The Beauty in the Threadbare

I won’t publish this post until Monday morning but I’m writing it to you a little after 6:00 PM on Sunday evening. I’m only giving myself a little while to finish it so that I won’t awaken tomorrow morning wanting to whisper, woe is me, it’s work, work, work. Blah, blah, blah. Work martyrs are fake martyrs. They don’t count. They’re too self-important. It dawned on me about 2 years ago that no one was making me work nonstop but me so why, then, did I want to find somebody to blame for driving this skeleton like a shovel into quicksand? Anyway, I want to dance with my grandchildren at their weddings.

So, wonders never cease, some things in my life actually changed for a change but that’s another story for another time.  I like work. That’s the biggest issue. I love it even. But the body makes certain demands that are harder to ignore in more, how shall I say, seasoned years. That there is not always energy to spare after decades of flying high on fumes has been a glorious, unsolicited gift to me and one that came as a shock after major surgery and a serious cancer threat. I have savored what I do – researching, studying, serving – and what God has placed around me – many friends and fellow sojourners – and what I get to experience in my 4-generation family so much more in an ever-so-slightly less revved up gear.

For instance, I’m more apt to let time suspend for a few seconds and count the steps it takes for Annabeth to run to me from the car with a smile stretched from sea to shining sea. And I make notes – at least mental and sometimes actual handwritten – of the statements that cause the most prominent lisps with Jackson’s three missing front teeth. Friday night I had to purely look away at the dinner table when he said, “Did my mommy show you the pictures of the two postcards they sent?” Show-pictures-postcards-sent. Perfect. I tried to act like I was reflecting with my elbow on the table and my chin on my fist while I steeled myself to answer, “No, but she told me about them. I want to see them!” (It was everything I could do not to ask him to please repeat the question.) Amanda and I laughed later until we nearly had to kick our legs for relief.

I thank God for lessons only time can adequately teach and for still leaving room for airplanes, short nights, hikes, books, Bible dictionaries, and bikes. And still a fair amount of revving up. I’m not sure I could bear revlessness.

My man’s been gone for the day so it was all mine for the taking. I had a reflective, worshipful morning at church despite four shots of coffee strong enough to cleanse the sinuses and shear the throat like a spring sheep. (Remind me to get Jackson to read that sentence later.) I sat next to my firstborn on the front row and received a word about forgiveness from a pastor I greatly respect and took the Bread and the Cup with a depth of seriousness that made them feel especially healing to me. Maybe even filling. I was touched in my soul when I saw the elements on the edge of the stage in the chapel, just waiting to be served. I had not known we were to receive them but I had hoped. Right at the Clay Road exit on Beltway 8 as I was nearing our church that morning, a few lines turned in my head. I jotted them down in the parking lot.

O Glorious Lord’s Day

Our souls to awake

Saints to be gathered

Awash in glad grace

Called to the table

Jesus the Head

Partake, all you ransomed ones

By love come be fed.

I love church. What a harbor it has been to me through the years. I love the Table. I love its Head. My life would be a black hole without Christ and the communion of saints.

I drove my nearly 40 minutes home from church, fired up the stove and heated up Keith’s homemade chicken soup from yesterday – perfect for our first bona fide autumn day in Houston, Texas – and I ate a blistering bowlful by a wide-open book. Satisfied and sleepy, I heaved myself into the king-size hammock my coworkers gave me last year and held on tight till it quit swinging. It takes about 3 minutes. I read a little more, laughed, sighed, reflected. This is said hammock. I clipped this particular shot the day before.

Then, after a cup of tea, I pulled on my rubber boots to pay up on that promise of a walk I’d made to Queen Esther who’d nearly knocked me out of the hammock earlier, book sent flying, with her obsessive compulsion for closeness.

I was only about three minutes into our usual walk in the country when I said to the air what I’ve said to Keith one hundred times. “This is my favorite spot on this walk.” So I pulled out my iPhone to take a picture of it for at least the 15th time. I’m not exaggerating. I take the same exact shot over and over. Then I looked at it, blew out my lips in frustration and said again to the air, “I can never get this picture to turn out as fabulous as this really is.”

