For You in Your 20’s and You Who Will Pray For Them

**UPDATE: We are just so happy to have all of you 20-somethings flock to requesting prayer! Our faithful God surely hears, and cares to His core! If you do not see a specific partner reply to your request, know that the LPM Staff have adopted you. We will pray for each of you, joyfully!

One of my favorite things about Twitter is that we can come to really love someone we wouldn’t have even known to like. Someone from an entirely different part of the country or the planet. Someone from a totally different tradition of our faith. Someone in another generation who serves God in a way that is fresh and exhilarating to us. I have a whole mental list of those and just this morning prayed for a number of young women that I’ve gotten to “know” there on that ridiculous stream of social media that I love. It is a young man that I’ve come to appreciate so much, however, that prompted this post. His name is Jefferson Bethke. I didn’t know anything about him until 6 months ago when Melissa, my youngest daughter, told me she enjoyed following him on Twitter. He is a great communicator God clearly has His hand upon and a poet who creates fantastic thought-provoking videos. I’m glad to have the privilege to tell you about him but that’s not why I’m bringing him up today. A week or so ago on Twitter he mentioned sitting on the airplane, moved with emotion over various testimonies he’d been reading of lives dramatically changed by Jesus Christ. It hit me right then that one of the things I loved best about him is that the young man simply has a pure heart. He just flat-out loves Jesus and loves people. It’s consistent in everything he says and writes. I felt an urgency right that moment to ask God to protect that holy passion and sustain it the length of his days.

And that’s when I thought of all of you in his same generation who really do want to honor God and fulfill the purpose for which He planted your feet on this earth.

Here’s what I want to say to you: you really can maintain a pure and fiery heart toward Christ and His mission on earth but make no mistake: you will not do it by accident.

If you want a pure heart, you better be willing to fight for it. You will not keep it any other way.

The first big relief is that we can’t conjure one up on our own. God alone can create in us a pure heart and renew a right spirit within us. (Psalm 51:10) He alone can set it ablaze with holy passion. But out of God’s sovereign wisdom, He determined that guarding the heart He formed and lit within us would, in many ways, fall to us. We’re to own part of that job.

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Our second huge relief is that we can have a pure heart whether or not we have a pure past. Thank You, Jesus. If not, I and many others would be stuck for a lifetime with dark distorted hearts and deformed desires.

There are many other things more effective voices could tell you about guarding your heart toward Christ, toward people He’s sent you to serve and toward His mission on this planet. Ask them and learn from them. My purpose today is to pitch into the mix a couple of things that I’ve learned – and keep learning – in case any of it resonates with you. I also want to pray for you and call others to do the same. Here goes:

*Your heart will cool off if you do nothing to guard it. Jesus warned us in the 24th chapter of Matthew that “because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (V.12) We’re exposed to so much suffering and violence, pain, pretense, and wrongdoing in the world that, even as a defense against feeling so much, we’ll naturally thicken up. I’m certainly not suggesting we be less informed. Uninformed Christians can be a waste of light in the darkness. What I’m suggesting is that, if you want to keep a warm, feeling heart, you better be prepared to fight like mad for it.

*Over time, you can get really cynical. For one thing, cynicism can be really funny so we get drawn to it. It also tends to be cooler. You have to be willing to be one of those that the cynics could make fun of.

*You have to realize that guarding your heart means guarding its willingness to love and be exposed out there where it can get wronged or wounded. A couple of years ago I was researching God’s self-disclosure in Exodus 34:5-7 and stumbled onto something that totally changed the way I looked at guarding my heart. Here’s the segment so you can see it for yourself:

5 Then the LORD came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the LORD. 6 And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7 maintaining love…

See that word “maintaining”? It is a form of the same Hebrew term used in Proverbs 4:23  for “guarding” our hearts. In other words, a huge part of guarding my heart is maintaining love. It was a total game changer for me because somehow I had associated guarding my heart with keeping it sheltered. Try to fathom that God actively maintains His love toward us. He guards it. Using that same concept, He calls us to maintain our love toward other people. If I want to stay in love with my husband, for instance, I better actively practice maintaining it because, left to its nature, it will grow cold.

One of the things that God keeps teaching me to do is pray with everything in me and on an ongoing basis to love Jesus more than anything I can see or touch in this human realm. He promises in Scripture to grant us everything we pray in His will and in His name. (1 John 5:14-15)  Since His greatest command was that we love (Mark 12:30-31), you can pray for it with absolute confidence that He’s going to do it. In fact, every time you ask God for it, go ahead and thank Him in advance that He’s going to accomplish it. He will. Then when He starts doing it, you start guarding it with all your might.

Ask Him continually to stir fire in your bones for His Word and for His mission. Ask Him to sustain it in you and teach you how to guard it through every inch of your lifespan. Only put up with a sense of spiritual flatness for a matter of days. That’s completely normal. But when it begins to turn into weeks, go face-down on that floor and ask God to give you insight into what seems off and to revive your heart. Don’t just accept coldness. Fight for love.

What is it you want from God? Pray for it feverishly! “Pursue love and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts.” That’s what 1 Corinthians 14:1 says.

Also ask others to pray these things over you. That’s what I am hoping this blog post will be about today.

Here’s what I’m asking all of you to do if you’re willing:

*Those of you in your 20’s, tell us at least your first name, where you’re from, and a little bit about you in a comment so that we can personalize our intercessions for you.

*The rest of you choose one of them to pray for (or two, if you have the time), let them know in a reply under their comment that you are adopting them for intercession for the next 14 days. Tell them where you’re from as well. I think they’ll like knowing that, too. As long as every 20-something gets signed-up for, it doesn’t matter if a number of you are praying for the same individual. If they’re like us, they’d be ecstatic to have the extra prayer covering. Pray as you feel led by God but, within that intercession, pray particularly for God to stir up and sustain a holy passion in them for Himself, His mission, and for people on this planet, and that they will be alert and proactive in guarding their hearts to last a lifetime. Ask God forthrightly to deliver them from any area of bondage, strengthen them in temptation, and deliver them from evil. Love them with all your might through prayer.

Let’s partner with this generation and intercede powerfully for them. They are the rising future of the church of Jesus Christ at this tumultuous time on the Kingdom calendar. Let’s pray them out there.


Now may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you, and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, as we do for you, so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints.  1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 ESV




PS. To our regular blog community: I put this in a comment but I’m afraid many of you may not see it.

I am grateful beyond expression for your participation on this post. Please move at the same pace that you see our 20-somethings sign up. In other words, if at our first moderation there are 15 of them, see that all 15 are spoken for then, instead of doubling and tripling up on the same small group, watch for others to be posted and claim those. Assume in about 48 hours that we’ll probably have around 80% of the 20-somethings that will end up participating. Still, check every couple of days for about a week to make sure everybody gets covered if you don’t mind. Sisters, this woman right here KNOWS how powerfully you pray. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. You are solid gold in the Kingdom of God! Pray for these young people like you’d want somebody to pray for your own children, whether or not you have any. Take them on as blood. Pray with faith and holy fire. Pray like the near future of the church depends on Jesus revealing Himself through them. They are so worth it. JESUS is so worth it.

I love you guys madly.



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  1. 1151
    Sunniva says:

    Hi! My name is Sunniva, I’m 22 and I live in Norway. I am studying to become a high school teacher because I want to express God’s love to kids and young adults in our country. Last year was a hard year for me, I faced a lot of anxiety and depression, and although it is much better now I am still struggling at times. I want to fulfill God’s purpose for me here on this earth and I want to be used for His Kindom’s cause, and to not give up when everything feels hopeless.
    Thank you for your prayers!
    Love from Norway 🙂

    • 1151.1
      Rachel says:


      Hi Sunniva, my name is Rachel and I live in Arizona, USA. I am going to be praying for you because I can relate SO much to where you are right now. My husband and I both are teachers – he junior high, myself both college and preschool. We both also struggle with depression and the last year has been ridiculously hard.

      But through all the struggles, I know with every fiber of my being that God IS faithful, and that He is working in you. I will be praying for you daily that He will encourage you, strengthen you, and guide you as you prepare to teach.

      In Christ,

    • 1151.2
      Phyllis says:

      Sunniva, I had to sign up to pray for you too. I’m also praying for Janet Sewell. I saw that you want to become a high school teacher. I am 62, and have been in a weekly prayer group called Moms in Prayer International. We pray specifically for our kids and grandkids and their teachers and their schools. We have been praying for 15 years each Tuesday and Wednesday (I’m doing 2groups) I will definitely put you on our list, so there will be another 8 women who know your name and what you are training for. You are answer to prayer!!! I will also pray for the holy passion and sustain love that Beth asked us to pray for you. When God is the one who gives you a work to do, he gives the energy and the passion. I energizes rather than “burns us out”. Love to you, in Jesus’ name.

      • phyllis says:

        Also, Sunniva, my friend from Norway also has a young cousin with your same name. She is going to pray for you, too.

    • 1151.3
      Deborah (Debbie) says:

      Hi Sunniva,

      My name is Debbie, I live in Calgary, Canada but my family first came to this country from Norway! 🙂

      I will be praying for your healing and for you to snuggle in close to God and have certainty about Him and His faithfulness in His working in your life. I know this can be so difficult (oh, if only we could have coffee together)…but even more than that I KNOW that there is healing and joy to be had in Him and that He is ever faithful and good and He is not asleep but at work to do wondrous things in your life. He loves you to pieces!!!

      What a wonderful opportunity for ministry teaching is (by-the-way, I was once a high school teacher also 🙂 ). I will be praying all goes well with your studies and that God prepares you for His purposes exactly as you need.

      Hold tight to the LORD…He really is able! I KNOW this. Be blessed you sweet woman of God and may you feel His love surround you. I won’t forget you in prayer. And my guess is the LORD will be bringing you to my mind from here on in — even after the 14 days, to pray for you as His Spirit leads.

      He is faithfu; His word is true. And He loves you so. May you know joy as you seek His face and trust His word.


      • Sunniva says:

        Hi Rachel, Phyllis and Debbie,
        Wow!! I am overwhelmed by your responses! Thank you so much all of you for praying for me! This is really of great encouragement to me, and I feel so privileged to be your sister in Christ. Thank you so much again, all of you.

        Sunniva 😀

    • 1151.4
      Amy says:

      I’m praying for you! I remember that crossroad in my life. I will pray for wisdom for you and for clear direction as you pursue this desire in ministry. God is faithful and He will provide and protect you along with journey. I know from experience.
      Now unto Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think…

    • 1151.5
      Marcia says:

      Hi Aurora,
      I love that name, it was my Great Grammys name. My name is Marcia, I will lift you up in prayer and be confident that our sweet Savior sees you! He loves you very much, He is near you do not be anxious about anything. I pray that He’s peace, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus!

  2. 1152
    Angelina says:

    My name is Angelina.
    I grew up in China (and still live there) where my parents have been missionaries since 1996. I am 25, wife to a wonderful husband and mother to an amazing 2 1/2 year old. I have had 3 miscarriages since the birth of my wee one and am praying to see how God can use that in my life to help others. The 15th of this month would have been my due date had I not miscarried for the third time last September.

    I am praying that Jesus would use me in a mighty way to shine His light in a lost culture. Particularly my husband’s family–none of them are believers.

    Thank you!!

    • 1152.1
      Cathy says:

      I would be honored to pray for you and your family! I live in Texas and am a mom to three grown children.
      I am so sorry about your losses, but know that nothing is really loss in the Lord. I will be praying that God’s love and light will be seen in you. Especially I will pray for your husband’s family. Our God is amazing! Blessings, Cathy

      • Angelina says:

        Thank you, Cathy! This means so much to have women I have never even met praying for me! Looking forward to meeting you in heaven and seeing how your prayers affected my life!

    • 1152.2
      Kristy says:

      Your story has inspired me. I will commit to praying for you. My name is Kristy. I am 31 and live in Texas. I have a son who was stillborn at 21 weeks last year so I know the pain of losing a baby. I will be praying that God can use you and your husband to reach his family as well as a lost nation.

      • Angelina says:

        Hi Kristy,
        I am so sorry for your loss as well. I pray God will continue to comfort you during this wait to meet your soon in heaven.
        Thank you so much for your prayers!! They mean so much to me!

    • 1152.3
      Phyllis says:

      Angelina, I have a friend from Singapore who has never been to this blog, but she wants to pray for you. She came from a Buddhist family. They are all believers, now. I called her and she will search for you on this blog as soon as she gets home. Also, since I have signed up for two other young ladies, I wasn’t sure I could be a prayer hog and sign up with 3, but I had to respond to you, as I also pray for the “All Girls Allowed” ministry in China. It is amazing how God puts us together. He is enough!

      • Angelina says:

        Hi Phyllis,
        I am so humbled to have your friend in Singapore praying for me. Thank you so much for calling her about me, God’s kingdom is amazing!
        Thank you!

  3. 1153
    Ashley says:

    Hello! My name is Ashley and I am from Dallas, TX. I am 27 years old. I am in a season of preparation, understanding my identity in Christ and drawing closer to The Lord. This has been a time of healing from my past childhood from when my parents divorce. This is the first time I have not been in a relationship. For the last 10 years I have had various boyfriends.

    I put my identity and all in the relationship and have always come up short. There are some deep rooted things the Lord has been bringing up because of my parents divorce. Now I have no distractions and its the Lord and I. On this new journey I am learning about who God created me to be, gifts, talents and calling.

    My prayer is to seek The Lord with my whole heart, to guard my heart and to be content in The Lord. Also, for God inspired dreams and goals to impact this world, that I will step with boldness and faith. Recently God has opened doors for me to share my past experiences to help youth in schools.

    In addition, I will be going on a Kenya mission trip to help hurting girls and women and my prayer is to be an open vessel used to bring God glory.


    • 1153.1
      Mary says:

      Hi Ashley,
      My name is Mary and I am from PA. I can relate to your life story and where God is bringing you right now in your life. Please know I am and will be praying for you and how God will use your story to speak to other young girls. Praying God will guard your heart and help you to be content in Him. That God will give you the desires of your heart as He gives you those God inspired dreams/goals to impact the world with boldness and faith. Praying for God to use you above and beyond what you expect for His GLORY. Eph 3:20. Praying for you Ashley! In Christ’s Love,

      • Mary says:

        Praying for your heart today, Ashley! That God will help heal anything that needs healing and give you a heart just like His!!

    • 1153.2
      Carolyn says:

      Ashley, my name is Carolyn, and I, also, live in Texas, southwest Texas, and it’s my pleasure and honor to pray for you over the next two weeks. We do have much in common since my parents also were divorced before I was in the first grade. I am 64 and am just now realizing totally through God’s love what a plan he has had for my life and how he’s always been there through difficult time, snatching me from the fire. You, dear one, are blessed in that you are working through your life history with Jesus @ your side, so fear not, He will take you by His righteous right hand and lead you. You have much to offer others and God is working in your life NOW! God Bless and be prepared to receive His richest blessing.

    • 1153.3
      LISA says:


  4. 1154
    Allie says:

    My name is Allie and I’m a 24 year old college graduate with a degree in Psychology. I moved back to my small hometown in northwest Ohio a few months ago and since being back I’ve gotten a few jobs in order to pay for student loans. My true desire is to move to Haiti and work there as a missionary for as many years as the Lord will allow. This February I was able to spend the whole month there and not only did God confirm my call to overseas missions but he also gave me a desire to do so in Haiti.
    Having had these revelations and made these decisions, I’m not really sure where to go next. Prayers for patience and peace as I wait for God to open doors would be appreciated. Also guidance as I look for an organization to serve full time in Haiti. And lastly courage and strength to remember that God will be faithful no matter what bumps I experience along the way.
    This blog post was so encouraging to me and the fact that a perfect stranger would consider praying for me is such a blessing. I love the way God has designed His Church. We are so united in His love! Thank you for your prayers!

    • 1154.1
      Vickie says:

      Hi Allie,

      My name is Vickie. I’m 49 & live in TX. I have a daughter named Allie and another daughter with a love for missions just like you! I will be praying for you.

      Blessings my precious Sister in Christ!

    • 1154.2
      Sheila says:

      I am very happy to adopt you and pray for you! My name is Sheila and I am 45 yrs old. I’m a missionary in Thailand, and my two daughters are currently in college in Mississippi.
      I’m excited that God has given you a heart for missions!
      As you requested, I will be praying for you to have His peace and patience as you wait on Him. May you be content to rest in His love daily as you wait for God to reveal His next step for you.
      Thank you for sharing your requests here and I will be lifting them up to the Father.

    • 1154.3
      christina says:

      My name is Christina. I’m from Modesto Ca. I remember when I first graduated from pharmacy school and I knew I had a calling but was waiting on God to show me what was next. Sometimes waiting is one of the hardest things he asks us to do, especially when we are excited. It is my privilege to pray for you. Thank you for sharing.

