So, who are we, everybody?

Saturday morning update: OH MY WORD, YOU GUYS! THIS TURNED OUT TO BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER ON THIS BLOG! SO MUCH FUN! You guys are incredibly interesting. I am knocked out right now with a sense of awe that God would allow me to interact with you. I have tons of respect for you guys. Keep doing the thing and keep resisting the cookie cutter despite the (Christian??) social pressure. You are much more interesting this way. Just hold close to Jesus and don’t let being different become it’s own pretense or attention-getter. Keep that gorgeous authenticity that makes this community my favorite cyber spot on earth. Good grief, I am so thankful for y’all.


Hey, everybody! It’s been a long time since we’ve done a survey to see who God has brought together to form this sisterhood. It’s a blast not only to behold our common bonds in Christ but to revel in our diversity as a community of very different people committed to one glorious Savior. We’d be bored stiff if we only opened our hearts and lives to those who are just like us. If we have to line up exactly on about 100 points of doctrine, we are liable to get pretty lonely. We don’t even necessarily have to work out a difference to our mutual satisfaction to treat one another with mutual esteem and to honestly love one another. Always preferring someone remarkably similar across the table from us still smells a lot like Narcissus. We may even be fooling ourselves but, at the end of the day, it’s just another form of mirror gazing. Gross.

When I get to see a group of you out there after a Living Proof Live, I always wish I could freeze the moment and stare at each of you one by one. It is the most incredibly refreshing sight. You cannot fathom how different we look in person, all banded together in a holy huddle. It makes me so dang happy. It is clear in that context that we were drawn together by something so far removed from packaging. You and I know that is Jesus. Oh, how I pray that God smiles when He drops in on this community, holds time tightly in His hand, and stares at each of us one by one.

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:11-12

OK! What do you say we do a survey? Complete each of the following as succinctly as possible. Lindsee and I will LOVE bringing these in. Let’s do this today for the pure Jesus-joy of celebrating community!

1. Your name and where you live.

2. Your age or general age grouping (grin)

3. When did you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and, in briefest possible terms, what was the setting?

4. What line of work are you in? Or, if you’re in school, tell us where and what line of work you’re steering toward. (Do not hesitate to tell us you’re a stay-at-home-mom. No harder work exists nor longer hours.)

5. What is your #1 hobby?

6. Are you currently invested in a local body of believers? If so, which one?

7. Do you have pets? If so, you surely know we’ve got to know what kind.

8. Your biggest recent disappointment – slash – your biggest recent elation.

9. Describe your idea of the perfect Saturday.

10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am ___________________________________________________________________.



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  1. 901
    Lynda Russell says:

    1. Lynda Russell; Peoria, AZ (yes, it’s still hot here)

    2. 51

    3. I met Jesus at a little Southern Baptist church when i was 16.

    4. Instructional Assistant in a Special Education classroom.

    5. I Read everything! Everything from blogs to Bible Study homework ( LOVED Esther) to newspapers.

    6. New Life Community Church

    7. Two mutts, Sasha and Belle, both about 5, and a desert tortoise named Hector, no idea how old.

    8. My oldest son’s choice of homelessness continues to sadden me. My youngest son’s announcement of my first Grandbaby is truly elating!

    9. Sleep in, wake up at the beach (say what?) surrounded by family. Obviously on vacation. 🙂

    10. I am about to celebrate 6 years of sobriety!

    • 901.1
      Diane says:

      1- Diane- Largo, Fl
      2- 55
      3- 1982- at church
      4-RN working in Outcomes (at a desk)
      5- reading
      6-Indian Rocks Baptist
      7-my dog Coco died last year. we are looking for a new one
      8-after 6 months at the Salvation Army Rehab, my son started drinking again/ he made arrangements to go into a Christian Halfway house and is now growing spiritually in leaps and bounds. Praise Jesus!
      9- going to the beach for my time woth The Lord, then coming home for a nap
      10-that I am in love with Jesus

  2. 902
    Heather Ward-Huskins says:

    1. Heather, Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada)
    2. 42
    3. I was around 10yrs old. Our church had a pot-luck supper to welcome our new pastor and his family. I drew a picture and gave it to one of his little girls. Our new pastor bent down, thanked me and gave me a big hug. I thought, wow, if this is what it is like to be a member of God’s family then I want in. That night I prayed to aske Jesus into my heart.
    4. I’m a wife, mother and elementary school teacher.
    5. Gardening, cooking and making crafts with my daughter.
    6. Kennebecasis Baptist Church
    7. Two cats – Mac and Matteo
    8. Getting on the scales this morning: The number I saw was quite a disappointment. Elation: My daughter and the joy she brings our family.
    9. Getting together with friends, sharing a meal and enjoying each others company.
    10. Only people who really know me realize that I am anxious about much more than I let on.

  3. 903
    Laura says:

    1. Laura Nichols, Jefferson, Maine

    2. Just breaking in my 30th year

    3. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 6, during my kindergarten Bible class.

    4. I’m the office manager for a state agency that manages behavioral highway safety issues for our state.

    5. I’m a quilter in the winter and gardener in the (short, thanks to Maine..) summer!

    6. My husband and I are members at South Gardiner Baptist Church in So. Gardiner, ME.

    7. Georgie is our 5 1/2 year old kitty. We’re adding to our family next week with a kitten!

    8. Biggest recent disappointment: turning down a job offer because it didn’t seem to be what God has in mind for me. Biggest recent elation: a week’s vacation spent with lots of family around!

    9. Perfect Saturday: eat breakfast out with husband, come home to lots of sewing/baking while prepping for friends or family coming over for supper and an evening of visiting.

    10 Only people who really know me realize that I am still sorrowing at being unable to have children.

  4. 904
    Teresa says:

    1.Teresa Collins – Bessemer, Al

    2.60 as of this past June

    3.I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of 11 in the worship service of my home church.

    4.I am an RN on a GYN unit at ST Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Al. We take care of women who have had hysterectomies and other types of GYN surgery.

    5.My #1 hobby is scrapbooking but because of knee replacement surgery I haven’t been able to sit at my scrap table for a while, so crocheting is keeping me semi-sane at the moment.

    6.I am so blessed in the church family that I have. We attend Raimund Heights Baptist Church and they are truly family. It was one of those places, where the moment I walked in, I knew I was at home. God’s presence just fills the place.

    7.I have 2 dogs (for the 1st time ever. Hubby usually only lets me have 1 at a time.) My baby Gizmo is a wire-haired terrier that we got from a rescue organization. Max on the other hand is an unknown. He truly looks like God started to make a German shepherd and ran out of materials. He has the face of a shepherd, but short hair, legs and body. He has the most soulful, touching brown eyes you have ever seen and when he lowers himself to cuddle with you, there’s no one better!! Can you tell I love my fur babies?

