Because We’re Serious About Sleep Around Here

A few nights ago I was in the middle of getting ready for bed when I decided I should turn on my little portable fan that sits on the floor and blows cold air on me all night. My entire reason for turning it on a little early, as opposed to right before I actually hopped in bed, is because in my quirky thinking I just knew that the 10 minutes extra it would blow would cool down my room to the perfect temperature. Listen, when you have two roommates, you all have to make sacrifices and compromise here and there. So while turning down the air conditioning would be my preference, I’ve decided it’s best not to freeze out my roommates.

Anyway, this is getting really long. And so far I’ve only discussed turning on my fan.

What I’m trying to get at is that when I turned the knob to “on” all it did was run its puny little motor and almost caught fire. By almost caught fire I mean it smelled a little like smoke so I freaked out, turned it off, and unplugged it right away.

Immediately following I announced to my roommates and to the world that my fan had just died. My faithful, portable fan of nine years that lulls me to sleep every night. Yes, I am co-dependent on my fan and not the least bit ashamed.

It may have died of old age and over-use, or all the dust in the motor, but I’m just going to believe its time was up.

Needless to say, I slept in silence with only a ceiling fan. Thankfully, I was so tired that I feel asleep pretty quick, but I did wake up nearly every hour both sweating profusely all the while wondering if the noises I was hearing was somebody trying to break into our apartment, or just normal, nightly noises.

My white-noise producing fan is my best friend.

I didn’t wait 24 hours before I marched myself to Target and stood in the “fan” aisle for nearly 30 minutes while researching every last portable fan. Eventually, I threw the “Vornado” in my basket, purchased it, and took it home for a test drive that evening. I have labeled it the Lexus of all fans. Listen, y’all. I have issues.

But if I know one thing to be true, I know that we here at LPM are serious about our sleep.

Although I am a big fan of sleep, I also tend to be a night owl and am one of those folks who can run on five or six hours of sleep, but it’s obvious I tend to be a snob about my sleeping situations.

I got so tickled about all this fan drama that I decided it would be fun to publicly display our quirky sleeping patterns. We know we all have them.

For instance, on top of the must-have oscillating buzz, I also have a ceiling fan that runs all night long, and I sleep with a total of three pillows, one for my head and two on either side of me. It’s so complicated, y’all. And we all know there are things I’m keeping to myself. You’re so welcome.

I know you know what’s coming next.

What are your MUST HAVES for a good night sleep? Do tell. I’m dying to know. If only to make myself feel so much better about my drama this week revolving around a little fan. Grin.

Oh, and happy Friday. May your weekend be full of sweet, uninterrupted sleep.


285 Responses to “Because We’re Serious About Sleep Around Here”

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  1. 201
    Karen says:

    Oh my goodness, I have plenty of sleeping quirks! First and foremost,it has to be cool!! I sleep with my ceiling fan on and the air conditioner on cool! NO BLANKETS (even in the Winter!!) Sheet only if necessary!! Nothing covering my feet!! I have to have 2 pillows, one stuffed big and one barely stuffed! I sleep only on my left side and never move (my hair is a sight in the mornings!!) I fall right to sleep, BUT usually after about 4-5 hours I have to get up to go to the bathroom. At that time I also take my pillow and go to my big overstuffed chair in the living room and sleep the rest of the night! I love that chair!! I could probably sleep all night there!

    • 201.1

      I’m so glad I’m not alone in my “nighttime quirkiness”!! I too must have appropriate amount of pillows, ceiling fan on high and of course the fan blasting from my night stand (I affectionately call “killer breeze.”) I have actually toted my killer breeze on vacations, even all the way to Hawaii!! A girl’s gotta have her rest.

  2. 202
    Rachel says:

    Oh my! This just described me EXACTALLY! Right down to the three pillows. You are not alone!

  3. 203
    Kay says:

    The room must be cold, but I must have lots of blankets so I’m not cold. It must be dark.

  4. 204
    Sister Lynn says:

    Aren’t we funny…
    1. Absolutely must have sheet… even in the heat of summer. 2. Must have socks – with a very few exceptions in summer
    3. Must be cool – even in winter.

