Throw Your Burden

Good Saturday Morning, wonderful blog community. I’ve thought of you so many times this week and knew that some of you really active ones were wondering where on earth the Mama was. Sabrina told me a few weeks ago that I had a week off coming up and I knew in that moment what I wanted to do with it. I did not take it off but I did stay home each day this week – out here in the country – and gave my full attention to a personal project. I normally still would have blogged at least once but, for the life of me, I could not think of anything to say. I’ve just had a quiet of sorts fall on me. Have you had times like that? Times when a stab of pain was personal enough and stunning enough to somehow cause you to put your hand over your mouth and keep it there a while? Times when you want to scream, “What is going on here? What is this madness? How did this happen??”

If you’re like me, you find it much easier to talk about a storm in its wake. In the middle of it, you’re just trying to hold on tight to the edges of the boat and keep from throwing up while it rocks to and fro. I’m still in it so I’d rather not even speak to it directly and once again ask you to resist conjecture as well. This is such a public format. I don’t want anyone involved in the challenge hurt by any words here. There’s enough hurt. But I want to be able to minister here and serve here and share with you even in the middle of a hard situation. Please let me leave it at that. Staying general invites more people to relate anyway.

One reason I have a quiet come over me in a season like this is the pure length of time that can be involved. Yesterday someone I’m crazy about shot me a very loving text that included, “How is it all going?” and I never answered it because it’s going the same as it went last week. Anybody understand what I’m saying? This dyed in the wool sanguine likes to say, “SO MUCH BETTER!” I don’t like to burden people long term. Oh heck, I don’t like to be burdened long term either. Who does?? In our humanity, we all wear out eventually. But sometimes the fact is, we’re not quite at the point of so much better yet. We will be. Make no mistake. Those of us who are willing to let Jesus minister to us in the deepest parts of our souls and knead the crushed grain of brokenness into break will indeed be so much better. It’s just a matter of time. Satan will indeed be defeated. And God will make sure he’s sorry.

I decided I had the words to write to you this morning – not because I felt talky all the sudden but – because Charles Spurgeon supplied them to me. They landed on a sore spot in my soul and brought some comfort and insight. I thought I’d just share the whole thing with you then make a closing comment or two. From Morning and Evening, today’s date…


“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee.”
— Psalm 55:22

Care, even though exercised upon legitimate objects, if carried to excess, has in it the nature of sin. The precept to avoid anxious care is earnestly inculcated by our Saviour, again and again; it is reiterated by the apostles; and it is one which cannot be neglected without involving transgression: for the very essence of anxious care is the imagining that we are wiser than God, and the thrusting ourselves into his place to do for him that which he has undertaken to do for us. We attempt to think of that which we fancy he will forget; we labour to take upon ourselves our weary burden, as if he were unable or unwilling to take it for us. Now this disobedience to his plain precept, this unbelief in his Word, this presumption in intruding upon his province, is all sinful. Yet more than this, anxious care often leads to acts of sin. He who cannot calmly leave his affairs in God’s hand, but will carry his own burden, is very likely to be tempted to use wrong means to help himself. This sin leads to a forsaking of God as our counsellor, and resorting instead to human wisdom. This is going to the “broken cistern” instead of to the “fountain;” a sin which was laid against Israel of old. Anxiety makes us doubt God’s lovingkindness, and thus our love to him grows cold; we feel mistrust, and thus grieve the Spirit of God, so that our prayers become hindered, our consistent example marred, and our life one of self-seeking. Thus want of confidence in God leads us to wander far from him; but if through simple faith in his promise, we cast each burden as it comes upon him, and are “careful for nothing” because he undertakes to care for us, it will keep us close to him, and strengthen us against much temptation. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.”

Spurgeon, C. H. (2006). Morning and evening : Daily readings (Complete and unabridged; New modern edition.). Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers.


I think I’ve told you before that I like to do my early morning reading out of a different translation than the one I use the rest of the time. Different wording often has a way of stirring up a different response in me. So, a couple of translations sit on my desk where I have my quiet time. One is always The NET Bible because Melissa gave it to me several years ago and it has (literally) “60,932 Translators’ Notes.” If I’m not presently doing a Bible study in my quiet time like the one I just finished of Kelly Minter’s, then often I’ll open up a devotional reading like Spurgeon’s. Because many of the daily devotionals don’t have longer Bible readings assigned with them, I check the verse they’re using then turn to that chapter in my Bible and read it. (True to form, I’m making this explanation harder than it has to be. I’ll try to cut to the chase.)

