A Few of my Favorite Summer-ish Things: A Random Giveaway

#2067  Edie Jones!
I think you will all so appreciate the first sentence of her comment:

“My husband is in Afghanistan and a few ‘favorite things’ would brighten my day!”

How about that, Sisters?!? OK, Edie, please contact Living Proof Ministries at toll free (888) 700-1999 and give us an address. Please ask for Kimberly or Susan. Knowing what we now know, all of us here would want so much to send you to the beach…but, instead, we’re sending the beach to you. ENJOY!!!

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: this post will embody most everything you anticipate and perhaps even despise about women’s ministry. There will even be pink nail polish. As the great Professor Thornbury said a few weeks ago on the Twitterverse “something is not a stumbling block if you can see it coming.” So, consider yourself warned.

Colin and I just returned from a week at the beach in Mexico. It was crazy fantastic. I slept. I read classic literature. I also swam with a dolphin named Duey. And on the day I returned home I was greeted abrasively by a stomach bug and a crick in my neck so bad I could barely move my head. Oh, and then my 100 lb puppy Winston ate my over-priced prescription eye-glasses. But how can I really be frustrated with this bad boy?

Anyway, since this weekend was the Memorial Day holiday I scrolled through numerous tweets from people who were somewhere fabulous while I was at home with a bag of frozen corn under my neck. And I began to weep for the serenity of the ocean and my dolphin Duey.

But enough about me.

I want to talk about you.

I got to thinking that there may be some of you who won’t get a break this summer. While nearly everyone you know is off to some fabulous island, you won’t get a moment’s rest. For whatever reason, you won’t be able to retreat to the beach or the mountains or to wherever else makes your heart happy. We want to send a little fun and lots of love your direction so we’re doing a random give-away. And it will not include commentaries, concordances, or anything super useful or meaningful.

This giveaway is simply full of some of my personal favorite summer things including: Bobbi Brown Beach parfum (seriously smells exactly like the beach!), classic Ray-Ban aviators, Votivo Candle in White Ocean Sands, a pair of bright yellow Moleskine notebooks, Tea Forte’ Pomegranate Blackberry Iced Tea, and America’s Test Kitchen Best Summer Dessert recipes. See the contents below:




There are really no conditions for this giveaway. My hope, of course, is that this gift makes it into the hands of someone who simply can’t get a break this year and not someone who is heading to the Maldives or Bora Bora next week to stay in one of those little huts with glass floors sprawled across sparkling turquoise waters. But truly, if this gift brings a big smile to a single one of your faces that is quite enough for me.

So, please enter your name in the comments section if you could use a little sunshine in your world. We’ll do a random drawing and announce the winner at noon on this Thursday the 31st.


You are loved.



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  1. 50
    Kristin S says:

    Quite possibly the best blog giveaway I’ve ever seen. How thoughtful!

    I’m “away” but “work away” in the Smoky Mountains with 33 college students sharing the gospel with international students. Pretty awesome privilege.

  2. 51
    CyndaP says:

    I love it! No Bora Bora in my future!

  3. 52
    Jenny H says:

    That is wonderful give away There’s no exciting get-aways in my future. Just being at home this summer with my 5 awesome kids.

  4. 53
    Janice Hilt says:

    Oh YES!
    Thanks Melissa!

  5. 54
    Monica says:

    Mmmmmm…Bora Bora was my honeymoon dream. Instead we went to Asheville. 🙂

  6. 55
    peggy says:

    Peggy loves free.

  7. 56
    Robin says:

    I love summer!
    Robin Kim

  8. 57
    Megan says:

    That would be amazing. Megan Danielle :]

  9. 58
    Lauren says:

    I will be working at my church all summer. I would love a taste of vacation!

  10. 59
    Sara Hovis says:

    Great items! Count me in, too!

  11. 60
    Stacy says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win this?!

  12. 61
    Laura H. says:

    I so want to be at the beach now 🙂

  13. 62
    Lisa Pennington says:

    Would love this. Not able to get away this summer. Thanks. Lisa Pennington

  14. 63
    Amy C. says:

    Amy Clakr

    I’d love to win this to help me relax after a full year of teaching math to some challenging 8th graders!!

  15. 64
    georgianne says:

    Love this!!

  16. 65
    Ashley says:

    It’d be so nice to have this treat for myself. My summer hopes got crushed when my friend’s dog did some big damage to my house that he can’t afford to pay for. So I had to put a lot of money on a credit card to make the repairs.

