Just Saying (an obviously sleepy) Hello

Siesteville from LPV on Vimeo.

Hey, Sweet Things! Amanda, Melissa, and I are on a night-or-two-close-by-getaway and we watched that silly video together last night and nearly laughed till we cried over how tired that woman was. The irony was that I actually thought I had rested up a bit. (And said so.) I could hardly put two words together. BUT, it was done with love! If not brain cells! You are good sports.


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  1. 51
    Church Lady says:

    Love the video and love, love, love the jacket!!

  2. 52
    Jennifer says:

    How refreshing to hear this tonight! I’m listening with headphones on at my lap top while my hubby is watching a show…I literally laughed out loud at the Crisco oil story!

    Love you dearly, Siesta Mama. Cannot WAIT until the new study comes out!!

  3. 53
    Lynn says:

    Thanks so much for the face to face video visit. I am so looking forward to the James study. The title Mercy Triumphs is so appropriate. James is one of my favorites and I’m so excited to study it with you.

  4. 54
    Cheryl Coy says:

    Oh I cant wait to do your James study and hear what God has to say to me. I just finished Revelation and I just had such a blessing from God….HE alone is worthy to take and open the scroll…during that weeks lesson I thought yes God is worthy for…this, that and the other things, but a little voice in my head asked but could I really trust him to take control of all areas my life and then just forgot the thought..and I just saw his great wonders as (I lost my job end of March as single mom of two teenagers)he took care of me and his timings and the blessings that only HE could have done just amazed me and I learned and grew my faith 100 fold and when the journey ended that thought earlier thought popped into my head and then I strongly knew the answer that yes I CAN trust him in every area of my life….I cant wait for the next lesson I will have with James. Thank you for letting God use you to speak to us.

    • 54.1
      Cheryl Coy says:

      I also loved to hear of the unity and support between you women speakers…I’ve done alot of your studies over the years and just saw you in Tacoma couple months ago and then learned of Priscilla and did one of her studies and just last wknd Angela Thomas came and spoke at my church’s womens conference and now I’m reading her book about “Single mom life”. You have all touched and taught me in so many ways and I can relate so much to both yours and Angelas pasts that you guys so graciously share with us. Thank you for sharing your hurts and healings with us so that we too can heal with God’s words he speaks to us thru you…thank you for being real!

  5. 55
    Midge Edmond says:

    Love the oil story!! Thought you might have to use car oil! What a lesson for us all…
    Can’t wait for the study.

  6. 56
    Leila says:

    Siestas I need your help tonight. My friend Mikki is losing her battle with breast cancer. The doctors say she hasn’t much more time to wait to be with her Lord whom she loves so dearly.
    Please pray with me for her family, especially her three beautiful teenage daughters and her husband who loves her so. She will be stepping into glory but they’ll have some tough days ahead. Pray that the Holy Spirit will indeed comfort them and bring them peace.
    We’ll miss her great sunny smile and her giggles,but only for a while ’til we too are called home. How sweet to know we’ll all be there together one day!

    • 56.1
      Jennifer Tricarico says:

      Leila –
      Reading this 24 hours after you commented… praying WITH you tonight in your storm. Mikki’s beautiful name means “Who is like God?” Praying with confidence He will uphold you all with His righteous right hand.

  7. 57
    Kathy says:

    God Bless and thank you for the video- I am so blessed and so privileged to receive ministry and encouragement from you and all at LPM- Have a restful and enjoyable weekend!

  8. 58

    You know, it’s been a long while since I’ve listened to one of your vlogs, Beth. Not because I don’t adore you, but rather because life just got in the way. My Beth Moore closet is filled with many memories of our doing Bible study together; I count you a friend, mentor, and one of God’s most beloved disciples.

    I’ve walked through a hard season over the past year; I’ve stayed in the Word, daily choosing to exercise my faith over my flesh, knowing that even when I couldn’t “feel” the work of Christ in me, he was still at work. It’s only now, after months of being treated for breast cancer that I finally feel an emotional freeing that is happening in my soul. Listening to you tonight has furthered those feelings along. A breaking up of unplowed ground of sorts.

    So thanks for being your authentic self. Thanks for staying the course of faith despite the shifting soil beneath your own feet. Thank you for standing for the truth of the cross, and thank you for being humble enough to know that you need it–

    the Truth and the Cross.