SO, this morning I opened up The NET Bible and read a large portion of Psalm 55. When I got to verse 22 – the verse captioned in the Spurgeon devotional –  I sat tight on the NET translation:

“Throw your burden upon the Lord, and he will sustain you. He will never allow the godly to be upended.”

Maybe you’re visual, too, and right about now you’re picturing throwing. Like hauling off and throwing something as hard as you can. And maybe getting a little frustration and madness out of your soul while you’re at it. Maybe crying while you’re doing it. Even out loud.


Before you’re tempted to hold it to your chest and suffocate yourself nearly to death with it.


Then something else spoke to me. It was one of those 60, 932 scholars’ notes. The comment footnotes the word “you” at the end of the phrase “Throw your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you.” I’ll just cut and paste the note from my Bible software so you can see it for yourself.

“The pronoun is singular; the psalmist addresses each member of his audience individually.”

Biblical Studies Press. (2006; 2006). The NET Bible First Edition Notes (Ps 55:22). Biblical Studies Press.

Individually. We EACH have the invitation to throw our burdens upon the Lord and let Him sustain us. Not the “we” of us. The “you” and “me” of us. We also each have the responsibility. In other words, no one can throw our burden on the Lord for us. We can’t call in a relief pitcher. Don’t misunderstand. We can certainly call upon people to pray for us and with us and the New Testament adamantly tells us to carry one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2) but listen. There is a difference between a burden that is entrusted for us in a season that we are to partner in sharing and carrying. Say, for instance, a long term illness or thorn in the flesh. But the part of the burden that we are inadvertently – even accidentally – playing God over needs to be THROWN, Girlfriend. The part we’re suffocating under because we’re no longer walking, we’re laying down with it on top of us, needs to be…


When we keep trying to figure out what would fix it, then we try that, and it doesn’t work so we wring our hands and go to the next fix, we need to throw it. We cannot be Savior. We know that because, Lord help us, we cannot even save ourselves.

I so don’t want to be depressing this morning. Forgive me. See? That’s why I’m not as anxious to write while I’m right in the middle of something. But, after this morning’s reading, I don’t feel as depressed about it. I feel a little lighter. A little less weight on my chest. My hope is that you do, too. And if you do, it won’t be this post. It will be Jesus.

Oh, you guys. I love you so much. I care so much. Don’t grow weary. God is working. Jesus IS Savior. HE WILL SAVE.



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  1. 401
    Jody Hamlin says:

    Wow! I needed to read that. My friend follows your blog and talks about how good it is. I decided to visit it today for the first times and it is just what I needed to read. I will let it soak into my heart and my spirit. I have a hard time wanting to control things. I’m a ministers wife and sometimes church life can make you crazy. You want to fix problems. It just leads to more problems. Every morning I tell myself live this day hands off! Let God have total control.I’m really more comfortable when I can feel my own hands on that wheel. Today I’m letting go of the wheel once again! God is my pilot not my co-pilot. Praying for you. Jody Hamlin

  2. 402
    Jessica Davis says:

    Ms. Beth– I just thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. I needed to hear these words so badly, as I’m one who has been “suffocating” underneath something. Praying for you.

  3. 403
    Nicole Bamberg says:

    Continuing to pray for you in this trial that you are dealing with. I always look forward to checking your blog and I am so glad you posted even though you are having a down time in your journey of life. We are all here for you and most of all God is with you. You are an amazing woman with the help of our LORD! God Blessings on you.

  4. 404
    Becky says:

    Love you Beth!

  5. 405
    Gracia says:

    Thank you so much, Beth, for sharing your thoughts on “throwing your burden” on the Lord. I have been trying too hard, for too long, to be the Savior of my son, to be the righter of all wrongs, to be the fixer of all the problems our family is facing. We have been in a long season in the wilderness and I so often forget that “God, in his great mercy, did not abandon them in the wilderness” Neh 9:19. Love the word picture of “throw” …will try to keep that visual in my mind and heart tonight and tomorrow and the next day when the “what ifs” of Satan attack me. Again, thanks for sharing, even in the midst of whatever you are going through. In His Keeping, Gracia

  6. 406
    Carolynn Spere says:

    Oh, Beth, thank you for hearing God and sharing this message with us…you wrote it for me!!! This last month has been filled with so much pain and heartbreak in our church. Yesterday was such a difficult day for me…the same emotions and questions you shared. Why, Lord?? This is crazy! Leave it to the Lord to wake me up at 2:30…and lead me to check out your blog. 2:30 in the morning…I am in tears as I read and share your journey…and hear the message He had for me…which I then could share with our home group tonight…saints equally battered and bruised. We all thank you!!!! You are in my prayers…praying the other side of this particular journey for you soon!

