A Few of my Favorite Summer-ish Things: A Random Giveaway

#2067  Edie Jones!
I think you will all so appreciate the first sentence of her comment:

“My husband is in Afghanistan and a few ‘favorite things’ would brighten my day!”

How about that, Sisters?!? OK, Edie, please contact Living Proof Ministries at toll free (888) 700-1999 and give us an address. Please ask for Kimberly or Susan. Knowing what we now know, all of us here would want so much to send you to the beach…but, instead, we’re sending the beach to you. ENJOY!!!

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: this post will embody most everything you anticipate and perhaps even despise about women’s ministry. There will even be pink nail polish. As the great Professor Thornbury said a few weeks ago on the Twitterverse “something is not a stumbling block if you can see it coming.” So, consider yourself warned.

Colin and I just returned from a week at the beach in Mexico. It was crazy fantastic. I slept. I read classic literature. I also swam with a dolphin named Duey. And on the day I returned home I was greeted abrasively by a stomach bug and a crick in my neck so bad I could barely move my head. Oh, and then my 100 lb puppy Winston ate my over-priced prescription eye-glasses. But how can I really be frustrated with this bad boy?

Anyway, since this weekend was the Memorial Day holiday I scrolled through numerous tweets from people who were somewhere fabulous while I was at home with a bag of frozen corn under my neck. And I began to weep for the serenity of the ocean and my dolphin Duey.

But enough about me.

I want to talk about you.

I got to thinking that there may be some of you who won’t get a break this summer. While nearly everyone you know is off to some fabulous island, you won’t get a moment’s rest. For whatever reason, you won’t be able to retreat to the beach or the mountains or to wherever else makes your heart happy. We want to send a little fun and lots of love your direction so we’re doing a random give-away. And it will not include commentaries, concordances, or anything super useful or meaningful.

This giveaway is simply full of some of my personal favorite summer things including: Bobbi Brown Beach parfum (seriously smells exactly like the beach!), classic Ray-Ban aviators, Votivo Candle in White Ocean Sands, a pair of bright yellow Moleskine notebooks, Tea Forte’ Pomegranate Blackberry Iced Tea, and America’s Test Kitchen Best Summer Dessert recipes. See the contents below:




There are really no conditions for this giveaway. My hope, of course, is that this gift makes it into the hands of someone who simply can’t get a break this year and not someone who is heading to the Maldives or Bora Bora next week to stay in one of those little huts with glass floors sprawled across sparkling turquoise waters. But truly, if this gift brings a big smile to a single one of your faces that is quite enough for me.

So, please enter your name in the comments section if you could use a little sunshine in your world. We’ll do a random drawing and announce the winner at noon on this Thursday the 31st.


You are loved.



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  1. 3351
    LeAnn says:

    need a break

  2. 3352
    Mary James says:

    I have a friend that is a single mom and has gone through many years of hard times. If I win, this would be for her. She doesn’t know I’m doing this. She deserves a little something extra.
    Blessings to you all.

  3. 3353

    Do you suppose a tired and old-feeling Mama’s lack of coolness would be improved upon by winning? Because if so, I could use a dose of your “youthful cool.” I’m so happy I didn’t miss the deadline! And thank you for such a fun giveaway. Yay!

  4. 3354
    Tasha says:

    I love the beach. Every summer we go and my mind always drifts to thoughts of Jesus and his disciples walking on the beach. Thoughts of the ocean and how He commands the waves and decides it’s boundaries. Peter walking on the water. The ocean overwhelms me with thoughts too deep for my brain to comprehend this side of eternity. It is just wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. 3355
  6. 3356
    Joyce Watson says:

    I don’t want this gift for myself, but I would like to have a giveaway gift for the ladies that come to
    the “JAMES” Beth Moore BIBLE STUDY I will be leading soon at our
    church. this would be fantastic!The ladies would love it!

  7. 3357
    Kristy Valentine says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. 3358
    Cathy Caddy says:

    Some best times are stacations!

  9. 3359

    Ashley Jackson. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you:)

  10. 3360
    Megan S. says:

    Thanks for bringing the beach to us!! You guys rock, love to you all!

  11. 3361
    Jill says:

    What a fun treat this would be to win!

  12. 3362
    Patty Stinnett says:

    Would love to win the goodies. Maybe I could use them while on my front porch.

  13. 3363
    Teri Butcher says:

    Teri Butcher. 🙂 Very fun!

  14. 3364
    Megan says:

    You are a great writer! What a way to bless another. Thanks for taking the time to do so.

