Happiness Is…

Happiness is wearing a long sleeve t-shirt.

Happiness is watching magical reunions happen in baggage claim.

Happiness is holding a newborn baby.

Happiness is a new coat of nail polish.

Happiness is an encouraging text message in the middle of the day.

Happiness is snail mail.

Happiness is an empty email inbox at the end of a workday.

Happiness is laughing so hard you can’t breathe.

Happiness is the blank pages of a new journal.

Happiness is an unlikely friendship.

Happiness is zero humidity in Houston.

Happiness is hearing your name from someone you didn’t think knew your name.

Happiness is my mom’s chocolate chip banana bread mini-muffins.

Happiness is the straight lines on the carpet left over from vacuuming.

Happiness is an empty laundry basket, even if it only lasts for a day.

Happiness is your favorite song getting played on the radio when you’re driving.

Sometimes it’s just the little things in life.

Your turn.

Happiness is…


378 Responses to “Happiness Is…”

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  1. 251
    Sandy says:

    Happiness is….sleeping on most of a 16 hour plane ride.

    ….my Christmas tree being up and decorated by my 3 granddaughters…even though ALL the Starbucks decorations are on the same branch 😉

    …Camp South Africa…my new friend Abby..all the wonderful but haunting faces of children from the townships of SA

    …Christ’s birth and death and love

  2. 252
    Marie Everhart says:

    Happiness is watching my nine year old daughter give her first public speech on “The greatest Christmas Present I ever Got…Jesus”.

  3. 253
    JoAnn Janik says:

    Happiness is:
    God’s unconditional love and faithfulness
    Being in God’s Word
    My son
    Contentment right where you are
    First sip of coffee
    Watching little kittens play
    My parents (both 85)
    Putting on comfy clothes after work
    Road trips
    A field of bluebonnets in the Texas hill country
    Rainy days inside my home
    A good book
    Mani Pedi
    A clean house
    Being debt-free – Amen !!

  4. 254
    Heidi says:

    Happiness is knowing whatever happens God is in control.

  5. 255
    Dana says:

    The feeling of making it to all my breaking free classes

  6. 256
    Maureen Chabot says:

    Happiness is:
    I’m home

    The smell of a baby

    The first snowfall

    My small group

    Anything up north in Michigan with my husband

    My Christmas tree all decorated & lit up

    Getting a GREAT bargain!

    Being a princess…In God’s eyes (& my husbands)

    Wonderful friends

    Anything cotton

    Italian food

    The Seniors I work with (just love em)!!

    Praising God!!!!

    Praising God w/our amazing Praise team

    Mexican Food

    My wonderful family

    Middle Eastern Food


    Any kind of food:o)

    Jesus’ love

    More of Jesus’ love!!

  7. 257
    Lisa Repenning says:

    Graduating from Nursing School at 40 years old, by the grace of God and with the complete and utter support of my husband and kids. Thank you Jesus!!!!

  8. 258
    Christy says:

    sleeping in and when you wake, just laying under the warm covers!

  9. 259
    Karissa says:

    Happiness is fresh cut grass.
    Happiness is flowers on your birthday.
    Happiness my nephew learning to walk.
    Happiness is seeing a rainbow.
    Happiness is snowdays!(Teachers love these more than kids)
    Happiness is finding the perfect gift for someone.
    Happiness is a hot cup of coffee, a big comfy chair, and quiet time reading my Bible.
    Happiness is my favorite movie on tv.
    Happiness is visiting my grandmother.
    Happiness is finishing a big project.
    Happiness is friends who support you.
    Happiness is playing a board game with the family.
    Happiness is the smell of Christmas trees.
    Happiness is a reminder from God that you’re loved.

  10. 260
    Brenda says:

    Happiness is giving hope and love to marriages in which we were given over twenty years ago; therefore redeemed husbands, wives; and families. Hallelujah, to God be the Glory! The best Christmas gift to give your child is to love their daddy or mommy!

  11. 261
    Rachel says:

    Happiness is pumpkin spice lattes’
    Happiness is a new pair of shoes
    Happiness is talking on the phone with your BFF who lives across the country
    Happiness is listening to Christmas music
    Happiness is mother-daughter shopping trips
    Happiness is completing everything on your to do list
    Happiness is seeing my dog’s excitement when I come home
    Happiness is a new nail polish color
    Happiness is watching hallmark Christmas movies
    Happiness is hearing a baby laugh
    Happiness is a cupcake
    Happiness is reading a new blog entry on the LPM Blog 🙂

  12. 262
    Cindy says:

    Happiness is…holding my first grandchild!

