For You in Your 20’s and You Who Will Pray For Them

**UPDATE: We are just so happy to have all of you 20-somethings flock to requesting prayer! Our faithful God surely hears, and cares to His core! If you do not see a specific partner reply to your request, know that the LPM Staff have adopted you. We will pray for each of you, joyfully!

One of my favorite things about Twitter is that we can come to really love someone we wouldn’t have even known to like. Someone from an entirely different part of the country or the planet. Someone from a totally different tradition of our faith. Someone in another generation who serves God in a way that is fresh and exhilarating to us. I have a whole mental list of those and just this morning prayed for a number of young women that I’ve gotten to “know” there on that ridiculous stream of social media that I love. It is a young man that I’ve come to appreciate so much, however, that prompted this post. His name is Jefferson Bethke. I didn’t know anything about him until 6 months ago when Melissa, my youngest daughter, told me she enjoyed following him on Twitter. He is a great communicator God clearly has His hand upon and a poet who creates fantastic thought-provoking videos. I’m glad to have the privilege to tell you about him but that’s not why I’m bringing him up today. A week or so ago on Twitter he mentioned sitting on the airplane, moved with emotion over various testimonies he’d been reading of lives dramatically changed by Jesus Christ. It hit me right then that one of the things I loved best about him is that the young man simply has a pure heart. He just flat-out loves Jesus and loves people. It’s consistent in everything he says and writes. I felt an urgency right that moment to ask God to protect that holy passion and sustain it the length of his days.

And that’s when I thought of all of you in his same generation who really do want to honor God and fulfill the purpose for which He planted your feet on this earth.

Here’s what I want to say to you: you really can maintain a pure and fiery heart toward Christ and His mission on earth but make no mistake: you will not do it by accident.

If you want a pure heart, you better be willing to fight for it. You will not keep it any other way.

The first big relief is that we can’t conjure one up on our own. God alone can create in us a pure heart and renew a right spirit within us. (Psalm 51:10) He alone can set it ablaze with holy passion. But out of God’s sovereign wisdom, He determined that guarding the heart He formed and lit within us would, in many ways, fall to us. We’re to own part of that job.

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Our second huge relief is that we can have a pure heart whether or not we have a pure past. Thank You, Jesus. If not, I and many others would be stuck for a lifetime with dark distorted hearts and deformed desires.

There are many other things more effective voices could tell you about guarding your heart toward Christ, toward people He’s sent you to serve and toward His mission on this planet. Ask them and learn from them. My purpose today is to pitch into the mix a couple of things that I’ve learned – and keep learning – in case any of it resonates with you. I also want to pray for you and call others to do the same. Here goes:

*Your heart will cool off if you do nothing to guard it. Jesus warned us in the 24th chapter of Matthew that “because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (V.12) We’re exposed to so much suffering and violence, pain, pretense, and wrongdoing in the world that, even as a defense against feeling so much, we’ll naturally thicken up. I’m certainly not suggesting we be less informed. Uninformed Christians can be a waste of light in the darkness. What I’m suggesting is that, if you want to keep a warm, feeling heart, you better be prepared to fight like mad for it.

*Over time, you can get really cynical. For one thing, cynicism can be really funny so we get drawn to it. It also tends to be cooler. You have to be willing to be one of those that the cynics could make fun of.

*You have to realize that guarding your heart means guarding its willingness to love and be exposed out there where it can get wronged or wounded. A couple of years ago I was researching God’s self-disclosure in Exodus 34:5-7 and stumbled onto something that totally changed the way I looked at guarding my heart. Here’s the segment so you can see it for yourself:

5Β Then the LORD came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the LORD. 6Β And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, β€œThe LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7Β maintaining love…

See that word “maintaining”? It is a form of the same Hebrew term used in Proverbs 4:23Β  for “guarding” our hearts. In other words, a huge part of guarding my heart is maintaining love. It was a total game changer for me because somehow I had associated guarding my heart with keeping it sheltered. Try to fathom that God actively maintains His love toward us. He guards it. Using that same concept, He calls us to maintain our love toward other people. If I want to stay in love with my husband, for instance, I better actively practice maintaining it because, left to its nature, it will grow cold.

One of the things that God keeps teaching me to do is pray with everything in me and on an ongoing basis to love Jesus more than anything I can see or touch in this human realm. He promises in Scripture to grant us everything we pray in His will and in His name. (1 John 5:14-15)Β  Since His greatest command was that we love (Mark 12:30-31), you can pray for it with absolute confidence that He’s going to do it. In fact, every time you ask God for it, go ahead and thank Him in advance that He’s going to accomplish it. He will. Then when He starts doing it, you start guarding it with all your might.

Ask Him continually to stir fire in your bones for His Word and for His mission. Ask Him to sustain it in you and teach you how to guard it through every inch of your lifespan. Only put up with a sense of spiritual flatness for a matter of days. That’s completely normal. But when it begins to turn into weeks, go face-down on that floor and ask God to give you insight into what seems off and to revive your heart. Don’t just accept coldness. Fight for love.

What is it you want from God? Pray for it feverishly! “Pursue love and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts.” That’s what 1 Corinthians 14:1 says.

Also ask others to pray these things over you. That’s what I am hoping this blog post will be about today.

Here’s what I’m asking all of you to do if you’re willing:

*Those of you in your 20’s, tell us at least your first name, where you’re from, and a little bit about you in a comment so that we can personalize our intercessions for you.

*The rest of you choose one of them to pray for (or two, if you have the time), let them know in a reply under their comment that you are adopting them for intercession for the next 14 days. Tell them where you’re from as well. I think they’ll like knowing that, too. As long as every 20-something gets signed-up for, it doesn’t matter if a number of you are praying for the same individual. If they’re like us, they’d be ecstatic to have the extra prayer covering. Pray as you feel led by God but, within that intercession, pray particularly for God to stir up and sustain a holy passion in them for Himself, His mission, and for people on this planet, and that they will be alert and proactive in guarding their hearts to last a lifetime. Ask God forthrightly to deliver them from any area of bondage, strengthen them in temptation, and deliver them from evil. Love them with all your might through prayer.

Let’s partner with this generation and intercede powerfully for them. They are the rising future of the church of Jesus Christ at this tumultuous time on the Kingdom calendar. Let’s pray them out there.


Now may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you, and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, as we do for you, so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints.Β  1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 ESV




PS. To our regular blog community: I put this in a comment but I’m afraid many of you may not see it.

I am grateful beyond expression for your participation on this post. Please move at the same pace that you see our 20-somethings sign up. In other words, if at our first moderation there are 15 of them, see that all 15 are spoken for then, instead of doubling and tripling up on the same small group, watch for others to be posted and claim those. Assume in about 48 hours that we’ll probably have around 80% of the 20-somethings that will end up participating. Still, check every couple of days for about a week to make sure everybody gets covered if you don’t mind. Sisters, this woman right here KNOWS how powerfully you pray. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. You are solid gold in the Kingdom of God! Pray for these young people like you’d want somebody to pray for your own children, whether or not you have any. Take them on as blood. Pray with faith and holy fire. Pray like the near future of the church depends on Jesus revealing Himself through them. They are so worth it. JESUS is so worth it.

