He’s Got Your Back

Hey, you lovely things! This morning early I got a very touching text from someone that made me start reflecting on so many ways that God seems to go out of His way (if that were possible) to make sure we know He’s got our backs. You know what I’m talking about. Ways that He whispers in your ear or maybe reverberates from the mountaintops that He’s aware of what you’re battling and where you’re hurting. Ways He tells you He has NOT forgotten. Ways He assures you that your prayers are not just hitting the ceiling. That He’s on it and that your life has not for the merest instant been swallowed up in a black hole. That in your WAIT He is at WORK.

So I tweeted these two statements this morning, one right after the other:

First one:

Sit up slack-jawed over all the ways God lets you know He’s got your back. He’ll tell people to pray for you who have no earthly notion why.

Second one:

Per last tweet, I’m glad God can tell people to pray without telling them why. Sometimes I want people in my burden but not in my business.


The responses that almost instantly flew up on my phone exhilarated me and built me up in my faith as numerous people told me that they’d experienced the same gorgeous phenomenon. The one bad (and sometimes GOOD!) thing about Twitter is that the space is too limited to get super specific. Now that my curiosity is piqued, I want to hear some testimonies! Tell your sisters here in this community one way God has done this kind of thing for you. Tell us a specific incident or sight or encounter or correspondence He used to make sure you knew that He was with you, intimately aware of your situation. Girlfriend, you ARE very much on His radar.

Let’s testify about some ways God leaves you thinking something like,

“You hem me in, behind and before, and You lay Your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. It is high; I cannot attain it…How precious to me are Your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!” Psalm 139:5-6,17


In other words…


Can’t wait to hear! Just so you know that no one was posing as your own Siesta Mama in that picture…


And that bleached blond right there loves you.


473 Responses to “He’s Got Your Back”

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  1. 201
    Jennifer says:

    I have four boys, ages nine {twins} to thirteen. One of the nine year old’s, Jonah, has been obsessed with the American girls gymnast team since the Olympics came on last summer. He got wind that the Fantastic Five were coming here to Memphis to perform, and he wanted to go so bad.

    We’d been struggling financially, though,and despite many prayers, we just couldn’t make it work to be able to take them all. My husband started telling this story to a friend of ours, and the friend told him that he could possibly help us out.

    A few days later, my hubby got a call that our friend had SIX tickets waiting for us at Will-Call for the night of the performance. It was a minor thing in the eyes of most people, but in my eyes and in the eyes of my kids, it was HUGE! I shared the whole story with them, and it was a great testament to them that God does, indeed hear every prayer we ever utter.

    Thanks for letting me share!

    Love in Christ,

  2. 202
    Dolly King says:

    After my husband died, I went back to the mission field where we had served for ten years and found out that someone that he had placed over a specific ministry was trying to horn in on another ministry and was causing discord and division in the church. If left to his own devices he was about to blow a ministry apart. I learned a long time ago that those things are better left to God and my intervening or minipulating would only have made matters worse. (I did call my home pastor and tell him.)

    On the way home I had a layover in another country and it was my birthday. I told the Lord that I was just going to stay in my room and skip dinner and wanted to hear from him…well, something special for my birthday. I was reading in Galatians and I felt like I’d been tazed (by the Holy Spirit) 🙂 when I read these verses: 10 I have confidence in you, in the Lord, that you will have no other mind; but he who troubles you shall bear his judgment, whoever he is…. I could wish that those who trouble you would even cut themselves off!

    I knew at that moment without a doubt that God had my back and that he was going to protect those ministries that were his anyway. He did. The man had to leave the field because of some major family issues and hasn’t been back.

  3. 203
    Moscow Mollie says:

    My friend Jaynie drives our family to the airport for our big move to
    Moscow. She hands me four boxes of natural flu remedy and says she was prompted to get these for us. We know well not to question those prompts. My husband did however roll his eyes, not at God, but he keeps a tight travel ship and we didn’t know where to stuff the boxes we were so at luggage capacity and juggling two cats and dogs! Well, I know Father has my back because we just finished the worst in a long time flu, in a foreign country, in the middle of would be our culture shock time and all. But in the middle of fever sweats and coughing (I will leave it there) we KNEW it was lessened by the medicine but even more that it didn’t catch our Daddy by surprise and He was thinking about us all the time! Our Great Physician has got our back!

  4. 204
    carla lee says:

    My 13 yr old granddaughter just yesterday had her 29th brain surgery. When she was born I asked God if, she had to have these surgeries, if He would make sure she would always come out safe, no problems,no infectios, bleeding, or brain damage–guess what He’s done just that! There have been a few scares but Praise His Holy Name! Through His word He has comforted me and reassured me over and over again. Cling to it is all I can say!!!!

  5. 205
    Pamela J says:

    I have only been a Christian for a little over a year, and I get to the point at times that I wonder if I am growing and I wonder if I am where God wants me to be. I think about the ways God uses me and wonder why He would care so much to allow me to serve Him, and allow me to be used by Him. I have been wondering again the past few days about my walk with Him, and trying to grow closer to Him, and God has spoken through other people telling me that they love seeing my walk with God growing. Such encouragement. He knows exactly what we need and when we need His encouragement the most. I saw a good friend this morning and gave her a note with Psalm 19, Psalm 34, and Psalm 139:23-24 written on it for her to look at later, the smile she had was enough to say that God was speaking to her right then, and He allowed me to see it. He really is amazing!
    God gave me these words recently and I think it’s fitting that we are reminded of His love for us and how much He cares for us, and just like Beth said, “He’s got your back.”