    Much love and peace to you~elaine

    • 58.1
      Beth says:

      So good to “see” you, Elaine. I am so thankful that God is seeing you through – even when you may not be seeing Him. He is there, my sweet sister. That’s what my devotional was on this AM so I’ve just had a fresh reminder. Lord, make Your powerful presence so obvious to Your dear daughter today.

  9. 59
    Yvonne says:

    I feel like a little girl who just got some special attention from her much loved teacher.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our Ladies Bible Study is getting ready to start you Revelations Study, next week. You Rock!!:)

  10. 60

    My heart leapt inside when I heard about your new study coming out. My family (my husband, me and two precious children) is moving to Africa, entering full-time ministry with Africa Inland Mission in September. We’ll be just settling into our African home after a whole bunch of training in November…..talk about a time of mercy and triumphs! I want to get my hands on that study! I know it would be a rich source of truth, encouragement, and help as I get my mind and heart around the big changes that time will entail for me and my family. Any way I could have it shipped to Kenya??? ๐Ÿ™‚ You think I’m joking! ๐Ÿ™‚ (by the way…..are any of the member workbooks on Kindle?)

  11. 61

    mama beth ๐Ÿ˜‰
    yep, the crisco didn’t surprise me…I think I totally
    would have done that too! (think maybe it wouldn’t surprise any
    siesta that I said that!)

    Anyway, I want to add something encouraging for everyone.
    This time last year I had just a really rough time, and I have
    noticed so many are going through a lot of the similar changes
    I did. So I feel like saying that God will bring whatever anyone is
    going through to victory. He will be faithful even though you might
    feel you aren’t sure what He is doing. He has a plan.

    I love all of you!


  12. 62
    candifer says:

    woohoo! this blog just got better! ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you sabrina!!!

  13. 63
    Susan says:

    Yay! Video!
    Thank you Beth!

  14. 64
    Rickie says:

    So grateful for your ministry and the Crisco oil story resonated with me. In case of emergency resort to Pam and even hand lotion combined with lots of humble thanks for God’s faithfulness (and His awesome sense of humor).

  15. 65
    julia says:

    I am new here but am already so encouraged and feel very welcomed. After a hard week to get this “hello” was perfect timing. God is always in the details,so as you described your heart for how you wanted the set to look, Crisco seemed absolutely the perfect anointing oil! Thank you for the lovely update

  16. 66
    moosemama says:

    Well the anointing oil story had me in tears of laughter!!
    I have a cute story….I was not very familiar with anointing oil. But last year God put on my heart that I should anoint my younger sister who is terminally ill. I skulked around the Lifeway store wondering if they had the stuff….found it and could not convince myself to buy it…I felt “weird”. Wasn’t sure how my sister would feel. So I wandered up front to find my sister, who had just found a book of encouragement for those with cancer and she asked if I would buy it for her. I took the book and opened it and the page I opened had this verse on the top of the page…
    “Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord”. James 5:14

    I marched my little self right back there to the non-Crisco oil rack and bought that vial of “Oil of Gladness” and that evening anointed the sweet head of my little sister.

    Melana ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 67
    Katrina says:

    This made me smile…and I needed a smile today! Thanks! We love you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 68
    julie weis says:

    can’t wait for the james study to come out!! i’m really looking forward to the “going deeper” studies that melissa is working on. hands down, my favorite study so far was Daniel chapters 7-12. i did not want the ride to end. it caused me to delve even deeper so that i would know why i believe what believe. i love “deeper still” studies!!!

    you and your family and your staff are awesome! thanks for letting the LORD use you all in mighty ways!

    blessings and love,

  19. 69
    mk (go-between) says:

    Beth, What a fun story! Crisco! Have to agree with some of the other siesta’s comments on how appropriate it was after all. ๐Ÿ™‚ So thankful that the taping went so well.

    Thanks for taking the time to catch us up on all the news. Will be heading your way, Lord willing, in a week or so to drop off my middle for the HFBC Intersect program. (am waiting for the cardiologist to clear me to fly down with her.)She is so excited and so nervous. So thankful that we were there last January – help eases anxiety just a little and as a mama I will have pictures in my mind of what things look like when she tells us of her adventures with God this summer there.

    Hope you have rested up.