    God is so good!

  13. 263
    Carolyn says:

    Happiness is

    Starbucks especially Frappacinnos
    Being awakened by puppy kisses
    That “new car” smell
    Sister trips each year with my 3 sisters
    SSMT celebration in Houston after memorizing
    24 Bible verses

    Oceanside Ca

  14. 264
    Beth Beckerman says:

    Happiness is being “chewed” on by my toothless grandbaby.

  15. 265
    Nancy says:

    Happiness is…opening your email to find an LPM blog post!

    Happiness is…hearing 2 little boys aged 20 mo, and 4yrs squeal “NANA!!!” -even though you see them almost every day!!

  16. 266
    Kari Flom says:

    Happiness is……the feel of my husband’s arms around me

  17. 267
    Tessa says:

    Happiness is…

    Crawling in my soft cozy bed last night…

    The Holy Spirit reminding me that He blessed me with this new house…

    The Holy Spirit speaking that restoration of the new house will soon be complete (a line to the commode downstairs broke and flooded the house 3 months after we moved in)…

    The Holy Spirit filling me with joy after He restored my marriage that was so broken this time last year…

    The Holy Spirit allowing me to know His love and joy despite circumstances…

    The Holy Spirit comforting me with scripture relevent to seeing everything from God’s perspective right before I fall asleep…wrapped in His Provision and Love

    Thank You Jesus…..

  18. 268
    Yvonne says:

    Happiness is:

    Hearing that my mom’s cancer is almost gone!

    A surprise visit from my son who is in the Navy

    My youngest son coming home from college

    My sweet dogs and their unconditional love!

    My man texting me just to say he loves me. After 28+ years of marriage, he still makes me smile.

    A Savior whose love is not only unconditional but with me every second of every day!

  19. 269
    Judy says:

    Happiness is:

    Having coffee with good friends
    Enjoying time with your children when they’re home for the holidays
    Spending time with my hubby when he’s been working too many hours for too long a time
    Knowing my Heavenly Father loves me

  20. 270
    Patti Reavis says:

    Happiness is:
    finding out that you have no blockage after a heart attack
    completing the work in a Bible Study on time
    learning something new in the Bible
    taking a bath at night
    putting on pj’s after wearing tight clothes all day
    finding the right color of foundation
    touching a baby’s skin
    smelling a puppy’s breath
    seeing your family
    feeling the presence of the Lord.

  21. 271
    Dawn says:

    Happiness is a hot shower.

  22. 272
    LuAnn says:

    Happiness is:

    Seeing my husband at the end of the day

    Seeing my son when he comes in for work at the begining of the day.

    A good cup of hot tea – brewed just right on a chilly morning.

    Good mexican food

    Time spent with sisters in Christ, doing whatever, shopping, bible study, visiting or working on a project to gether.

    Puppy breath

    Hearing my dog sigh that contented sigh as he lays down near me.

    Technology when it works

    Opening a card from a friend

    The siesta community!

  23. 273
    Pam Mayer says:

    Happiness is a cup of coffee and a healthy exchange of encouraging words!

  24. 274
    Kim D. says:

    Happiness is…
    seeing the faces of my neices and nephew and hearing their laughter
    putting on lip gloss
    getting a phone call from my sister
    being able to sleep in

  25. 275
    Stephanie says:

    Happiness is

    Seeing God’s fingerprints on my day
    Finding heart stones on the beach (my daughter calls them kisses from heaven)
    Hot coffee on a cold morning
    Perfumed lotion after a hot shower
    My teenager daughter still letting me tuck her in at night
    My husband telling me I am beautiful when I know I look awful
    My dog who is thrilled to see me every time I get home
    Starting a new bible study
    Sisters in Christ
    Secretly doing something nice for someone

  26. 276
    NancyS says:

    Happiness is aceing a test you were afraid you had failed.

    Happiness is landing the perfect job after a long unemployment.

    Happiness is seeing His hand in your situation.