    • 1154.4
      Susan bilberry says:


      Hi, my name is Susan, from Houston. I graduated from Texas A&M a long time ago, and had no thoughts about becoming a missionary at that time!! However, since turning my life around and going on several foreign mission trips, I totally understand your passion and your heart. And I will pray for you for the next two weeks!! And longer!! Oh, Heavenly Father, I pray that Allie will feel empowered and prepared for the plan You have given her. I ask that God gives you the extra patience to wait upon his timing, and not expect things to happen on our schedule. We don’t always see the big picture, and how God has the plans laid out for us. However, Father, we know, that You only want what is best for us. And only good comes from you. And, Father, please give Allie peace during this time…to know that she is doing the right thing. That being a missionary, to care for your children in foreign lands is what you would have her do. That Matthew 25:40 is your will for Allie. Father, there is so much work to be done in Haiti, and we are praying for guidance and a light or a door to open to show Allie the way for her to serve your children in this land. She is bright, eager and ready to be your hands and feet. Let her hear your guidance, Father. In your precious son’s name we pray, Amen. Till tomorrow, Susan.

    • 1154.5
      Lynda Harkins says:

      Dear Allie,
      Your passion for Haiti is clear. I will pray that you find the right place where God will have you serve there. Our church has sent several groups to an orphanage in Haiti and have been truly blessed by their experiences. I am praying patience, peace, courage and strength over you now. You can be sure that God is faithful no matter what…

    • 1154.6
      Pam says:

      Hi Allie – I would be delighted to lift you in prayer over the next couple of weeks. My name is Pam. I’m a 45 year old wife and mom of two in Idaho. My daughter went to Haiti last summer on a mission trip, so of course I have also developed a heart for that special place. “Father, I thank You for this special young lady. Thank You for the way You have directed her thus far. As she continues to seek You with all of her heart, shine a light on her path so she knows the way to go. Give her the patience to wait on You for the next steps. Give her grace to learn and grow and be in the moments and places You have her now. Not one day will be wasted as long as she keeps her eyes focused on You. Fill her life with present opportunities and people to encourage her. Guard her heart from discouragement and show her the many ways You delight in her steadfast heart.” Much love to you young Allie.

    • 1154.7
      Melissa H says:

      Hi Allie,
      I would love to pray for you! I am from North Carolina, and I have two children close to your age. I imagine it must be very exciting to anticipate your mission in Haiti, and maybe a little scary as well. I will be praying that during your time of waiting that your faith will be strengthened and that at the proper time you will know what steps to take, and that everything will fall into place. I will pray for the financial aspects of paying off your loans. Also that you will sense His leading to the organization in which you can serve, and for the courage and strength that you need for those bumps which you know will come.
      Blessings to you, little sister in Christ!
      Melissa H.

    • 1154.8
      Carla says:

      Dearest Allie,
      I am a mother(from Houston, Texas) of 4 grown children who are all in their twenties so my heart goes out to you. I am so proud of you for your willingness to follow Christ into full time ministry. I know that God will open doors for you in ways that you will know that it was only He that did it. He delights in showing Himself faithful. I love Rev. 3:8a – I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I will be praying this scripture for you. I’m also praying that during your time of waiting that God will be preparing you heart for all that He has in store for you. Nu. 6:24-26 – The Lord bless you and keep you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.
      Much love and many prayers to you Allie from Houston!

    • 1154.9
      Ashley says:

      Sweet Allie! My name is Ashley and can I tell you, I too have been blessed with a huge heart for Haiti! I knew The Lord sent me right in your direction as I read your post! It is my honor to lift you before the Throne over the next couple weeks! God is so faithful, friend! This will be wonderful! Have a blessed weekend & know The Lord is moving! 🙂

    • 1154.10
      Denise Wolak says:

      Allie – I will be praying for you as you ponder your next steps. God IS faithful and will open doors for you in His time. Have put you on my electronic post-it note so I will be reminded every time I hop on my laptop. You are loved with an everlasting love…
      Your praying partner in MI – Denise

    • 1154.11
      Shelly says:

      Dearest Allie,

      My name is Shelly and I’m 48 years old. I live in Oregon and would be so honored to lift you up in prayer. I think the passion you have for overseas missions is wonderful! May the God who ignited that passion within you give you patience and peace as you wait for Him to move. I’ll pray for your courage and strength to be beyond human comprehension and that, in the waiting, your faith in our loving Lord will intensify. I love your heart and I’m so thrilled to pray you onto your next chapter in your life. Be mighty, little sister. God has big plans for you! You are loved!

    • 1154.12
      SharonForce says:

      I will be praying for you. I
      am praying for Gods grace & peace in your
      life and that you hold on to your vision. God
      Is preparing you to go & he will guide you. Take
      Care, I almost forgot I live in California & am
      a grandmother. Lv Sharon

    • 1154.13
      Tami Loria says:

      Dear Allie,
      It would be my privilege to pray for you. My name is Tami, I am a single mother of 3 teens. One boy, 2 girls. My 14 year old has your heart and compassion for missions. She was able to participate in her very 1st trip last summer. While the trip was stateside, it was still a real eye-opener for her as far as the condition of the lost in the world, particularly the children.
      I will lift you up in prayer as God begins to open doors for you to minister to a lost and dying world.

    • 1154.14
      Paige says:

      Allie, I love your heart, passion, and desire to be the hands and feet of Christ! I am writing your name in my prayer journal and praying not for two weeks but for ALAT (as long as it takes) for God to answer your call to overseas missions. Please continue to reply here so I will know when God answers – because He will my friend. Blessings, Paige

      • Paige says:

        Hi Allie, I am still praying that God will answer your call to overseas missions and order your steps. I recently attended the Catalyst Dallas conference & talked with Bob Goff (one of my favorite authors – “Love Does”). He started an organization called Restore International in Uganda I asked him to find you – or you can contact him at [email protected] for opportunities. I also picked up information on an organization (I know nothing about) I thought you might want to look into –, [email protected]. Blessings, Paige

    • 1154.15
      Mary Lou says:


      It will be my honor to pray for you the next two weeks and longer, should He continue to bring you to my mind. And I do believe that He will do so.

      May God bless you as you have surrendered to Him and are obeying what He has put on your heart. I know of a woman in Haiti and can only remember her first name, Phyllis. But she does have a wonderful ministry there and has been there a long time. I will pray for you and for exactly where He would have you serve there and perhaps it is with the lady that I just mentioned. Thank you for you willingness to put your request on line. May God bless you as you go forth to serve Him.

      Because He lives,
      Mary Lou

    • 1154.16
      Mary Jane says:

      Hi Allie. My name is Mary Jane. I am 46 yrs old and live in Kansas. I actually have a child your age. I picked you because I too have a draw to Haiti. Although I have never been there, I sense that God will take me there on a medical mission someday.
      I will pray for you to have patience and courage while you wait for His timing. He will reveal His plan to you! Ephesians 2:10 says “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” If He has prepared good works for you to do, Sister, He will lead you to it.
      Praying, Mary Jane

    • 1154.17
      Ruth says:

      Hi Allie –

      Your request caught my eye because my first college roommate was from Celina, Ohio, which I believe is in northwest Ohio and also because I have friends who were missionaries to Haiti for several years. I am almost 64 years young, so I guess you could say I am a bit older than you! You have a noble calling to be willing to surrender yourself for those in Haiti who need Christ in you to show them the WAY. God will work out the details down to the most minute ones to fulfill what He has called you to do. Continue to wait on His leadership for that open door that is the right one to bring all of this to pass. He loves you so much and will cover you with His care as He works to bring all of this to pass. I covenant to pray for you for the next two weeks and even beyond if the Lord so directs. In thinking of a scripture that relates to your calling I was lead to Isaiah 42 and some of Isiah 43. Hope these chapters are an encouragement to you.

    • 1154.18
      Dawn says:


      I would love to pray for you! I’m praying that God will open doors for you. Our God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philipians 4:19. It is such a blessing to see your willingness to respond in faith to God’s call on your life. I am excited to see God’s perfect plan for you unfold.

      You may want to check into Brent Gambrell Ministries. They have an ongoing ministry in Haiti. I don’t know Brent personally. He led an event for our youth ministry several years ago. Some of our church members have gone on mission trips with his ministry. Their testimonies were moving. God is doing a great work in Haiti!

      Abundant blessings,


    • 1154.19
      Pam says:

      Hi, Allie~

      My name is Pam and I’m from Hutto,TX. It would be my honor to pray for you. I have 3 daughters of my own, one of which is your age and currently doing home day care as a ministry to some single moms the Lord has connected us with. The second is currently in college also majoring in psychology, and the third is a junior in high school. I also have an 18 yr old son & my 30 yr old down syndrome sister who lives with us.

      I have been where you are (only in my case it took wwaaayyy longer to get there). I wish that I had been so focused at your age. I will be praying for peace & patience as you wait, and I will also be praying for direction, courage, strength and protection. Our God is so very faithful, and gracious beyond measure, so don’t get discouraged if things don’t happen in your timeline~know that He’s still working in you. At 49, I’m now beginning to see the beautiful tapestry of the many blessings He’s woven into my life that seemed like life unraveling at the time. I’m so proud & humbled to have the priviledge to cover you in prayer, and I know that the Lord has amazing things in store for you!

    • 1154.20
      Lisa says:

      Hi Allie!
      It would be my honor to keep you in my prayers! I have great faith that the Lord will help show you your way in serving others. You just may find yourself doing things you never thought possible. God will equip you however He sees fit. I know this because I experience His work everyday. With much love, Lisa

    • 1154.21
      Michaela(Shala) says:

      Hello Allie. My name is Michaela or as my niece and nephews call me “Shala”. I am not much older then you, 32 in July and live in Salem Oregon with my husband and two young boys. Your heart for missions caught my eye! I have a heart for missions and traveling the world telling people about Jesus! My husband and I were missionaries with Youth With A Mission(YWAM, where we met) for the first 3 years of our marriage and he grew up a missionary kid and lived in Haiti for two years when he was a kid. I will defiantly keep you in my prayers and ask for clarity for your next steps and courage to take the next in faith knowing that God has already gone ahead of you!

    • 1154.22
      Pat says:

      Hi Allie,
      I would be honored to pray for you for the next 14 days. I’m 51, am married, and have 2 teenage daughters. I live in Indiana (somewhat a neighbor!). I have an hour commute each way and so I have my drive time to pray. I love that you have felt and discerned a call to serve in Haiti. I will pray for the Lord to strengthen you and that He gives you patience and peace. The Lord will use you mightily! God’s peace, Pat

    • 1154.23
      rhonda says:

      Hi Allie! My name is Rhonda and I live in Texas. It will be my great honor to pray for you purposefully over the next two weeks. Patience, peace, clear direction and the boldness to step forth 🙂

  5. 1155
    Jan says:

    I love to hear of your heart for God and your desire for Him. When we earnestly seek Him with our whole hearts, we will find Him. That’s a promise. I will be praying for you for the next two weeks. God loves you so much.

  6. 1156
    Maggie says:

    Hi!! My name is Maggie, I am 22 years old, and I am graduating from college in two weeks. I currently live in Mississippi, but after graduation, I will be packing everything up to move home to Texas. I will start a job in a church’s children’s ministry two weeks after graduation and then I start seminary in the fall (although I have not decided where yet!). I have been involved in children’s ministry for years and am fullfilling a calling that the Lord placed on my life years ago. However, I am still nervous about becoming calloused towards the Church and towards the Lord, as I have seen other church leaders become. I would love prayers for peace as I make many transitions in the next few months, wisdom as I decide which seminary to attend, financial provision to pay for seminary, and that my faith remains centered on the Lord, regardless of other people.

    Thank so much for your encouragement. I can’t say enough how much it means to my generation to have wise women be willing to pour into us and encourage us.

    • 1156.1
      KMSmom86 says:

      I am honored to pray for you, dear Maggie. I understand how one can become calloused toward the church, and I will pray that you will not succumb to this attitude. Focus on Jesus and not other folks who will disappoint you!!!

      M.J. in Lovington, NM

      P.S. My daughter is also involved in children’s ministry and will graduate from college in Texas in 2 weeks. Your post hits a soft spot in my heart!

  7. 1157
    April says:

    My name is April. I am 29 years old, married and have two beautiful girls ages 2-1/2 and 8 months. Currently I am living in Fresno, CA but am originally from Grand Rapids, MI, where the rest of my family lives. We are in Fresno because my husband is going to school to be a helicopter pilot with the intent of using this skill to expand the Kingdom of God. At the moment life has thrown me a curve ball. My closest friend here, who also happens to be my neighbor has been diagnosed with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer. This is a rare form of breast cancer and is very aggressive. She is only 30 years old and and like me has two little ones running around. A few months ago, before she was diagnosed, she gave her life to Jesus! Thank you Lord! I am meeting with her almost every day and trying to bring her meals when I can along with some other sisters in the Lord.

    During this time I am wanting to be a great wife, mother, and friend. I want the love of Jesus to be radiant on my face. I want the right words to speak and to express Jesus’ love through my actions. Most of all, I want Jesus to be so evident in my life right now, to know Him more.

    • 1157.1
      Becca Groves says:

      I will be praying for you these next two weeks and for your neighbor. I picked you because you and I have kiddos the same exact ages. I’m 32 and live in Minnesota. I love your desire for the love of Jesus to be radiant on your face. (I’m going to be praying that for myself too.) I will be praying for words and moments and holy times for you and your friend and also for all three of us as we mother little, little kids.

      My heart breaks when I think of your neighbor and her children. I will get on my belly and play harder with my own kids today, thinking of her and the road she is walking. You are a light! Shine bright.

    • 1157.2
      cynthia says:

      April, I was drawn to your request as I have had someone close battle the same battle your friend is in. She lost her battle, and I want to believe with you for your friends healing. I also lost one of my best friends to this same cancer 5 or 6 years ago. I tell you about those deaths to encourage you that both of them beat all expectations of the medical community, they both had young children and God gave them both miracle after miracle.

      So I’m believing that your friend will given grace and faith to believe God’s promises, His great and mighty promises that tell us, “he will do exceedingly, above all we ask”, (Ephesians 3:20) that he tells us to call on his name and He will “Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not) Jeremiah 33:3. I would tell you to search God’s Word for the promises that can build up your friends faith…and yours. Those scriptures I included are very powerful promises when you think on them…what does it mean when God says “above all we ask” and that He will show us “great and mighty things, which you know not”. I believe if we do not know these things that are great and mighty…they are yet, to be revealed to us “individually”. Stand on faith for those promises and I will be standing with you!

  8. 1158
    Jessica says:

    Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte! I’m a leader in the college ministry I am part of and unfortunately it’s to easy to get caught up doing stuff for God, but without Him. I have been praying for a new fire and a new love for Him, really for an awakening! This article spoke to me especially that I need to thank God that when I ask that in faith He will answer that prayer. I still need your prayer though. Thank you for being willing to pray. God has such great plans ahead for my life I refuse to grow cold!

    • 1158.1
      Jenn says:

      Oh dear one, i have been there. I will br praying that He is so clear in His guidance toward you that you know hat is wehat and what is chaff. Praying from Oregon…

    • 1158.2
      Christi says:

      Hey, Jessica!

      I am 49 and live in Utah.

      I would LOVE to cover you in prayer! I know God delights in you and indeed has plans for you! I will be praying for Him to grow your roots deep into Him so that you will stand firm in every situation that will come your way. May you sparkle in the world so that others will notice you and ask you what it is about you that makes you especially beautiful! And of course, I am talking about the inside sparkle that surpasses all other beauty.

      Be anointed mightily and know that you are a chosen woman and loved immeasurably! God has incredible plans for you!


    • 1158.3
      Sonya says:

      Hi Jessica! When I saw this blog I asked God to show me who to pray for and as I was scrolling through it stopped on you! The neat thing is that I live in Salisbury, NC which is about an hour from Charlotte. I also have a son who I am assuming is around your age as he should be a sophomore in college also. He is taking some time from school to work for awhile. Anyway enough about me. I just wanted you to see how I feel God led me to you! I will def be praying. Keep God at the forefront of all you do! May God not only spark a fire in your heart but set your heart on fire for Him and open your eyes, heart and mind to all He has in store for you!

    • 1158.4
      Diane says:

      Hi Jessica, My name is Diane and I work at UNC Chapel Hill. I meet with girls who are also in ministry. I will definitely be praying for you, that you will continue to be on fire for the Lord in ministry and through your normal, everyday life!

  9. 1159
    Kelsey says:

    Hi. My name is Kelsey, I’m 28 and am a Texas girl.

    I am a caseworker at a Christian Children’s Home as well as a wife to a Youth Pastor . My job is very wonderful and exciting as well as stressful and time consuming. However, I’m so thankful that God chose me to work here and help these children come to know Christ and have a full life and I love being here for them in many different aspects.

    Also, my husband and I are first time youth pastors as of about 6 months in a very small town. We just want to see spiritual growth and maturity for our current youth group members as well as new growth into the Kingdom of God.

    My husband and I are currently enjoying our second year of marriage and are praying about starting a family when God’s timing is right.

    Thank you for this post. It was so encouraging and reminded me that I am not alone.

    • 1159.1
      Shannon says:

      Hi, Kelsey! I am Shannon in Columbia, SC and I will be praying for you, your family, and your youth group! Thank you for your ministry as a youth pastor!

