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Hey, Siestas! I have a question rolling around in my mind and I’d love to throw it to my favorite community. Here goes:

What motivates you most effectively?

That’s it. Pure and simple.

Ground rules:
*You can only name one kind of motivation. Think of the one that tends to work on you more often than the others.

*You are asked to name your real, live most effective motivator and not the one you wish you had. (You may honestly respond best to a healthy motivator and, if so, say so! But, if the truth is, you are more often effectively motivated by something negative, please also say so.)

This hint might be of help to some of you as you roll the question around in your sweet head: Think back on times of substantial and lasting change in your life. What motivated the real change? (Of course, we all know that, ultimately, the Holy Spirit brings about transformation, but what did He use???)

You bless me to no end. Watching for your responses!


1,127 Responses to “Just Curious”

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  1. 351
    Natalie says:

    I’m motivated by helping people. I know that I’m doing God’s work, and making someone else’s life or day better. It makes taking time for myself after so much more rewarding.

  2. 352
    Angie says:

    MUSIC! Plain & Simple! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it!

  3. 353
    GJ says:

    The VALUE of the task. I really am a “git-er-dun” type by personality, but am strongly motivated when there is a viable PURPOSE for whatever needs doing. RESPECT for the project. Don’t just “do it to do it,” and work smarter not harder. What’s the best way? And a strict deadline to wrap it all up.

    Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this worthwhile project of yours. I was highly motivated because I know you’ll do something good with it and I respect you.

    GJ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. 354
    Melanie says:

    Hope. Plain and simple. Hope motivates me to keep going when life is hard; hope motivates me to try that new idea; hope in the good times motivates me to share with others…


  5. 355
    Kristi says:

    Approval from others. Weight loss was great, but when others started noticing I was even more motivated.

  6. 356
    Amy says:

    WORDS of encouragement/affirmation.

  7. 357
    Michelle says:

    When I feel I’ll be appreciated, I seem to be more motivated. I just read earlier today about doing all things unto the Lord, but geesh it’s hard to not want the appreciation from man. I’m not really talking about getting glory, just plain out appreciation for doing what you do like being mom, wife, sunday school teacher, ect. I’m a work in progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 358
    Sabrina says:

    I would have to say pain or discomfort. I heard this quote that always stuck with me, “Until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, people will choose to stay the same.” Has been so true in my life!

  9. 359
    Debbie from Mississippi says:

    Best motivated and long for the approval of those close to me. However, the Lord has not allowed much of that in my life, it remains a deep longing.

    But, lasting change has been brought about through many trials, losses, and life “interruptions”. These are the times that I have cried out to God and allowed Him to change me.

  10. 360
    Jan says:

    Transformation is my motivation. Knowing I will see a big difference in the end result… knowing a real change will occur because of the “thing” that I do is very motivating to me. It requires discipline, accountability, and a single-minded focus to be sure. Distractions and temptations are the “snag” of course… it is through those I must persevere.

    But, no matter if it is financial, physical, spiritual, or whatever… I just want that dramatic change to be apparent. And this desire shows itself in all areas of my life, such as: spring cleaning or renovating a room in my home, feeling better in my clothes because of a healthy diet/exercise routine, grow out my hair only to get a new short haircut, attend a bible study/conference that injects new life in my spirit, begin a money/budget plan that ends in debt reduction, etc….

    I think that attracts me to the Gospel of Jesus Christ too. The Transformation that can occur in our lives because of Him… if we only believe in Him! We go from death to life, guilty to justified, bondage to freedom, objects of wrath to children of God, and so much more! The Bible is full of ordinary people who do extra-ordinary things because they are transformed.

    What can I say… I love a good transformation!

    And on a funny side note… I have always (truly since I was a little girl) loved to make charts and checklist to document my goals… it really helps me to see my progress and get to that end product.

  11. 361
    Rebecca says:

    I have learned in the past few years that I am a glory hog, so if I can get all (or at least most) of the credit doing something, it will get done. If it is a thankless act, it may or may not get done based on the time and effort I would have to put in to it.

  12. 362

    I am motivated when someone believes in me and encourages me that I CAN do it – whatever “it” is. I can sense insincere praise, but real encouraging praise from someone who believes in me motivates me to do more than I ever thought I could.