Then I looked at it again. And that’s when I realized for the very first time that the reason why I can never fully capture the beauty of it is because it’s really not all that spectacular. Quaintly pretty, yes. To us nature lovers anyway. Maybe a four. Maybe just a three.

But, it’s not what high-dollar sightseers would throw hand to chest over, bracing for visually-induced coronary thrombosis, exclaiming Breathtaking! Stunning! Well, I never!

No, now, THIS is the kind of thing you clutch your heart over:

I took that picture from a Delta airplane window exactly two years ago just before landing in that valley for a couple of days. I’m not sure there is a place more beautiful than Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the pioneered universe. Not to me anyway. But somehow when I’m there I can never get past the sight of it. I always plan to do my most creative writing there but I rarely do. Somehow, when nothing is left to my imagination, well, then…nothing is left to my imagination. It’s all filled up. And that’s that.

That’s the revelation I got today. The reason I can’t capture the beauty in these crude woods on camera is because it’s a beauty felt more than seen. It doesn’t scream anything. It won’t interrupt you while you’re talking. It doesn’t beg anyone to pen or paint it.

Simple things tend to have more manners. They won’t say a word if you don’t let them. If we don’t shut up, they will. But it will be our loss.

The beauty in the threadbare. The beauty in the unswept scenes that refuse to finish everything out for you. Or think for you. They leave the spiderwebs to walk into and the realistic fear of a snake slithering by. They leave you to have to kick the dried-up mud off your boots when you get home and to run the water hose over your slobbering dog. And, while you’re at them, they won’t leave you so speechless you can’t answer the phone in your back pocket. Go right ahead if you want to. And sometimes you’ll be glad you did. But other times, you might just get that sense that you walked and talked right past something special, if only vaguely special in a world overwrought with specialties.

The chance not only to see beauty.

But to feel it.

May God grant us this day a whisper of His beauty that sweeps right past our vision and dives deeply like a stream into our world-parched souls.



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  1. 151
    Doris says:

    Beth, I love your thoughts – I too adore God’s creation and His beauty. I try to tell Him that every day. I am particularly struck by the picture of that path that you’ve given us (and the picture you keep taking!). It is a BEAUTIFUL spot! Reminds me of The Secret Garden!

  2. 152
    Libby says:

    I so enjoyed this.

  3. 153
    lynda rickey says:

    Miss Beth, Thanks for sharing that incredible insight in such an incredibly beautiful way. You got it going on girlfriend. Love ya lots, Lynda

  4. 154
    Kristi Belt says:

    You know what I like about this? That’s how I feel as a mom of a toddler. Threadbare. I can’t get my tummy to bounce back into shape, I’m tired, covered in food and snot, cleaning and cooking as I go, and just trying my darnedest to grab 5 minutes here and there to read the Word. But, the beauty in this time of life is something that strikes me from time to time; and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I longed to be a stay at home mom. I’m thankful for this opportunity, and I cherish the memories we are making. It’s a work in the trenches, though. So very much so! Threadbare I may be, but what a beauty this life as a mom can be!

  5. 155
    Kathie Mullins says:

    Beth I am so full of that right now! I am at the hotel ready to go home in the morning. I have stayed the last week in WA DC (first time). The sights took my breath away, the history, the age, the comfort of (kinda) seeing where we have been and also reflecting on where I am going. (That was my most favorite spot) I love that God shows me these special things to let me know He created me and that He has a perfect plan for me!
    See you in a few days in Long Beach!

  6. 156
    Debbie says:

    I live in Alaska and I am blessed to awaken every day to a beautiful view of several mountain ranges. However this said, I am amazed how some days the view is so overwhelming that it leaves me speechless. The beauty of God’s creation and the ways he chooses to share them or how they affect me is never predictable….but then only He is rock steady.

