Just in a Visiting Mood

Hey, Siestas! I just printed out Day 1 of Week 5 of the James manuscript (ultimately, there will be seven weeks of homework, God willing) and decided to take a few minutes before I dive into the next thing. Actually, I wish we could just sit and talk for a little while. I’m in a chatty mood. One day soon we’re going to figure out how we can do some informal live streaming video and skype some of you guys on here. Wouldn’t that be fun? I have one of my trusty coworkers looking into that right now and I’ll keep you posted.

I’m working from home today because Keith is out for the day and two dogs are WAY too many to take to the office. Talk about mass pandemonium. Geli (Keith’s bird dog) is big enough to jump the back fence at the office and, when I bring her inside, she decides that any toy Star picks up is exactly the one she’s always wanted and barks her head off with that really jealous kind of yelp. So, I’m home today and getting to take a break right at my very own breakfast room table. (And dining room table and all-purpose visiting table and our only table.)

I wish you were sitting right across from me and, while we were taking our Bible study break, I’d fix you some of this, too.

That’s one of my favorite afternoon snacks. It’s actually tea instead of coffee because it goes so well with the Milano Cookies. I dip them into the hot tea so the chocolate melts and then I hold it on my tongue until it disintegrates. Yum. That sounded so good that I’m stopping for another bite. Lord have mercy. I’m so glad He gave us tongues.

Amanda is the one who got me started on a spot of tea. (Just a small spot. Not a true devotee.) She never got into the coffee mania of renown with her sister, father, and me but we were ecstatic when she developed taste buds for hot tea while she and Curtis lived in northern England. She took to their very basic (cheap) variety and it’s a good thing because it’s easy to get here in the States. I keep a box of it in the cabinet at all times so she can have tea when she’s over while Lis and I have coffee.

As I sit here sipping tea, these are a few of the thoughts rolling around in my bleached blond head…

How much I loved what I got to see earlier on a stroll by myself:

I totally dig turtles. They’re such a mixture of hard and soft.

How I love looking at Star after she’s been to the groomer. I took her today for her second hot-weather cut. Once I realized she wasn’t going to be shamed by it (grin), I asked them to go a little shorter. She’s just darling. Looks just like a puppy. I wish you could see her tail because they left it really fluffy. It looks so odd that I can’t quit grinning at her. I keep telling her that I’m laughing with her and not at her but that’s what my girls say to me and I know better.

How fresh this verse is hitting me. It came up in my quiet time yesterday (out of the fifth week of “Brave”) and I thought how much that one half-a-verse answers. Just think about it! Revel in a pure-dee NEVER, EVER! In a life of grays, give me some black and white! I took it to staff prayer time yesterday and we worked on memorizing it together.

One by one we coworkers mentioned various concerns we had, all the way from personal to global issues, then we followed each one up by saying the verse together in unison. We truly felt the power of God fall on us. Then we played a goofy word game. On rare occasion, I feel just devious enough to see if I can bring out the friendly spirit of competition in my very godly staff members. I was feeling it yesterday. I had printed multiple copies of the verse out in a big font and in as many different colors as I had coworkers. I then cut out each word, threw them all in a bag, shook them up then, after our lesson, poured them out on the table in a big mess and said, “GO!” They had to choose a color (some shades were gleefully similar) and arrange each word of the verse in order. As I explained the objective and was just about to pour them out, one of them said in a frenzy, “Are we trying to see who can do it the fastest?” No, I said. But I wouldn’t mind if you tried. And it was a free for all. Made me really laugh. It’s a wonder they didn’t draw blood. Love them so much.

Let’s see what else has been going through this head…

How I cannot BELIEVE that we are going to see THIS SIGHT TONIGHT:

TOO MUCH!!!!!! Amanda has cried two dozen times and I’ve cried one dozen. Curtis is so proud he can’t stand it but he’ll bite his lip bloody trying not to join Amanda and I in our sappiness. Our man-child! We’ll have a kindergarten student in three short months. Good grief. Somebody stop how fast this is going! He is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to this family. So full of life. So hilarious. So BIG in all his feelings and reactions. He left these by Melissa’s old bed last week when he went to sleep at our house and I can’t bring myself to move them one single inch.

