Happiness Is…

Happiness is wearing a long sleeve t-shirt.

Happiness is watching magical reunions happen in baggage claim.

Happiness is holding a newborn baby.

Happiness is a new coat of nail polish.

Happiness is an encouraging text message in the middle of the day.

Happiness is snail mail.

Happiness is an empty email inbox at the end of a workday.

Happiness is laughing so hard you can’t breathe.

Happiness is the blank pages of a new journal.

Happiness is an unlikely friendship.

Happiness is zero humidity in Houston.

Happiness is hearing your name from someone you didn’t think knew your name.

Happiness is my mom’s chocolate chip banana bread mini-muffins.

Happiness is the straight lines on the carpet left over from vacuuming.

Happiness is an empty laundry basket, even if it only lasts for a day.

Happiness is your favorite song getting played on the radio when you’re driving.

Sometimes it’s just the little things in life.

Your turn.

Happiness is…


378 Responses to “Happiness Is…”

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  1. 101
    Jenna says:

    Seeing my husband (for the first time) WANTING to read the word of God on his OWN!

  2. 102
    Kim B. in Az says:

    Happiness is –

    having all your kids home for Christmas.

    yogurt and granola for breakfast.

    laughing so hard you can’t stop over the most random things. Especially when it is least expected.

    spending time with your hubby and kids.

    new clothes.

    watching your kids follow hard after God when the are grown up and on there own.

  3. 103
    janalese says:

    Happiness is Christmas lights

    Happiness is Thanksgiving with family and lots of laughter

    Happiness is being outside

    Happiness is getting the mail and finding a card/letter

    Happiness is wearing sandals

    Happiness is having coffee with my husband and talking for hours

    Happiness is finding a new pair of jeans that fit just right

  4. 104
    Pamela Denny says:

    Happiness is spending time with my precious daughter.

  5. 105
    Hannah says:

    Happiness is my older brother coming home

  6. 106
    Lavonda says:

    Happiness is…
    …the crack of a baseball off a bat when your boy’s at the plate
    …your daughter yelling “mine!” as she hits the volleyball over the net
    …Bing Crosby singing as you put ornaments on the Christmas tree
    …your daddy hugging you tight at breakfast and saying “it feels so good when you’re home”
    …the sound and smell as you sit around a bonfire
    …that feeling in your back when your body lays in bed after a very long day
    …reading a really good book by the fireplace
    …good hair days!
    …playing in the snow with your kids and their friends
    …sitting on a beach staring at the ocean
    …even though I miss them so much today, knowing I’m going to see my grandparents again someday
    …the wag of a tail and a wet nose pressing in for more scratches behind the ears

  7. 107
    steph says:

    Happiness is revelations from God about the truth of his unwaivering love, guard and mercy over our spirits and lives after what seems like a harrowing spiritual pit.
    Happiness is walking in the woods by the farmhouse with my husband on a warm sunny day and hearing the cows call to one another.
    Happiness is hearing my favorite song on the radio.
    Happiness is making my dad laugh till he starts coughing.
    Happiness is having your neighbors cat wait for you to come home on your front porch instead of theirs.(well its just cute)
    Happiness is wrapping myself in my big soft robe on a cold day
    Happiness is eating pasta with alot of garlic bread.
    Happiness is teasing and playing around with my brother.
    Happiness is singing in the church choir
    Happiness is spending time with the women who mentor and inspire you in the faith.
    Happiness is forgiveness
    Happiness is actually believeing for once your hair and outfit look great that day!
    Happiness is talking to God and knowing he hears you
    Happiness is watching old movies on TCM with ice cream.
    Happiness is continueing a family tradition of watching White Christmas every year the day after Thanksgiving.
    Happiness is swimming in deep clear refreshing water.
    Happiness is a quiet, clear, starry night alone with just my Savior and his promises.

  8. 108

    …not having to wear pantyhose.
    …smelling clean sheets.
    …finding old family photos (even if they make me weepy).
    …singing along with Casting Crowns or Chris Tomlin.
    …a load if laundry done before my school day begins.
    …a student saying, “Thank you.”
    …an evening in my p.j.s .
    …our little school making budget.
    …holding my husband’s hand.
    …my Jesus, the prize if my heart.