  5. 205
    Dana says:

    Ceiling fan set on medium or high….slimline tube-like fan that oscilates “Hawaiian breezes” (somehow the idea of Hawaiian breezes caressing me all night seems comforting and exotic!), covers neatly folded and straight (A challenge since I sleep with a gorilla! Not really, just a 6’4″/250 lb husband who has no concept of rolling over gently), my quirky fish-hook shaped pillow or my neck….and if the stars are aligned just right, maybe, just maybe, I will sleep all night!!!

  6. 206
    Darla says:

    Oh girlfriend, I can relate 100% to the fan and white noise. I also HAVE to have the fan on AND my white noise machine! In the summer now though I don’t need the white noise because I have a portable air conditioner in my bedroom to survive. I’m with you….gotta have it cool. My puppy sleeps with me too…and I miss her terribly when she is not there! Pillow? Yes, I have my favorite for sure. Take it with me whenever I am not home!

  7. 207
    Jennifer says:

    My heart is breaking a little for each comment I read, because I can sleep anywhere, anyway! All I have to do is close my eyes & I’m gone 🙂 But I do have a couple rules though…no pets & no kids in the bed. Gotta respect the sleep!

    Oh & I read a great quote on pinterest the other day….”If you love someone, you will let them sleep”

  8. 208
    Julie B says:

    OK….since a small child I always needed noise and to “shut my brain off” I would fall asleep watching TV (Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show…good children’s televison huh? but that is a whole other issue 🙂
    Now that I am all grown up, I listen to sermons on my IPAD with headphones (which my husband is very appreciative of. He is one who could lay down on the floor in the middle of the mall and fall fast asleep no problem~not that I am resentful of one who can do tha…okay maybe that is another issue too)
    Listening to sermons to put me asleep has a couple of concerns as well…one I wonder some nights how much sleep I even get as I start listening..fall asleep…then spend the rest of the night rewinding because I wanted to hear the sermon! And secondly, I have the fear that I will have the opportunity to sit under the teaching of some of the pastors that I listen to often…and will fall fast asleep!! 🙂

    • 208.1
      Cheryl says:

      Like Julie I listen to sermons on my iPod as I go to sleep – teachers such as Alistair Begg, Charles Stanley, Tim Keller, Robert Jeffress, Jack Graham, J Vernon McGee. I also like to listen to James MacDonald and Andy Stanley but not when I’m trying to eventually go to sleep as I can’t drift off with them… I put my iPod on a timer so that my brain get some rest after an hour.

      I also like to listen to the NT audio Bible so that I get the Word of God into me through the night.

  9. 209
    Alicia says:

    I love this topic for a blog post!!

    + Like many, I prefer if it’s cool/cold-ish. It makes sleeping more cozy 🙂

    + I can’t stand having my long hair touch my neck at all during sleep. I flip it up over the pillow (if i’m sleeping on my back) (oh how I wish I had a camera to laugh at the sight of myself!) or brush it away 2-3 times if I’m sleeping on my side.

    + I can’t go a couple days without shaving my legs, if only because I don’t like the prickly feeling of the sheets or my pj’s – it kind of hurts!

    + I was a body-pillow-hugger before I got married but our queen-sized bed doesn’t allow for that … so I got used to using a normal-sized pillow as a hugging device. Or I’ll use my husband until he pushes me away (usually after 3 minutes)

  10. 210
    Cathie says:

    Oh my goodness!! My youngest is the same way!! We have spent many hours on the fan aisle replacing fans.. The box fan is her favorite I know she is out when I hear the drone of her fan click on at the end of the hallway!!

    My oldest just walks in and falls done asleep sometimes in mid air… I can do the same but there is a little preparation involved!

    I crank the AC done.. And can not sleep with any covers on my feet… I sleep with a total of 12 pillows on a king size bed and 2 of them are body pillows!! My theory is there can NEVER be enough pillows… Can not sleep under covers and only with one certain blanket.. LOL AND I do take most of them with me when I travel!! A large Vera bag can hold most of them!! LOL (Wow I do have issues now that I am re-reading this!!)