    8.This is all the same answer. I had knee replacement surgery on 9-11, for the 2nd time. The elation is that it is done and I will be able to walk without pain. The biggest disappointment is that I’m not healing as quickly as I expected to and God is having to teach me patience and I’m a BAD student when it comes to that. Too hard-headed for my own good!

    9.Sleep late (10:00) while hubby goes and does his thing at the gun range. Then when he’s done, we do whatever shopping needs to be done and then spend time driving around. Once we’re home we sit and watch a movie together. The only change that makes it better is when the range isn’t open and we get up early and go have breakfast together. The only requirement I have for any day to be close to perfect is to be able to spend it with my husband. Both of my children live 12 hours away (1 in Ft Myers, Fl, one in Chicago) so he is my best friend and constant companion.

    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am less self-confident that I appear. I can put on a good act, but inside it’s not really pretty.

  5. 905
    Emilee C. says:

    Here goes in as short of words as this writer at heart could handle! Have a delightful day in Abba, siesta treasures!

    {1} Emilee Clemons in Eastern Kansas.
    {2} 13
    {3} I accepted Jesus when I was seven years old. (our anniversary is coming up!) Setting: My Mom and I doing our daily devotions
    at that time before school (which leads us to #4).
    {4} I am homeschooled (always have been) and am in 8th grade. BUT, I would love to be an author/speaker and/or a missionary/Mommy. It tis His choosing! 🙂
    {5} It may not be the same next month, but right NOW: Knitting.
    {6} YES! Evangelical Covenant Church of Clay Center, Kansas– it may not be our particular choosing of denomination, but we fell in love.
    {7} I do, indeed. A pooch and no one is exactly sure what breed he is! 🙂
    {8} Disappointment: This week we found out my Grandpa has cancer. Elation: Recently, I have been intentionally and thoroughly enjoying spending time annually with brothers and sisters in Christ– ages 7-100!
    {9} Wow, well… In way too choppy (this is not my English or Greek class! 🙂 sentences: Late mornin’. Coffee. Date with Jesus. Journal
    or blog. Call with my forever friend. Read. Lunch with a mentor. Take pictures. Studying, memorizing. A visit
    with my babysitting kiddos. Night out with close friends of the family. Then, stay up in the late hours of night pinning, tweeting,
    facebooking about Jesus and Africa, and perhaps blogging.
    {10} not as introverted as they would have supposed in the beginning.

  6. 906
    Karen says:

    1. Karen, from AZ, where we are still in triple digits, thankfully is cooling down in the morning and evenings to feel a little like fall.
    2. I am 46
    3. Got saved when I was 23, going through the 12 steps at Adult Children of Alcoholics Book, got to step 3 and knew Jesus had to be my Higher Power!
    4. I am a homeschooling mom to 3 boys, ages, 13, 12, and 8. Been h/s for going on 5 years now. I am learning what I did not learn in school!
    5. Hobby is reading, spending time with friends, bargain shopping and occasionally scrap-booking.
    6. Attend Calvary East Valley, a start-up church that meets in a school, love seeing what God is doing with this small group of on-fire believers!
    7. My sweet dog is Zacky, a part Bedlington Terrier, part Poodle mix, so sweet and loyal to me. He is also a reminder of the Holy Spirit, whenever I get frustrated and start mumbling, he timidly walks in the other room! He reminds me to chill and to trust.
    8. My marriage has always been with a lot of up’s and down’s, it’s my greatest source of pain at times, and then joy when I see how the Lord takes us two sinners and humbles us and shows us how much we need Him.
    9. Perfect Sunday, going to church, fellowship with friends for lunch afterwards, come home to read paper, take a nap and watch Funniest Home Videos with the family.
    10. Only people that really know me know how insecure I can be, and that I am a prayer warrior.

  7. 907
    Nina says:

    1. My name is Nina and I live in Moore, Oklahoma.

    2. & 3. I am 38 years old and I accepted Jesus as my savior 4 years ago! I was on plane headed to Mexico and decided that I’d better get things straight then and there. See I was baptized when I was 10 therefore spent my most of my life believing that I had been saved. The Holy Spirit had really been working on me and when that plane started its tiny engine, I figured that was it!

    4. This is a loaded question for me! I have 6 children: 21, 18, 10, 8, 5, and 4, and 1 grandchild: 2. We own and operate two restaurants, and I do the baking for one of the stores. I like to think of myself as a stay at home mom, but I’m starting to think that just isn’t so. Grin.

    5. #1 Hobby is baking

    6. I am a member of First Baptist Church Moore where I volunteer with our AWANA program and participate in our women’s ministry.

    7. No pets currently, but our last pet was a cat. I haven’t been able to replace my last dog yet…

    8. My 18 year old is a runaway, not just from home but from the law. I’m facilitating/leading my first bible study!

    9. My perfect Saturday definitely depends on the mood, but currently, one that doesn’t involve too much so we can have family time…preferably without too much work. 😉

    10. People who really know me realize that I have a BS in Molecular and Microbiology and half a master’s in nursing!

  8. 908
    Sheryl says:

    1. Sheryl from North Carolina
    2. 58
    3. Accepted Christ at the age of 6 at my home church
    4. I have been blessed to serve as a nurse for 35 years. God called me at age 17.
    5.#1 hobby is reading
    6. I attend Church on the Rise where I was first introduced to your Bible Studies 9 years ago (Breaking Free).
    7. I have a “sooner” dog named Baby who is 13 years old and a great companion
    8.Biggest recent disappointment- Having to separate from my husband of 33 years
    Biggest recent elation- My new apartment where God is my constant companion and comfort. He is so precious in times of hurt and pain.
    9. Perfect Saturday-When I can read as much as I want and spend time with family.
    10. Only people that really know me know that I have dreamed of having Bible Studies in my home.

  9. 909
    Julie says:

    Am I too late???

    1. Julie, Rosemount, MN
    2. Turning 40 in ten days!
    3. I accepted the Lord when we were newly married and had moved away from home (Chgo) out to western NY. Got to find our own church, and ultimately our own faith.
    4. I am a stay-at-home mom of three elementary-aged kids. Living my dream. I hope I never have to go back to work!:)5. My fave is reading Christian fiction and knitting.
    6. We attend River Valley Church in Apple Valley, MN.
    7. We have a cavachon (half cavalier/half bichon = no shedding!) And our three kids each have one hamster.
    8. That I like my new haircut/That no matter what new haircut I get, my hair will always remain ultra-fine and flat!:(
    9. Blustery day inside with cozy fire, my family, and movies.
    10 Only people who really know me realize that I cannot stop intensely thinking – I think myself into a corner.

