For You in Your 20’s and You Who Will Pray For Them

**UPDATE: We are just so happy to have all of you 20-somethings flock to requesting prayer! Our faithful God surely hears, and cares to His core! If you do not see a specific partner reply to your request, know that the LPM Staff have adopted you. We will pray for each of you, joyfully!

One of my favorite things about Twitter is that we can come to really love someone we wouldn’t have even known to like. Someone from an entirely different part of the country or the planet. Someone from a totally different tradition of our faith. Someone in another generation who serves God in a way that is fresh and exhilarating to us. I have a whole mental list of those and just this morning prayed for a number of young women that I’ve gotten to “know” there on that ridiculous stream of social media that I love. It is a young man that I’ve come to appreciate so much, however, that prompted this post. His name is Jefferson Bethke. I didn’t know anything about him until 6 months ago when Melissa, my youngest daughter, told me she enjoyed following him on Twitter. He is a great communicator God clearly has His hand upon and a poet who creates fantastic thought-provoking videos. I’m glad to have the privilege to tell you about him but that’s not why I’m bringing him up today. A week or so ago on Twitter he mentioned sitting on the airplane, moved with emotion over various testimonies he’d been reading of lives dramatically changed by Jesus Christ. It hit me right then that one of the things I loved best about him is that the young man simply has a pure heart. He just flat-out loves Jesus and loves people. It’s consistent in everything he says and writes. I felt an urgency right that moment to ask God to protect that holy passion and sustain it the length of his days.

And that’s when I thought of all of you in his same generation who really do want to honor God and fulfill the purpose for which He planted your feet on this earth.

Here’s what I want to say to you: you really can maintain a pure and fiery heart toward Christ and His mission on earth but make no mistake: you will not do it by accident.

If you want a pure heart, you better be willing to fight for it. You will not keep it any other way.

The first big relief is that we can’t conjure one up on our own. God alone can create in us a pure heart and renew a right spirit within us. (Psalm 51:10) He alone can set it ablaze with holy passion. But out of God’s sovereign wisdom, He determined that guarding the heart He formed and lit within us would, in many ways, fall to us. We’re to own part of that job.

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Our second huge relief is that we can have a pure heart whether or not we have a pure past. Thank You, Jesus. If not, I and many others would be stuck for a lifetime with dark distorted hearts and deformed desires.

There are many other things more effective voices could tell you about guarding your heart toward Christ, toward people He’s sent you to serve and toward His mission on this planet. Ask them and learn from them. My purpose today is to pitch into the mix a couple of things that I’ve learned – and keep learning – in case any of it resonates with you. I also want to pray for you and call others to do the same. Here goes:

*Your heart will cool off if you do nothing to guard it. Jesus warned us in the 24th chapter of Matthew that “because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (V.12) We’re exposed to so much suffering and violence, pain, pretense, and wrongdoing in the world that, even as a defense against feeling so much, we’ll naturally thicken up. I’m certainly not suggesting we be less informed. Uninformed Christians can be a waste of light in the darkness. What I’m suggesting is that, if you want to keep a warm, feeling heart, you better be prepared to fight like mad for it.

*Over time, you can get really cynical. For one thing, cynicism can be really funny so we get drawn to it. It also tends to be cooler. You have to be willing to be one of those that the cynics could make fun of.

*You have to realize that guarding your heart means guarding its willingness to love and be exposed out there where it can get wronged or wounded. A couple of years ago I was researching God’s self-disclosure in Exodus 34:5-7 and stumbled onto something that totally changed the way I looked at guarding my heart. Here’s the segment so you can see it for yourself:

5 Then the LORD came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the LORD. 6 And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7 maintaining love…

See that word “maintaining”? It is a form of the same Hebrew term used in Proverbs 4:23  for “guarding” our hearts. In other words, a huge part of guarding my heart is maintaining love. It was a total game changer for me because somehow I had associated guarding my heart with keeping it sheltered. Try to fathom that God actively maintains His love toward us. He guards it. Using that same concept, He calls us to maintain our love toward other people. If I want to stay in love with my husband, for instance, I better actively practice maintaining it because, left to its nature, it will grow cold.

One of the things that God keeps teaching me to do is pray with everything in me and on an ongoing basis to love Jesus more than anything I can see or touch in this human realm. He promises in Scripture to grant us everything we pray in His will and in His name. (1 John 5:14-15)  Since His greatest command was that we love (Mark 12:30-31), you can pray for it with absolute confidence that He’s going to do it. In fact, every time you ask God for it, go ahead and thank Him in advance that He’s going to accomplish it. He will. Then when He starts doing it, you start guarding it with all your might.

Ask Him continually to stir fire in your bones for His Word and for His mission. Ask Him to sustain it in you and teach you how to guard it through every inch of your lifespan. Only put up with a sense of spiritual flatness for a matter of days. That’s completely normal. But when it begins to turn into weeks, go face-down on that floor and ask God to give you insight into what seems off and to revive your heart. Don’t just accept coldness. Fight for love.

What is it you want from God? Pray for it feverishly! “Pursue love and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts.” That’s what 1 Corinthians 14:1 says.

Also ask others to pray these things over you. That’s what I am hoping this blog post will be about today.

Here’s what I’m asking all of you to do if you’re willing:

*Those of you in your 20’s, tell us at least your first name, where you’re from, and a little bit about you in a comment so that we can personalize our intercessions for you.

*The rest of you choose one of them to pray for (or two, if you have the time), let them know in a reply under their comment that you are adopting them for intercession for the next 14 days. Tell them where you’re from as well. I think they’ll like knowing that, too. As long as every 20-something gets signed-up for, it doesn’t matter if a number of you are praying for the same individual. If they’re like us, they’d be ecstatic to have the extra prayer covering. Pray as you feel led by God but, within that intercession, pray particularly for God to stir up and sustain a holy passion in them for Himself, His mission, and for people on this planet, and that they will be alert and proactive in guarding their hearts to last a lifetime. Ask God forthrightly to deliver them from any area of bondage, strengthen them in temptation, and deliver them from evil. Love them with all your might through prayer.

Let’s partner with this generation and intercede powerfully for them. They are the rising future of the church of Jesus Christ at this tumultuous time on the Kingdom calendar. Let’s pray them out there.


Now may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you, and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, as we do for you, so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints.  1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 ESV




PS. To our regular blog community: I put this in a comment but I’m afraid many of you may not see it.

I am grateful beyond expression for your participation on this post. Please move at the same pace that you see our 20-somethings sign up. In other words, if at our first moderation there are 15 of them, see that all 15 are spoken for then, instead of doubling and tripling up on the same small group, watch for others to be posted and claim those. Assume in about 48 hours that we’ll probably have around 80% of the 20-somethings that will end up participating. Still, check every couple of days for about a week to make sure everybody gets covered if you don’t mind. Sisters, this woman right here KNOWS how powerfully you pray. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. You are solid gold in the Kingdom of God! Pray for these young people like you’d want somebody to pray for your own children, whether or not you have any. Take them on as blood. Pray with faith and holy fire. Pray like the near future of the church depends on Jesus revealing Himself through them. They are so worth it. JESUS is so worth it.

I love you guys madly.



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  1. 1251
    Ali says:


    I am so late in replying! I am in my late 20’s, a teacher, and have been married for almost 5 years. My husband and I are expecting our first child (a boy!) at the end of summer! We are so thrilled and excited about this, but still have some of those first parent jitters! We also just moved into a new house, which is another blessing but has also made life a little hectic. My first prayer that I need is that God will watch over and bless my new little family. I want our child to see that God is the center of our fmaily and grow up in a loving environment. I want to make sure that my husband and I keep our marriage strong so we can be role models of a healthy marriage and relationship. Mainly, I am praying for a healthy baby boy come August! My second prayer also involves our new baby. My whole life all I have imagined and wanted is to be a mother. I have always wanted to stay home and raise my babies while they are young. Unfortunately, that is not an option at this point in our lives. My prayer is that my husband will either get a new job that will allow this to happen if that is what Go’d plan is for me. If that is not the case, then I pray for comfort and peace as I do go back to work and that I will still have the same dedication to my sweet students even as a new mommy who longs to be home with her baby. I appreciate any prayers during this exciting time in our lives!

    • 1251.1
      Nancy says:

      This is Nancy and I would be honored to pray for you and your precious family!
      And of course, for your little baby boy coming in August.
      May God bless you, keep you, and grant you the desires of your heart!!
      Loving you in prayer!

    • 1251.2
      Sharon J. says:

      I will be praying for you, your husband and your sweet baby boy!!! For wisdom and peace as you make decisions about your future. My prayer is that your son will know the love of God through you and your husband. That you will guard time with your man as precious and your relationship will grow stronger and sweeter with each passing year. You are loved and you are never late in asking for prayer
      Sharon J. modesto, California

    • 1251.3
      Cheryl says:

      Hi Ali,
      My name is Cheryl I 44 years old, will be 45 next week. I would love to pray for you and your family. I understand your longing to stay home with your precious baby. I have a 22.year old daughter who has our first grandchild and wants so to stay home with her. But unfortunately that is not an option for her at this time. I will pray for your family that he will find a job to allow to bless you to the point you can stay home. And i will pray for a strong wonderful marriage for the 2 of you and a healthy baby. Praying!!!!!!!

  2. 1252
    Hannah says:

    Hannah Elisabeth
    Atlanta, GA

    I am 24 years old and single. In just one month, I will be starting cosmetology school at the Aveda Institute in Atlanta. I would love prayer that God would use me as a light to my classmates. The whole beauty industry in general needs light. I want to represent Christ. I want to be full of compassion for my new friends too. This is almost a second start for me, because college didn’t go so well. Thankful for that.

