Urgent Siesta Prayer Request

My Dear Ladies,

It has been *so* long since I have written on this blog. WOW. Things have been so busy at work and around the Fitzpatrick house but today I got some news that compelled me to get on the blog immediately. Joanne Heim, a dear siesta, suffered a stroke this morning. She is the thirty-eight year old wife of Toben and mother of Audrey (12) and Emma (9). Some of you around here may know her as the Simple Wife. Joanne has inspired me countless times with her witty and profound comments. She is a brilliant student of Scripture, an amazingly devoted wife, and a fun and creative Mom. The last time I heard from her she told me that she was teaching her girls Greek. My heart was pierced when I heard the news a few hours ago and I have not been able to get the Heims out of my mind. Please hear me when I say that I know nothing except that Joanne has been in surgery, they located a blood clot, and she is out of surgery. I have been stalking news about her on Twitter, and apparently she is still sleeping but has been responsive by squeezing her husband’s hand.  The family will not know anything substantial until she wakes up.  I am not an authority on what is going on as I have very few details (and the ones I do have are from Twitter!), but Mom, Amanda and I do want to invite you to pray for our dear sister Joanne. If you feel inclined, please use the comments on this post as prayers for Joanne and family.  We have been told that there is a call to prayer tonight at 6:00 CST. Check Twitter (@joanneheim/#prayingforjoanne) because the last we heard, they were going to try to Skype. No matter when, no matter where, let us all join together and pray for all things concerning the Heim family.

Love to you all,



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  1. 251
    Redeemed says:

    Father God,
    You are ALL ABOUT healing. You are ALL ABOUT restoration. We come to You, Your Children, on behalf of our Siesta Joanne and her family. Although some of us have never met face to face, YOU are our common bond – our common love – our common Spirit. You have knit us together in this most unlikely of arenas and caused us to love each other and lift each other up. Thank You for that.

    We, all of us, hold our Siesta Joanne up before You and ask for a miracle of healing. We ask for extra abundant measures of grace and comfort over her family. You have commanded us to fear ONLY YOU in this life, NOTHING ELSE. We ask that you keep a spirit of fear and anxiety away from her husband and children, that You speak to them with tender assurances that all is in Your Hands.

    Please, Father, help us in our times of weakness. Help our Sister Joanne to heal and recover. Be with her doctors who are ministering to her – give them supernatural discernment and abilities today.

    Thank You for this day. Thank You for this community of sisters who look to You. Thank You for the Unity we have here. Thank You for JESUS, and it is through His powerful, peaceful, healing Name that we pray.

    Amen and amen.

  2. 252
    peggy says:

    Father God,

    I come to you now with such gratitude that You are the Great Physician and healer. I am lifting up to you at this moment my sister in You, Joanne and her precious family and countless friends. Lord, You are in complete control – may Joanne and her family feel your presence this very moment, and in the days to come. Guide the hands and minds of those providing her care, may they also feel your presence and follow your lead. I pray for total and complete healing for Joanne and a peace for the family surrounding her. I love you, oh my God and King.

  3. 253
    MK (go-between) says:

    Praying and following through twitter.
    Dear Lord, We know that you are the great Healer, please heal Joanne. Bring restitution to every area to her brain. Please comfort her dear family, in ways only You can. Thank you for Your love that is pouring out to the whole family.
    In Jesus name,

  4. 254
    Martha Lee Burchers says:

    Dear God,
    Please be with Joanne and her family through this hard time. Guide the doctors and give her complete healing.

    In Jesus name,

  5. 255
    Bobbie Jo says:

    OH my-I didn’t get to read my blogs yesterday so I am just finding this out now. I love reading her blog & feel as if we are friends. I will be lifting them up in prayer right now.

  6. 256
    lara says:

    Not sure if you know this but here is a blog from a friend of hers who is keeping updates posted. She still needs prayers. Still very serious concerns.


  7. 257
    Bev says:

    Heavenly Father, thank You for hearing the prayers of all these siesta sisters-in-Christ. We intrust Joanne to Your care and we thank You for the medical staff taking care of her. Infuse divine power upon all of them as they continue to care for her and work as Your hands. Comfort her family and prepare them as each new day unfolds. Surround Joanne with Your holy angels and keep all evil from her. In His Blessed Name, amen.

  8. 258
    Delora says:

    Claiming Psalms 46 as they asked us to do. Be still and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world. The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here among us; the God of Israel is our fortress. We believe God is who he says he is and can do what he says he can do. My prayers and thoughts are with you all!

  9. 259
    Robin in New Jersey says:

    So very sad. I just saw over at her blog that she has taken a turn for the worse. Praying for her.

  10. 260
    Denise says:

    Father, We are coming before your throne, Your mercy seat and asking for a complete healing on this wife and mother. Father we know you are able we are asking that this be according to Your will for their family. Strengthen her family and they are anxious and waiting. Help them to lean fully on You. Carry them with your mighty hand.