    • 909.1
      kathy white says:

      1. Kathy White, Modesto California
      2. 61
      3. The LORD opened my eyes and lifted my veil on Easter Sat 1982 as I listened to a Christian Radio broadcast. He led me to my room and I humbly rec’d Jesus !!
      4. Raised by a stay at home mum of 9 other siblings, I chose to stay home and raise our three sons.
      5. I love going to antique shops with hubby and garage sales, did many crafts for yrs.
      6. We attend Big Valley Grace Community Church, Modesto, Calif
      7.We have an adorable “Shitz Su/Cavalier…Molly is her name : )
      8. Biggest disappointment of late; seeing family members divide over a distribution of “trust funds”….biggest joy of late taking my grandkids and all our family for a paid vacation at Disneyland for 3 days, and running into a brother in the LORD who stands on the corner sharing Christ. and has done it for 22yrs…He inspired me !!!
      9. Being up at our cabin in Tahoe, with a great book, (Anne Lotz’s book Magnificent Obsession, must read !!!! ) with some chocolates and a hot cup of tea.
      10…..I am in love with Christ, long for HIs coming, yet weep for the lost. And long for the day my youngest son is set free “emotionally and mentally”

    • 909.2
      Alita Larkin says:

      1. Alita Larkin, Palmdale, CA.
      2. 48 and grateful for every year.
      3. Summer of 1995 on a freeway on ramp.
      4. Customer Service Manager / Food industry
      5. Theology – more of a passion than hobby.
      6. Grace Chapel, Lancaster CA.
      7. Mercy and Grace(dogs)Samson, Tino & Karen (cats)
      8. Straying from God when I knew better. Elated I am
      back with vengence!! (The good kind)
      9. Staying home with my hubby with nothing planned.
      10….not intimidating at all.

  10. 910
    Shelly says:

    1. Shelly I live in Eufaula, AL
    2. 50
    3. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 32, during a revival at church….realized that I had just been “playing church” all my life!
    4. I am a parapro at an Elementary School, working in the Computer Lab and Library.
    5. My favorite hobby is reading.
    6. I am a member of SouthPoint Church
    7. I have 2 rat terriers, Millie and Zip, we also feed about 15 feral cats.
    8. Biggest disappointment…Dad has been struggling with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a terminal lung disease. Elation-Seeing God work in our family, bringing us closer thru Dad’s illness.
    9. A perfect Saturday starts with sleeping in then enjoying a big breakfast with our son when he is home from college!
    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am very silly when I get sleepy and that I will snort when I laugh, and laugh until I cry! ________________________________________________________________

  11. 911
    Cora Lee says:

    Your name and where you live. Cora Lee  from Nebraska

    2. Your age or general age grouping (grin) 59 (I live in De-Nile & enjoy life)

    3. When did you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and, in briefest possible terms, what was the setting? I was 9 yrs old. My mother explained the salvation message to me and I prayed at my house. The next day I told my teacher.

    4. What line of work are you in? Or, if you’re in school, tell us where and what line of work you’re steering toward. (Do not hesitate to tell us you’re a stay-at-home-mom. No harder work exists nor longer hours.)  I teach international students reading. I love it.

    5. What is your #1 hobby?Knitting and quilting and cooking!

    6. Are you currently invested in a local body of believers? If so, which one?
    Yes, Living Faith Fellowship
    7. Do you have pets? If so, you surely know we’ve got to know what kind.
    Yes, Golden retrievers
    8. Your biggest recent disappointment – slash – your biggest recent elation.
    church split/ our daughter’s wedding
    9. Describe your idea of the perfect Saturday.
    Getting up early, going to farmers market, buying fresh cinnamon rolls and  veggies. Then setting outside on my patio and enjoying the flowers and warm weather. I would also be sharing my treats & hot tea/coffee with my husband or girlfriends and chat. When they would leave, I would stay and read my Bible and pray.
    Anther part of my perfect day is praying with my sisters in Christ. Praying is always a highlight for me.

    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am _a simple farm girl from  Missouri that Jesus has set free!!! ______________________________________________________________.

  12. 912
    Melissa says:

    Melissa G. … Kentucky
    I was nine when I received Christ, but was so shy I waited until I was eleven to tell everyone because I was afraid of baptism.
    I am a homeschooling mom and pastor’s wife.
    My number one hobby is reading with scrapbooking as a close second, oh and MUSIC!!
    I attend Trammell Creek Baptist Church.
    We have one dog, a Welsh Terrier that was a stray. We call her “Ginger”, but she has obviously had another name as we are often ignored.Grin!
    My biggest disappointment and elation has been the same thing…my 16 year old went to college a few weeks ago. He loves it and has adjusted so well. I am proud, but sad that he doesn’t miss us!!
    My perfect Saturday would be one with no obligations, esp. if we have something to do outdoors.
    Only people who know me realize I am naturally an introvert.

  13. 913
    Amy says:

    1. Amy, Pennsylvania
    2. 37
    3. The Lord moved me out of the state and had me doing a job I knew little about to realize I need him. I accepted Christ at age 23.
    4. I am an Elementary School Principal
    5. Visiting with friends, golfing, watching sports, shopping
    6. Chelten Baptist Church, Dresher PA
    7. No pets
    8. Disappointment: Still single at 37. Elation: Just in awe of how God seems to send the exact section of the Word I need at the perfect time. I am so grateful.
    9. Time with friends doing something enjoyable together.
    10. Only people who really know me realize that although I appear to be successful in my occupation, I struggle with feelings of loneliness.

  14. 914
    Elizabeth SS says:

    1. Elizabeth in NC
    2. 48
    3. Age 25. I was married and in an abusive relationship. I needed help. When I got to the bottom, God was my lifeline and has been ever since.
    4. Financial Services (full time) and school working on BA in Business (part time)
    5. Scrapbooking
    6. Yes, local Southern Baptist Church.
    7. 1 dog (terrier/poodle) and 2 cats
    8. Biggest recent disappointment: Not being considered for a promotion at work/Biggest recent elation: Opening my sons financial aid package for his first year at college…..only God could have made it happen.
    9. Morning paper, croissant with butter and jam, a cup of hot tea, then a day watching my favorite classic movies with my daughter.
    10. I don’t feel that people really know me….