  13. 363
    Betty Marschner says:

    I too would have to say passion. We are just finishing the Daniel Bible study and I have to say seeing the passion within you for teaching the Word has stirred up a passion in me I never had before. When you talked about Satan hoping I would still be so messed up I would hardly be able to get outta bed well, that was me. Satan was telling me a couple of years ago “end your life, you have nothing to live for, you will reach more people thorugh your death than you ever would living” Ya know something, I almost bought into that! I almost did! I have the shamefull bipolar disorder that noone would wish on your worst enemy. Satan tells me “you are getting manic” if I notice the passion for sharing becomes real. I have alot to over come but because I can not leave the Word alone, I am almost needing no meds any more. Since I have been into the Word more, I am enjoying a stability I have not known in years! Praise Him! I can not wait to see what he has next for me. Looking forward to seeing you in MPLS soon. With a renewed passion for Him and His Word! Hugs and love from the Heartland, Betty Marschner

  14. 364
    Sharon says:

    Right now regrets motivate me. I have so many regrets, so many things I wish I could change. I am now journaling what I think would be my future regrets and doing everything I can to avoid them. I don’t want to look back and wish I’d spent more time with my kids, my husband, my dad. I don’t want to look back and regret that I didn’t play or read to my kids or have fun with my husband. I try to remind myself that even though this seems a laborious journey with three kiddos under age 5, it is the most precious time of my life.

  15. 365
    Jana Beth says:

    Causes that help others…especially causes and organizations that provide basic needs to people given in the name of Jesus.
    These organizations inspire and motivate me to get involved in ways that I would
    never would have imagined before. Having a small part in a greater cause effects how I think and what choices I make each day.

  16. 366
    elizabeth says:

    Two things….I don’t want to let people down. And the other one that feels better is that I just really like the “free” feeling that comes with knowing that I took care of my responsibilities. Accomplishment feels good.

  17. 367
    Erika says:

    My motivation to change is the avoidance of PAIN, but the biggest thing that has brought change is PAIN.

  18. 368
    Nellwyn says:

    Writing it down on a list and then marking it off. I love to have a list with everything marked off!

    My other motivator is having someone being proud of me. I just want to hear someone tell me that I’ve done well, that they are proud of me. I’ve hungered for that all my life….

  19. 369
    Cheryl says:

    If people I love and/or respect are counting on me.

  20. 370
    Kathy B says:

    My most potent motivator has been: when others are depending on me or looking to me. An example would be how God used my young kiddos to push me to change where I had no idea I was capable and to submit to His scalpel b/c chances were pretty big that these little ones would grow up to look and act like the role model He had set in front of them everyday–me! Some mornings I would wake up and say, “Alright, Lord. You didn’t fire me, so let’s get on with this “change-thing”. Little human lives are counting on me.”

    And now over a decade later, I believe God uses a similiar motivation. I recently heard Beth saying during the Daniel study that it was women in Bible study that pushed her to study more. She said that they wanted to learn more than she knew. What was a girl to do? Study! That statement has been ringing in my ears ever since. Ladies started coming to our class with lists of questions. What was this girl to do? Study and know how to say, “I don’t know, but let’s you and I look that up this week and share what we find out.” It was a blast. Of course it’s entirely possible that these dears are completely confused and may never go near eschatology again. But Lord willing, we all came away richer in our understanding of God’s incredible plan displayed brilliantly in His Word.

  21. 371
    Katrina says:

    Fear of rejection unfortunatly. ๐Ÿ™ But God’s working on that in me and I’m determined that it’s going to change one of these days! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 372
    Dawn says:

    Competition! Nothing motivates me more than to think I might be competing with someone–even if they do not know they are competing with me! BTW–I like to win so that motivates me even more.

  23. 373
    Dea says:

    Before the pit—FEAR. After “the field trip” and God breaking me free—I am motivated by GRATEFULNESS and compassion for others who need HOPE. The Holy Spirit stepped in and rescued me. Ten years later I am pinching myself. God is good and He loves me.

  24. 374
    Lynn, British Columbia says:

    Simply put, there has to be something greater that comes of it whether intrinsic or extrinsic. The perception of what the cost is has to be accurate as well. That’s not always as easy as it seems.

  25. 375
    jill wade says:

    Honestly? Being better for my husband….whether I’m motivated to work out, motivated to eat better, lose a few pounds, yes, even motivated to be closer to Jesus….my husband is the inspiration. I want to be ‘better’ for him. Ridiculous and unhealthy sometimes…..His affirmation and adoration is what I’m after more times than I’d like to admit. Of course, we’ve only been married ten months, so I am working on this with Jesus’ help!

