Easter Weekend 2011

Hi Siestas! This is Amanda checking in today. How was your Easter weekend? We had a great one. Mom asked me to share some (which turned out to be a lot) of our pictures. I apologize in advance for the wonky spacing. I tried three times to remove the extra lines and it kept reverting to this.

Our Easter celebrations started out with “Broken for You” at Houston’s First Baptist on Thursday night. Pastor John from First Baptist Irving (who used to be the youth pastor at HFBC) gave the message and it was like a big family reunion. We took the Lord’s Supper and had an awesome time of worship.

On Saturday evening we had a cookout and Easter egg hunt with my dad’s side of the family.

Here’s me, Memaw, Aunt Tina, Aunt Mary, Mom, and Cousin Hannah. Melissa, where were you?


Aunt Mary, Aunt Tina and Mom.


This was our fancy Easter table. We had hot dogs, cajun potato salad, fruit, chips and dip, and cake.


Melissa, Mom and Annabeth.


Jackson has been in this shirt in almost every picture I’ve taken this spring, but I can’t help it. He’s so handsome in it.


Aunt Mary and Mom.


Aunt Tina was so sweet and mindful of my little kids. She brought this swing to hang from the tree and tiny lawn chairs for them to use.


Hot dogs in the lap. Typical.


The guys had fun with some cascarones (confetti-filled eggs).


The brothers, Ben and Joe, look like they have rumbled a few times before.


My brother-in-law, Colin.


Ben cracked an egg on my dad and he got some projectile German chocolate cake in return.



This is Dad giving directions to the young men on how to sweep the field for snakes in preparation for the kids’ egg hunt. I’m sure my aunts were pleased.


It begins! And no snakes.



Annabeth found Lip Smackers from Aunt Melissa in her first egg and she pretty much forgot about everything else.


Texas girls need their lip gloss even when stomping through fields of grass and dried up leaves.


Annabeth having a fit in the dirt.


Post-fit rebound.


AB with Cousin Hannah.


Jackson got a lot more eggs than his sister.


She wasn’t bothered.



This is how we say cheese.


The progression of a toddler with lip gloss. One.






My dad squealing like a piggy.

The big kids got to do an egg hunt too. The stakes were a bit higher, although they didn’t know it.

Boys will be boys.

Running into the arms of…




The search is on!


My Easter chickies.


Pops on the Gator.


Colin, Dad and Melissa.


Some were not so enthused about the Mickey Mouse bags used in the egg hunt.


John and Hannah finding dollar bills in their eggs.


This is Cousin Joe stuffing his money in his pocket while being very quiet about being the Egg Hunt Winner.


Those dollars saw the light of day for .5 seconds before they were hidden deep in pockets.


We had decided to go to the evening Easter service at our church, so we spent a lazy morning at home. Curtis read the Scriptures to us and we turned on some great worship music.

We nixed the Easter bunny but I still made the kids Easter baskets. They had no expectations, which was nice. For the record, that plush Belle doll is hideous but I thought Annabeth would like it. She didn’t.


It just wouldn’t be natural if my kids weren’t in Christmas pajamas. They were waiting to get their baskets.


They were so tickled to get a surprise.

My mom used to give us these panoramic eggs when we were little. I saw some mini ones at HEB and had to grab a couple.

Annabeth thought it might be good to eat.


Later that morning Annabeth came down with a 102 degree fever. She didn’t have any other symptoms except for not wanting to eat and wanting to sit in our laps. I gave her Tylenol and every time it started to wear off, her fever shot back up. She was much better the next day.

I’m thankful that God seemed to have prepared me to miss church on Easter Sunday. Any other year I might have been devastated. I ended up taking Jackson to lunch at my parents’ house and then Curtis took him to church that evening. Annabeth and I sat on the couch together and watched some of the web cast. Also? Singing along with the web cast made me realize what a truly joyful noise I make. Bless my heart!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend worshipping the Risen Savior and loving on your families.


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  1. 101
    aunt Rhody says:

    Want to hunt eggs with the Moores–lip smackers and dollar bills! We had jelly beans, nickels, and vitamins (not really, that’s what my Granddaughter calls gummy bears) in our eggs.

  2. 102

    Wow! The kidlets have sure grown since we last saw photos of them! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Your weekend sounds/looks wonderful.

  3. 103
    Peggy Fletcher says:

    Thanks for sharing your lives!!

