Hey, Siestas! Just Checking In

Siesta Greeting! from LPV on Vimeo.

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(That’s a total of 91 Siestas. Not 60, or 80, or even 1025. Y’all are an even bigger force to be reckoned with than I imagined.) Wink. ~KMac


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  1. 151
    Colette says:

    I just love you! I love how you love your dog ALMOST as much as we love ours!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love how you challenge us, but do it in a loving way!!
    I love your longer hair (but I also love it shorter too!)
    AND I love you paler lips!! ๐Ÿ™‚ God will not let you down! He wants you to be hip and happening because look at how many siestas look up to you!!
    Thanks for reminding me to not be critical! I do try each and everyday but this helps to know that we all need encouragement every once in a while!!
    Please come to Phoenix next year so I can be in one of those cool siesta photos with you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 152
    Bonnie Wallace says:

    Hey Beth!

    What an incredible high in my life to sit at your feet and learn God’s Word through your teachings. I was literrally sitting on the front row in Charlotte praying, “Yes Lord! Just let the anointing on her roll off onto me!” LOL! (That’s me in the first picture to the right of you in the purple t-shirt)

    I hope you truly know how precious you are to Christian Women. You really “get it” and you are such an incredible teacher on being able to pour out your passion for us to “get it” too. And as your siesta, we are knit together in spirit as Jonathan & David were (1 Sam 18:1). We are praying for you, here to encourage you, and supporting the mission of LPM.

    Bonnie, 29, Charleston SC

    PS – Would love to learn more on how to make “dramatic eyes” … could you tweet on that one too?? LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 153

    Oh, how I wish I could go to a Living Proof…soon, I hope! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so happy though that Beth checked in amidst writing her James study…I read the short preview pages on lifeway’s site…it was such a beautiful moment for me at Starbucks the other day…I read and did the first 2 days that were in the preview, and prayed for Beth’s writing – that it would speak what God wants to say to all of us regarding James. Our women’s ministry at church did a short study on James this summer, and I imagine Beth chugging along everyday-writing truth and wisdom that I can’t wait to learn from come November…So excited it’s the book of James – I’ve always loved this straightforward, practical Biblical book! Thanks again for ‘checking in’ and connecting with us Beth – blessings!

  4. 154

    Oh goodness. I forgot all about you coming to Columbus!! I LIVE IN COLUMBUS!!! When I saw it on the schedule a few months ago, I asked Amanda if there was any chance she’d be coming, and she said your sweet fam is too much of a distraction before you speak. I get it, but sniff, sniff. If I can get there, I will. Praying for you!!!!

  5. 155
    Chrissy Myal says:

    Oh Beth! Thank you for your hilarious, godly post today!

    I feel that God has brought me into a season of repentance for 2011. (at first I thought it was for just the beginning of the year, but have now deduced he means to continue it indefinitely!!) So much of my repenting as been of ingratitude, and the poisonous negativity that this produces in my heart, thoughts, behavior, and life. Oh how I want the reservoir of my heart to be of thankfulness, humility, and joy in His grace that I might only think and speak that which is truly noble, good, praiseworthy, and right!

    Thank you for the timely word! I shall also ponder the high gloss to my pale lips from today forward! LALB (Laughing A Little Bit)
    Chrissy (in really hot Arizona!)

  6. 156
    Becky Roode says:

    First, thank you so much for that word! I so needed to hear that today. So often I find myself surrounded by complaining people, just to turn around and complain to someone about the complaining people! God is teaching me more and more about the power of the tongue and He is reining it in. But I needed this reminder this very day.
    Second, darlin’ woman! Hip lips or not, if I did not know you had two grown daughters I would say you looked like you were 40. So work it, honey!
    Love to you and all of my Siestas!!

  7. 157
    Ruth says:

    We Columbus siestas are joyfully anticipating LPL coming to our neighborhood! Our prayers began last year when the schedule was announced – and they continue for God’s most holy presence to reign in all of us who participate.
    Safe travels, Siesta Momma – we’ll see you at the “Schott”. Our voices are primed to sing & worship with Travis & his Team – and we come with hearts open to hear God’s Word.
    It’s the highlight of our year!

  8. 158
    Christine Claunch says:

    Thank you for for talking just to me today, it is a talk I needed to hear. Love you, Christine

  9. 159
    Carolina Cheesehead says:

    I was at the Charlotte LPL and LOVED it….I regretted having to scoot out as soon as it ended to get back home to my family who were really needing me…I did see the secret siesta meeting post and sooooo wanted to come and meet you and other siestas. Now that I see these pictures I just think Stink! That would have been neat.