    I’m also dealing with chronic migraines and have severe endometriosis and pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), so just prayers for continued strength, healing, etc. would be so awesome.

    and of course, i desire to be married and am just asking God to help me in the waiting.

    Thanks so much!!!

    • 1252.1
      Jessica Reed says:

      Hi Hannah!
      My name is Jessica, I’m in San Diego. It would be my pleasure to pray for you.
      God bless you!
      Love, your new sister in Christ 🙂

      • Hannah says:

        Jessica, means the world to me to have your prayers. So blessed by that. Thank you. Sincerely, thank you thank you thank you! <3Hannah

        • Connie Terry says:

          I live in Atlanta (Marietta) and actually have had my hair cut last time at Aveda institute but my person is graduating. Will ask for you when I come in next time so I can hear how things are going and how to pray specifically for you.

    • 1252.2
      Julie Reynolds says:

      Hannah – My name is Julie Reynolds and I live about 2and 1/2 hours away from you on Lake Martin in Alabama. I would be honored to pray for you as you begin your adventure in cosmetology school. I will be praying that as you shine your light that you will also find those who will be willing to pour Jesus into you and minister to you in the same way that you are ministering to others.

      Also praying that you will experience a complete healing in your body for all of your health issues.

      I am email away if anything changes or you need specific prayer for anything else. [email protected]

      Seeking to Love Him Better,

    • 1252.3
      Karen says:

      Hannah: I’ll be praying for you – for healing, for success in your schooling and that you’ll be the face of Jesus to someon who needs him. I’m 44 and single – know that even if you’re not currently married, God can do amazing things in your life! Enjoy all He has planned for you! I Thes. 5:16-18


      • Hannah says:


        Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. That last line will be on my board… “Enjoy all He has planned for you!” what a great reminder. Thanks for investing in my life through prayer, the most powerful thing anyone can do! I’m blessed! <3Hannah

    • 1252.4
      Rhonda says:

      Hi Hannah~

      i’m praying for you! I graduated from Cosmetology school in 1987!! Also, i have always loved Aveda products(the best), so i’m real excited for you! May God give you your hearts desires girl!! Praying for healing for you too! I pray that your classmates and new friends are blinded by HIS LIGHT! have fun!

      In Christ,

      • Hannah says:

        Rhonda, so glad you ‘stumbled’ across my comment, because how fun!!! Did you practice for years? Do you still? And I love Aveda products so it made picking a school pretty easy 🙂 I treasure your prayers and support even though you don’t know me. Wow, I’m blessed!! <3Hannah

        • Rhonda says:

          Hi Hannah!

          I worked at a wig shop for awhile and that’s where i got hooked on Aveda…the owner sold it in her shop..& i worked at a few other salons over the years. i haven’t worked in 11 years though! That’s how old my son is! It took us a very long time to have a baby..11 years of marriage! Wow, i just noticed all the people praying over you…expect a miracle or two!!
          or more 🙂

    • 1252.5
      Kay says:

      Hello Hannah,
      I am 50, married and taking grad school classes in order to keep my job. Taking classes at 50 isn’t the most fun, so I am glad you are getting your career certification in your 20s. Good for you. I am always praying that I will be a light at work, so I will be praying that for you as well!!!

      • Hannah says:

        Kay, you’ll never know how much I appreciate and value your prayers! My life will be changed by them! Thanks so so much, <3 Hannah

    • 1252.6

      Hannah Elisabeth,

      I would be honored to pray for you. I read through many comments today, but I felt connected to yours for many reasons. I believe strongly in the power of prayer, and I would love nothing more than to spend some time praying on your behalf over the next two weeks.

      Thank you for writing about yourself. I will keep your words with me over the next couple of weeks, so that I can know exactly what you are asking of God. I really admire you for stepping out in faith as you continue your education. I’m sure that is not easy. I pray you will be successful and find much joy in this new phase of your life. Your desire to be a light for others is a noble one. With a heart like this, I am sure you will be a blessing to many.

      May God bless you!


      • Hannah says:

        Leslie, it means the world to me to have your prayers. I am so thankful you ‘stumbled’ across my comment. I am so thankful to know you’ve committed to praying for me even though you don’t know me. My life will be changed by the seeds you’re sewing in prayer for me. I would love to keep you updated, so if you’d like, you can send me your email address or email me: [email protected]

    • 1252.7
      Kathleen says:

      Hello! I am thrilled to be able to pray for you. I pray God watches over you in your new journey and puts many good godly friends in your path. I pray he keeps the migraines at bay for you, and I pray for your other health issues as well.
      My name is Kathleen and I live in a small town in Michigan. I was in Atlanta for 18 months. I loved living in that city but have to say I was happy to get back home to my house and small town with no traffic! God bless you and watch over you.

      • Hannah says:

        Kathleen, I feel you on the traffic thing… I’ll be happy to move somewhere else eventually 🙂 Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for praying for me!! I am so honored and blessed. <3 Hannah

    • 1252.8
      WendyBrz says:

      Dearest Hannah,
      What a new adventure! I’ll be praying for you, and am so delighted you want to bring the gorgeousness of Jesus to an industry that needs true beauty.
      As someone who has some long-term physical pain issues too, I understand it can be seriously taxing. I will lift up your medical stuff and your future.

      • Hannah says:

        Wendy, Thank you so much!!!! I bookmarked your blog so I can stay in touch with you and let you know how God is answering your prayers for me. Thanks so much, again. I’m blessed to have your prayers <3Hannah

    • 1252.9
      Dianne says:

      Hi Hannah!

      I am new at this so not sure from looking at things here whether someone has offered to pray for you yet. If not, I would be honored to pray for you!

      • Hannah says:

        Dianne, I appreciate your prayers more than I can possibly say! What a blessing to me! Thank you so much <3Hannah

    • 1252.10
      Sharon J. says:

      Hannah Elisabeth !! what a gorgeous name!!! praying for you to rock @ school!!! that not only would you do well in the learning aspects of your school.. but you would be a leader to your classmates. The one they seek out to share their concerns and needs with. That our God would use you greatly in this new chapter of your life.
      Praying for you to be a floodlight one of those that lights up the sky!
      Praying as you serve in the area that God would bring complete healing to you! For our God is ABLE to do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or even think!!!
      HE knows the desires of your heart!! Trust Him with your heart!!!!
      You are loved!
      Sharon J Modesto, California

      • Hannah says:


        Blown away by this!!!! I know God hears your prayers, I know that He is going to be with me, I can’t thank you enough though for blessing my life by committing to pray for me! I appreciate it more than I can say!


    • 1252.11
      Kristin says:

      I’m in Florida & will be praying for you! I have PCOS & Endometriosis also & know exactly how you feel. Probably miserable, and only God’s love can get us through that. I was told I may not have children due to those diagnoses, but guess what? God knows better & gave me 2 beautiful boys! You will be in my prayers Hannah, take care & God bless!


      • Hannah says:

        Kristin, I appreciate your post more than I can say. I found out 2 years ago and they also told me I wouldn’t have kids. It’s been a hard road at times trying to dispel the lies that some guy won’t want to marry me someday because of everything, so I really appreciate your prayers…Yes, I do feel pretty miserable most days but God keeps letting me ‘meet’ people like you who have been blessed with kids!!!! Thank you!!! <3Hannah

    • 1252.12
      Liz says:

      Hello Hannah,
      Sorry you are dealing with some physical pains…I feel directly called to speak out over your feminine infirmities!!! Well, first of all, the man God brings you is going to have more Faith than to not want you for your infirmities…, not only that but He is going to have TREMENDOUS amounts of faith to spur you on into your own healing…! and He might even pray over you! So, Tell the Devil that is NOT TRUE!!!! (the part where no man will want you…etc about childbearing)…also, I am a Nurse, and I see all kinds of miracles due to people’s faith in God…of Course Endometriosis is a real thing and causes real pain I can not imagine, BUT GOD is the True Physician…He knows how simple it is….He made your body….and He says it is Wonderful! Pain does not equal UNACCEPTABLE, Unattractive, and other disgusting lies of this world…, Pain might have a beautiful meaning to your HEART! With each Pain, PRESS INTO JESUS! He will speak, he will HEAL! Lay your hand on your body and speak out “All infirmities must GO in JESUS NAME”…He has already paid the price for your pain on the tree….! Build your faith as much as you can in this time….! Let the pain build your faith! James 1:4, “That you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing”
      Be Strong!

  3. 1253
    Allison says:

    I am awfully late in replying but I would love prayer! I am 26, I live in a suburb of Houston and I am a children’s director. I am in the middle of some major health issues and have had a very hard time being the children’s director I feel called to be while also trying to take care of my health issues.

    I would love prayers for my continued reliance on God, for leading His people in developing this young generation to by Godly, and for patience as I’m trying to trust Him with a path I didn’t expect to be on.

    • 1253.1
      Debbie Meabon says:


      I am late checking on this post as well, and would be honored to pray for you!

      Debbie Meabon
      Warren, Pennsylvania

  4. 1254
    Emalyn says:

    I am late to replying to this post but I hope that someone will be willing to pray with me through this major transition in my life.

    I am 29 years old and just finished my Master’s degree. Pray for me as I begin job searching and dealing with student loans & college debt while still trying to be a good steward of my finances. I pray that God will lead me to the right job in my career field, and that I’ll find a place to live that is safe but within my means. I am also still single at almost 30 and struggling with that a little. I know God has great plans for me…but sometimes I get impatient! 🙂

    • 1254.1
      Debbie Meabon says:

      Dear Emalyn,

      I can totally relate to those struggles and will pray for you as well!