  20. 70
    Amanda says:

    Well… my Internet isn’t fast enough here in Turkey to see the video, so (after reading all the comments)I’m dieing to hear the Crisco story (though I think I’ve pieced most of it together from the comments) and wanted to say HI. I dreamed about you last night, and you were here in Turkey and I was showing you around and telling you that I’ll come see you in Baltimore the end of Sept. So I guess I’ll be there… though it seems like a long way away from Turkey! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 71
    Colette says:

    Hi Beth!!
    It was so fun to get home tonight and see your video!! I started out my day watching you on Life Today, from Wednesday!! That is exactly what I needed to hear before a long day at work! Then, this video when I got home!
    Then I checked the mail and saw an envelope from you in response to the letter I sent you!! It has been a blessed day for me!!
    I love how God has a sence of humor with the anointing Crisco oil!! He just loves to make us laugh and see us smile!!!
    Thank You for all you do, Beth! I Thank God for you and pray He continues to bless you each and every day!!! In Jesus name I pray! Amen!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 72
    Kathy Chalupnik says:

    I just wanted to say Thank you so much Beth for sharing all the things that God has taught you and that you have learned from experience. I have never been so drawn a bible like I have to yours. You are such a Blessing, you are just beautiful in the way you share stuff, you make us laugh but get the point across. Im going to buy all your books and share them with my daughters. You have such a gift, keep sharing.

  23. 73
    Sarah Deible says:

    Thanks for the vimeo Mama! We just met last night in Columbus, Ohio in preparation for You Lead and the Living Proof conference, can’t wait to hear what God lays on your heart for us here! I’m so thankful for you and all of the people at Lifeway who have dedicated their lives to serving our merciful, awesome Father. Praying God’s blessings on you today!

  24. 74
    Cynthia says:

    How wonderful that you have been a vessel again for His word and study. Thanks for sharing your joy in the Lord. Keep seeking first HIM.


  25. 75
    heather says:

    what a great way to start the day(missed it yesterday)….thanks for the video. love when you share your stories…so funny about the crisco oil. we love you

  26. 76
    Rachel says:


    Thanks for popping in to say Hello! I was praying for you as you were taping James. Thankful everything went well. Yes, the crisco story is a good one:)God is faithful!!


  27. 77
    Angie says:

    Hey Beth!

    This is SO off topic, but I just had to tell you that when I was watching Good Morning America this morning I saw the segment on high heels. You are my hero when it comes to high heels. I’ve seen you walk all over a stage up and down stairs many times with such poise and grace. Thanks for being such a cool Christian!

    Love you!
    Angie in Michigan

  28. 78
    Kelly S says:

    Love you too!

    Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. 79
    Laura says:

    I loved this video, as did my 3 year old son Levi. He was impressed with the cross in the background. I am so blessed to hear how the Lord poured out His Spirit on the taping of the James study, and how He provided Crisco oil for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh I love it…

    Also, my husband will attest to my fashion weakness being jackets – I simply love them, and yours is just adorable! Hopefully somehow they’ll be made available for the rest of us in Siestaville to purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. 80
    Yanna Westmoreland says:

    Thank you for sharing the great things God is doing through LPM. I think it is a powerful statement that God used what we have today (Crisco) to annoint the James study. A bit fitting I would say, His lesson within a lesson. Mercy Triumphs even, yes, even today through Him uniting us. I believe He grinned really big when you discovered you forgot your little bottle of oil, He could probably hardly wait to give you some. “My mouth is filled with laughter and my lips with shouts of joy”! Job 8:21 after spending time rejoicing with you and all the great things He has done.

  31. 81
    Ouida says:

    Looking SO forward to JAMES! Thank you, Beth for your commitment and your willingness to be used by God to teach others along the way.

  32. 82
    Deborah says:

    I love the behind the scene story of the James study. It was a beautiful setting and I loved how the “city lights” actually twinkled and cars and boats were going by….wait till you see it girls!

  33. 83
    Cindy Love Childers says:

    That was the most wonderful, most hilarious, most sentimental video. I have tears running down my face because I cried and laughed through that whole thing. I know that Crisco had to be holy after the Holy Spirit touched it!

    Thank you for being you and encouraging us daily. We love you! Love, Cindy

  34. 84
    Emily says:

    I just laughed so hard at work over the Crisco oil. My coworkers think I’m nuts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 85
    Margie by the Sea says:

    Thank you, Beth.
    We love you too!

  36. 86
    Sandy says:

    Thank you for the video, Beth, I enjoyed hearing from you and I am sure that the James study will be done by one of my Bible study groups as we seem to do a lot of studies by you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have one question though and many probably already know the answer, but looking at your little video room I was wondering the significance of the cross statue at a tilted angle. I’m not sure I’ve seen that before. Just wondering…

  37. 87
    mari slavens says:

    God bless your spirit Beth and Praises that He pours into you again what you continue to pour out for Him! I was blessed by your statement that you desire and depend on God to bring unity to our relationships and work for Him….there is nothing like true community with lovers of Jesus…and one really does feel this special love when enveloped by it. Praise God and let us not forget all His benefits.