  27. 277
    Debbie says:

    Happiness is…going home for Christmas 🙂

  28. 278

    Happiness is:
    ~Heated carseats…
    ~Looking through a photo album…
    ~The smell of anything baking…
    ~Those really colorful curly ribbon bows…
    ~Bunny kisses (when they lick you it is quite an honour)…
    ~A daughters hug…
    ~Goodnight prayers spoken together…
    ~Being at home with my family ( I just asked my hubby and he said that one, awe )…
    ~remembering Minnesota…
    ~Being in a place of fellowship with Gods praying people…
    ~knowing you may have help someone in word and or deed…
    ~hearing yumms…
    ~hearing many people singing together…
    ~a kitties purrr…
    ~really comfortable shoes…
    ~the smell of a new Bible…
    ~a day and or night without noise…
    ~sleeping straight through the night zZzz 🙂 …
    ~Jesus’ words in red to read when you can’t sleep…
    ~hearing a child singing…
    ~hearing many children singing to Lord God and Jesus Christ our Savior…
    ~having a child take hold of your hand…
    ~a large pot of soup…
    ~getting a card with pictures in it…
    ~being well enough to carpe diem…
    ~when your fever breaks…
    ~a tissue given right when you needed it…
    ~is when someone you thought didn’t like you, let’s you know otherwise…
    ~a full tank of gas and lunch money…
    ~sunsets on Bear Mountain NY…
    ~a well sung hymn at church ( the ones that everyone knows the words and music to and then we all sing loudly and confidently (that’s joy))…
    ~a freshly bathed dog…
    ~being in OG…
    ~knowing you’re being prayed for by others…
    ~gazing at ‘Big Water’ (the ocean )…
    ~the smell of the ocean…
    ~knowing that God has got my 6…
    ~remembering my many blessings…
    ~thinking of you all…
    ~thank you’s

  29. 279
    D says:

    Happiness is
    – holding my puppy in my arms and looking in her eyes 🙂
    – when people are enjoying the meal that you made
    – when you witness somebody else’s salvation
    – when the Lord fills your heart with joy so much that it makes you cry
    – listening/reading devotionals every morning and being encouraged
    – talking to my sister
    – hearing my niece call me “aunt”
    – holding my sleeping nephew
    – finding good deals in stores and online
    – taking a trip
    – eating good food
    – drinking tea
    – when God gives you a friend
    – loving the old friends you have known forever
    – seeing your friend’s kid putting his tiny little toe right into his mouth
    – when God gives you hope
    – following interesting blogs
    – planning a new vacation
    – when you catch glimpses of who God truly is
    – seeing the ocean

    Thank you Lord for giving us all a chance to experience happiness in both small and big things!

  30. 280
    rachel stuart says:

    Happiness is enjoying time with the kids and enjoying the laughter

  31. 281
    Jennifer T says:

    …hearing the man who said “not sure I want to stay in this” (and meaning it) a year ago comforting our son (whose friend’s parents divorced) with “I love your Mom and I’m not going anywhere!”

    …being woken by the child who’s fallen asleep next to you by their dream-laughter.

    …a cleared kitchen counter.

    …hearing my daughter greet Mary, Baby Jesus, and “Jofus” in our scattered cresches.

    …wearing cute shoes that were found on sale.

    …seeing “Life Today” has recorded on my DVR and knowing 1) it’s from Wednesday and 2) the Lord has somehow provided me with 30 minutes of solo viewing time!

    …rummaging in my purse for a pen and finding my old SSMT notebook.

    …remembering several of my verses from that notebook.

    …trying already to choose verses for the next notebook!

  32. 282
    She says:

    Happiness is the feel of the sticky fingers of my orecious gandsons reaching for my hand or touching my face.
    Happiness is knowing that I am wholly and truly loved by my man who know my past and loves our future together.
    Happiness is the smile on my disabled sons face when he sees me every morning.
    Happiness is knowing that I belong to and am a part of te body of Christ. I am not in this alone.
    Happiness is having friends who truly get me and who hod me accountable for my decisions.
    Happiness is corporate Bible study with women from many churches.
    Happiness is watching the sun rise and watching it set…it means I can see!
    Happiness is being a nurse and knowing that I make a difference.
    Happiness is realizing I have so very many things that bring me great joy.

  33. 283
    Barbie says:

    Happiness is that sweet four-legged friend that is always thrilled to see you come through the door – even when you were only gone for 2 minutes.

  34. 284
    Tanya says:

    Music that fits a moment.