    Let the ceiling rise
    And your feelings be set free
    Focus on the Savior and Redeemer
    Praise our one true King
    His arms are outstretched wide
    Waiting just to hold you close
    To whisper in your ear
    The words you need the most
    He hears your every thought
    And hurts when you feel pain.
    He sings over you rejoicing
    Your name He has engraved
    A child of the King, that’s you
    You serve the Prince of Peace
    Not the tallest mountain
    Nor the deepest ocean wide
    No power in the universe
    Can keep Him from your side
    The love He has for you
    Surpasses any dream
    So hold tight to His promises
    He will never let you go
    And keep in mind dear one
    That your Father loves you so

  6. 206
    Beth says:

    In 2008 I was diagnosed with MS. It came on very fast & very hard, which I was told was not the norm. I went quickly from a perky workaholic enjoying my life so much to being confined in a wheelchair, total numbness from my bra line down to my feet. I dropped down to 87lbs. But God showed me how much he had my back: my church family started taking shifts staying with me so my husband could work. During one episode, I went to the same woman’s home every day all day for several months. Later, this one couple had us move in with them for a couple of months, as my husband had to have foot surgery. She was a retired RN, and took care of both of us. The traditional treatment did not work on me, so we prayed to the Lord for guidance. I did have to leave my job, which devastated me, but God has seen me through everything! I stay home by myself now during the day, I remember the first time I got back behind the steering wheel…what freedom I felt! I have pain which wakes me up often around 3 or 4 in the morning, but now I get up & I am reading God’s Word more than I ever have in my life! I am very active in our Women’s Ministry, and their prayers for me have been so intense, I just feel God’s presence from every situation he has been walking me through. And I AM WALKING again! I may be slow, but God doesn’t mind, I can just smell the roses longer now. I know I’ve left so much out, but God has proven He has mine & my husband’s back, and He has helped me dwell on “Today”, because that is all that matters. I now pray that He will send someone my way that I can help, or tell me who needs a card of encouragement, and He always does! I feel closer to Him, and He is allowing me to touch others for Him. My life is certainly not the way I would have planned it, but if God is using me, I know He has my back! And I want to give Him all of me!

    • 206.1
      Elizabeth says:

      Hi Beth. Reading all the precious notes has brought me to yours. My darling daughter-in-law was diagnosed with MS in June 2010. She, like you has been hit very hard and most sadly I feel that her faith has been greatly shaken. She and my son used to be very involved with church, bible studies, etc. They no longer go to church and my little grandson knows nothing about the Lord. My hearts just breaks over the whole situation. Thank you for sharing. Praying for you.

      • Beth says:

        Elizabeth, my heart also breaks for your grandson. I pray that a door will open where either they all would go, or your son could start taking him to church. Even if someone came & stayed with his wife for awhile, his son would be surrounded by Believers in God, and learning all of the Bible stories that are so important. But don’t give up hope: I am in my 5th year with MS, I went through major depression as well, difficulty breathing, swallowing, thinking clearly. Even when I first started back at church, my mind wasn’t really “there”. But somehow along the way, and this is my hearts prayer for your daughter-in-law, I started concentrating on what I could do, not what I could no longer do. I surrounded myself with positive, encouraging Christians, who lifted my spirits, even on days I couldn’t even pray for myself. MS is a crazy disease, it messes with you so much. I still have my daily “crying” time every morning when I get up with my pain. But, life does go on, and God teaches us to depend on Him more & more. And I questioned God, got mad, as I felt shut down in the prime of my life. But God is mighty enough to allow us to do that and still be there with open arms when we turn back to Him. I just try to focus on “today”, because we can totally wig ourselves out worrying about “tomorrow”! I will be praying that your daughter-in-love starts improving & that she will see that Jesus is the ONLY way to make it day to day. I will pray for your entire family, MS is a family illness, affecting each member. Much love!

  7. 207
    Judy Goleaner says:

    Going through a tough time with my mother, who has dementia, and things are getting ugly. I have been grieving over a particularly nasty verbal attack from her, trying to separate her real self from the dementia. Today I received two wonderful phone calls from old friends who are my Mom’s age, telling me that they loved me very much, asking me to join them for lunch. Life is indeed hard, but praising a God Who knows our every need, and He is FAITHFUL, and His timing is perfect!

  8. 208
    Dawn B says:

    That little devotional, “Jesus Calling” … I can’t tell you the number of times (including this morning!) that God has spoken directly to my hurt and my heart through Sarah Young’s daily words. Blows me away that those words ‘assigned’ to a specific day and written several years ago speak so clearly to my need / thoughts / struggles on that day. Only Jesus…:)

  9. 209
    Jenny says:

    This afternoon I fell through the floor of our attic, falling through the drywall ceiling of the garage. I was hanging on some plywood studs by my elbows! I felt like I was hanging on for a while until my 10 year old daughter helped me by getting another ladder for me. I knew I would be fine, It seemed like I was hanging for a while…but I knew God was watching over me…I am grateful I don’t have any broken bones! Sometimes I don’t realize how fast I am going through life and it takes a little reminder that I need to be fully present for my three kids ages 10,7, and 4. I felt God with us this afternoon! Thanks be to God!

  10. 210
    Caty says:

    A few years ago I was singing in church when I felt an overwhelming call to prayer. (Something I had never felt before) I sat down in my pew and prayed for my best friend’s husband, who was deployed in Iraq. I was in prayer for what felt like 10 mins. Then the weight left me. I meant to call my friend and tell her but things kept coming up and I forgot. A few days later, I got a call from her that her husbands unit was attacked. Their tanks were hit and destroyed, but NO ONE WAS HURT. NOTHING. (Except for ringing ears) She then goes on to tell me that this happend on Sunday at about 9:30. The exact time her church had asked if it would be ok to pray for his unit. And about 30 mins after I was called to pray. God, and his magnificent timing continues to amaze me. I will never let the call to pray for someone pass unheard.