  7. 407
    Valarie says:

    Jesus be praised! On time every time! Been holding a “thing” close and nearly suffocating for several months and of course, right on time I read this post and while that thing is yet resolved I just had a little “throwing” party and feel a bit lighter from it!! Thank you Siesta Mama for sharing your heart and for being faithful all while holding to your own personal boat in the tides!

    I can’t wait to squeeze your neck in glory and let Jesus tell us the ‘why’s’ of it all!!

  8. 408
    Valerie says:

    I have been through quite a year of ups and downs and I’m right in the middle of a situation that has affected so many areas of my life. I’m still in it & it’s been quite a battle…..BUT GOD! He has taught me so much through this & I’m a stronger person. God is so good to send encouraging friends, encouraging words etc. at just the perfect time. Something about going through trials that cause you to know that you know there is a God who loves you and is growing you and who supplies peace in the midst of a storm. I love the part where you said “It’s just a matter of time. Satan will indeed be defeated. And God will make sure he’s sorry.” Amen!!! Praying for you often & love you dearly!

  9. 409
    Laura says:

    Oh dear, dear Beth! Thank you for writing this. As you may notice, I’m reading this almost a week after you wrote it, but it is speaking to me, right where I am and have been for many years. Thank you for letting God use you to speak to us through your pain. I am amazed by our God and how much He wants to communicate with us and how he uses sisters like you,and Brother Spurgeon, and countless others, although unknown to me personally, to speak His truth to my heart. Praise to His Glorious, Merciful and Loving Name!

  10. 410

    The guiltless “throw”! I love it! What a sweet and unique way to view the casting off the heavy-weights of this life. I love you. shelli

  11. 411
    Anita says:

    thank you…thank you! just read this a couple of days behind when you wrote but it was right on time. You so put into words just what my husband tried to say this morning. when the “stab of pain is so personal and stunning that you put your hand over your mouth and hold it there awhile.” yes, that’s where we are at right now too. God is good… “He gave me you for the days of doubt” ~hugs & prayers

  12. 412
    Shin Ae says:

    Well, that Spurgeon selection just about described my week. My something wouldn’t seem big, but it doesn’t have to be, does it? Just as long as you’re holding on to it, it’ll mess you right up.

    Anyway, I’ve read this post a week late, but just in time to help focus my mind on repenting. Thank you, Beth. I’ll pray for you.

  13. 413
    Ola says:

    I just finished crying in desperation to my husband as he tried to comfort me over my problem. Then I got up and checked my email and then decided it was time for bed (still feeling dejected) and then I decided to just check the blog and catch up and what caught my eye?! The title of this post, “Throw your burden”! Even though it was written a couple days ago, it is extremely relevant for me RIGHT NOW! Thank you. I can at least go and pray now and throw the burden that’s crushing me on the Lord JESUS. I did ask myself what if “I don’t feel better?” But then again…l just need to obey whether I feel better or not. I am going to bed now but with something to look forward to…throwing my burden on Christ. Thank you mama Beth.

  14. 414

    Exactly the words I needed. Thank you, Beth. I’ve been in that waiting place as of late myself.

  15. 415

    I’m glad that you posted what lifted your spirits, Beth. It lifts mine too to read it. I’ve been thinking about you all and what you all might be going through now, and praying for you all. I have learned the hard way what Spurgeon was saying…By His pure mercy and grace, I’ve done what he was talking about at times as well. It’s amazing to me what He can get us through…I think of that verse, many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all…I agree, that we cannot even save ourselves. He’s been so good to me, Beth, so merciful and patient and loving even though I do not deserve it! I keep thinking about childlike faith among other things. I’ve repeated “You will keep (her) in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because (she) trusts in you” I get overwhelmed sometimes, the fiery darts come when you don’t want them, which is never. But I have to cling to the fact that He is Able…
    I love you, Sister, Mama Siesta Beth. ((HUGS)) to you today.

    • 415.1


      I was driving and listening to my choir music cd for this summer and I was thinking that you would be so blessed by all the songs on it. So, I sent it to you in the mail. Look for it on Monday:) I figure you might want or need a new song or two to sing to the LORD right now:)((HUGS)) again to you.

  16. 416
    Tammy says:

    I am praying for you. Praying that God has given you a better week, that He has made His plans a little clearer, and that you have continued to throw your burden onto Him.