      Debbie Meabon
      Warren, Pennsylvania

    • 1254.2
      Joan A. says:

      Hi Emalyn, You have a beautiful name and we all know names are important! I would be privleged to pray for you and will lift your needs and concerns which are so legitimate to God. I will pray that His plan and purpose will be worked out in you as you surrender to His will. Stay strong in Him. No one loves you like He does!

  5. 1255
    Sydney Hance says:

    Hi, My name Sydney Hance.
    I’m late seeing this post but I trust God’s timing in directing me here.
    Im 21 years old, newly married and so in love with my Father.

    I as blessed to learn from Beth this last weekend in Eugene, OR and God spoke to me through a word that He gave to her. I am so thankful for the confirmation I recieved through Beth.

    I feel a calling on my life to teach and would love prayer as God takes me through a season of preperation and growth.
    My heart is to not step ahead of God but to be in tune to the movings of the Spirit.
    I am giving the desires of my heart to the Lord and trusting that He has a special place for me.

    Theres so much that I cant even put into words that Im hoping for God to do in my heart and my future. I am so far from deserving of a calling on my life so Im praying for less of me and more of Him.

    • 1255.1
      Joy Klassen says:

      Hi Sydney
      My name is Joy and I am from Manitoba, Canada, and it is my privilege to stand in the gap for you, in prayer.
      Father God – I come before you on behalf of Sydney. O Lord, I am so glad that she was able to attend a LifeWay event, and to hear Beth speak. Lord, I praise you for the word that you gave to Sydney through Beth. You are so good Lord. I read Sydney’s post where she says that she is far from deserving a call on her life, and yet Lord – you know that we all are undeserving – which is why YOU Jesus, You died for us. And you call us – and you equip us. So I pray Lord, that you would give Sydney clarity on the call you have put on her – for her life. Prepare her to be a teacher – for your honor and glory. Help her to walk in the steps you put before her – and may she see how you are opening doors for her. Lord, you are so good – and we praise you for all that you are going to do IN Sydney’s life, and through her – for your honor and your glory!! We can hardly wait to see what you are going to do!! Amen.

  6. 1256
    Tana says:

    My name is Tana and I will be praying for you! I have a 24 yr old daughter also.:)
    I will be lifting you and your requests up to our great and awesome God! Deuteronomy 33:26-27
    May God’s richest blessings rest upon you as He draws you near! Stay in the Word. Remember who He is…..every day!
    Christus Victor! (May Christ be victorious in your life)

    • 1256.1
      Hannah says:

      Tana, where would we be without the prayers and love of our mamas and spiritual mamas?! I’m so so thankful that you would spend time praying over my life, even when you don’t know me! So honored by that. Thanks!! <3Hannah

  7. 1257
    Teresa says:

    Hannah, I’m so excited that you are studying cosmetology. It is such a blessing to have a Christian hairdresser. I’ve had 2 that come to mind that were such a blessing. My prayer is that God would make you a light to all those you come in contact with and that you would continually allow God to fill you with his love so that you may overflow with that love to others. What a great ministry to a tired and weary world. God bless you, Hannah!

    • 1257.1
      Hannah says:

      Teresa, if only I could do more than say thank you…but THANK YOU!!! I’m blown away knowing that someone who doesn’t know me would pray for me!! Thank you! I am honored to be prayed for! <3 Hannah

  8. 1258
    Lindsey says:

    IMy name is Lindsey and I live in San Diego, CA. I have been graduated from college exactly one year now and have been struggling to find my place in this big world. I’m trying to discern God’s will for my life and how he can use me in my “it pays the bills job” This past year has been a real struggle in my faith and I have found myself wandering farther than I would ever have imagined

    • 1258.1
      Paula Halcom says:

      I would be honored to pray for you. I know that those first years out of college can be difficult, but what an exciting time in your life as God sets a path out before you. I will pray for direction and for God to surround you with people who can build you up in the faith and encourage you when you need it. We all wander sometimes, but how wonderful that we are never out of His reach!

      -Paula Halcom

  9. 1259
    Melissa says:

    Hello, My name is Melissa, I am 28 and single. I currently live and work in Fort Worth, TX as a middle school teacher. I’m wrapping up my fourth year teaching, but find myself struggling. I can get easily overwhelmed at work and I question my ability to meet all of my students’ needs. This has been a tough year and caused me to do some soul searching. I seek change in my life, but scared at the same time. I know God has a purpose for me and find myself yearning to find it.
    I ask you to pray for guidance and a pure and open heart.
    I appreciate all of your prayers and words. 🙂

    • 1259.1
      Dana says:


      My name is Dana and I will be honored to pray for you. I am a substitute teacher at my nearby middle and high school in Pensacola,FL and I see the stress and strain you teachers are under. Middle schoolers can be an especially difficult challenge. I also have two children in their ’20s and see how much life change and transition they are experiencing. So know you are not alone and your struggle is real. I will pray for guidance and openness to God’s future plans for your life and that He will give you the desires of your heart as you seek Him for your future. God bless you!

  10. 1260
    Amy says:

    Amy C
    Kansas City, MO

    I’m just ventured into my last year of my 20s! I have been married to my college sweetheart for almost 7 years now and we are proud parents to our 4 year old son (Jackson) and a 2 year old daughter (Belle). We are also a proud military family.

    At this moment in time, I am finishing up my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I will graduate in July. Until that time, I am full time student, intern, and mommy. (All three full-time, unpaid jobs!). I love my schooling, I love my internship (providing therapy for homeless men in urban KC with substance abuse addiction), and I love motherhood… but I am running thin. I would love prayers for stamina, patience, and time management. July will be here super quickly, but I just hope to not be too grumpy with my husband or grouchy at my kids. I covet prayers for direction upon graduation, as well.

    Lastly, God has placed a huge vision in my heart to reach a specific population group and it is still way to big for me to know how to accomplish. I have no idea how to make it happen, but I feel his presence and his hand guiding me and opening doors along the way. I feel empowered, yet also overwhelmed. Prayers for guidance, to hear God’s voice, and to faithfully follow would be a huge blessing! 🙂

    • 1260.1
      Crystal says:

      hi Amy, my name is Crystal. I am also a mother of two. I have two boys, but the same age group. I am excited as I read what God is doing in and through your life. Although I am not finishing up a masters degree, I know with work and motherhood it can be so draining at times. I will be praying for strength and times for rest. Praying for resolve as you finish schooling and guidance. Excited to pray for you, thank you for your transparency. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

    • 1260.2
      Jessica says:

      Amy C,

      I will be happy to pray for you! I am in my mid-late 20s, but I saw no one had volunteered to pray for you, and being a fellow military wife and toddler mom, I know how stretched thin we can be. I will be happy to pray for you to use the patience God has given you. and that He will continue to be your strength, giving you stamina in abundance and a keen ability to plan and manage your time wisely. Most of all, I will pray that God continues to help you be the wife your husband needs and the mother your kids will mimic their life after. I trust God will open the right doors that will lead you to reaching the population group He has placed on your heart! God is always so good about that!

      On a separate note, will you or anyone else please pray my current pregnancy continues well? I am in my 3rd trimester- my husband’s been deployed for the entire pregnancy and is hopefully getting back after 8 1/2 Months rather than 9 Months, so that he can be present for his 1st son’s birth. I covet any prayers I could receive on this matter! Also, that I might continue to have energy to keep up with my beautiful 2 yr old girl. And continued wisdom as I train her up to be a respectful, honoring child.

      • Terra Martin says:

        My name is Terra and I’m from Oklahoma. I have a beautiful daughter also in her mid-twenties who is about to marry. I am a little late in reading this blog, but I would be honored to pray for your young family. I will pray that your pregnancy continues well and that your husband is able to make it back safely and in time for the birth of your little boy. What an amazing and joyful time for you! I will also pray for your daughter and that you will have the energy and patience for raising two young children, especially during those times you are doing it on your own! They are an honor and blessing straight from God and I will pray expectantly that He grant you the wisdom and discernment needed to raise them in a way that continually points them back to Him.

  11. 1261
    Gina says:

    Dear Hannah, my name is Gina and I will be praying for you. I am mom to a 23 year old daughter who just moved to South Korea to start her new job, she struggles with fatigue and has struggles in the waiting to meet someone. I know these heart desires as if they were my own and I will lift you up along side my girl as if you were my own. Love in Christ, Gina

  12. 1262
    Annelize says:

    My name is Annelize. I am 26 years old and live in South Africa.

    I am in a season of singleness and have been for 8 years. I have decreed not to date but rather to guard my heart and focus all my time and energy on my relationship with the Lord and preparing my heart for marriage.

    Please pray for me that the Lord will continue to prepare me for my husband and maintain my hunger for Him in this season. That I will remain patient and confident that God is writing my love story and that I can rest assured that His timing is always perfect!

    Thank you for your prayers!