  11. 211
    Hilary Hogan says:

    I used to follow this blog pretty regularly and for some reason I was studying tonight and went to the site. Until last week my life was really planned out for after I graduate from seminary. Then God completely changed my plans and asked me to wait for his timing. I “coincidentally” came to the blog tonight and this part really stuck out to me.

    “That He’s on it and that your life has not for the merest instant been swallowed up in a black hole. That in your WAIT He is at WORK.”

    A much needed word.

  12. 212
    Angie Sarich says:

    I have been in shock and awe at what The Lord has been up to.
    And Beth, I want to just mention I remember your message how ”
    Amazing can’t change your life.” And that is so true, but it’s bc if we are just
    amazed by God we are not also going to “believe” what is happening
    at the same time.
    I’m going to choke back tears writing this, my mother told my pastors wife how much
    she meant to her. My mom doesn’t come to my church yet, but my pastors wife has shown
    so much love and recently wrote her a letter on my behalf that I probably wouldn’t have let be written had I known about it. The response on both sides were very loving.
    When God speaks and blows you away with what He does such as this, we can reminded how grace does not need permission to move. I have a hard time seeing that my family has changed,
    but stuff like this is confirmation. And it just says we have no clue…we have no clue what The Lord can do because He loves us.
    I love you guys!

  13. 213
    Shannon says:

    After six months separation, two court hearings blocked and months of spiritualgrowth(in my life), I leave lawyer’s office tonight with a broken heart awaiting divorce court Monday. Yet that one bit of fear wrecks my faith after a year of God saying “wait on me” and sending me Ezekiel 37 at least once a month for a year, my faith still waivers with the evidence before me. My husbands hateful attitude and words this afternoon, the exhausting 4 hours with the lawyer preparing for court. The faces of my children torn between their parents. My flesh wanting to run away and my God saying stay. I am overwhelmed as I lie here crying out to my God “why do you hate me?, “why have you toyed with my emotions like this?” “Why would you give me hopes to be dashed upon the rocks?” Then turning on the tv to drown out the silence of my God, Dr. Stanley begins to read Isiah 41:10-13. Again, I am overwhelmed.

  14. 214
    Renee says:

    I am in a very difficult season right now and God has been showing me continuously that he has my back. I’ve been given scripture, heard God’s still small voice speak to my spirit and have an army of people praying. When this season first began, God immediately spoke to my heart and said “I’ve already won this battle!”. The other day I discovered something very concerning and frightening concerning my current situation, within hours God showed me without a doubt he already has it handled. The phrase that keeps repeating to me is, “Then God.” I am feeling very loved and taken care of by my Heavenly Father. Praise God!

  15. 215
    Sharon says:

    And I Love You Too!!! Thanks Again for the WORD Beth! Needed to hear that today!

  16. 216
    Gina says:

    Last year around this time, my husband and I were approached and asked if we would like to adopt a baby girl. With much joy and a little fear, we said of course and started our journey with the birth mother, taking her to appointments, out to eat, getting to know each other. 4 weeks before the baby was due she changed her mind, said she was going to keep it. It hurt, but I decided to Believe God. (my Bible study of choice) I knew it was for a reason. I tried to explain it to our 6 year old, who is also adopted, why God didn’t allow it… even though she prayed every night for her sister. We kept walking. Kept believing. Kept going.
    Now the baby is 6 months old. We’ve been baby sitting her since she was 6 weeks old. We have her more than the birth mother, but she’s not ours. I’ve started to become hurt. Maybe a little resentful. When we pick her up and she’s starving, dirty, or doesn’t have a coat on in the winter, I say to God, do you see? We could do better! This child doesn’t have to suffer! And then I get angry at myself because I have such feelings…
    Monday, after I got the baby to sleep I sat down in the middle of my bedroom floor and grabbed my Jesus Calling. March 5
    “Make friends with the problems in your life. Though many things feel random and wrong, remember that I am sovereign over everything. I can fit everything into a pattern for good, but only to the extent that you trust me. Every problem can teach you something, transforming you little by little into the masterpiece I created you to be…”
    It was like a hug. God reminding me (even though I know it when I quit pouting) that I’m not in control… the birth mother isn’t even in control… nothing happens outside of His great plan. And I trust Him. Oh how He’s been so kind and tender with me, using many situations in my life for His good, that could have been a disaster. And He’ll do it again. Even if she’s gone tomorrow, God is good and kind. And He is working all things out for us. I love Him so much.

  17. 217
    Ada - Lovin Him says:

    We’ve been in a 14 year “wait” for a young adult child who’s battled addiction/ depression/despair/rebellion… and many lies of the enemy. He’s had victories along the way – ALL praise to God- but way too often ends up back in a pit 🙁 I love to spend time with the Lord out on a glider swing that is on a graveled area overlooking our back yard. several months back I was praying for this son and telling the Lord how weary I was and feeling like it was hopeless and the Lord reminded me again to wait on Him because NOTHING is too difficult for the Lord. As I looked down, my eyes fell on am enormous toad stool jutting right out of that hard packed gravel under the blistering heat of the sun! If you know anything about mushrooms/fungi, they grow in damp, cool, dark places – NEVER in the conditions in which this one was flourishing. I was dumbfounded at the extent God went to to remind me that truly, NOTHING is too difficult for Him! 🙂 I was so encouraged to keep standing in the gap for this son and felt God telling me that he too will flourish one day and that when he turns back, he will strengthen his brothers! A few weeks later he had a major fall, hit bottom, and was led into a major victory by the power of the Holy Spirit 🙂 He’s had some minor setbacks and still has a way to go to be “flourishing” but I keep praying and trusting that God will bring about the plans He has to prosper this young man and use him to accomplish kingdom purposes for His glory!