    Thank you for your insights and sharing with us!

  7. 157

    Beth, I just love the way you write, you reach people in their souls. I want to write like you when I grow up…

  8. 158
    Tammy says:

    beautiful!! Thank you for the breath of fresh air.

  9. 159
    Genevieve Garrison says:

    What a breath of fresh air. I love the way you paint the words on the pages that describe God in nature.
    God is so good.

  10. 160

    I had similar thoughts yesterday while walking my dog just before sunrise here in Western New York. The myriad shades of blue in the dawning sky, black silhouettes of the trees along the path we were walking, stars and a crescent moon in a clear sky. Majesty! His creation is wondrous and I thanked Him for it all.

  11. 161
    Gale says:

    Hi Beth,
    I have often wondered how you have the energy to do what you do. God provides moments like this for restoration, reflection and rest. I’m happy to see you grab such a moment.
    Be still and know, I am God. KNOW being the key word.
    God Bless you Beth, thank you for giving so much to God by your ministries.
    I’ve not come down quiet yet from the LPL event in Charleston. Wow! I’ve seen your simulcast, done your book studies, your dvd’s…but nothing compares to sitting in a room, with thousands of women live, singing and praising the Lord with Travis and hearing your message , while seeing your face, live. We are talking about trying to get to Greensboro NC in April…
    Beth, take those walks, inhale His beauty and swing in that hammock, because I’ve seen how much of you , you give. Thank you will never cover the women you have led to, or back to God. I give thanks to God for your life, along with our study groups frequently. Take care Siesta Mama, you are so loved.

    • 161.1

      Sweet Gale, I felt the same way when I saw Beth at a Life Today taping. My husband had teased me that I would cry when I saw her … I said, “Cry?” Why would I do that? When precious Beth walked out, big tears clouded my eyes … made me think about how sweet it will be when we see Jesus face to face!!

  12. 162

    Beth, you always leave me speechless … crying one minute, laughing the next. The reason I fell in love with you when I was 29. Your contagious love for God. I will forever cherish my three hugs from you till I die. Something I was pondering this morning … and I’d love to hear more from you: I adore your relationship with your children and pray I have that with my girls. Do you feel that was grace or did God give you some practical tools for making it happen? Sounds silly, probably. But I wonder how to balance friends, social networking, work … and still be there and be what I should be for my girls, in order to have that special relationship when they are grown. To put them first above earthly things. For our children, too, are the landscapes that leave us breathless and speechless. If we are just smart enough to realize and not miss out. And may I say … it’s a selfish hope that you never retire!

  13. 163
    Dawn says:

    Hi Beth,

    I just have to say how much your post meant to me today. I am currently working on average 84 hours a week for reasons not important to write here, but rather than a burden it is evidence of God’s provision in my life. I am so blessed. But BOY can I be QUEEN MARTYR about it sometimes! (Does it speak to a pride problem that I have to be the BEST at everythihg? Even martyrdom?) ANYWAY…looking out the window at big, fat snowflakes softly falling amongst the backdrop of autumn leaves, I feel blessed. Thanks again for the reminder!

  14. 164
    colleen says:

