Hey, Siestas! Just Checking In

Siesta Greeting! from LPV on Vimeo.

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(That’s a total of 91 Siestas. Not 60, or 80, or even 1025. Y’all are an even bigger force to be reckoned with than I imagined.) Wink. ~KMac


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  1. 51
    Patasy says:

    Yo Mama B:

    Charolette was awesome! Haven’t come off the cloud yet. Hate I missed getting in on the pic’s. Didn’t quite understand what was up and since I was alone I just followed the masses out the door. My big mistake. The words “if you don’t go you’ll never know” were awakened in my spirit recently and I wish I had heeded that wisdom in Charolette regarding “Siesta time.”
    FYI- The pale lipstick is the bomb. Very current. If there’s any chance it will make me look younger then I may consider rubbing it all over my 50 something body (ha).
    I work with a crew of critical people daily and my husband is rather critical so I have to work super hard to defeat the enemy here and not to jump on the bandwagon with them. I have no desire to be a member of the critical Christian club! Praise God I don’t have to be!!
    FYI, FYI – I have a cousin named Beth Moore and yes her husbands name is Keith and yes they are in the ministry; however they live in South Carolina. Small world, big God.

    Much love from your Siesta in Christ,


    • 51.1
      Patsy says:

      Too bad I can’t spell/type my first name. I’s PATSY – not PATASY! Think that lipstick could help me with my spelling??

  2. 52
    Tiffany Morse says:

    Hey there Siesta’s!! I never write on here because life has been so demanding, I haven’t fully figured out how to keep up on the comments with out scrolling back through trying to remember which ones I’ve commented on (if there is another way??)

    I ADORE SIESTAVILLE!! My dearest friends in Siestaville have gone through the ringer this year and I have been beyond blessed to see everyone love on and build them up!

    I think like everyone else, I feel lost in a sea of numbers when it comes to commenting and I am so relational I hate feeling lost in the crowd…=)

    I just love you guys so stinking much!

    Thank you to our precious siesta who posted notes on the last LPL, I needed all the insight and encouragement! I love the Word of God so desperately and I am in such a season of isolation from community Siestaville has provided a beautiful and steady supply of the Body to me…

    I hope everyone has had a marvelous summer and if there is an easier way to figure this commenting thing out, I know I will be more involved in commenting on this blog!

  3. 53
    Kelly S says:

    So funny how we recognize that critical spirit in others so quickly, ugh, I just had a conversation about this with my daughter….might need to examine myself.

    Star is ADORABLE.

    YES Pic #2 front row beside my daughter Olivia, and you are right beside her ๐Ÿ™‚ She was so excited!

    I love reading the blog to see where everbody was standing, because there wasnt enough time to figure everybody out during the pic.

  4. 54
    Britney says:

    I just wanted to say… I so NEEDED to hear that word today as it has been “one of those days.” I am new to this siesta thing (and hope that’s ok). I decided to look in to it after seeing and hearing so much about it. I was with 2 siestas in Charlotte. However, they did not go down for the meeting (as we encouraged them too)!! Thanks so much for all you do Beth. You are just darling!

    PS: I’m jumping in on the memory verses I know I’m way behind but I figure better late than never I need to be speaking the word!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 55
    Hannah says:

    Thank you Beth! So needed that today!

  6. 56
    Adele-Alys says:

    I too was blessed to be in Charlotte (am in picture 1 on end wearing the magenta Indian print top). Thanks for that word….and for this one!

    Although raised in church, I spent decades away from it, as the saying goes” making myself important by doubting.” But God, ever faithful, would not leave me alone and in 2002 used my literal need for a clean heart (had a 3×5 cm benign tumor in mine) to underscore my spiritual need for a pure heart.

    Can’t wait fot the James study!

  7. 57
    ForeverHis says:

    Good to see you again. So happy to hear James is going well and almost finished. I have already put in a request to purchase it with our pastor!

