You Amaze Me

This is just the quickest shout-out to say that you nearly took my breath away in your comments to the last post. I have never been so humbled and so thankful and blessed to be part of this community. If you haven’t had a chance to glance at the ministry going on between sisters in the faith, even just letting your eyes scan down the comments and seeing the interchange between the phrases,ย  “Little Sister here…” and “Big Sister here…” will put tears in your eyes. You amaze me. We are flawed people around here and all of us have some degree of brokenness but, Sisters, God formed something real in this community over the last years – something we couldn’t have conjured up with the best of plans, talent, and organization – and His Son has never been more obvious among you than in that last post. I cannot thank you enough. You mean so much to me.

I’m keeping it short because we have our big Siesta Summer Bible study post going up first thing in the morning but I want to ask you for one more thing. I am so pleased to hear from many of you that you’re agreeing to memorize Psalm 25. By all means, older sisters, join in, too, if you could really use those words in the marrow of your bones. Read it and see. Memory work is often done best in the framework of accountability. If you want to be held accountable to memorize it, would you please make a comment to this post and let us know you’re taking on Psalm 25 and what version you’re using? (The version is completely up to you! This is just to provide you a chance to sign on the dotted line, so to speak.) Some of you could also pair up and use the same version and agree on how you’re going to approach it and what Scriptures you’re taking on each week. My little sister in the faith that God used to spur on the whole previous post – remember, the one I ran into in the grocery store? – is going to memorize the same version as me so that we would be able to say it together. It just makes it extra fun and gets it done.

I love you guys so much. Now, let’s get out there and live in victory. Jesus, be obvious in Your daughters this day. This week. This lifetime. You are all to us.



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  1. 251
    Phyllis says:

    I’m in! ESV ๐Ÿ™‚ Need this like Texas needs rain! Pour over me, Holy Spirit!

  2. 252
    Dawn says:

    I’m committed! NLT for me.

  3. 253
    Kiersten Griffith says:

    Memorizing Psalm 25 in NIV

  4. 254
    Diane says:

    I am with you all, memorizing Psalm 25. I’m using the NRSV. I love memory work and needed the inspiration to do this! Thanks, Beth!

  5. 255
    Natalie says:

    YES! Memorizing Psalm 25 in NIV

  6. 256
    Kim Short says:

    I’m in..using the NIV. I love your assignments Beth! you are an amazing inspriation, I have learned so much about my walk with Christ and myself through you and your Bible Studies. I give all the Glory to our Lord for you!

  7. 257
    Carlyn says:

    I’m in! Will memorize using the Holman Christian Standard Version. Thanks, Beth, for all your encouragement. You mean the world to me and to the ladies of our Bible study. As one woman said, she expected to learn more about the Bible through your studies, but did not expect to fall in love with the Lord like she has! Amen to that!

  8. 258
    Lauren says:

    Little sister Lauren here….I’m in! Memorizing the NIV version. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. 259
    toni martin says:

    big sister here…i’m stepping off the cliff and signing the dotted line to commit psalm 25 to memory:)

  10. 260
    toni martin says:

    oops! niv!!!

  11. 261
    Eva Crowley says:

    Big Sis is going to memorize Psalms 25 from NET!!! I have it on my cell phone which is with me all the time! A word of encoouragement to the little sisters, memorization seems to get harder the older you get, so please do it now!! Get that word in your heart! Even if it doesnt seem to apply to your today, it will! Love you Beth! You have been such an inspiration to me through some VERY tough times!

  12. 262
    Joanne says:

    Hi, I would love to memorize Psalm 25, NLV. If anyone is looking for someone to be encouraged by let me know. I’m doing this on my own. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 263
    Laurie B says:

    Yes! I am memorizing Psalm 25… The more of Gods Word sunk deep in my heart the better.
    Sistas… Want to humbly recommend ( recommended by Ann Voskamp)… Really helps me stay accountable and focus!
    Yay God!!!! Love you all. Praying…

  14. 264
    Shelley J says:

    Reposting, not sure why my first one didnt show! I’m memorizing in NIV & also reading in CEB.

  15. 265
    Judy says:

    I’m in and signing on His dotted line! Psalm 25 in NIV

  16. 266
    Irma says:

    I will memorize Psalm 25 in the NASB

  17. 267
    Becky says:

    Each time I stop in here I’m touched. Yes, I too an reading Psalm 25 daily in the Message. Such inspiration and encouragement! I hope to be able to memorize it. This happens to be my 77th birthday and memorizing just doesn’t work like it used to … I’m hanging in.
    Beth, your teachings have touched my life for several years now, thank you.