    I grew up on a farm and feel closest to God in nature. I am in a very dark place at the moment – various issues that I won’t elaborate on, but one being that I have had to return to work pretty much full time when all I ever wanted was to be a stay-at-home woman, and I am missing my home and feel so out of touch with what is happening there. Anyway, my husband has recently started playing tennis again and is loving it so much that he plays 3x a week! He and I started hiking together about 2-3 years ago so I have lost my hiking partner. I decided that instead of feeling resentful I would join a hiking club that hikes on a Saturday afternoon while he plays tennis. We live in Cape Town (South Africa) and even though it is a city we have nature all around us. Last Saturday our hike took us from one side of the mountain over to the other – it is not as difficult as it sounds – and we were looking out for a Jackal Buzzards’ nest. The next thing I saw the Jackal Buzzard itself, riding the thermals just below us then climbing higher and higher into the sun until we couldn’t see it anymore. Not long after that there were 2 of them, obviously mates. (A jackal buzzard is a bird of prey.). What a blessing and a privilege it was to see them as they hovered just above us. At our Bible study the week before one of the group had shared the verse from Isaiah 40:31 and remarked that eagles ride the thermals so if we trust God we can rest in Him and don’t have to struggle so much. I love being out in nature – I feel revived and forget my troubles for that time. But here’s the thing – I am God’s child, I know all these things, I have done so many studies where I learn amazing truths, but I so often descend into darkness and I just can’t seem to pull myself up. I’m like the person in James who becomes a forgetful listener and I don’t want to be that.
    So sorry this is so long. I know people don’t often read the long blogs, but perhaps a few of you have and I would so appreciate your prayers, because I don’t want the darkness to rule in my life – I want the abundant life that my Father has promised me. And perhaps that image of the eagle on the thermals will speak to somebody who needs to hear it.
    Thank you and God bless you all!

    • 164.1
      Karen E says:

      Hi Colleen!

      As someone who has experienced darkness of heart and soul, I will pray for you. May God’s truths — of His unfailing love and His always-presence — be the Light that pulls you closer to Himself.

      Ps. 56:3 (NLT) “But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.” I love this verse and version because it tells me to DO something when the fears hit me. When I realize I am afraid, I say “Oh, right, I’m going to trust God.” And then I do and then God’s peace comes in.

      JOY to you!

      • JoAnn Janik says:

        I am resonating with your comment Colleen in the way that I feel I forget so many important truths in my bible studying and I desire to be that “effectual doer” instead of a forgetful listener. The enemy comes upon those who are in God’s Word with a vengence. He wants to put us in doubt and self-comdemnation. But…..remember this: You have the power of the Almighty God in you, girlfriend, to boldly step up to the darkness and shine your light.

        Psalm 25:15 – I continually look to the LORD for help, for He will free my feet from the enemy’s net.
        2 Tim. 1:7 – But God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-control.

        I am praying for you.

      • colleen says:

        Thank you,Karen and Joanne for your encouraging words. I truly love that we live on different continents and yet we are sisters. I will memorise the verses you gave me and put them in my arsenal. May you both receive a special blessing today.


  15. 165
    Jan Semon says:


  16. 166
    Margie by the Sea says:

    “May God grant us this day a whisper of His beauty that sweeps right past our vision and dives deeply like a stream into our world-parched souls.”

    Lord, give us the eyes to see and the ears to hear when You becken us.
    Thank you, Beth.

  17. 167
    Janet Dick says:

    Thank you so much for your blog. I laughed. I cried. I was drawn closer into His presence. Love you, Beth, my sister in Christ!

  18. 168
    Tamara says:

    Hi Ms. Beth-
    I just wanted to say to you that Wednesday’s w/ Beth today 10/10/12 BLESSED my soul and I can’t wait until it’s called “Everyday with Beth”. I just love you and your teachings and your spirit and you.

  19. 169
    Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing, Beth. And don’t worry – I have several pictures of the same thing. Sometimes it is the smallest thing we find beauty and if we are delighting in His creation just imagine how He delights in it!

  20. 170
    Connie says:

    Places like that are special not just for their beauty, but because we can feel God all around us. My wish is that everyone would have that kind of a quiet area where in their hectic lives they can feel the peace of God flow over them, if only for a moment, once in a while.

  21. 171
    Dionna says:

    Ah. Feeling beauty. Yes, there is nothing quite like it.

  22. 172

    1. Your name and where you live. Wendee, Houston

    2. Your age or general age grouping (grin) 42

    3. When did you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and, in briefest possible terms, what was the setting? When I was somewhere around 11, through a Go Ask Alice mailaway bible study! I became an atheist for years after but came back to Christ after reading the Bible in college.