    • 1262.1
      Becky says:

      I am praying for you!
      For your singleness and that during this time you are preparing for your husband and God is preparing him. I too will pray for him.
      And that your love story will be amazing and one you will share with all of us!
      In the meantime, be strong and give to others to keep yourself busy. When you don’t look, is when you find!
      Much love and peace,

  13. 1263
    Madelyn says:

    Hi! My name is Madelyn and I am turning 20 in less than a month! Does that count? I am currently in college studying music education at the University of Tennessee and I want nothing more than to follow the call of the Lord in my life. This year has been quite a rollercoaster for me but nonetheless a blessing. The Lord has been teaching me to trust him in every thing and give up my self-protecting fears and self-fulfilling wants. As I came in to my second year of college, I felt like I had everything under control and life was going as plan. However, the Lord was working in me and my heart. I decided as a sophomore to join a sorority… something I never thought I do. (I was the type in high school to listen to punk music and make fun of the popular kids). Almost everyone I loved could not understand why I would make such a decision and neither could I! I did not have the time or the money but somehow I could not stop myself from feeling like I was suppose to. Needless to say I am now apart of Alpha Delta Pi here at UTK and I know I made the right decision. I’ve been able to pour in to lives I would of never known and seen a great need. I no longer look on the “greek” community in college with judgement but with a heart for redemption. Please pray for these girls who need Jesus’ love and grace, and pray for me that I would be a vessel and would be able to continue to work for his good. It is scary going into my junior year not knowing how I will afford to continue what he has begun, but I know he is able. This year I have also been dealing with the turbulence of a year and half God-centered relationship being broken and revived. I know I am young and my singleness is of great value but in many ways I know the Lord has blessed me with a Godly man who I can see myself with for many years. Please pray wisdom, patience, and trust for both mine and his heart. Let it not be a distraction to my mission for Christ, but an encouragement and partnership. Please also pray for my passion and motivation for my studies, l pray I never take it for granted because it is such a blessing. I know God has great plans for me and students on this campus in Knoxville.
    Thank you for listening to just a small piece of my story (especially this year) and thank you for praying!
    P.s. Finals are this week! Almost done!

    • 1263.1
      Chrissy says:


      You are a doll! As i read through the lines of your writing i can tell you have SUCH a heart for others; the Kingdom of God! I will pray for you. Me and my husband work with college students at a church planted on a college campus in Louisville, Ky. Congrats on being done with FINALS! Praying that God would breathe fresh life into you this week as you recover from cramming/studying/a semester of schooling.


  14. 1264
    Michelle Wintrow says:

    Hello, Brittany! My name is Michelle and I live in Ohio. I am a 38 year old mom of an 8 year old daughter and step mom to 2 teenage boys. I’m also a newlywed to their dad! Transition and uncertainty about the future are huge stressors, and not having the type of family support you would like is difficult. Don’t forget they want you near because they love you! I will definitely be praying for you and your husband and extended families. God bless you on your ventures! 😉

  15. 1265
    Tessa says:


    I know its a few days later but so of the Lord! Today’s devotion in My Utmost for His Highest is about the love of the Lord and spontaneity being the characteristic of His love in us. Read it…such an encouragement!


  16. 1266
    Vanessa says:

    Hi my name is Vanessa, I have been struggling with anxiety and food and body issues or several years now. I ask for prayer for healing and that I would believe that God will do it!


    • 1266.1
      Pat says:

      Vanessa, I pray that when you have anxiety you will remember that you are in the hands of the Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth and He loves you and wants only good for you. I pray that when you think about overeating, you will hear the words of your Father and know that He is enough for you. He doesn’t want you to feel shame. You are a beautiful creation of God. God can do this for you. I will be praying for you.

    • 1266.2
      Tam says:

      Hi, Vanessa. My name is Tam from Coltons Point, MD and I will be praying for you. He is well able to staunch the fear and apprehension that stifle your very breath. I’m a fellow wayfarer here along this impossible uphill stretch; and I welcome the opportunity to walk with you these extra miles because of He who carries me. Breath easy, He has you in His Hands.


  17. 1267
    Audrey Davidson says:

    My name is Audrey, I am 23, and I live in Fayetteville, AR. I am graduating next week with my Masters in Accounting. I will be sitting for the CPA exam (AKA the biggest, most important test of my life) in July and starting my career as an auditor in August. I have been dating my boyfriend, Justin, for over two years and we are beginning to discuss marriage and our future together. He is a true man of God and I am thankful for him. I have a wonderful family and great group of Christian girlfriends that are always supporting me. I could use prayer for guidance and comfort about the future. I am a worry-wort and always trying to plan my path. I want to give it all up to God and allow him to direct my way, rather than me direct my own.

    • 1267.1
      Marcia says:

      Hi Audrey,

      My name is Marcia and I live in Portland, OR.
      It would be a privilege and an honor to pray for you. I have been in my career for a long time and remember when I was just starting out. You have some amazing challenges and opportunities ahead -keep your eyes on the Lord, he is faithful! Love you, M.

  18. 1268
    Deborah Mika says:

    Hello Hannah.
    I am Debbie and would be willing to pray for you. I understand your concerns about your studies as I have just given up Uni due to poor health, I have Fibromyalgia. How long is your course?
    Loving you in prayer, Debbie

    • 1268.1
      Hannah says:

      Thanks so much Debbie! My course is one year total, May-May! I will graduate at the end of May 2014. I value your prayers so much and appreciate them so much! Blown away to know someone who doesn’t know me is loving me in prayer! <3

  19. 1269
    Raven says:

    I hope I am not to late in replying to this lovely post. My name is Raven, I am 22, recently graduated from Texas A&M and am pursuing my teaching certificate from a different college now. And I have experienced a lot of life that weighs heavily on my heart. I was bullied as a child. At 16 my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and though he survived, the treatment left him unable to swallow for a year, and still, six years later, with no tastebuds and a difficulty swallowing. At 19 my precious grandmother, who was my closet grandparent, finally passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) after a rapid nine month detieration that broke my heart. I’m still filled with guilt from how little I saw her once she was sick. It was just too hard and that was selfish. The ramifications of that lasted just long enough for me to be happily engaged for three months. And then my fiance dumped me. Out of the blue. He said we could no longer see a future with me and that I was a rude and disrespectful person who his parents didn’t approve of. That hurt. No. That hurts. Still. And then, to top it all off, a few weeks later, I found out my dad, the same man to have survived stage four cancer, now has Parkinson’s.

    I am mad. I am sad. And I need prayer. Somedays I feel like a shell of a person and wonder how The Lord could have piled all this on me. I mean. I’m only 22!

    I am thankful for a Godly parents, especially a mom who is leading me through the Breaking Free bible study right now but she’s only human and I need prayer, for the weight is too much to bear without The Lord, yet The Lord is who piled the weight on. I just.

    This blog came at an appropriate time, thank you to all who are willing to pray.

    • 1269.1
      Jane says:

      I am Jane and live in Washington. I will pray for you!Hold on to Jesus cause He holds onto you with an incredible amount of love. May He strengthen you as you go through this difficult time.
      I have daughters around your age. My mom passed away a few months ago and know its hard to lose those you love.

    • 1269.2
      Anitra says:

      Hi Raven:

      My heart just breaks for you. I cannot imagine the strain that you are under and I am all the way in Florida so I can’t even invite you to a laugh til you cry movie to remind you that things will not always be this difficult. My sweet new friend- your relationship with your grandmother was not defined by your behavior in the last weeks and months of her life. This was a woman who couldn’t wait to see your face at your birth and who delighted at every milestone you accomplished. I’m not sure she would be pleased to discover that when you think of her it is with regret. Celebrate how amazing she was and how very much you are like her by living free and brave and strong and loving and every once in awhile doing just a little dance that she was such a part of your life.

      It is my joy to pray for you and for your heart and passion for the next two weeks. I will pray that God is the lifter of your head and He strengthens you for the journey.

    • 1269.3
      Marlinda Flynn says:

      Raven, I have a similar story as you. I too was bullied and lost my beloved “Grammy” at 15. I too regret not being with her and loving on her like she did on me. Life hurts and it doesn’t stop after your 20’s! Rest in this that you have a God who upholds you in His right hand. His plan for you is perfect. Draw close and take comfort and strength from Him. For you are His precious Jewel!

      I will be praying for you!

      Marlinda from Heppner, Oregon

    • 1269.4
      Marlinda Flynn says:


      My story is so similar to yours. I too was bullied. I too lost my beloved “Grammy” at 15. I too regret not being with her enough and loving on her the way she loved on me. I too and have felt the sting of rejection. But rest in this You Have A God, who upholds you in His right hand! His plan for you is perfect! Draw close to Him and He will strengthen and bring you peace. You are beautiful to Him and His precious Jewel.

      I am praying for you, Raven

      Marlinda, Heppner, Oregon

  20. 1270
    Haleigh says:

    My name is Haleigh and I am 20 at the University of Texas. I am a sophomore and a Young Life leader pursuing a degree in Apparel Design. I had a horrible freshman year that ended with a night of me trying to harm myself to get the attention of the boy that I had been fighting for all year. I’ve known Jesus my whole life, and even though I hear all about him consistently, and tell high school girls how much he loves them, I still feel so weighed down by all of the pain from that year here a year later. It’s gotten so so much better, which kind of makes me feel like I don’t have a right to complain anymore…I should only be grateful for the Lord and his salvation, which I AM. But it also still hurts. A whole lot. In a lot of different ways. I gave my testimony of that year long battle a couple of weeks ago to a group of Young Life kids, and I felt an incredible gush of freedom. However, because Satan feeds on freedom, it’s been downhill since then. Now as I’m coming up on the exact day it happened a year ago, I feel so much guilt, shame, and abandonment. I need encouragment, but I’m ashamed to ask for it. I fear that people think I should be healed by now, and that I’m asking for too much. Thank you so much to whoever might read this and pray that my heart is safe from these feelings.