  11. 211
    Susan says:

    Not only must I have my ceiling fan going and the window opened a bit (even in the middle of a New Hampshire winter!), I also must have a full body pillow. I died laughing when my husband showed up one day with a pillowcase with his face on it, saying if I had to sleep with such a pillow, it may as well have his likeness on it! 🙂

  12. 212
    Chassta says:

    I have to have my fan, too, Lindsee! And also my memory foam cervical pillow, my pillow between my knees and let’s not forget my teddy;) Talk about a high maintenance sleeper! I travel with all of these items everywhere I stay the night. My husband has finally gotten over my teddy bear disorder and started buying them for me, instead of being jealous! Did I mention that I will be 30 this year? I’m afraid to even think about the pychoanalysis of my sleep habits…

    • 212.1
      Pat says:

      I still have teddy bears and I’m over 50! Never too old for a teddy bear. I gave a small stuffed puppy to my mother-in-law years ago, when she was 85 and going in for significant colon cancer surgery. That stuffed puppy really comforted her in the hospital, including some time in ICU.

  13. 213
    Kathy Gerlach says:

    So cute, Lindsee…I am way older than you, but I have to have my fan on too, and all year round. I live in Kansas, and it is not quite as hot as Houston. Still, when there is no AC it about does one in. Our AC was out for about 2 weeks, when the nights were really cool. Still wanted my fan.
    Turning hot this week, and AC is fixed, sooo glad! Your post was really cute, enjoyed it!

  14. 214
    KarenDeneen says:

    Lindsee, thanks for all that you all do at Living Proof. It was a pleasure talking with you today when I called in with a question. As I mentioned before, I LOVE this post & can totally relate! You scared me with fan-about-to-be-on-fire description … so glad God revealed the fan malfunction problem while you were awake! He is so good, always on time & gives everything we need … even a shiny, new Vornado fan! Your fan-love is not strange … especially in Texas!

    I was born in the south (Memphis); but, Texas is n.o. j.o.k.e! I’ve only been to Texas a few times & it’s been a while; but, I remember it clearly. My ex-husband’s family reunions were always hosted in Texas near Louisiana border the last weekend in JULY! Sweltering I-cannot-breathe-let-alone-eat, hot-weather-advisory-warnings-for-babies-&-the-elderly hhhhhheat and we’re having a barbecue in the park! I’m thinking “are we nnnnuts?” while watching my (then) toddler daughter strip every chance she got to cope with the heat. We did enjoy ourselves; but, had to duck into the car for some A/C during the outdoor activities & rescue my baby girl’s toes from red ants under the swing set. I’m still very close to my former family-in-law & we chuckle about how the adults wanted to take over the kiddie pools during the cookouts to beat the heat.

    Anyhoo … embrace that fan with pride WITH the air conditioning on, too!!! That’s what I call wisdom! 🙂

  15. 215
    PatW says:

    3 teddy bears.

  16. 216
    KarenDeneen says:

    Forgot to answer your question … My sleep requirements are:

    ~ down pillow propped up against my headboard with buckwheat pillow in front of it

    ~ slightly cool room (so, my ceiling or table fan is often on) … I think the circulating air created by a fan is a preference of mine as well. Buckwheat pillows don’t heat up like other pillows; so, this adds a bit of coolness (is that a word? 🙂 ) to the mix.

    ~ large glass of water (for before & after I sleep)

    ~ something light-weight to read, listen to or watch: I’m somewhat of a night owl with an analytical; yet, creative mind. So, a peaceful book, sermon, podcast, music, movie or crochet project quiets my thoughts. This preference relates to my afore-mentioned pillow placement … down pillow to prop myself up until I doze off & down onto my cool buckwheat pillow.

    ~ must resume my former bedtime, herbal-tea routine immediately

    Rest well in His arms with sweet dreams …

  17. 217
    Ashlie McDonald says:

    Like everyone else, I have to sleep with it cold. I can never sleep with socks on, even when it is below freezing AAAAAAND my feet must be out of the blankets all night long. This means that I absolutely can’t have the sheets tucked in. If they are, I have to pull them out. The messier the bed the more comfortable for me. I have to sleep with a fan/sound machine on because I have pretty bad tinnitus. It helps a ton. I can’t fall asleep except on my back, but I always wake up on my side or stomach (usually my right side). I also have to have my left leg on top of my husband’s right leg (while laying on my back) for some reason. I can’t go to sleep any other way!