    Will see you in Lubbock. Cannot wait.

    Love you,

    Phil 4:8

  8. 58

    I am a Siesta and I was there!! One of my sisters and I volunteered at the LifeWay booth and were able to attend with our mom, as we have done for many years :). What a gift and joy to attend these events with each other! Thanks, Beth, Travis, and everyone who helps!!

  9. 59
    Rachel says:

    Mrs. Beth,
    I consider myself a “silent siesta” b/c I am ever watching but hardly ever commenting. But I just had to tell you that right before I pushed the play button the video I thought, “Now Beth Moore is always pretty but she looks particularly pretty today on this video. That is some gorgeous hair…just look at those roots!” I guess the dramatic eye with the pale lipstick look is working for you, pretty lady! Anyway,those verses in Philippians are some of my very favorite. I love the analogy of shining like stars….what an awesome impact! Who can look up at a clear, night sky and see all those stars and not be amazed? Thanks for your encouragement and love. Can hardly wait to dig into James with you.

  10. 60
    Heledd says:

    Thanks for that message. It’s definitely a challenge for me!

  11. 61

    What you said about a critical spirit was very helpful to me, it helped me understand or see more clearly that because it easily becomes a habit, we don’t see it in ourselves, and others don’t see it in themselves, but we sure need too, thanks for the encouragement in that area, I slip in to negativity far too often and that isn’t what I want my testimony to be. I wish it was as easy to just slip out of, but it takes work. Renewing the mind!

    Thanks for sharing,


  12. 62
    pat w says:

    LOL… and love you too siesta mama, and your little dog too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 63
    Jill says:

    My goal with pale lipstick is to look like J-Lo. Unfortunately, I usually come across a little more deathly than I would like, maybe I need more gloss…

    You are spot on about a critical spirit becoming a habit. I used to think that I was just being “real”, when in fact I was just negative.

    Press on Beth- the end is near. I hope you have a mountain vacay scheduled to rest and recoup.

  14. 64
    Sharon Meekins says:

    Dearest Beth, Thank you for that word! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 65
    Mindy, Indiana says:

    I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU’RE COMING TO COLUMBUS!!! I was just telling my mom yesterday that I REALLY wanted to come to one of your events because I missed the one in Grande Rapids last year, because my daughter had her graduation that weekend. (I asked my hubby if he’d mind me going to see you rather than sitting through 700+ names being called at her graduation -snicker, snicker- he preferred I didn’t:) So now I am bringing a boatload of people!!! You just made my day. My 2 college age girls can come because it’s the weekend before one of them leaves. I just called mom and she’s in on it too! Now for my sister and niece…
    You’re in my prayers,

  16. 66
    Michele says:

    Oh, Siesta Mama!
    As soon as I saw your pretty little face pop up on the screen, I thought to myself (NO LIE) that, “You sure are lookin’ good!” So funny. I thought about telling you so, but then I thought how ridiculous that was going to look on a comment, but then you mentined your new ‘trial lips’ and I thought…”I have to tell her!” (I don’t know if it’s your “new lips” or I just have missed seeing you talk to us, but you are looking stunning!! :0)

    And, I was soooo glad to see Star! Myra Anne(our baby-girl, Border Collie), sends a big ‘Hello’ to Star!!

    Thank you for sharing what God spoke to you about a critical spirit. Is it just me, or does it seem so easy to be so critical/synical? Especially, when our circumsatances seem to be so crazy? Lord, help us shine like You!!!

    We love you, Mama Beth!

  17. 67
    Sue Springer says:

    We are so excited that you are coming to Columbus, Mama Beth! I am asking God to pour His love, favor and strength all over you and those involved in finishing “Mercy Triumphs”, as well as those involved in the Columbus LPL. I so know that the Lord will show up here, that I’m going to wait to choose my Aug. 15 Siesta memory verse, because I expect the Lord to give it to me at the LPL Columbus event.
    Keep serving Him knowing how much He loves you.