  10. 1160
    Leslie says:

    Hi I posted the other day but haven’t been able to check to see if anyone commented on mine since, and now I cant seem to find my post so if anyone did say that they would be praying for me, thank you very very much, I am grateful for your prayers;)

    • 1160.1
      Janette says:

      Our prays are with you stay close to god he will led you

    • 1160.2
      Janette says:

      Are you in NY? I found you then stay close to God and he will stay close to you. What you need you already have just acknowledge him he is with you right where you are. Motto: I can’t but Jesus can, over and over. Give it over to him, let go of it he sees to the smallest details. Just trust what you know to be true. Be still, and savor what you’ve been given, and whose presence you are in. Our god is good all of the time, all of the time he is good. I am 56 yrs old hope this helps you. In his love

  11. 1161
    Emily says:

    My name is Emily! I am 20 years old from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I need prayer for physical healing and renewed spiritual fervor and commitment as I lead my peers.

    • 1161.1
      Teresa says:

      Hi Emily, I am praying for physical healing for you and a renewed spiritual fervor and a commitment as you lead your peers, My children and grandchild live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, I am honored to pay for you.

    • 1161.2
      Cora Lee says:

      Hi Emily, I would be honored to pray for you these next weeks. My husband went to high school in Dallas. The Lord has healed me from 3 car accidents back surgery and a period of depression because of so many life situations. “His Grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” 2 Corth. 12:9….. That the power of Christ may dwell in me.
      My name is Cora Lee, I turned 60, live in denial:-) The Lord is Faithful no matter what comes!

    • 1161.3
      Christi says:

      Hey, Emily!
      I am 49 and live in Utah. I am honored and very happy to pray for you. And just think-one day we can meet in Heaven! How fun will that be??? Thanks for the requests-I have got you covered! Your name will be posted on my refrigerator and I will be praying for you OFTEN! Let’s just see how AMAZING our Lord is!
      With love and best regards-

    • 1161.4
      Marcia says:

      Emily, I will be praying for you and that your love, dependence and faith grows stronger in the Lord Jesus. I am praying for you to be healed physically and that he will reveal Himself to you in ways you have never known or seen. I am also praying that you allow him to lead you during this time as to your commitments and that He alone would be your strength! Blessings to you!

    • 1161.5
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Emily,
      My name is Jennifer, and I live in Waco, TX. I’m 33, married, and a stay-at-home mom of two kids. I’ll be honored to lift you up in prayer for healing, a renewed spiritual fervor and a commitment to lead your peers.

      Blessings to you!

  12. 1162
    gabi says:

    If you see this- thank you!!!

  13. 1163
    candifer says:

    my name is candice. i’m 27 years young and i’m from western south dakota (yep, people live out here in the sticks!). i’ve lived and traveled abroad extensively–my heart is for the nations to know Jesus and i often find certain people groups and countries laid on my heart to uplift in prayer.

    i’m in a season right now of discernment–prayer & study as to if/when and where God is going to send me next. but for the time being, i am super involved in my church’s youth group. i know that when i was in high school i could have REALLY benefited from someone about 10 years older than me–you know, someone older but not TOO old (;–intentionally pouring into my life. and so that is what i’ve been doing for the last 4 years: coming alongside the young ladies God has placed in my life, investing in & spending time with them, listening, calling out lies they believe and pointing them to God’s truth. i definitely can use prayer for discernment and to look to God for guidance as i continue to lead young ladies, as well as for this summer as i help lead a mission trip to nicaragua with my church (including several of our youth). thank you so much.

    • 1163.1
      Barb hatfield says:

      Candice,my name is barb & I’m 40’yrs old and live in little rock, husband & i are parents to 3 girls ages 7,10,13.we’ve already experienced Sunday school teachers serving them weekly with their time & committmt , however our oldest is now able to go to youth group- large group as well as small group. As you mentioned, I would’ve benefitted greatly from young women pouring into me as young girl& women just like you are now doing this for my oldest. Thank you, thank you! I’d be honored to pray for discernment for you as you obey His call to take His great name to the nations.
      Love in Christ,

    • 1163.2
      Candice says:

      Hi Candice, my name is Candice!!! I rarely meet people who spell it that way 🙂
      It would be an honor to pray for you….for discernment and guidance and where you are being led.
      Grace to you.

    • 1163.3
      Kim says:


      I will be praying for you to receive discernment as you graciously lead the young ladies in your church: “Give me a God-listening heart so I can lead your people well, discerning the difference between good and evil. For who on their own is capable of leading your glorious people?” – 1 Kings 3:9 Love and blessings to you!


      (P.S. My daughter is 27 and also works with young ladies!)

    • 1163.4
      Erica says:

      I love that you are praying for girls a generation below you. And I am honored to be praying for you.
      I will definitely pray for discernment, and I love that while you are waiting for God to show you where to go next you are still serving him where you are. The Holy Spirit will guide you as you continue to seek Him.

    • 1163.5
      Sherry says:

      Hi Candice! I’m Sherry from Tulsa, and i would be honored to pray for you for the next 2 weeks. My husband and i also have a heart for the nations, particularly Italy/U.K. We moved to Italy 3 1/2 years ago, but couldn’t get a visa so we had to come back, and God has had us in Tulsa doing the same thing we had planned to do in Europe (business as missions). I think it’s wonderful that you have a heart to reach out to teen girls! I had the joy of doing that for a time when i taught Beth’s teen version of John the Beloved Disciple to a group of teen girls, and i STILL cry when i remember what an experience with God that was. Keep doing the thing! Abundant blessings on you, Candice!

      • Sherry says:

        I forgot to say that i’m 46, and i’m a homeschool mama of a 10-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl who will graduate next year, and a 4-month-old baby girl waiting for us in heaven.

    • 1163.6
      Tami says:

      Hi, Candice.
      I’m not sure if someone has already “claimed” you to pray for, but I am glad to find this post and your response to it. I’m Tami, and I live in Pasadena, California. Wow, South Dakota…that’s a long way from me, in lots of ways. What a tremendous blessing you are, and I praise God for the desire you have for people to know him. And good going, Candice, for being an encouragement and discipler of younger women in your church. It is my privilege to commit to pray for you for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be praying for you from Hawaii and then from Baton Rouge…doing a little traveling at this time, but glad to place you on my prayer list. I’ll be praying for your heart, for love that does not grow cold, for you to receive God’s love and for that love to pour out onto others. With love,

    • 1163.7
      Jennifer says:

      Hi Candice,
      My name is Jennifer and I’m 49 years old, a TX transplant from Chicago but now living in Warsaw, Poland. I too could have really used someone older to pour into my life when I was in HS. I finally got that when I was in my 30’s and it changed my life! Now being here, I can see how important it is to come alongside younger expats, as they don’t typically have a support system here.

      Please know that I am praying for God’s wisdom and discernment in seeking His will and discernment as you follow Him. I am also praying that God will go ahead of you and be in all of the details involved in your mission trip and for the team who will be joining you!

      God Bless You,

    • 1163.8
      Betsy says:

      One of my favorite prayers is “Lord, if this is the path you want me to take, increase in me the desire. If this is not the path you want me to take, decrease in me the desire.” God has shown me many answers through this prayer. I will pray it for you as you seek God’s will for your life. It is wonderful that you are letting God use you with the young ladies in your community. I will pray that you keep that fire in your heart to serve God!

    • 1163.9
      Dottie says:

      Hi Candifer,

      I will be praying that God will lead you in the direction he would like for you to go and for His discernment for each life that you touch. God Bless You sweet thing for loving Jesus and wanting to reach others!
      God Bless!

    • 1163.10
      Rebecca Tyndall says:

      Hi Candice! I am 38 years old, live in Mississippi, and would be most honored to pray for you over the next two weeks.

      I would have benefited from a mentor in my high school years, too; however, God placed a 40 something year old mentor in my life during my freshman year at college. And it really turned my life around! 🙂

      Praying for discernment and guidance as you obey where God leads you!


    • 1163.11
      Janet Norwood says:

      Hi Candice!
      My name is Janet and I am 40 years old. I live in Lenoir, NC and I would be humbled to pray for you! I am excited to hear how you are investing your time and energy on leading other young women and I will pray for continued discernment for you from the Holy Spirit! How blessed those girls are for the accountability, TRUTH and love you are pouring into them. No matter where He leads you, you can “give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (2 Tim. 3:18)!”

    • 1163.12
      Pat from Kansas says:

      My name is Pat. As a nurse, I have traveled to many countries on mission trips and also love each people group I have been honored to serve. I will pray for you for the next two weeks.

    • 1163.13
      Rachel Gillespie says:

      Hi Candifer,
      I would like to say it is a privilege to pray for you concerning God’s guidance in our life. My life verses are Proverbs 3:5-6 which I will be praying for you. My name is Rachel and I am a mother of 5 who lives in Texas. I have two daughters who are in their 20’s and I know how important prayer cover is for your generation. I know the Lord will bless you for your willingness to help other young ladies and I will be praying for your protection and God’s provisions as you travel to Nicaragua on your mission trip.

    • 1163.14
      Cassia Glass says:

      Hi Candice,
      I’m Cassia from the Houston, TX, area, and it is my honor to pray for you as you look for your next assignment from the Lord. Thank you for the work you have and are doing with youth. You are so right – they need people just a little ahead of them age-wise who can pour into them. I think we all do! I’ve also lived and traveled abroad–the world looks different when you do that–so I am thankful for your heart for other countries and people-groups besides our own. The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

    • 1163.15
      Amanda says:

      Hello Candice!
      I’m Amanda and I’m from South Dakota (though the east side of the state) originally. I’m honored to pray for you. I pray that out of Gods glorious riches, he might strengthen you in love, that his wisdom and plan for your life would be clear in this season and the seasons to come. May you feel his presence filling you as you pour yourself into the young women you minister to. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. Many blessings to you now and always.

  14. 1164
    Alyssa says:

    My name is Alyssa Abbot, turning 26 next week, and am from Connecticut! I have been married for almost two years and I just ask for prayers over our new marriage and for the foundation that is being built in these early years for the day we grow to raise children so that they will know the Lord. I ask for prayers as I continue to listen to the Lord and to build my husband up and be a godly wife.

    Thank you!

    • 1164.1
      Cheri R says:

      Hi Alyssa, My name is Cheri and I have been married for 33 years. We have 2 children around your age and have been blessed to become grandparents of a 2 1/2 year old and another on the way. I would consider it a joy and a privilege to pray for you, your marriage, and foundation in Christ. We didn’t start out as Believers in our marriage, but came to know Christ about 12 years later. How wonderful that you are starting out KNOWING Him, loving Him and desiring to serve Him.
      Here is a Scripture that I pray over my husband: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 NIV Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith;be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love. I also memorized Ephesians 5:21-24 from The Message several years ago, and it has meant so much to be as I strive to be a godly wife. I will be praying for you Dear One.

  15. 1165
    Savannah says:

    Hi! My name is Savannah and I am 28 years old living in Fayetteville, Arkansas with my husband of 14 months and my son who is 2 months old. I am new to marriage and motherhood. Even though those two things happened really close together I wouldn’t change a thing. I would love prayer to continue to pursue Jesus amidst the day to day and to continue to trust Him though so many things try to distract me. Motherhood has brought about the sweetest love I’ve experienced but also some anxiety. God has been so faithful during a very difficult past year and His goodness amazes me daily that I know He is completely trustworthy, but I just struggle remembering it every day.

    • 1165.1
      LPM Kimberly says:

      Precious One,
      It is my great joy to lift you in prayer!! You have alot begging for your attention!! Rightly so… God knows all of this.. I pray that you will become so aware of His presence in your day to day life…May you find a bit of time that you can steal away just for you and the Lord to enjoy relationship. You are precious and I’m sure He smiles with great delight at you!! I’m praying so much in these next 14 days!!

    • 1165.2
      Sarah says:

      Dear Savannah, I would be honored to lift you up in prayer. I am not far beyond where you are right now. I am 32 and have three children 5, 4, and 1. I will pray that the Lord, in all His goodness, keeps you close to Him and reminds you daily how much He loves you. Keep your eyes fixed on Him, sweet thing!


  16. 1166
    Claire says:

    Hi. My name is Claire and I’m 27 years old. I grew up in a tiny, southern town in southeast Missouri. I am married to my jr. High sweetheart. I am an attorney serving victims of domestic violence.

    After a tough road with some bumps (including my husband beating cancer three years ago) we are moving into a new season of life. Although we expected it to be different – we see now that God was shaping a much bigger plan for us.

    As we delve into furthering our careers, both in a path that we see God calling us for, and are facing starting a family in a less conventional way, I would deeply appreciate prayer.

    As a couple, we want nothing more than to glorify God and His good works and be a powerful example of faith and love in our community.

    • 1166.1
      Cora Lee says:

      It would be an honor to pray for you and your husband. It sounds like the job situation and cancer puts a lot on your plate right now. I was raised in NW Missouri and now I am 60!
      My husband has had cancer twice and The Lord has been gracious to heal him both times.
      The Lord used the cancer years to do a refining process in both my husband and my life.
      Lam 3:22,23 were the verses God wrote on my heart those years. He is Faithful no matter what comes. I will pray for you dear Claire. He is worth it! …. Cora Lee

  17. 1167
    Joe says:

    Hi, my name is Joe Jansen. I am 23 years old, just out of college, and an accountant in Missouri. From the looks of things its mostly women on here but since the title says anybody in their 20′s i will gladly participate! I would be grateful for prayers in all the areas Mrs. Moore talked about, as well as prayers that i find a home church where God wants me to be. I am believing for spiritual breakthrough, a newfound closeness to Jesus, and strength through your help. I am also beginning to study for my CPA so all prayers are appreciated. Thank you so much for serving through prayer, i vow to pay it forward.

    Thanks, God Bless!

    • 1167.1
      Teresa says:

      Hi Joe,
      I am excited to pray for you. My name is Teresa and I live in Texas. I will be praying for you to find a wonderful church home and a newfound closeness to Jesus. I will also be praying for you as you study for your CPA exam.

      • Joe says:

        Teresa, it is a grat encouragement to hear you are praying for me. Thank you so much. Just to know a prayer warrior is out there praying over your everyday life brings me to the verge of joyful tears. Thank you again, it is very meaningful.

  18. 1168
    Andi says:

    I’m 27 years old and I live in Ridgeland, MS. Right now, I’m in a pretty terrible job situation. I’m desperately trying to find something else, however nothing seems to ever pan out. I’m having a very hard time trying not to become discouraged and I have found myself in a very bad place. I would appreciate any prayers that I could get for this matter. Thank you

    • 1168.1
      Teresa says:

      Hi Andi,

      My name is Teresa and I live in Chadron, Nebraska and I’m 54 years old. I will be praying for you for your job situation. I’ve been there, struggling with what seemed insurmountable difficulties at work and in my life in general. God can handle it! I’m a manager now in charge of hiring those who like myself many years ago were aching to find a great job. Praying for you dear one. Stay strong.

  19. 1169
    Marilyn says:

    I just want to pick all of you! You are all so precious to the Lord. I’m reading them and praying for you. You are covered in prayer and our God of love and tender mercies hears our every prayer.

  20. 1170
    Jenna says:

    Hi, I’m Jenna from FL, and I’m 28. I’d like to request prayer that I’m able to secure a better job that I love soon! Also, my ultimate dream job is to be a wife and mom, but I’ve had a difficult time finding a good Christian guy. I want to get married badly, and also really want a family of my own. Pleas pray that these areas of my life will fall into place. Thanks so much!!

    • 1170.1
      Sarah says:

      Hi Jenna,
      I can so feel where you are at. I longed my whole life to be a wife and mother and watched as all my friends passed me by on the way to the alter and delivery room. Praise the Lord- I have now been married five years and have two beautiful children. I will be praying for you in the coming weeks that you will find your delight in the Lord so that he will sustain your soul and also that he would bring the perfect mate in his good timing. Feel free to contact me through my blog if you’d like to chat more.

    • 1170.2
      Amy says:

      I’m praying for you! I’ve been in your shoes! Wait on The Lord and He will strengthen your heart. It’s hard when you want something so badly but Gods timing is always perfect. I thought I’d never meet anyone that fit my requirements for a spouse but God did bring him along. I’ve been married now for 11 years and have 3 daughters but I still remember the feelings you’re having. It’s hard, this waiting game. I’m praying God will bring you the One very soon. Trust Him.

    • 1170.3
      Kari Schmitt says:

      Dear Jenna,

      My name is Kari and I recently moved from California to Texas with my husband and children. I have a daughter in college, a son who is a junior in high school and another daughter who is in 2nd grade.

      Your request for prayers struck a cord with me for two reasons.

      The first reason being that I have had many crummy jobs in my lifetime.

      The second reason being that they only job I ever wanted was to be a wife and mommy too!

      You are still so young. Please continue to rely on God and His timing. Don’t rush anything. He will help you to find a job that you like AND a good Christian husband to share a family with if you only wait for Him to reveal His plan. And He will. I promise! And you will be sooooooo happy that you waited on Him.

      I know that is easier said than done. But trust me – you will be so happy in the long run if you only wait on the Lord. In the meantime – go empower yourself! What is the career/job that you REALLY want? I mean if you could be anything what would it be? GO MAKE IT HAPPEN! This is your time. Once you find that wonderful hubby and start a family ,any dreams you may have for yourself will be more difficult to achieve – not impossible -but difficult.