I love you guys madly.



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  1. 51
    McKenzie says:

    24 year old navigating through confusing times and struggling with normal twenty-something stresses. Constantly praying for God’s will in my life and praying for faith to follow it. Thank you for this message! Resonates.

    • 51.1
      Susan says:

      Susan, Tallahassee, Fla.
      Hi, McKenzie. I will be praying for you. Our daughter is 25 and our son is 23, so I will think of you as my middle daughter as I pray. (I am a middle child, so that resonates with me.) Be encouraged! God is faithful!

  2. 52
    Danielle says:

    My name is Danielle, I’m from Michigan and am currently attending Liberty. I’m 23, almost 24, years old and trying to figure out what God wants me to do. My biggest obstacle is myself and excuses. My relationship with God is really inconsistent and what I struggle with the most is just spending time with him each day.

    • 52.1
      Becky says:

      Hi Danielle! Your name popped out to me so I wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you for (at least) the next 14 days. I’m from Virginia and I’m a Liberty grad. Feel free to look for me on twitter – my handle is beckyroode πŸ™‚

  3. 53

    This post hits home with me right now! I’m in my mid-20’s and have been looking to add more women who are older than me in my life as prayer partners.

    I live in Nashville, Tennesee and work with Dave Ramsey’s organization. I have a heart to minister to young women (specifically college) and spent several years after I graduated working with them full time. I’ve been married for 3 years and just desire to run the race and finish well. It becomes more and more evident to me on a daily basis how much that goes against what our enemy has planned. I’m thankful we all have each other to stand together!

    • 53.1
      Kim Cook says:

      Hi Kristin –

      My name is Kim, and your post has caught my eye because we share a passion of ministering to young women! I work with high school students, and it is so painful to see how far from Jesus our society has become, and these kids just aren’t learning anything about Him at home. Hurts my heart.

      I am honored to pray for you and your ministry.

  4. 54
    Crystal Z says:

    My name is Crystal and I’m from Omaha, NE but currently in Lincoln NE as a junior Advertising major at UNL. I’m a TriDelta,and have lived in the sorority house for the past two years, and will live in my senior year as well. I’m involved in a college ministry called the Navigators, and I co-lead a Bible Study of Freshman Greek/sorority women. Strength and depth of fellowship is struggling, as well as unity of believers.

    • 54.1
      Patti says:

      Crystal – your struggle with unity of believers really resonates with me and I add my prayers to yours for unity in the Body of Christ. Jesus prayed that we would be one as He and the Father are One. That prayer is recorded in John 17. I’m praying for you, dear sister.
      With Much Love,
      Patti Hayes

  5. 55
    Hannah says:

    From Nashville, TN. I want my love for Jesus to continue to grow in fire and fervency. I want this love to overcome any temptation or circumstance. I want to grow in boldness, to shake off the value that others give to me and focus on the value I have in Jesus. I want to love people by speaking truth into their lives, in order that I would not live with comfort and complacency, but that I would always be on a mission to give hope of Jesus to those who have none. I always want this burning passion for His name to be known and glorified.

    • 55.1
      Vickie Heerema says:

      Hi Hannah,
      I am Vickie from Pella, Iowa. The Holy Spirit stirred in me when I read about you, and the things you want prayer for,I would love in my own life too. I also met 3 young girls named Hannah this past weekend, so I figured I am on a good roll with that! I will be praying fervently for you, loving you every day with the love of Jesus, all the way from Iowa.

  6. 56

    My name is Rachel, and I am from a small North Texas town πŸ™‚
    I have loved God for as long as I can remember, but experienced my first real trial after my parents divorced the summer before my senior year of high school. When my family split, my faith wavered. I had a rough senior year of high school and freshman year of college dealing with anger, bitterness, and doubt. The way these sins manifested in my life was through complete disrespect of my parents, and anger and judgment towards them. Sadly, I justified my actions of disrespect by claiming “divorce is wrong” and that the Lord is not for divorce. I was blind to my own hypocrisy. Thankfully, I was working at my church through this entire time and I had Godly people lovingly rebuking me in my anger. My sophomore year of college was the first time I remember being absolutely broken for my sin. I realized that I am just as dirty as every single other person, and that my sin is not “better” than anyone else. I realized my desperate need for a savior, and genuinely understood the sacrifice of Jesus. It was personal to me. I have been falling more and more in love with Jesus, and I am beyond thankful for His pursuit of me. After moving back to the states after a summer in Haiti, I have felt my heart grow in cynicism…and I so desperately want to war against that and not grow cold. I have now graduated college and am working at my church full time as the visual arts director, which is such an answer to prayer.

    Y’all, thank you so very much for covering those of us in my generation in prayer. You are so very appreciated and I’m thankful to have a community of people dedicated to Christ’s mission and for pouring into us. Hugs + blessings!

    • 56.1
      Susan Bymaster says:

      Rachel, as I read through these comments and replys, I am blessed to see the 20s generation so on fire for the Lord!!

      I have family in North Texas, so I was drawn to want to pray for you and also, my daughter just went through a divorce. And I too, was so set that “divorce is wrong”. I have been blessed to see the error of that. However,I have grandchildren that are right now struggling with what you have gone through, so you give me hope (and of course, God too!) to see how He has brought you through it.

      And so, now, my prayer for you is that God will continue to work with you and through you. Dig deep in His word. Listen for His voice. Recognize your Blessings!! However small they be. Focus on Him. I am praying for good people in your life. (As it seems is the case) Praise God for the people who can lovingly minister to you.

      I promise to pray this for you everyday for the next 2 weeks. And, probably even after that as the Lord brings you to mind.

      I am so thankful for this opportunity to pray for you and seek Blessings for you!!

      Hugs and blessings right back to you!!

      • Susan, thank you so very much! Thankful for you and your prayers – please know I’ll be praying for you and your family as well as these difficult transitions are happening. One thing I am SURE of is that the Lord is so so faithful, and that He WILL use these experiences for His glory, even through difficulties. Again, thank you!!

        • Susan says:

          Rachel, praying for you today! I am praying that your love for the Lord and His work continues to grow and may He use you in a mighty way. Hugs and Blessings.

          Thanks so much for your prayers for me and my family. Greatly appreciated!!

  7. 57
    Tiphani says:

    I’m Tiphani, 21 from Texas. Currently in school and trying to figure out where to finish our my college years. Thank you for this post Mrs. Beth. It got me teary eyed in class!

    • 57.1
      Becky says:

      Hi Tiphani my name is Becky I will be praying for God to give you direction in your life and to cover you with His blessings.