  18. 268
    Rana says:

    Little sister here! I’m in! Psalm 25 NIV!

  19. 269
    Nan Smith says:

    Yes!! Committed to memorizing Psalm 25. I am visualizing actually “eating” the words! As is says in Jeremiah 15:16—“Thy words were found, and I did eat them….” So far, I have down verses 1-5. Absolutely loving all the “delicious” verses, but most especially 4 & 5–Show me, Teach me, Guide me!!!

    Love to all my fellow sisters in Christ,

  20. 270
    jill says:

    I’m going to be a new mommy in February….I am almost 11 weeks pregnant with our first child. There are still things spiritually that I want ‘fixed’ before this little one comes, crazy as that sounds….and my morning time with the Lord in the last three months has, not kidding, been devoted to morning sickness, and I have taken ‘time off’ from the Word. So, I am going to get my tail in the Word and start memorizing using the NKJV! Thank you Mrs. Beth for all you do! I LOVE YOU!

  21. 271
    Casey says:

    Memorizing Psalm 25, NIV ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 272
    Tabitha says:

    Big Little Sister here (I’m a big sister to my 20-30 year old sisters and a little sister to my 40+ sisters in my community and I’m 36 and a single momma with a 7-year old so I think I’m in the middle)! I’m committing to memorizing Psalm 25 in the English Standard Version (ESV). Super excited!

  23. 273
    Lisa says:

    I need this more than ever! I will be using the HCSB version!

  24. 274
    Yvonne says:

    This big sis is in too! I’m learning from the NIV.

  25. 275
    Marlise says:

    I am one of the Big Sisters, and am always humbled and flattered when any Little Sister wants my advice or comments! I pray that Gos will give me whatever words they need to hear. I, too, will be commiting to memorize Psalm 25 ( NET) and plan to share it with my Bible study group when we meet on the 22nd.
    God’s blessings…

  26. 276
    Carmen says:

    I am attempting to memorize Psalm 25. Such a beautiful prayer.

  27. 277
    Chesney Crouch says:

    Jesus has the BEST timing. I am traveling Europe this summer and have memorized a Psalm in each country. He has beautifully tied each Psalm I chose to what He taught me in each place. Psalm 25 was really important to me the other day and I had to start a new Psalm tomorrow–therefore; I am committing to memorize Psalm 25 in the HCSB!

  28. 278
    Leaha says:

    I will be memorizing Psalm 25. This entire blog was so timely for me. I’m a big sister according to the age break-down, but I have really been struggling with making and taking my time in the summer to let the Lord know how much I love him. Thank you, Beth, for being such a blessed conduit to our father.

    I also love my sisters so much, and encourage them to know that our Lord’s intentions for you are amazingly grand and so exciting.

  29. 279
    Mona says:

    I also did not get to participate in the Big sis/little sis conversation, but it’s wonderful to see Hebrews 10:24 being put into practice! I’m working on getting James under my belt so I won’t be trying to do Psalm 25 right now. It’s funny though, I’ve had it printed out and posted on my office wall for almost a year. I read it often. I see putting it to memory in my future. :o)

  30. 280
    Julie says:

    Count this Big Sister in ESV style!

  31. 281
    Lauren says:

    I LOVED this post! It was so refreshing to see all those wonderful comments. I’m memorizing Psalm 25, NIV… just finished Psalm 119:129-135. I’m doing a verse a day. Looking forward to it… God’s Word is powerful =)

  32. 282
    Andrea says:

    Little sister here memorizing Psalm 25 (NIV)

  33. 283
    Laura Hassler says:

    Wowo what a great study. I have really enjoyed the first several weeks. Especially on prayer. I love to pray and intercede. Todays session is so encouraging to me because GOd did put something in my heart and it totlally breaks my heart. It has taken along time but it is finally coming to pass. It is my husband and I becoming foster parents. in 2004 I worked in a preschool that had alot of abused and foster children. I fell in love with them and had decided to do something to help these poor children. Every time I see them my heart breaks. I married my husband in 2008 and his parents were foster parents. Wowo God knows what he is doing. He also wanted to be a foster parent and follow in his parents footsteps. So after all these years we now are waiting to be licenced any day. I can not wait to see how God is going to use us. But a big Rubble is in our path. Finances. We have been out of work since 2007. We now have car trouble and do not have the money to fix the only car we have and my husband just took the security guard trsining to get a job and we need this car plus a second car to be foster parents. We keep praying and believing God that he will help us get our car fixed and help us get a used hatch back or SUV so we can put two babies and their things in the car. It has been a long struggle and just when my husband was about to get a job our car broke down. It is about 400 to fix. I bind the enemy and will not allow hom to keep us from being foster parents. This study is right up my alley. I so love doing it and it gives me great encouragement. many years ago I received a prophecy from a pastor that I was a great intercessor and it surely has come to pass. I love to pray for others and intercede for my church and God’s people. God Bless you and all you do. Love Ya lots even though we do not know each other I feel we do in spirit. I would love to see you one day in person. I met Keyy Minter at our church several years ago. She came to our women’s bible study kick off. You both have encouraged me. Thank you.