    4. What line of work are you in? Or, if you’re in school, tell us where and what line of work you’re steering toward.
    I’m a freelance writer and photographer, specializing in science, nature, conservation.

    5. What is your #1 hobby?

    6. Are you currently invested in a local body of believers? If so, which one?
    Woodlands Church East

    7. Do you have pets? If so, you surely know we’ve got to know what kind.
    3 cats

    8. Your biggest recent disappointment – slash – your biggest recent elation.
    Heartbreak over estrangement and struggles in communication with my 17-year old daughter, and seeing my pain get triggered by her behavior and disappointment with myself. Elation – my new kitten Pippin who I adore!!

    9. Describe your idea of the perfect Saturday.
    Visiting orphaned baby sloths in the slothpital in Costa Rica. Hopefully this will happen soon! 🙂 Anything watching wildlife, anywhere!

    10 Complete this sentence: Only people who really know me realize that I am…. this is a tough one bc I’m a very heart on my sleeve person and blog and write about my struggles. I’d say a hot mess but that’s probably obvious from my blog. LOL. Perhaps that I have diarrhea of the mouth when I am upset… 🙂 The Lord isn’t through with me yet!

  23. 173

    oops – ha ha put it on the wrong place! I’ll repost on the other one and you can just not publish these!

  24. 174
    rebecca says:

    Dearest Beth, after reading the post about losing some of your revved up energy, I somehow felt better about myself! Not that I would want that for you…
    It is just that I am a 10 year ovarian cancer survivor, and low and behold, this year was diagnosed with CML, Leukemia from the first treatment! Why Lord Why?
    I too loved to go at break neck speed, but, this medication has slowed me so that I barely recognize myself. I am struggling mighty hard to understand all of this. Isn’t if funny how, even in those hours right before your life changes forever, you rarely if ever see it coming? Thank goodness nothing comes as a surprise to our Lord! I just wish I knew His plans sometimes!!!!
    Thank you for being you and baring your soul for us!
    Rebecca Oswald

  25. 175
    Tanya says:

    You put things that are in my heart to words. I hope someday to meet you. And if i do perhaps the Lord will be gracious to give me effective words to say what i feel which boiled down is this…by the word of your testimony you have given me real tangible hope that there truely is goodness for us here. That its not simply surviving the barreness. Few capture Jesus like you. I guess few seek him like you? All i really really know is that for ever sin i’ve overcome and every lie I’ve put to rest and every breath i still take–i desperately hope to kkkow Jesus and have him seen in mylike He’s seen in you. To also be to someone a tangible voice calling them home

    I dont really know u ms beth but i mean it when i say i love you. Thanks for giving….

  26. 176
    Karen Martin says:

    That photo is awesome. It’s hard to take a bad picture in Jackson Hole. That’s for sure.

  27. 177
    Sparki2003 says:

    I love this post ! Never under-estimate the power of how “simply beautiful” trees and other parts of nature that our great and glorious God has created for us to enjoy ! One sweet Bible teacher, that I’ve studied under, once called such simple beauties “GODstops” !

    However, yes, I do have to agree that seeing the Rocky Mountains, etc., brings about an incredible sense of pure “awe-striking” joy !

    Glory to God that HE chooses to show each one of us that we CAN see HIS glory in our own “stomping grounds” ! ! !

    Lord Jesus, please give us “eyes to see” these “GODstops” . . . Amen

    In Christ’s Love,


    P.s. I have been so very blessed to see the trees changing colors in my hometown . . . I wish I could download some pictures on here for Y’all !

  28. 178
    Michelle says:

    The “work martyr” concept stings because you’re right and I hear myself in your “blah, blah, blah.”. I just don’t know how to resolve this when it’s not me that is causing me to work so much. I LOVE my job when I work 40-50 hours/week, but I can’t meet the requirements right now without many more hours which makes me hate it. But I need my job.

