’s a sample comment for our summer Bible study to give you a paradigm:

Cheryl, Shreveport, LA/small group: #3 … (her response to the third question will be written here. Note that she is participating in a small group so, since she’s already answered each of the questions in her gathering, she only needs to respond to one here. If she’d gone solo, she’d answer all of them here.)

 1.    A fun one: What title to a popular song – from any decade you wish – best captures you right now? (It can be serious or ridiculous.)

 2.    Write one sentence describing something about your present season – your right-here-and-now – that makes it unique. Life changes constantly. What is distinct about this particular season?

 3.    In one sentence, what is one thing you wish your sisters in Christ would know about you sooner that often doesn’t come out in your relationships till later?  Complete this sentence: “I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I…”

 4.    *Optional: Make a one-sentence comment regarding anything in the video devotional that resonated with you.

OK, Sisters! Have Weeks One and Two of Gideon completed by our next gathering in two weeks on June 25th! We are so happy to have you here and to serve you. 

Summer Gideon Study 2013 from LPV on Vimeo.


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  1. 1651
    Ashley, Lafayette, Louisiana, Small group says:

    1. Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

    2. Season of surrender

    3. I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I may not always know what to say in certain situations, but I always, ALWAYS appreciate their relationship and faithfulness.

    4. I am believing God to open my eyes to any fruits that are ripening.

  2. 1652
    Angie says:

    “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is
    the wellspring if life.”
    Proverbs 4:23

  3. 1653
    Leslie Tatum says:

    “Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” Psalm 62:8 NIV

  4. 1654
    Jenn says:

    1. Help Me Find It by Sidewalk Prophet

    2. I wish my kids weren’t going back to school yet. (this is the first time ever I’ve not been ready for school to end)

    3. I wish my sister’s knew how much I keep the things God shows to me to myself because I don’t want them to think I think I’m something special to have these personal revelation blessings.

    4. I need to store my fruit and quit forgetting what was grown.

  5. 1655
    Gloria Culpepper says:

    May the God of hope give you joy and peace so that you will be abounding in hope. Romans 15:12

  6. 1656
    Marty says:

    1. If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap You’re Hands!
    2. Just dropped my baby off at college … Empty Nest
    3. I wish my sisters in Christ knew that just because I’m an encourager and confident, I need encouragement from them as well.

  7. 1657
    Rosa says:

    3. I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I value trust and expect to trust them forvit brakes me when they betray my trust

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