      I know. I was you. And I have a daughter that wants what you want too. I GET IT!

      I am going to pray for you that you find a good job, a good Christian man and that while you wait, you are able to become the happiest YOU possible!

      Good Luck!


    • 1170.4
      Elaine says:

      Dear Jenna,

      You dear sister are in my prayers. Your request is one I know well. For you see, I once at the age of 39 was still single and I asked my pastor’s wife to pray for me regarding a husband. She told me to live out Matt 6:33. I am now a wife and a mother and God has richly blessed my life with family. I encourage you to seek Him and He will lead you. Jesus Never Fails.

      • Elaine says:

        Hi Jenna, its me again. I forgot to tell you my age, and location. I am 53, and I live in beautiful Idaho. The Lord Bless you, and keep trusting in the Lord.

    • 1170.5
      Laura says:

      Hi Jenna!
      I’m Laura from AL. I have been married almost 7 years with a 4, 3 and 4 month old. I got married at the age of 28, so I completely understand what it feels like to go through your 20’s longing to be a wife and a mom. It was so tough at times, especially for me, I spent most of my twenties living in Asia as a missionary. Now that I am a wife and mom, I can look back with such fondness and gratefulness that the Lord gave me those years to be single. I will be asking that Father uses this time in your life to strengthen you and to grow you like never before. This is your time to drink Him in and spend long hours with him, because once you have a family, you will be pulled in many directions. I will also be asking that Father will make you content where you are right now. He is good and His ways are perfect!! Stay close to Him and lean into Jesus!

      Praying continually for you!!

    • 1170.6
      Alicia says:

      Hi Jenna,
      My name is Alicia. I am 38 years old and live in Oklahoma. Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I too spent a lot of years yearning to be married and start a family. It was difficult to wait for the right guy (and wait for God) when it’s something your heart so desperately wants.

      I met my husband at the age of 30 and married at the age of 32. We then found we couldn’t have our own children. I now have a step-daughter, 3 fabulous adopted boys who were born to be in my family, and 2 foster children. God can most definitely “restore the years the locust have eaten” and give you the desire of your heart in a way that is more fulfilling than you can imagine.

      It would be an honor to pray for you the next two weeks. He will show Himself faithful!

    • 1170.7
      Janine says:

      Hi Jenna,
      I’m Janine and I’m in Houston. I’m honored to be able to pray for you. My husband and I have 6 children. He died suddenly years ago, and I’m not sure I’d be here if it weren’t for our children. I know what it is to be in a wonderful marriage with a godly man. I pray that you will also know what that’s like.
      I will also pray for patience for you, and joy and contentment for where you are right now.
      God’s blessings on your job search and on meeting the man God has already chosen for you!

    • 1170.8
      Tanya says:

      Hi Jenna. I will commit to pray for you. I am 32 and still seeking that job of wife and mother and it can be very lonely and pose very great temptations.

      Know the word of the Lord.

      I recommend you read Kay Arthurs book, the truth about sex…which I myself just read as a way to ward off the temptations and be strong in dating those ‘good christian guys’ that you may stand strong in the truth and have a marriage to celebrate.


    • 1170.9
      Betsy says:

      I will pray for you to get the job of your dreams! God is preparing that job for you and also preparing you for that job! I pray that you will find joy in everyday as His will for your life unfolds. As you wait on The Lord, maybe you could read one on my favorite book Lady in Waiting, by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones. It gives great ideas on becoming God’s best while waiting for Mr. Right. As I pray for my 2 daughter’s future husbands, I will also pray for yours! Never forget, God loves you so much! I will pray you keep his fire in your heart!

    • 1170.10
      Melanie Ceynar says:

      Hi Jenna!

      I’m Melanie and I am 40 years old and live in Texas! I have been where you are, and please know that I am and will continue to pray for you about the job and relationships.

      I have to remind myself constantly that God already knows my plan and He knows my heart…I also understand that it would be nice if we too knew the whole plan. Knowing that, I ask that God will help make your path clear to you and for you to continue to seek His guidance.

      Stay Strong, Sister! Melanie

    • 1170.11
      Mary says:

      I’d be honored to pray for you. I’ve been married for 40 years to a wonderful godly man. We were not believers when we first married and we hit some mighty big bumps in those early years. But Jesus saved us!!! and brought healing to our relationship. I almost lost my husband to pancreatic cancer four years ago but God lifted him up and healed him. So we have seen spiritual, emotional, marital, mental, and physical healing from our Savior in our 40 years together (17 of those years were on the mission field!).
      Mary (from Ohio)

    • 1170.12
      Mary Lou says:


      • Mary Lou says:


        Here, I will try again. Hit the post button way too soon. It will be my honor to pray for you. I am in TN. I pray that you will not compromise your values at all and that you will only seek a young man who is passionate for Christ. I do know how to pray for you, as I am praying for my son. God is so concerned with the details of your life and since this decision and choice is the most important one AFTER you have accepted Him and are following Him, He will guide you and lead you as long as you seek His face in this matter.

        Blessings on your life as you seek Him daily,

        Because He lives
        Mary Lou

    • 1170.13
      Esther says:

      Hi Jenna, I am orriginally from Hollywood FL and now live in Lancaster, PA. I am 41 and I have a daugher named Jenna who is 12 so I will remember to pray much for you over these weeks. I am a Christian Marriage and Family therapist. I understand well your desire for a husband and family and I also understand the difficulties that come with that relationship! 🙂 The grass is not always greener! I will be praying for just the right timing and just the right person in your life as well as a job where you can serve passionately with all of the gifts God has given you! Wait on Him! Despite all of the heartache, He has not forgotton or abandoned you and He has a plan for you to blossom in His time into all He has desighned you to be. I will lift you up faithfully to Him who is ABLE!!

    • 1170.14
      Susan Hale says:

      Hi Jenna-

      My name is Susan. I am 62 years old and live in Dade City, Florida. Perhaps we are neighbors!

      Your request really touched my heart as you share many of the same desires that my dear stepdaughter expresses.

      It would be my privilege and joy to pray for you daily for the next couple of weeks.

      Thank you for opening up and sharing your needs.

    • 1170.15
      becky says:

      Hi Jenna,
      I so identify with your feelings of discontent with your life! I’ve been there! I feel privileged to pray that you find contentment and peace in your circumstances, wherever you are. God loves you so much, and he can do amazing things in your circumstances and your heart! Trust him. Psalm 62:5-6 has meant so much tome and has helped me focus on God when I get discouraged.

      Hang in there! You have so many adventures ahead of you!

  21. 1171
    Meg says:

    My name is Meg, I’m 21 and from Oxford, MS.
    I need prayer as I’m (often reluctantly) trusting God to prepare and refine me for His will in my life.

    • 1171.1
      Debbie Cameron says:

      Hi Meg – I’m right up the road from you in Memphis. I’ll be praying for you the next few weeks. I’ll pray that we BOTH can do what Prov 3:5-6 says: 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
      and lean not on your own understanding;
      6 in all your ways submit to him,
      and he will make your paths straight

  22. 1172
    Bailey says:

    Hi, I’m Bailey and I blog over at I will be graduating college in December. I need prayer concerning the decision to go into ministry or not. It is a big decision and I don’t want to take it lightly.


    • 1172.1
      Judy says:

      Hi Bailey,

      It will be my pleasure and honor to pray for you and your decision about going into ministry. My name is Judy and I live in Southern California. I appreciate your heart for wanting to follow God’s direction. I’ll check out your blog 🙂 Know that others care and wish to encourage you. God bless you!

    • 1172.2
      Barb Rowe says:

      Hello Bailey,

      I am pleased to offer prayer up to the Father on your behalf. We certainly don’t want to lag behind in our goals and dreams and God’s will and plan for us. But we don’t want to get ahead of Him either.

      I will be praying for you! Please keep me posted if I can be more specific but God knows our hearts and He will hear our call to give you, clarity, opportunity, sound heart and mind on the matter before you.

      Blessings dear one,


    • 1172.3
      Jamey says:

      Bailey, I pray that you are led by the Spirit of the Lord as the direction in your life. I pray that God would give you divine connections and mentors to help you. In Jesus name, Jamey

  23. 1173
    Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful opportunity.

    I am 24 and currently the only income earner for my husband and myself. We live in Maryland where the cost of living is incredibly high. My husband will graduate next month. I would love prayers for wisdom and peace as he moves forward in getting a job and we move to start a family.

    This time is a challenge for us as newlyweds possibly facing a move to Michigan.

    Thank you ladies!

    • 1173.1
      Chris says:

      Hi Amanda:
      WE have an Amanda getting married in a month, so I picked your beautiful name! Our son is graduating next month, and our daughter in law is from Michigan- so we have lots of similarities! When I think of them, I will pray for you also- that you have wisdom, peace about decisions, and JOY as you look forward to starting a family. We have a large family (7 kids) and our family is such a blessing to us. God will support you and bless you along the way. It’s amazing to see Him open pathways in your life. Don’t worry- He loves you and will care for you. Blessings and HUGS to you!
      Chris 🙂 (from WI)

    • 1173.2
      Erica says:


      As a Maryland resident (who is originally from Ohio/Michigan) myself, I understand the high cost of living out here and am praying over your financial state while you finish out your time here! Praying you are trusting God without boarders in ALL areas, but especially in the area of fiances.

      Praying for clarity and PEACE on the next place God has in mind for you and your husband. Praying your husband is able to finish out the remaining month of schooling strong, with a clear head, and a heart filled with God’s passion for his future career. Praying you are able to work as you are working for the Lord in your job.

      Praying for the next steps in your marriage and for your family.

      You are SO loved!!
      Erica 🙂

    • 1173.3
      Sharon says:

      Hi Amanda! I’m Sharon and I live in Michigan. It will be a joy to pray for you and your husband. I will pray for God’s divine peace and wisdom in the days to come. That both you and your man will always be able to discern His voice, that you will keep Him in the center of the two of you and the center of your life and that you would love Him more every day.
      Being the only one employed right now has got to be difficult but God has you in His loving hands and I pray that you will know this and trust Him always. He loves you precious one! Believe it!

    • 1173.4
      Barb says:

      Hi Amanda,

      What a blessing and privilege it would be to pray for you and your dear husband. I can relate in some ways because I have been the main breadwinner in our home the past several years after the economy downturn. Our area of SW Florida was hit first and hardest and I think has lasted the longest. Things are just beginning to seem to be moving in the right direction and my husband has the first real promising job opportunity in 5 years and we are in our 50s! Too close to retirement for all these shenanigans!

      But God has been everything He’s promised and more in and through this time. Especially, when I realized about 4 years ago I needed prayer warriors to pray me through this devastating time. Our dire financial situation, eventual loss of our home and a business that had been very successful and our relationship that was being battered needed some serious prayer! More than I could handle on my own. I reached out to about 10 or so. Ladies I new I could trust, share my deepest hurts, shortcomings, burdens and needs with and they would hold me up in prayer and not let me waller in the pit if I went there! You are probably seeing this as well. But God is so amazing in bringing us just what we need when we need it. Just ask Him (and I will too) to open your heart, mind and eyes to all he is trying to show you, teach you or just lavish you with!

      We must diligently seek Him and be as sure as we can possibly be that every step we take is in the place of His presence for our lives. I haven’t always done this like I wish I had and I did try but looking back can see where I let my fears, dreams, way of thinking get in the way of God’s best for me. We don’t want to lag behind or get out ahead of where HE wants us to be.

      All in all, He will always turn ALL for our good and His glory. Even when we blow it.

      Keep you eyes on Jesus. Fill your mind and heart with His word and things that honor Him. And ask Him diligently for His will and way to be clearly marked for each next step you take.



    • 1173.5
      Rachael says:

      My name is Rachael and I am writing from “Inland Washington”
      I have been the primary bread winner in my famiy and it takes an amazing amount of patience and respect for our spouses.
      I will pray that your Cord of 3 will be stronger through this process with the thickest being God’s strand because, sister, we need to CLING to that one!
      I will pray for wisdom and I will pray for peace.
      Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding…stop thinking and start trusting.:)
      Your sister in Christ,

    • 1173.6
      Julie says:

      Amanda, you precious girl, hello.

      I will be your prayer warrior/partner. I am Julie and I live in Georgia and I have three children. My husband and I have moved our family 5 times (6?…I’ve lost count) in situations that meant alot of support had to come from me. I was the primary breadwinner for a short time while husband finished school. What can I say about being supportive of your husband? It’s knee bending work. It’s heart straining work. It’s the work that only YOU can do. I will pray for you both that God leads you so clearly that His peace floods your hearts and minds. You are cherished, you are loved, you are remembered.

    • 1173.7
      Andria says:

      Dear Amanda,

      I remember this time of life very well. My husband and I moved to VA right out of college twenty years ago. My prayer is that this time of unknowing will strengthen not only your relationship with each other but that it will strengthen your relationship with God as you realize he is the one that you have to turn to in all this uncertainty. May God grant you the peace that surpasses all understanding, the kind that guards your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus and may he grant you patience with your husband as you figure things out together. Remember to take all your worries to him as he cares for them as much as he cares for the birds of the field. He will carry you through.

    • 1173.8
      Pat from Kansas says:

      Hi Amanda,
      I love you already. My husband lived in Maryland during his high school years. I will pray for wisdom for you and your husband as you move on in this journey called life. I pray God’s provision and peace upon you as well.

    • 1173.9
      Linda says:

      Hi Amanda,
      I would be honored to pray for you! My name is Linda and although I live in Johnstown, PA, now, I lived most of my life in Maryland, so I feel a connection to you. I lived and worked in the DC suburbs of Rockville and Poolesville. I am originally from the Deep Creek Lake area. I would be interested to know what part of Maryland you live. I totally understand about the cost of living, which is one reason we moved from that area. I will pray for you and your husband for wisdom and peace, that he will find the job that God has prepared for him. I will also pray for your desire to start a family, for your marriage to be strong, and for His will as to your possible move. I am 62 years old, married, and have 3 adult step-children and 5 beautiful grandchildren. God bless you, Amanda! I know He has many wonderful blessings in store for you.

  24. 1174
    Melanie says:

    Hi there,

    First I want to extend deepest gratitude to anyone out there who will take the time to pray for me! I truly appreciate you interceding on behalf of me!

    A little bit about me – my name is Melanie. I will be graduating from college in 1 week, planning to pursue graduate school in Texas. My goal is to become a social worker, and my dream is to someday work in South Africa with HIV/Aids affected orphans. Though I am not sure the exact course God will lead me in, I am excited for where he’s leading me despite all the unknowns. Please pray for bravery and guidance for the next few years as I may be far from family and where I grew up! Also, that God would be my “home” even when my physical location is in constant flux. Please pray for my sister, also, whose salvation means more than anything in the world to me. She’s recently expressed interest in the church and I’m really praying God would grow her. Already he’s done amazing things, protecting her from harm in the recent Boston marathon bombing. God has shown incredible faithfulness! My hope is that I can live a life that radiates absolute thankfulness and love for him.

    Thank you, dear friend in Christ 🙂

    • 1174.1
      Kim says:

      Hi Melanie! My name is Kim and I live in Colonial Heights, Virginia. I would be delighted to pray for both you and your sister for the next couple of weeks! I traveled to South Africa in August of 2012 and volunteered at the Door of Hope in Johannesburg, a home for abandoned babies. The mission team I was a part of also planned and taught VBS for 50 preschoolers in the village of Emmaus in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. The majority of the preschoolers we worked with were orphans as a result of AIDS. The work I was blessed to be a part of while I was in South Africa changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe to you. WHAT BLESSINGS THE LORD BESTOWED UPON ME!!!. Keep your focus on the LORD and HE will lead you where HE wants you to go! Trust HIM with your whole heart! HE LOVES YOU SO!!!

    • 1174.2
      LPM Kimberly says:

      Melanie!! You precious thang!! You sound so grown up!! I look forward to praying for you concerning graduating in 1 week, and pursuing graduate school in Texas!!I love your heart and desire to love on those who are in great need.. I do pray bravery and courage on YOU as you follow hard after His leading you in the next few years!!Its Never boring with the LORD!!He will be your home,and bring you stability to you constant flux…Father I pray for her sister to come to know you and to believe the great love you have for her!! May Melanie radiate you in ways that cause her sister to hunger and thirst for more and more of YOU!! I look so forward in praying for you and sister in these next 14 days!!! Get ready!!

  25. 1175
    Anna says:

    Hi! My name is Anna, and I am from South Carolina. My husband and I have been married for just about 3 years, and we have begun trying for our first child. We are trusting in the Lord’s perfect timing during this time in our lives! I’m so encouraged by this support from older women in Christ!


    • 1175.1
      Delanie says:

      Hi Anna,
      I grew up in SC and went to Clemson. Now I live near Nashville. I’m 31 and have 2 boys. I am praying for you and your husband as you trust the Lord in this very exciting time. Waiting is a really hard lesson, so I will be praying for an increase in faith and joy. I’m praying he alone will fill your cup. Rest in His arms he is holding you close.