    My little girl laughing.

    Fixing a problem at work that needed me to fix it.

    Cooking for people i love.

    Recalling a scripture or finding one that is just for me…you know. Special delivery from the holy spirit

  35. 285

    my little girls’ laughter when I’m frazzled. 🙂

  36. 286
    Heather says:

    …watching my older kids love on their baby brother

    …checking off all our assignments from a long, productive school day

    …a God who is faithful

  37. 287
    Lynn says:

    Happiness is:

    When your daughter and future son-in-law finally set the date!

  38. 288
    Donna B says:

    Finding our very first egg in the chicken coop! City chick moved to the country 🙂

  39. 289
    Kim says:

    Happiness is: Reading God’s word and working on the James study as I heal from foot surgery with my two wonderful golden retrievers sacked out on the bed with me.

  40. 290
    Selina Bruner says:

    Selina, B’ville KY.
    Happiness is… seeing your husband pastoring a church
    Happiness is… a warm shower and my Snuggie.
    Happiness is hearing someone call your Momma or Mammaw

  41. 291
    Oriental Shorthair says:

    Happiness is

    Happiness is hearing my kitten/cat purr.

    Happiness is having him come around to greet me – respond to my whistle.

    Happiness is chatting over the phone or skype with my best friends, knowing that though we are far apart physically, we are still connected by love and the Lord.

    Happiness is knowing my best friend is praying for me.

    Happiness is a clean house – finally.

    Happiness is a working internet connection.

    Happiness is reading a good book.

    Happiness is connecting with my Lord. Knowing he loves me unconditionally and having that flood my entire being.

    Happiness is playing scrabble with mom and winning. (err – winning is a bonus).

    Happiness is being with mom.

    Happiness is peace and quiet all around. No constantly screaming babies next door or howling, whining, yapping dogs next door or…No, this is more than happiness. IT IS BLISS. Thank you Lord, for the gift of peace and quiet.

    Happiness is sound, refreshing sleep.

    Happiness is being able to work again.

    Happiness is taking care of a cat/kitten.

  42. 292
    Paula Macnamara says:

    A grandchild saying “I love you as big as the sky.”

  43. 293
    Lisa says:

    Happiness is a fresh cup of coffee in the morning during quiet time with the Lord.

  44. 294

    Francesca Battestelli’s new Christmas album!!! 🙂 And this cold weather day in Texas. And the experimental muffins I made that actually turned out for a yummy breakfast!

  45. 295
    Joey says:

    Happiness is…

    ~ curling up on the couch with the tv remote in your pajamas after a stressful day at work

    ~ the first drink of a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning

    ~ seeing my dog jump like crazy when I pull into the driveway

    ~ waking up in the middle of the night to see my hubby and dog both snoring like crazy 🙂

    ~ being blessed with a great job after a lengthy unemployment time

    ~ have a chat with my BFF’s at the right time and hearing their encouraging words

    ~ knowing that how far I unknowingly stray from God HE will always be there in EVERY SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY

  46. 296
    Heather says:

    Happinees is……

    Reading every single “Happiness is…..” entry and agreeing with so many!!

    Happiness is seeing my children serve and worship Jesus….prayer works…..My husband and I are 1st generation Christians,

    Happiness is lazy weekends….rare and wonderful!

    Jammies …putting them on right out of the dryer.

  47. 297
    katiegfromtennessee says:

    Happiness is…hearing my little girl with here adorable little girl voice say, “Oh Mommy, Merry Christmas!”

  48. 298
    Pouneh says:

    Happiness is…

    That moment when your teen daughter, who challenges you in EVERY area choses to share a scripture verse on FB!

    When you’re ready to throw in the towel on years of a specific prayer & suddenly hear from God!

    Catching a scent that brings you back to your childhood.

    Opening your puffy, bloodshot eyes in the morning & unexplainably having hope again.

    Scripture coming alive & knowing you are SO related to all those messed-up, loved-by-God, chosen people in the bible!

    That moment when you are used by God to be a light for someone that God entrusted in your care

    Hearing the belly laughter of anyone under age 5!

  49. 299
    Patrice Hanes says:

    Happiness is remembering a happy time and catching yourself smiling inside and out.

  50. 300
    karina allen says:

    Happiness is spending 4 hours in Starbucks with dear friends encouraging, praying and dreaming God-sized dreams together!

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