  9. 109
    Heather V says:

    Happiness is seeing a kids choir full of kindergarten through 5th graders raising their hands in praise to Jesus.

    Happiness is having a talk with your freshman in high school and realize that he is synthesizing all the spiritual lessons you have been teaching all of his life.

  10. 110
    nancy jc says:

    Happiness is being able to hobble.
    Happiness is hearing the beat of a new born baby’s heart.
    Happiness is being able to kneel to The Lord.
    Happiness is going through the holidays w/o radiation.
    Happiness is knowing you’ve been healed by His stripes.
    Happiness is loving another.
    Happiness is seeing my brothers happy.
    Happiness is being able to say, I’m sorry when I know I need to.
    Happiness is knowing there’s grace to be forgiven.
    Happiness is seeing another smile.
    Happiness is a choice, & you are the gift.
    Thank you Living Proof.

  11. 111
    Michelle says:

    Happiness is …

    The aroma of a fresh cut Christmas tree…
    Christmas music … Nat King Cole, Andy Williams and Travis.  (what do you mean “Travis who?” Travis Cottrell of course!)
    Quiet evenings reading Christmas devotionals – with a purring cat on my lap – and pondering the miracle of the Savior’s arrival…
    The joy of giving to Jesus for His birthday … through the needy, a missionary, whoever God puts on my heart…
    Hearing God speak to my heart in a very personal and intimate way…
    Treasured friends…
    And one of my favorite treasures on earth … is gathering in an upstairs farmhouse room called “The Upper Room” each Tuesday for rich fellowship, prayer and Bible study with sisters in Christ … usually with one of Beth’s studies.   🙂

    Thanks, Lindsee, this is fun!

  12. 112
    Carol Yonts says:

    Waking up each morning with the love of my life beside me.
    Knowing that everything is in God’s hands and His time.
    Raising my grandson and having a second chance at motherhood.
    Learning to laugh again.
    Rain falling through the leaves.
    Happiness just is.

  13. 113
    Nancy jc says:

    Happiness is having two little arms squeeze me neck
    Happiness is being able to itch your toes @ the dinner table while watching a little kindergartener roll down his sock to say, “I’ve got an itch too. I’ll itch with you.”
    Happiness is a big slop of white cake icing landing on the knee of your freshly cleaned black jeans.
    Happiness is family & friends.

  14. 114
    Nancy jc says:

    Happiness is finding a place to edit these:)

  15. 115
    Laurie says:

    Hot chocolate and Christmas shopping

    Christmas lights

    Watching a White Christmas

    …I must really love the holidays. 🙂 This is fun!

  16. 116

    Happiness is …

    The Trinity

    Hearing a word straight from God.

    A Beth Moore Bible study!

    Feeling like the Lord is taking you full circle … the two most Godly, influential people in my life … the Lord allowed me to give back to them in a small way. Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God Bible study touched my life in a mighty way – I got to teach his grand-daughter at church. Big grin! And my precious Siesta Mama – I was blessed to interview her sweet daughter, Melissa. Two of the sweetest blessings of my life.

    And hearing my 12 year old daughter is cancer-free!

  17. 117
    lynda rickey says:

    Happiness is…
    Watching a romantic comedy with my sweet momma
    Walking the puppy as fast as he can go
    Strolling the Venice Canals in LA with my sister imagining who lives in each spectacular house
    Looking into the oven to see the cupcakes rising
    Hiking mountain trails with my best friends in TN
    Singing praise and worship songs in church next to people I love and adore
    Laughing until I cry
    That feeling when you are so happy that you feel as though you might burst at the seams, literally and
    love ya

  18. 118
    Denise Cross says:

    A warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning as i settle in to spend some time with Jesus..

  19. 119
    kathypinkbicyclearkansas says:

    sunshine on my shoulders

  20. 120
    Kimmygirl says:

    Happiness is answering the phone, and hearing ‘Mom!”

    Happiness is watching a squirrel slide down the bird feeder pole because I sprayed it with Pam.

    Happiness is finding an amazing little scrap of something in the clearance bin at Joanne Fabrics.