  18. 68

    You are so funny. I don’t even bother trying to stay current. Don’t have enough money to do that! Right now I’m just trying to pass the time while I wait for Meier Clinics to call back. I’m so nervous!

  19. 69
    candifer says:

    often times the only thing we can change is our attitude… needed that word today. praise jesus!

  20. 70
    Terri says:

    I was SO blessed to see you in Charlotte. I had the honor of leading Believing God in the fall and Breaking free in the spring at our church. One of my sweet friends who did the studies with me bought me a ticket to Living Proof Live, and then, during the event, surprised me with a tshirt! I saw you in 2004 in Colorado Springs, so I knew I wanted to see you in Charlotte. I was so encouraged, and am still absorbing all we learned. I am so sorry that I didn’t make it to the Siesta photo op. But I was thrilled to hear that my friend Carole got to meet you when her niece accepted Christ!!! I am sorry to say that I won’t be teaching Bible study this fall… I felt that I needed to get my husband’s explicit blessing to do so (even though we have discussed it and I thought I had his approval). Well, he couldn’t give it to me… said, “Go ahead and teach if you aren’t going to work.” So I stepped down, and am looking for a job (have been home with my children for 14 years). Thankfully, the Lord is showing me that ministry is all around me and that he will continue to use me to encourage women. Next week I actually have a group of 6th-8th grade girls at camp to shepherd!!! I am so blessed by you and praying for you. Blessings!

  21. 71
    Nichole Cline says:

    I am so looking forward to the columbus trip- coming from Pineville WV hopefully with a few friends- Hoping that God works this trip out for me!

  22. 72
    Lisa Bowden says:

    Just what I needed….a little dose of Philippians 2:14. Thanks Siesta Mama and K-Mac for being obedient and taking time to send out the video message. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thank you Jesus for this community and using it to encourage one another!

  23. 73
    Joyce Watson says:

    Oh, How I wish we could give “group Hugs” here! You touch my heart and love this ministry so very much. Please pray as I start the Bible study next Sunday afternoon “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things”. This is the biggest group of women I have had a one of your Bible studies ever. I’m praying my spirit and attitude will reflect Jesus in all I say and do.
    I understand when you finish a Bible study, you feel happy, but sad_that is the way I feel just studying and praying about Bible study.

    …your smile says it all!… you have Jesus Lips!

    My Prayer is that next year, God will send you to OKC; there is a crowd of women who have ask me “is she coming to Oklahoma?”, so Lord, it is in your hands. love you all in Christ

  24. 74
    Fran says:

    Hello there sweet Beth…

    1) the pale lips look mahvelous on you!

    2) the precious pup is well…precious. My dogs don’t like quite like themselves right now bc they are all but shaved and gaining weight by the minute. Lets say its 100 degrees here too and all they do is eat and sleep.

    3) completely needed this word. i have a sweet, sweet person in my life who is just a negative nelly. It’s who she is. my attitude is everything though. thanks for that reminder.

    4) i’m praying for you and the finishing of James. My heart tenders toward you and Melissa and the entire team so very often. thank you in advance for your time and how this word will change us all in Jesus Name.

    I love you to pieces!!! Seek Him with all your heart!
    Fran, TN

  25. 75
    TraciG says:

    This is the very issue the Lord has been dealing with me over throughout the course of this summer. I have two step-children (16 and 13) who spend more of their time here, and I become hyper-critical of both of them, especially when it comes to their interactions with my younger two (7 and 5). Ironically, one of the things that drives me most crazy is their negativity.I know that it is somehting that their mom struggles with and it has become clear that it isn’t just at their mom’s house that this is rubbing off!
    I so appreciate the verse from Phillipians 2:13-16..that’s the next one that’s going on the fridge!