    I appreciate so much how you pray for a “Word” for each LPL. That alone inspires me. And BTW Columbus Siestas…I know your “word” cuz she gave us a heads up but told us not to tell:)

    Honestly Beth (calling you that sounds so informal and disrespectful esp here in the South but Ms. Beth sounds like you should be 20 yrs older than me which you are not so I am not sure what to call you)….I think you could wear purple lip gloss and still be beautiful! Prob you would even start a trend. We’d all start showing up to our churches and women’s ministries with purple lips bc you can make anything look good:)

    So pale, plump, purple or deep burgandy…I love you and all those sweet ladies at LPM (esp. the ones with cute names like KMAC)

    Praying you finish strong with James…I have loved all the updates. Is that Melissa on the front cover? Sure looks like her.

  10. 160
    ann (under THE ARCH) says:

    My first time making a comment. You make my day when I read your comments. This month I am doing your Revelation Bible Study here in St. Louis. What a great time we are having. Thanks

  11. 161
    Diana A. says:

    I became obessed with your lips as you spoke! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not critically… just trying to decide.

    Girl to me it is what comes out of those lips…the Word of God, sweet messages, and tender love, not what is ON those lips!

    If the Word is sweeter than honey, and it is; than the lips could be the color of honey, don’t ya think?

    Good word to me… a true struggle God has recently spoken to me about, I am still on the path of change and Victory!

  12. 162
    Jan Witt says:

    You always make me laugh! I so needed that today. I am dreaming about coming to Lubbock, TX this fall to be at a Living Proof Live. I have had plans twice (even had a ticket once) but my kids prohibited the trip due to bad choices etc.
    But this fall I don’t think they will be able to interrupt the weekend. Still praying for the completion of the James project. I know it will be such a blessing.


  13. 163
    Lynda Rickey says:

    Beth, Great to hear from you. And once again so impressed with my sweet Jesus. Here I am looking for a Bible verse for Monday and you quote Phil. 2, which by the way was a quoted verse last night at Bible study so I’m sure that this is the verse I’m to memorize. Especially when you factor in going back to work in a few short weeks (I teach 3rd grade) and I have been praying for my witness to be strong which would include a heavy dose of not complaining. So thanks. I have no advice about the lipstick because our joke in my family is that my momma only wears bright lipstick (no other make-up) and when she puts it on around any of us we say “here comes Barbara’s lips” and truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way, though I only wear gloss because I just can’t put on something so bright. And, my poor little pup, Bentley, can’t wear his bandana either as it is 100 here in North Florida too. He doesn’t look like a Yorkie-Shu either because he has to get the shortest summer cut or he just gives up on his walk for the heat. I’ll be praying for Columbus and you. My life is so blessed! All my love, Lynda

  14. 164
    Shelly E says:

    Greetings to you, Beth! I loved your video message….so appreciated what you had to share. I often find myself having difficulty accepting a compliment or being critical/having a critical spirit. I tend to be a perfectionist and I don’t think that’s a gift. So thank you for speaking on that very topic!

    Congratulations on your near accomplishment of the James study. I will be so excited to learn all that you have to share on that chapter of the Bible when it comes out.

    One last thing….a pale lip! I love, love, LOVE some of my new products for a pale lip. First, I love MAC’s “Boy Bait” Cremesheen Lipglass. It’s a great anytime lip color. For more of a pale lip applied look, I love MAC’s “Blankety” lipstick with MAC’s “Filfilled” Plushglass over it. I get compliments on these lip products all the time! But for sure wear them with a smokey eye.

    Be blessed! Love you so much!

  15. 165
    Crystal says:

    Beth –
    Thanks a TON for your word this morning – God has been speaking it to me over and over this week. I can so clearly see a critical spirit in others and Jesus is teaching me to look at my own heart. Thanks for being used so powerfully by Him…and so beautifully:-). Love the lips…you are always the picture of fashion…thanks for encouraging us to be the wives and women God wants!
    I’ll be driving to Columbus from here in Detroit to see you in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see what God has for us. Meeting my mom and sister to go together…you and your girls remind me so much of the 3 of us:-).

  16. 166
    Krista in MN says:

    I love that your testing out a pale lip color. ๐Ÿ™‚ You look great in anything. But I agree, if you go pale on the lip, go heavier on the eye and vice versa.

