You Amaze Me

This is just the quickest shout-out to say that you nearly took my breath away in your comments to the last post. I have never been so humbled and so thankful and blessed to be part of this community. If you haven’t had a chance to glance at the ministry going on between sisters in the faith, even just letting your eyes scan down the comments and seeing the interchange between the phrases,ย  “Little Sister here…” and “Big Sister here…” will put tears in your eyes. You amaze me. We are flawed people around here and all of us have some degree of brokenness but, Sisters, God formed something real in this community over the last years – something we couldn’t have conjured up with the best of plans, talent, and organization – and His Son has never been more obvious among you than in that last post. I cannot thank you enough. You mean so much to me.

I’m keeping it short because we have our big Siesta Summer Bible study post going up first thing in the morning but I want to ask you for one more thing. I am so pleased to hear from many of you that you’re agreeing to memorize Psalm 25. By all means, older sisters, join in, too, if you could really use those words in the marrow of your bones. Read it and see. Memory work is often done best in the framework of accountability. If you want to be held accountable to memorize it, would you please make a comment to this post and let us know you’re taking on Psalm 25 and what version you’re using? (The version is completely up to you! This is just to provide you a chance to sign on the dotted line, so to speak.) Some of you could also pair up and use the same version and agree on how you’re going to approach it and what Scriptures you’re taking on each week. My little sister in the faith that God used to spur on the whole previous post – remember, the one I ran into in the grocery store? – is going to memorize the same version as me so that we would be able to say it together. It just makes it extra fun and gets it done.

I love you guys so much. Now, let’s get out there and live in victory. Jesus, be obvious in Your daughters this day. This week. This lifetime. You are all to us.



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  1. 201
  2. 202
    Nancy Waits says:

    Big Sister here… and grateful for God’s faithfulness to me. I am currently having some tough times, so I am definitely in to memorize Psalms 25. Hugs for all Little Sisters. Hugs for you, dear Beth.

  3. 203
    Susan says:

    I’m so in on this one. I’ll be using the NIV version. I’m so glad you suggested this – the words spoke to my heart like crazy.

  4. 204
    Nancy Waits says:

    Whoops! Forgot the version…NIV!

  5. 205
    Ginny Mansoor says:

    I have just started my own study of the book of Psalms. I have been in a really hard, dark, and desperate place in the last year and have only recently been able to even begin to pick up my Bible again. I actually came on the website to see if Beth is speaking anywhere in my area in the near future, but unfortunately, she is not. But, I do feel like God is calling me to commit to this challenge. Psalm 25 is certainly one I need to put to memory, so I pledge to memorize it. I will be using my NIV Bible. I wish Beth was going to be close soon so I could hear her in person, but if that were God’s plan for my life, He would have set it up before I even knew I wanted to hear her live. In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will tell you that I have suffered a great deal of trauma over the past year, and that comes after escaping from a modern-day cult within the last 5 years. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and some days, I just need to be reminded that Jesus is real and He died for me just like every one else! Praise the Lord!!!

  6. 206
    Gerlinde says:

    I will be memorizing Ps 25 NIV. I am also starting Revised ‘BreakingFree” on Monday night- very expectant !! Blessings from South Africa

  7. 207
    JMatt says:

    I will memorize Psalm 25 (NIV)

  8. 208
    Dawn W says:

    Mama Beth, how did you know I needed to get challenged to memorize again???
    I will do it! Using my favorite — NLT

  9. 209
    Sue Kirby says:

    Hi from South AFrica. Will be doing Psalm 25 NKJV.

  10. 210
    Erika says:

    Going to memorize it in NIV…I compared several translations, and I just like the cadences of the NIV. FYI–I am part of a group of seven going through the Nehemiah study, and we are definitely seeing God at work in and through us since we began….

  11. 211
    Joybird says:

    Li’l sis in Cali, and I so needed to read these last two posts: feel like giants are sitting on my head. I’m memorizing Psalm 25 in the GOD’s Word translation.

  12. 212
    Alexa says:

    Im in… signing on the line. NIV

  13. 213
    Gayla says:

    I am committing to memorizing Psalm 25. NET. thanks!

  14. 214
    Karen, Knoxville, TN says:

    Big Sister here: Memorizing Psalm 25, NIV. Love knowing I’m doing it with special Sisters!! Hoping our Bible Class will join me. Not good at memorizing, so when I do, I know where my help will come from! Praise you God! Note: Beth we have had a bible class for five years at my house doing your studies…been a real game changer for best friends that had never opened up and loved on each other freely until we started these weekly classes – we are all about your age with grown children much like you. Lot’s of us are Nana’s (young ones of course!) It’s been amazing to tell all our “God Stops” each week and love and laugh together in a new intimate way with God and each other. PRAISE! May you be as richly blessed as we have been by your teachings! We will all be there when you come to Knoxville on August 10-11. So excited – we will be the loud ones with our hands up praising our Mighty Savior – what a hoot!!!!