  15. 915
    Shannon says:

    1. Shannon – Ocala, FL
    2, 34
    3. 8 yrs old.
    4. Stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. One in Kindergarten and twins in 3rd grade. Also help my husband run a grading and excavating company.
    5. Sadly no hobbies to speak of now unless doing Beth Moore studies count. 😉
    6. Oak Griner Baptist Church (my dad has been the pastor for 31 years!!)
    7. No pets.
    8. My dad talking about retirement. Can’t imagine not being the PK :(/ Realizing that I am truly happy. Living the dream!
    9. Sleeping in!!! Wearing pajamas half the day. A clean house, coffee and a Bible study.
    10. I feel like I am failing at the mommy job sometimes. This is the only thing I ever wanted in life and it is much harder than I imagined. I am jealous of home school moms because I feel like I could never have the patience and that just makes me feel bad! I guess I am too selfish!!

  16. 916
    Keri says:

    1. Keri from New Jersey

    2. 28 years old

    3. Accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 16 at a young adults meeting the first time I attended this church.

    4. I am a stay-at-home mom or 2 toddlers (4 and almost 3) that both have autism. I don’t know how anyone can face this struggle without God as their Strength, Rock, and Comforter.

    5. My #1 hobby (apart from singing/worship) is couponing. I’m excited to use this “talent” to bless others who are in need.

    6. Sadly, I have not been consistently attending church since our first son was born due to his social anxieties associated with autism. I have been able to attend Bible studies and LPL conferences, but actual church services have been lacking for the past 4 1/2 years. 🙁

    7. No pets.

    8. Not sure what my most recent disappointment would be… my most recent elation would have to be my boys learning to write their letters. Every accomplishment, every smile, every laugh, my husband and I treasure beyond words. 🙂

    9. My perfect Saturday would have to be either my husband and I getting away together to reconnect OR me getting away with lady friends to a conference/retreat.

    10. Only people that really know me realize that I am a sensitive “people-pleaser” who will neglect myself to make sure everyone else is happy… yes, I know that’s very unhealthy… working on it, lol.

  17. 917
    Becky says:

    1.Becky Cleveland, Mo
    4.I do hair at home. I love big hair!
    5.Reading anything.
    6.Looking for a church,prayers please.
    7.No pets
    8.My husband got laid off/ our house is paid for!!
    9.I love it when my kids and granddaughters are all here at the same time.
    10.I hide my hurts from almost everyone. Sometimes it’s a huge order to act happy all the time.

  18. 918
    KMSmom86 says:

    1. M.J. Lennox – Lovington, NM

    2. age 54 (I’m 45 if you switch the digits of my age!)

    3. I was baptized at age 9 but not truly saved until I was 23. In my early 20s I started doubting my salvation, and finally did something about it in 1982. I haven’t doubted my salvation since!

    4. 2nd grade public school teacher

    5. I love to read!!! My favorite authors are Jan Karon, Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury,Patricia Polacco, and of course Beth Moore.

    6. First Baptist Church in Lovington, NM

    7. We have a Yorkie/Pomeranian named Maxwell. He is almost 2 years old. He is my baby and I endure lots of teasing!

    8. My biggest recent disappointment was on November 29, 2011, when I learned that my dear husband had died as a result of injuries sustained in a work-related accident the previous evening. It’s been almost a year. God has been so very gracious to me and our children. They are ages 20, 18, and 15.

    My biggest recent elation was when Matt (age 17 at the time) ran down the church aisle the day after his dad’s funeral to accept Jesus as his Savior. It’s a long story… The most recent elation was when I was hired to teach 2nd grade after teaching 3rd in another building for 8 years. It’s another long story…

    9. My idea of the perfect Saturday is to wake up to find the house clean, the laundry washed and put away, the dishes done, and everything ready at school. All that I would need to do is READ.

    10. Only people who really know me realize that I am not as serious as I appear to be.

    Thanks! This was fun!

    M.J. – KMSmom86

  19. 919
    Stacy says:

    1. Stacy, Mims, Florida
    2. 48
    3. A little more than ten years ago…in the office of my first church with my first pastor.
    4. public school teacher
    5. none currently
    6. No, I ended my church membership in June of this year. I have not attended since that time.
    7. I guess it would be coming to the realization that reaching this point in my life, I had high expectations that I would be close to retirement–to living the “good years”–as I’ve worked diligently throughout my career. I had the expectation that if I’d made it this far, I would then reach the rewards. Unfortunately, this time of my life lacks that sense of security and stability–with my husband’s upcoming layoff from the space center. My biggest elation is that I have the best group of students to work with this year. I realize I’ve been blessed!
    9. No homework, no paperwork, no report cards to do… and lots of time to spend relaxing with my family. I’ve not had a weekend like that–of pure relaxation without work-related duties taking priority over my “free time.”
    10. unable to trust….to deeply connect…but wanting to do so.

  20. 920
    Joyce says:

    1)Joyce; Grand Jct., CO
    2)Nearly 58
    3)age 14; Ford Philpot Crusade, Indiana; preached on hell…scared me down the aisle
    4)work for judge, 29 years
    6)Heritage Church
    7)Tigger, cat
    8)biggest disappointment is began exercising and, altho’ losing inches, pounds not coming off. biggest elation: just completed women’s retreat after a yr. of planning
    9)coffee shop coffee; $ to shop; thrift store shopping
    10)realize that I am: a hostage-incident survivor

  21. 921
    Cara says:

    Late on this but…

    1. Cara. Tampa, FL

    2. 35

    3. I was 14(ish). It was a Wednesday night church service on Valentine’s Day. The message was about the LOVE of Christ!

    4. I am a homeschooling mom to 3 kid’s – 12,6,3.

    5. Right now my #1 hobby seems to be looking on Pinterest to find decorating inspiration for the house we bought in recent months.

    6. Journey Church in Brandon, FL

    7. No pets.

    8. Your biggest recent disappointment – slash – your biggest recent elation. Disappointed to see some family members make the same mistakes over and over again at the expense of their children. Biggest Elation is my husband has been sober for 2 1/2 months.

    9. Describe your idea of the perfect Saturday. Cool weather. SEC football, a casual and stress free day with friends and family.

    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am sarcastically funny, a fan of science fiction and mystery shows, and always running late.

  22. 922
    Rachelle says:

    I’m not usually a commenter.
    1.Rachelle from VERY rural eastern New Mexico(farm and ranch country)
    3.I was about 5 at home with my mama we knelt beside my bunkbed because I wanted to “get Jesus in my heart”.
    4.Postmaster in a small office.
    5.I love, LOVE to run! Which is not common around here!(:
    6.I attend church faithfully in my community @House Baptist Church(House is a town…Ha!not my home)
    7. Right now we only have 1 ranch dog, a sweet corgi.
    8. Ugh. Last year we felt led to accept some children into our home through foster to adopt and it didn’t work out, we were devastated to say the least/accomplishment!yesterday I ran in a 5K race,placed 5th overall with a time of 25.08!
    10. A deeply dedicated friend.