And, lastly, BUT FAR FROM THE LEAST, I am thinking about hopping on that plane and heading to Eden Prairie, Minnesota this weekend for Living Proof Live.

I am so excited about this one! (I know you’re thinking “You say that every time,” but somehow God stirs up a unique brand of anticipation in my heart for almost every single one. Sometimes it comes from pain. Sometimes from joy. Sometimes it comes from passion for a Word burning a hole through me but it always comes with a feeling toward that event in particular. Only Jesus can do that.) God began speaking to me about the subject matter a week or so ago and I’ve been trying to listen hard and wide. I’m sad to say that we won’t have a ticket giveaway this week because this one blew our minds by selling out a while back. We’re in a church this time so there’s not the seating of an arena but it’s still a whopping forty-three hundred women. Make no mistake. That is a big group! Anything past 200 gives me a serious case of butterflies and, if there are any men in the less-than-200, that gives them to me worse. Give me girls, Lord.) We are thrilled to be in a sanctuary and cannot wait to meet the group God is drawing. Any time an event sells out, we think, “Wooooo-EEEEEE!” (Hear that like Jed Clampett) “If God has stirred up that kind of expectation, He must be up to something! We don’t want to miss Him for the world!” Well, OK. I’m probably the only one that actually says “woooo-eeeee” (well, Travis – AKA Jethro – does, too) but we all feel a blast of anticipation if that body of believers shows a heightened expectation of God in any discernible way. If they’re especially excited, so are we!

Well, look what’s gone and happened:

I guess break time is over but, man, you were good company while it lasted. I think of you everyday. I’m so proud of you guys for pursuing Jesus amid the train wrecks and derailments of life that I hardly know what to say. He is so worthy, Sisters. He is so worthy.

Keep turning your eyes to the skies…

“For You, Lord, have NEVER forsaken those who seek You.”


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  1. 401
    Sarah says:

    Dearest Beth, Just have to tell you that I was one of the women at your MN conference that became untangled about one very big thing by the end of your conference. God is so good and so faithful! I pray that you are also so encouraged to hear the ways God is working through you and your message. So, I have two precious children, Julia and Grant…and I have been mixed up about whether our family is complete, or if we are supposed to have another baby, or adopt a baby/child? We have always had a heart for adoption from our first date. My hot husband is a few years older and has felt more peace about being a complete family of 4. God has answered my prayers and I have now an answer about my own “feelings” because, even though I am terrified ( I also get violently sick with a condition called hyperemesis when pregnant) I have a full longing for another baby and I feel like I hear God saying that the adoption plans were my own and not His. He has also been teaching me about submitting to my husband as spiritual leader of our family. So, God kept prompting me to obey and tell my hubby that I will, with all my heart, submit to him in this prayer req. of family planning. Kind of felt like “jumping of the dock” and taking the plunge, no holding back…so scary, but wow! so freeing!!!! now I understand why this is God’s design for marriage. Thankfully, my husband, Carlton loves and fears the Lord. All I asked of Carlton was to lay this at the Lord’s feet and ask God what His will is for our family. He has agreed, but still feels more no than yes. So entering your conference…I thought, I am all mixed up about this! Good old female emotions and hormones! yikes! But, I left with clarity and confidence because I am not all mixed up, I am not confused…I know the answer! and I trust God will all my heart. God is telling me that if this longing for another baby is from Him, he WILL give Carlton that same longing…in his time. But, God is telling me that it is NOT my job to convince Carlton of anything! I also came to trust fully this weekend that because I know and have experienced God’s ways and plans are ALWAYS better than my own…that I also trust that God will give me His perfect peace if the answer is no. I am praising God and so thankful that you are willing to be His messenger. He is the living God and He is at work in YOU and through YOU, Beth. Much Love, Sarah from MN

  2. 402
    Pam says:


    I was one of the 4300 women in Eden Prairie, MN to hear you. I have to share with you what the Holy Spirit spoke to me. God is doing 2 very intense things in my life right now.
    #1 He is calling me to make some major changes in my ministry and life to pursue being more equipped and to step out in doing more counseling, prayer ministry etc.
    #2 Physically, I underwent a revision of a 3 year old knee replacement that went bad. AFter 5 weeks this revised knee would not bend so they did a manipulation a week ago. Since then I have experienced extreme pain in my quad muscles that have kept me from being able to bend the knee. After a manipulation, the first 2 weeks are crucial to get that knee bending as much as possible, but I have been unable to.