  15. 215
    Pamela says:

    Little sister here – and I will be memorizing Psalm 25 from NKJV. I haven’t memorized any scriptures since high school (over 10 years ago!) and am looking forward to this challenge and to get back into the habit of memorization and being able to store God’s word in my heart.

  16. 216
    Gilly says:

    I’ve still not got my NEHEMIAH study book here in the UK but I can at least do Psalm 25 in my Bible!! NKJ version and NIV ALONGSIDE!
    Bless you all!
    G x

  17. 217
    Okie Murray says:

    Big and Little Sisters, I am a big one! I love where I am, for God is my refuge and Jesus is my joy! Turmoil swirls around us but we can float on the breathe of God. Our heart may be broken, but we can still rejoice! We are planning the Beth Moore LPL Event, Charleston SC, Aug. 24, 25, N.Charleston Coliseum. Come one and all to our beloved City and hear our precious Beth tell of God’s prevailing love for all of us. Call 1-800-254-2022 or go on line to get your ticket, then come give me a hug when you come to the event. Charleston Team will be in pink tee shirts. As we get ready for you to come,Beth, I am going to TRY to memorize psalm 25.Praying for ALL of you.

  18. 218
    Linda Tavares says:

    Beth, I am so excite to be connected with the “Siesta-hood.” I am in for Psalm 25 (NIV). Glory to God forever:)

  19. 219
    Julie Jamison says:

    Going to be memorizing it. Using NLT very excited love u all dear little sisters and big sisters

  20. 220
    Julie Jamison says:

    Going to be memorizing psalms 25 very excited using the NLT love u little sisters and big sisters thanks for all the encouragement Beth we love u

  21. 221
    aussie monica says:

    I’m going to try! NIV

  22. 222
    Audra says:

    I’m in – ESV (or NKJV)

  23. 223
    Martha says:

    I am going to memorize using the NIV…I am fairly new to this blog and I must say it is amazing! God is good all the times even when I am going through some of the most trying times of my life!

  24. 224
    Janae says:

    Big sister joining in as I need these words. Memorizing from NIV.

  25. 225
    Rachel says:

    I wasn’t able to get in on the conversation earlier in the week (weekend, I suppose), but I do want in on memorizing Psalm 25. I’m a little sister (both literally and since I’m only 30), a newlywed, and God is doing a ton of things in our lives right now.

    I’m not sure of the translation yet, but most likely NIV since that’s the version on my lap right now.


  26. 226
    Suey says:

    Suey, Houston. im in for memorizing Ps. 25
    I have been singing Ps ch 25 since high school. *40 years ago* when i was a new Christian. My brother Roger recorded Ps 25 to music. God bless you Beth

  27. 227
    Delta Dawn says:

    I’m in and will be using the NASB because the “lovingkindness” translated in verse 6 as it reminds me of the covenant term “hesed”.

  28. 228
    Denise Ressel says:

    This big siesta is grateful for this challenge. — and knowing He is with me/us every step of the way every day, every moment is just amazing. God is so good! Memorizing Psalm 25 NIV.

  29. 229
    Janice says:

    I am memorizing Ps 25 and using KJV

  30. 230
    Marisa says:

    Little sister here! I am in for Psalm 25 NLT…I am in a season of struggle and anguish…on the outside you would not know but inside my mind is one great big spiritual battle. With this striggle right now I feel like I am so focused on me that I am not being the wife or mother my family deserves…I want freedom and I know that comes through Christ…I pray that I may stand in Psalm 25 each day! I am so thankful to you Beth for these last two posts…very timely for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Big sisters for your prayers! Blessing to you all!

  31. 231
    Teri says:

    I’m all in!

    Pslam 25/NLT

    I “heart” notecards ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. 232
    Leanne says:

    I’m late posting, but I’m going to anyways b/c I’ know it will at least help me feel better to get it out. I’m so tired of ME. I stay home with 2 young children and we are in a season of constant arguing, “I don’t want to” and flat out not listening. I’m trying so hard to do what’s right for my family but no one seems to give a rip spiritually. I’ve done a 1,001 women’s functions, bible studies etc…but it falls flat. I have the belief I’m either too much of something or not enough. My pendulum swings sometimes it feels like minute to minute. I HATE THAT!!! I want balance. I don’t want to think one minute I’m going to buy a plane ticket anywhere but home, then the next be on my face telling God how thankful I am for what I get to do. I can’t stand it. It makes me not be able to stand me. On top of all of that I have begun to hate what I look like b/c of the extra weight. I’m going to be 33 in a few days and am so ashamed. I hate shame…..