  23. 923
    Debbie Blendermann says:

    Debbie, from Pittsburgh, PA

    50’s, right in there with Beth!

    As a child (with my mom?), rededicated at 21 from the bottom of a figurative pit, when I came to the end of myself.

    Disabled (but not on disability–hubby provides for us.)

    Surfing the web.

    Yes, non-denomination, but basically Baptist.

    No, allergic! )o: What will I do when I’m an empty-nester?

    My 29-year illness/a stranger saying she was touched by my teenage daughter’s kindness in helping a blind girl.

    No pain, energy; being with friends and family.

    A clown on the outside, but so discouraged on the inside.

  24. 924
    Ann says:

    1.AnnaMarie from Pittsburgh, PA.

    2.I will turn 51 on Wednesday 10/10.

    3.I invited Jesus into my heart at church camp when I was 10 years old.

    4.I am an OR scheduler at one of the university hospitals.

    5.I have two #1 hobbies: reading and gardening.

    6.Victory Family Church in Cranberry Twp.

    7.We have a 5 yr old guinea pig named Lars. His 1 1/2 yr old buddy, Donatello, died recently so I’m sure we’ll be getting another piggie soon.

    8. Recent Disappointment: Being told this morning’s sewer line backup in our basement is caused by tree roots and that part of it needs to be dug up and replaced.
    Recent Elation: The suspicious areas on my mammogram were just calcium deposits.

    9. My perfect Saturday would be spent curled up on the couch with a good book, a pot of tea and either a thunder storm or snowstorm going on outside. Throw in some chocolate and a perfectly clean house with laundry and grocery shopping done and it becomes a foretaste of heaven. 🙂

    10.Only people who really know me realize that I am nowhere near as self assured as I pretend to be.

  25. 925
    Joelle Roibal says:

    1. Joelle Roibal, Abilene TX

    2. 36

    3. When I was 11 I confessed my faith to my parents
    in the hallway and was then baptized in a swimming
    pool. At 17 at a summer camp retreat I did it again. 🙂

    4. I am a Home Schooling mom of 3

    5. Reading Christian non fiction

    6. Yes! Hillcrest Church of Christ

    7. My daughter has 2 Beta fish

    8. On a road trip home today I hit a wild critter that ran onto the highway 🙁 and my windshield
    got cracked by a persons propped up feet whilst said person was re-situating/
    on a more positive note God has been so attentive! Mind blowing sometimes!! Praise!

    9. Bible Study time in abundance, exercise time, play family
    games, laugh a lot, cuddle with my husband, and finally eat something

    10 Only people who really know me realize that I am:…. reading 8 books/studies simultaneously even though I’m not the smarty type. 😉

  26. 926
    Dee Anne McCrary says:

    Dee Anne from Longview, TX
    46 for a few more weeks!
    Baptized as a teen but really accepted and understood my salvation in my 20’s
    Stay-at-home Wife and Mom and love it!
    Angel Boy is our 11 year old cat
    Disappointment: weight
    Elation: our 16 year old daughter, our only child and brings us constant joy
    Perfect Saturday would be watching Food Network in the morning, late breakfast and being lazy with my family all day!
    Only people who really know me realize I am messy! I hide it well!

  27. 927
    Dee Anne McCrary says:

    Oops- forgot my church: Alpine Church of Christ, Longview, TX

  28. 928
    colleen says:

    1. Your name and where you live.
    Colleen – Cape Town, South Africa

    2. Your age or general age grouping (grin)

    3. When did you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and, in briefest possible terms, what was the setting?
    I have always known Jesus as my saviour but have recommitted my life to Him twice after straying.
    Being a Methodist I was confirmed at the age of 16 and for me that was a very profound moment when I stood up in front of the congregation and publicly professed my faith in my God and saviour Jesus

    4. What line of work are you in? Or, if you’re in school, tell us where and what line of work you’re steering toward. (Do not hesitate to tell us you’re a stay-at-home-mom. No harder work exists nor longer hours.)
    I am a professional nurse (not sure what you call us in America). I work for a company that is involved in improving health care, particularly in Africa. We do accreditations of health facilities to ensure that certain standards are met and I edit the reports. Also, I am involved in a call centre where personnel from health facilities phone in adverse events. These are logged onto a web-based programme and each facility has to investigate the incident and put measures in place to prevent the same thing happening again. Rewarding but does get me down at times as some of the stories are so tragic and so many people die as a result of HIV.

    5. What is your #1 hobby?
    Reading & hiking

    6. Are you currently invested in a local body of believers? If so, which one?
    No. My husband and I have become disillusioned with traditional, organised churches. We attend a Bible study on a Wednesday night with friends, most of who worship at the Meadowridge Baptist church. But we are seeking a spiritual home.

    7. Do you have pets? If so, you surely know we’ve got to know what kind.
    3 dogs – 2 male ¾ bred staffies called Rambo and Jock, and a female mixed breed (I don’t like calling her a mongrel) called Roxie.

    8. Your biggest recent disappointment – slash – your biggest recent elation.
    When my mom was told after her mastectomy (she is nearly 80) that she would still need chemo and radium. She was told prior to surgery that if she had the mastectomy, as opposed to just having the tumour removed, that neither of these treatments would be necessary.

    9. Describe your idea of the perfect Saturday.
    A lazy lie in with coffee brought to me in bed by my husband, an energetic hike with my hiking club followed by tasty supper (cooked by my husband) and a movie.

    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am shy and sensitive and have a hard time keeping my boundaries.

    • 928.1
      Shelly Story says:

      Can I come spend a Saturday with you? That sounds too lovely a day to miss!
      Keep searching for a spiritual home/family with whom to worship. It’s too vital–I know as a year ago we moved homes–to go very long without. 🙂

  29. 929
    Glennifer says:

    1. Glennifer, Liverpool, NY (outside Syracuse, NY)

    2. 57

    3. Age 17 at a Lay Witness Mission. My grandmother had always taken me to church but 1st time hearing He LOVED ME!

    4. I am a System Administrator/Trainer for the Syracuse Area Homeless Management Information System – we track what is being done for the homeless in our area.

    5. Right now (today?) family history – other days: reading!

    6. Yes, Redeemer Evangelical Covenant Church

    7. Kit is a 2 year old Himalayan kitty. I am looking for a Samoyed puppy. Our Samoyed died a year and a half ago. I haven’t forgiven her for that yet!

    8. Disappointment: recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Elation: In May we took an awesome trip to Alaska to see where our son has been for the last 2 years.

    9. Perfect Saturday: Sleep in a little, do my Bible Study, walk with Jesus in park by lake, work on some family history, spend the afternoon reading, movie night with my guys.