    Thanks for sharing about having a good attitude and watching whether we have a critical spirit. God’s got the best timing…Just before I started watching your video message I got a phone call that was a bit discouraging and my mind immediately wanted to be upset and irritated with the other people involved. So your message was exactly the right timing to “catch me” before I allowed my heart and mind to go down that path.

    Love you Beth. I’m in week 9 of the new Breaking Free and it is some GOOD STUFF!

  17. 167
    Fran Harris says:

    Oh what a blessing I received in Charlotte! It was a great surprise treat to be able to have our Siesta picture taken with you. I’m the one in the first photo with the bandage on my nose (battle scars from a bicycle accident). Thanks for all you do! You are such a blessing to me! Love & prayers, Fran

  18. 168
    Christine says:

    Beth, I have to tell you! Without sounding self-absorbed – ๐Ÿ˜‰ – the word you had for us in your video I have to say was for ME. Thank you for looking me in the eye and holding up a mirror in front of me. I’ve been in a trying season, and realize that I’ve allowed it to consume me and take over my spirit…bringing on a critical/complaining spirit. This is the last thing I want in my life, or to live as a testimony amongst others…most especially my husband, of who I’m being the most critical and complaining with. What an eye opener…a perspective I deserved to have placed in front of me. Thank you, Beth, for being bold and courageous to talk with us about the non-so-warm-and-fuzzy things. Praise the Lord for what you are doing in this crazy world. I am thankful for you and your messages. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 169
    sweet anonymous says:

    Hi Beth,
    Gotta say I love the lipstick! But you always look great no matter what anyway..Your word was very timely as in just this morning as I was having my quiet time the Holy Spirit was convicting me about my being very critical of someone in my life to which I quickly apologized and repented. Thanks for sharing! Be Blessed!

  20. 170
    De Anna says:

    I’ve been noticing that really pale (yet pink) lip thing when I watch Jerseylicious (lame…I KNOW!)
    I love that you talked about lip color…thank you for making it OK to be girly and godly!

    Loved the words HOLD FAST in Charlotte NC…don’t know why anyone else was there because the Lord and I were there to “hash this out”.

    Blessings from Greenville SC!

  21. 171
    mercy4Drew says:

    Loved it! A word fitly spoken! We so easily criticize at times. I, also, get to work sometime with my dog at my side–more than we deserve!!

  22. 172
    Kelly Hall says:

    Wow! What a timely word for me!! School is fixing to start here in Central Florida, under less-than-desirable circumstances. All the teachers at my school are usually excited about the beginning of a new year, but this year, everyone seems weary already with some extra demands and disappointing test scores from last year. In public school, Christian teachers certainly need to “hold out the word of life” by our attitudes and effort. You blessed me today with your encouragement!

  23. 173
    Crissy says:

    Thank you so much! I do have a question. I am usually a very positive person but also try to stay “real” and honest about where I am but how do I do that without being critical or negative or is that even possible. Thanks so much for your wisdom and challenge!
    Crissy, Nashville

  24. 174
    Anne says:


    Thank you so much for your words, “Hold fast” in Charlotte. God so spoke to me through your words. I was finishing the last week of “Duty or Delight” with a small group and so much of it you reinforced. Oh how Gods knows what we need to hear and have reinforced! Just like your message on this blog. That is a new prayer that I had recently added to my journal. How often what irritates us in someone else is what God is showing to us in ourselves and we have a hard time seeing it. All these attitude transformatiions will put us on the path to the victorious life that you talked about in Charlotte. Looking forward to James! Thank you for all your hard work for the Lord and for us, His chosen children.

  25. 175
    Janel says:

    Beth, thank you for your word today! I knew your blog would be great, but I never expected it to be so interactive! I needed to hear that word from God about doing everything without complaining or arguing. I love the part of the verse about “shining like stars in the universe!”

  26. 176
    Dayna says:

    Love hearing from you Beth!! Keeping you all in prayer. See you in a couple of days (Aug)!
    Love, Dayna

  27. 177
    Peggy says:

    Good word! Thank you Beth!

  28. 178
    Heather Turner says:

    I’ve been wondering about how to make paler lips work, especially with small, somewhat thin lips. I will soon try your advice!
    But the Scripture that you shared – what an applicable word for myself! I am often guilty of being critical of everything and everyone around me, particularly of the church. I plan to choose this very Scripture as my memory verse for August. Thank you for your faithfulness to share.