  38. 88
    Dana says:

    Hi Beth – L-O-V-E the jacket! Somebody is quite creative out there in Siestaville! I cannot wait to dig into the James study with you. I have a silly question…what kind of oil is used for anointing? Do you buy it at a special place? I’m so glad I feel safe here in Siestaville so I can ask questions.
    Love you all

  39. 89
    Ann B says:

    Hi Beth, I am jsut so inspired by all of your blog posts and your videos. I cannot wait to see the James study. I have done several of your studies and just love them all. I am doing the Jonah Study this summer by Priscilla Shirer, but can’t wait for your next one. My favorite, I have to say so far, is A Woman’s Heart. I got SO much out of that study and everyone in our group were changed! Praise the Lord for what you do and how you break down the scriptures!

  40. 90
    Donna says:

    Loved your comments about the “unity” among you sweet Bible teachers and the support you received. But if only all of the body of Christ could proclaim that…just think how God could be glorified and the Gospel proclaimed! Oh, and loved the jacket too!!

  41. 91
    Kathleen says:

    Was so great to see you! Thought about you and prayed for you everyday during the taping. I can’t wait for the study to come out. I read through James and it can be no other then amazing what God will do through you for so many of us in this study! You are an amazing teacher. I love your work. The crisco oil has me laughing! Love it.

    Now about that Siesteville Jacket…. I want one… maybe a good fundraiser?

    Beth I love you and all you do. God Bless you and keep you safe.

  42. 92
    rebecca says:

    what fun!! thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us – and looking so forward to the fall release!

    love ya

  43. 93
    Tammy says:

    Hey, Beth! Love the video, love the jacket and love the oil story!! Love Love Love it! Thank you for sharing.
    Looking forward to James study!

  44. 94
    Pam Houston says:

    Can’t wait for the James study! Loved your update.
    HO! An announcement: Rain is falling on thirsty ground. You now have 2 bonafide “In and Out” Hamburgers in Texas! They opened up yesterday. Your So. Cal siesta’s know what you have been missing out on…now, Texas is blessed. Only thing is the two establishments are in Dallas area. Uggh…

    Now for the most awesome news of all: A big praise and shout out to our wonder-working God. Siesta Joanne Heim is getting to go home today after being hospitalized and then in rehab since the catastrophic stroke she suffered on Jan 11. She is a miracle warrior princess and her family (the whole lot of them) are testimonies of God’s faith and grace and love at work. It has been a joy and priviledge to follow their journey, and today is a great rejoicing.

  45. 95
    Cindy says:

    Hey Beth!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful conversation!! I have so missed hearing your voice!! I am currently not in a Bible Study of yours at my church, and this is the first time in 3 years I haven’t been in one constantly!!! I cannot wait for JAMES!!!! One of my very favorite books of the BIBLE! Cannot wait to study alongside of you in this fascinating book! Thanks for speaking to me today. I’ve missed you!

  46. 96
    ServantKaren says:

    Oh my goodness. Thank you Beth for the video update on the taping. God is good all of the time and all of the time good is God.! Beth and all of us out there I just would like to share my heart with you. I recently, yesterday, posted this in a note on my facebook account. Although my personal relationship with my Lord is not rooted in how I feel, there are times when I really want to just crawl into His lap to feel Him close. Here is an example of my past two weeks:

    Okay so sometimes while driving in my car I listen to short devotionals. Last week I was listening to a Beth Moore snippit. Beth talked about how God is love and that we cannot love Him without Him loving us first (based on I john 4:7,8 & 19). Beth gave us an example by talking about how one time after a speaking engagement she arrived in her home town airport. She got a taxi to take her home. She was by herself, worn-out and ready to be home. On the drive she noticed the sunset. She described it as, well you know, the kind where there is a cloud in front of the sun and rays or sunshine peaks through the holes in the cloud. Well Beth was in awe and said something like to her taxi driver, “isn’t it magnificent?” The driver was not impressed. She kept her eye on this beautiful sunset and as they neared her neighborhood it appeared as if the sunset was right over the neighborhood. With tears in her eyes she made another comment to the driver who was still not impressed or in awe as Beth was. There are sometimes when something happens like a wonderful sunset that you can take as a personal gift from God. Beth arrived at her home. Went inside and started crying asking God, “Why are you so nice to me?” Well Beth then had a revelation or whatever you want to call it (an ah ha moment) and heard God speak into her spirit. She said that she realized that She cannot love God without Him loving her first. Beth no longer for a time says, “I love you Lord.” Instead she says, “I love you too.”

