A Few of my Favorite Summer-ish Things: A Random Giveaway

#2067  Edie Jones!
I think you will all so appreciate the first sentence of her comment:

“My husband is in Afghanistan and a few ‘favorite things’ would brighten my day!”

How about that, Sisters?!? OK, Edie, please contact Living Proof Ministries at toll free (888) 700-1999 and give us an address. Please ask for Kimberly or Susan. Knowing what we now know, all of us here would want so much to send you to the beach…but, instead, we’re sending the beach to you. ENJOY!!!

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: this post will embody most everything you anticipate and perhaps even despise about women’s ministry. There will even be pink nail polish. As the great Professor Thornbury said a few weeks ago on the Twitterverse “something is not a stumbling block if you can see it coming.” So, consider yourself warned.

Colin and I just returned from a week at the beach in Mexico. It was crazy fantastic. I slept. I read classic literature. I also swam with a dolphin named Duey. And on the day I returned home I was greeted abrasively by a stomach bug and a crick in my neck so bad I could barely move my head. Oh, and then my 100 lb puppy Winston ate my over-priced prescription eye-glasses. But how can I really be frustrated with this bad boy?

Anyway, since this weekend was the Memorial Day holiday I scrolled through numerous tweets from people who were somewhere fabulous while I was at home with a bag of frozen corn under my neck. And I began to weep for the serenity of the ocean and my dolphin Duey.

But enough about me.

I want to talk about you.

I got to thinking that there may be some of you who won’t get a break this summer. While nearly everyone you know is off to some fabulous island, you won’t get a moment’s rest. For whatever reason, you won’t be able to retreat to the beach or the mountains or to wherever else makes your heart happy. We want to send a little fun and lots of love your direction so we’re doing a random give-away. And it will not include commentaries, concordances, or anything super useful or meaningful.

This giveaway is simply full of some of my personal favorite summer things including: Bobbi Brown Beach parfum (seriously smells exactly like the beach!), classic Ray-Ban aviators, Votivo Candle in White Ocean Sands, a pair of bright yellow Moleskine notebooks, Tea Forte’ Pomegranate Blackberry Iced Tea, and America’s Test Kitchen Best Summer Dessert recipes. See the contents below:




There are really no conditions for this giveaway. My hope, of course, is that this gift makes it into the hands of someone who simply can’t get a break this year and not someone who is heading to the Maldives or Bora Bora next week to stay in one of those little huts with glass floors sprawled across sparkling turquoise waters. But truly, if this gift brings a big smile to a single one of your faces that is quite enough for me.

So, please enter your name in the comments section if you could use a little sunshine in your world. We’ll do a random drawing and announce the winner at noon on this Thursday the 31st.


You are loved.



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  1. 3701
    Diana says:

    Congrats to Edie! Praying her husband is safe and she can enjoy your gift. I love the tote….what brand is it? Can you tell me where it came from?

  2. 3702
    Valerie Geib says:

    Wow, need to try the Bobbi Brown perfume, it sounds divine (well close anyway)

  3. 3703
    katie h says:

    that would be awesome!

  4. 3704
    andrea says:

  5. 3705
    Cheryl Leui says:

    I simply MUST know the name of the China Glaze nail polish on the left…the coral pink color, the darker of the two. I signed on to see if anyone else had asked, but when I saw there were over 3,000 responses I was overwhelmed!! Please ~ Give us the name of that gorgeous color! Thanks so much, Cheryl

  6. 3706
    Hannah says:

    cuties puppy ever!

  7. 3707
    Carol says:

    My family has gone through some HUGE changes these past 10 years! hard things, but looking back I have seen Gods hand! When we think we are out of the woods , we are not. But I have seen God’s faithfulness thats for sure! These past few months have been absolutely amazing! My son has come back to the Lord!!!! Such an awesome answer to prayer!! But please be continuing to pray for him to stand strong! I thank Jesus everyday for his new mercies everyday!!

  8. 3708
    Linda says:

    I love the beach for its perspective adjustment. Last yr after losing my Mom I made a trip to the shore and to pray and meditate and let the waves and tide carry my tears away to begin to restore healing and peace. I feel the literal meaning that nothing can come between me and God more there than any other place on earth.

  9. 3709
    Tammy Sova says:

    what a lovely idea for you to consider those who aren’t going anywhere this summer!!! me too, I’m home bound this summer.

  10. 3710
    Patti says:

    Happy Summer! Enjoying the blog this morning from my front porch in Ct. Thanks for the giveaway. Very cool!

  11. 3711
    Kathy says:

    Way too late and you will probably not see this- just hit me- at your age I started reading Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindberg- OH how this book touches me at deeper levels the more years I live and it is SUCH a beach book- I pray you recieve my post and perhaps have the opportunity to indulge in Gifts from the Sea- you may find that each year you enjoy the beach that the book offers yet another “nugget” in your life- Lots of love and blessings to you and yours, Aunt Siesta, Kathy hope we all can find time to enjoy Gaidos this summer, I’ve been going since my early childhood and I am an “old girl” lots of memories and grace- Happy Summer- stay cool if possible in our dear dry hot state of Texas

  12. 3712
    Susan says:

    Oh no I missed it. Looks wonderful.

  13. 3713
    Sarah Grant says:

    After close to 30 years of marriage, my husband left me in May for his 5th grade girlfriend! The week before he had given me a dozen roses and a card that said he would love me forever! I have been working a full time job (finally got one, 4 nights/week 10 pm to 8 am), plus working for him (he doesn’t have a clue what to do)because he is self-employed and I do all the computer work/office work. Plus taking care of the house and dogs,chickens, horses, cats, etc. I am exhausted, but got a real charge out of Beth’s visit to the Sovereign center Saturday!!!! My friend gave it to me as a gift, and I really needed it! What a blessing! Thank you Beth! I would like to start a Bible study at church for ladies that are hurting, any ideas on the best one? Thanks!

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