    • 1175.2
      Erin says:

      I am blessed to be able to pray for you. I have been married for 14 years and have two young children (almost 7 and 4). God’s timing is perfect and I pray that you will have patience and joy while you wait for it.
      Blessings to you!

      • Anna says:

        Thank you so much for your prayers, Erin! I pray that the Lord will bless you for taking the time to lift me up in prayer! 🙂

    • 1175.3
      Penny says:


      Hi, I am so blessed that God has linked me with you at this time. We are Sisters in Christ – yet we will most likely never meet until we are finally worshiping him face to face and side by side. What a wonderful day that will be.
      When we were 1st married we were told we could not have kids (that was 16 years ago) we now have 3, all conceived without medical help and gifts from God. Be encouraged God’s timing is perfect however, his ways are also not our ways….so sometimes its a journey he has us on. I will be praying for you and your husband. May he draw you closer to him and be gentle with you. May he fill your life so full with Hi presence that you do not feel empty in this time of waiting. Blessings and the love of Christ to you. Penny

      • Anna says:

        Thank you so much for your prayers and words of wisdom! Stories like your’s encourage me and my faith! I know that our Lord is able, and I too am praying that He will fill be during my time of waiting! Bless you, Penny!

    • 1175.4
      Rita says:

      Dearest Anna, I am delighted to pray for you. I live in Amarillo TX and remember longing for children of my own. God will honor you for your desire to be Godly parents and raise your children in a Christian home. I am praying for you already.

    • 1175.5
      Nan says:

      I am also from SC, Anna and count it a privilege to pray for you and your husband as you move toward the role of parents. May our Lord bless you with beautiful children.

      • Anna says:

        Thank you so much, Nan! I am encouraged by your prayers! May the Lord bless you for your faithful to call upon His Name!

    • 1175.6
      Anita Howard says:

      Dear Anna from South Carolina, I pick you to pray for because my daughter’s middle name is Anna and I have a heart for South Carolina. I’m almost 66, married 46 years to my best friend and a retired pastor’s wife and public school principal.
      I am going to pray for God’s perfect timing for your child, and I am going to begin to pray for that child right now. God already knows your child!
      Blessings to you!

      • Anna says:

        Anita, thank you so much for your prayers! I am so encouraged by your faithfulness to call upon Him. May He bless you!

    • 1175.7

      Anna, I will be praying for God’s timing and the precious child/children He will bring into your lives! 🙂 /!!!

    • 1175.8
      Alicia Phillips says:

      Anna! My name is Alicia- originally from Georgia, now living in Chicago. Girl, I can SO relate to where you are- i’m 30 (gasp!) but my husband and i were married for four years before we started “trying” to have a baby. we now have a one &a half year old, who is darling! But- geeeze Louise I remember the struggle of trying. Counting days, looking at calendars, crying. And then the joy of surrendering to GOD’s plan in our baby’s life. I am praying for your heart to be strengthened for this season. For you ears to be open to what he is teaching you as you wait for the perfect timing of your little one’s life. And also for your marriage to be protected& nurtured as you look to expand your family. God’s timing IS perfect. He is NOT slow- even though it feels like it!!! Prayers for you!
      Ps:my college bestie’s name is Anna. Beautiful name! You wouldn’t happen to also be redheaded 😉 prayers for your family!!!

  26. 1176
    Stephanie Back says:

    Hey fellow Sietas! I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I’m 27 living in Indianapolis for about 5 months now and thought this was going to be a career opportunity of a lifetime. It has fallen well below my expectations and career goals that I am not sure what to do now. I’m in an office feeling completely disconnected to fellow employees and completely unsupported in my day to day operations. Not to mention the company culture is so far from what I expected. If it wasn’t for making some incredible friends and church family I would be seriously depressed.

    Now my ex-boyfriend and I are talking again and I’m not sure where it is going. We broke up because he was not ready for the type of relationship I desired because of his past. We have both prayed and prayed that if God wants us together it will happen. So we stopped talking then one weekend I felt the urge to have dinner with him. He continues to tell me he is ready and he is the man I should of had the first time. We are doing the 5 Love Languages to help our communication which was a problem when we were together.

    So all this being said I feel so lost and really torn between decisions. Do I stay or do I go for both situations? I want to do something with my life that fulfills God’s plan for me, but I feel more undecided about my career than ever. If I decide to get back with my ex will things be different, will I be able to work towards marriage with him?
    Thank you prayer warriors, Siesta Momma, and LPL team :

    • 1176.1
      Dianna says:

      Dear Stephanie,

      I am honored to lift you up in prayer before our Father’s throne! I will be specifically praying that you’re able to hear him clearly on both your job and your relationship decisions.

      Remember, all who wander are not lost. God is teaching and preparing you even if you’re not clear on the “what” yet. I pray that you will feel Him wrap His arms around you and that you’ll be filled with peace while you wait on His direction.

  27. 1177
    Carissa says:


    My name is Carissa. I am a 26 years old from Dallas, TX. My husband and I got married after our sophomore year of college and we just had our first baby. A little boy named Landry who will totally brighten up your bad day! The little guy never stops smiling! I am currently working as an analyst, but my ultimate goal is to stay home and raise our children. I ask that you pray for my husband and I to be Godly examples to Landry. That we would raise him to be a man of God! I also ask that you pray for financial provisions that would allow me to stay home.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the encouragement and prayers! And please know, I will be returning the favor!

    • 1177.1
      Laray says:

      I am honored to pray for you and your husband to raise Landry to know and love Jesus. It is the most important thing that you can do. I am also praying that you get the desire of your heart to stay home and raise him. I went through the same feelings when I had my children and God made a way for me to stay home and raise them. I am praying for his blessing on your family.

    • 1177.2
      Phyllis says:


      I will pray for you to trust God as you make decisions concerning your family. I am 64 and worked all the time, it wasn’t necessarily the worst for my children but not the best either. Tonight a friend and I were discussing this very thing and so I will pray for you to be reminded each day of HIS faithfulness. I have found HIM so in both financial and really everything that affects our walk with HIM.


    • 1177.3
      Zee Dean says:

      Hi Carissa,

      I’ll be praying for you and your family. I know exactly where you are. When I had my first son 12 years ago I desperately wanted to stay home and began praying and reading books on how to live on one income and become a SAHM. Thirteen months later I was pregnant with our second blessing whom I call “joyful spirit.” I went back to work for all of two weeks and I have never been back. Today, thanks to God’s mighty provisions, I am a SAHM of five blessings (future heads of households). God has shown me ways to save and earn additional passive money to contribute to our househould from time to time. Please rest in knowing that God is able and mighty! Kiss sweet little Landry for me. God Bless You!

    • 1177.4
      Dawn says:

      Hi Carissa! My name is Dawn, and I live in Allen, TX, and we have 3 children ages 10, 8, 4. I would be honored to cover you, your husband, and your little boy, Landry, in prayer. I pray that God will provide the means for you to stay home with your son, and that He would give you peace while waiting on His direction. One verse that has really comforted me over the years of raising our children is Isaiah 40:11 “He tends his flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” I pray that God will continue to gently lead you, and gather you in his arms as you strive to raise up children who love The Lord.

    • 1177.5
      Amy says:

      Hi Carissa! My name is Amy and I would count it a privilege to pray for you and your family! I have been married almost 20 years and have 3 sons. The oldest is 17, the middle is 13 and the youngest is 10. I am so thankful your Landry brings you such joy! I know he will continue to do so! I will pray for you and your husband to be growing in your relationship with Christ and with each other… to be united in heart and mind. This is the best Godly example you can be to him as he grows up! I will also be praying that God will provide, in His perfect timing and according to His perfect will, a way for you to be at home with Landry! In the meantime, right where you are, serve Him with all your heart, as though you are serving the Lord and not man!
      In Him,

  28. 1178
    Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!! We need it 🙂

    I believe so badly God wants to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, & the children to the fathers… the mothers to the children & the children to the mothers. Thanks for being spiritual mothers & fathers to our generation.

    • 1178.1
      Rita says:

      Dear Lauren, your message touched my heart. I deeply believe that families are under attack and I will take that prayer to our Father with you. I pray that God will bless you as you seek God’s healing of families. I understand this need very well. I live in Amarillo TX and am praying for you already. Rita

  29. 1179
    Caitlin says:

    Hi! My name is Caitlin. I’m 25 and my husband and I are both teachers in Georgia. God has blessed us both with jobs that influence young people. I ask that you pray for us as we teach–that God’s Word will flow through us, even though we may not be able to talk about Him directly.

    We are also wanting to start a family and are seeking God’s will and direction as we plan for that. We’ve already got a lot of student loan debt that we are doing our best to pay off, and we are overwhelmed by finances. We desire a family more than anything and are praying that God does His will in our lives.

    Thank you for taking time to read this and for praying for all of these 20-somethings like me! 🙂

    • 1179.1
      Laray says:

      I am also a teacher from Georgia Go Dawgs! I am praying for you and your husband as you pay off debt and start trying to have a family. I know financial situations add stress to marriages so I pray that you find time to have fun and your love for each other grows stronger. I am praying that you will both be Godly examples in your classrooms and that your love for Christ will point others to Him.

    • 1179.2
      Laura says:

      Hi Caitlin, I am honored to pray for you and your husband. My name is Laura and I retired from teaching last year. The teaching profession needs committed Christians who will teach their students about Jesus by their actions and values not with words. I will pray for you both to be encouraged in what I know is a difficult job….in fact…teaching is not a job, it is a ministry! I will also pray for finances. Are you familiar with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University? His steps to financial freedom has changed lives. I will also pray for your discernment about starting your family. There is never a perfect time, but God’s time is perfect. I will pray that you can feel His leading….and trust His timing. Know that someone in Texas is lifting you up!

    • 1179.3
      Betsy says:

      I have been in education for 27 years in Alabama. I believe as educators, we go into the mission field everyday to share the love of Jesus. Actions speak as loud as words, so people can feel the love of Jesus through you and your husband. I will pray for both of you that, even with paper work or testing or accountability, you can focus on showing love to each child you come in contact with!
      I will also pray that God will guide you in a plan for your finances. I pray he will give you peace that he will provide. I will also be praying that you and your husband keep your eyes on God as he leads you into becoming parents. God loves you! Keep His fire in your heart!

    • 1179.4
      Kim says:

      Hi Caitlin,
      I will be praying for you and your husband and the godly impact you can have on the young people in your midst. That Jesus’ light would shine brightly and they would see the difference in you both and want to have that too.
      I pray also for you as you work together through managing your finances and thinking about having a family of your own. It is especially difficult for your generation to get your feet steadied after coming out of college and paying student loans etc. I have a daughter who lives in Georgia, too, with her husband and 5 children…she and her husband are 26 and 27…Be encouraged! You are in a good place to build your life and family..I pray that God leads you and goes before you in all of your decisions and shows you His Plan and gives you discernment and faith to step out for him at your work, and in your own lives! He is faithful to give us the desires of our hearts ..He already knows what you need.
      Blessings my dear Caitlin!
      Kim (From Wisconsin)

    • 1179.5
      Natalie Dawes says:

      Hi Caitlin! I’m 37, from Calgary, AB, Canada, and honoured to pray for you and your husband.

      Both of my parents were teachers at one point in their lives. I pray that God will give you the words to speak to your precious students, and that His love will radiate through you both.

      He is our Provider, so I’ll be praying for your finances and your family wishes as well.

      May God richly bless and keep you! Much love from Canada.

    • 1179.6
      Denise says:

      Hi Caitlin,

      I would be delighted to pray for you and your husband for the next fourteen days. My husband and I both taught for many years (just retired from a career as educators and loving our new life)and I believe it is one of the most important jobs a person can have. I will also pray The Lord to direct you both in the area of finances and beginning a family. Continue to seek The Lord in all you do and He will guide your every decision. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.
      Finances can be a struggle, I do believe most of us have faced the strain of this in our married life, but hold steady to pay things off (little by little) and one day you will be debt free. Children are definitely a Blessing of The Lord, so I will pray with you for God’s perfect timing.
      It is not by chance I read your post or felt lead by The Lord to respond to you. May The Lord work mightily in your lives in the next few weeks. With love, Denise from The Woodlands, Texas

  30. 1180
    Michele says:

    Hey ya’ll. I’m Michele and i’m single and 24 and living in South Carolina. I graduated from college a year ago in May with a degree in theatre and religion and i’m still currently unemployed. I had all of these dreams of being married and a mommy and working in ministry by this point in my life but that just hasn’t happened. I’m learning everyday that God’s plans for my life and my plans for my life are totally different and i’m trying to find peace in that. I appreciate any prayers thanks so much!

    • 1180.1
      Tracy says:

      Hi, Michele. I would be honored to pray for you. I had to smile when I saw theatre and religion in your post – I thought I was the only one to combine those two.

      I’ll be 50 this summer, and will get my bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies next May. Then I’m going to get my MFA in Screenwriting! Not a typical path, but one I’m loving!

      And yes, indeed, our awesome God is powerful and personal – He has each one of us in His sight and leads each one of us on our own unique journey unlike any others. May He continue to give you wisdom, courage, and direction to do and be all He calls you to.

    • 1180.2
      Rhonda says:

      Blessings to you Michele. My name is Rhonda and I live in Houston. I just want you to know that God has a plan and sometimes we don’t know what it is, but that’s ok because He is unfolding that plan for your life. So I am praying many blessings over your life and that you walk in wisdom as God leads you in this journey. Please know that I as well as so many others are praying for you and it is a privilege to see your name on the list and to stand with you in agreement. Keep smiling. God loves you and so do a lot of folks out there.

    • 1180.3
      Amy says:

      Hi Michele! My name is Amy, I am also from S.C., and I would be honored to pray for you! When I was your age, I was in a very similar place. I found the more I poured into serving God, the more He poured His blessings on me. When I least expected it, He sent me the husband that was MORE than I had dreamed. Wait on God, it is definitely worth it. I’m praying Sis!

    • 1180.4
      Robin P says:

      Hey Michele! My name is Robin and I live in Morehead City, NC. I would be honored to lift you up in prayer. I have a 23-year-old son who graduated with a BS in Criminology last year and will finish up a Masters degree in Family Ministries this summer online from Liberty University. He will be looking for a job the end of the summer and is worried and prays constantly he will find a job. I also have a 19-year-old son who will be a sophomore at Campbell University next year and worries and prays constantly that he picks the right major and will be able to find a job. Just keep praying and listening to the Lord. As you are already seeing, God does have a plan for your life and I will pray as you continue to find peace in His plans. I will also lift you up in prayer because I know God will bring that special man into your life so that you can fulfill your dream of being married and being a mommy. Just wait for the Lord until He shows you that person who will love and cherish you the way you deserve. Don’t get ahead of the Lord! I am praying for you!

    • 1180.5
      Casey says:

      I would love to pray with and for you that God shows you your path. I had Jeremiah 29 shown to me in a very big way and it is still impacting my life. My life didn’t take the path I had always thought it would. I am 36 and mom to 4. I also just recently graduated from college and not yet employed. Hugs!

    • 1180.6
      Robin P says:

      Hey Michele! I am Robin and live in Morehead City, NC. I am honored to pray for you! I have a 23-year-old son who graduated last year with a BS in Criminology but also felt the Lord calling him into ministry work so he will finish a Masters in Family Ministries at the end of the summer online through Liberty University. He worries that he will not find a job when he finally finishes school. I also have a 19-year-old son who is finishing his freshman year at Campbell University, and he struggles all the time with worry and praying that he makes the right career choice so I know exactly what you are going through! I will be praying that God will provide the perfect job for you. I will also be praying that the Lord will bring the man that He already has planned for you into your life soon! Just don’t rush the Lord. You need a husband who will cherish you and who loves the Lord as much as you do and will be a great father to the children you will eventually have! I am praying for you! I know the Lord has a wonderful plan for you! Keep praying and trust in Him!

  31. 1181
    Melanie says:

    My name is Melanie and I’m in my late 20s. I went to school to teach, but after having the worst experience of my life during my 3rd and 4th year teaching, I threw in the towel. I’m still trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up since before, it was always teaching. I’m also single, which proves to be tough living in a small town. I admit, it’s lonely, and it’s something I struggle with daily.

    As soon as I read about this post, I knew I had to participate. I feel like I worry and pray about it constantly, and a prayer from someone else can’t hurt. Thank you in advance.

    • 1181.1
      Sharon says:

      Hi Melanie, my name is Sharon and I’m from Kentucky. I would be honored to pray for you. I know how it feels to be unsure of what direction to go in and I also at times have the thought that I wonder if there’s anyone that ever prays specifically for me. I pray God will give you direction and that even now He will overwhelm you with His love for you. I pray to he will send you Godly relationships to help encourage you and to ease the feelings of loneliness. I have a daughter named Melanie so I was drawn to you for that very reason! May God richly bless you Melanie, and lavish you with His love for you.