  17. 417
    Diana says:

    thank you Beth! I loved this post, I needed this post and I too feel so much lighter from having permission to THROW my burden on the Lord. Your first paragraph grabbed me and reminded me that although we may feel alone we are not! We have each other and Praise Jesus we have a Mighty GOD!
    Love and Prayers for you and your burdens <3

  18. 418
    Syneva says:

    Dearest Beth,
    Thank you for what you blogged today. As usual, God is faithful to bring to me exactly what I am needing. God is faithful! My life echoes the post right before mine. It is just a matter of time. God will be victorious! Your honesty and sharing of what God is showing you is so encouraging. You bless my heart! I will be praying for you during this difficult time! Love you greatly!

  19. 419
    Arlyn Stein says:

    Beth, rest,walk in blind trust of the only one that can heal,minister and restore us in the most broken parts of our souls!!! Rest as you walk through this valley, He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul!!! You are an Awesome Servant of our LORD, you have poured your life out, THANKYOU, Dear Beth!!! YOU ARE HIS, JESUS, BELOVED!!! Love in Him

  20. 420
    Joyce Bailey says:

    Let us all persevere together thru the trials along our journey…sharing those trials with one another, praying with one another, praying for one another. Beth, I am praying for you.

  21. 421
    Patti Reavis says:

    I have been in that place and was devastated until I put it on the “alter”. It was thrown and then I began to heal.
    You spoke the very words I wish I could have spoken to a loved one last weekend.
    I love you, Beth.

  22. 422
    Amanda says:

    Thank you Jesus again and again!

  23. 423
    janelle says:

    Dearest Beth,
    Your sisters and I are each blessed with your candid love and devotion to the Lord, to His daughters—and we join you and are praying for you. It has been a season of quiet in the discord for me as well. Jesus is teaching me to sing in the dark, and to teach my sisters to sing also. Louie Giglio’s “Symphony” has been a deep and timely encouragement for my soul. I believe a Holy Jesus is tenderly teaching His Bride how to overcome a kingdom of darkness agenda. Let us sing!!And take notes in the dark!! Praying4U,

  24. 424
    Jeni says:

    I am throwing some things at God today! This post was great encouragement for me. I will be praying for you as well.

  25. 425
    Lynette says:

    Oh Beth, I can’t wait to meet you in person. If not here I know in heaven. This blog fits me to a tee right now! The word I have from God is “rest” so I’ve backed off from serving in so many areas in my church for a time. I keep wanting to fill the time and He says “rest”. I’m empty and have not much to give so I am trying to rest and be restored. Thank you for this blog today!

  26. 426
    Wanda says:

    Ms. Beth, I needed to hear this too! Thank you so much for being the faithful servant / teacher that you are. Christ given the glory!

  27. 427
    twinkle says:

    I feel so needy of Him through what I’m going through. Hard to put into words and impossible to figure out. Just know that you are not alone, Beth. He is up to something and we just have to hang on to Him through this. My Word this week is Jeremiah 6:16.

    “This is what the LORD says:

    “Stand at the crossroads and look;
    Ask for the ancient paths,
    Ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    And you will find rest for your souls.”

    I keep thinking about the ancient paths and the good way God wants me to walk.

    It is a path of faith…eyes not seeing but trusting Him.

    It is a path of longing…He has drawn you here to seek Him and only Him…to sup with Him.

    And it is a path that many others won’t follow…too costly, too painful, too unknown.

    This modern world is full of answers and ambitions. But the path we follow is one of servanthood and sacrifice. I’m allowing Jesus time to work in my need. Time to minister as needed. Time to plow and sow a harvest. Ancient paths are time-worn and I don’t think they are very popular. Who wants to walk through paths like Noah, Joshua, Daniel and Mary walked?

    I’m set on pilgrimage and this ancient path is the only one I want. It is sure to lead me to the place of Truth. And Light. And Victory. I’ve told the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy…”No more.” And I walk in the footprints of Jesus. Sometimes He carries me. But I am with Him and He knows where He is going. That’s all I need to know. I’m praying for you and cheering you through.

  28. 428
    Lisa says:

    Thank you dear sister for sharing that. I needed to read and re-read your post. It is no accident that I am behind in my reading the Blog. Today was the day I needed this. God Bless and keep your throwing arm in shape. I have a lot of rehab to do.

  29. 429
    Sandra D says:

    Sweet Beth I’m praying for you. You are such a blessing to me through your studies, I love your humor. God has surely blessed you. There are times when we need to fall on our knees, and cry out to God. Stay strong… I use your quote all the time that says For such a time like this. God Bless you dear one.