  29. 179
    Mimi of Six in Al. says:

    Beth thank you so much. I needed this. I thought I was the only one like that at the present time. I have no energy to even text. Thank you so much for sharing. The other day I looked up at the sky and it was an awe moment. I all most missed it. Just beautiful. No telling how many I have missed because I can’t seem to fit everything in.

  30. 180
    Joy French says:

    Love that – it really goes along very well with what the Lord has been teaching me lately. To enjoy, and live abundantly, in each and every day. No matter how busy your calendar gets, don’t rush by what He has planned for you today! As we finish up 2012 and move on to 2013, I am already asking the Lord what things I need to add and what things I need to drop from my schedule. It’s always fun to see where He leads:)

    You are such a blessing Beth Moore!

  31. 181

    Beth, I just wanted to share with you, that my nephew called me this morning Oct. 14th to tell me he had gone to church. It had been a long while and lots of water under the bridge. Months ago I told him about a church that I thought was in his area (you son in laws church). He called me this morning to tell me how much he liked it <3 🙂 My heart is so excited for him and his new wife. God is sooooo good <3

  32. 182
    Christiane says:

    “Simple things tend to have more manners. They won’t say a word if you don’t let them. If we don’t shut up, they will. But it will be our loss.”

    That is a perfect description of my husband. Sometimes I walk through his trails and take the same photograph over and over again too, attempting to capture the very essence of who I am learning him to be so that I can share with others what only I have been able to witness. Every time I take a look at the shot I’ve snapped, it’s such a poor reflection of who he truly is. Perhaps some things are just not meant to be shared until the forest itself decides to share with those other souls, I reflect.

    As an amateur photographer, I often look for ways to defy the communication that my mere “shot” can capture… maybe it’s my own point of view that needs to be adjusted. I wonder what your photograph of the rugged trail with the thoughtful trees would say taken from the *perspective* of Queen Esther? And, if there’s anything I’ve learned from your humility, Ms. Moore, its the fact that you meet our Savior on your knees. What would Beth see, praying in the woods, with her knees bent on the leaves, gazing upwards to the heavens through the arms of those trees?

    Sorry for the long comment, but this is just one of the many rabbit holes I crawled into after reading your post.

    I wish you were my best friend!

  33. 183
    Dontisha Reed says:

    Thank you Beth Moore you inspiried a month ago I listen to your video in a church with my friend. I never heard of you but I am so thankful I came that day to hear you speak when you said there was many, many women with good news I want to let you know God has been helping me with my fears and I wrote a book if you ever get a chance its and its called hard finding unconditional love. You help me push myself in do what God has been want me to do is tell my story. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY… lEXINGTON KY *******

  34. 184

    Can you believe I had to look up the word “threadbare”? Hadn’t heard that word in such a long time. I love all its synonyms, too! “Dog-eared” … To be so “ragged” it’s really a pretty word … and truly, a pretty place to be. I don’t know, Beth … to make it to the “threadbare” of ourselves with Jesus, stripped of ourselves. (pruned) A pretty place to be. I will always remember that word now.

  35. 185
    Cindy says:

    I burst into tears halfway through your post. I’m up at 2:50 am, wide awake, wondering how I’m going to fit in the work I need to do this week and still fill my soul with the balance and rest I need. I was worried about upcoming expenses, how I’m going to do it, while also wanting this 51 year old body not to ache so much from the long day of work yesterday, looking at another coming up today and….suddenly…… I felt I had permission to cry. I’m tired.

    And, I smile at the thought that work martyrs don’t count. I’ve always had that tendency to work very hard. I’ve been a single mom for almost 8 years and work is necessary, makes the wheels go ’round… And, despite what I just wrote, I am honestly learning balance at this ripe age. I’m youthful. I’m strong. And (But?) I am 51.