    Years ago one of my co-workers was being courted by a wonderful young man. This young man often sent her flowers at work. Well after three or four bunches of flowers over a course of several weeks I went into my office gently closed the door and had myself a little old fashion pitty party. I started crying. I cried out to God in such a whinny voice. I said something like, “Lord, you know I am not dating anyone. There is no way I would date anyone, but I would really like some flowers.” I went on like that for a good half hour or so….just me and the Lord behind closed doors. A week or so went by and I did not tell another soul……NO ONE did I tell about my pity party in my office. Nor did I breathe a word about my secret wish of flowers. The root was I wanted someone to court me, as Rita was being courted, but I didn’t really want the complications of a relationship. I wanted my Savior to court me and I cried about it. For heavens sake I was a mess. Well you will never guess what happened next a week or more later. The door bell at my work rang and as I answered it a flower delivery guy said I …. ME….Karen Blackstone…had flowers.!! I almost started crying right there making a fool of myself. Why? Because those flowers at that moment I took as a personal courtship from my God! He sent me flowers. .. “I love you too.”

    My sweet sweet daughter was in the car with me the day I listened to that Beth Moore devotional. My Gracie girl shared that devotional with her voice teacher last night while I sat in back and teared up because I didn’t realize my daughter listened or even paid attention to that devotional…. “I love you tooo.”

    Today, I was feeling way overwhelmed and somewhat down hearted not knowing what to do about something that seems much larger than me. Once again, I started a pity party all for little ole me and teared up. I then started praying saying God you are going to have to take this one. While I was praying I thought wow! I wonder if I could take the rest of the afternoon off just to get away and think about something else. As a tear finally dropped onto some papers on my desk, the little email notice popped up on my computer. I resolve myself to continue working, but to focus on something else. I opened the email only to find my supervisor telling us/me that I/we could leave the office early. Little did she, my supervisor, know that I just had that thought. I had just said to God, I need a break. Yes, my supervisor is aweseome like that in giving us surprise time every now and again. What is even more awesome is I took it personal… “I love you too Lord.”

    Thank you for my hour early off. Thank you for the flowers. Thank you for loving me so that I could love you. Thank you for listening to me whine and knowing what I need even before I know what I need.

    “I love you too.” I don’t get to say that a husband here on earth, but I do indeed, I do get to say it to my Savior. Thank you Jesus because He first loves me.

    Thank you Beth and team for your continual service and allowing God to use you.

    • 96.1
      Erin says:

      thanks for sharing Karen, our God is so good all the time.

    • 96.2
      Maureen says:

      Karen, you are an amazing woman! I do have a husband who has given me flowers and so much more…but, your story has reached beyond flowers, deeply into the heart of another woman. I/we as women, know the place that you go! Our hearts are sooooo designed for our perfect Prince and doesn’t He always just know the desires and needs of it. Thank you, thank you for sharing…you are a luv!!

  47. 97
    Nancy Jensen says:

    Thank you for brightening my Friday morning! Delighted to hear the taping went well and looking forward to the James study!

    I laughed myself silly over the Crisco — totally struck my funny bone!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  48. 98
    Erin says:

    Hello Beth and Sisters in Christ,
    Thanks Beth. A couple ladies and I study together at my home and we are currently learning from “Living Beyond ourselves” We had prayed for you before we started this week and it was a special time, connecting together and with you and with the Holy Spirit. Unity :}
    Is there a summer Bible study planned that I missed announced?
    hugs and hope you can get some rest this week end.

  49. 99
    Warm in Alaska says:

    Beth! That was fun – and informative. I love the image of you walking around a sanctuary with Crisco and faith! Happy Birthday, Sabrina! Thanks for letting your hair take one for the team! Have a happy Friday, all ~

  50. 100
    Maureen says:

    Beth, I’ve got to say…if that is your “tired”…it is 10 steps above my wide awake!! You did a great…and humble service to us and ultimately through the study God gave you, to hundreds of thousands of woman around the world!! Can’t wait to do the study!! Praise Jesus…and thank you!! Love the jacket!!

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