  18. 218
    Linda says:

    I want to tell you that you are the 4th person today to remind me that He’s aware of what I’m battling and where I’m hurting! I think that as this day is coming to a close I’m hearing His message to me “I’ve got your back” loud and clear. Thank you, Lord, for this today! Two verses He shared through others today…Psalm 42:11:
    Why, my soul, are you downcast?
    Why so disturbed within me?
    Put your hope in God,
    for I will yet praise him,
    my Savior and my God.


    Psalm 55:22 & 23b:
    Cast your cares on the Lord
    and he will sustain you;
    he will never let
    the righteous be shaken.
    …But as for me, I trust in you.

    Goodnight, Beth. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  19. 219
    Kimberly says:

    Beth…when I read this post I just had to comment. My Dad went home to be with Jesus on February 17 after having a massive heart attack on Feb 11 while sitting at home with my mama. He was 66. This was an absolute SHOCK to us all. All 6 of us kids, our spouses, Mom and 10 of the 18 grandkids were all at his bedside and sang him into Heaven. I had prayed for God to heal his body completely and let him say here on this earth with us, but it was not to be. His plans… ;o)

    Since that time I have been keenly aware of my own mortality. You see I inhereited about every disease my dad and mom have ever had. One of the things that has permiated my mind is…what will happen to me at 66 if I even make it to that age? Yesterday I wrestled with it a lot and it weighed heavily on my mind as I snuggled with my daughter Grace at bedtime.

    Then I went back to my own bed and pulled out my devotional “40 Days with Jesus” and here’s what it said…

    “Though your earth-body will someday die, you yourself will never perish. When you become absent from the body, you will be present with Me in a deep, rich, glorious way beyond anything you can imagine! No one will be able to snatch you out of My hand. This assurance of your eternal destiny sets you free from fear of death. It also strengthens you to live bountifully today–joyously following your Shepherd.”

    Yes, He’s got my back, knows my heart, and just loves me incredibly!!!!!!! Thanking Him today and trying to live fully in Him. ;o)


  20. 220
    Cindy Jones says:

    I wanted to sell my house within my own perimeters, but during my quiet time with God I felt him asking me to submit it to him and trust him with the outcome.

    Afterwards, I stood in the middle of my living room and said, “God, you gave us this home, like everything else we have, I give it back. May your will be done in all of this house-selling business. I ask for your blessings and favor.” Within minutes of doing that, I got a call from my realtor. She said we had an offer site-unseen. “WHAT???!!”

    Now I’ve sold and bought a few houses in my day and NEVER had this happen. We serve an awesome God!

  21. 221
    krisyoursis says:

    God reminded me today that He’s got my back…and my belly…and the sweet baby inside it! Hallelujah! This kid is due NEXT Friday, but like every other mama who has “made it this far” in a pregnancy, I HAD been wishing that God had already let him come out. The poor kid’s head is sitting.right.”there!”…and that makes for some miserable waddling these days, quite frankly. OH, but then today, when my 7 year-old spewed vomit ALL OVER THE BACKSEAT of my car (and all over his drama queen older sister-bless her, Lord!)…and there was NOT a baby already strapped into the infant seat next to him, God reminded me: “See, the baby is right were he needs to be. I’ve got him. I’ve got you!” And yes, as I dry heaved while I scrubbed my back seat with Lysol tonight, I also had my praise on and rejoiced that I wasn’t ALSO disassembling an infant seat to sanitize! 🙂 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, PRAISE HIM!

  22. 222
    Andrea Honea says:

    One day after a very long night and morning with my toddler, I walked thru the kitchen chasing chaos and said in frustration and desperation to the Lord, ‘Can you just come, like actually here in person, and help me?!?’ Later after I got my little one to nap, I sat down to fold an enormous pile of laundry. My 4 year old came over to me and said, ‘Mom, I want to help you do that.’ And he did. Like really help…neatly folding every piece he could get to. He was cheerful and kind and it lifted my spirit. God clearly said to me in that moment, ‘See, My presence IS with you all the time. I have created people to be my hands and feet and I am helping you!’

  23. 223
    Lisa says:

    Summer 2003. My husband had been out of work for a year and a half. My beloved golden retriever, Sassy, had passed away from cancer 3 months earlier. Now, I have ALWAYS had a dog, since I was 5 years old! And I’ve owned nothing but golden retrievers for the past 29 years. But with my husband being out of work, there was no way we could buy another golden puppy at that time. I was heartsick to be without a dog, and it seemed, at times, like my husband would never find a job and God had just forgotten about us.

    It was 4th of July weekend, and in the space of about 48 hours, I visited 3 different homes — all of which had one or more dogs. In pain and frustration, I cried to my husband, “It seems like everyone in the world who wants a dog, has one — except ME!” The very next morning, a stray dog joined us as we were running. He was a young golden retriever, and we thought he belonged to a neighbor. We kept him at our house for the day, then took him “home” — only to find that he was not our neighbor’s dog. Long story short, we never did find out who Jack belonged to. That’s because he belonged to US!

    Ten years later, sweet Jack is still a reminder to me of God’s incredible love. In the grand scheme of life, not having a dog really isn’t a big problem. But my tender Father used this smiling golden bear to speak to my heart: “I see you. I see your tears. You matter to me. You are not forgotten. I love you.” Not a day goes by that I don’t look at Jack and remember how God used this special creature to remind me that HE SEES ME! And, oh, how He loves me!