  15. 3365
    Kate says:

    Kate from Cheney, WA

  16. 3366
    Deb says:

    Our summer Plans were spent at a Baptist Hilton ( hospital stay 🙂 ) so we will stay close to hOme and enjoy the good life God has given us! We are about to celebrate 32 years of marriage and wow what a trip! We even still love each other !!!
    I love this blog group and pray for my siestas and u leaders!!!!
    Debra Arkansas

  17. 3367
    Lisa V. says:

    Thanks Beth!

  18. 3368
    Missy says:

    thanks for the chance to win.

  19. 3369
    Laurie says:

    Wow! What a wonderful give away! Im sure there isnt a Lady out there that doesnt deserve this wonderful gift! Blessings to the lady that wins it! I can see the smile on her face now! Ya’ll are such a blessing:)

  20. 3370
    Kristiin says:

    I always love seeing people’s favorite things. Thanks for sharing!

  21. 3371
    Kris says:

    Sunshine would be a lovely little gift this week. Love the way you love on us. 🙂

  22. 3372
    Terri says:

    I want to win!! I long to go to the beach, but there is just no way this summer.

  23. 3373
    Jessica says:

    Yay for a fun summer giveaway!

  24. 3374
    Angela says:

    This looks great!

  25. 3375
    Stacy Root says:

    Just lovely!

    Stacy Root

  26. 3376
    Joanna Bischoff says:

    Hi, new to this whole website…tossing my name in! I loved the image of crying for the dolphin Duey with a bag of frozen corn. Thanks for sharing! Also your dog really is adorable. 🙂 Hope you’re much better by now. 😀

  27. 3377
    sharon says:

    What caring special people you are.

  28. 3378
    Pam Sims says:

    How fun is this! I just returned feom a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, it was a working vacation. I was attending a writer’s conference there and it was a wonderful 4 days. I spent those days gleening as much as I could from some wonderfully talented authors and made some beautiful and encouraging new friends. I didn’t get my glass eaten but I did have a beautiful peacock jump on my head while taking his picture.

  29. 3379
    Debbie Owens says:

    A week on the beach sounds wonderful! This giveaway is a great idea!

  30. 3380
    Amy Mills says:

    happy summer!

  31. 3381
    Cari says:

    So many fun things! Love it!

  32. 3382
    Jana Evenhouse says:

    This is great! love it!

  33. 3383
    Megan T says:

    Super fun idea!!!!

  34. 3384
    erin says:

    My husband and I just bought our first house and my summer vacation is going to be going home to take care of my mom after she has surgery. Bora Bora is not going to fit this year, ha!

  35. 3385
    Sandi in MN says:

    What a fun give-away! I haven’t bought new perfume in years, if I don’t win, I’ll have to check this out!

  36. 3386
    Kim says:

    Beach & sunshine are two of my favorite things. Not going on vacation but would love to “feel” like I was there! A treat for the senses 🙂

  37. 3387
    Trisha Nutt says:

    Oh boy that looks awesome! Would love to “get away!”

  38. 3388
    Lisa gabriel says:

    Please enter me in the contest. God bless you for helping me come to a deeper relationsip with Jesus Christ.

  39. 3389
    Nancy Harris says:

    What a cool give a way!

  40. 3390
    sharon says:

    Melissa, my study group just finished the James study t,onight, just wanted to let you know, it was a wonderful study and your pages were really a great addition,. I hope you will do this again. you and your gifted Mother are L O V E D AS well!!! Thank you!!!

  41. 3391
    Sarah Albahsous says:

    What a great giveaway! Hope someone very deserving wins.

  42. 3392
    Sue Ann Peters says:

    Thank you! What a wonderful treat.

  43. 3393
    Sarah Schmidt says:

    I’m in! Fun, fun, fun!

  44. 3394
    Jenny says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! What fun treats!!

  45. 3395
    Amy Stevens says:

    I’m hoping to win this for a friend whose 13 yr old daughter will be having open heart surgery this summer. She could use a pick me up.

  46. 3396
    Debbie M. says:

    This is so wonderful. Thank you!

  47. 3397
    julie williams says:

    I am entering my daughter’s name for the giveaway…a single mom of 4 boys…going through a terrible divorce..husband has porn addiction and girlfriends…she home schools the boys and is in grad school herself…has very little to no money…she could really use a boost. Thank you. Her name is Nikki Rorabaugh.

  48. 3398
    Tina says:

    OOH OOH Yes! Me Please!

  49. 3399
    Kristen says:

    Wow! What an amazing haul of beachiness…it looks so fun. Thank you for thinking of us, Melissa! BTW, I have just started James for the summer and I am really enjoying your articles. They add so much to the study.

  50. 3400
    Patti Rae says:

    I hope you ladies have a fantastic summer!

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