    When you shared the Scriptures from Daniel on Friday night, the Holy Spirit fell all over me when you talked about being “loosening the knots”. Physically, what is wrong with my leg are major knots that need to be loosened! WOW!

    Then, you had all of us who counsel stand up and to me it was a confirmation of God calling me to help others “loosen their knots”.

    I felt God connecting the dots of what I am physcially going to be loosened from and what He is calling me to. That phrase will stick in my heart for a long time “Loosening the Knots”. And I know once the knots are loosened, I will be able to “bend my knee”. Alleluia!

    Bless you for being HIs vessel!


  3. 403
    Rhi says:

    PG Tips cheap?! It’s the ‘classic’ but it certainly aint cheap haha. Maybe in the US but certainly not in England. Unless you buy like ‘specialty’ brands, PG Tips is probably one of the more expensive ones! Haha, wish we could get milano cookies over here though!

    • 403.1
      yanna westmoreland says:

      Rhi thank you for clarifying because the PG Tips tea taste priceless to me! Trust me when I say your scones beat Milano Cookies any day, the Milano cookies remind me of a shortbread cookie I’ve had “across the pond” so you have some really good substitutes. 🙂 It’s the dipping them in PG Tips that creates the ahhhh moment of bliss. I was going to offer to mail you some Milano cookies until I remembered your scones, I would trade you. hee hee

  4. 404
    Rhonda in Michigan says:

    I love you Beth Moore, you make my heart smile!

    • 404.1
      Rhonda says:

      And this makes me smile 🙂 I’m Rhonda, in Minnesota, and because of a busy weekend [including the LP conference] I was not able to give the short comment I meant to give Beth…..which was…..”Beth, you make me smile, love from MN.”
      Now my “heart” is smiling too 🙂 Bless you!!

  5. 405
    Sharon St. Clair says:

    First time reading the blog.
    Just stepping out of a spiritual high, gave a presentation at church this morning about a recent mission trip. Went well. The spirit moved. Feeling kinda mello…thankful but maybe even a little down. (I wonder how you feel Beth after a LPL confrence?)
    The blog lifted my spirit. I would love to sit down and share a cup of coffee (no tea) with you and chat in depth about our wonderful Lord.

  6. 406
    AmyLynn says:

    Hi Beth!
    Look at Jackson, getting all grown up when you blink your eyes! Thanks for sharing! Praying for James and the living proof live!:)
    I also a tea fanatic:)(coffee too:).
    Thanx for sharing!
    Praying for you:)
    God’s little siesta,

  7. 407
    Phyllis says:

    Thank so much for “visiting”. I so needed to hear that verse! I have had a few derailments in my life since December and am standing on His promise that He will NEVER forsake me! My precious mom died in December. Then, as I was still grieving her loss, my 23 year old son was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia on Feb 28 (the same day my mother-in-law was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor).
    My son is back to work (and surfing and expecting his first son) while taking a chemo pill a day which causes bone pain. My mother-in-law has lived a full life and has refused any treatment for her tumor. She taught us how to live, now she is teaching us how to die. She knows she is heaven-bound.
    My daughter is also expecting her first child.
    My life has been a roller coaster but through it all, I have been praising my God who will NEVER forsake me!
    The doctors say that my son will have to take a chemo pill for the rest of his life. Please agree with us in praying for total and complete healing and for the salvation of his doctors through this!
    God bless you, Beth Moore for your testimony and teaching. I can hardly wait for your James study to reach the book stores!