  24. 224
    Amber says:

    Was really worried about Gods next step for my husband and I in our current ministry. Are You finished with us here? If so, what do we do next?? If not, what do I need to be doing right NOW where I currently am?? So may questions. :/
    But He is sooo good, Beth!! He used me to speak into the life a young lady that I am currently mentoring and who would have thought, that He would use her to speak back right back into MY life words of encouragement and confirmation that I am RIGHT where I’m suppose to be!!!
    As the song says that we have been singing on tues nights, ‘What peace for those whose confidence is Him alone’!
    And by the way, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for speaking into the life of one of my precious students during altar time this past turs night! She was so desperate to hear from God and you had JUST the right words for her at JUST the right time!!

  25. 225
    Melissa says:

    This may sound silly, but every night this week when I’ve come home, there’s a parking spot right in front of my place. It just reminds me to trust that He’ll do the best for me in big and little situations.

  26. 226
    Deborah (Debbie) says:

    Hello, you beautiful blonde you!

    This is not so much about me and God having my back but about how He had my friends back and used me in the process — and let me tell you it blessed me beyond measure and some 25 years later it still encourages me to remember He is the same today for me as He was for my friend. Anywho…I was spending some time studying His word and I had the strangest feeling. It was as if my friend — who lived some 8 hours or so away from me and whom I only talked to on occasion (but had been my very best friend in Jr. High) — were right in the room with me…as if she were physically present. It was weird. I told my husband about it and he said: “Well, I think you better give her a call.” And so I did. When she answered her phone and I told her why I was calling, there was a stund silence. She said she had just been praying about something difficult she had to discuss with her husband (and it was an “I really need prayer and courage” kind a thing) and he was just walking up the front walk to the house. I believe we said a quick prayer and the call ended.

    Don’t we serve an amazing God, though??? It was an experience I haven’t had since but it was a demonstration of God’s care and His ability to see His children encouraged, strengthened and built up…and His grace in using one like me (how honored am I to have been included in God showing Himself in this way). What an absolutely wonderous God we have.
    God Bless you Good…real good

  27. 227
    Lynn says:

    I had been the hospital about 6 weeks and one day the phone rang and the mom on the other end told me her 3 year old wanted to sing me a song. I said “sure” and expected her to start singing “Jesus Loves Me” but to my surprise she sang this song “Lay your burden down
    Every care you carry,
    And come to the table of grace,
    For there is mercy.
    Come just as you are,
    We are all unworthy
    To enter the presence of God
    For He is holy.
    Lift up your heart, lift up your hands,
    Fall on your knees and pray;
    For the King of kings and the love He brings
    Is here in this place.
    We raise our voices, raise our song,
    We offer Him our praise;
    For the King of kings and the joy He brings
    Is here, He is here in this place.”

    That was seven years ago, but I have never forgot the time I heard God singing over me in a 3 year old voice.

  28. 228
    Brenda O says:

    Oh my sisters, I have felt like God took a walk. My son is getting a divorce, & it has been ugly. My son has a bad history but at 39 he is finally putting his life together, so I thought. As our dear Beth said, “I need you in my burden but not in my stuff!” He needs so much prayer, his soul is in danger as well as his life. This very week I received a text from a young woman saying she couldn’t get us off her mind. Hope we are well. Praying blessings on us. ” Until Your blog, Beth, I didn’t see it as a note from God that he has our back, our sons back! Thank you for that reminder!

  29. 229
    Amanda Cross says:

    Well, I ordered a journal to begin recording my prayers. I watched a Sunday school video last night about praying through the Psalms. My journal came in today and I prayed through Psalm 7. I prayed, Lord, I take refuge in you. Save me from my pursuers and deliver me. Lift yourself up against the fury of my enemies. I know this is probably talking about human enemies, but I have some very real spiritual enemies that I feel have been pursuing me and are furious. I opened my email real quick before turning in for bed and I see this wonderful encouraging post. I feel that God does have my back and that He is pursuing my pursuers.

  30. 230
    Joy says:

    My niece was in a tragic car accident 4 weeks ago tomorrow. She left behind a 4 year old. She was a single mom, and had been able to escape (literally) from an abusive man! My niece loved the Lord, and we saw over and over again how HE was carrying us, going ahead of us as we prepared for her funeral. Her son’s daycare worker is a believer (we found this out after) and she was so excited that the daycare had closed and the workers were all at the funeral and heard about Jesus!! We believe that God ordains the number of our days, and that he knew all about Keri coming home to be with him that day! We don’t understand everything, but we believe God is sovereign.

  31. 231
    Hope says:

    Reading this post is just further confirmation of what I have been thanking God for over the last few days. For the last several months, my marriage has been under intense strain to the point of separation. Being a very private person, not many people know the situation we faced. Over the last several weeks, I have had countless “God encounters” at the exact right moment. From people speaking encouragement directly to the (unknown)situation to songs played on the radio at the exact time they were needed. I have even found that the scriptures God has led me to memorize with the SSMT have been exactly what I’ve needed to lean on during each new struggle. Thankfully, I can say God is currently working a miracle in our lives and there is hope! “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. God is good. ALL the time.

  32. 232
    Amanda Cross says:

    Also, I reflected on this portion of scripture: Behold, the wicked man conceives evil and is pregnant with mischief and gives birth to lies. He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole that he has made. Psalm 7:14-15 ESV I see that this is talking about a wicked man, but think it also is a picture of the devil’s character. He digs a pit for us to fall into a hole.

    I love that you said: That He’s on it and that your life has not for the merest instant been swallowed up in a black hole.

    I’m so glad that one day, God will bring eternal judgment on our enemy and he will no longer be able to tempt or attack God’s people.