    10 I can be really funny and have a lot of fun! I hang out with way too many serious people!! Need to find some other sanguines!

  30. 930
    Tina says:

    1. Tina, Roanoke, AL

    2. Still enjoying the first year of my forties.

    3. I accepted Jesus when I was in the 4th grade at our church.

    4. I’ve been a pharmacy technician at a small rural hospital since I was 19. Love my job!

    5. Crafting and I collect old dishes.

    6. First United Methodist Roanoke

    7. We have two dogs aka our babies, Millie and Ginger. They are barking at deer in the pasture as I type.

    8. The fact that I get to go to the beauty shop on Tuesday elates me…being two weeks past due for an appointment at the beauty shop…not so much.

    9. Early morning 5 mile walk, chili in the crock pot, football (Roll Tide), family and some sort of dessert that requires an insane amount of butter.

    10. People who really know me know I’m really shy and not stuck up. Someone told me recently that I give people the impression that I’m cold and stuck up. That hurt my heart.

  31. 931
    Vickie says:


    Beth, Linds,

    I’ve felt compelled, for over a month, to share this with you but couldn’t muster the nerve. It seems I won’t be released until I do.

    This happened on a church playground on a Wednesday evening a lil over a month ago. Ever since I heard it, I needed to share it with my BFF…ya know what I mean. lol

    Before church starts, they allow the little kids to play outside until its time….blow off some energy. My great niece Mary Elizabeth is 5 1/2 years old. Her best friend had a stomach ache and couldn’t play very well. There were about 7 kids playing at the time. Mary Elizabeth decided to gather the kids around her BFF and pray over her. It makes me cry everytime I think about it. Mary Elizabeth stood on a stump so she could reach the top of her friends head. She laid one hand on her friends head and raised the other one up to heaven…..and prayed. There were three adults that witnessed this incident. They were wondering what was going on…..when they realized what they’d just witnessed, they were all crying. One of them said, “we do not even begin to comprehend the impact we have on these young lives.”
    Later, Mary Elizabeths Dad asked her what she was doing on the playground and she said, “Lily had a stomach ache and we prayed for her, duh.” She can be lil miss attitude sometimes…like most of us. 🙂

    Mary Elizabeth was doing what she sees. She sees this as normal… awesome is that!

    No adult ears heard that prayer, can you just imagine how it was received in the heavenlies!

    I hope I never forget this sweet story.

    P.S. Are you going to answer the questions you posted???
    Just wonderin’ 😉

  32. 932
    Shara says:

    1. Shara in Dallas.
    2. 38
    3. I was 9 and it was at the Baptist Church I grew up in.
    4. I’ve been a SAHM since my daughter was born and she’ll be 21 in January. Worked odd jobs while kids were in school. Going back to school slowly now, just waiting for grandkids. 🙂
    5. Reading!
    6. Very active in our church – Life Church of Kaufman
    7. We have 1 very spoiled Lab/Boxer named Duke.
    8. Biggest dissapointment – Brad Paisley concert for my bday was cancelled. Biggest elation- watching my oldest son on the p&w team at church for our recent Freedom Weekend.
    9. Perfect Saturday – We are all home with nothing that “has” to be done. Cool weather, windows open, grilling on the deck.
    10. Only people who really know me realize that I am not as quiet as others think.

  33. 933
    Alison Gillett says:

    1. Ali Gillett, Bendigo Australia

    2. 37

    3. When I was 11 with my Dad before a prayer meeting he used to run out the back of a shop.

    4. Stay-at-home mum with 3 kids (2 boys and a girl)

    5. Love reading and veggie gardening but rarely get to do it…

    6. Bendigo Baptist Church

    7. No pets!

    8. Disappointment: Having to say farewell to my BFF from England 🙁 Elation: my 8 year old son absolutely loving reading the bible…can’t get enough of it!

    9. Out in the sunshine with the family and good food!

    10. Only people that really know me realise that I hold a high regard for the Queen of England.

  34. 934
    Debbie says:

    1. Debbie from Kentucky
    2. 62
    3. I accepted Jesus as my savior when was 8 yrs. old on an Easter Sunday.
    4. I work for state government in Court Interpreting.
    5. Reading
    6. I belong to First Baptist Church, Shelbyville.
    7. We have 3 dogs. Happy is part boxer, Bailey is a chocolate lab, and Chewy is a puggle.
    8. The rapid decline of my parents’ health/ We’re looking for two new grandbabies this month, a boy for my daughter-in-law and a girl for my daughter.
    9. Having fun with family and watching college football/basketball.
    10. I try not to act like it, but I am really very shy.

  35. 935
    Kim Thompson says:

    1. Kim Thompson, McPherson, KS
    2. 48
    3. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was twenty six years old with my husband and a beautiful sister in Christ(Betty) who had prayed for me for five years beforehand. Her obedience to the Lord still leaves me in awe.
    4. I worked as a youth ministy assistant for ten years and now am “retired”. lol Enjoying being a home maker 🙂
    5. Making a home for my family.
    6. Countyside Covenant Church
    7.One dog, she is a German Shorthair and her name is Maggie. A cat named Buster that we just rescued.
    8. Being recently diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis, My daughter marrying the Godly man of her dreams.
    9. Being at home with my family and having a big family dinner together.
    10. People who really know me, know how deeply I love to share how God is always working in our lives. And how much pain Im really in.

  36. 936
    Sierra says:

    1. Sierra Schwartz in WInsted, MN
    2. 26!
    3. Age 20, very broken, got to drug to a spirit-filled church by my little sis, I didn’t stand a chance!
    4. Proud SAHM and student of the Word!
    5. fitness anything.
    6. Yes, a precious assemblies of God church, the peeps are so humble and authentic- awesome.
    7. I have two little boys and that is as close to a pet as we are going to get!
    8. I just got back from a ‘Bridging the Gap’ women’s retreat. I saw Lisa Bevere! She is my hero!
    9. Waking up early (while my little ones are sleeping soundly) to spend time with God, cooking, cleaning, exercising, hanging out with family/friends, watching a movie with my husband…going to the mall!
    10 …more than I appear. I am a warrior in the spirit!

  37. 937
    Donna Dear says:

    1. Donna, Newark OH

    2. 41

    3. I was 24 and dating a pastor(who became my hubby). I had been struggling with it and after talking in the car, we happen to pull into a church parking lot and I nailed it down for sure

    4. I wear many hats- I am a stay-at-home mom who home schools our girls, works for my hubby’s new ministry, and a little photography

    5. Photography

    6. FBC Heath, OH – pastors wife

    7. We have fish, but my kids are begging for a dog or cat.

    8. We didn’t get to have a good first day of school due to my ankle surgery / after 5 weeks of not being able to walk on my foot – being able to walk even though in a boot

    9. The house is clean and there is no work to be done – everyone gets to sleep in, have breakfast and then spend the day as a family either at the zoo, football game or some fun family outing.

