Just Curious

Hey, Siestas! I have a question rolling around in my mind and I’d love to throw it to my favorite community. Here goes:

What motivates you most effectively?

That’s it. Pure and simple.

Ground rules:
*You can only name one kind of motivation. Think of the one that tends to work on you more often than the others.

*You are asked to name your real, live most effective motivator and not the one you wish you had. (You may honestly respond best to a healthy motivator and, if so, say so! But, if the truth is, you are more often effectively motivated by something negative, please also say so.)

This hint might be of help to some of you as you roll the question around in your sweet head: Think back on times of substantial and lasting change in your life. What motivated the real change? (Of course, we all know that, ultimately, the Holy Spirit brings about transformation, but what did He use???)

You bless me to no end. Watching for your responses!


1,127 Responses to “Just Curious”

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  1. 751
    Anna says:

    My love for others.
    Others love for me.

  2. 752
    Kimberly says:


  3. 753
    Destee says:

    Reverent fear of God……and just plain ole fear too.

  4. 754
    Darcy says:

    Knowing your best effort makes a difference in someone else’s life.

  5. 755
    Linda, Thompsons Station, TN says:

    I picture myself before God trying to explain why i did what I did. It has become a very good deterrent to mis-behavin’!

  6. 756
    Connie Boyd says:

    I’ve pondered…others motivate me. They inspire me to try new things or to just get things done, by seeing their end result; speakers and teachers that really speak to this sister’s heart (like Ms Beth!) motivate me to let the words speak to my heart and apply, apply, apply; seeing hubby come home tired, and he starts cleaning up (because he knows how that speaks to my heart) motivates me to do something special for him; having an idea of how I can encourage or motivate someone else gets me moving to do something for them. This was a great thought! Thank you for having us share.

  7. 757
    Gina says:

    Well…I keep telling myself that I won’t comment anymore but I can’t resist. The writer in me…hmmm! Anyway, since we can only use “one” motivation, I need to cheat a bit… and combine two motivations into one “made-up” word…”Watchcognized”.
    *watching people do what I want to do or love…teaching, writing, singing, etc….always motivates me to new ideas, techniques and so on. I love that spark…”Yes,I could do it this way.” Being a “walk to the beat of a different drummer” sort…I love to twist anything until it is a bit different.
    *It does motivate me to be recognized in a positive way…not in public but person to person and to be appreciated for what I have done. Just let me know that you see who I am and recognized the uniqueness of what I can do and I am forever motivated in your presence.
    I simply shy away from the opposite. Whoo!…I’m exhausted!

    I am motivated when I am…WATCHCOGNIZED!!!!

  8. 758
    Dee says:

    When I look back on times when I was really motivated, it came in an instant when a friend or family member (someone who I truly value their opinion) made some startling comment or advice that I really “listened” to! I have had quite a few motivating moments in my life where I know exactly what was said, who said it, where I was and how I felt when I heard their words! It’s like my mind was instantly enlightened and they were used by God to make a change in me….at that very moment! Ultimately, it started with them and ended with me, but I know who helped me along the way to stay motivated! GO GOD!

  9. 759
    Ann says:

    Ann; Austin an addendum here–and…I SO want my God to be PROUD of me when He sees me. I want SO badly to delight Him, to make Him smile. I know. But it’s true. I do!!

  10. 760
    Kirsten from Houston says:

    My love language is: Words of Affirmation
    (out of 12 possible points I had 11!)
    I realize now that a majority of my life’s decisions have been based on where I received affirmation from. (and where I did not)

  11. 761
    Terri says:

    What motivates me is the sense of relief that comes when something (job, project, conversation, relationship) is handled well and in a way that honors the Lord.

  12. 762
    Allison C. Lee says:


    • 762.1
      Allison C. Lee says:

      I thought about it some more and I need to add- embarrassment. I realized this when I cleaned my toilet only because my friend was on her way over:)

  13. 763
    Tammy says:

    Approval of others. I’m not proud, but it’s the truth.

  14. 764
    Brittanie says:

    My motivation comes from being accountable.

    I agree with an earlier post about picturing myself before the Lord describing what i’ve done or why I did things a certain way. I think to myself how would God want me to do this?

    Also, as for accountability I think about being accountable in my future. I think to my future and how I want my life to be and I try to do things now that will help me in the future. (i.e.–family time, watching my weight, bible studies)

    good question…i’m loving reading the responses!

  15. 765
    Beth, Birmingham says:

    Motivates – sorry to say is Pressure.

  16. 766
    Vickie says:

    Desire to please God, knowing that I am either serving Him or Satan. It’s usually a fine line.