  33. 233
    Mckenzie says:

    The most powerful way God did this was this past July. I spent several months in prayer during a transition off the mission field. I was questioning my purpose and my calling. Those months were marked with a profound silence from The Lord. These circumstances and His silence took me into a deep sadness, I clung with all all I had to His Word. I felt my faith was being tested and I was failing. The only thing I knew for certain in my heart was Romans 8:28. All else was like me grasping a wet napkin. I would open my bible to Joshua 1:5 and just sit there asking “where are you?”
    At a youth retreat, one of the young men acting as a translator came up to pray for me. The first words out of his mouth were Joshua 1:5 and everything that came out of his mouth for the following ten minutes was a response to one of my many prayers the months before.
    Outside of my call to missions, I have not experienced a direct response from The Lord as this. Regardless of my circumstances, I look back on that evening and the months leading up to it and I believe with all my being that Joshua 1:5 is true. In the darkness..,I know this much is true!!
    Praise god for he is faithful, He is wise, and He loves us more than we can imagine!!

  34. 234
    Cindi says:

    It was a long and rainy day when we buried my Mother due to breast cancer. I had come home early from living overseas with my husband and kids to help care for her daily for the last 2 years of her life. On that long drive back from the family cemetery in South Texas, the more it rained the more I cried. My Mother was the first person I had ever lost to death that was close to me. After passing through Tomball on the way home God showed me He had my back. He created a complete from end to end perfect double rainbow in the sky that seem to last forever. Sometimes when I pray for others I include that request; Oh, Lord, just show them a glimpse of your glory! He continues to keep so near to me and the best way to know that truly is when I consecrate myself daily and totally surrender to Him. I’m so thankful He is in total control. Hallelujah Emanuel. Shalom

  35. 235
    Barb Rowe says:

    Well, dearest Beth. Just in this post alone the timing is divinely appointed for me and a friend I ran into tonight. We rarely see each other these days and we had opportunity for a short power packed conversation and oath to pray for one another through a couple of major things in each others lives. I have already sent this on to her as well.

    But I will share one of several very obvious times like this. God just blows me away and truly when I am weakest He is strongest in His presence in my life.

    Long story short. My Dad was a sweet, kind, generous and loving man, husband, Father and friend. But he was a quiet guy and never much on crowds. Would not go to church regularly but would read the Bible fairly regularly that was near his chair or bed side table. I was never totally sure of his Salvation because of his lack of church attendance and a few other things. Out local pastor assured me after conversations with him over the years that he was Saved. But I just really needed some reassurance on the morning my Dad passed away. I got the call at 3am that morning. God ordained it to be the 1st time in years that my Sister and her husband had come for a short visit. So we were together which we knew was no mistake in and of itself.

    After everyone else had gone back to bed I sat in the living room with my Bible in my lap and cried out to the Lord to over this very thing. I opened my Bible and began to read (I promise on my Dad’s grave I opened it and looked down and began to read this. No searching and reading a line or two and then searching more to find what I wanted to hear.)

    PSALM 21
    Praise for Deliverance.

    For the choir director. A Psalm of David.

    O Lord, in Your strength the king will be glad,
    And in Your [a]salvation how greatly he will rejoice!
    2 You have given him his heart’s desire,
    And You have not withheld the request of his lips. [b]Selah.
    3 For You meet him with the blessings of good things;
    You set a crown of fine gold on his head.
    4 He asked life of You,
    You gave it to him,
    Length of days forever and ever.
    5 His glory is great through Your [c]salvation,
    Splendor and majesty You place upon him.
    6 For You make him [d]most blessed forever;
    You make him joyful with gladness in Your presence.
    7 For the king trusts in the Lord,
    And through the lovingkindness of the Most High he will not be shaken.

    NEEDLESS to say I know from the depths of my soul God answered that prayer that morning Feb. 22, 2007 We shared this passage on the Memorial piece.

    The next day my brother on his way somewhere heard a song on the radio he had never heard before that seemed as if it was written just for us and about our Dad. BTW my Dad in many ways sounds a lot like Keith. The song was by Aaron Tippin, “He Believed” can paste this link to hear it. I twas written for His Dad.


    Nothing bad in it I promise!

    Dad had an encyclopedia size vocabulary of old sayings,loved his guns,his kids,his wife and his country and always said he prayed more than any of the rest of us!

    Miss you Pops! Can’t wait to see you and Mom again one day!

  36. 236
    Elyse says:

    I’ve been doubting that I can reach the calling that God has placed on my life because I have struggled with anorexia for the past 5 years and it’s taken a huge toll on my relationship with The Lord and with others. But this morning my mom texted me telling me that a woman from my church back home whom I don’t know spoke a prophetic word over me last night. God reaffirmed the calling that I have on my life and that no one and nothing can keep me from that. And I’m going to be able to help others come to know the same God who has healed me from my hurts and they’re going to receive their healing and freedom as well. I’m so thankful for His reminders…especially in the darkest of times.

  37. 237
    Leslie says:

    Sometimes the way God has my back just makes me giggle. My man is civil service so the sequester issue is looming over our finances and I have been trying to be very frugal. Today at Target I found a clearance Michael Graves duster and decided to invest in it as we have tons of blinds in our house and they are pretty dang dusty! The duster is the PERFECT width to clean those blinds. Totally frivolous but just a reminder of God being in EVERY. LITTLE. THING! Tonight at our Breaking Free Study I was so struck by Beth’s comments about how He knows all about yokes and He makes ours light…even when we have to dust the blinds!

  38. 238
    Pam says:

    Your blog today was a reminder to me that Gods got my back. A year ago God gave me this verse during a time when I had nobody to turn to and during that time God showed me this verse over and over again along with Jeremiah 29:11. Today I am at a totally different place and lately have been questioning if God even hears me. Tonight I have been reminded that he not only hears me but that he does have my back!