  8. 58
    Beth Hemming says:

    Hi my name is Bethany Hemming, I’m 22 years old from England. I’m studying to be an Occupational Therapist and I write articles for Christian magazines. Proverbs 4v23 was the first scripture I remember God showing me when I first became a Christian seven years ago. It’s never left me, in fact it beats stronger on my heart today than ever before. I am currently writing an article called, ‘100 Ways to Guard Your Heart’, as I find a lack of guidance on this subject. My own personal experience is ranges from naively being swept of my feet by romance resulting in a broken heart or sheltering my heart so much I can’t give into relationships. Sadly, I’ve heard the same story from other young ladies time and time again. I am so grateful for reading this powerful article, it’s been so helpful for my personal life. Thank you, Beth

    • 58.1
      Sarah Marion says:

      Hi Bethany,
      I will be praying for you! I live in Washington State. My husband Jim and I have written two books and I work part time for a Medical Clinic. My passion is interceding for people in prayer. May God bless you richly in your everyday life.

    • 58.2
      Corley says:

      Hi Beth! My heart for the UK made your comment stand out to me! My name is Corley, I’m 30 and I live in Conway, Arkansas where I work with college student. My prayer is that you will find an older woman who will love on you, disciple you, pour wisdom into your life and most importantly will point you toward Jesus at all times. Guarding your precious heart is so important, especially during your 20s when so many people lay claim on it. I’ll be praying that you will find the balance you’re looking for. You are loved!

  9. 59
    Morgan Murphy says:

    My name is Morgan and I am from northwest Alabama. I’m 21 and I am in nursing school. I have exams coming up in the next two weeks so I am anxious to get through that because I have started to get a little burnt out on this semester. I am so excited for this summer because in July I am going on my first international trip on mission to Johannesburg. We will be doing some different ministries in the schools with children, and I can not wait! So thankful God has opened up the doors for this trip. I want to use my nursing training in the future for missions because I have a passion for children that are spiritually and medically under served.

    • 59.1
      Sarah Marion says:

      My name is Sarah and I live in Washington state. I am so excited for your upcoming mission trip. God will teach you lessons that will never leave you when you step out and serve in this way. I would be honored to pray for you and for your upcoming exams.

  10. 60
    melanie says:

    Beth! You are so fantastic. Thank you for your dedication and devotion to us. It’s truly inspiring to grow deeper in my walk while using the abundant resources you have provided.

    I am from Winston-Salem, NC and just started my first job as a pediatric nurse! I’m excited to utilize this newfound gift that the Lord has blessed me with to glorify and grow His kingdom. I covet prayers for my patients/their families, my coworkers, and my future husband – that his heart burns with passion for Jesus and wants to share in this excitement with me one day!

    • 60.1
      Joanne says:

      My name is Joanne, and I’m 27. I’ve known the Lord my whole life, but have only truly come to know what it means to love him in the past year. To say that the past year has been full of transition would be an understatement. There has been a lot of pain, but with it a tremendous amount of blessing and growth. But often I feel myself pulled toward longing for my past life, which was not so Godly. Please pray that the fire won’t cool in my heart and that I won’t be discouraged. I want to be living the life that God is calling me to live!

    • 60.2
      Destiny says:

      Gotcha covered Melanie!

      -Destiny from Dallas

    • 60.3
      Destiny says:

      Gotcha covered Melanie!

      -Destiny from Dallas

      *accidentally posted under wrong name*

    • 60.4
      Connie says:

      Hi Melanie,
      I am so excited for you in your new job, I too am a pediatric nurse! It is the most rewarding nursing job EVER! I will pray for you whole heatedly that every day The Lord will bless you with HIS wisdom! Remember it is His wisdom that will help you with the critical thinking that you need!

      I am from Odessa, Tx and learned a long time ago and yet everyday to love The Lord with all your heart and with all your mind and he will give you the desires of your heart!

  11. 61
    Miranda says:

    My name is Miranda, I’m 20 and I’m from Blacksburg, VA. I’m a college student and I lead YoungLife Capernaum which is a ministry geared towards adolescents with special needs.

  12. 62
    Meg says:

    My name is Meg and I’m a senior in college, graduating in less than two weeks! I live in Florida but am moving to Alabama in the fall to begin graduate school. I want to be passionate for Christ as I continue school and love others well. Thank you for praying!!!

    • 62.1
      Debbie says:

      Hi Meg, my name is Debbie and I will be praying for you. So exciting to be graduating and starting the next step in life. Remember to also keep God at the very center of your life. This is what I tell my son who is also graduating from college in 2 weeks. By the way, I live in NC and am 43 years young. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers continually.

      • Meg says:

        Thank you for praying Debbie!! I appreciate it so much! I am actually spending my summer in NC at a camp for girls and I love that area of the country so much. πŸ™‚

  13. 63
    Lindsey F says:

    I’m Lindsey from Fuquay-Varina, NC. I’m 27 years old. I am married and have a 15 month old little boy. I work in radiology at a local hospital. I love Jesus so very much, without him I would be nothing. Thanks for praying for me, I have never felt more spiritual warfare on my life than in the last few years.

    • 63.1
      Debbie says:

      Hi Lindsey, my name is Debbie and I am honored to pray for you. My “little” boy is graduating from college in 2 weeks from the radiology program. My main focus when I am under spiritual warfare is scripture, scripture, and more scripture. I will be praying specific scriptures over you. I am also from NC and am 43 years young. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers continually.

      • Lindsey F says:

        Wow Debbie, thank you so much! I am challenging myself to memorize more scripture this year because I know how effective it is. I really appreciate your prayers πŸ™‚

  14. 64
    Kari says:

    I’m 23 years old, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and I graduated last May from the University of Alabama. My degree is in advertising, but knowing that The Lord had laid some form of missions/ministry on my heart, I did a minor in Religious Studies. After wrestling with God for a year, I finally decided to trust Him without borders and obey His call to mid-term missions with orphans in Guatemala! I leave June 4 and will return July 2! Please pray that the Lord would deepen my passion for these children and the calling He has placed on my heart. Pray for my safety, the language barrier, the orphanage, and the sweet children i will get to love on and teach! Also pray that when I come back from Guatemala I continue to to trust and hear Gods calling for my next steps – that I would clearly see and understand how he wants me to serve His children! And lastly, that I would fall more in love with Jesus daily, have a passion for his word and his people, and that I would be consistent and disciplined with the daily drip of obeying God!
    For His Glory,

    • 64.1
      Hunter says:


      My name is Hunter and I too call Tuscaloosa home. I will be praying for you as you answer the call to go overseas for a month this Summer. I pray that as you lean into what it looks like to fully embrace the daily drip of obedience that you recklessly follow the voice of your Shepherd. Don’t be afraid to waste your life for Jesus.


    • 64.2

      Kari – I am going to be partnering with you in prayer. I am Jamie, 36, wife, and momma to 3 little ones. I live in Birmingham, went to the other school, but God gave me a passion for ministry and missions when I was in college. That passion waned a bit after I graduated and I’ve never gotten to go overseas, I think as a result of my fear. Today, I await eagerly for Him to call me to it again, but I am praying for you to be strong and courageous. That your passion would continue to grow and that your love for Him would only grow. My life verses are Eph 3:14-19 and I will be praying them over you. If you see this, feel free to email me personally with more requests. You can click the link to my blog and then to the contact me page. So much of your heart shared here mirrors my heart. I love it! Praying for your trip!