    • 1270.1
      Jennifer says:

      Haleigh, I’ll be praying for you. We are together in having a rough first year of school, a bad situation with a boy that left us feeling alone and hurt and on a happy note in the art world (graphic design). I will be praying for your ability to surrender everything to God. You are not alone girl! I know from personal experience that the enemy wants you to be afraid and ashamed and it is so easy to fall into the trap…I struggle with it too. For me it helped to find someone I could confide in and just let it all out (my friends tell me your human, God created you with feelings, don’t be afraid of them :)and also Isaiah 43, if you haven’t read it recently take a look. I always go to this passage whenever I’m in over my head…”Do not be afraid, God has ransomed you…the flames will not consume you”


    • 1270.2
      emily says:

      Hi Haleigh, i am technically still in my 20’s, but 9 years older than you & would love to pray for you.. While our situations are different- I felt so many of the feelings you described for so long. I was so tormented- I had no idea what true peace felt like & felt so ashamed because I “should” have had it more together, etc.. I just want to tell you that healing is real, and true- don’t mask it for something false.. The shame and condemnation you feel is not of God- He loves you and you are precious in His sight- nothing you can do, or ever will do will separate you from that love.. Because you’re a believer, you are covered by the work of the cross- blameless in His sight because of mercy and grace- not because of any acts of work.. These are the truths that slowly began to set my mind free. I pray you will “choose” to believe them, until your heart does.. Ask God to show you what steps to take- Healing is always in HIS hands & He so desires us to be free from the chains of our wounds. I am living proof that this is possible – He has brought me so far. I want you to know that He has such beautiful plans for you & even when you feel abandoned- you are not.. There is so much more ahead for you & even though it’s SO FRUSTRATING to struggle with defeat, shame, fear & think we should be “over it” – your struggle won’t be wasted. He will redeem and restore this time – girl, please don’t settle for anything less. I am not fully there, He still has so much work to do on me – but when I look back to being 20, 21, etc- I have been set free from the bondage to shame, and fear- and I am not unique! Praying He begins to show you what steps to take, that He reminds you that you are precious in His sight, and have NOTHING to be ashamed of.. That you are of worth and value – and free to be 100% yourself.. I am so glad you shared on here – there is NO shame – none. Pursue freedom, and healing relentless. Ask, ask ask for help, encouragement, whatever- we are NOT meant to have it together- or do this alone! I will be praying for you, hang in there girl- fix your eyes on Him & I promise He will bring you to a new place in all of this, and if you let Him- He will use your experience to minister powerfully!

      So sorry to write a novel here.. Read and memorize Isaiah 61 -especially vs 3:”to bestow on them a crown of beauty – instead of ashes,
      the oil of joy – instead of mourning,
      and a garment of praise – instead of a spirit of despair.They will be called oaks of righteousness,
      a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.” and vs 7: “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace
      you will rejoice in your inheritance.And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.”

      Sometimes verses are hard to grasp- but even if you don’t get the full extent of how this could look in your life- claim it. Take it and memorize it – and remember that the God who takes our ashes, and makes something beautiful adores you and delights in you – exactly as you are..


  21. 1271
    Shannon says:

    I am going to pray for you Raven, I remember going through very similar circumstances when I was younger, without relying on God. He was always there I just didn’t realize it. I now see there were lessons and growth through my struggles and pain. God’s plan was different and far better than mine. I will pray for your peace and acceptance that nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. Remember that God loves and only wants the best for you his sweet child!

  22. 1272
    Erin says:

    My name is Erin and I’m 23, nearing the end of my first year of grad school at the University of Denver. I am thankful for the incredible spiritual renewal and sanctification that has taken place in my life over the last year and a half. Prayers for continued fruit and life in this journey would be much appreciated. I also have anxiety about an internship this summer as well as getting a job after I graduate. I am in need of prayers for humility, encouragement, and a joyful submission to the Lord’s will in this and all things.

    Thank you for this wonderful message and the opportunity to reach out and ask for help in prayer, I am so often in need of it!

    • 1272.1
      Jaclynn says:

      You are in my prayers. I’m so thankful you have had such a wonderful time of growth over the last year and a half. Prayers for continued grown and bearing of fruit in your faith walk. I wasn’t long ago that I was in your same position, anxious about a new season of life- so much uncertainty. I was covered in prayer through that time and I feel so blessed that I get to do the same for you. God’s plans are so much bigger than ours and I see that now looking back. Wheni think on those times I just smile knowing he made my paths straight and his plan was and is perfect. I pray the same for you. I love that you ask for humility, encouragement and joyful submission. Beautiful! I am so honored to pray for you.

  23. 1273
    Jess says:

    ~Hi! I’m a little late to the party but would really love prayer. My name is Jess. I’m 23 and I just recently moved to South Korea to teach English. This is my first big girl job, my first time being on my own, paying bills, and first time living away from home (as well as my first time living abroad). It’s a really long story about how God got me here, but I’ve never been more sure than this time in my life that I am exactly where God needs me to be. I’ve had a heart for the people of Korea (both South and North) for some time now, and it just made sense that this is where I would be post-graduation.

    I absolutely love my job and I am (almost) always excited to go into work every day. I love seeing my kids and even though it’s exhausting, I love teaching them; I can’t get enough of them. I teach 3rd grade (the cutest), 4th grade (sweet but starting to get tired of school), and 6th grade (beyond done with school…gotta admit, they terrify me a little bit..I’m just better suited to work with the really little ones than pre-teens/teens ;)). I really desire to be loving to my students and a source of encouragement while I have them because the Korean schooling system can be really grueling. Children go to regular school all day and many of them attend private institutes after school- they spend nearly every waking moment at school or doing lessons afterwards. It’s a really stressful environment for them that starts from the time they enter school and follows them into the work place as adults; South Korea has the 2nd highest suicide rate in the world.
    My 3rd graders come into school saying “I’m so tired, Teacher.”…”why are you so tired?”… I only slept for 4 hours last night.” …”Four hours?! Why?!”…” I had to do my homework.” (they say this as if it is only natural that they should have that much homework as an 8 year old); some of my students are being bullied and I don’t have the language skills to help; and I’m learning that some of my students are hit at home. It breaks my heart- and I don’t know how I can do anything to help. I know I can pray- but I wish there was more I could do.
    I desire to be a light to my co-workers. I work mainly with women, though I have a male teacher, the other native English teacher at my school, and while I want to be open with them about Christ, I find myself worrying about what they might think. It’s easier for me to be open with the women than my male counterpart. But I’m doing my best to pray for boldness, to pray for each of them, and to build solid friendships with them in order to get to know them and love and serve them well.

    I struggle with fatigue; I sometimes struggle with being single (it’s an up and down deal- some days I love that I am single because if I wasn’t, would I be on this adventure? Would I have known just how much I love teaching? Probably not. There are so many things I can do and want to do being single than I could if I were in a relationship or married…..and yet at the same time, it’s something I want more than anything). I have a lot of friends here, but don’t know many believers here yet. I’m realizing how lonely I am a lot of the time- and how much more easily I am attacked by Satan when I’m alone. I’ve finally found a church I want to settle in at and start getting involved in…so that’s a praise!

    I know that was kind of long…oops…but I would love prayer for my students (especially for my students), for my relationships with my co-workers, for relationships with other believers to blossom and grow here, my health (fatigue), for boldness, and for not only the desire to seek God and follow him but his strength to follow through on his call- no matter the cost. <3 thankful for this post and to see all of these women praying for each other…really encouraging! I know it can be hard for women to be vulnerable, especially with strangers, but there is power in prayer!! thanks again <3

    • 1273.1
      Gerri says:

      I will be praying for you Jess! What a courageous, sweet spirit you have to follow the Lords calling to Korea to teach!!! Before I had the privilege to stay home with my sons, I was also a teacher of 4th and 5th graders in underprivileged parts of my community…I can relate to your love for your students and the worry you carry for them…continue to love them and cover them in prayer sweet girl and I will pray over them also!!! The Lord has placed you in their path and he will provide for your needs to be a strong leader in their sight!!! I will also pray over your relationships with co-workers and boldness to be open….I will pray for precious personal friendships and a strong connection to your new church home to keep loneliness at bay! I will also pray for your physical health and renewed energy daily to perform your job to the best of your ability! I am so proud of your accomplishments thus far!!! I will pray over your desire to seek the Lord and continue following through on his calling for you!!!
      “May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.” 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

      • Jess says:

        Hi Gerri~ Thank you so much for your prayers! I really, really appreciate them! It means more than you know. Please let me know ways I can be praying for you as well! <3

    • 1273.2
      Jennie F. says:

      Hi Jess!
      My name is Jennie and it would be an honor to pray for you. It is really exciting to see how the Lord is working in your life and where He has brought you. It is such a comfort to a person knowing you are in God’s will, especially in the rough times- being lonely, tired, pulled between enjoying singleness and wanting a marriage. Please know that I am praying for you in all the different areas that you are concerned with. I love that the Lord says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERYTHING (my emphasis 🙂 ), by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. ~Phil. 4:6-7~ That EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING! He cares about your students that are hit at home, the ones that are exhausted from homework, you being exhausted too, your joy in your work, but also desiring a husband and that life together, the language barrier, and your co-workers. Nothing is too big or small for our God.
      Jess, I love your heart for your children/students. Kids know when someone truly loves and cares for them. They will see Jesus in you, even if for now they don’t exactly know that. Praying God will give you opportunities to witness for Him and share His word within all the boundaries and rules of school (and maybe chances out of school). My husband and I live in Eastern Oregon in a very rural community. He is a 4-6 teacher with 4 students (numbers fluctuate throughout the year and over the years). I help in his classroom almost daily with paperwork, etc… He has been teaching for almost 20 years (we’ve been married almost 17!), so I know what you are saying when you are describing your 3rd, 4th and 6th graders! 🙂 I understand about wanting to be a witness to co-workers, wanting things better for your students, and about being in the classroom in general. You are my sister in the Lord and I care about you, your new job away from home, family and friends, and what is on your heart. Praying for you, Jess. With Christ’s love and hugs, Jennie 🙂

      p.s. There is a book called Kisses From Katie (by Katie Davis) about a young woman who went to Uganda by herself because she felt God called her and is working with the children/orphans there. She went/is going through some of your same feelings and emotions. It might be a very encouraging book for you to read. Just a thought! 🙂

      • Jess says:

        Hi Jennie~ thank you so much for your prayers and for all of your sweet encouragement! I can’t tell you how much that means to me! <3

  24. 1274
    Amanda says:

    Hi! I’m a little late, but my name is Amanda, I’m almost done with my sophomore year of college, and am now trying to decide what my post-grad plans will be. Most recently Seminary has come up and although I am extremely interested, I want to make sure it’s God’s will, not just my own.