    Happiness is also the sunshine- It’s been bleak in Ohio for days…

  21. 121
    Crystal Neal says:

    Reading that poem you just wrote for a split second. Happiness

  22. 122
    Rosie says:

    Happiness is smiles from my 6month old granddaughter.

    …listening to her jibber jabber.

    …watching the sun come up with awesome color.

    …finishing a quilt for someone I love.

    …Perfect peace and quiet in the morning before anyone else gets up spending that time with the Lord.

    …knowing God hears my prayers and happiness is knowing His answer for me!

  23. 123
    Annie says:

    My 11 year old and 8 year old laughing so hard they can’t breathe!

  24. 124
    Casey says:

    Happiness is…..

    A rainy Saturday with nothing to do but listen.

    A dark house lit by nothing but lights on the Christmas tree.

    Freshly cut & colored hair.

    The deep belly laugh of a toddler.

    Sitting at a 40yr old picnic table with your siblings telling the same stories for the 938th time and still laughing til you cry.

    Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes right out of the back yard.

    When somebody else cooks for me.

  25. 125
    Tammy says:

    Happiness is a cup of hot tea in my favorite cup after a long day of work

    Happiness is a bubble bath with my favorite music playing

    Happiness is a completed to do list

    Happiness is when someone notices I had my hair done

    Happiness is resting in God’s precious arms every day

  26. 126
    Janell says:

    Happiness is hearing your huh school senior son on the phone upstairs helping his college sophomore daughter with a math project!

  27. 127
    Susie says:

    Knowing that my grandchildren have food, shelter and clothing. There’s 6 of these precious babies in one family; daddy works 2 jobs, and its just not enough. Grateful the Lord always shows up for them. Thankful for the healing and mending of this family during this past year.

  28. 128
    Rebecca Saiz says:

    Happiness is… Your child tell you that he loves God more than anything else.
    Happiness is … Your favorite Bible Study author say she is working on something new!!!!

  29. 129
    Pam says:

    Happiness is spending a day with my husband, doing anything that makes him smile and laugh

  30. 130
    kerry says:

    the soft warm breath from my mare’s nostrils as she smells what I have in my hand.

  31. 131
    Tina says:

    Happiness is…finding a hershey kiss in my purse that I didn’t know I had!

  32. 132
    Grace says:

    Happiness is picking up my daughter from school and she is happy, singing songs as I drive home.
    Happiness is having my son who is now my height come and grab my hand while at the airport to make sure I don’t get left behind.
    Happiness is sleeping through the night knowing God is watching over me.
    Happiness is finishing the James study and spending 8 weeks with 9 amazing women + the lovely Beth Moore.
    Happiness is getting an impromptu phone call from my husband letting me know he is thinking about me and wants to meet me for lunch.
    Happiness is celebrating our 21st anniversary this December and being even more in love than ever.
    Happiness is knowing Jesus is my Savior and I can cast all my burdens upon Him.

  33. 133
    Martha says:

    Happiness is:
    the sound of happy voices in my living room on Christmas morning

    • 133.1
      Martha says:

      Sorry.. hit enter before I was ready 🙁

      Happiness is:
      the sound of happy voices in my living room on Christmas morning –
      hearing my grandchildren pray
      being at the beach, listening to the waves, feet in the sand
      dancing with my sweet husband of 38 years
      having all three of my girls and their families home at the same time
      …..and SO much more!! I am blessed beyond measure!!!

  34. 134
    allyson says:

    Knowing my college age son is home

    Hearing my husband and sons laugh together

    Clean sheets

    A new book

    A fire in the fireplace

    Providing a meal for someone who wouldn’t have one otherwise


    The thought of grandbabies

    That still quiet feeling when you know the Lord is present

    Eating only what I need and being satisfied

    Fleeting but joy goes deep!

  35. 135

    ….calming your anxious mother when she can’t remember where she lives anymore.

  36. 136
    Chris says:

    Happiness is…. The smell of my horse when I hug her neck
    Happiness is…. The feel of my boot in the stirrup as I throw my leg over my favorite horse
    Happiness is…. The leather reins in my hands
    Extreme happiness is…. The feel of the wind as I gallop beside my best friends and laugh and talk as we see the beautiful world that our creator made just for us!

  37. 137
    Emily T. says:

    Happiness is…

    …when your favorite song comes on the radio.