  26. 376
    KarenMO says:

    I think I’d say that need is my motivator. There’s a task I need to do, there’s a task I need to do for someone else, someone’s coming, so I need to clean, etc. I have certain standards for my behavior, and I need to be true to them, or I feel that I’ve failed. I need to feel close to God, and I love the feeling of knowing that he’s always in the room, or in the car, or wherever I am at the time. But maybe at the root of all my need is the need for approval. Hmmmm.

  27. 377
    Amanda850 says:

    The greatest motivation I had came when I was completely devastated and full of bone chilling fear – my entire world had been knocked off kilter. Day to day motivation usually comes from just wanting to be happy and loved and appreciated – but this wanting to be appreciated by others gets me in the most internal trouble.

  28. 378
    Susan says:

    I am motivated by the truth. If someone shares with me something about myself that I need to see, once I see it I am motivated to make a change that is positive. Exactly 4 years ago, someone dear to me told me the truth about my life. I was constantly overwhelmed, never had time, especially for the Lord. She told me if I would just turn to Him, make time for Him…my life would be better. She had asked me to attend one of your conferences for years. I finally attended in San Francisco, just to make her happy! Not expecting it, my life has been forever changed. I came home and started one of your study’s in my home and never looked back. Life is beautifully balanced, as long as I put Him first. Thank you Beth!!!

  29. 379
    Amomto4sweeties says:

    I would have to say it is most often obligation at this point. I have to clean the house, I have to care for the kids, I have to work. I am in survival mode as I struggle with postpartum depression. Things will get better, but for now. There ya go.

  30. 380
    Royana says:

    Honestly…Pleasing others. I am highly motivated to make other people happy. I love to see the look on someone’s face after I have made them a good meal or after an event I have planned and prepared goes off well and everyone is happy. I love to do things in secret. Like send gifts to those who are in need. I love to sit back and let them tell how God has blessed them by an anonimous gift and see them HAPPY and sometimes relieved for the help. Definately…pleasing others and most especially my family and dearest friends. I also love to help those women who are down and out as it were. Those women who struggle with self esteem from being knocked down over and over again. Teaching them how to dress for a job interview, put on make up, dress for a new job etc. I thrive on this!!! Definately…pleasing people and making them happy. I LOVE it!!

  31. 381
    sammi says:

    i can hear a good sermon or go to a good confrence or something and notice that a change is nessacary but unless i hear the same theam or message in the form of song it wont happen.i also need the radio or mp3 player playin to do anything else.there is a play-list for each task that needs to be acomplished. sometimes the lyrics become my prayer. a good example is the brandon heath song “Give me your Eyes”.

  32. 382
    Michele Jeffers says:

    I love, love, love a challenge to be better. Most of the time this comes from God but it also often comes from teachers, friends, strangers, my children…
    I suppose it could also be fear. When I became a Christian I promised myself I would never become crusty and stagnant. I want my life to be alive and I want to look different….
    This motivates me to live deliberately and guides my choices. It has been an adventure to say the least. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. 383
    Beth Herring says:

    My biggest motivator is when I come face-to-face with my many failures as I strive so hard to be like Jesus! It seems the harder I try, the harder I fall! THe closer I get to Him the clearer I see my inadequacies and my unworthiness.

  34. 384
    Janet says:

    CHOCOLATE! LOL…I read so many posts that mention goals, sense of accomplishment, fear, approval, etc. At first, I agreed, but that just made me wonder “why”? Why do those things motivate me? When I finally got to the bottom of it all, I wasn’t really surprised, but I was disappointed in what I landed on (and I hate to admit it) but I think that it is pride that motivates me. I mean why does a sense of accomplishment matter? Why do I seek approval? Why am I ever afraid? It seems to me that the real answer to those motivators is that stinking, nasty, age-old sin of pride. It just makes me so mad because I’ve worked so hard to rip it out by the roots, but it sneaks it’s nasty old way in so easily! So, thanks, Beth, for asking the question and leading me to be brutally honest with myself.

  35. 385
    Kim B. says:

    Being the wife, mother, friend etc that God created me to be. When I dont’ give my husband, kids, friends, even God 100% of me I feel like I’m failing the person God created me to be & therefore failing Him. God NEVER will fail me so it is my motivation to never fail Him & repent when I do ๐Ÿ™‚ GREAT QUESTION!!

  36. 386
    Kathy says:

    What truly motivates me is when I witness something that just should not be: an injustice toward a child or any other innocent person or animal- an injustice within a system- not providing proper educational techniques and instruction to match the student’s strengths and aptitudes.