  26. 76
    Kate says:

    That was a good word. I find myself sometimes with a critical spirit I don’t usually speak it out, but at times when I do, I know it and will retreat from everything until I’m back on track. :)Love all the Siesta’s gathered! I was going to go to OH, my niece lives there and I thought it would be fun to take her; but, the doc kicked up her baby’s due date and I figured the first live birth at an LPM event might be a little scary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 77
    Pamela Houston says:

    WOW! Awesome Vimeo Siesta greeting from you and loved the pic’s of all the Siestas in Charlotte. Cheering you on in the last bit of James, you have almost finished your marathon and I can’t wait to “taste and see” the results from James and Mercy Triumphs…I feel guilty here in So. Cal, it’s only 78 today and everyone else across the country is in the throes of awful heat. So thankful Star got a good haircut and no bandana! LOL!
    Pam H.

  28. 78
    Kathy B says:

    Yah! How nice to feel like we’ve had us a visit. Thanks for taking the time, Beth.

    Now, I don’t mean to have a critical spirit, but I’m a bit unsure about the lip color. In my defense, I have dark hair and ghostly white skin so when I forget lip color (horrors) I take on a slightly draculaesque-look. I know, I know. Haven’t I discovered the greatest marvel of the 21st century: self-tanner? Yes. As a matter of fact I’m presently sporting two coats on my legs. But for some reason when applied to my face, I come off looking a bit jaundiced. Seriously. So I stick with the Snow White look.

    Today’s my 22nd wedding anniversary. I better go get ready for my date with my sweetie. Italian for me, baby. Ciao!

  29. 79
    Diane Bailey says:

    I’m telling you what, You have nailed that look; and with the longer hair, it has given you back 10 years! Did Merle coach you? I’ll have to let Merle work on me.

    I enjoyed the reminder about being cridical. I have frequently found, when I’m feeling irritated or cridical with someone, I should begin praying for them. Isn’t that what a spirit of decernment is for? The answer for that is, “Why, Yes it is!”

    But the flesh wants to jump in quickly and keep score! Bad flesh…sit!

  30. 80
    Radical abandonment says:

    Already looking forward to Sept. Simulcast! Now where can I get one of those adorable pink LPL tee shirts?

    • 80.1
      KMac says:

      Hey sis, those pink LPL tshirts were from 2010, but Lifeway might still have some available. (www.lifeway.com) This year’s version is gray, so if your simulcast host has some tshirts, they will most likely offer the gray one.

  31. 81
    carla says:

    Being “over the hill” myself, lol, not that you are, I am always looking for fashion tips. I think dark lipstick is difficult for most women to pull off at any age. Thanks for the tip. I happen to think you can appear younger if you are high energy and a positive thinker. I think it is inborn in most women to critique other women especially so the you are negative comment hit home. So quick to judge but please don’t judge me…..Thanks Beth and so looking forward to the James series.

  32. 82
    Charlotte Ray says:

    Dear Beth,

    We are beyond excited for you to come to Columbus when we saw you were coming bought my ticket last October or November 2010…We can not wait to her the special words God lays upon your heart to speak to us will soak it up like a sponge , God has really blessed you with wisdom to help us all . THANK YOU and GOD BLESS

  33. 83
    Valerie says:

    Star is too adorable! Living in Oklahoma where we’ve had triple digit temps for several weeks now, I can absolutely understand why Star shouldn’t be wearing a bandana.

    Thank you for the word about a critical spirit. I’ve been around so much of that lately and I, like you, was starting to have a critical spirit because of the critical spirits I was around.

    Today I had already been convicted about my attitude and then I heard your message. I’m normally an upbeat and positive person, but it was starting to get to me.
    Thank you for your gentle reminder.

    I guess I won’t get to see you at an event this year, but Lord willing I’ll be in Houston in January.

    And, I can’t wait for the James study!!! It’s one of my favorite books.
    Love you!