  18. 218
    meganblaire says:

    Hey Lindsee! Oh my, do I have a large number of sleeping idiosyncrasies…but alas, I’m chiming in to say that I e-mailed earlier this week to ask about a Gideon workbook, but haven’t heard back yet; just wanted to make sure it went to right place. Thanks!

    • 218.1
      Lindsee says:

      Hi Megan! If it was about getting a book provided for you, I’ve most likely forwarded it onto our resources director. But if you’ve not heard anything, then we may not have received it. You may send again just in case!

  19. 219
    Leah Brannon says:

    This is too fun of a post not to respond!

    Must-haves for sleep:
    1. My ceiling fan runs from Spring-Fall because I have to have a cool/cold room
    2. NO LIGHT! I even have something to cover up the clock on my ipod dock.
    3. I always cover myself at least halfway with a sheet—even in the summer. I hate to be so exposed because it makes me think something/someone can reach out and grab my leg. I blame this on my older brother who used to turn out the lights and then scare me in bed.
    4. Only one pillow – I don’t do body pillows or pillows between the knees.
    5. No hair on my neck. If I wear my hair down to sleep then it must be brushed over the top of the pillow.

    I’ve never considered myself a high-maintenance sleeper, but maybe I’m more of one than I thought.

  20. 220
    Tamara says:

    Sleep…I like you do not require much never have in my 50year. On the must list three pillows two head (switched to keep head cool), side sleeper so one for knee. Fans (winter, summer, whatever.. Must have white noise) two at least. NOW if my husband is at work…TV on low a Sherlock or how-to show. God bless us all, as we try to sleep.

  21. 221
    Sherri says:

    If I didn’t know better I would have thought you were writing about me. You could be describing me – down to the three pillows!! The only difference is I have a white noice sound machine (and a travel size one too) along with a celing fan that runs on high all the time and three pillows. Luckily for me I run the AC on very cool too! Too old – too many hot flashes not to use AC!! Thanks for sharing…made me smile!!

  22. 222
    Pat says:

    Must have my cervical foam memory pillow and something over me, even if it’s a sheet. But that’s just for night. I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, any time during the day. Love naps!

  23. 223
    Bren says:

    Total darkness. I even turn off the light on my alarm clock. Thank The Lord someone came up with that.
    I too must have fan running, not only for the cool breeze, but most importantly for the humming noise.

  24. 224
    Melody says:

    I am EXACTLY the same way with pillows, but I use two under my head and one under my knees as well! We are so alike!

  25. 225
    Teresa says:

    This post made me laugh till I cried. That is a rare treat – thanks!

    I can honestly say that I’ve never even considered buying a fan, but I sure wish I had read this 2 weeks ago, as our AC was out. These past 2 weeks were the first we had even used our ceiling fan.

    As far as my routine, my husband and I both are accustomed to ice water, reading, and maybe some music. I also like writing in my journal and love lip balm. We like the AC to be cranked up pretty cool and really sweat a lot when staying with parents who couldn’t care less about air conditioners. 🙂

    In cooler months, I absolutely adore my electric blanket. It’s so nice and warm and comforting. My middle son really likes it too and will always join me if he sees that it’s on. My husband, on the other hand, will usually look at me and go, “You have got to be kidding! It’s not even cold!”. Sometimes, that is true, but I still love it anyway. And usually, my feet are cold, and I definitely can’t sleep with cold feet. The air must be cold, but not my feet!

    The thing that cracked me up the most about this post was the lady that was talking about her husband snoring. It’s funny because at our house, I’m the one who will fall asleep mid-sentence and start snoring. My poor husband is a really light sleeper! I try so hard to wait and let him fall asleep first and before I know it I’m out. I can even hear myself starting to snore! I just thought of the most brilliant idea! I’ll get him a fan! Oh my, now I’m in tears again, laughing. This is too fun!

  26. 226
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    You make me smile, Lindsee Girl:) My must haves for sleep has changed over time, and varies depending on if I’m pregnant or not. Nowadays, I have to have the overhead fan on though, and two pillows at least for a comfortable nights sleep. I also have to have my hair up in a bun or something if it is wet. I hate getting my night clothes or my pillow wet because of wet hair. I may be the only person like that, but maybe not…:)

  27. 227
    vanessa says:

    I love fun post like this one!
    1. I only sleep with a sheet.
    2. Fan and tv must be on (tv is my “big girl” night light):)
    3. Sox are a must
    4. Doors must be closed. I for some reason can not sleep with my door being open or the bathroom door being opened. Odd I know.