    Yet on the other side, I am truly motivated to learn and share remarkable experiences, teachings and practices which enhance my understanding of how our lord communicates, directs and pushes us into a spiritual dimension which can shift the deep roots of our lives. This type of motivation also moves me when I witness great efforts like the University of Texas Elementary School in Austin. This school has developed a school where the children experience comprehensive education. Every thing from social expectations, personal values, state of the art educational practices, how they fit into the community and the value of each child’s culture. Counseling and extra academic support are integral components of the daily program. It is working- and I am motivated to support and expose this school as it is “beating the odds”.

  37. 387
    Heather says:

    I used to have a habit (or addiction) that I could not seem to get rid of. It was there for as long as I could remember. I was too ashamed to tell my husband about it so i lied to him. Honesty was so important to me and I couldn’t stand lying to him. I knew it would hurt him deeply if he found out and didn’t want that. My habit was kind of a gray area (or I convinced myself it was) but lying was clearly a sin. Satan is the father of all lies and I knew I would not be blessed with willful sin in my life. So through LOTS and prayer and Scripture memory, I broke the habit. That was 9 years ago. I never thought that habit would be broken and it was HARD!!! When I tell people about it today, I always tell them that God used my husband as motivation to get rid of a life long addiction. My chains are gone….I’ve been set free!!! God is so so good!!!!

  38. 388
    Cheryl says:

    I’d have to say I’m motivated by the desire not to repeat old failures.

  39. 389
    Rachel says:

    Swimsuit season! Haha!

  40. 390
    Kim B. says:

    PEOPLE…people who have invested in me, spurred me on, and lit the fire of “keep on keeping on” in me. I love encouraging others and I am fired up after some real lovin’ encouragement on my own heart. I wake up thinking about WHO I will see and serve and encourage every single day. And it motivates me to keep moving and keep believing. God’s Word and People…only two things lasting. Motivates me to the bone.

  41. 391
    Jennifer Cole says:

    What motivates me most is words through annointed revelation, that I may need to study to have it sink in, but words of truth the power of living in victory motivates me more than anything to change, for people around me speaking to me it’s again speaking words of life and truth to me.

  42. 392
    Becca says:

    In most moments up until this one: Anger.

  43. 393
    Karen says:

    When I’m valued or have worth by someone I care about and who gives me some acknowledgement in a job well done!

  44. 394
    Leslie says:

    The mere thought that someone (anyone) would think of me as “weak” or a “lightweight” is my motivator…
    How dare they? I’ll show them! (Little do they know that this is EXACTLY how I view myself in SO many situations!)


  45. 395
    Carla says:


    Sometimes its just the day and other times it is more. I have had to survive several devastating things in my life (not special in anyway) and ultimately it has made it hard for me to trust anyone, including God. I can’t seem to let Him take control, not because I don’t believe He can’t do anything but in essence, that is exactly what I am saying when I don’t let him take over, Right?

    Really, really, really tired of surviving.

  46. 396
    Marian says:

    Hope– new hope. Seeing a light at the end of a tunnel and feeling like my efforts will actually accomplish something, and something that can be finished. It’s also amazingly motivated just to have the rare gift of someone coming along and communicating that they genuinely see and love and value me for who I already am– it gets my head above water and on solid ground to want to reach higher. I think what I’m saying is that I’m motivated by anything that really pierces through my #1 UNmotivator, which is desperation or hopelessness!

  47. 397
    Evellym says:

    What the most motivated me is God response to my prayers, even if take a long time to accomplish I know God is in the control, and everything is for my good.

  48. 398
    Kristi says:

    My kids! Nothing is as convicting as hearing my words & my attitudes come back to me through the voice of my sweet girls. Definitely motivates change!

  49. 399
    Beverly says:

    I have to say I am most motivated by a deadline. Sometimes it’s not pretty, but I get it done. I hate that I wait until the last minute, but that’s what gets me moving!

  50. 400
    Dawn B says:

    Accountability…in all its forms! Knowing I am going to be ‘inspected’ either by those I am teaching/mentoring, by a dear friend or mentor that I don’t want to disappoint or even a boss, that is what causes me to most often do the right thing, do what I’d said I would, choose integrity over ‘convenience’. Knowing Jesus is ‘expecting’ and ‘inspecting’ plays into it, too, but I’m saddened that it is not always the first thing I think about or the thing that moves me most. Part of that comes from having worked so hard to get past the destructive ‘performance’ / ‘perfection’ thing I had going for so many years … I am truly thankful I can ‘relax’ in His presence and revel in His acceptance because for so many years that wasn’t true. But I definitely want to grow in this area – that I would seek HIS favor over other people’s and that the reality of His presence will cause me to think more about pleasing Him than I do others.

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