    10 Only people who really know me that I am not an extrovert as I appear to be.

  38. 938
    Monika Ritchie says:

    Monika – Piedmont — North Carolina

    2. 39

    3. 18 Years ago – at church went to altar after being raised in church all my life – but realizing it was more about a relationship w/ Christ.

    4. Office Manager

    5. Reading – Bible Studies

    6. Pentecostal Holiness

    7. 2 – Golden Retriever and Dachshund

    8. 🙁 – Sent son off to college to fulfill his calling as a youth pastor — afraid he is being tempted to step out and walk in a different path than what he has been taught. This has been a tough month. Pray for us.

    9. Cleaning house w/ worship music playing — alone – then going out to eat later for supper w/ the family.. maybe a movie if there is anything decent playing.

    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am not a people person and that I do not like crowds or public speaking and I get tongue tied.

  39. 939
    Tracie says:

    1. Your name and where you live. – Tracie Ellis, Shepherdstown, WV

    2. Your age or general age grouping (grin) – 39

    3. When did you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and, in briefest possible terms, what was the setting? – I think I was 9 or 10 and decided that I loved church & Jesus so much that I wanted to be baptized. My Aunt was my Sunday school teacher so we talked about it and prayed about it. I was baptized on a Sunday after church with my whole family present.

    4. What line of work are you in? Or, if you’re in school, tell us where and what line of work you’re steering toward. (Do not hesitate to tell us you’re a stay-at-home-mom. No harder work exists nor longer hours.) – I work at Shepherd University in Student Affairs. My primary responsibility is helping students find jobs on campus.

    5. What is your #1 hobby? – reading, followed closely by scrapbooking

    6. Are you currently invested in a local body of believers? If so, which one? – Covenant Church, Shepherdstown, WV

    7. Do you have pets? If so, you surely know we’ve got to know what kind. – I have the most adorable little dog I adopted from a shelter. Her name is Princess and I think she saved me. I wasn’t recovering from the loss of my mom and adopting Princess helped me find my smile again.

    8. Your biggest recent disappointment – slash – your biggest recent elation. – Not getting the job I was hoping for / spending quality time with friends and family

    9. Describe your idea of the perfect Saturday. – sleep in a little, it’s a beautiful fall day, take Princess for a walk, spend time with friends/family, maybe dinner out, realxing in the evening with a good book.

    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am actually incredibly shy and introverted.

  40. 940
    Sheryl says:

    1. Sheryl Kline, Coal Township, PA

    2. 51

    3. 6 years old – in Good News Club

    4. Stay at home wife – former elementary school teacher

    5. Reading, knitting

    6. Seeking a new church home

    7. Lost my sweet 16 year old shih-tzu, Mitzi, 2 years ago but am enjoying my “grand-dog”, Scottie, a 2 year old Westie.

    8. Being hurt by fellow believers/My 28 year old daughter’s growth in the Lord

    9. Going to the farmer’s market, breakfast and coffee with my wonderful husband, watching college football with my man, going out to our favorite restaurant for dinner and finishing the evening with me winning a game of Phase 10!

    10.Only people who really know me know that I am really, really funny.

  41. 941

    1. Lora in Mooresburg, TN (an un-incorporated, no stop light area)

    2. Fabulous 46

    3. Five years old, my room at home after hearing about Jesus in children’s church. I then set up all my dolls and stuffed animals, opened my Bible and told them all about Jesus.

    4. I am a SAHM that home schools; but I am a writer, faith fighter, lamp lighter, wrong righter, Satan smiter, Truth citer. Amen.

    5. poetry/flower gardening/organizing

    6. Heritage Fellowship Church – the best church ever

    7. Ten year old Lilly Belle, a sweeter-than-molasses Maltese

    8. Your biggest recent disappointment – I really believed God was going to heal my friend, Shelli, from cancer here on earth. Recent elation – resting as God’s restores me and my family.

    9. Turning on the lamp lights in the very early morning to spend time in the Secret Place with God while hearing The Salesman snore and knowing the teens are tucked beneath warm, quilted covers. Dancing in the kitchen when everyone awakes and then strolling through a historic downtown area or touring a home or plantation and enjoying the art and architecture. Encouraging someone in the Lord, or to the Lord, along the way. Then having family and friends over for dinner, sitting, visiting, listening to the teenagers play music and sing and laugh. Preparing my heart (and all my *stuff*) for going to the house of the LORD the following day.

    10. Only people who really know me realize that I would love to have chickens me-andering in my yard… ________________________________________________________

  42. 942
    Sarah says:

    1. Sarah, Marion, KS

    2. Just turned 34 last month. (grin)

    3. Jesus got ahold of me and blew through my pharasee mentality in 2005. I was sitting in church absorbing the gospel message when I realized I knew about God, but didn’t KNOW God.

    4. I’m just getting back to work as a junior high science teacher. Feel so blessed to have found a position in a christian school. I was a stay at home mom for the last 6 years and AMEN Siesta Momma . . . being a SAHM was MUCH more challenging!!!

    5. Family time!

    6. Marion Christian Church . . . love this body of believers!!! And our ministers Carl and Chris!!!

    7. Gunner is our dog, he’s a viszla and is 10 yo. Our cat’s name is Phoney Oscord . . . my son named him. 😉

    8. miscarriage in 2009/my husband is on fire for God again (two weeks in) 😉

    9. Quiet time in the morning, stuy time in the afternoon, family time in between.

    10 Only people who really know me realize that I am a complete contradition of what I once was . . . PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

  43. 943
    Cristie says:

    1. Cristie, Carthage Texas
    2. 46 years young
    3. I was saved at 9 years old in the back 1/3 of Cameron Road Missionary Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. Couldn’t take the time to get to the front. Grabbed my Mom’s hand and said, “I want to get saved.”
    4. I’m a Library Director for a Community College.
    5. I love to travel and read.
    6. I worship with First Baptist Church of Carthage
    7. I have two precious chihuahuas (actually one a piece belongs to each daughter but they are in college) named Daisey and Annabelle. We’re not sure if Annabelle is a chihuahua/terrier mix. She came to us via after school twirling practice 🙂
    8. I can’t think of a disappointment right now. Biggest elation: picking up the phone to hear my college daughter say, “Hi Mom..just wanted to talk.” Praise Him!!
    9. A day at HOME 🙂
    10. Only people who really know me realize that I am outgoing.