  39. 239
    linda Trammell says:

    Remember in the James study, session 5, when you showed AnnaBeth doing her happy dance? Of course you do! What Grandma could forget that!!?? Anyway, i had had a “trying” weekend and was on my way home from LaGrange to Atlanta. I stopped to get gas and as I was pumping, a lady approached me. She looked like she had had a hard life, and I guess she had. She told me her son had run away from home and just that day had called her to come and get him. The problem was she only had $3 to put in her gas tank. I asked her to let me finish pumping and we would talk. She went back to her car & tears poured from my eyes as I thanked God for blessing me & lifting me up & letting me love on somebody else. I “AnnaBethed” all the way to her car (in my head.) When I put my credit card in she asked when to stop pumping and I told her not until the tank was full. We talked and she thanked me about 100 times & I thanked God about 100 times. When we parted, she asked for a hug – I’m usually the hugger, but for some reason, it never occurred to me to approach her. That started it up again & I had her sweater fuzz all over me & she got some of my hair in her watch. God sent her to me at a low point when only reaching out to my fellow sister could give me the boost I needed. Does He have my back? Every day and in every way!!

  40. 240
    Teri says:

    Getting married and having children was what I had always wanted. I did marry but two years later I was lying on a surgical bed getting ready to have a hysterectomy. As I lay there awaiting surgery and feeling so all alone I began to cry uncontrollably. There was no one to talk to other than God. I told Him how sad I was because I would never get to experience the miracle of birth or experience being a mother. I felt like I would never be whole after having this surgery because as a woman I believed I was made to have children yet, here I was. I pleaded with God to heal me but in just a few minutes I would no longer have that option. It was final. That dream was not to be for me.

    Three years after my surgery an acquaintance and member of our church married a woman from England. They made a home here and when they found out they were pregnant they asked my husband and I to be the Godparents. They told us that God had given them our names. We felt very honored to be asked yet I was still a little curious as to why we were chosen when we were only acquaintances. I guess I wasn’t sure they heard God right.
    But the reality of what was transpiring came when a few days later the mother, Elinor, called me to say that while in prayer that morning God had spoken to her. She said He asked her to share the entire pregnancy and birthing process with me because He wanted me to experience everything she was experiencing as a mother. I had no doubt that God had spoken to her. And Elinor had no idea that I was unable to have children.
    God heard my cry that day three years prior. He was giving me the “experience” of birth and of being a mother through Elinor.
    I went to each birthing class, doctors visit, helped decorate the babies room and was right there when Elinor gave birth. When I held our baby, Elizabeth for the first time we immediately bonded as mother and daughter. The love was so intense.
    It’s been 12 years and my husband and I, known as Mama 2 and Daddy 2 have two Goddaughters now! Elizabeth is 12 years old and Faith is 10 years old . Their mother and father have shared every moment, every event, even allowing us to make decisions as co-parents. We couldn’t be any closer to our girls. They are the most precious, loving, joyful gifts in my life and I am so in awe of God for having blessed us with such treasures. I will never forget what God has given me personally. I was not only able to experience the births of each of them but Gods gift keeps on giving! We are family. They are my daughters and… I am Mama 2!

  41. 241
    Jaime K says:

    Wednesday morning- had a mediocre time at work. The afternoon was frustrating though, and by the time I got home I was fuming mad! Thursday morning started off just as challenging. I was in constant “communication” with God, venting as “appropriately” as I could, all the while BEGGING for grace.

    Arrived at the office mid-morning fuming again and even more upset that I was so upset. After shooting up one last desperate plea for grace, I dove into my work. But was interrupted by a puzzling message from a co-worker. I almost cried when she explained…

    “tomorrow is Women’s Day. Our company has given each of us a movie ticket and we will only work half the day.” Seriously? God not only had my back, He KNEW…He sees the details and He cares! Happy Women’s Day!

  42. 242
    Deb says:

    I have been praying about physical concerns, including an area of my back (smile). At times, I am at peace and at other times, I struggle with fear. I prayed, “Lord, I believe, forgive my unbelief, I once again put my fears in your hands and will trust you to do immeasurably more in my healing.”
    I thought, “I am going to check out the blog, always a source of comfort” and laughed out loud/cried at the same time- I am a girl, what can I say. Thank you for the very visual reminder that He does indeed have my back and my front, too! Thank you, Jesus.

  43. 243
    Debbie says:

    These posts are encouraging to read.

    God has meet me through His Word and through Beth’s study on James this past week. I had put down the James study for few months as I attended the Women’s Bible study at my church. A session at church ended and I then picked up the James study again about a week ago. I was going through quite a bit of conflict with a loved one at the time. When I opened up the James study for the first time in months the lesson was on James 4 about quarrels and conflicts and how they stem from selfishness in our hearts (or at least I knew mine did). I knew God knew where I was and what I was dealing with. He gave me a reminder to yield to Him.

    Then a few days later I was again dealing with some conflicts and feeling so discouraged. The Bible Study was again exactly what I needed to hear. It was on James 4:6 “But He gives a greater grace”. He is powerful and able! God once again knew exactly what I needed to hear that day. So comforting to know He has not given up on me and is continuting to speak to my heart.

    So thankful for your writing Beth. God has used it to deepen my walk with Him tremendously. Thank you does not seem adequate but thank you. Love you a lot.