  17. 66

    My vacation isn’t until October. I’ll need something to tide me over. 🙂

  18. 67
    Crystal Ortega says:

    What a fun giveaway!

    Crystal Ortega
    Norman, Ok

  19. 68

    What a great giveaway! Would love to win this!!

  20. 69
    Kelli says:

    Thanks for the fun!

  21. 70
    Lydia says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway!


  22. 71
    Amy Anders says:

    What fun!!!!!!! Thank you for making someone smile with this giveaway! Pick me. hehe! Good luck everyone!

  23. 72
    Deborah says:

    This would be so lovely. Vacations aren’t in our budget with a new baby and a hubby who lost his job last year…

  24. 73
    Morgan Garrett says:

    I have lupus(cannot get out in the sun with that)and my health has quickly deteriorated. My dr has put me on a cancer medication,methotrexate, and it makes me feel horrible. I have two little ones ages 3 and 5.

  25. 74
    Kristi says:

    Fun! Would love to win.

  26. 75
    Amanda May says:

    This is really sweet. And fun! Thanks for sharing your favorite things.

    Oh, and that puppy face! So adorable. I want to kiss him!!

    Amanda May

  27. 76
    Emily says:

    This would be the best prize to win! Awesome!

  28. 77
    M Connelly says:

    Misty Connelly

  29. 78
    Traci says:

    Traci Middleton:)

  30. 79
    Erin says:

    Yay! So fun. I admit, I am going to the mountains but then I’m coming back to lessened income for the remainder of summer and will have a lot of free time to find find free things to do…like maybe give myself a pedi with the polish.

  31. 80
    Cyndy H says:

    Love the way God turns our attention outward!

  32. 81
    Kathleen says:

    Put me in sister!

  33. 82
    KimDotJoy (doo-dah) says:

    If I win the drawing I already have someone in mind to bless who has had a financial struggle this year. Thanks for a fun giveaway. Winston is a cutie :-).

  34. 83
    Lisa Andrews says:

    Lisa Andrews : )

  35. 84
    Rebecca Orr says:

    That looks like a fabulous give-away! Hope I win!!

  36. 85
    Sandy Bowers says:

    Definitely could use a little sunshine here! My darling husband and 17 year old son are off to the Cayman Islands while my 15 year old daughter and I remain stateside this summer. Oh we’ll get our trip in two years…..but this year, it’s just the boys. Already sorry I agreed to this plan. So send some of that sunshine my way Melissa! Sorry to hear of your not-so-fun homecoming….but glad you were able to get away to the beach! And glad you are feeling better!

  37. 86
    Caitlin Haller says:

    Caitlin Haller

  38. 87
    Katie Hartshorn says:

    How fun is this!?! All of those goodies would make anyone smile! 🙂

  39. 88
    LL says:

    What ever is a vacation????????

  40. 89
    Allison Neal says:

    I am a college student and a nanny for two boys with a severe disability. This would be a nice relaxing treat 🙂

  41. 90
    Connie says:

    I could seriously use a virtual vacation! Not going any further than my back yard this summer.
    But God is still good. Grateful to have a backyard.

  42. 91
    Ashley S. says:

    This would be lovely and make my heart smile big time!

  43. 92
    Anne S. says:

    I’ll be going on a missions trip and moving in the next 3 weeks, but a true vacation is not in the cards this year. What a fun idea! Thanks!

  44. 93
    Leah says:

    Love this bag of treats!

  45. 94
    Dana says:

    What a wonderful surprise to share with my d.i.l–she’s a mom of 2, works full time, and is attending college–I love to surprise her as often as possible!!

  46. 95
    Jesi Steiber says:

    Yes! Just the thought of any one of those gifts would make my summer!

  47. 96
    Melanie says:

    I will not be getting out of my cramped one bedroom apt with my husband and 3 year old son. I would totally love this!!

  48. 97
    Casey says:

    How fun!!! Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Hope you are feeling better!

  49. 98
    Dionna says:

    Sunshine is what makes me thrive. What a super girly and kind giveaway. I followed your Mexico pics btw – who wouldn’t go through a little withdrawal??? Hope you are feeling better and find sunshine enter your heart in a different way this week! 🙂

  50. 99
    Bethany says:

    Love this! So excited for summer.

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