  15. 65
    Kelly Crafton says:

    My name is Kelly Crafton and I’m from Wichita KS. I’m 27 and really at this point still unsure of where and how God wants me to serve to further His kingdom. I have a huge heart for animals, especially ones hurt or abandoned. However I always am unsure if that is anything that furthers His kingdom. I’m active in my church and volunteer with kids check in once a month. I also am in a wonderful group of young women my age each week. I work for my city’s police department so it’s easy to become cynical. I would very much appreciate prayer in finding where God wants me to serve and that I can keep from being cynical in this world. Thank you and God bless! =)

    • 65.1
      Lindsay says:

      Kelly, my name is Lindsay. I’m 28 and was born in raised in Louisiana and I work in PR and Marketing. For whatever reason, the Lord moved in my heart when I read your comment, so it is my honor to pray for you to find where God has for you to serve and protection over a cynical heart, like you asked. And like Beth suggested, I’ll be praying for a fire in your heart for His word and wisdom. God bless you, sister. πŸ™‚

      • Kelly Crafton says:

        Lindsay, thank you so much for the prayers! They are so appreciated. As you are also 20 something, I would love to pray for you as well! Blessed to have you as a sister in Christ. =)

        • Lindsay says:

          Hey Kelly – I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you as often as that happens! I do hope that you are feeling God’s presence in your daily walk with Him. If you will, pray for me as I try to disciple those around me in truth and love – especially my sister. Somehow it’s harder sometimes to minister to those closest to us.

          Also pray for my relationship with my boyfriend, Andrew. He is a great godly man, and we’ve been together for a year. An engagement may be on the horizon and I pray that we remain pure and focused on following Christ and loving each other as He loves us!

          Thank you so much for praying for me, sister. What a beautiful thing. πŸ™‚

  16. 66
    Grace says:

    My name is Grace, I am from Lexington Kentucky. I am a nursing student at UK pursuing Jesus with my heart and life. I love to bring happiness to others and make people feel welcome at a great campus ministry I’m involved in at school, however, keeping a pure heart and simply turning my face to Jesus can be discouraging sometimes. Thank you for your intercession. Thank you thank you.

    • 66.1
      Kathy B says:

      Hey Grace, I’m honored to lift you up in prayer. From an old nurse to a young one πŸ™‚ I’m praying that the Lord will help you keep that heart pure and turning to Jesus! Praying that God continues to ignite a passion for Him in you. May we carefully maintain our hearts πŸ™‚ with love from just south of the Tennessee border

  17. 67
    Molly says:

    My name is Molly and I’m from Houston. I’m 24 and have a great job at a church. After being in the post-college slump, I really feel like my life is moving forward and I can feel that sense of dynamic purpose coming back. I’m dating a wonderful man but I’m dealing with the issues of trust and insecurity that are consequences of years of poor decision-making with guys in college. Thankfully, the Lord called me back to Himself after years of disobedience and wandering but I am dealing with hurts and consequences that I never anticipated.

    • 67.1
      Amy Storms says:

      Hi, Molly!

      I’m Amy, and I have a daughter named Molly, too. πŸ™‚ I’d love to pray for you. I know too well how much insecurity and trust issues have crippled me, my marriage, and even the ministry that God has laid before me…so I’ll pray that He will make Himself known to you as an unshakable foundation. Many blessings as you pursue Him and let Him love you.

  18. 68
    Michelle M says:

    My name is Michelle M , and I am from Dallas, Tx. My husband is a new pastor at our church which makes me a new pastor’s wife. What? I struggle with forgiveness and relationships. How do you even begin to be a good pastor’s wife when you struggle deeply with relationships. Currently, I am overwhelmed and wondering what I am supposed to do. What my place is and how to even begin.

    • 68.1
      Emily says:

      Michelle, my name is Emily. I’m 32 and a pastor’s wife in Port St. Joe, FL. I became a preacher’s wife at the age of 25 and I definitely understand feeling overwhelmed. I would love to pray for you, that God would begin to heal the issues you have with relationships and that He will show you exactly what place He would have you serve in His ministry. If you would ever like to “talk” my e-mail is [email protected].

      “From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”
      ~Psalm 61:2

    • 68.2
      Momofthreeboys says:

      Michelle sweetie, your posting so spoke to my heart. I’ve struggled with those same things and it would be my honor to pray for you. I have a son who is headed for the ministry so I love that I get to have a head start on learning how to pray for his future spouse. Remember as you are struggling to start that He “began a good work in you”. We don’t always have to know where to start; He does.

    • 68.3
      Patti says:

      Michelle – your comment tugged at my heartstrings and I will be praying for you, my dear sister. Now, for some reason, the title of a historical fiction novel I read years ago just came to mind, so I’m going to share it with you. The title is The Measure of A Heart by Jeanette Oak. I don’t even know if it’s still in print, and historical fiction may not be your genre of choice, but if nothing else, it is a delighful and wholesome read.
      Praying for you with much love,
      Patti Hayes

    • 68.4
      MomofthreeboysFivecrawfords says:

      Michelle – I forgot to say where I was from — oops! I’m from Houston. I am married and just back from Bogota, Colombia where we adopted two more boys. Now the mother of five ages 18, 17, 15, 14 and 13. Busy but praying my heart out for you this afternoon while dinner’s cooking.

  19. 69
    Jillian says:

    I’m Jillian, 26, living in PA – I just moved here from WV less than a year ago. I recently joined the local Young Life team in my new town and I’m diligently trying to connect with the high school students I work with. I don’t have many friends my age up here – in part because I travel back “home” to attend church, where I volunteer and to see friends, less than an hour away.

    Thank you!

  20. 70
    Andrea says:

    My name is Andrea, and I live in Oregon. I gave birth to a life-rocking, joy-inducing, awe-inspiring little man almost 7 months ago.
    My marriage is struggling, and I’m not even sure that my husband is entirely aware of that fact. I don’t know how to sustain my love for my husband, and I’m finding my heart growing alarmingly cold. I’ve been praying for renewal and open communication, but I’m finding it so difficult to maintain warmth when I feel like we’re pouring in and expecting vastly different things out of marriage and parenthood.
    Please pray for wisdom, for patience, for renewed love and desire, and for opened lines of communication.

    • 70.1
      Katie K. says:

      Andrea, I’m in my 20s too, but your post caught my eye. Praying for you right now, sister. Clinging: “We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

    • 70.2
      Patti says:

      Andrea – love your description of your baby, and praying for and with you to realize the power of a praying wife. God is still teaching me this, but nothing changed me and changed my marriage like praying for my husband.
      Praying for you dear sister with much love,
      Patti Hayes

  21. 71
    Virginia says:

    I’m Virginia from Mississippi. Currently serving as an Interim Student Minister while preparing to attend Seminary in the fall. He’s doing something big in my life, I’m just trying to do what He says each step of the way.