    …when a sweet baby falls asleep in your arms or on your lap.

    …when your favorite little boy reaches for you.

    …being reunited with your boyfriend after being away.

    …Christmas lights.


    …the Starbucks baristas making your drink as soon as you step in the door.

    …making music.

    …reading to 4th graders, especially when you’re reading Shel Silverstein.

    …finally accomplishing something you never thought you’d be able to.

    …knowing that I have an Awesome and Loving God, and that He will never leave or forsake me.

  38. 138
    Nancy Juvrud says:

    Happiness is:

    A text message from my granddaughter in the afternoons

    My PeteyBoy (dog) waiting for me at the gate when I get home

    A cardinal in the morning sun. This is a secret mesage between my grandson and me

  39. 139
    Desiree Grosgebauer says:

    Happiness is:

    …eggnog latte with Bailey the blue heeler mix on my feet

    …cool weather in Texas

    …classic Christmas shows like Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Frosty, and
    The Grinch

    …memories of grandparents and childhood Christmas vacations

    …Christmas music

    …Candlelight Christmas Eve services and of course my first grader as
    An Angel in the children’s pageant

    …co-workers you can laugh with that make some days bearable!

  40. 140
    Connie says:

    Happiness is seeing my husband’s face when he comes home from work.

  41. 141
    Kim says:

    Happiness is a big, open-mouth slobbery kiss from you 11-month old grandson.

    Happiness is sleepping in on Saturday morning.

    Happiness is spending time with your women peeps and laughing until your sides hurt!

    Happiness is watching your daughter take care of your grandson.

    Happiness is enjoying a good breakfast with your hubby.

    Happiness is finding new inspiration in a passage of scripture you have studied many times!

  42. 142
    Karoletha says:

    8 months free of cancer

    2 wonderful nieces

    All things Christmas!!

    A sweet kitty

    Sweet tea

  43. 143
    Paula says:

    Happiness is receiving an unexpected blog on happiness! 🙂

    Happiness is driving to work with the most exquisite salmon orange and pink sunrise, and just knowing God has to be a loving God ’cause no unloving one could ever create something so beautiful!

    Happiness is that first cup of hot coffee in the morning (and sneaking back to bed for a minute to enjoy it!)!

    Happiness is being content.

  44. 144
    Michelle says:

    All three of my boys tucked in bed, healthy, warm and happy… And my hubby almost home. Happiness is contentment in the life God has blessed me with.

  45. 145
    Carisa says:

    Happiness is drinking a latte while shopping at Target with my guy!

  46. 146
    Kim says:

    Having your third child who is two-year-old girl hold her head in her hands and smile at you.

    Having your first daughter tell you when she is little “I love you too much”.

    Seeing your first-born son’s smile while playing well at his favorite sports and seeing his friends at school accept him.

    Having your husband’s heart return again.

  47. 147
    Hilary says:

    Happiness is a warm puppy – though that’s a Charles Schulz quote.
    So the edited version I choose: Happiness is coming home from a long or frustrating day to a puppy always happy to see you and give you lots of love.

  48. 148
    susan braun says:

    happiness is:

    hearing your grandchild sing you a song on the phone

    heated floors in Canada

    flowers blooming in the garden

    hearing the words I love you

    finishing a job well

    seeing the ducks flying in formation

    smelling the coffee

    bubbles in the bath

    the smell of cookies baking

    the smell of onions frying

    listening to the word of God spoken on the internet

    hearing beautiful singing in harmony

    finding something that was lost

    dancing with the music

  49. 149
    Julie says:

    Happiness is an evening at home with your husband and kids.
    Happiness is watching your kids play and laugh together.
    Happiness is watching your church family pray with one another and love each other.

  50. 150
    Lisa Egan says:

    Happiness is watching your adult son come through the airport gate after being in Iraq for 13 months and then watching the next one down do it a year later.Thank you dear God for being their protection and loving them even more than I do.

    Watching your husband play Santa Claus for the Angel Tree Party
    At Church, when only three years ago, he was a non-believer. Praise God..

    • 150.1
      Lindsee says:

      Lisa, that gave me chills! Praise God for the protection and safety of both of your boys. We appreciate their sacrifice and yours. Much love to you!

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