  8. 408
    Hollie says:

    Beth, every a.m. I have reading from your Breaking Free devotional. Somehow I hoped it would have the “cure” for my self-destructive behavior. I have had a very longtime love affair with food. If I was diagnosed with a medical disease it would be a binge-eating disorder, only I don’t vomit the food up. This is such a hindrance to me, I just wish I could sit and talk with you about what to do to get rid of this. I know there is help and healing in the word, so why don’t I take advantage of that when it gets really rough? Why don’t I seem to care when I am struggling so badly? How do I choose the word over food when it comes down to it? I want to be free, but I am feeling the despair of defeat.
    Maybe this is not the place to write all this, but I have had this need just to chat with you over this and this was the only way I knew how.

    • 408.1
      Yanna says:

      Hollie, have you read Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst the subtitle is “Satisfying your deepest desire with God, not Food”. The author came to James study in Houston and that’s how I heard about her book. It might help after you finish Breaking Free. I’m praying for you Siesta your comment just tugged at my heart.

  9. 409
    Christi LeClair says:

    Beth – what a great message in Eden Prairie, MN!! Thanks for visiting Grace Church and the sold out crowd! The word ‘untangled’ will be forever change in me. I volunteered to sell t-shirts and what a blast Tammy and the other gals were. So FUN! In exchange it was great to sit up front so close to the band and the action. Love your blog, it is the home page on my web browser. Thanks again for the excellent message! It would be terrific if you could print out that ending prayer. The one where we were paired up with another. I was with my sister and her birthday is coming up. Thought it would be special for me to print that prayer we said while looking at each other and enclose it in her birthday card. All the best.

  10. 410
    Mary says:

    My friends and I just finished up the Brave study and we were really blessed by it!

  11. 411
    1choirgirl says:

    You are so adorable and I love to read your posts like that! God sure knew what He was doing when He picked you to lead a sisterhood of His followers! haha Blessings to you.

    Jen N. from OH

  12. 412
    Jeanine says:

    Dear Beth ~ Thank you for visiting Minnesota this past weekend. I was one of the 4300 women (and a couple of men that I saw) who attended your conference. This was my first “Beth Moore” in person and you ROCKED it! It was amazing! Thank you!
    I could hardly wait to get home and pull my notes together for my Monday morning blog post. I had already been given the opportunity to shared what I learned when I got home on Saturday and my husband said, “So tell me all about the conference.” And then he listened intently as I went through my notes telling him everything! Of course I would love for you to know how much impact you made on my life this weekend but there’s no way it can all be included in this post. But it’s on my blog (wink, wink) and I’d love for you to stop by if you find the chance (http://peace-fully-simple.blogspot.com).
    God works beautifully through you. He has given you an amazing gift of speaking, writing, teaching, compassion, love…immeasurable amounts of gifts…that you so generously share with others. I would love for God to someday use me in this way. I want to be like you when I grow up 🙂
    I hope you had a pleasant return trip home and that you dried out a little after our Minnesota weather. It really does get nice here…I think…at least it used to in past years. Anyway, it was nice to have you here. I hope you experienced some “Minnesota nice” and that you will be back again soon.
    Peace and blessings to your day.

  13. 413
    Amber says:

    So how about last night I had a dream…

    I work at Starbucks (in real life not my dream), and I was off one day and went to a Starbucks in Pittsburgh, last LPL event I went to was there…

    As I pulled up to the drive-thru window I could swear that was Beth Moore working…I hear the twang…It IS Beth Moore!!!

    HEYYYY GIRRRL!!! You get excited, but are trying to be incognito at the same time…HILARIOUS…you whisper, “Come see me on my break!”

    LOL…on your break you came to visit my mom and grandma and we went shopping and had lunch…it was a LONG break!

    Gollee…so weird…I dream about work but that was probably the most fun dream I ever had about Starbucks…
    I DID just get “Partner of the District” for the quarter…Partner=employee…whoever decided to name us partners must have been from Texas…