  33. 233
    Julie says:

    I’m in using EVS!

  34. 234
    colleen says:

    I am a big sister and I am going to memorise Psalm 25 from the NLT. A new translation for me but I often see verses quoted from it so I am trying something new.

  35. 235
    Linda says:

    I’m in! Always trying to find ways to keep the gray matter stimulated (as I’m well into the “big” sister age range) and figure there is no better way than to memorize God’s word. I’ve only memorized scripture from NIV, but thought I give The Message a try this time. Thought I’d mix in some fun with the challenge. I can’t help but appreciate the directness of verses 1-2 (where I want to be) and verse 11 (where I’ve been). Blessings fellow siestas!

  36. 236
    colleen says:

    I have just read the NET translation and may decide to use that one instead of the NLT.

  37. 237
    Laura K in SD says:

    Count me in! (ESV)

    I have tried to maintain the same memorizing schedule as last year, but you are right: accountability really helps!

  38. 238
    PJ says:

    I’m in! NIV

  39. 239
    Marrissa says:

    I’m in! NLT version

  40. 240
    Jennifer says:

    Little sister here memorizing Psalm 25 ESV! Woohoo

  41. 241
    Stacey says:

    Psalm 25 – HCSB

  42. 242
    Sacha says:

    I’m in! I will be using the ESV. Thank you so much for this opportunity to do this with community and be held accountable! Thank You Lord for Beth Moore, this blog and all the big and little sisters out there!

  43. 243
    Becky says:

    Hi Siestas! This Big Sister will be memorizing Psalm 25 in the NIV. In 2009, as a member of the first SSMT, I memorized a portion of this Psalm, so a lot will be review, but it will be great to be able to recite the entire Psalm!

  44. 244
    Julie Anne says:

    I grew up on the KJV, so I will stick to that. I’m a little nervous to commit and often start things and never finish them, but some verses is better than no verses, so count me in for Psalm 25!

  45. 245
    BABARA says:

    I so treasure every word of the KING that has been stored in me.I pray Psalm 25 stays forever. I am so amazed at the gift of memorizing! Our LORD thought of everything we would need even in our darkest hours when alone and without the printed word. As a nurse I have seen many times when what is stored inside a heart is a true blessing.

  46. 246
    Maria A. says:

    I’m IN! Memorizing Psalm 25 in the NIV

  47. 247
    Amanda says:

    Little Sister here – Thank you Beth & everyone who wrote comments. I’m just now seeing all these posts & finding great encouragement! In the last year, I have come to an acute awareness of my need to pray. There is a lot of heartache & pain in this world & when I feel surrounded without a margin of silence to process, I allow it to pummel me. By God’s sweet grace I am learning to walk and literally cry out for help, wisdom and vision. I’ve been struck recently with the prayers of Daniel, David, Nehemiah & this weekend with Jonah from the belly of the great fish… Read Jonah 2 if you get a chance to.
    I was struck with Jonah’s desperation to cry out to God…. verse 8 was one that jumped off the page – Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them. I think as a young mom its so easy to find ways to survive the season that we can let those ways silence out the voice of God and recognition of Him at work.
    I’m petrified to say yes to the commitment of memorizing Psalm 25 – only for the fact that I can see my weakness in following through with the memorization in the midst of the busyness of life. But then again I can hear you fighting for us, Beth, saying from one of the studies: “stop whining & wishing & start believing & receiving.” So I will – I will memorize Psalm 25 – NIV! Looking forward to the study time today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. 248
    Cynthia says:

    O.K. I’m doing this. I will use the NIV for this. Our nation’s families need prayer. Satan is attacking us in our homes. I pray for all of the Sisters out there, Big and Little.

  49. 249
    Tammy says:

    Big sister… Memorizing Ps.25 in HCSB

  50. 250
    Deb says:

    I’m a big sister and fairly new to this blog. I am committing to memorizing Psalm 25 NIV. I was raised a Jehovah Witness and was raped by a man my parents would send me witnessing with. This happened when I was 6-8 years of age. Although is has not been easy, I am overcoming! My heart it to mentor young moms and to share my story of God’s faithfulness. Beth’s studies have made such a huge DIFFERENCE in my life. Love you all!!

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