  34. 84

    Hey ya’ll!! I was so tickled to see those pictures! As a Carolina girl, it’s awesome to see so many Siestas so near to me. I wish we could all get together for coffee one day! …grin…

    Also, I just love pale lipstick. Of course, part of that may be that it’s the only kind I can pull off. I’m mostly lips and eyes, so when I wear colored lipstick I kinda get this reaction: “There’s Kristi’s lips…and there comes Kristi”. Trendy or not, it’s pale or gloss for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And Beth, you look beautiful in it! I love those made up eyes!

    And I’m so excited I just want to share with ya’ll…we sponsored our first Compassion child about an hour ago! I’m not sure why, but my husband and I both just cried while we were praying with our kids. It was very emotional, but I’m terribly excited to hear from him. He’s a 16 year old in Africa and we are so very, very blessed to serve him! I’m almost silly giddy, and that’s very weird for me. Simply wanted to share with you guys and ask you to be praying for those sweet children. They just shatter me. (in a lovely way)

    Many Blessings to all my precious sisters in Christ!
    Kristi ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 85

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us…we love your honest transparency ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. 86
    Robin says:

    As you had your dog on the other side of the screen, my two corgis were sitting here barking every time they heard Star’s collar clink. It was cracking me up!

  37. 87
    Leigh Ann says:

    I was in Charlotte, but I missed out on the pic! I am so bummed that I didn’t stick around for the Siesta gathering. ๐Ÿ™

  38. 88

    First, thanks for the word you brought before us today. I’ve been focusing on keeping that critical spirit at bay. It seems to sneak up so easily in this world of brokenness. Gotta keep reaching into His Word for truth and light.

    Second, I won’t be at the next LPL, but I will be in Salt Lake City at the end of August! I talked my mom into coming with this time around {I’ve been once before in Albuquerque 2009}. We are PUMPED! Hope we get a chance to snap a Siesta Sisters pic there as well. I’ll be on the lookout!

    Third, your shirt is beyond adorable! And that hair with the perfect amount of height, how do you do it?!

    Thanks for chatting with us, YOU are so loved!

  39. 89
    Rachel says:

    I sure hope the Lord plans for you to come to Rochester, NY soon! We sure do love you way up here in the North ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be joining other sweet ladies in Rochester for the simulcast on Sept. 10 though…I can’t wait!

    Oh, and you are workin’ that pale lipstick, honey! Of course, you’d look beautiful with blue, green or yellow lip gloss too, so don’t you worry!

  40. 90
    bethany says:

    Thank you for the word Beth. I struggle with having a critical spirit. I like how u said that sometimes the only thing we can control is our attitude. Isn’t that the truth! I’m challenged to say the nice thing, the positive thing to those around me but more so, to myself.
    I loved, loved seeing my siesta friends Traci and Deidre in the first pic! (Traci and her daughter are in the gray t-shirts behind Beth and Deidre is in the green ruffled top in the back row). I can’t wait to see them again on Houston!
    Quick question: was there a siesta picture taken in Fresno?

  41. 91
    Ruth says:

    AMEN, Siesta Mama! First of all, AMEN on the amazing writing progress. And second, on the critical spirit word. Years ago the Lord convicted me about “judging the judgers,” and the particular kind of criticism that can cloak itself in a form of “righteous discernment.” THANK YOU for the reminder and exhortation.
    Prayers for you, Amanda and your team on the James study.

  42. 92
    Andrea says:

    Your dog is just so sweet!

    And yes, your lips look fabulous. And you definitely look younger. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you for the reminder to be careful about my attitude. It is especially hard when you are dealing with stress or uncertainty, but I have to remember that that does not give me a license to be critical, but rather to be all the more thankful for the good things He gives each day.

  43. 93
    karen adamski says:

    Hello hello, This is my first comment on here –my first comment on ANY blog! Saw you in Eden Prairie Minnesota back in May and was thrilled and awed… Beth, YOU look great with pale lips but I look not quite alive ! guess I’ll stick with pink! Praying for you and your family!!!!