  14. 414

    Just yesterday, I watched my youngest get baptized. It felt a little odd, after all these years of praying for my children’s salvation, to realize yet again, that all my children are saved from an eternity separated from God! It’s like, whoa, now what do I do? Even though, I know this is only the beginning. But that part was the easy part in some ways. This part is scary! My son will be going to junior high next year, and both he and my oldest daughter are so hormonal it’s not even funny! And I HATE it! Sometimes I barely like them! (And I just shuddered when I typed that! Oh, my goodness!) I mean, they are like my favorite people on the planet on the rare occasions that they actually behave like human beings! Or should I say like God’s children (which they are)! I guess really they’re behaving more like just plain human beings when they’re totally out of control!! I’m all too aware of the temptations they are about to face as they enter junior high and high school and it scares me half to death!! I’m less in control of their lives than ever before and just realizing that all that we’ve taught them and everything they know and yet really no matter how well they’ve been taught, they could still make the wrong choices and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it! I can’t make the choices for them! It’s entirely up to them! (I just shuddered again!) Anybody else out their just wish they could go to school with their child and physeically steer them in the right direction!?! I am such a control freak, it’s not even funny!!!

  15. 415
    JACKIE (TEXAS) says:

    Working on the verse, but no time to post…1 Colossians 3:23 NIV
    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

  16. 416
    Paula says:

    Beth, I want to share a blogpost that I read today because it reminded me of you. I have been listening to your teaching on Psalm 126 about sowing our seed. I thought this might bless you. Her blog often blesses me.


  17. 417
    Colleen says:

    Beth –
    Thank you so much for such a fabulous message at LPLive in Eden Prairie. Your testimony is such a great gift to all of us, inspiring us to pursue our faith wholeheartedly!

  18. 418
    Judy Ray says:

    Hi Beth:

    This is my first note to you. I have two things to say:

    1. You just have to try “Chai Latte”. It is a spicy tea — available in the K-cups, if you have a Keurig. Of course, the Chai Latte K-Cups can just be poured into hot water. It desolves and becomes this wonderful glorious drink.

    2. I started going to your Bible studies about 3 — maybe 4 — years ago. Daniel was the first for me . . . . and I still think the best! I woke up one morning about 4:30 a.m., thought “I could be downstairs studying Daniel”!!! So I got up — went downstairs — and continued the great study of Daniel!

    NOTE: I have since gone to about 7 studies and find them most fasinating and so very relevant to my life. I am sometimes blown away by what you say — have you been reading my mind!!!???

    My prayers are for God’s protection both spiritually and physically from “our” enemy,

    Judy Ray

  19. 419
    Kelly Jo says:

    Your so fun!!! I can’t wait till Deeper Still 🙂 I sure do love you!!!

  20. 420
    Michelle says:

    Loved the visit as well! I had a Milano Orange with my morning coffee and His word is so great . . . we praise you LORD! I truly cherish being able to connect with Sisters in Spirit through this blog. My sister (whom was killed by a drunk driver when she was 18) was so dear to me . . . I miss the love of one so close and have held on to many of God’s words, but one I think of often is Proverbs 7:4 “Say to wisdom–You are my sister and call understanding your closest friend.”
    Again – thanks for giving us a forum to connect intimately with those on the journey-be it walking, running, crawling or stumbling–let us go along side one another together! To Him be the Glory – have a great day!

  21. 421
    Lisa Van says:

    Posted this on Facebook today. Love this Beth Moore quote. Feel free to post it too.

    “God is not your enemy. God did not do something horrible to you. God is not the one who is behind perversity. God did not betray you. God did not abandon you. That’s not God. God is the only one who can mend your broken heart.”
    – Beth Moore

    Love to all my Siestas

  22. 422
    Cinnalyn says:

    Good morning, Beth and Siestas! I wanted to ask this wonderful community of women to be praying for my 2 year old nephew, Wyatt as he was just diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia.

    What an amazing God we serve! Lord help us to overcome this battle…we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS!
    Thank you and God bless,

    • 422.1
      Phyllis says:

      Praying for your precious nephew as I pray for my son with chronic myeloid leukemia.
      You are right, we ARE more than conquerors! May God be glorified through each of their healings! AMEN!!!

  23. 423
    Miranda says:

    I love you! You’re posts are so uplifting.

  24. 424
    Tina Corrigan says:

    Beth, I just have to tell you my little journey. I started a Tuesday night women’s group at my church here in Mount Vernon, Ohio about a year ago. We started with your summer siesta on Ruth, it was great. We fellowshipped and had so much fun cooking and sharing and learning about Ruth and our Lord.