  29. 179
    April says:

    Always a word in due season. LOVED seeing Star!

  30. 180
    Dedra says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this check in and all those sweet faces! Thank you for taking the time to love on us… and I am praying for your and Melissa to finish strong! Can’t wait to see how He moves thru James. Much love – Dedra

  31. 181
    Harriett says:

    Having grown up under the influence of a critical parent, I fight that critical nature all the time. Your message today was a great help and encouragement.

    Charlotte was my first LPL and I am still in awe of the event. The praise and worship still rings in my ears and touches my heart. God has set His affection upon ME!!! Why has that always been so hard to receive? I am meditating on that thought alone every day. Thank you so much for being so close to The Spirit and for feeding His sheep.

  32. 182
    Tisha says:

    Hi Beth,

    My sweet little 8 year old watched the vimeo with me and sat so perfectly still. When you were finished, she said “Mommy, will Beth Moore think I was good?” To which I replied “well of course honey-you sat so perfectly still!” Then she explained why she sat so perfectly still–she thought you could see her through the computer. What a chuckle I had!! She also said “Beth Moore is so pretty.” So, I don’t know if an 8 year old’s opinion matters, but she likes the pale lip color.

    Many blessings to you and thank you for always giving us a word from our LORD!!

  33. 183
    Tracy Hays says:

    Mornin’! Was in Charlotte this time last weekend soaking up the Word and praising Jesus with you. Wish we were there again! Thank you for coming to see us. Your message was so timely for me. My friend Alison & I were a little weirded out that you seemed to be eavesdropping on our conversations as you hit on every topic we discussed into the wee hours of Saturday morning, at breakfast, and on break Saturday morning. We struggle in our marriages to men that don’t lead as we want them to spiritually. Feeling we don’t “fight the good fight”. Getting discouraged. I, for one, said the words you said Friday when you introduced your topic, “what am I supposed to do here????” in the days before LPL. And, boy, did God answer! H.O.L.D. F.A.S.T. I got it and am doing it! Love you and thank you for being faithful to do what God has called you.

    P.S.– You are rocking that pale lip!

  34. 184
    Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for that word!! I have the gift of discernment and I would be lying if I said I don’t struggle with having a critical spirit, probably more often than I would like to admit. But lucky for me, my sweet husband nails me on it almost every time – for which I am thankful. Really. I would love to learn more about spiritual gifts. Can anyone suggest a good resource? For a long time I would not admit that this was my gift. It scared me and I thought people would think I was nuts. I have learned some things along the way, but really would like more info. Better yet, a Beth Moore study on spiritual gifts!!!!!!!

  35. 185
    Shelli says:

    I had a wonderful time at LPL in Charlotte…Hold Fast definitely spoke to me! I loved meeting the other siestas as well..what a group. I am in the first photo..top left standing (dark hair in black & white). I also loved your new video on critical spirits..I’ve been dealing with some friends who are very negative/critical..definitely don’t want it to rub off on me. God bless you and the LPM team!! Shelli

  36. 186
    Courtney Beth Burnside says:

    Hola, que pasa, calabassa, nada, nada, lemonada. you know, a bandana dipped in cold water will cool us a bit, wonder if that would work for starzy? my home town is in Toledo Ohio, and my Mother went to Ohio State (if she’s a DG [Delta Gamma} look twice!! so I’m praying if it is ++ that I can be there too with my siestas !! xoxoxo love, hugs, & PRAYERS !! cb

  37. 187
    Doris Lathan says:

    I was at Living Proof in Charlotte, NC loved it! It was a gift from my daughter for my 60th birthday coming up in August. It was the first time I had ever been to anything like that, and I must admit, a little overwhelming to see that much energy devoted to our Lord. I needed so bad to see and hear that as I have been stuck in the desert for a while and been about tempted to head back to Egypt! Thanks for the encouragement and love. TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER!

  38. 188
    Sarah says:

    Thank you for this Word and for your greeting, Siesta Mama! So good to hear from you and laugh with you! Stay cool…I’m in Dallas and praise the Lord for A/C is all I can say…how on this ugly earth did my Dad grow up in TX without A/C and for awhile when he was young (and for the entire time when my Gram grew up) without electricity????? UGH. Suffice it to say I did not move from MI to TX 10 years ago for the weather!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was because God wanted me here, in a nutshell. I have “people” in Columbus, I so wish I could fly up there and see you, have never seen you in person – Lord-willing, someday. Love you and may the Lord bless you abundantly as you continue to serve Him & us! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. 189
    Barb says:

    fun site

  40. 190
    Katie says:

    I’ll be at the Columbus event….and it will be my first time to attend!