    I am in specific need of prayer for encouragement. This last semester several things have been thrown at me that I have had a hard time dealing with. (loss of my father at 19 to Congestive Heart Failure, friendships going in different directions, etc).

    I ask for prayer for peace, comfort and the continuance of my search to know God better by reading his word. I also ask for prayer for a clear path that God will reveal for my post-grad plans. Finally, I ask for prayer for my relationship, that we will continue to put God first and focus on having a Godly relationship instead of a worldly one.

    This is a wonderful idea, and as I ask for prayer for myself, know that I am also already praying for you sister!

    • 1274.1
      Tammy says:

      Hi Amanda! I’m Tammy and I live in Virginia. It will be a privilege to pray for you, and congratulations on your hard work and desire to follow God’s will for your life.
      Father God, I lift Amanda up to you. Lord, I ask that you would be her strength as she seeks to know You better. Please guide her steps, and help her with time management as she searches Your Word for truth and continues her work in school. Lord, shower her with the peace from You that passes all understanding. Comfort her in her time of sorrow, and refresh her through the power of the Holy Spirit. Show her clearly what it is that You want her to do as she places You first in her life. Father, bless Amanda’s relationship, and may it be based on Your Word and prevent the world from influencing her in this matter. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen
      Take care, Amanda!

  25. 1275
    Kristin says:

    Hi. I am Kristin and I will be 28 in June. I am very recently single and have no children except for my furry babies-a cat and dog. I have had a hard childhood; one where my parents never told me they loved me and addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, took the place of the love they should have showed me. Out of 2 grandparents, 4 uncles/aunts, 3 cousins and 1 brother, my younger brother and I are the only ones to have never tried drugs. Years of generations of addiction have been my beginning but it will not be my end. I am determined, and through God’s guidance, to change my family tree.

    With that, I was the first to graduate with an Associate’s Degree on my father’s side, ever, I believe. And next week, May 10th, I will walk across the stage to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Working full-time and going to school is much more of a challenge than I ever expected. I’ve had many trials but my main prayer today and the next few weeks are for my heart and my future.

    My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me Thursday via text message. The 2 weeks before he had been giving me the silent treatment and it absolutely broke my heart. Yes, I know as a Christian this is wrong, but I lived with him. In fact, I had just found a place to move out, but he dumped me I could move. We were in a relationship so of course there were issues but the real reason things didn’t work were because we were unequally yoked. I knew this going in and still continued. Honestly I was slowly removing myself from a stage of sexual addiction when I met him so I only assumed it would be a sexual thing anyway…but then I fell for him and vice versa. Regardless, we are now finished and ultimately it is for the better and God can now be glorified through me on a daily basis without me having that nagging daily guilt. However I am broken. I found out on Sunday that he contacted his ex and is already seeing a new girl…someone on FB that was apparently a friend of his sister’s…the day after we split. Anyways my heart if broken for him, for me, for our use to be us. I want him to know Jesus and to be a loving and caring person, but he is so cold and such a rebel. Please pray for him that he will know God, please. I care deeply for him, even though I know it’s not God’s will that we were together and our breakup is something I have been wanting for months. I am the type of person that tears up by passing road kill…and I don’t even have to be the one to hit it! This guy is very controlling and jealous and is now doing things to purposely hurt me because he knows it will.

    I ask for strength to not check FB (I deleted mine until things calm down), for courage to continue to grow in God and remain in His arms and to not fall back into my sexual addictions, for forgiveness and compassion for my ex, for strength to move forward into something that is unfathomable because it’s God’s will for me, for physical protection because I am so anxious and worried at times I feel like my heart will explode, and financial guidance, for peace and comfort, and finally for my Godly husband that God will place in my life, when it’s time.

    There is so much more to write, but these are the things on my heart today. I am so scared of the future. At a time when graduating with a 4 year degree should be so exciting, I am terrified to leave my job of 9 years, though it’s not challenging anymore, to put myself out there for other men and a chance to hurt my heart again, to move forward with something that is no longer comfortable but is God’s will. Lord, oh Lord, please help me, help my ex and be with him and break his heart so that he will surrender to you. Father I thank you for this post. I thank you for the overwhelming support and encouragement of people at work and church, and my family, who’ve held me up this past week. Lord I pray for all these other requests because though my issue is just break-up, it is still a huge hole, one that makes me feel inadequate to love and to be loved. But Lord you sent your Son to die for me…I am so sought after that He died for me! Father open my mind to understand that, to accept that and to live in the world but not of the world. Father thank you. Heal me so I can glorify you.

    • 1275.1
      Michelle says:


      Hi, my name is Michelle and I will be in prayer for you. I am 45 and live in Virginia. I understand many of the struggles you mentioned and I can tell you from personal experience that you can overcome that family history. Several years ago I did a study entitled “Annointed, Transformed, Redeemed” by Beth, Kay Arthur and Pricilla Shirer. One of the most profound things I learned that I began praying for my own family is 2 Samuel 7:18, 28-29. This is David’s prayer for God to bless his family line.

      Also, with regard to the hurt from your broken relationship, look for the book Captivating by John and Staci Edlredge. This book was extremely helpful to me at a time when I was weighted down by guilt and pain from sexual sins.

      You are God’s beloved and please know you will be in my prayers daily. Blessings!

    • 1275.2
      Anne says:

      Kristin, I just happened to check today to see if all the ladies were covered and saw your post. I am so proud of how you have chosen to break the generational bonds of addiction. I know you are hurting over this break-up. Satan attacks when you are vulnerable and he wants you to focus on what you have lost. God loves you lavishly and He has an abundant life planned for you that you cannot even imagine. In order to embrace the life He has for us we have to let go of those things that trip us up and impede our moving forward. God just allowed this to happen sooner than you planned it because He knew this relationship needed to go for you to move forward in your relationship with Him. It was a stumbling block. Trust God and rely on Him. In 6 months you will look back and wonder why you were so devastated and will wish it had happened earlier. We hold onto what we are comfortable with because we hate change and the unknown. God wants us to develop our dependence upon him so He often takes away the things that we depend on instead of Him. He will work things out and provide for you. Get into His Word and believe His promises for you. I love Psalm 91 and Ephesians 6. I will be praying for God to comfort you and to fill you with His Spirit so you will know how deep His love is for you. I am praying that you will stand firm against satan and will not believe his lies and that God’s Word and His truth will abide in your heart. God is transforming you more and more into His likeness and He has a wonderful man in your future. Don’t rush it as He needs for you to have a healthy heart before you start a new relationship. If you haven’t before done Beth’s Breaking Free Bible study, do it as it is awesome for what you are dealing with. You have so much to celebrate with your college graduation coming up. Focus on these good things and do not fear the future. The perfect love of God drives out fear. Cry out your feelings and hurt to God. Tell satan to flee and that you are a chosen beloved child of God and Your Father is upholding you with His right hand. I will be praying for you to be strong through His power that is in you and for you to embrace His love for you.

  26. 1276
    Poorna Diaz says:

    Am I too late for this?

    My name is Poorna. I’m 28 and live in Arlington, VA. Born in South India (Chennai), raised in Louisville, KY. Moved to Arlington, VA a year ago for a new job. I’m an IT Strategy Consultant at one of the “Big 4” Management Consulting firms. One older sister and brother-in-law still in KY. I’m crazy about them. We call ourselves the “3 Musketeers”. A mom and a dad, who after living in KY for 22 yrs, moved to Providence, RI last year (it was a HUGE move!). My sister and I are products of a “blended family.” Our dad is ‘technically’ our step-dad. Us and our mom, were raised Hindu – Brahmin, and he, a Catholic. Mom was married off in an arranged marriage at 16 yrs old…had me and my sister by the time she was 23…and divorced 🙁 by the time she was 25. Thanks to the GRACE of God, we all came to know Christ ~20 yrs ago…and ~15 yrs after that, my relationship with my step-dad turned from terrible to terrific (over a long period of time) and he legally adopted me and my sister – and I took his last name as my own. He’s our father! Family is currently going through a rough patch – parents aren’t talking to my sis & bro-in-law and vice versa. We went from being a close-knit family of 5–no other family in America, everyone else is in India–to a 3 “groups–parents, sis & bro-in-law, and me. I’m in the middle, and it’s killin’ me. They all love each other, I know it…but the two “sides” just can’t seem to reconcile and forgive each other…and there are a lot of unresolved issues from the past. I’m convinced it’s the enemy messin’ with us. Need prayer! Desperately. I’m holdin’ on to God, because it’s the only thing I know to do. Some days, I can’t even do that one thing right. Would cherish the prayers. 🙂

    • 1276.1
      Kristina Foster says:

      Hi Poorna!
      I had signed up to pray for another person previously and just hopped back on here to see if there were any more without a match. NEVER too late 😉 Our God is always on time.