    • 71.1
      Mary says:

      Dear Virginia,I’m Mary and I teach a sunday school class of older ladies that are prayer warriors and do not have a computer. So you now belong to one of them. They are excited to pray for you. May God truly bless you

  22. 72
    Leslie says:

    My name is Leslie, I’m 28 years old, and I live in Carson City, NV. God brought us to NV for my husband’s job – he is an Associate Pastor. Carson’s population is 70% completely unchurched, so we definitely feel urgency in introducing those around us to Jesus, but it is hard. I’m also a new mom to a sweet 3 month old and about to go back to work in 2 weeks. I’d love prayers that God would keep my heart on fire for the people of this city who don’t know Christ and that He would provide open doors for us to love and serve.

    • 72.1
      Susie Davis says:

      Hi Leslie,
      I’ve got your back.

      I’m a pastor’s wife in Austin, Texas. My husband, Will, and I have three kids (26, 22, 19) and we’ve been married and in ministry for over 27 years.

      Praying God will give you favor and opportunity and wisdom. That you’ll have energy and joy as you mother your new little one. That God will continue to protect your marriage. And that He will open doors in your community to love and serve.

  23. 73
    Renee says:

    I’m going by Renee here. From the US. Active on social media, but the “fire” has cooled like in the post mentioned above probably since childhood probably for the lack of discipline and lack of accountability. Trying to rekindle a spark, haven’t gotten there yet.
    But I will keep this post in mind and try to read it often.

    • 73.1
      Renee says:

      Forgot to mention that I recently turned 29

      • Julie says:

        Hi Renee, My name is Julie and I am 49 and live in Ohio. Obedience is always so hard but realize He did it all for us ~ nothing we “do” can add to or take away from what Christ has already done for us. Don,t look to how you feel (feelings will decieve every time) but what you know … He loves you sweet thing & desires that your fire be burning bright too πŸ™‚ And that is why we can come boldly & confidently before the throne of grace and know that His will will be done! Will be praying for you!

    • 73.2
      Julie B says:

      Renee~ hope you had a chance to read Lindsee’s blog on social media…so good! Just want you to know if you check back in that I am still praying for you! Love you with Christ’s love!

  24. 74
    Shanna Beall says:

    Hey, my name is Shanna Beall and I am 20 years old studying Speech Language Pathology at Valdosta State University. I am from Valdosta, Ga, so I didn’t move very far to go to college. πŸ™‚ I love reading Beth’s blogs and I’ve done several of her studies/heard her speak at passion. Finals week is coming up soon, and I just need to prayer to focus and not lose sight of what Gods “big picture” plan is for my life. I can get so wrapped up in school that sometimes I forget it’s not ultimately why I’m here…even though its important to me. Thanks:)

    • 74.1
      Alysha says:

      Hey Shanna, my name is Alysha Rudnik. Also a student from GA!! I go to Tech and I know what you mean about finals and school stresses. I’m praying that even in your busyness/studying you draw closer to God. Your studying and future degree could play a part in God’s future plan for your life (little things matter to God!) so though it might seem small do everything unto The Lord and know its bringing glory to Him. Makes me think of Colossians 3:17. Ill continue praying for you throughout this week.

  25. 75
    Monica says:

    My name is Monica. I am 21 and engaged to the love of my life, Taylor. God is redeeming us both from eating disorders, and He’s restoring our relationship! We are so grateful!! My fire and passion for The Lord is like never before…. Taylor’s is coming back! Please pray for us as we continue to recover individually and for our relationship to grow stronger than ever! We know God is going to use our story in an incredible way! We excited to be able to help and encourage others struggling from eating disorders, as well as relationship struggles. HE IS THE ULTIMATE HEALER!! Our dream is to move to NY after we get married…. Taylor’s heart and calling is in student ministry, always thought mine was singing but currently feel like my desires are changing. Very unsure but trusting Him! Please also pray for wisdom and direction and for divine doors to be opened so that our ny dream can become a reality God willing!!!! THANK YOU!!

  26. 76
    Missy S says:

    My name is Missy, and I live in North Carolina. I would covet your prayers because my husband and I are in a season of transition. We are wrapping up our lives in one city and moving to another in a matter of months because he will be starting graduate school. For the past 2 years I have been practicing law 3 days a week, while working on a women’s bible study project with a friend the other 2 days a week. Please pray that God will make a way for me to continue working on this project while my husband is in school. And, please pray that I will wholly submit myself to God’s destiny for my life and for this project.

    Thank you for this post, Beth!

    • 76.1
      Kathy B says:

      Hey Missy, you’re quite a busy girl. I’ve pondered and been challenged by your comment that you work with someone two days a week on a Bible study project. Impressed and intrigued. So I’m praying for you, dear. Praying that God continues to fan into flame your passion for Him and that nothing dims that. Praying for you and your husband through your move and his new schooling venture. Praying God enables you to wholly submit to His destiny for you and this project. Many, many blessings!

      • Missy S says:

        Kathy, thank you so much for your prayers! I am for this great body of believers God has brought together through this blog. Blessings to you, too!

  27. 77
    Magan Ford says:

    Hey friends! πŸ™‚

    My name is Magan Ford, I’m 20 years old and in a few days I’ll be a junior at Mississippi State University. God laid Africa specifically on my heart, and long story short, I’m heading to Kenya Africa on May 31! Ill be there until June 14th. After that ill be working at Pinecove Summer Camp for the rest of the summer. God knows my passion for children and has opened doors and provided in ways that have taken me to my knees over and over again. My heart is on fire to go, to be, and to love. He’s wrecked my heart, and my eyes have been opened– I have no other choice but to take up my cross and go wherever He calls!

    Prayers would be so so so appreciated. I am inadequate, but my God is not. Thank you, and God Bless!

    • 77.1
      Jill Hsieh says:

      Dearest Magan,
      You touched my heart when I read your entry. When I was at Moody Bible in my early 20’s, my heart was to do missions in Kenya. God called me to different summer mission’s programs instead. His timing and way is always the best way. So, since my heart was for Kenya and you are going, I want to pray for you during that time in Kenya and for your summer ministry at camp. I love the passion you have for children.

      May the Lord bless you and keep you in His protective arms. May He wrap His arms around you when fear wants to pervade; may He give your strength when you feel weak knowing that He gives strength to the weary; may He provide support for you during this time as you minister from your heart for Him; may He fill you up with His love that you may share with His children in a mighty way and that many would come to know our precious Jesus!

      Ephesians 1:15-23 – 15 For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all God’s people, 16 I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. 17 I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. 18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, 19 and his incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength 20 he exerted when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms, 21 far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. 22 And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, 23 which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.”

      This is the scripture God gave to me for focused prayer! Blessings sweet child of God!!