    My next venture was “Beloved Disciple” and we have been on it since around January. I had a nice group, then I had some family “guh”, some other “guh” and finally a hysterectomy that laid me up for about 3 months.

    When I returned to the study, my mom’s were in ball schedules and end of year chaos and had to quit the study.
    Then, God gave me one willing soul. She is so kind and we have just shared and shared.

    She knows to well the temptations the Lord sets upon us and is working towards fighting him as I have been with all this mess.

    To make a long story end quicker, on Session 4 I burned my video download to a DVD at work, took it to church, but it would not play. So we entered our Kid Life area, brave souls that we were, and tried it there. If you can believe this, we tried everything, it would not play. Finally after some fussing we got it going, but no sound. So we could see you, and knew you were saying some great stuff but couldn’t hear a peep. We finally figured it out and there we sat in our green and blue chairs in front of the Kid Life podium in a large room empty but for us. We get started listening, books in hand and… a young man appears from nowhere asking if we have any spoons.

    “Spoons, are you serious, this is Beth Moore, and we just got our DVD going, can’t you see us?” These were my thoughts, but… it is “Kid Life” (Kids Living in Faith Everyday) and I have a call to help them sooo… I looked for spoons. Well, we decided that God must have wanted us to hear your message and the devil was mortified that we would. We did, we both heard something different but were both so blessed by it.

    Sometimes we are thrown curve balls I guess, I am so thankful God loves us enough to see us home all the same.
    God Bless you Beth for your answer to God’s call.

    • 424.1
      KMac says:

      Hi Tina, After readying your comment about your download copy I asked our Resource Director about it. She says that we actually permit an individual to make ONE copy but cannot guarentee how it will copy. She said you may need to try again. It really depends on the equipment. I hope that helps!

  25. 425
    Pamela Payne says:

    Thanks for making me laugh and the constant encouragement that pours from your heart. You are changing lives through your faith…

  26. 426
    Melinda says:

    I so needed this verse today. I came to this site in great need of encouragement and the Lord is bringing it, albeit slowly. I have done several of your studies, learning much, and grew leaps and bounds through Breaking Free. But in the past few months, the attacks of the evil one have been fierce. Insecurity almost takes my breath away, similar to what I dealt with a few years ago before that study. It makes me fearful that I might have to go down that road again. But I know too much now. I know that God heals through His word. I have my stack of verses right next to me and my days are filled with taking them one by one. This wretched feeling of insecurity will pass. Thank you for teaching me this. God has used you mightily in my life and I am so grateful. Though I have never met you, you are one of my spiritual mothers in my heart. And now, as I raise my three daughters and young son, it is my desire to pour in to them the security that comes through the Word of God. If you would, please pray for my strength to do this diligently,for the thoughts of insecurity to be banished permanently and for courage to stand strong until then.
    One I am clinging to today:
    Is. 33:6 He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.

  27. 427
    mindi says:

    What does God have for you at such a time as this? -Esther bible study at church-First encounter with Beth. I went home and googled her. I wanted to learn more about her since I had no idea what I was getting myself into 😉 Her passion for her Lord & Savior was contagious.
    I AM A TREE and I want to be ruled by something- LPL Grand Rapids
    REMEMBER your past,like Israel out of Egypt and celebrate the miraculous freedom from The Lord your God. My ETERNAL SOUL SINGS! -Psalms of the Ascent
    Kindness is a Savior, I am not. Kindness speaks the truth in love. Kindness sees. Kindness is intentional.LPL Chicago
    Currently on Wising up Bible study at church (& I had just started listening online)-I cant tell you how much the Lord has been placing proverbs in my path and I can not wait to see where this leads me!
    Listening online throughout the last 2 years: most impactful lesson *God is not a God bound by time. He currently rules my past, present, & future. MIND BLOWING.
    Thanks for being such a big an amazing part of my journey over the last 3 years. Thank you for walking with me as well as walking me through some of my path the Lord is making straight for me and leading me down. He has used you to bless me like crazy. I could talk about His Goodness forever. Some people might say I just plain dont stop talking. They would be right. Thank you most of all to My Savior Jesus Christ for being SO AMAZING & Good to me, even though I never deserved it.