      My name is Kristi, I am 44 and live in Gardner, KS (suburb of Kansas City). It would be my pleasure to lift you and your family in prayer! I know it is an attack of the enemy to try and fracture your family–he’s trying to take back territory that is no longer his and he is fightin’ mad. So, we are going to claim your family in JESUS’ name–satan has NO POWER! We have to push him back out of where he does not belong!

      Praying for complete restoration of your relationships and that you will all grow stronger in the Lord through this time also!


      • Poorna Diaz says:

        Thank you so very much, Kristi! I’m pushing satan out as hard as I can…even beginning to kick and punch a whatever it takes, right?). God has already gotten the victory over this situation, I just need to keep remembering that. Besides, I don’t have enough space on this comment box to boast in the Lord about all the miracles He has performed in my life. So if He can do THAT, He can solve THIS…and do so, immeasurably more than I can imagine! I appreciate and receive your prayers. Much love to you from the East Coast.


        • Kristina Foster says:

          Yes, keep boasting in the Lord and kick, punch, whatever you need to keep that devil out of the situation! Amen and amen! Still praying and love from the middle of the country 😉
          [email protected] if you want

          • Poorna Diaz says:

            Kristi – I have no idea if you will see this comment response, but I wanted you to know that God is answering all these prayers in my family! I specifically wanted to follow-up with you…I sent you an e-mail with details and hope that you receive it! Thank you, Siesta. To God be the glory!


  27. 1277
    Natalie says:

    Hi! I am 22 years old and am graduating from college next week. I am lost in understanding what my next step should be and how to fulfill my purpose through a chosen career path. I have been struggling with finding my passions and recognizing my spiritual gifts- the lack of both has left me feeling as though i am not living for God’s purpose for me (as i have no clue what it is at this point!)

    • 1277.1
      Mary says:

      Hi Natalie! I’m Mary and I’m from Connecticut. I will pray for you as your graduate college! I will pray that the Spirit lifts your gifts and puts you on the path that has been laid out for you before you were born!

      I will pray that your eyes will be opened to see His lamp unto your feet as he guides you and that He will send someone along side you for guidance and opportunity!

      Go girl!

  28. 1278
    Alletta Goolsby says:

    Hi, I’m late on this too but reading this blog post so touched me that I had to comment. My name is Alletta and I am 25 years old. I got married the summer after I graduated college to my wonderful husband Christopher. College was an incredible time for me as God moved in my heart like never before. The Holy Spirit stirred up passions in my heart for His name and for all people to know Him. I felt Him calling me to a life of boldness in making Him known. I was on fire for Jesus!
    Since graduating college, I have stepped into the real world, working as an ophthalmic technician for a retinal specialist. This particular job isn’t what I ever saw myself doing because I felt God calling me into “ministry” and my major in college was music. My prayer in starting this job though was that it would be my mission. I wanted to fufill Gods mission wherever He placed me. I wanted to love my coworkers and boldly point them to Jesus. This has proved to be a challenge over time as it can be difficult to do this alone. I have noticed gradually that my love has grown cold and my boldness turned to fear that holds me back from loving people. I need prayer.
    Please pray that God would stir back up that fire in my heart. That I would desire Him above all else in this world and not be afraid to step out and love people. Pray that I would completely trust Him with my future and that He has good plans for me even if they arent what i thought they would be. Also, pray that God would give me a community of other Jesus loving women to share life with. i desperately need this and struggle to reach out for it. Pray that I will love and respect my husband well. He is working a full time job as well as taking seminary classes. We both know God has spoken a calling over our lives to make disciples and we want to be faithful in this season of our lives as we prepare for what He has next. Pray for discernment as we seek His will for the future and that we would also be fully present in the things He had called us to now. Thank you so much for your prayers!! It means so much!!

  29. 1279
    GraceHan says:

    Thanks for this beautiful post.
    My name is Eunhye (but I also go by Grace which has the same meaning). I’m Korean living in Seoul. I’m 24 and studying English education at a grad school. I got born again last March and I want to grow to know more of Jesus’ love toward me and love Him and honor Him more and more in every area of my life.
    My verse of the year is Gal2:20 and the promise on my character is 2Thes3:5. But please pray for me as Holy Spirit guides you. Thanks so much!!!

    • 1279.1
      Gina Pledger says:

      Dear Eunhye,
      Thank you for your beautiful post! I will be happy to pray for you as you continue your English grad studies and also as you seek to know The Lord more and grow in Him. I will pray these verses you have mentioned for you and many more verses as I pray them for my own daughter. Love in Christ, Gina.
      P.S. my daughter Jess is 23 and just moved to Seoul (Hongdae) to teach English to 3rd and 4th graders!

  30. 1280
    Kristin says:

    My name is Kristin and I am 29. I have been married for almost 7 years and my husband moved out 2 months ago much to my shock. Please pray for his conviction and repentance, my continued surrender to the will of God, that I will be a light in the darkness that is surrounding my husband, for reconciliation and hopefully a rebuilding of our marriage firmly on the foundation of Christ, and ultimately for God’s will and glory in all of this. My heart is broken, but I have found more strength and joy in resting in Jesus than ever before. Thank you for your prayers!

    • 1280.1
      Tammy Drake says:


      My name is Tammy. I am 53 years old and would love to include you and your marriage in my prayer time. I know from my past that God is infinitely capable of changing hearts. He will also carry you when you need it most.

  31. 1281
    Haydee says:

    Hi, my name is Haydee (pronounced Heidi 😀 ) and I am 28 years old. I read Beth’s blogs regularly, but I had not in the past week so I had not seen this post before. As I read it though, I felt something in my spirit. Especially the part on guarding your heart. Well,a little bit about me is that I recently graduated from college and am applying to medical school for the 2014 school year. I am what you would call a nontraditional applicant because my BS in biology took me longer than 4 years to complete. Well, I am on the brink of this lifechanging experience which will be medical school. I am praying to get accepted but I am also very aware that God may have great plans for me and they may not be exactly what I have been praying for my whole life, basically. I just want God to have His way in my life, whatever that may be. And through this journey, I’ve had my heart broken a couple times and I don’t want it to grow cold, as Beth mentioned in the post. I pray that God moves in my life, heals my heart and transforms me completely! I want to guard my heart the right way because I want to love God, love people and not hold back for the fear of getting hurt again. Thank you God for your mercy and thank you for these women you have placed in our paths. I thank you God for Beth and the great things she is doing to enlarge your kingdom! In Jesus Name, Amen!

    • 1281.1
      Bonnie says:

      Haydee, I have been reading over several post looking for one to pray over. As I read your post, the Holy Spirit said this is the one. I will be praying for the LORD to make clear the plans He has for your life. I also pray that the LORD will heal, restore, and protect your heart from the one who wants nothing more than to break it. Go and do that which God has called you to do. You have purpose. You were pursued by God the Father. Don’t stand in the comfortablness of the 99 go after the 1.

      Do not let your heart be troubled. John 14:1 (NIV)

      Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take. Joshua 1:9 (MSG)

      Praying blessings over you,
      Huntsville, AL

  32. 1282
    Nina says:

    Nina, 25
    I’m so late to this post but I’m going out on a limb. Nearly a year ago I move across the country to SF. I am in desperate need of community but I’ve let the fact that I have chronic illness an a super demanding job be my excuse. Please pray that my illness would lie dormant for awhile, that I would have extra energy, less pain, that I would not allow my job or performance define me, and that I would find community. Thank you so much.

    • 1282.1
      Kimberly says:

      Hi Nina,
      I too am 25, but I came across your post and wanted you to know that you are being fiercely prayed for during this transitional time in your life – prayers for healing, super-natural energy and JOY, and a fresh word every morning that encourages you throughout the day. I will be praying for you as the Lord directs your feet for His purpose in SF, knowing that He already has beautiful plans to bless you with a community of His people. I pray that blessing is right around the corner, knowing that He is the lover of our hearts and our sustainer in all situations.
      Love your sister in Christ,
      Houston, TX

  33. 1283
    Rachael says:

    So, I’m pretty late in replying but am just now reading this post after having it saved on my computer for a while. My name is Rachael and I’m 29. I recently moved back to my hometown in southern Louisiana after being in Dallas 5 years. My transition back home has been hard. I was very blessed to have a great community in Dallas and am finding that hard to build and create back home. While in Dallas I lived in a neighborhood where the government resettles international refugees when they move to the US. I had the privilege of living life with my neighbors who were from countries such as Nepal, Burma, Afghanistan, Congo, Burundi, Liberia and many more. My heart for international people and missions grew immensely during this period. I miss it a lot. I have 2 prayer requests. The first is that I am traveling to Nepal this summer for 3 weeks to volunteer at a christian orphanage. I am so excited about this opportunity! I would ask for prayer concerning preparations for the trip (both physical and spiritual), prayer that I would allow the Lord to use me however He sees fit while I’m there, and prayer that I would be able to raise the remainder of my financial support (I’m at 90%, so I’m almost there!). I would also ask for prayer for spiritual protection from the enemy. Since my decision to go to Nepal, I have definitely felt spiritually attacked in many ways, so I would love prayer for that. I also would like to ask for prayer for friends and christian community in my hometown. I’ve found it quite challenging to connect and build new friendships here and I miss that so much in my life. I would also ask for prayer for mission-minded friends here too. My hometown is not a very mission-minded place and I desperately miss being in community with believers who have the same desire to love God’s people from all over the world. If I’m going to be honest, my transition home has been difficult and I find myself feeling lonely often. I would just pray that I would take comfort in the Lord and His plan in this move and use this time to really seek Him with all of me, and also that He would provide me with christian community here. Thanks.