    I’m so thankful I get to come ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be covering it in prayer.

    Love and Blessings,
    Kate ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. 191
    Donna Sava says:

    I don’t know if you realize how many times every day that God uses you to minister to me (us) out here in Siestaville! I saw your tweet this morning & thought I would put it there for others not on Twitter! You COULD NOT POSSIBLY KNOW how your words changed my heart today! I’m seeing His plan…little by little He reveals…I am so tired…yet I keep on going! THANKS! Sending you Love! Donna (the mom of twin boys) from Franklin, TN!

    1/2 Reflecting this AM on 2 Tim 4:16-17. We are called to community but sometimes God allows no one to come through for us so that…

    2/2 We will recognize when the Lord Himself is standing by us & strengthening us. We cannot know true intimacy with Him without those times.
    Twitter for iPhone โ€ข 7/29/11 7:37 AM

  42. 192
    Whitney says:

    That was a word I needed to hear. Thank you for taking the time to share today. You are such a blessing!

    Love and prayers as you finish James!

  43. 193
    Colleen says:

    I love the verses from Philippians. In fact, I have the first portion on the wall above the washer/dryer. I suppose you could guess where I struggle with grumbling and complaining!

    Thank you!

  44. 194
    Dianne from Mt. Pleasant, NC says:

    Hey Beth, I have a Bible study in my home every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. We have study Esther, Believing God and Stepping Up this year. We just finished Ruth by Kelly Minter. Thank you so much for telling us about this summer Bible study. When we heard you were coming to Charlotte we all had to come. Thank you so much for a fabulous time. Only two of us are Siestas. We wanted so much to come down front but we were with the group and they were ready to go. Praying some how some way we can come to Texas in January. With much love, Dianne

  45. 195
    Linda says:


    I was at Charlotte and had a great time in the Lord. I really needed the Arise and resume message. I hadn’t stopped serving the Lord, just was dragging my feet. I am seeking His face for direction with my refreshed outlook.

    I also enjoyed your message on this video. Thinking on attitude I was reminded of a Charles Swindoll quote that I have on my Facebook account and thought I would share.

    “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me is more important than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than appearance, giftedness or skill…..I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you. We are in charge of our attitudes” Charles Swindoll

    I’m praying for you and this ministry that the Lord has blessed you with.


  46. 196
    Kristi Brewer says:

    Hey siesta mama!

    I was in Charlotte and had an amazing time! I got to volunteer in the book store which was such fun! I also got to hug the necks of Boomama and Paige Greene which was so cool! Wish you could have met us Greensboro siestas (picture with 25) at Mimosas for lunch. The food was great but the fellowship made the day so special!

    Praying for you and Melissa as you finish the James study!

    Could I ask for prayer for my furry friend? His name is Gumbo and he just had his spleen removed because he had a large tumor on it. We hope it isn’t cancer. We should know the results of the pathology report soon.

    Going to work on that critical spirit thing.

    Would love it if you followed me on twitter. kristib1116

    Much love

  47. 197
    Emily says:

    Beth, you’re cute no matter what color your lips are. Thanks for the Philippians 2:14 reminder. I know it’s something that I need to be intentional about everyday amongst the seemingly unending opportunities to slip into a negative frame of mind in this life. I love that the Word says we will “shine like stars in the universe” if we “do everything without complaining or arguing.” That is so cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. 198
    Lisa Covill says:

    Hi Beth and Siestas,
    Haven’t been on here in a while. Thanks Beth for that reminder.
    I am hoping to be at the Pensacola LPL in early December with all my girls from there. I miss being with them so much! This month has been traveling from San Diego to B’ham to Pensacola and back again. Loved seeing your cute Star. I can tell she adores you. Prayers for the end of your James study. Can’t wait to do it!

  49. 199
    Cheryl Hinerman says:

    Beth, So much enjoyed your checking in. Thank you for letting us see Star. She’s beautiful!

  50. 200
    Amy says:

    Hey Mama Siesta!!

    My friend & I are traveling from Cleveland to Columbus for Living Proof Live. We can’t wait!! It’s always so encouraging to see your videos – Been hearing a lot of the same lately — stay in the Spirit, a lot about living a truly Spirit-led life. Good, good stuff!

    The pale, sheen lips are awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love to you and your team!

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