  28. 428
    Mindi says:

    ok, so i wasn’t going to leave a post, but the last 2 posts are by a Mindi and Melinda – crazy because my name is Melinda, but i’m called Mindi – so i had to just say that this was the first time i’ve read beth’s blog and love how it made me smile. i love the dog information, i have a beautiful bassett hound “sophie” who also makes me smile more than i can count. I am looking forward to seeing Beth at LP live in Lincoln next month! I need some refreshment…

  29. 429
    Deb says:

    Oh Miss Beth! Was reading your blog and trying to decide whether or not we should take time out of our busy weekend to make the 80 mile trip to see our oldest grandson graduate from preschool at his Christian school… after seeing your grandson’s picture I know we should go!!! Thank you!! Aren’t grandchildren precious???

  30. 430
    glenwood says:

    Just finished a book that Melissa might be interested in reading. It is called Disorderly Women:Sexual Politics and Evangelism in Revolutionary New England by Susan Juster. My favorite chapter was the last one before the conclusion-Postrevolutionary Conversion Narratives.

  31. 431
    Tami says:

    Enjoyed this post…but I got distracted by the beautiful dry erase board (for lack of a better term). I love it! Where can I find a similar item. Would love one for my office, it would definitely help in my scripture memory!!

  32. 432
    Janella says:

    Dear Beth,
    I just “met” Star. How precious!!
    Thank God for our critters…
    And chocolate was a pretty great idea too!!

  33. 433
    Katy Shaver says:

    Thank you for allowing our Heavenly Father to work through you to bring His truth to all who have suffered with insecurity. I am one, but with the help of our Lord, I am on the path to healing.

  34. 434
    Krystal says:

    Thanks for the visit. I needed this on a boring Tuesday afternoon. Simple faith to an immense love, loving others and enjoying life. Thanks for being such a great role-model for me.

  35. 435

    Warmest Greetings Beth!:)

    That is an idea alright, setting up skype with us here on the blog somehow-cool:) That verse sounds like fresh water on a tired face, refreshing! Love it:) Chat away with us, we don’t mind:) Mint Milano’s are originally a favorite of my mother, and she has since gotten me hooked on them too. Mint Milanos are the best. Hope Minneapolis was a huge blessing, I’m gonna have to watch the video:)

  36. 436
    Audrey says:

    Thank you so much for spurring us on. Thank you for your encouragement, accountability, authenticity, love and humor. I do not take you for granted and am so grateful for the ways God is using you to teach and pass on ways to study the Bible to so many generations. I know you say often how loved we are in this special community~you are loved so much, too!
    Just wanted to share~I helped put on a baby shower {last night} for a fellow pastor’s wife at our church and I was blessed beyond description of how God blessed them through our church. I never would have guessed I could be so stinkin’ happy for another person/couple when I received no tangible thing in return. Happy that the shower went well, absolutely. But the extreme delight FOR THEIR BLESSING overwhelms me to no end.
    One more thing, my husband just finished a series on GOing and sharing Jesus with the world and this last sermon was titled SHINE. That we are lights and we are to purposefully position ourselves to shine into dark places the love and hope and light of God. He began with the sanctuary dark, reading Genesis 1, then lit a candle to set the stage for the fact that light WILL penetrate the darkness. Then Tuesday while reviewing a Bible study we just finished, I read Exodus 14:20 again…how God made the pillar of fire to light the way for the Israelites and for it to be a cloud of darkness to the Egyptians. The Creator of light and separator of light and dark would indeed be the only One who could make a blazing cloud be darkness, wouldn’t He? Amazing! We do indeed serve a mighty God.
    It’s a blast to run this race together 🙂

  37. 437
    Susan says:

    Beth you are so funny and remind me of my great aunt. When my cousin and I were little she let my cousing “dust” her furniture with Kleenex. She had the kind of pulls on the furniture that were carved. My cousin stuffed the Kleenex up under the pull and I think they were still there when my aunt died in the late 80s. The Kleenex was placed there around 1962!

  38. 438
    Kay says:

    Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

    Proverbs 4:23 NIV

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