  34. 284
    Jamie says:

    I’m in…The Message…. Love to all and will be praying for each one of us to “do it”.

  35. 285
    Lori says:

    I love having the accountability and have started the memorization process using the NIV!!

  36. 286
    Chelle Hall says:

    I’m so in! Engraving into memory Psalm 25 from the NKJV! Every time I start with it I’m brought to tears and so humbled.

  37. 287
    Pam Woods says:

    Memorizing Psalm 25 in the NIV. The little sister-big sister was just SO amazing. Thank you, Beth, for bringing us all together in an even more REAL way and to pray for each other!!!!

  38. 288
    Samantha says:

    Little sister here…definitely up for memorizing Psalm 25. I’m going to be using the NIV/ESV translations and a lovely big sister told me to also get into Psalm 63, so I’ll be working on that after I’ve got Psalm 25 engraved in my soul.

    Thank you so much Beth and the lovely big sisters of this community!

  39. 289
    Betty M says:

    Hey Sixty Plus Seista Sisters!!!
    Have the first 5 verses of Psalms 25 memorized how ya doin??? Now incase you figure I am just sittin around!!!??? I cultivated a large veggie garden til the thermometer started inching closer to 90 degrees I cut a big chunk of our big yard yesterday,but I did find a nice space of down time yesterday and this AM before I did my AM devotions and Nehamiah study and worked on a devotion for our local Bible study bunch next week. I am cooling out for the rest of the day now though. It is only just after 1:00 CDT and I am gona devote this hot afternoon to more memorizing! So let’s get busy!!! Betty M

  40. 290
    Shasta says:

    I’m memorizing Psalm 25 in the NIV. I want to have it memorized by the end of the summer, so by Labor Day.

  41. 291
    Kari says:

    I am taking on the ESV!

  42. 292
    Lyndsay says:

    Lyndsay, New Castle, IN
    I am doing this study solo, so here are the questions that struck me the most:
    2–I feel a couple of different desires that I believe God has placed in me. First, I deeply desire to be able to teach women how to study the Bible, particularly women in church who aren’t going deeper with the Lord for whatever reason, be it lack of knowledge, fear, etc. I also have a deep desire to provide practical support to families, particularly single mothers, living in poverty who seem “stuck” in the cycle. As a teacher, I have been in countless parent meetings where mothers do not want the same life for their children but are helpless to know what to do. They need, as we all do, the power of Jesus to change their lives, and I have the desire to minister to them.
    4. As I was reflecting on this, what struck me was the desire to help other women escape their disgrace. As countless women have fed into me, so I desire to help other women so their testimony is the grace of God instead of disgrace.
    Love you, Beth! Thank you for your leadership and support!

  43. 293
    To Know Him says:

    Will take the challenge and memorize Psalm 25 in the NIV version…

  44. 294
    Leslie says:

    Started memorizing this verse in the NASB after reading your Little Sister/Big Sister blog and have encouraged another friend going through a struggle to memorize it as well. Thanks for the blessing and encouragement that you bring!

  45. 295
    Nancy Genova says:

    Wooo Hoooo !
    I am writing and re- writing Ps 25 NIV …. Speaking aloud as I read… Moved
    By Mama Beth’s recitation of the Book of James
    DVD— wow!
    Posting the verse on my bathroom mirror… Everywhere .
    This baby sister is so moved by Beth’s
    Story about meeting her little sister in the grocery store.
    You are a blessing, Beth!

  46. 296

    I want to and I need to memorize psalm 25. My version will be the ESV.

  47. 297
    Debbie, Jacksonville FL says:

    I’m in– NIV

  48. 298
    Cari Andreani says:

    Yes- I am going to memorize Psalm 119:129-135 and I am accountable to one of my dear sisters in Bible study. I am doing this along with finishing my Masters in Leadership from Liberty University- but,hey, what is one more thing to memorize right?? Eeek! Pray for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. 299
    Lisa G says:

    I’m in!! Wrote it out today… NIV ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. 300
    Christy T. says:

    I’m in, and I needed this sign on the dotted line reminder.

    Doing it in ESV. Going to shoot for a verse or two a week.

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