  17. 767
    Karen says:

    Unfortunately, emotional pain……

    it caused me to seek quality Christian therapy and do the hard work required…..but it’s made all the difference in my life!

    • 767.1
      Patti says:

      Hi Karen,
      I’m still in the middle of doing the hard work of cooperating with God in the process of emotional healing, so your comment resonated.

  18. 768
    michelleIL says:

    Deadlines and grades!

  19. 769
    Cheryl says:


  20. 770
    Crystal says:

    Being great enough….not good but great……it is a horrible motivator….exhausting.The deception in all of the greatness is it packaged everso neatly that I did not notice that was driving me until recently.Great wife, great mom, great teacher, great Jesus Girl, great friend….you name it and I have tried endlessly to become “Great at it”. Wish I had more of a Christ like answer but, unfortunately that is the truth.

  21. 771
    Pam Crawford says:

    Okay – I’m gonna be totally honest here. I think my best motivator to make real change is pure FEAR!
    Like when I am faced with the possibility that if I don’t change this behavior – THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ME or to my family. OR… That could have been really bad! I will never do that again! Not a very “spiritual” answer but it’s the truth!
    I love you Beth!!!!!

  22. 772
    Patti says:

    My late father was a diabetic, who in his last days on this side of eternity suffered from kidney and heart disease. In the early part of 2009 when his health began to decline at a rapid clip, I remember standing beside the bed of my once “strong and able to do anything” Daddy, and thinking, if there is not a change in these life-long poor eating habits, that will be me in twenty years. My dad’s suffering ended when Jesus called him home on December 5 of that same year. I have never looked at how I feed this, my Temple of the Holy Spirit the same. Who knew this former junk food addict would be passionate about good nutrition as a part Christ-centered living? We are stewards of this tent of flesh that has been given to us by God for our use while we’re on this side of eternity. Some of you are probably thinking, “she quit preaching and went to meddling,” so I’ll stop now and wish all of you a blessed day.
    By His Spirit,
    Patti Hayes

    PS: Jesus knew!

    • 772.1
      Patti says:

      The question in the above comment should read, “Who knew this former junk food addict would be passionate about good nutrition as a part of Christ-centered living?”

      I left out a word and didn’t know any other way to edit my comment, and though I am a recovering perfectionist and should be able to let it go, I tried, but I couldn’t do it.
      Love to all of you,

    • 772.2
      Cindy says:

      I don’t know you but your message was written so beautifully and I can see the miracle you are speaking about that Christ has done in your life. You go girl! I am so proud of you. And more importantly so is our Lord! To Him be all the glory! 🙂 Cindy

  23. 773
    Sarah says:

    The catalyst? I guess anxiety/lack of peace and or confusion. The motivator? The Lord typically uses words of wisdom/encouragement/exhortation/affirmation from my godly mother or close friends/prayer partners. I have to “talk it out” or write it out via e-mails or chatting.

  24. 774
    Victoria, Knoxville TN says:

    Accountability and sometimes fear.

  25. 775
    Cindy says:

    -of accomplishments (seeing children happy or excel, a good workout,completing tasks
    -of pleasing others
    -feeling closer to God

  26. 776
    Christie says:

    Christie Cheyenne WY
    PAIN Pure and simple.

  27. 777
    Pouneh says:

    Honestly, Beth, the Holy Spirit will absolutely NOT leave me alone until I go ahead with whatever I am supposed to do. All of a sudden, people are talking about it, movies are showing it, books are being written on it, billboards are posting it; you name it, it’s coming at me. So what motivates me? The desire to have peace which I’ve learned will not come until I’ve obeyed!

  28. 778
    Amy says:

    Obedience. Not wanting to grieve the Holy Spirit. He is trustworthy!

  29. 779
    Ann, Prior Lake, MN says:

    At work: Deadlines
    At home: Company coming over
    In general: Needs of others, Being inspired by example of others, and the excitement of times when I KNOW the Holy Spirit is stirring something within me…

  30. 780
    To Know Him says:

    On the negative side, guilt and fear…

    On the positive side, encouragement and love

  31. 781
    Laura says:

    I am most motivated as I take a real look at the real me and all my sins, then remembering God loves me as I am. When I have the courage to see myself as I am, I come to the point where I realize I need God to be a Christ-centered, successful, loving, healthy person pure and simple. I stop and think about what my will gets me and admit it’s nowhere I want to be as I look back on my choices and those consequences. I then feel empowered to leave my will behind and I am motivated to submit to His will as I recognize it truly is what is best. When I keep my eyes on Jesus I am a person who reflects joy, peace, faith and with His help still be who I really am imperfect, not the perfect person I sometimes wish I was. I am finding this idea of a perfect person isn’t really who I want to be anyway. I praise God that I am His daughter and He knows I’m flawed and just wants me to depend on and trust Him. What a glorious God we serve! He is Mighty and Worthy of Praise!!!