  44. 944
    Marie says:

    Marie Bungard Bryan, Ohio

    Accepted a life with my Jesus on November 19, 1972 at Butler C of C’ Butler’ Indiana

    Retired Elementary Principal and I teacher

    Music I.e. singing and playing piano

    Harassment by church pastor – major forgiveness issue for me.

    Ray-my husband of 40 years and still going

    Eastland Baptist Church, Director of Music and teacher of two awesome women’s Bible Studies and an adult Sunday Study

    Two awesome fur babies – clouded gray named Smokey an shiny black named Salem – both are fabulous felines

    Breakfast w/Ray, time with my Besties, final prayer an preparation for Sunday Study, dinner and a movie w/my man and …

    I am so serious about teaching the Word and not only applying it to my life but helping others understand that it must be applied to their’s!

  45. 945
    Kari Souder says:

    1. Kari Souder
    2. I am 32
    3. I grew up in church but accepted the Lord at Youth Group at 15 years old
    4. I am a mother of 1st and 3rd grader, a wife and a Administrator at a large church
    5. Reading/Bible Study mostly Beth Moore! Currently doing Psalms of Ascent…but years ago Breaking Free changed my life!
    6. Invest in a body of believers…you bet! We are members of Crossroad Community Church in Georgetown, DE where I am the Administrator (code for I almost live there) and help lead women’s bible study
    7. Pets yes…My buddy Bailey he is a Shu-poo (shitzu and poodle mix)
    8. Disappointment -nothing big…mainly time…there is just never enough to do all I would like to. Elation – My family…we r very close and love every minute of it
    9. Book in hand…coffee and my puppy, or a day shopping with my Mom and daughter
    10. I am a loyal friend(I just have a few close friends) and I can cry (I just don’t often:))

  46. 946

    1. Kimberly Bignon – Orlando, FL

    2. 45 years young : )

    3. Accepted Christ at 14 years old in Morehead, Ky at my home church (United Methodist Church) – recommitted my heart to Jesus at 25.

    4. Professional Organizer! Called to the mission field of clutter. And there is a LOT of it!

    5. #1 Hobby – Photography

    6. First Baptist Church of Orlando!

    7. I have the cutest puppy dog in the world. His name is Miles and he is an 8 year old Yorkie (acts like he’s two).

    8. Recent dissappointment – most likely frustration on the job front (working in the world of clutter is tough busines). Most recent elation – seeing women becoming reproducing Disciples of Christ in my Bible study community.

    9. Perfect Saturday = sleep in a little later, long walk with my puppy, long morning of hot coffee, my bible and journal, a trip to the farmers market, time spent cleaning my house/working in the yard and finishing up with a date night with my 7 & 9 year old nephews or dinner & movie with friends.

    10. Only people who really know me realize that I am a true adventurer and have bungy-jumped off a 150 foot bridge,lived in the back of a Uhaul for six weeks in New Zealand and hitch-hiked the entire country of New Zealand.

  47. 947
    christina says:

    1. Christina Moore, Plano, Texas
    2. 40 (really?!)
    3. Age 15, in my room with a Bible open to Jesus’ Gethsemane prayer before I was to sing my first solo at a Good Friday service.
    4. Homemaker and professional patient. When healthier, I take freelance writing and accompanying jobs.
    5. Reading and playing piano (Choosing between those two is like picking a favorite child.)
    6. Hunters Glen Baptist Church
    7. We currently have one dog, a Labradoxie (dachshund-Lab mix, and no, I don’t know how that happened) named Ebony.
    8. Biggest recent disappointment – husband’s decision to convert to a religion I can’t adhere to
    Biggest recent elation—reading Steven Curtis Chapman’s description of the healing of memories in their family which led to a new Christmas album entitled “Joy”
    9. Curled up in an oversized, overstuffed armchair with a good book, my E-doggy, and a cup of Irish breakfast tea
    10. Only people who really know me realize that I am funny; otherwise the shyness shuts that down.

  48. 948
    Ruth says:

    1. Ruth, Shawnee, KS
    2. 30
    3. I was 6 and I asked him into my heart in hopes that my Mom wouldn’t make me eat my lima beans at lunch if I did. But I do believe he still heard my prayer and was very sensitive to Him ever since.
    4. I am a stay-at-home Mom of a 7 year old boy, 5 year old boy, 3 year old girl and 11 month old baby boy. They keep me hoppin but I love it!
    5. Probably organizing things – I always love a good challenge to organize something new – if that can be considered a hobby!
    6. Yes – Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Shawnee, KS – my husband and I met in youth group and have been leading worship together there for 12 years now.
    7. My sons just received a small tree frog – they named him Grasper Crispy…we also have live crickets that are LIVING IN MY HOME to feed the frog. Heaven help me! 🙂
    8. A relationship I want so badly to be what I desire (closeness, trust, etc) and it just isn’t/My husband got me a DESK which is really going to help me keep my stuff in order! 🙂
    9. Coffee at Starbucks, Breakfast at First Watch with my Hubby, a shopping spree alone, time to read, watch tv, and cuddle with my kids.
    10. Only people who really know me realize that I am not happy all the time.

  49. 949
    Sara says:

    1. Sara (Knoxville, TN)

    2. 32 years young 🙂

    3. I “thought” I had accepted Jesus during VBS as a child, but really had not surrendered my life to His lordship until I was 27 years old…watching television one night during a heap of personal marital problems that bore down so heavily!

    4. I’m in healthcare project management

    5. I love to craft and read!

    6. Yes – we attend Fellowship Church

    7. Yes – we have a very rambunctious dog, 2 sweet kitties, and a ton of fish

    8. Disappointment – lots of financial difficulty; Elation – I’m due with my first biological baby girl on Christmas Day (after 7 miscarriages) and remarrying the sweetest man and becoming a step mommy to a precious little 6 year old girl! Thank you, Jesus 🙂

    9. This time of year is ALWAYS my favorite – a big pot of chili on the stove, hanging out with the family watching SEC football and just relaxing…the best times are made on these days!

    10. Only people who really know me realize that I analyze and matriculate on everything…I drive myself crazy with expectations that I set for myself that no one else seems to hold or worry about…and if I disappoint someone in any way, I am devastated!

  50. 950
    Becky Preston says:

    1. Becky lives in Alabama
    2. Forty seven
    3. Age 24 with my first baby on my hip
    4. CPA
    5. Undecided…kids just left home, time to reinvent myself
    6. First Baptist Oxford
    7. Big ole sweet black lab named Sister
    8. Empty nest/Empty nest
    9. Kids all home, windows and doors flung open, football on, bread baking, chili in the crock pot.
    10. Hard to get to know

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