    I have a vision for the life I’m creating, and as a single mom of two teen boys, with one in college, hard work is something that I need to do to create what we need and what I want for my future. But, I also need beauty and art and books and rest and spending time rubbing my 16 year old’s feet, though he really should be rubbing mine, darn it! And though I have my own business to keep running (or nuthin’ happens….) I still spend entire days cooking wonderful food on the weekends, because it feeds my soul. I make time to create in my studio. I try to find that balance, savoring these last years with my boys beginning to spread their wings. Bittersweet and wonderful. And, I am loved.

    I’m tired, yes. But I am filled up too. This lovely post reminded me at 2:50 in the morning, that it is up to me to breathe, to balance, to fill my heart and my soul, all will be well…….

    Thank you, in the middle of the night, for exactly what I needed…….

  36. 186

    Beth, I like this post a lot, and I’m so glad that you have a spot in your walk that makes your heart so happy. The trees really are beautiful there. Much blessings and gladness of heart to you today Siesta Mama Beth:)

  37. 187
    Karen says:

    Hi Beth, I just soaked up this posting today. I understand “feeling’ the beauty. Taking the time to see beauty but to feel it as well. Our “alone” times are good times….needed times for closeness to our Lord…for reflection….and to expierence “peace”. Well thank you, your writings bless my soul…my heart…my mind. Karen, Cape Cod, MA

  38. 188
    Ginger says:

    1. Ginger, Paragould, Arkansas
    2. 38 and proud of it 🙂
    3. I accepted Christ at the age of 23…after meeting with my accountability group. I was knee deep in church & religion, but not until that night, did I find a relationship!
    4. I’m an Office Manager for an electrical contractor…the only female in the outfit of 20 guys! So, I love this community of siestas. A girl needs some girl love!
    5. Hmmm…I have two #1 hobbies {grin} Scrapbooking & Photography, which go hand in hand
    6. I’m a member of Southside Community Church in Paragould, AR…for 16 years we’ve been there. I love it! I serve on the Praise Team & Womens Ministry.
    7. 2 Labs….River & Caliber (they’re actually my sons)
    8. Disappointment; losing my mother-in-law to cancer/Elation: hearing my grandbaby laugh out loud!
    9. Perfect Saturday is 70 degrees…beautiful fall colors…going for a drive in the country with my family with a picnic in the park. Laid back…carefree.
    10 Only people who really know me realize that I am actually quite shy and a little insecure.

  39. 189
    melanie says:

    beth – don’t know if you will see this but i must write to tell you how powerful your word was tonight in my bible study group! we are studying Believing God. tonight was week 6 video session. i – along with 20 other women were so moved and crying and so glad glad glad you make the connections for us and “tell us what worked for me!” God’s blessings upon you and your ministry! and your relentless research! and humor! and complete love of the Lord Jesus Christ! it digs one of us out of the pit every week. seriously. love, mel

  40. 190
    Aleta says:

    I have 2 questions for Beth. First, my daughter loves giraffes and pink, so I am wondering where she got her boots that are in the blog picture? secondly, I was taught in typing class to use 2 spaces after a period when typing but my daughter said the schools don’t teach that any more and it’s old fashion. Does Beth use 2 spaces after periods when typing? Thank you, Aleta

  41. 191
    Pouneh says:

    I felt the same exact way last night… My daughter, her friend & I were walking back to the car and had to take a “back way” because they’d been working on the stairs of the building. As I turned the corner, I happnened to notice flowers. At first glance I thought, oh, how pretty that they’re still blooming, even in this chilly weather. Then I stopped, realizing, that they must be roses. Now, you have to understand, I am always disappointed when my nose comes close to smelling one, only because I remember the beautiful scent of my grandmother’s roses, which today’s roses never seem to possess. Well, as always, with that mustard seed of hope I bent down… & oh, how I was swept away! Figures… it would be here… lining up the back walls of the Salvation Army’s Training School… As I was leaving I thought of snipping one to bring to work with me the next day, but I realized I didn’t have the heart to do it. Yes, it was a beauty I had the privilege of experiencing simply by taking an alternative route, and holding on to a hope that in our God still surprises us in answering.