  44. 94
    Johnnie says:

    It was so great to be at LPL in Charlotte this past weekend! I am one of the siestas standing in pic 3 among the 35. It was so sweet to call us back for a group pic—it was a very nice surprise!

    Just yesterday God brought to mind something you said that was so encouraging to me because of some sad news I had heard about a fellow brother in Christ. Your reminder about keeping a critical spirit in check is very timely for me. We are all at different places in our walk with the Lord—I’m so thankful God gives ME grace in abundance—how can I not in turn give what is so freely given to me?? But for the grace of God go I…

    Love you Siesta Momma—your sincerity and passion for God and His word is contagious!!

    Wake Forest, NC

  45. 95

    mama beth-

    so okay, I totally get everything you just said. I also know what it is like to live through the message, before every sharing it…it can be rough.

    I have to tell you something silly about me. I have a habit of beginning to hear a message like the ” Get Out of that Pit” series on Life Today…and then turning it off and trying to hear what else I should do from God rather than listen to the rest of the message…Its kinda the whole thing like ” if you were out in the middle of the ocean and boats, dolphins etc pass you by because you say, ” I’m waiting on God.” YEP, I’d be the person in the middle of the ocean still LOL.

    Thankful that God teaches us through our own stubborness.

    As far as critical spirit goes…I’m learning that its OKAY to be honest with God, to tell Him that I’m not always okay with how things appear, to plain out tell Him I’m angry…I think I’ve realized He needs us to tell Him..We need to get that junk out in the open with Him…
    I guess its the same thing as how if you don’t tell someone you love there is an issue…it can’t be resolved on both sides…God regardless KNOWS, but our heart needs work too.

    After having viral laryngitis for 14 days(7 without voice), no computer, and iphone that did’t work right…it was just me facing God face to face…He dealt with me. And we’re good…I think it was the whole being in the pit thing…for me it started spiritual, then emotional, then mental then physical…but now I’m out.

    So I guess to keep ourselves from having the critical spirit then it takes really listening to what is coming out of not just our mouth but our heart…And also listening to how we speak and have relationships with others…If we can’t be positive about our own stuff, how can we for others…:)

    love you!


    Hebrews 10:23

  46. 96
    Bianca says:

    How very fun. Thank you Beth. I imagine that you have girlfriends all over the world. Wherever you go, holding out the Good News and meeting with lovely ladies, what a blessing.

  47. 97
    Mica Craig says:

    Beth, I just wanted you to know how special it was for you to take time to have your picture taken with us. H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T. Love You.

  48. 98
    Nancy, Georgia says:

    Beth – I so needed this “attitude talk today,” thank you so much for the encouragement and the scripture.
    My daughter and I had the privilege of hearing H.O.L.D.F.A.S.T. in Charlotte. You have such a beautiful gift in presenting God’s Word to everyone. You bring it alive and help us to really feel His Love, understand His Word and what He has to say to us.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Pensacola in December with my wonderful sister. It will be a first for her and I so want to be sure she gets to feel God’s Presence through Beth Moore and the wonderful music of Travis!
    Thank you Beth Moore, the entire Moore family, Travis Cottrell and Living Proof Ministries!

  49. 99
    carol wilks says:

    I am just so sad that I didnt come to Charlotte! My BFF sista was there ….she is in that top picture with her daughter in the peach siesta shirts! She wanted me to come and hard headed me didnt and boy is this making me really sorry! I felt like since her daughter was going, it was a time for them. I have been wanting to see you (Beth) forever!! I have done all your Bible Studies! Maybe Ill meet you one day!

  50. 100
    Laurie says:

    Bummer! I missed that slide and though I was in Charlotte, didn’t get in on the photo. So, Beth, whatever number you came up with you can add one more!!!

    Love you Siesta Mama Beth!

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