    • 1181.2
      Andria Donnelly says:

      Dear God,

      Help Melanie hold fast to your words in Psalm 27:1, that you are her light and he salvation, whom shall she fear. You are the stronghold of her life of whom shall she be afraid. You promise that when we seek you, you will answer us to be delivered from all our fears (Psalm 34:4). God please touch Melanie’s life in a way that she can see clearly that you are there and that you care about the hurts of her heart. Fill her with your presence so that she will be lonely no longer and give her the guidance that she needs to turn her life in the direction that you would have her go. amen

    • 1181.3
      Linda in Chester, VA says:

      Dear Sweet Melanie, it will be my blessing to lift you in prayer. As a retired teacher I can fully understand the challenges that teaching threw your way and if your heart isn’t in teaching then God has another plan for you. He can and will use your experiences to serve his ministry, and I pray that you will hear his calling on your life. I also understand the heaviness of loneliness (I was widowed at a fairly early age) and pray that God will fill your life with friends who make you laugh and encourage you in your faith that God is always in control even when we don’t see it. Letting yourself trust in His timing rest in Him completely is difficult at times, but the LORD loves you, precious child, and wants to cover you with his blessings. You will be lifted in prayer daily and hope you will find comfort and answers in Him.

    • 1181.4
      Mary says:

      Hello Melanie,
      It is my privilege to be lead to your post to pray for you. I am in my 50s and live in Texas. One of the blessings (and challenges) of my job is to mentor teachers. I’m sorry you have had bad experiences teaching. If you feel that is what God has called and gifted you do to, I encourage you to be open to seeking other teaching experiences to use your gifts. Know I will be praying for you! When you worry, remember: “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10.

    • 1181.5
      Kathy says:

      I will be honored to pray for you. I was a single teacher too and know how lonely it is. I will pray the Lord shows you comfort in the next few days and fills your loneliness. I now live in Texas and have a senior who is about to go off to college and a sophmore in high school. I will lift you in prayer my sister.

    • 1181.6
      Brittni says:


      My name is brittni and I am praying for you! I’m breaking the rules slightly as I’m also in my late 20’s but sometimes we have to stick together. In addition to all the older women supporting us, know I am praying specifically for you, too. It can be hard being a single lady now a days! I pray that you be constantly reminded that you are a daughter of the King, that he would be enough to fill those holes, that you continue seeking after him and knowing him more intimately. I pray that if his will is for a mister for you, that he is being raised up and prepared to lead you and guide you, that he is learning how to cherish and adore you. I pray that anytime you feel loneliness, you may feel the love of our common King and see his gifts, however so small or large as tangible reminders of. His love for us. He is rejoicing and singing over us after all! I will pray that your calling and job identity may become more clear in the coming days, that the Spirit would come upon you and guide you into work you find fulfilling and that will allow you to worship by serving others. Also, I pray the constant worry become constant peace as We seek God in those moments of fear. As we continue to proclaim trust in him, fear weakens and I pray this for you today. Continue being radiant and know we’ve got you covered!

    • 1181.7
      Ann says:

      I am honored to pray for you. May The Lord who loves you greatly, show you the plan He has for your precious life. It is good and one that is for YOU! I pray that you will hear His voice telling you which way to go and it will be so clear that you can not miss it. He is ruling in your life and where there is His ruling there is complete peace …. Rest in Him. Praying and trusting each day with you! I know He will answer and show you great and mighty things you have not known!!!!! Can not wait to see!


    • 1181.8
      Pam says:

      Hi Melanie, my name is Pam I’m a 62 yr old Mamaw 🙂 I would be honored to pray for you the next two weeks… I know God loves you sooo much He has a propose and and plan for your life like no other… Draw closer to Him and just focus on His goodness and know you are blessed….

    • 1181.9
      Pam says:

      Melanie I forgot to tell you I am in southern Indiana.. 🙂

  32. 1182
    Donna says:

    What a wonderful opportunity, thank you for your prayers.

    My name is Donna and I’m in my early 20s from the East Coast of Canada. I recently finished university and plan to work in camp ministry but am having a hard time finding that perfect job. Until then I work at a summer camp for people with disabilities and pray that although I am not directly working in ministry I can still be a positive example. I struggle a lot with being single and hope that someday soon I will meet my future husband! It is such a comfort to know I am being prayed for, be assured that all of you older ladies are in mine.

    • 1182.1
      Penny says:

      Donna, it will be my honor to pray for you.
      I pray The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26.
      Know that you are a blessing and in ministry at the summer camp. I will be praying for you about this and the desires of your heart. You may email me if you like [email protected].
      Waiting on The Lord is one of the difficult things in this walk of faith in The Lord. I am 57 and still learning this. But, He is so faithful and His love and mercies are new every morning. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He is with you and I will be standing in agreement through prayer with you. Be blessed in The Lord.

  33. 1183
    Rachael says:

    Hello, My name is Rachael & I live in Southern Louisiana where I Have lived all my life.

    First and foremost I would be extremely humbled if you all would lift me up in prayer and take the time to pray for me as I go through this phase in my life

    My 20’s hasn’t been at all what I planned them out to be and it has tested my faith multiple times. My job situation isn’t the best and my hours have been cut to part time hours and I feel like I am unable to use my true talents here. I have went on multiple interviews without a job offer. I was in college for business and had to quit due to varius reasons and no longer felt like business was my calling. I plan to go back just unsure what I want a degree in. I have felt like I haven’t quite found my niche in life yet. Life has tested me alot in the last few years where I turned to ways I am less than proud of. I was in a relationship with someone who I thought was honestly the one and turned out to be not at all who he was said to be, it has made me extremely self conscious and I pray I can find the one soon who treats me like I deserve. Between all of this I am also dealing with weight issues that I have quit to care about myself.

    Asking that you please pray for me if you will I would beyond grateful

    • 1183.1
      Vickie says:

      Hi Rachael,

      What an honor to lift you up in prayer! I will be praying for God’s clear direction in your life and for you to remember that you are loved, beautiful and of great worth to Our Lord and to me.

      I’m right here next to you in TX…praying for you each day my Sister!

      God Bless

    • 1183.2
      Jan says:

      Hi Rachael in Southern Louisiana, I’m Jan and live in Scotland. So much of what you said resonated with me. I will be praying for you. I’ve been encouraged by Psalm 138 this past while which says “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.” I will be praying that God will perfect/improve/set right/establish ALL that concerns you, Rachael. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    • 1183.3
      Michelle Nisbet says:

      Dearest Rachael, Wish we could go on a walk together and pray and talk and laugh along the way. It is with great joy and honor to come alongside you before our Father. He has such a vision of you, a woman stepping out of convention and walking with Him. I pray you’ll cling to Him, seeing He is trustworthy to do in our lives what He has said He will do… making us into new creatures, reflecting love, joy, peace, patience, hope, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, meekness. Dearest heart, He has these for you and for the many lives He touches through you. I am loving thinking of you, praying for you, and being reminded of how MUCH, MUCH, MUCH He LOOOOOVES you and me, both. You’re on my calendar for the next 14 days. Excited, running towards what He gives us the privilege to see of Him over these next two weeks. Love, Chelley

    • 1183.4
      Lisa says:

      Hi Rachael,
      I read these requests, looking for one that stood out to me–being from south Louisiana myself, much of your story resonated with me. It will an honor to lift you up in these coming days, praying you recognize and embrace your beauty as a daughter of our great Father. Praying for discernment as you seek to see God use your talents and abilities for His glory and your enjoyment!
      In His great and powerful saving love,

  34. 1184
    Angela says:

    Hi there!
    I’m Angela, a 28 year old stay at home, with a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 3 week old. I’d love prayer for patience, for focusing on the things that matter, for my eyes to be opened to see the people in my life that I should be reaching out to, and for a passion to spend time with God each day.

    Thank you so much for doing this! What a great idea it is and how wonderful to see so many people connecting with each other for prayer!

    • 1184.1
      Cyndy says:

      I’m Cyndy and I’ll pray for you, Angela! You have got your hands full! When I was a young busy mom, some of the sweetest, most intimate times of fellowship with the Lord happened when I was holding one of my babies.

    • 1184.2
      Jen says:

      Hi Angela, you have the BEST job of all time! Shaping those sweet hearts for all eternity! I will stand in prayer for you over the next few weeks and as the Lord leads. Our 3 oldest kids were spaced the same (now are 12, 10, 8 and we just adopted a 2 year old sweetie from China!) So I feel like I know your heart and just how to pray. What a blessing you are to those kiddos- they are blessed to have a mom who prays for patience and the right focus. Jesus is using you to make those kids into Kingdom warriors and every bit of what you do all day (no matter how mundane it feels at times) matters for all eternity!!!! “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross…” Heb 12:2. Jesus set JOY before Him to endure the cross. As moms, we set the JOY of our kids loving Jesus with all that’s in them before us each day! Praying for you, Jen from CA

    • 1184.3
      Patty pierce says:

      Patty from searcy ar ,age 52
      Angela I will be praying for you as you raise your children . I have 3 children also about the same age distribution as yours. They are grown now with children of their own but I so remember the days when they were little. Those times when you never had a moment to yourself. I will pray that God will grant you a deep abiding peace and contentment . That He will clearly show you His love and mercy. May our awesome God richly bless you and yours today and through the coming days.

    • 1184.4
      Laura says:

      Oh Angela, I can so relate to you!! First of all, Hi! I am Laura from AL and I have a 4, 3 and 4 month old. The first month home with my newborn was the toughest. Oh was it hard. So, I know exactly how to be praying for you!! Asking that you will sit at His Feet (when you have a moment) and that He will be your peace throughout the day as you love on your little ones!!
      Lifting you up my sister in Christ!! 🙂

    • 1184.5
      Kerre Bogard says:

      Hi Angela,

      Thank you for the opportunity to lift you up in prayer. I also at the age of 28 was a mother of three. I understand that with little kids your time is limited and life can even be chaotic at times. I pray that God covers you with patience and gives you a burning desire for others and to show you opportunities to reach out to them.
      Its so important to stay in the word daily, I pray that God will stretch your time and keep you focused on what truely is important. Congratulations on your new baby.

    • 1184.6
      anna says:

      angela,i would love to pray for you. our lives are very similar. i have two four year olds, a two year old, and a five month old. i´m in my mid thirties though, but i feel like i´m still in my twenties. 🙂 if you would like to email, my email address is acsertich at hotmail dot com. if not, i will pray for what you have listed. God bless!!

    • 1184.7
      kim says:

      Hi Angela,
      I will pray for you..for patience and focus with your sweet little ones,for some type of “mommy” refreshment time …and for direction to enter in to the lives of others that God puts in your path. I pray also for helping hands for you…for a close friend and also someone who can enjoy you with your kiddos. I pray that you feel God’s closeness and His power in your life as you do the “daily” with your family…that He would give you glimpses of the uniqueness of your children …things you can tuck into your heart and see bloom as they grow in your love and learn about God’s love for them. You are in the midst of crazy busyness…but it is a very special time in your life. I pray that you and your husband get special time together and that your communication grows and strengthens your relationship together with God at the center.
      Blessings my dear young mommy…your are doing a good job… There’s a book called No Perfect Mom and it is well worth the read…none of us are perfect but God is and He leads us through it all.
      Kim (from Wisconsin…mother of 4 and grandmother of 5 so far 😉

    • 1184.8
      Jamie says:

      Hello fellow SAHM of 3! It is my honor & pleasure to lift you up! I think us sahms have a deep understanding of each other & can certainly empathize with the day-to-day struggles – what I refer to as “the drudge”. Know you are doing God’s work & your greatest ministry is in your home. I’m praying for God’s Holy Spirit to empower you to love your husband, children, & all those you cross paths with in a supernatural way. Blessings to you my dear sister in Christ!


    • 1184.9
      Carmen says:

      It is a privilege to lift you up in prayer! What a sweet heart you have! I am 54 with two grown sons and I remember those days with small children at home; precious years but busy, busy. Being able to have even just a few minutes of quiet time during those years made a huge difference in my life. I will be praying that you are able to find time each day to be with God and to refresh your soul. Remember, He is always with you.

    • 1184.10
      Kelley says:

      Dear Angela
      I will be honored to lift you up. I am a 49 year old mother of 3 wonderful adult children which God blessed us with within 3 years. I understand the overwhelming days and endless nights. My prayer will be for you to find joy within the work. Looking back, I was blessed to stay home with these children and they were blessed to have a mother who stayed with them. You and your children will be blessed by your sacrifice. I will pray for you and your family.

    • 1184.11
      Pat says:

      Hi Angela!
      I am the mom of 3 kids ages 24, 26 and 28, two of which are stay at home moms now ( the 24 year old is pregnant). I so remember the days of being a stay at home mom to 3 preschoolers!

      I will definitely be praying for you as you train these little ones. Finding time each day to spend in the Word can be a definite challenge, and with 3 small ones you are doing good to even know where your Bible is!

      Hang in there, they really do grow up fast! Relax and enjoy the adventure. You have some praying for you that has been there and has girls in the same place you are.

      Praying daily,

    • 1184.12
      Lisa says:

      Hi Angela
      My name is Lisa. It would be an honor to pray for you. I can relate to you as 20 years ago I was a young mother with 3 children of my own just about the age span as yours. I definitely remember my feelings of impatience but unlike you did not have a relationship with The Lord to rest in. I will pray for all you have asked for and anything else God places on my heart. Enjoy this time as it goes so fast.

    • 1184.13
      Pam says:

      HI Angela I am a 62 year old Mamaw I have 8 grandchildren.. when one of them stays just a night with me I am so busy with them that I often wonder how you young Mom’s find the time for quite time ..And I pray for the Mom’s not even knowing who they are.. SO I will be happy to pray for you the next two weeks.. God loves you so much and your little ones and He hears us on the go as well as if we are setting quite so just pray as you go… He understands He has many many children.

    • 1184.14
      Trish Lenz says:

      I would LOVE to pray for you at this time. I promise to lift you up and ask the Lord to encourage YOU where you are in life right now…there is not a more important job as the one you are doing right now…raising those sweet Babies!

      I have raised 5 children and am a Grandma to 5 with two more on the way this summer!Our God is good…ALl the time!

  35. 1185
    Marci says:

    I am 29 years old and from Ontario, Canada. I am a high school English teacher and I just love my job! I am currently single and I have been for quite a while. This is not where I pictured myself at 29. I thought I would be married with babies by now and it has really tested my faith and my relationship with God. I have recently changed my attitude and realized that if I put out positivity, good things will come back to me. It has not been easy, but I am overall a more happy person. I pray every day that God will bring a man into my life- someone to share my days with. I want nothing more than to be a wife and mom!

    I love this opportunity to connect with someone who has “been there” and to be supported in prayer!

    • 1185.1
      Janet Worthy says:

      I would love to lift you up in prayer for the next several weeks. My youngest daughter is currently finishing up her first year as a High School English teacher here in West Texas. I’ve raised 3 daughters and love reminding them all things “in God’s time” ~ “God’s perfect time”!

      • Marci says:

        Janet, thank you so much! I love the similarities! I hope your daughter is having an excellent year. Teaching is not easy but it is the best profession out there!
        I need to keep reminding myself “in God’s time” .
        Thank you again. God bless!

    • 1185.2
      Japhia says:

      Dear Marci, I too live in Ontario, Canada, and the desire of my heart all my life had been to be a high school English teacher!!! But, God took me on a different career path, and my joy from teaching is now found in my precious Sunday School teen class and private piano teaching!! However, my heart SO embraces you where you are!!! God did not bring the man of His choosing for me into my life til I was 31!!! – but I know the emotional roller coaster of trying to fill my heart with ALL of God and letting Him be my one-and-only, while yearning deep down for that one special God-given “someone” for me. I was the token bridesmaid in NINE weddings prior to my own!!! When my identical twin sister married six years before me, my heart could scarcely breathe for awhile!! LOL – she had a few months where the guys were lined up at our door, and I used to think, “Come on guys! I look JUST like her!!! – What’s wrong with me?!” But God had other plans for me, and I learned more in that time of singleness about depending on God and trusting Him to fill my every need, and it was such a special time looking back on it now! But those feelings were not always the feelings in the midst of the journey …. and so, please know Marci that I will be praying for you, and will cherish the time investing in your heart from my little corner. God has something so amazing for you! I can only tell you that when God dropped my husband out of the blue – (he was a blind date, – mutual friends! – but that’s another story) it was a miracle!!!!! And he has been worth the wait – OH SO WORTH THE WAIT!!!!! We will be married 19 years this fall, and I know what it is to have been courted, and to be cherished!!! Keep trusting your Father’s heart – God truly does know best!! He is preparing you for something wonderful!! Just hang on to Him – and when you need to, find a good friend and a pan of brownies!!!! But hold on!!!!! God will honour your choice to wait!!!! Release your heart to Him to allow Him to work in His time – the freedom for me came when I was finally able to say, “not my will, but Thine”, knowing full well that I had to relinquish my desires and allow God to completely fill me with Himself. And at a moment I scarcely could have believed, He answered my heart!!! Fill your heart with the joy of the Lord, stay immersed in His Word, with the family of God, and in His service – you have SUCH a privilege to be on the front lines with high school kids in your service to Him!!!! He knows your heart! Stay true and pure – and when you can’t see His hand, trust His heart!! I have a little poem to share with you that I memorized in high school – but it’s still true! –
      “Enough that God, my Father, knows –
      NOTHING this hope can dim;
      He gives His very best to those
      Who leave the choice to Him.”
      Keep trusting and I’ll keep praying for you!!!

