Just Curious

Hey, Siestas! I have a question rolling around in my mind and I’d love to throw it to my favorite community. Here goes:

What motivates you most effectively?

That’s it. Pure and simple.

Ground rules:
*You can only name one kind of motivation. Think of the one that tends to work on you more often than the others.

*You are asked to name your real, live most effective motivator and not the one you wish you had. (You may honestly respond best to a healthy motivator and, if so, say so! But, if the truth is, you are more often effectively motivated by something negative, please also say so.)

This hint might be of help to some of you as you roll the question around in your sweet head: Think back on times of substantial and lasting change in your life. What motivated the real change? (Of course, we all know that, ultimately, the Holy Spirit brings about transformation, but what did He use???)

You bless me to no end. Watching for your responses!


1,127 Responses to “Just Curious”

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  1. 651
    Tammy says:

    The Word of God. Wheather through music,the Psalms,or a faithful pastor or speaker speaking them and shedding a new revalation on them. From the beginning of my walk with Christ His Word has excelled my passion and desire to do this thing well and to His glory. Whenever I am feeling defeated going to God’s Word reminds me the prize is worth every bit of the fight.

  2. 652
    Paula says:

    Excitement! If I’m excited about it I can work tirelessly toward the goal. When the excitement wears off it becomes drudgery.

  3. 653
    AnnieM says:


  4. 654
    Ann B says:

    My number one motivator is being involved in small groups at my church. I have always been shy in front of people and going into rooms where I don’t know anyone. But, since I have gotten involved in this church, I have been involved in small groups since I joined, even leading them – amazing in itself. It is truly amazing what God and the Holy Spirit can do in your life if you just listen and act on it no matter how “scared” you may be. You will be blessed in so many ways.

  5. 655
    Rica says:

    My grandchildren motivates me to wake up every morning even if I don’t feel like getting up in the morning and facing the world!

  6. 656
    Angie Baker says:

    Tough Circumstances. I have had my fair share and they prompt me to do something to change them.

  7. 657
    Francie Krowitz says:

    Personal mentoring

  8. 658

    Blogging at Live with Flair has motivated me to change my life. It’s a way to choose to see God every day. http://www.livewithflair.blogspot.com

  9. 659
    jamieb says:

    The desire to achieve security and safety… FEAR.

    A funny quote I’ll share (has nothing to do with my answer,however I have used it on my girls) “Even cows can fly when properly motivated”

  10. 660
    Magaly says:

    I must say what has motivated me to change would be:

    not wanting to stay the same.

    Being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    What motivates me on a daily basis has to be knowing that one day I will get to dance, sing and walk on the beach with my Jesus!! We’ve done it enough in the spirit but one day…..

    thank you for reminding me!

  11. 661
    Sara says:

    Fear. I have been fighting to change that for a couple of years but the real hard truth is fear.

  12. 662
    Kristen says:

    Honest positive reinforcement.

  13. 663
    Michele says:

    I had to really think on this one. Seeing positive results does it. Seems like it gives me just the push to keep it up, especially when things seem really rough. Sometimes anger, does it. Getting mad about how yucky the world, situations, etc., have gotten, really push me to pray. Having any kids around me, does it. My nieces and nephews, our sunday school class (2’s and 3’s)…feeling responsible for training up little ones…that’ll do it everytime!

  14. 664
    jar of clay says:

    A life long struggle with fear. I wish I could say I was motivated by the love of the Lord, but honestly my parenting, my marriage, the choices are make are because I fear the consequences.

  15. 665


  16. 666
    Christine says:

    This is a timely subject for me. I have a project I need to get started on, but I’m procrastinating a bit! A deadline helps me to get motivated and knowing I will receive praise when I’m done helps me to do my best.

    Have a blessed day!

  17. 667
    Jennifer says:

    Sadly, I’m most motivated by approval of others & fear of disapproval. For me to be weak, a failure, or bad at something would open myself up to scrutiny & expose myself to what is really behind the mask that I wear. It’s called “She’s got it all together & figured out”.

  18. 668
    Leila says:

    Accountability to other people (especially my believing brothers and sisters)gets me really motivated. I’ve been involved in several committee actions recently at my church and Wow! have I been working hard to do get my tasks done on time (or even ahead of time!)

  19. 669
    Abraham"s Daughter says:

    I need time away from my normal routine to ponder what is really important to me, and then figure out a way to fit it into my daily schedule.

  20. 670
    Dawn says:

    I think mine would be love and support from other people.