  28. 228
    shari says:

    I to have a oscillating best friend, and I so wish I had a cieling I must, under no uncertain terms have a sleeping mask!!! I use to use my husbands neck ties. But, he got tired of serching for them every day. Sooooooo, off to the dollar store where I found a lovely hot pink with falling hearts mask!!!!

    • 228.1
      shari says:

      4got to mention my husband calls me “Hutto” B’cuz he usually finds me sleeping with sheets over my head to block out any form of light. (B4 my mask days of course)

  29. 229
    Sherri says:

    I sleep with a box fan on HIGH (mostly for the noise…but also for coolness, a ceiling fan on HIGH, and 3 1/2 pillows (one between my knees, one to “hug”, and one full size and one travel pillow under my head. =)

  30. 230
    Julia says:

    I like the room to be completely dark and completely quiet. I even sleep with earplugs in so the typical house noises inside and street noises outside don’t bother me. I get cold easily, so I usually sleep in flannel or fleece PJs and wear socks; plus I cover up with a sheet, blanket, and comforter (in winter I throw an electric blanket on top of that even). I too have three pillows: one for my head, one between my legs when I’m on my side, and one to hug. But once I’m asleep, I have to leave two alarms set, on the loudest volume, and in two different locations, to wake me up! It’s complicated, Lol!

  31. 231
    Karen says:

    1. I want the joy joy joy joy down in my heart!!
    2. Season of spiritually dead
    3. I desire to seek the Lords will in my life.

  32. 232
    Pamela, Mount Vernon, WA - solo says:

    1. Desperado

    2. To trust in Gods faithfulness regarding my husbands
    difficult job and season.

    3. I wish my sisters in christ knew.. trying to find the
    right church for us.

    4. That God would take my dry season and bring
    fourth His fruit.

  33. 233
    Mitzi says:

    Oh Beth, I am such a weirdo when it comes to sleep. I have to have a fan going or I can’t sleep at all. Plus, I have a ceiling fan that goes all night too. I even have an electric fan, just in case the electricity goes out. I can’t have any other sounds in the room at all. I have a body pillow, a neck pillow & well, I won’t tell you how many soft pillows I have. I can’t sleep under the covers, so I bought a special lightweight blanket to lay over me at night. I sleep on top of the covers & have to have both feet uncovered. Even after all of that, I still had trouble falling asleep until my doctor gave me this little pill that makes me smile & drift off to a nice relaxing sleep. Believe it or not, I’m not embarrassed to share this at all. LOL

  34. 234
    Shelly says:

    Lindsee you are so awesome. You saved me by posting a list of your faves. I am going straight to Target to get the fan tomorrow I forgot it will keep me from hearing my roommate that gets up at midnight and 4:00 a.m. to drink a pot of coffee. Thankyou for all the others too. We must like so many of the same things. God is so good and your great too. Your mom is a love she did good with you. Have fun and keep being so happy. So glad you work with her. I see her everytime she comes to Scottsdale. Love LPM. Shelly

  35. 235
    Penney says:

    Socks are my sleeping buddies. YEAR ROUND! Yes, year round. My daddy told me one time “Don’t no man want no woman that sleeps in socks!”
    Every night I start with two socks on and usually by morning one of those socks has come off.

  36. 236
    Margo says:

    1) Must have my ergonomic pillow for my head
    2) Must have a regular pillow to hug
    3) Must hit the snooze button at least 10 times
    4) If I’m taking a nap, the lights must be on.

    Odd, I know

  37. 237
    Adele says:

    1. Something to move the air (any fan or AC, since I live in a city where it’s between 90-110 year round)
    2. A sheet
    3. Preferably 2 pillows, if possible (I travel a lot, so I’ve gotten accustomed to adjust)
    4. My iPod, since I fall asleep listening to RZIM podcasts

  38. 238
    Suzy Adams says:

    Suzy, Wheelersburg, OH – You too be patient, and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. NIV James 5:8

  39. 239
    Kim, Redlands, CA says:

    Micah 6:8 NIV

    He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

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