      • Japhia says:

        PS – It’s that frustrated “English teacher” side of me that doesn’t know when to stop writing!!! I’m a HUGE “snail mail” participant!! You should see the stamps on my envelopes!! Sorry for the lengthy post! Hugs and prayers!

  36. 1186
    Darcy says:

    This is such an awesome idea! I hope I’m not too late . . .

    My name is Darcy, I’m 21, and I’m from Southern Illinois. I’m finishing up my first year of graduate school to become a speech-language pathologist. Next May, I will graduate, marry my best friend, and move to a military base. My fiance is in the Air Force stationed in Texas. Please pray for our long-distance relationship and for both of us as we prepare to be husband and wife. Pray that I will be continuously selfless and supportive of him. I find myself looking forward to that time very often, and I sometimes feel like I’m not really focused on living out my purpose for God now because I’m so focused on just “getting through it.” Sometimes, when I think about being a military wife, I allow fear, anxiety, and negativity to take over. Please pray that I would simply trust Him with our future and our marriage, and recognize every day that I am not in control. There are so many things that you can pray for! But I just ask that you allow the Spirit to lead your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • 1186.1
      Hope says:

      Hi, Darcy. I’m 77, and the wife of a retired Army warrant officer. We live in East Central Alabama. It will be my privilege to pray with and for you in the coming days. I know how conflicted you are about being a military wife. When my husband-to-be asked me 57 years ago what I thought about him staying in the Army for a career, I came unglued! No way would I be a “camp follower!” I wanted the cottage and the white picket fence. Three years later, when he mentioned it again, I happily said “YES!” By that time I had found out how miserable he was as a civilian. I was never sorry. Even with many separations, including Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone’s.
      Write to me, and I’ll be happy to pray specifically, even though our Lord is faithful to specifically answer our general prayers. Praying right now for you. Love, Hope

    • 1186.2
      Tammy Burgess says:

      Darcy, I will be praying for you and for The Lord to continue to prepare your heart for marriage. I will also be praying for your strength and courage will handling the distance and finish school. God bless sweet girl!

    • 1186.3
      LAuren says:

      Hi Darcy – my name is Lauren – I live in Chicago and I would love the privilege to be praying for you and your upcoming marriage and life as a military wife. I am blessed by your honesty and openness to share your fears and you are so right, God is in control! My prayers will echo your requests and I will ask Him to give you and your future husband the strength to live courageously sharing His Word and that you may glorify Him greatly through your marriage. Oh, how He delights in you! In Him, ~ Lauren

    • 1186.4
      Marla says:

      Hi Darcy,

      I too am from Southern Illinois and left there due to the military. Although I haven’t lived in Illinois since I was a very young child, most of my family is still there. I am now in North Carolina. I would be honored to pray for you and for your fiancé.


    • 1186.5
      Teri Beamer says:

      Dear Darcy, I would love to lift you in prayer. You have some things in common with my daughter, so I think I can recognize some of your needs. I’m a 59 year old retired nurse, living in Kansas. I am asking the Lord to give you a peace about your future plans, and to use this time to prepare your heart for the awesome job of being a military wife. You have accomplished much in your education, and I am certain He will use all of this to equip you. I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide and direct you as you and your future husband grow your relationship into the Christ-centered marriage you desire. I pray that He give you the strength to stop all thoughts of doubt in your abilities to fulfill the roles He has called you to. He will perfect that which He has begun in you dear Sister.

    • 1186.6
      Diane Lopez says:

      My name is Diane and I am a child of God (52 years); a wife (37 years); mother (2 sons); grandmother (5 grandchildren); retired special education teacher (32 years);and live in South Carolina. It will be my privilege to pray for you. Many members of my extended family are retired military or currently serving so I understand some of your feelings associated with that part of your life. I also have had the opportunity to work with some awesome speech language pathologists and will pray that God opens a door for you in that area. I will be praying that you will know God’s voice; will be obedient; and will feel His peace. My favorite verse is Romans 8:28. I can tell you that through all of life’s ups and downs that He is faithful in all things. Stay close to Him through His word and prayer. Praying for you!

    • 1186.7
      Melanie Ceynar says:

      Hey there Darcy,

      My name is Melanie and I am 40 years old. I live in South Texas! You have got some HUGE things going on, sister! Graduate school, upcoming marriage, and long distance!
      I am committing to praying for you.

      I remember the long hours in graduate school and how it consumed most moments of the day,and with cultivating a relationship at the same time, there’s not a lot of time, so I understand when some things get pushed to the back burner.

      I know it would be nice if we had an idea of what Gods plan was, but that’s not how it works. I will pray specifically for ease of learning and having joy working through grad school…we NEED our speech paths! I will also pray for you in not only your dating relationship, but I’m also praying for your marriage that God will be the center of your home and to ask for His guidance for you both.

      What an exciting time in your life! Many Blessings for you! Melanie

    • 1186.8
      Brenda Hackett says:

      Dear Darcy…I would count it a privilege to pray for you. I know a little about the life of a military spouse…my husband served for over 25 years…I know it looks kind of intimidating, but our God has a perfect plan for your life. He can fill in where we see so many question marks…I’ve seen Him fill so many situations I couldn’t begin to list them…I will keep you in prayer..may our Lord keep you in His perfect peace!

    • 1186.9
      Sue says:

      Hi Darcy,
      My name is Sue and my husband and I have been married for 27 years next month. Our son is in Air National Guard and we’ve been to the base in TX. My heart immediately went out to you and your fiance as you plan your futures together in the military. While we know there will be definite challenges for you, the Bible says that we can trust in the Lord and His promise to lead us and direct our paths. Lay your fears and anxiety at His feet and may you both find joy in your journeys with HIM and with each other. I will be praying for you these next weeks in that regard!

    • 1186.10
      Michelle says:

      Dearest Darcy,
      My name is Michelle. I’m 32 and live in Colorado Springs. My husband served in the AF for 10 yrs and 2 yrs in the AF Reserves after that. I can totally relate to the stresses of military life, getting ready to marry your best friend, and even a little on the speech pathology side. Two of our sons are autistic and have both received speech therapy from some amazing people!
      I’m so thankful God led me to pray for you! I’ll be praying that he will prepare you for this amazing adventure you are about to start! That he will strengthen your relationship with your fiancé and will bless your upcoming marriage. Take heart sweet one, you can bet that God has a wonderfully wild ride coming! I’ll also be praying that as you wait for this new chapter to start, that you’ll be mindful of how he’s prepping you now and working in your day-to-day life.
      Be blessed sweet Sister and know that you are covered in prayer!
      Love, hugs, & prayers,

    • 1186.11
      Teresa Kuhl says:

      Darcy, my name is Teresa and I am from MN. I am in my 50s, but a new bride myself. I have a brother who was in the military for 20 years. I will be praying for you for these next weeks! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Keeping the Lord first for both of you is the best thong you can do for your marriage!

    • 1186.12
      Diane says:

      Hi Darcy, you are not too late! I will be praying for you! Diane from NC

    • 1186.13
      Diane says:

      Hi, Darcy –

      I would love to pray for you. My name is Diane and I live in a suburb of Atlanta. I am married and have two kids. I was born in southern Illinois so we have that in common, and although it’s been many years ago, my husband was in the Air Force. Blessings to you and your future husband – it will be an honor to pray for you!

    • 1186.14
      Shelley says:


      It is my honor to humbly go before our Lord for you and your marriage. Just like God went before Jacob and Joseph, He is going ahead of you. Claim His promises for you both, and rest in His peace (Phil. 4:6-9).

    • 1186.15
      Candis says:

      Darcy my name is Candis and I will be holding you up in prayer. My husband was in the military so I understand the fear anxiety etc., and the being overwhelmed by preparing to be a wife. I will be holding you up that God put such a burning desire in your heart and spirit for time with Him that you cannot bear it until you get that time. I will be led by the Spirit in praying for you.

    • 1186.16
      Anitra says:

      Hi Darcy!

      My name is Anitra and I am in Florida. I deliberately looked for someone who tucked themselves in at the last minute so I am so excited to pray for you. I will be praying that you rest in the delight the Father has for you and that you are able to catch a little glimpse of what He sings over you (Zeph 3:17). I will be praying for this time of preparation and that it is neither too fast nor too slow (very Goldilocks prayers!)

  37. 1187
    Aurora says:

    Hi! My name is Aurora and I’m from Norway.

    For the past six years I’ve been sick, and although I’m better, I’m still not able to attend school regularly. I’ve been very lonely, and none of my friends have stuck with me through it. Thankfully my family have been great, and I’m so greatful for them.

    I often find it hard to put God first in my life, and prioritize Him, even though I want to so badly. I hope God can use my experiences to reach others.

    Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate it so much!

    • 1187.1
      maryanne says:

      hello Aurora in Norway. Thank you dear one for a chance to come before the LORD with your issues of illness and loneliness. The friends not sticking by is probably more a concern than the health but together, they can crush a heart. May I pray for you?

      Father GOD. we come before the throne with this burden Aurora is living with but first Father, we want to thank You for caring, loving and knowing us like You do. The knowledge of this always takes my breath away for how You care about us. LORD, may it be Your will to bring healing to Aurora but more…a closeness with You that will change the way sick and lonely feel. Encourage her tender heart to praise You Father for things change in those moments of hope. Thank You LORD that when our focus is fully on You, the rest of the world truly does go dim. Bless this sweet child with a new awareness of how much You love her and how faithful You are to her situation. Take her to the 139th Psalm LORD and let that knowledge brighten her world as she personalizes every single word of it. In your holy and wonderful name…..amen

    • 1187.2
      Elaine says:

      Dear Aurora,

      My name is Elaine, I am 53, and I am from the USA and I live in the beautiful state of Idaho.

      I am so sorry that you have been sick. I truly know the loneliness of an illness. Jesus loves you-put all of your trust in Him. He will never fail you. Prov.3:5,6

    • 1187.3
      Mary Soisson says:

      Hi Aurora! I am so thankful for the opportunity to name you before the Throne of Grace in prayer! I will be praying specifically for health and fellowship, and that He would work in a huge way in your life to bring Himself glory.

      Mary from Virginia, USA

    • 1187.4
      mongupp says:

      Hi Aurora, my name is Monica. I live in Canada but I am Australian. I pray for you that the Lord will restore you and strengthen you. I pray that Jesus will be your friend that sticks closer than a brother. I know what it feels to be lonely and I pray that you will take your lonliness to the Lord who is your best friend.

    • 1187.5
      Candy says:

      Dearest Aurora,
      What a brave young lady you must be! I am honored to lift your name in prayer so that you may experience peace and strength as you persevere through this season of your life. Know that you will be in my thoughts daily.

    • 1187.6
      Lana says:

      Hi Aurora, you’ll be on my prayers, yours was the first post that I read and I feel like that was no accident…..My daughter is on her 20’s and has also struggled with health issues so you’re near and dear to my heart already! I don’t understand why things happen, but I know that God is good and he can use our worst experiences for His good. I’ll be praying that His will
      In your life becomes evident and for Godly friends…Lana

    • 1187.7
      Mary, Nova Scotia says:

      Hi Aurora:
      My name is Mary, and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am happy to pray for you as you go through this time of loneliness and healing. Bless you for recognizing that even though friends have let you down, your family is sticking by you. God will continue to bless you for your humility in reaching out and for the gratitude you show your family. Hang in there and know that others care.

    • 1187.8
      Jodi says:

      Hi Aurora!!! My name is Jodi. I would be honored to lift you up in prayer this time and in the future. Please know you truly are not a lone you sweet thang. I know that is easy to say, however it is the truth. Ask our father to open your eyes for his love notes. Those little things that remind you that your loved by our heavenly daddy.

    • 1187.9
      Angela says:

      Aurora, my name is Angela and live in Louisville KY. I count it a priviledge to be able to pray for you and your family for the next 14 days. May the Lord bless and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace through the love of the Father, the life of the Son and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. My husband and I say that blessing over our children and grandchildren. Now I share it with you.

    • 1187.10
      Wilma says:

      My name is Wilma, I live in Knoxville, TN. My son visited Norway with an exchange student in high school. He fell in love with your country. I would be honored to pray for you. Our family is also close and we experienced what it is like to have a chronic illness. My husband has had two brain tumors and we too have felt the loss of many friends. We can pray for you knowing what some of your heart hurts feel like. We will pray for healing and your family. May you feel the presence of God more real than ever before. I feel a heart link with you. What a wonderful God we serve. His timing is always perfect. As you wake each morning and close your eyes each night know in your heart we have prayed for you.
      In His love,

    • 1187.11
      Juli vrotney says:

      Dear Aurora,
      I will be praying for you. I am glad your family is there for you.

      Dear Lord, I lift up Aurora to you. Help her to see what you would have her do….bring people into her life who would bless and comfort her and be an encouragement to her. Draw her ever closer to you. may she be encouraged by your word and desire to shre what she learns with those around her. In ypur precious Sons name, Amen.

    • 1187.12
      Nordic Girl says:

      Hi Aurora,

      I would be honoured to pray for you! In looking for a verse to encourage you, I feel that a few passages from the Psalms may be of encouragement to you: Psalm 25, especially verses 16-18a, Psalm 145, especially verses 18-19, and Psalm 37:1-7. Know that the Lord loves you and will never leave you nor forsake you.

      Love and prayers,

    • 1187.13
      Diane says:

      Hi Aurora, my name is Diane from North Carolina. I was just going to pray for some of the 20 something girls I meet with, but I saw your post and I want you to know I am praying for you!

    • 1187.14
      Dawn says:

      Hi Aurora,
      I’m Dawn and I live in Mankato, Minnesota. Minnesota is not unlike Norway in many ways with a rich history of Scandinavian immigrants having come to this place, planting roots and planting churches a couple hundred years ago.
      You’ll be in my prayers for the fortitude to make God a habit … perhaps you can start with a short devotions every morning for the next 2-weeks and see how that goes?

    • 1187.15
      Megan says:

      Hi, Aurora!
      My name is Megan and I’m 32. I would love to pray for you for the next two weeks.

      I’m so sorry to hear about the sickness you went through and the loneliness. I will pray that God comforts you and that you then can comfort others in your situation. (2 Cor. 1:4)

      What a sweet heart you have to want to use your experience to reach others!


    • 1187.16
      Vicki says:

      Hi Aurora! I am so sorry for your struggles, and feel blessed for the opportunity to pray for you! My name is Vicki and I live in Georgia. I have 2 daughters, ages 19 and 24, who have struggled with chronic health issues for about 10 years now. One of them has also been abandoned by many friends over the years. I have favorite scriptures that I have prayed for my girls for years and am happy to be able to pray them for you now too! I will pray that something good will come from all the bad in your life (Rom 8:28) and that God will “restore to you the years the locusts have eaten” (Joel 2:25a). I will also pray for healing. Whether or not God chooses to fully heal you physically, we know He will “sustain you” (Psalm 55:22b) and that He will “fulfill His purpose for you” (Psalm 138:8) and “work out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will” (Eph 1:11).
      I also want to share with you some of the verses that have comforted me and my girls over the years. I hope you can find comfort and hope in them. Jeremiah 29:11; 1 Corinthians 2:9-10; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18; Philippians 4:13; Isaiah 43:4a; Psalm 34:18. Our God is able to do “immeasurable than all we can ask or imagine” (Eph 3:20). “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13).

    • 1187.17
      Heidi Payne says:

      Dearest Aurora… My name is Heidi and I am 50 years old. I would be honored to pray for you in every way.I will pray that our dear sweet Jesus heals you of your sickness and for your mind to be renewed with peace and joy! I will pray that God gives you the strength and courage to stay in the Word and have it feed your mind, heart, and soul in every way….. I too was very depressed and confused in my twenties and was so desperate for answers. I came to know the Lord at 25. Everything changed including my friends. I hung on to church and the new Christian friends I made there like a life raft. Remember, YOU are the daughter of the God most high. Joy is your birth right and don’t let anyone take that from you. In Jesus name I pray, dearest beloved. Be blessed…

    • 1187.18
      Candis says:

      Aurora my name is Candis and I will be holding you up in prayer. As you asked I will prayer that God use your experiences to reach others for the kingdom of God and that your passion for Him increase tremendously.

    • 1187.19
      Linda says:

      Hi Aurora,
      What a beautiful name! I would be honored to pray for you. I am planning to visit Norway (and Denmark and Sweden) later this year and I have already been praying for those countries and the people there. So I am excited to have a specific person from there to pray for. I pray for God’s total healing for all of your health issues, that you will soon feel well enough to attend school regularly. I am also praying for your friends to return to your side and that God will send new friends into your life to love and encourage you. The demands of life sometimes weigh us all down so that we don’t always keep God first as we should, so don’t feel bad about that. He loves you and He knows your heart. My name is Linda and I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I am 62 years old, married, with 3 adult step-children. Two of them are married and we have 5 beautiful grandchildren. God bless you, Aurora!