  30. 430
    Kaila says:

    Mrs. Beth, I needed this reminder desperately tonight. Thank you.

  31. 431
    Amy says:

    The Lord lead me directly to your blog and blog post. Thank you for sharing His message; I can’t adequately describe how much I needed this reminder. Throwing as I type! Blessings to you sweet Beth!

  32. 432
    Diana A. says:

    So I don’t know how I missed this orginal posting…just wanting to say I am praying you Beth are still throwing…trusting, waiting, and breathing.

    God is Good, even when hard, hurting, when our our hearts lie. I Know you KNOW – just wanted to tell you again!

    Love to you in the midst of confusion, sorrow, pain.


  33. 433
    Christine says:

    Thank you, Beth. I cannot tell you how God used your words to minister to a heart that is weary and exhausted from a very long, painful, unexpected, and draining – not over yet – journey. It’s comforting to me to know that when I am too weak and exhausted to hang on for dear life to Him, He isn’t letting go of me.

  34. 434
    CJ says:

    In my ten year journery with living proof I have never been more encouraged than now.

  35. 435
    Lisa says:

    Thank you for your words and those of Charles Spurgeon. Scrolled to read past blogs that I missed and this one brought me to a few tears. Not really the focus of my pain, but more the gratefulness that I can “throw” my burdens onto Him. I am a visual person and that really helped. Hope your quiet and my quiet reveal beauty in the wake as we look back. With sisterly love and appreciation from Cleveland, OH, grateful for you.

  36. 436
    Linda says:

    I wonder if you read these responses. I have so often wished i could sit down and have a long heart to heart with you Beth. I feel as though you are a kindred spirit and a very dear friend. I often feel as though you read the thoughts and feelings of my heart from a distance and write it into every page of your books. I just finished So Long Insecurity and this blog was like the topping on the most amazing cake. Your book, like all of your studies, was challenging and freeing all at the same time. God used your beautiful words to show me that even if I have suffered abuse, loss, sorrows… even if I am imperfect, fearful and at times far too needy… still He loves me. HE loves me. That really is amazing isn’t it that God loves us so much that He tells us that no amount of success or failure matters in His eyes. Even if I am not perfect (which i truly believe in the deepest recesses of my heart that I need to be in order to be loved) He calls me to Him and says but nothing… but nothing Linda. I know who you are and who I purpose you to be and even if you fail I will never stop loving you or fail to keep my promises (Ps 89:33 NLT). Awesome isn’t it? And in case that wasn’t clear enough, today was the first time ever that I checked out your blog and here is where I landed. Coincidence….no, I do not think so. Throw your burdens on me Linda. Stop trying to carry them. Throw them on me and I will sustain you. I am in awe at how gracious and loving God is. I have been holding on for dear life to the lies that I have been told and that I have told myself for so long. That if I were perfect and only if i am perfect then i would be loved. Today I am throwing out this lie and all of the burdens it has caused me and casting them upon the Lord. I know He will sustain me! Thank you Beth for all that you do not only for this insecure woman but for all the women I know you touch. God bless you always!

  37. 437
    mannas7mom says:



    My heart is frightened and my soul is stunned. Emotional pain has clapped its hand over my mouth. Just now I was wondering how I could explain what is unexplainable. “I need to be very Quiet,” I thought.

    And then felt compelled to click on the Archives, and in May, only to read the same thing.

    It feels like being a little animal in a dark wood, hearing trouble, and being frozen to the spot. It is imperative to stay very, very Quiet… I need to listen for Jesus’ still, small voice to lead me out.

    Thank you for writing, and for Spurgeon and Psalm 55:22. That is my verse for a season of survival and change.

    Pray for me as I THROW…

    • 437.1
      Felecia Foster says:

      Your Living Proof Simulcast on 9-15-12 Blessed me so much. I love Jesus with all of me. I had ask Jesus to help me. What I ask of Jesus was: 1. Help me to live a HOLY life for him. 2. To heal me and my husband’s marriage. Help me to love him with all of Jesus in me. 3. Heal my childrens hearts. I want Jesus to help them want him in their live more than anything else. 4. To help me at my job to let jesus be seen in my life. Thank you for Praying your prayer today you Prayer touched every one of these prayers have giving to my Jesus. I know now that Jesus wanted me at my church today to be part of your simulcast. Beth I loved you and what you stand for. I pray that God will BLESS you.
      your Sister in Jesus
      Felecia Foster

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