  32. 782
    Cindy says:

    Pain – in one form or another. Either boredom or intolerable work situation, physical ailment, relationship. I am NOT a fan of change and need some kind of dynamite to motivate me. Once I read the hint (thanks for that Beth), the answer came instantly and in one word. I wish it were different but there you have it.

  33. 783
    Ruth says:

    The Holy Spirit

  34. 784
    Alison says:

    I’m a survivor of childhood cancer. That has caused some deep seeded issues of the fear losing a loved one (to anything, not just cancer)- in present times, my husband or either of my two children. My oldest daughter will soon be the age I was when I was diagnosed, and I am petrified. It’s like without intentionally doing so, I assume history will be repeated I know that doesn’t make a lick of sense, but He is using that right now to rely on Him alone.

  35. 785
    Docena says:

    Discipline & self-control — my lack of them, my desire for them, and the example I see in the Word of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  36. 786
    Pat says:

    A systematic program/discipline/habit made up by someone else–for example: the LPM siestas scripture memory is yours (now mine) way to success in scripture memory. Thank you!!! It is benefitting me tremendously!

  37. 787
    Barbara says:

    Unforunately, my biggest motivator is a negative… GUILT.
    I will never understand why there are the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ or the fortunate and the unfortunate.
    In the big picture, I consider myself in the ‘haves’ and fortunate categories. Not that my life has been without trials – it hasn’t. But I feel guilty everyday b/c I am blessed to have my health, a good job that provides for my physical needs and I thank God everyday. But it doesn’t alleviate the guilt I feel even though I give back through many ways, church, organization, etc. – it’s still there. Maybe God is trying to tell me something?

  38. 788
    Mary says:

    What motivates me is….
    a little bit of victory.
    I need to know yesterday’s walk of faith has led to today’s bit of victory.

  39. 789
    Lynn says:

    When I think about where I used to be and how I felt when I was there (before I was born again in Christ), it motivates me to be strong and persevere through the trails. I am NEVER goin’ back…AMEN

  40. 790
    Erika Nall says:

    Fear. I think fear has been used as a postitive motivator and healthy emotional response to make substantial and lasting changes in my life.

  41. 791
    shannon says:

    You asked us to be honest, right? Here goes. Of course I am motivated by a gazillion positive things (love, respect, joy, self discipline, success, etc). HOWEVER, if you really want the nitty-gritty-way-down-deep-in-the-secret-shadows answer, it’s that I really just don’t want to deal with the headache of not meeting expectations. Completely selfishly, I prefer to do better than expected so that I don’t have to be confronted by the disappointment of others and hear the litany of opinions. For example, I love my man and want him to be happy, but frequently I do the dishes just to keep him from grumbling about them. I know this is terrible, and I am ashamed to even post this, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one with hidden motivators that aren’t very pretty.

  42. 792
    Robin says:

    of my action or inaction,
    of being in step with the Spirit,
    or tripping around on my own.

  43. 793

    I have a very phlegmatic disposition. I dislike drama, and I certainly don’t like anxiety and worry. I like life to roll along smoothly. So, I’ll get my act together when I know that something is going to save me stress and worry later on. Security and stability are things I highly value.

  44. 794
    Brenda says:

    pressure, deadline, crisis
    When the adrenaline is flowing–

  45. 795
    Valerie says:

    My children! As the mother of three girls, I find myself motivated to do the very best I can in all area of my life so I can be a good role model to them.

  46. 796
    Adrienne says:

    Unfortunately, I am a people pleaser although over the past year or so I’ve gotten to be less of one. But I must say that what motivates me is what others think of me. Whether it’s good or bad, I want people to be pleased with what I offer, what I do, how I worship. Deep down, I know it doesn’t matter what others think of me, it only matters whether the Lord is pleased with me, but since we’re being honest, that’s my motivation.

  47. 797
    Debbie says:

    Discipline to a life that the Holy Spirit is leading me toward which is often sacrificial but more rewarding than relying on self.

  48. 798
    Debra says:

    Desperate need to feel needed???
    Sheer determination

  49. 799
    Dawn says:


  50. 800
    dani says:

    When it comes to being obedient – The Holy Spirit just won’t leave me alone when He’s asking me to do something. When it comes to laundry, cleaning the house, etc – I hate to say it, the only thing that motivates me is a deadline…

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