  34. 1284
    Shelley says:


    It is my honor to humbly go before our Lord for you and your marriage. Just like God went before Jacob and Joseph, He is going ahead of you. Claim His promises for you both, and rest in His peace (Phil. 4:6-9).

    I’m 46. I’ve been married 23.5 years. It’s not awful been easy, but it’s been amazing.


  35. 1285
    Ariel says:

    Hey everyone (: My name is Ariel and I’m from Rhode Island. I’ve been in love with the Lord since the of age 16. One of the main things I want to do is serve the Lord- fearlessly. I want to travel and be his Hands and feet but I feel like I always push myself back whenever an opportunity comes because I’m too shy.
    Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed because I have no idea where to go with my life. I feel like God is pressing Africa’s fingerprints on my heart but I don’t know. I also have a heart for teaching but every time the thought of teaching comes up I feel like I’m attacked with thoughts that I wouldn’t be good at it or don’t have the creativity for it.
    This year has defiantly been a whirlwind but I know God is good and He has everything together. (:

  36. 1286
    Isabel says:

    My name is Isabel and I am 29. I wasted away my 20s mired in darkness and depression and believing in nothing. A very strict, oppressive and somewhat abusive childhood turned me away from God until a few years ago. My brother had just passed away when I entered the darkest pit of despair and distorted thinking. I still remember the day I was brought to my knees and prayed to a long forgotten God I didn’t really believe in…yet, he answered. He helped me out of that pit and I have since been on the road to recovery. Still, I am a long way from being “normal” and I carry a tremendous amount of pain and sorrow. Please pray for me and my journey, that somehow I may redeem the time and walk the best path He has for me. Please pray that my pain and sorrow will be lessened and that I may learn to experience happiness and be content instead of my daily anxiety and struggle. Thank you for reading this and for this wonderful blog post.

    • 1286.1
      Corinne says:


      I can relate to your post and I can testify that our Lord is our Redeemer! What you
      have seen, lived, and remember, He can use to bring glory to God! Do not allow satan to shame you with your past; your sin was covered at the cross.

      Beth’s five finger statement of faith from her book, “Believing God” helps to free me from discouragement:

      When I get anxious, I clench my fist. It’s a reminder that I am not trusting God…. Even worse, I am disobeying Him. I am prompted to change my attitude with this five finger pledge:

      Hold your right hand up, and starting with your thumb, count these off on your fingers:

      1. God is who He says He is.

      2. God can do what He says He can do.

      3. I am who God says I am.

      4. I can do what He says I can do.

      5. God’s word is alive and active in me.

      My clenched fist is transformed into an open hand, inviting God to show me His will, and believing that He will!

      Prepare to be amazed! Our God is amazing!

      Praying for you, Isabel!

      Calgary,Alberta, Canada

  37. 1287
    FK says:

    I’m FK and I’m a 20 year old student in London, originally from Nigeria.

    I know I’m joining the party extremely late but I would love too receive some prayer too. I think what is going on here is amazing and I will be praying for my fellow 20-somethings as well!
    I’ve been so fired up for more of God recently and I would like you to kindly pray that He helps me sustain that passion and continue to walk in it.
    I know my country is in dire need of change and I never felt like that lay in my hands but I feel the Holy spirit telling me more and more to be the change I want to see. I have a lot of ideas in me that I know God put there but I keep doubting that. I havent a clue where or how to start and have been praying for God to give me wisdom and insight and revelation to be able to see more clearly and focus on the things He has called me to do. And for him to stir up my faith to be able to hold on to His promises and step out on them. The last thing I would like prayer for is for the Holy spirit to teach me how to just love people regardless of who they are, which is really what it’s all about.
    All your prayers will be very much appreciated, God bless you, you ladies are incredible.
    Thank you!

  38. 1288
    Kendra says:

    My name is Kendra and I am 28. I have grown up in a great Christian home and I just would like to continue growing in my relationship with our great God! I want Him to evident in my life in a very secular world…and to show Him to my friends who so need Jesus’ love! I will be praying for my fellow 20 somethings! God bless you all!

  39. 1289
    Michelle says:

    Michelle, Kansas City MO

    I am sorry for my late comment, but hope I can join in, in receiving some prayer.

    I am 28 years old and am a single adoptive momma to two boys ages 11 and 4. Frankly I need a little energy, and a LOT of wisdom. I also need some peace and to trust in God’s plan for my life, their lives and for the Lord to soothe the loneliness I sometimes feel.

    Thank you.

    • 1289.1
      Bethany says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I’m Bethany from Atlanta, GA. I am praying wisdom and joy over your life and those sweet adopted babies. I am praying for His plan to unfold daily as you walk in relationship with Him. I am 32 and single, I understand loneliness. I am praying Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to you in thoses times!!! I do hope to adopt one day! Father God loves your heart and that you have sacrificed so much for these kids.

      [email protected]

  40. 1290
    James says:

    I am hoping to find a voice teaching the Way, and find a diary. No doubt< being a 'man' I don't understand, yet. 🙂 But regardless how you may view, 'The other Sex' and get laughs with the women in the audience, the truth is that there was not one woman picked to be an apostle. Why? Perhaps because they like to write like a diary when they write and encourage us with scriptures but leave it for us to guess what does she mean when she says "If you want to know the pure heart you will have to fight for it." But where is the "Instruction" of "How" we fight according to the Gospel? I for one, a 'man' knowing of God's "Agape' Love and the fruit of a growing 'faithfulness' knows the "Way" and only wish that others who 'want' to know the love of God in a solid relationship will look here: for understanding that most just talk about. or for a fictional format that inspires with vision check out this one:

    God be with you.
    In Him,

  41. 1291
    Mollie says:

    Am I too late to join?!?!!?!! Oh I so hope not, even if the 14 days are almost up. I’m Mollie, 24, and am from a small little town in south Georgia. I moved to Houston two years ago to begin working at Second Baptist in their children’s ministry. (This city is huge!) I’d love prayer for renewed vision, His vision. Working in ministry as a single gal can lead you to make what your walking away from or missing out on seem much bigger than what precious preschool children are walking away with after Bible Study and Preschool worship. I want my eyes on Him and only Him. And wooh…that’s just plain tough some times. Thanks for even just one day of prayer for your sister that is 20 something.

    • 1291.1
      Deb says:

      I am praying for you! I pray that He gives you renewed vision and keeps you focused on Him. He will do it!

      Children’s ministry is awesome! What an incredible calling God has placed on your life.

      I am 37 with a husband and three children. I am currently in seminary.

  42. 1292
    Judy Kaiser says:

    Psalm 95:6-7 NIV
    Come, let us bow down in worship,
    let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;
    for He is our God
    and we are the people of His pasture,
    the flock under His care.

  43. 1293
    Lisa Friedrichs says:

    Lisa, Frisco tx.- or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. (1 Corinthians 13:5 NLT)

  44. 1294
    Toni Holmes says:

    James 5:16 NIV

    Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

  45. 1295
    Cindy Hall says:

    Cindy- Gilbertsville, KY

    Proverbs 17:5 ERV Whoever makes fun of beggars insults their Maker. Whoever laughs at someone else’s trouble will be punished.

  46. 1296
    Cindy Hall says:

    Cindy Gilbertsville, KY

    Proverbs 17:5 ERV Whoever makes fun of beggars insults their Maker. Whoever laughs at someone else’s trouble will be punished.

  47. 1297
    Lisa Simmons says:

    Teach me, and I will be quiet, show me where I have been wrong. Job 6:24 NIV

  48. 1298
    Janet Wallace - Kingwood, TX says:

    So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free!
    John 8:36 NIV

  49. 1299
    Rachel says:

    Rachel, Owasso, OK

    I was getting ready to do my Siesta’s Verse for 5/15 and saw this entry of Beth’s. It was very moving. After reading the various posts by the variety of 20 somethings on this page, please know my heart goes out to you as a fellow journier nearing the end of my 20’s and man oh man has it been one roller coaster of a ride. For those of you lovely women of God who are kind enough to have compassion on us in a generation not unlike your own. I have experience people who do not appreciate the zeal of youth, I wonder if it is because they no longer have it, and I just want all of you women who are praying for the younger ones to know that you are truly a blessing.

    I would like to request prayers in two areas. First, the terror of my twenties have been that I had a dream that I was so passionate for that died. I believe that God is leading me to dream again, but I am afraid and do not want to have the heart break that I went through when my previous dream died. Second, I have been blessed to have been married for two years and six months to a wonderful man. However, I am having some issues with my in-laws. I would ask that you would pray that the Lord would help me have compassion on them and help me to see them they was God sees them and maybe my difficulties will subside. I hate putting my husband between a rock and a hard place so if you could pray for him too I would ever so apprecaite it.

    May the Lord bless you all!

  50. 1300
    Brooklyn says:

    Hey y’all!

    I am 23 and a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill, GO HEELS! I am currently starting toward a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Seminary. This summer/fall I will be in Montana working on a guest ranch in the midst of God’s beautifully crafted Big Sky country. My dream is to work with high school/college age students & give them hope through pairing horses and counseling on the foundation of Jesus. I am blessed beyond measure and so thankful God has given me purpose in this life 🙂 not sure about all the steps in this journey but trusting God to help me move forward in love and joy.

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