  28. 78
    Andrea S. says:

    My name is Andrea and I’m from Fresno, Ca. I graduated from college about a year ago and am currently working on my credential. My goal is to become an elementary school teacher. After some rocky college years, I have rededicated my life to The Lord. I pray that I would continue to grow in Him and continue to seek his Word. I pray that the desire to learn and apply the Word does not burn up. I also currently serve in my church’s kid’s ministry and just ask for prayer to reach my kiddos!

    • 78.1
      Emily McAnear says:

      Hi Andrea,
      I would be blessed to pray for you! I too am an elementary school teacher here is California. I remember working on my credential and masters degree-be encouraged! It will get better! πŸ˜‰

      I will pray for God’s providence and mercy as you pursue your goals with Him in mind. I’ll pray for the fire of His Spriit to grow in your heart and your life so that you see Him more clearly than ever.

      I’ve always worked in children’s ministry at my church-I will pray that those kiddos ears and spirits are open to you so that God may work through you each week. God Bless you and your desire to serve Him!

  29. 79
    Emily says:

    My name is Emily and I’m about to turn 29 this week. It’s been a difficult year that has been full of transition. Somehow in the busyness of life, working on my masters degree, and ministry, the zeal I once had for Jesus and the Word has begun to fade. I’ve got to have it back. I am unwilling to keep doing life and ministry at this pace without it. Thanks for praying. Much appreciated!

  30. 80
    Harriet Anderson says:

    I’m 22 years old and living in Northern Ireland, working as a primary school teacher. I am going through a testing season at the minute, where I am trying to discern God’s will for my future and learn what it means to lay aside my wants in order to pursue His. I am also trying to find contentment in singleness. And more than anything else, I want to be worthy of the calling of God on my life and not disappoint Him, whatever it is. I want to walk the path He has laid for me with such whole-hearted devotion, but only He can give me that.

    • 80.1
      Mary says:

      You are now adopted by my sunday school class.Im Mary. I teach a class of elderly ladies that do not have a computer.May God bless you.

  31. 81
    Kara Jess says:


    My name is Kara and I am 28 year old mama of a four year old and one year old! I am from Puyallup, WA (near Tacoma). In the past few months, I have been praying that God would circumcise my heart to his unfailing love – that His love would fill me completely so that it will spill out to those around me. I also believe the Lord is calling me into women’s ministry – please pray that I would be obedient and faithful to wherever He leads me. I want so desperately for women to Jesus – to experience His love!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me! Blessings!


    • 81.1
      Natashajk says:

      Hi Kara. My name is Natasha and I am from Kitchener, ON, Canada. I also have a four year old and a one year old, although she is turning two soon. I will pray that your heart will be obedient to God’s calling for you and that His love WILL spill out onto others around you. It is hard to be faithful to God. Keep your heart fixed on Him and He will lead you where you are supposed to be.

  32. 82
    Natalie says:

    Hi πŸ™‚ My name is Natalie and I am from Fort Worth, TX. I am a 22-year-old senior in college. I got my degree in Speech Pathology and the world is telling me to go to graduate school after I graduate. However, God has laid Africa on my heart. He has also told me to start an orphanage. I have no idea when I will go, where in Africa I will go, or who I get to go with. I just want to be obedient. It is hard to trust God with the future looking so empty but I have a lot of faith. Godly people in my life agree that God is calling me to Africa in the near future. It is a big step, and I need a lot of prayer. Also, right now I am the College Director at my church. I get the privilege of leading an awesome group of college kids throughout the week. It’s a big job, but through it I fall deeper in love with Christ every single day. I’m praying that passion stays alive in me all of my days.

  33. 83
    Amber says:

    My name is Amber. I’m 27. I just want all that He has for me. I’ve counted up the cost, & He’s worth everything! Doing my best to live a life pleasing to Him & following His spirit’s leading.

    • 83.1
      Mary says:

      You are now adopted by my elderly ladies Sunday School class. They dont have computers but they are great prayer warriors. We all will be praying for you

  34. 84
    Jessica says:

    I am only five months into my thirtieth year, but I would love to be considered as a 20-something, not because I want to stay in my 20s (I love and am proud of 30!) but because I identify most with what Beth is saying about the next generation. I am raising my toddler son, and am about to re-settle into my old life in Georgia after living abroad for two years. I NEED to fall back in love with Jesus the way I was when I was baptized just five years ago. I miss that fervent need for Him, and have found that, like Beth said, I need to fight for that love. Thank you in advance for your prayers — I know they will undoubtedly bring light into my life.

    • 84.1
      Mary says:

      My elderly ladies are prayer warriors but don’t have computers.. So they have adopted you. They will bring you to the feet of the Savior.

  35. 85
    Meghan Kukla says:

    I will be 27 on friday and I live in Visalia, CA, and currently am a stay at home wife. I struggle with health issues and therefore cannot hold down even a part time job. Please pray for healing and reassurance that God is using me in His kingdom. I have been discouraged lately by the fact that I rarely get to interact with those outside the church and question how fruitful my witness is. I have felt a call to ministry and praying for God to reveal what that will look like. God bless you all!

    • 85.1
      Carol Kirby says:

      Hi Meghan, I’m Carol from Amarillo,TX. I have struggled with a health issue for many years that has made it impossible to work. I would love to pray for you. Isolation is hard and I know how you long for a way to minister to others. I have dealt with this and don’t have any answers. It is also hard with health issues to have the strength to help others. I will pray for healing for you, and for God to give you specific ways you can minister to others. God bless you. Carol

    • 85.2
      Mary says:

      You are adopted by a room full of prayer warriors. My sunday school class is elderly ladies that dont have computers. But they will bring you to the feet of Jesus

  36. 86

    I’m Natalie and I live right outside of Washington, DC.
    I’m 24 years old and just went back to school to become a nurse so I can open orphanages in Africa.
    I want to see my generation transformed by the love of Christ and to boldly live out their faith in such a way that compels people to worship Jesus… but sometimes I’d settle for a few solid friends in my city. πŸ™‚

  37. 87
    Rae says:

    Hi! I’m Rae and I’m 20 years old from Durham, NC. I’m currently trying to listen to The Lord on what plans he has for me. I’ve been on track to do social work, but He has done a total 180 on my heart and warmed it toward middle grades education. However, the traditional route of doing education is no longer an option for me. He has confirmed that this is what He wants me to do and has continually made ways I couldn’t dream of for me to get through some barriers to getting this degree! Now I have two options and need His guidance on which to pick!

    • 87.1
      Ali says:

      Hi Rae- Your post caught my eye because you obviously have a heart to serve, and I will pray that God leads you down the path where you can be used to His greatest glory. I stay at home with my babies now, but I LOVED teaching middle school and look forward to serving that age again in the future. I will pray that doors are opened, your passion remains strong and you cling to Jesus with everything you have. Blessings!

  38. 88
    Jillian Ferguson says:

    I am just about to turn 20 this summer. I am a sophomore in college in Portland Oregon. I am an aspiring nurse. There are so many things out of my hand at this moment. I find out if I am accepted into the program in a few weeks. I would love prayer to trust God in all circumstances. I need to take myself off the throne and put God back on the throne where He belongs.