    Also another time comes to my mind from years ago (maybe 4 years or so). I don’t remember exactly what Bible Study of yours I was doing (it was either Believing God or Stepping Up… I am sure you will know). I was wrestling with God in an intense way after losing an infant at 4 days old. You said something in the study about wrestling with God and needing to come to a place of surrender and just believing He is God. You cited examples of people who had lost children and grandchildren. I cried and knew God was asking me to just believe He is still God and surrender to Him. This helped me surrender what I didn’t understand.

    love to you all —

  44. 244
    Anita Reed says:

    At the end of 2011, I had finished chemo & radiation. I had lost my waist-length hair, eyelashes, & eyebrows. Crying because I looked so bad, I told God, if I could just have my hair & my eyelashes for Christmas. In a sweet, gentle voice, HE answered me saying, “I know the very number of hairs you had on your head.” Even though I walked thru the valley of the shadow of death of cancer, My God was with me in such a sweet, loving way. Today, I am cancer-free!!

  45. 245
    Julie says:

    Wow!! I’m nearly bowled over by the perfect timing of your post, Beth. I’ll try to make this succinct, but I have to share my story. I had a very dramatic surgery on November 14th, developed a staph infection on the day after Thanksgiving and ended up in the exact same hospital for 5 more days. That’s the background story.
    Now, here is where God DEFINITELY showed me that not only does He have my back, literally, but He has my whole life in His hands. I joined the Siesta Memorization this year, with the full knowledge that memorization of ANY kind has always been extremely difficult for me. Towards the end of January, I kept seeing the Armor of God in my devotions. So much so that one day, I said out loud to God, “Okay! I get it.” With that, I immediately realized that He might be giving me these verses for a very big reason. There just might be some Warfare going on around me. I was right. On February 11th, I had to go to my surgeon to have a biopsy of a lesion on my BACK. He warned me at the time, that if this came back “iffy,” I would have to go under general anesthesia for the third time since late October. As you can imagine, I was certainly storming Heaven myself and with my family and with My Prayer Girls, a group of my praying sisters on FB. The biopsy did come back positive for precancerous cells, so I had the surgery on my BACK on Wednesday. To say that I, along with my family, friends and Prayer Girls, saw God’s Hand working is a vast understatement. My OR nurse, just so happened to be a friend from a previous church that I hadn’t seen in over 10 years!! She came in to see if I was THE Julie that she remembered and I was that Julie!! She stayed in my room the whole time and even rolled me to the OR!! I was absolutely floored. God, Himself, provided me with a friend that I hadn’t seen in so many years and we were so busy talking and catching up, that I didn’t have time to be worried or stressed out about my surgery!!
    I won’t know the results of this second biopsy for a couple of weeks, but one thing that I KNOW for sure, God has my BACK and HE will see me through whatever I face.
    Sorry that this is so long, but I just had to share my story about God having my back.
    Much love!!

  46. 246
    Anne F says:

    I am an American living in Paris. I have been here for 14 months and will be here for another year or so. Although I am completely convinced God brought my husband and I to Paris it has not always been easy. Even little things like getting a haircut can be a challenge. I must admit I have been a little discouraged lately wondering if I am hearing from God…He has been a bit quiet. But this morning when I got up, I saw this posting.

    Hmmm…does God have my back here in Paris? Does God have my back even in the little things? I needed a haircut but this is a challenging thing, explaining how to cut my hair with my very small french vocabulary. But I decided to go out and get it cut. So on my way, as I walked down the boulevard I live on, I asked the Lord to show me that He has my back. God is amazing! Why I ever doubt, I do not know! I walked into the same coiffure I have been to many times with no english speaking hairdressers. The girl who greeted me spoke to me in English. Wow Lord, You do have my back! But it only got better from there. As we talked and she cut, I found out that she was brought up by a Christian mother in Sri Lanka. But she has not really been walking with the Lord here in Paris. She was so open to hear from me about the Lord and I was even able to point her to a church here in Paris, the Hillsong church plant. She said her mother was always praying for her to come back to the Lord.

    Does God have my back?- Oh yes he does and when I am available to be used by Him, He uses me to help someone else know He has their back too.

    Isaiah 58:8 says,”Then your salvation will come like the dawn, and your wounds will quickly heal. Your godliness will lead you forward, and the glory of the LORD will protect you from behind. He has my back!!

  47. 247
    roxanne says:

    He’s got my back from waking up to when I rest my head on the pillow at night. He is with me in good and bad and thankfully when I am in the valley. When I am most fearful I realize (as I heard again the James Mercy Triumphs bible study) “Come near to God and he will come near to you” jas 4:8. Most recently for me from Lam 3:57 “You came near when I called you and you said, “Do not be afraid””. God has got my back, and often with a little nudge. 🙂

  48. 248
    Jamie Tait says:

    Two weekends ago I was running the New Orleans Marathon. The forecast was for rain even up to Saturday, the day before the race. I was called early in the week to pray boldly for cool air and clear skies. (Ha! It was NOLA where humidity is 110%) Well, 7 am, race start time. Clear blue skies!!! I cried at the start…first song on my playlist…Jesus Paid It All by David Crowder. Yes He did!!! I was overwhelmed by God’s sweet message to me that He and I would make it through the next 26.2 miles together. And we did!!!

  49. 249
    Andrea says:

    When my now son in-law called to ask my husband and I for my daughter’s hand in marriage. The relationship had been very strained with him from some past experiences. We were in Florida when he called. We were just kind of down about it but did give our blessing. We walked outside and there in the sky was a double rainbow. I knew then GOD had HIS hand on them. Now 10 years and 3 beautiful grandchildren later HE still does. I love that about GOD. He knew I needed a double rainbow. Even now in times it gives me strength. I just shared this last weekend with my daughter.

  50. 250
    Dawn says:

    This past year was very hard for me. With some unresolved issues of my past and my children growing up and leaving the nest really did a number on me and my husband thought he was married to a crazy woman. Anyway,I was really reading one morning and came across this verse and use it for my memory work but it has become a life saver. Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still.”-NIV In other words,He’s got your (mine) back(s). Don’t you love how He is always on time!!
    Be Blessed Everyone,

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