  21. 671

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    Matthew 6:33
    Jeremiah 29:13

    These verses and others are huge motivators in my life…

    The one answer would be scripture – God’s Word!

  22. 672
    deborah says:

    I am motivated these days to simply hear the song of my lord in my heart leading my way and when its one of those silent days usually a pop and a candy bar

  23. 673
    Pamela says:

    As I watch my mini-mes, I want to change my ways and/or continue my ways to set a good example for my children to follow. I see the good and the bad in me …. in them:)

  24. 674
    Nancy says:

    I am sad to say it, but the thing that motivates me most is fear – fear of failure, fear of not mattering to those who matter to me, fear of Satan. You name it and I am fearful of it. I am thankful that God has brought my fear issue to the surface in the past several months. One more thing, if you met me in person, you would not know that I am a fearful person. I appear confident to the general public.

  25. 675
    Concetta says:

    What motivates me most is NOT wanting to give Satan Victory!

    The thought of him devouring me or my loved ones or the lost or how he must laugh when I stumble (yet again) or the celebration he and his legion of demons must be having when they destroy a life, get someone addicted, cause hopelessness, destroy a marriage, a family, etc. just makes me flat out sick to my stomach! It’s enough to motivate me to suit up daily, put on the full Armor of God and chose to be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom I have an inheritance in!!

    1 Peter 5:8, “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

    1 John 4:4, “But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.”

  26. 676
    Faran says:

    Fun/Thrill – not just for myself but for others, too. If I know something is going to provide excitement, life, joy, fun, freedom then I work harder towards it. (I wish I had a holier answer, but there you go!)

  27. 677
    Diana A. says:

    As I think this over… my fear comes true… I find the motivation is still from outward sources.
    I still want others approval … thought I dealt with this! Still concerned what others might think… if only they really knew _____! Still want the pat on the back! Still waiting for good words, to soothe inner doubt.

    Hard to type this out. I want to be grown up, spiritual, act together, and only motivated by purity, love, faith etc.

    Lord we need to meet!

    Beth, thank you!

  28. 678
    Becky says:

    I would have to say that I am most motivated by the Word….and pressure keeps me going strong in it….either deadlines or pressures of life. I am one of those who crams 15 things in a slot of time where really only 2 should go….but that method keeps me pressing in on the Lord to come through and empower me for his glory.

  29. 679
    Betty says:


  30. 680
    Theharbormom says:

    I am motivated by an honest look at myself. This can take 2 paths.

    First, I’m motivated to become more than I am my own eyes. When I see myself for who I humanly am, I am motivated to move, not staying this way. Sometimes that means getting so frustrated with my sinfulness that I come out from my corner fighting for more.

    Second, I think I am motivated to change when I take a good look at who I am in Christ. Sometimes it takes claiming that identity before it becomes a reality in my mind and heart, encouraging myself to be who God sees me to be, my strong, overcoming, warrior self.

  31. 681
    Teresa says:

    I am my own worst critic so corrective critisim given in a negative way only makes me spiral down. Affirmation, love and acceptance. Everytime! Gets me moving in the right direction. It gives me the courage to keep trying and not give up. God always loves me into change.

  32. 682
    Diane says:

    My greatest motivator is “desire.” When I deeply desire something, I am motivated in a way like no other to “do” whatever or “change” whatever.

  33. 683
    Julie says:

    A desire to be spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy and whole.

  34. 684

    Cringing as I admit this because mine is not a healthy motivator- well, at least in this area, but it’s the only one that popped right into my mind and I feel I can trust this community with admitting it. Control. (or a false sense of it) is my motivator. For example (because this one pops most readily into my mind) when I feel that I need to lose a few pounds, it’s often because I’ve let myself have free reign with food, not having much self control (a godly trait I also struggle with, and not the aforementioned control I’m speaking of as my motivator). I begin to control every little aspect of food- setting limits, writing in a journal, watching everything so carefully, that over time I have this sense that I’m controlling something in my life and it makes me feel better, and often gets me what I want. Me, controlling it for the result I wanted. Sadly, I know that specific issue has been twisted sideways in my mind for years, and I do struggle less and less with it, knowing self control and giving it to God in the first place is best. But, that sense that I can control anything has always been a huge motivator for me.

  35. 685
    Jennifer says:

    For me it’s pepople pleasing and wanting external valadation from others. Hearing good job from someone else makes me feel good

  36. 686
    Leann Ford says:

    What motivates me most effectively? When God’s powerful voice speaks through someone else’s pain. I don’t know if that makes sense out loud because it’s not that I desire to see someone hurting. It’s just see their pain expressed, it’s life lived REAL at that moment…When I look into their eyes, I see HIM. Sometimes those eyes are my own reflection in the mirror.