  4. 104
    yanna westmoreland says:

    Just wanted to let all my Siesta’s know who were in the path of the tornados my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

  5. 105
    Robin Hamilton says:

    I love the pictures what a beautiful family.
    I’m trying to find a bible study on spiritual gifts. I don’t know if Beth Moore has one, if so I can’t find it. If she hasn’t written one, will you please recommend one. It is a study for a group of women. We just fininshed the study of the Fruit of the Spirit from Beth and it was wonderful. So I would appreciate it for your help. Thank you

  6. 106
    carla says:

    I had a wonderful time with my family this Easter. We all couldn’t be here all at once but it was still great to spemd some time with each one. Grandkids are what make the holidays for me now. It’s like seeing my children all over again when they were small. It looks like you guys had a great time as well. I’m so thankful that God gave us the ability to experience joy, laughter, and fun while on our journey here. We had a sick one too, so I am glad that AnnaBeth is doing better. Love to all, Carla

  7. 107
    Marjie says:

    This is a really random request! But wasn’t sure how else to go about this!! 🙂
    My company will be visiting Houtson for the first time for a trade show, and we have 2 people from Sweden in our group that are visiting the US for the first time and they have a request to go out for Mexican Food! I know that you Siesta girls and Siesta Momma know you some Mexican food. We are staying close to the Galleria area so if you could suggest any place I would be so happy!! Thank you in advance for your help

    • 107.1
      KMac says:

      Oh there are so many good ones! Pappasitos, Lupe Tortillas, Cyclone Anayas, etc… That should get you started! grin.

      • Marjie says:

        Well thanks for the quick response! I have “googled” and mapped the suggestions and will have map in hand when I fly out on Sunday! Excited for my first trip to your state and to leave the chilly Wisconsin weather behind for a few days. Also excited to show our Swedish friends how you do Mexican food! BIG Grin

  8. 108
    Nichole H says:

    Sweeping the field for snakes is completely Third World! Have mercy!!! Thanks for sharing your family Easter with us. Those kiddos are adorable.

  9. 109
    Loretta Davila says:

    Amanda, Thanks so much for the Easter pictures! They reminded me so much of the family gatherings we used to have when I was young – cousins all over the place and aunts and uncles with huge smiles on their faces! Unfortunately my girls didn’t get to have that type of holiday. We always had fun with them – they just missed out on the cousin privilege! Anyways – thanks so much for the memories! Your kids are precious!

  10. 110
    valerie says:

    Looks like y’all had a very fun day! I LOVE pictures. Thanks for sharing your Easter with us. Love you all! Valerie
    P.S. That picture of your kids in their Christmas pj’s is too darling!!! I’m a sucker for little ones in pj’s. 🙂

  11. 111
    Sethy says:

    Glad you guys had a great Easter x

  12. 112

    Hey Amanda,

    I did have a happy, blessed Easter, complete with an egg hunt too. My baby girl was cuteness to me in her white and floral print cotton dress:) I have a pic of her toddling out onto the back porch of my in-laws house holding her daddy’s hand. It’s really more of a silouette pic because it was sunny out side and not so light in the house, love that picture, Makes me smile:)

  13. 113
    Michelle says:

    how in the WORLD did Annabeth get so big so fast?
    I don’t get it!?!
    I thought she was just a BABY! Now she’s running around for Easter eggs and has long hair?
    How in the WORLD did that happen!

  14. 114
    Chris M says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Amanda! What a beautiful glimpse of your family celebration – so much joy!
    I loved the various stages of discovery and excitement, especially the lip gloss. Thanks for sharing your sweet children with us.
    I’m wondering what kind of camera you have? Thanks!

  15. 115
    Dianne says:

    “Your attitude should be the same as that of Jesus Christ.” Phillipians 2:5 NIV

  16. 116
    Becky says:

    Your kids are adorable! AnnaBeth sure looks like a little girl now, no more baby in her! I love seeing pictures of the extended family!

  17. 117
    Sharon Warren says:

    Hi Beth,
    I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I went to visit his brother and his wife in Houston Easter weekend, the first time I had ever been in Texas and went to Houston’s First Baptist Church Sunday morning for the 9:30 am service. The blessing was that we got my husband’s brother in church for the first time in over 25 years!

    The service was a huge blessing and I thank God we got to visit you all. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to actually see Beth, but maybe next time we visit Houston.

    God is Good.

    Sharon Warren

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