    • 88.1

      Jillian! What college do you attend in Portland?
      I am moving to Portland in September to be a campus minister at Portland State University.
      I am praying for you as you seek His plans for your life. I know these seasons of waiting can be very difficult. In those times, I’ve been taking refuge in Psalm 63:7-8: “Because You are my Help, I sing in the shadow of Your wings. I cling to You; Your right hand upholds me.” Sing the song He give you as you cling to Him, knowing that whatever He wants for next year, that He will do immeasurably more in and through it! (Eph.3:20-21)

  39. 89
    Alexandria says:

    My name is Alexandria, I’m 21 and am from Texas!
    I just recently got placed as a Young Life leader and carry a hug responsibility with that title seeing that my job is to love these kids and tell them about Jesus.
    I have a heart for missions, I’m just waiting to hear where/if/when the Lord wants me to go!
    I’m a junior and will be going into my senior year of college soon which comes with the uncertainty of what I’m going to do after I graduate.
    I’m having a really hard time learning to live in the present and not worry about what tomorrow or years down the road may bring.

    I long for the Lord’s guidance, wisdom, discernment and provision in all areas of my life!

    • 89.1
      Sharon says:

      Hi Alexandria, my name is Sharon, and I live in East TX. My husband and I have served in missions with Mercy Ships for the past 25 years. I was at the exact place where you are many years ago…I was in my senior year of nursing school, knew I was called to missions, but unsure of when?? where?? etc…

      I will be praying that the Lord will lead you one step at a time, just as He did for me.

      For now, He has placed these kids in Young Life before you. Do that well, and in His time, He will give you the next step.

  40. 90
    heather says:

    My names Heather loree Daniels and i currently live in bakersfield, ca. I am as we speak working on my addiction to meth. Doing my best to stay clean aΓ±d in recovery. Im Also in hope of reuniting with my half brother i havent seen since i was 3. Im in need of closure and i just love him so much i wanna atleast know him or meet him once..besides that Im just in much need of Gods fire to be placed in really b close to him. I want to Walk, serve, and be as JesΓΊs. Love and learn like Him. And give as He did.. i have faith this will all become reality. In Gods timing. I appreciate the prayers. Thank u an God bless u all. I love u.

    • 90.1
      colette says:

      Heather I would LOVE to pray for you!! I have recently been a huge prayer warrior for someone very close to me who was lost in addiction to heroin! In the last 3 months we have seen a complete turn a round and this Friday he will have 3 months clean and sober! πŸ™‚ God has heard my prayers and He can give you strength and His Peace as you take one day at a time in your recovery!! He loves you so much and He can help you on your journey! I will be happy to pray for you!
      Love, Colette

  41. 91
    Emily says:

    Hi! I’m Emily- 29 and pregnant with baby #4. My husband and I met while serving overseas and are praying about moving our family back there, but we feel very connected to our local community here and see how our lives are being used here! Pray that we would have a pure heart regarding ministry in general and those that God has crazily dropped into our lives specifically- as Mama Beth wrote, its so easy to get cynical and bitter πŸ™‚ Maybe also for a little bit of sanity? 4 kids 4 and under is overwhelming… even on my best days πŸ™‚

    • 91.1
      Ali says:

      Hi Emily- I will cover you in prayer! I thought 2 babies in two years was a challenge, so my hat goes off to you!! I know that these little ones can be so much work, but the blessings they bring are priceless. I will pray that your heart remains pure and passionate as you serve your family, your community and our God. Also that He would protect you, your husband and the babes He has entrusted to you. Thank you for all you do and know that another Mama stands with you in prayer.

      • Emily Hays says:

        thank you so much Ali!! I covet your prayers!! Some days my most productive activity is getting dressed πŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear there are others crazy enough to have little kids close together πŸ™‚

        • Ali says:

          Rae-oh yes! My first was a 4 yr. project and then my daughter came as an incredible surprise and enormous blessing, but I do believe I was in complete shock for her first year of life. I consider a shower every couple days a victory and keeping my children happy and safe my ultimate goal. πŸ™‚ Love your heart, humor and it is an honor to pray for you and your sweet family.

  42. 92
    Summer says:

    I am a 20 something, less than a month from 23 to be exact and I am in one of the largest life transitions I’ve experienced. I grew up in a small town in Alabama with a lovely childhood even though my parents were divorced I was able to visit my military father often all over the country all the while being raised by a close biological and spiritual family. That’s what I thought at least, by the age of 16 my church and home life had become extremely broken. Dissension in the church showed true colors of people I’d always looked up to and a death in my family left it in ruins. Aside from my own grieving I couldn’t be around my family and their own self medications. So after my mom packing my things up I moved to Louisiana with my dad. Since then it’s been an up and down battle with my circumstances but through the church I became involved in and the bible studies I was taking God transformed me. He blessed me with a whole new spiritual family and a ministry that still surprises me. I have been on quite a few mission trips and international traveling for school and vacations which has shown me how much I care for peoe and want to make a difference. So, I just started graduate school in Texas for a masters in counseling psychology and made the move to Fort Worth 2 months ago. My roommate is great but lives on the fence between a life for God and having fun. Now that I’m finishing up my first semester I am in search of a job and direction for my life here. I’ve been reminded how much I’m loved and cared for but it’s tough in a new place on my own. Thank you for your precious time and prayers!

    • 92.1
      Ashton says:


      I am 27 and live currently in Alabama. Your post caught my eye and I want you to know that I will be covering you for the next two weeks! Stand strong in the Lord and all His promises for your life and remember that He has gone before you in every detail and prepared the way. I am praying for godly community to surround you in Fort Worth and for you to have open doors in the exact path that the Lord is leading you on there! Friend, be confident in who He says you are and keep your face ever so close to His to hear His voice say to you “This is the way walk in it!” Blessings and favor be on you! In Jesus Name!

    • 92.2
      Valerie Robertson says:

      Summer, I will be praying for you. After scanning so many, God directed me to choose you and I am honored to intercede on your behalf. My name is Valerie and I live in Greenville, SC. (we’re practically neighbors πŸ™‚
      I pray you will sense His Presence as I lift you up before Him.

  43. 93
    Shaci says:

    My name is Shaci (Shay-C) I am 21 years old and Nanny! I live Aztec New Mexico with my parents. Currently my job has kinda pushed aside me going to church. My quite time has been at zero for a while and its has really affected everything. I am the only Christian in my family and so I don’t have that positive influence. I’m not really sure what God has planned for my life. I am struggling with the fact that I’m not married or have kids since every single one of my friends do. I know Gods timing is perfect but its still a struggle. So just prayers that I would dig deeper into the word and not be a Lukewarm Christian.