    Leann (Alabama)

  37. 687
    Christine says:

    My motivator is responsibility and accountability. I told someone I would do something or I need to get something done because I told the Lord I would. That’s it.

  38. 688
    Kim Ledingham says:

    An impending deadline is my greatest motivator to get things done.

  39. 689
    Kari says:

    I know this isn’t very positive, but guilt is what most motivates me. Whether it’s getting my dishes done b/c I don’t want my babysitter to see the mess the next day or going to work each day b/c I don’t want my job to go undone.

  40. 690
    oops, late again says:

    Hummm…making me think today, I see.
    Unfortunately Fear has been one of the biggest motivators that I have really noticed. Bible Study with a very good teacher who speaks from the heart and experience is also a big one.
    Just seeing my own yuckyness (like that word?) and then see someone else bask in Him, to have this over flowing of joy when speaking of my Jesus and to see that same excitement and joy when speaking of Him…I want that.

  41. 691
    Sharae says:

    Knowing others are watching me motivates me.

  42. 692
    Corinne says:

    For me, a huge motivation has been my children. The Lord has done great healing in my life and worked hard to stop the cycle of anger and depression that I witnessed in my mother and then myself. Years ago, the Lord revealed to me that true healing is from Him and that the cycle CAN stop with me.

  43. 693
    Julie says:

    I respond well to words of encouragement when spoken by people I trust and affirmation for a job well done.

    Insecurity for years prevented me from accepting these gifts from others but I have learned partly from reading Beth’s book and partly from lots of prayer that I am worthy of a pat on the back.

  44. 694
    Kate says:

    Encouragement! When I look back, the only thing that pulled me through and helped me succeed was having a cheerleader…it’s not the person per se (though I appreciate every one of them), it’s the words. Knowing that I am moving in the right direction will always help me place one foot in front of the other. When I lack encouragement I will stop…COMPLETELY. I feel like a failure when things don’t move fast enough, or when what I am doing doesn’t seem to be working, or when the project seems too big; but, when I hear someone encourage me to press on, I’ll get moving again. Right now I have a “ministry advocate” assigned to me to help me accomplish things…I suppose that’s as close to encouragement that I get.

  45. 695
    Michele says:

    One pure God-given motivator is SUNSHINE. It is so dark, cold, and dreary up here in SYR all winter. As soon as there is a bright, warm, sunny spring day, I want to get up and go outside. And after working outside in the fresh air, I feel better.

    It is 71 degrees here today, Thank You, God!! Cloudy, but I’ll take the warmth. Windows open! 🙂 The trees are budding, hopefully leaves will emerge soon. I’m going to go mow the lawn.

    I realize that folks in Texas fighting wildfires would gladly trade their sunshine for some clouds & rain. Still praying for y’all.

  46. 696
    Beverly says:

    I think the most common motivators are fear and insecurity. I am no exception. I do or don’t do so many things to avoid negative consequences or because I am concerned about what someone else might think.

    On my best days, I am truly motivated by a sincere desire to make a difference in the Kingdom of God. I want more than anything for my life to matter. I think this was a fundamental factor in discovering my own call to ministry….and on the hardest days, it is the reason I stick with it!

  47. 697
    Cindy says:

    Painful Circumstances – When the pain of the circumstance I am in is greater than the perceived pain to change.

  48. 698
    pattibee says:

    What motivates me is desire. Desire for others to have a great experience whether it be a Bible study or organizing a special event for women. Just to see their faces at the end of the event and then giving God the glory for what was accomplished. Brings tears to my eyes.

  49. 699

    I’m absolutely motivated when the Lord showers me with kindness and His goodness, especially when I have not been obedient nor kind myself. To receive His kindness instead of harsh correction is beyond my understanding. I am motivated to repentance, to action and to change. His Word speaks volumes when He said in Romans 2:4, “Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?” Not trying to sound hyper spiritual, but that was the first thing that came to mind when I read your question.

  50. 700
    Patrice in Midland, TX says:

    My grandchildren – When I think of how much I desire for them, I’m motivated to work toward leaving behind a better, stronger, more Christ-like country and world. When I think of how much they look to me and learn from watching me, I’m motivated to be a better, stronger, more Christ-like person. They (and hopefully future grandchildren as well) are such beautiful gifts from God and I don’t want to do anything to let them (or Him) down.

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