  42. 192
    Patti says:


    As a fellow nature lover… OH how I GET THIS!!! Feeling that beauty is feeling the presence and mark of our Creator! Would love to take that stroll with you… if only we could be quiet enough to pause and enjoy!

    Saw you in Long Beach and felt God there too, right in the midst of metal and concrete and vinyl. Your heart is beautiful and GOD ROCKS! “But I don’t want my healing that way!”… I can so relate! Thanks for leading us to the water’s edge, my sweet sister/siesta! Love you bunches!

  43. 193
    Melissa says:

    Thank you Beth. Lovely post and needed reminder.

  44. 194
    Joy says:

    What a beautiful post; thank you Beth!

  45. 195
    Leona says:

    That was beautiful,just what I needed in a otherwise boring day!Love you Beth.Leona.

  46. 196
    Bobbie McKenzie says:

    This comment has nothing to do with your post. I just had to tell you something that is eating away at me. Last night we watched Week 4 of your Bible study of Deut., and when you asked “What is your most treasured moment?” and said that it could be something we kept in our box that didn’t have to be good. I am completely confused because I associate “treasured” with “good things”, special surprises, etc., I simply do not understand you’re statements. Maybe it’s because you are so far ahead of me in Biblical and intellectual understanding. I have followed you for a very long time and I am thankful for all you do, I just can’t understand this session. Please help!

  47. 197
    Cathy Mayfield says:

    I, too, take pictures of forest lanes where I have walked many times. Each picture seems the same, except, of course, since I live in PA, I get the glorious benefit of all four seasons! Here’s a little tip, though: next time you wander to your favorite place, try turning your camera at an angle. The picture, the forest lane you love, will then be a diamond, a true jewel! It’s fun!

    My 28-yr-old daughter and I are currently involved in a women’s Bible study group at her church, using your study of James. I especially enjoy your study of the Hebrew and Greek words, since I am a writer and have a love affair with words. I hope to have more Bible studies published someday (1, currently). I’ll have to work hard to catch up with my 16-yr-old daughter, though. She, appropriately named Faith, wrote 10 10-chapter Bible studies for my Christmas gift last year, each themed around things I like (crafts, reading, Christmas).

    Blessings to you and your family.
    Cathy Mayfield

  48. 198
    Amy Lingenfelder says:

    Beth. geesh. you managed to take me with you. i was lying on that hammock, smiling at Jackson and breathing the fresh greenness on our walk…you have such a special way with words. God bless. Don’t stop.

  49. 199

    Hello Beth
    Please forgive me my English, as I am Afrikaans speaking. I want to tell you that we have a Bible study group, men as well as women, and we have a group session weekly on Monday’s, since 1993. From the beginning of this year, we do your book, The Patriarchs. We didn’t realize that it was meant for women, so we bought it. Every week we do only one “day” in the book. We are at week 7 now, and what a blessing it is to all of us, even the men! Sometimes we are a bit shy, but all of us are married partners, above 45, so, as adults we enjoy every subject in the book.
    A week ago I asked them if they would like to do something else, especially the men, and as if in one, everyone said: NO!! Please, let’s continue with this book, we learn SO MUCH!!
    Thank you! I believe that everyone in our group show growth in our Christianship, with the help of this book. They say that they never read Genesis and that it really is an eye-opener!!
    May God bless you. Thank you for the good work that you do!
    Madele Burger
    Southern Most Point in Africa, namely, Cape Agulhas. That’s where I come from!
    God Bless!

  50. 200
    Debbie says:

    Hey Beth! I know how much you love Jackson Hole and God has blessed our family with the opportunity to go for the first time in Sep! This trip was actual a prize for our family, so it’s extra special. We knew right away that we wanted to experience God’s creation out West. If you have any “can’t miss this” suggestions…we’d be wide open. We’ll be taking our kids ages 12 and 10 for this trip of a lifetime. Maybe we’ll see you there! 😉
    Thanks so much and we’ll see you in Greensboro in April!

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