    • 93.1
      Michelle Baylerian says:


      As I saw your name pop up clearly The Lord prompted me to “adopt” you in prayer for next 14 days. Since I “know” you already it seemed right to be the one lifting you up in prayer. I will DM you. You are so loved!! Can’t wait to meet you in Houston πŸ™‚

  44. 94
    Erica says:

    My name is Erica and I am 27 years old. I am a new mom to my (just turned) one year old daughter and another precious miracle on the way. I have begun a new role as stay-at- home-mom in the past year and it has opened up doors for me to take a much more active part of women’s ministry leadership at my church. A friend and I are following God’s leading to start a multi-generational spin-off of MOPS this fall. I’d love your prayers that we would be bold in following His leading and not allow cynicism to cause us to waiver from His plans for us and our church!:)

    • 94.1
      Erica says:

      I forgot…I’m from northeast Indiana.:)

    • 94.2
      Shelly says:

      Dearest Erica,

      My name is Shelly. I’m a 48 year old stay-at-home Mom of a 16 year old son and I live in Oregon. I would be so honored to lift you up in prayer over the next 2 weeks. May you feel God’s favor as you lavish love on your child each day at home. I will also lift up your ministry desires that sound so wonderful. Praying you feel His hand upon you. You are loved, sister!

  45. 95
    Ashley says:

    My name is Ashley. I am 21 years old and I live in Florida. I help with the youth ministry at my church and know that is where I am suppose to be. I am not in school at the moment but I am looking for a way to get back. I have a heart for missions and for abolishing human trafficking. I hope one day to be able to work with an organization that is dedicated to freeing those trapped in slavery (like the A21 Campaign!).
    I am still considered a “baby Christian” as I only recently dedicated my life to Christ (June 9, 2012). I am still learning and I hope I never stop.
    I am in need of a job but more importantly I need to learn to trust God in everything and to frogive those who have hurt me.
    I want nothing more than to spread God’s love and share how He has changed my life, in whatever way that I can.

    • 95.1
      Julie says:

      Hi Ashley, My name is Julie. I have a daughter who is 21 . She also is not “in school” at the moment either & didn’t realize the pressure that that brings in itself & having to answer to other people’s expectations, She also has a real heart for missions. πŸ™‚ The “first days” of walking with The Lord are oh so sweet~ but as your walk grows, so will your love for Him as you see His faithfulness in your life. No matter what you do~ He will use it all…there are no mistakes and He will provide all your needs. He loves you with an everlasting love. Will pray for healing & forgiveness. I heard the other day on the radio that unforgiveness is like taking poison and hoping that the other one dies. It will never discount wrongs done…but it is not your battle….please know I will be praying for you!

    • 95.2
      Julie B says:

      Hi Ashley! Wanted you to know I have been praying Psalm 138:8 for you “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me, your steadfast love , O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.” Love you with Christ’s love! ~ julie

  46. 96
    Laura says:

    My name is Laura and I live in Warner Robins, GA. I am 26, married, and we have one child, Tyler, who is 17 months old. I stopped my job as an elementary school teacher to take on the ever so important job of being a full time mommy. I love this job and all that it entails. However, being a mommy is the hardest job ever and I do have my challenging days. I recently finished Beth Moore’s study on Daniel with the ladies at my church. This study has really got me thinking and wanting to be BOLD. Pray that I might be like Daniel and not blend in with our Babylonian like world but that I might be different and be used by God. I don’t want to waste my time here on Earth. I want to further his kingdom. Pray I don’t miss the opportunities God gives me and that I listen for his voice.

    • 96.1
      Terry Bobbitt says:

      Hi Laura! I will enjoy praying for you and know that your job at home is most rewarding, especially in this precious young age. I am a mom of two teen age boys and am grateful to have had the time to spend with my boys at home when they were younger. I pray that you know the hope of your calling, and that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment. I pray that God separate you from anything that separates you from Him and that you continue to grow in His sweet presence, feeling His love and the grace that flows straight from the Throne room of heaven. I pray God give you the words to speak in boldness and in love, so that all the people He places in your path will experience an awareness of God through the precious heart of Laura. I pray your family is blessed through you as you abide in Him, knowing peace, joy, kindness and laughter in your home. God bless you friend and sister. much love, Terry

  47. 97
    Julia says:

    How timely is this post! This week I’m asking for His wisdom and discernment, to recognize His gifts for me. I’m asking that he show me how and when and where to use those gifts to further His kingdom. Let His love drive out fear and attacks of the enemy that might try to deter my desire to draw near! Birmingham, AL

  48. 98
    Angela Molina says:

    My name is Angela I am 29 and I have recently returned to serve the orphans and poor children in Romania. I am not sure how long God has me here although He is in the midst of revealing that, and I don’t know what He has for me in the future. Right now, I am living day by day enjoying very much being a “momma” to kids who don’t have one. I want so badly to be a wife and mother and anxiously await for my husband.

    • 98.1
      Mary says:

      Sweet Angela, My ladies sunday school class is adopting you. They don’t use computers but they are great prayer warriors. We will keep you close to Jesus

  49. 99
    Brooke says:

    I’m a 21 year old from Northeast Texas. A senior in college with plans to pursue a masters degree in Biblical Counseling. From a young age, my desire to be like Jesus has been the most beautifully consuming, overwhelming game changer of my life. However, often times this desire seems to feel overpowered by a waining inability to maintain it. I find that the enemy’s main attack on my heart is through whispers of doubt, and waves of feeling like I have to rely on myself to keep my heart inflamed & stay obedient to God’s call. My head knows it is not I who can muster the strength to do these things, but Christ IN me. There just seems to be a disconnect between my heart and my heart at times. Pray that the enemy’s whispers are silenced by Christ’s powerful voice. Pray that I fight the fight faithfully, pray for a steadied heart, and for willing hands. Pray for hope assured in the midst of trying to do it all on my own. Pray that my heart and my head are again reunited by Christ’s perfect promises.

    • 99.1
      Mary says:

      My ladies Sunday School class will be praying for you. They don’t use computers but were excited when I told them about you. We will be praying

  50. 100
    Rachel Little says:

    Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m 22 years old. I am two weeks shy of graduating from college and so excited about it! My husband and I are moving to Boston after feeling called to move to a place where there aren’t a lot of believers so we could be a light for Him. Please pray that I would trust God to provide me a nursing job and for us to love people genuinely. Thank you for your post!

    • 100.1
      Cindy Fledderjohann says:

      Hi, I wanted you to know I will be your prayer warrior. I read through several of the the girls names ans where they were from. I was born and raised north of Boston, in Lynnfield. I agree Boston is a lost city…there is much darkness. I would so love to pray for you and your husband…for safety, for wisdom, for more of the Holy Spirit daily as you pour yourself out…I take great joy in being connected this way…we are ment to be the body of Christ…bring glory to The Lord always. Blessings to you!

      • Rachel Little says:


        That means so much to me! I know where Lynnfield is πŸ™‚ We love the Boston area, so we are so excited to move! There are a lot of unknowns for our summer, as I will be taking my nursing boards in the beginning in of June. Right after graduation I will be applying for nursing jobs in Boston and we will basically be in a waiting period. Once I get a job we will move up! I would love to keep in touch with you and let you know how things are going. If you’d like to email me my email is [email protected]

        Thank you for your prayers!

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