    • 1187.20
      Cindy says:

      Dear Aurora from Norway,

      What a beautiful name you have, and from a beautiful country too! I would be glad to pray for you every day, honey, and I truly believe prayer works! I have chronic illness too and I know how hard that is. But you never have to feel alone, because truly God is ALWAYS with you and will never leave you. Friends come and go, but God is always there for you. My mom died when I was 15 and my dad when I was 18, and then I was all on my own. I cried out to God to help me and He truly has. I got involved in a Bible fellowship group and they became my family. Is there some sort of youth group you can get involved with? Ask around….I’m going to pray that you find one. Christians make the best friends and they will stick with you. Also, I would suggest reading a devotional every morning to get your day started off thinking about God and Jesus. I love “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. Also, “Jesus Lives” and “Jesus Today” by Sarah Young. I’ve found these books to be very helpful to me and I would love for you to read them. I’m praying for you, sweet girl. Let’s believe that God is going to turn things around for you and heal you so you can get back to school. With God all things are possible! Much love & prayers to you…Cindy from Columbus Ohio USA

    • 1187.21
      Jeanette Dahm says:

      Hi Aurora, So sorry to hear you have been sick for so long. I pray that God the Great physician will put His loving hands on you right now so that you will begin feeling healthy and be able to give Him all the glory for this. I also pray that you will be able to find some new friends to be with so that the loneliness will go away. Just know that God is always there and you have reached out to your Siesta Sisters who are here for you right now. I just went to an event of Beth’s and was able to see her up close. She is an amazing woman of God who is praying for you too. She was talking about time and how we each have a certain amount of time in our lives to show God’s love to the world. You being in Norway and me being in Oregon in the United States shows that God is working in our time bringing us together to pray for each other. I pray that He will give you boldness to speak to people in your life about what you are going through. Just know He is with you through this journey and there is victory waiting for you with Him.. Love you sister in Christ. Jeanette

  38. 1188
    Heidi says:

    Hi! I’m Heidi, and I live in Canada.

    I am 28 years old and have been married for six years. Lately I have been struggling with a internal tug-of-war, it seems, between outright passionate pursuit of God and just being someone of this sinful world with all its pitfalls. Some days are better than others. I just sense that there is something huge at the end of this struggle, if I can just make it to the end with my faith intact. I don’t know if that makes any sense. I don’t know what that something is, but I long to be faithful to see what God has for me. I need prayers for faithfulness, the Lord’s guidance, and love for others.

    Thank you!

    • 1188.1
      Cheryl says:

      Praying for you Heidi! Praying that the Lord strengthens you and guides you- that HE shows you what is at the end of this struggle. That in the process you will be faithful to HIM and love HIM first – and love those around you as well. May your love for HIM grow and deepen and be your passion. May others be blessed by your faith, your love, your devotion to the MOST WORTHY ONE. Dear Lord I lift her up to YOU.

  39. 1189
    Abbigail Pettit says:

    Hi my name is Abbigail Pettit, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Blountsville, Alabama. I’ve been in college for the past 4 years pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. I also work part time as well. I am a big christian who loves The Lord much. I am not married or have kids yet, but I have been in somewhat of a serious relationship for the past 3 months or so. I do believe it was meant to happen and God has his hand on it as well. I would love and appreciate prayers at this point in my life because I am getting closer to the end of college and am starting to think about my career and marriage ect. I need prayer in guidance for my life. I want to be sure that this is the plan that God has set out for my future. I also need prayer about my relationship with the person that I am currently dating that God stays in our relationship and remains a priority in both of our lives. Thank you so very much for your prayers! This is such a blessing!

  40. 1190
    Molly says:

    Hey y’all,

    I am going to be a little bit selfish here and ask that someone please lift my upcoming marriage in prayer. We are getting married in 8 days, and I’m so excited that game time is here!!! While we are both believers, I specifically want to ask for prayer that we learn to better spur each other on it our faith, that we continue to learn to sacrifice for each other and find joy in that, and that we will continue to view each other as awesome for the rest of our lives! Logistically, I ask that the Lord be glorified through our wedding weekend, that we find grace and perspective as loose ends are tied up in wedding planning, and that rain stays away for our outdoor reception. : )

    Thanks y’all!


  41. 1191
    Kristin says:

    Hi, my name is Kristin. I’m 29, and I’m from Boston.

    I am asking for prayer because I am alone and lonely. I have suffered SO much loss (my Mom when I was 4, my stepmom when I was 13, and my beloved Dad when I was 27). I have watched my parents wither and die, and feel like everyone I love has left me. I suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

    To add to that, I am single. I am watching all of my friends get engaged, get married, and have beautiful babies. I feel like I have been forsaken; hand-picked to suffer while those around me thrive.

    I appreciate your prayers!

    • 1191.1
      Dianne says:

      Hello Kristin,
      My name is Dianne. I am 49 years old and from Spartanburg, SC. Jesus has not forgotten you my sweet friend! He loves you so and has plans for your life – plans to prosper you and not harm you – plans for hope and a future! I will be praying for you that you will be surrounded by Christian friends and a loving church home that will guide you through this time. Much love to you!

    • 1191.2
      Katie says:

      I will be praying for you, sweetie! I am 43, live in California and am married with 3 kids. I have not suffered the amount of loss you have, but have dealt with depression and the sense that I have been “passed over”. I know the Lord can heal!! Psalm 30 has been a tremendous help in that process for me. Blessings

    • 1191.3

      Hi Kristin,

      I am so sorry for the loss of your loved ones. Please know that Our Heavenly Father loves you so much. I will be praying that you can feel Him surround you and take you in the shelter of His wing.

      I will be praying that God sends you a christian friend/mentor that you can laugh with and have fun with, someone who can encourage you and will listen to you.

      I will pray that God reveals Himself to you in a new, bold way. Remember He is always with you, even when you don’t “feel” Him. I will also be praying that you will be filled by His love on a daily basis.

      Your sister in Christ ~ Marrissa

    • 1191.4
      Diane says:

      Hi Kristin,
      I would consider it a privilege to pray for you. My name is Diane, I’m 55 and I live in Largo, Florida. You have certainly suffered a lot of loss in your young life. I lost my mom and big sister within the last year, so I can relate.
      God loves you. He loves you, Kristin with a love that is forever. A love so big and He wants to lavish it upon you. Just climb up into His lap, put your head to His chest and listen to His heartbeat. He is so close you can feel His arms wrapped around you.He is your Abba, your Daddy. Cry out to him and tell Him all your troubles.
      God has a plan for your life and wants to use this loss in your life if you will let him. I encourage you to find 1 or 2 other women from your church to prayer partner with you. I too felt very lonely and put my vulnerability aside and asked 2 godly women to meet once a week to pray together. We meet early in the morning before work. God has so blessed me through this and you will be blessed. Please know I have printed out your request and will pray for you daily. Love, your big siesta, Diane

    • 1191.5
      Vicki says:

      Dearest Kristin,
      I am so sorry for all of your loss and heartache! It hurts my heart. I will be fervently praying for God to speak to you in some profound way and for Him to surround you with other brothers/sisters in Christ to support you. That is His plan for us, to fellowship with other believers (Acts 2). I will pray for God to do amazing good from all the bad in your life (Rom 8:28) and for Him to restore to you the years the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25a). I pray the God of all compassion will wrap His loving arms around you (2 Cor 1:3-5). I specifically looked for someone suffering from depression as my older daughter has struggled with it for over 10 years. I have a long list of favorite scriptures I pray for her and feel blessed to be able to adopt you as a ‘daughter in Christ’ and pray them for you now too. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18).
      But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed (2 Corinthians 4:7-9).
      Oh Lord, fulfill your purpose for Kristin; do not abandon the works of your hands! (Psalm 138:8).
      Lifting you up in His Love,
      p.s. I am 54 and live Georgia – originally from upstate NY.

  42. 1192
    Lindsei says:

    Hi! My name is Lindsei and I’m from Brazil.

    I am on a transition moment from being overseas and back home I’m feeling lonely and everything changed while I was away.
    I’m 25, finishing my graduation in Occupational Therapy to serve God as a missionary. I want to surrender control of my life to God but it seems I keep holding the ropes and just can’t let it go. With everything I’m going through I’m in a moment of my life where even thou I know God is near, it seems I can’t feel Him.
    Please pray that I will keep trusting Him and surrender control of all; that I will be open to His plans instead of mine, and that I will wait for His perfect time to marry, go to the field or whatever God has in store for me.

    Thank you!!

    • 1192.1
      Peggy says:

      Hi Lindsei,

      Your post caught my attention because my sister-in-law is from Brazil and I love her dearly! I am honored to pray for you to see God’s plan and not be discouraged by “quiet, down times”

      My name is Peggy. i live in South Carolina. I am 51, wife, mom to two 20 something girls, mom in law, and grandma to one amazing little boy. I know that my girls want to see God’s plan laid out before them as do I!!

      It’s not always easy to see His plan because we get distracted. I personally don’t spend enough quiet time just listening for His direction and reading His word. Every time I commit to more time something comes along and messes things up! (This month it was the stomach bug, progress reports and family issues) nevertheless, I keep going back and recommitting to Him and His plan. It’s often a day by day commitment.

      My other struggle is discerning what He is telling me to do when I do take time. I want answers immediately!! it doesn’t always happen that way. A good friend is teaching me to be patient and buried in the word! That’s where you will hear Him! Just know that if you are committed to Him and His will, He will reveal it to you in His time. Go with the leading you are feeling after much prayer and you have checked with wise friends.

      I am praying for you, dear Linsei, along with my precious girls, to have the love affair of a lifetime with your Heavenly Father! My favorite verse is proverbs 3:5-6. Read all of 3 when you can. Blessings! Peggy

  43. 1193
    Lauren says:

    Hi! My name is Lauren and I’m 24 years old. I’m currently in a transition period as I’ve been moving from college life into a full time job over the last 8 months or so. It’s a time full of changes which are both exciting and scary as I’m living in a new place and trying to establish community. I also have had a struggle with my Crohn’s disease during the time that has really been a hindrance to me adjusting to my new roles in life. God has been using this period to grow me. I’m so thankful for you all willing to pray for us. I feel like the biggest blessing or gift someone can give is to pray on your behalf!

    • 1193.1
      Beverly says:

      Lauren, you are exactly right – the best gift someone can give you is to pray for you! As I’ve been praying for you just now, I’ve asked the Lord to give you peace in the midst of all the changes you’re experiencing, to give you patience in these new roles, to give you wisdom with Crohn’s and learning how to live healthy, to feel His guidance each day of this new adventure in your life, and to fill you with His love for yourself and your coworkers and neighbors. Be assured that God daily desires to grow us! May He lead you to a church body where you can flourish!

  44. 1194
    Corissa says:

    My name is Corissa and I live in Mississippi. I am praying for a Godly husband and a family of my own. Some days I feel as if it may never happen and I want to give up. Please pray for me. Thank you

  45. 1195
    Mallory says:

    Hello, I would really love some prayer. I’m Mallory and I’m 29. I live in northeast Ohio. I’m in grad school and I have one year left.
    Lately I’ve been pretty frustrated with my life. I am single and I don’t want to be single anymore. I wish I had a husband and babies. I really want nothing more than to be a wife and mommy. I have been single for so much of my life and I wish I could leave it behind forever. I wish I could meet my future husband tomorrow, or sooner.
    Another thing I would love prayer for is friendships. I have some far away friends from places I used to live, but where I currently live I just have my older sister. She is a good friend but she’s married and has a baby so I wish I had some other friends since she’s busy a lot.
    Finally, the third thing I would love prayer about is finding a church home. I have been looking but haven’t found one yet. I want to find a good place where I fit.
    Most of all I wish I could be on a track to be a wife and mommy.

  46. 1196
    Danielle A. says:

    Hi my name is Danielle, and I am from Delano, Minnesota. I am 26 years old. I am a wife and fresh mom. My little girl just turned 1. And during this time, I found out I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome). Which may or may not make it hard to have another. But even with that, this season of life of being a wife and parent. It is hard, and takes a lot of compassion, and a heart to serve. My husband and I are talking about having another. But when is the question? Or is it God’s will for me to have another? With our first, it opened up anxiety in husband, and his main role as our provider (I used to work full time, but now very part time), so I often feel a second will weigh more heavy on him. But maybe he’ll grow more. I don’t want to be dictated by emotions and fear, but be lead by God. I just pray that God gives me grace day to day to serve well in this season, and listen to his leading in our marriage, and journey of parenthood.

  47. 1197
    Carrie says:

    I’m Carrie, 29, from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    I’m a pastor’s wife and a mom to 3. Recently, my husband and I felt that we were supposed to leave the church where he was the associate pastor of. We are still very confident that God did tell us to let go of the security of that church and follow him where he would lead us – but so far, we don’t feel led! My husband is at home with the kids on a full time basis and I’ve been working full time outside of the home. I’ve never worked a full time job before in my life. I’m at a call centre, doing tech support. I’m not truly a tech savvy person and I struggle with anxiety…. working at a call centre…. go figure.

    It has only been 4 months and I cannot help but wonder how the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years. I am grateful that God provided me with a full time job despite the fact that it is minimum wage. My kids are fed. We have not missed a bill. God provides. He never fails.

    But my heart is growing cold. I am tired. I am weary. I miss my kids. I miss my husband. I miss having conversations that build relationships. I don’t have the drive I once had to chase after God. The desire is still there – subtly. But I am not finding my rest in Him.

    I’m struggling. And I feel lost. I feel alone.

    But there is always hope. And that is why I thank you for your prayers.

    • 1197.1
      Rhonda says:

      Carrie, what a privilege it is to pray for and with you. There IS always hope, but God is hope, love, peace, merciful, compassionate and understanding. Even if we cant make sense of the situation we are in, He knows and He will continue to whisper words of comfort to your soul as you travel on this journey. But please know that God has planted a seed in you and is watching your growth in Him.

      Trust Him, even if you think you don’t know how. Believe that He will always provide for you and yours. Know that He holds you in the palm of his hand and is actually using technology to bring prayers of covering and besting to you. 🙂

      Hang in there and know that God has you, I have you and a host of people are praying for you.

      • Carrie says:

        Hi Rhonda,
        Thanks so much for your prayers. I believe the end of this chapter is coming… we are being voted on as senior pastors next week. Now, I just need wisdom in deciding whether or not I should stay working while we attempt to pack the house and get it on the market!
        It has been so encouraging knowing you have been praying. I’m sure those were the days that God has carried me through.

    • 1197.2
      Carol Hulin says:

      Hey Carrie:
      Carol Hulin from Ontario…you are not alone. He is with you. I will be praying for you. If you’d like to connect and chat more I’m at @CarolHulin….
      You are loved so much by Jesus, girl.

      • Carrie says:

        Hi Carol,
        As mentioned to the other lady who has clothed me in her prayers, thank you so much! I believe the end of this chapter is coming… we are being voted on as senior pastors next week. Now, I just need wisdom in deciding whether or not I should stay working while we attempt to pack the house and get it on the market! And to not be swayed by the obvious desire I have to quit! 😉
        It has been so encouraging knowing you have been praying. I’m sure those were the days that God has carried me through.

  48. 1198
    Haleigh says:

    Hi! I’m Haleigh and am 27. I’m from Arkansas and am so blessed by this! Thank you in advance whoever you are!

    I married my college sweetheart at 23…we were together 11 years. We were officially divorced just two weeks ago. Two years of my four year marriage were spent separated and I switched careers into a commission only job. I’m still here building a financial planning practice but its very hard. I’ve moved three times, had two surgeries, two major wrecks, multiple heartaches and a boat load of guilt! I know God has something beautiful ahead. I just need to keep my head held high and my heart open to his everlasting love and grace. If my story can touch one life then so be it.

  49. 1199
    Esther says:

    I’m 28 and have 2 beautiful children here on earth and 2 babies in heaven. My first loss was early on in my first pregnancy. Over Christmas we lost our son 21 weeks into the pregnancy and we are very much grieving him. His due date is approaching- may 6th- and that happens to be my 29th birthday also. We have been carried this far and I know He will continue to carry us but would covet your prayers….especially on Isaacs due date.

    • 1199.1
      Julie says:

      My dear Esther,
      God sustain you and keep you. I know the loss of 2 children as well. My prayers are with you and will continue to be. There are seasons we must go through. This season will move from mourning to dancing. My beautiful daughter was God’s gift to me when I least expected her and her name is Esther. I will be praying for your and your family especially on your birthday. May God shine his light upon you and continue to carry you while you mourn but remember this is a season and your mourning will turn to dancing.

      Love in Christ,

  50. 1200
    Caroline says:

    Good evening,

    I received an email from a dear friend regarding this post, and the opportunity to have others pay for us.

    I am struggling with my season in life. As I am single, I often focus too much on work and struggle with being single. I ask for prayers for discernment with my career, and even more so that I am being prepared for marriage one day.

    Pray that I would embrace this season and use it as a time to encourage others.

    Thank you and blessings,

    • 1200.1
      Sarah says:

      Miss Caroline,

      I would be so honored and blessed to pray for you! I have walked a very similar walk, and felt those same ‘heart’ desires. I have also seen God’s faithfulness and goodness leading me to my husband and changing my career path in a way I never could have imagined. I pray that God FILLS you with His peace and joy that you are exactly where He wants you, that you fully embrace this season, and that He blesses you with His wisdom for the future. I will be praying for you every. single. day!

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