  11. 261
    lynn at Barksdale Air Force Base, LA says:

    Oh Lord, I humbly stand in awe of your power to heal and lift up the Heim family to you. I pray for their breaking hearts as they await news of their wife and mother. I also lift up other family members who are in horrid grief. Lord, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I pray for the doctors, the nurses and staff who are in the room that they will hear your name uttered and know that something divine is present. I pray for all those who are able to help the family. I pray for them to have strength and encouragement so the Heim family will have the support system they need. Oh Lord, thank you for hearing our prayers, I am humbled that we can come to you OVER and OVER and again and again. I will never forget Melissa saying, “He knows it’s scary to be us.” We do get scared, Lord, and we humbly thank you as you NEVER leave us!!! AMEN.

  12. 262
    Casimir Zigulis says:

    Dear Melissa, I enjoy listen to Beth Moore and I’m sure that her views listen to her as well and can you send me a email To:[email protected] so that Beth can send me scripture from the Bible. Thank You, Casimir Zigulis

  13. 263
    LaRee says:

    Heavenly Father,

    One of our sisters and her family are in dire need of your intervention Lord. I pray healing and full recovery over Joanne. Father fill her family and friends with the comfort only you can provide. Your word tells us you ARE a mighty healer, may we boldly ask for that healing for Joanne.

    In Jesus name,

  14. 264
    Robbie says:


  15. 265
    Joyce Watson says:

    This is an up-date from facebook:
    From: Vicki Courtney
    Please continue praying for Joanne Heim. Just saw the latest update from her husband: “Out of surgery. Lots of brain trauma including to her brain stem. Please pray that she wakes up.” Joanne suffered a stroke yesterday. She is 38, married, and has two girls ages 12 and 9. Thank you for praying!

  16. 266
    Mary Watkins says:

    Has there been any news regarding Siesta Joanne?

  17. 267
    Sandy says:

    To Melissa, This is so awesome that you did post this and your wonderful description of Joanne, so that this community could come together as one to pray as we do.

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I Praise you for being in control. I Praise you for caring so much for Joanne and her family. I Praise you because when we don’t know what to say, you hear us anyway!
    Dear Lord, I Repent of any thing that is standing between us.
    I Acknowledge that You are in complete control of everything and you have a plan for Joanne.
    I Intercede to You for Joanne and her family, by claiming Psalm 46 with them.
    You are their refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
    Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and hte mountains quake with their surging.

    The Lord Almighty is with us;
    the God of Jacob is our fortress.
    We are being still at this moment,on behalf of Joanne’s family, and knowing that You are God:
    We pray that You will be glorified through this.

    Thank you, God, for hearing our prayers!

  18. 268
    Dee Niedzielski says:

    Dear Lord, We lift up our sister Joanne to you for complete healing and restoration of her heart and body. We love you and praise you, Lord and trust our sister in your healing hands.

  19. 269
    Kristin Takemoto says:

    Lord, Heal. Be their refuge and strength, an ever-present help. Praying Psalm 46. We boldly go before your throne on our knees for Joanne.

  20. 270
    Leona says:

    May God powerfully bless Joanne and her family at this time and always,may He bring healing to her and help her put this behind her.May she have a beautiful testimony on how God helped her out of this.God bless you!

  21. 271
    JLI says:

    Oh Father, how we praise You for Your enduring love and infinite wisdom! While we cannot possibly understand the purpose in Joanne’s current condition, we humbly pray that Your will be done and that Your glory be seen by all. We are so thankful that you comfort us in our times of great need. May we stand on Your promises and cling unceasingly to the hope of Your word! We know that you are in the very midst of Your dear child, Joanne and as Your word says, she will NOT be moved. You ARE her help in time of trouble! All praise and glory to You, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

    To the family – oh, how we as the body of Christ, ache for you right now! We can only imagine the anxiety and concern you must be feeling for this special woman you love and cherish, but know that you are all lifted right up to the Throne of Grace at this very moment and you are deeply loved.

  22. 272
    Lorie says:

    Any update, please.

  23. 273
    Pam Houston says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    We cry out to You on behalf of Joanne and the whole Heim family…and we are believing You as a company of believers and fellow siestas and boldly we are coming before Your throne of grace to ask for mercy and grace to help in time of need. May we pray prayers that availeth much, knowing You watch over Your Word to perform it. We know Joanne as “The Simple Wife” and we know she is gifted by You to walk in simplicity and in truth. Father we know by the authority of Your Word that You are a God of miracles and this is not too hard for You, wonder-working God that You are. Heavenly Father, we pray for born-again, Spirit filled people to be laborers around Joanne, with doctors, nurses, orderlies and attendants being sensitive and aware of Your directions in her time of need, as they are ministers of righteousness for her sake. May they be Your hands extended, and we pray they will be filled with Your wisdom and revelation knowledge concerning her care and keeping. We believe that after this test, Joanne will come forth as gold with a powerful test-timony of her One and Only, God of restoration, the LORD Jesus Christ. Nothing is too hard for You, nothing is impossible for You. We pray for more intercessors to stand with us. Let our prayers arise as incense before You, yes, even a sweet fragrance to You. We praise You LORD for providing the necessary help and assistance to beloved Joanne and her family and loved ones in their time of need, and for Your promise of deliverance according to Psalms 40. May loves affliction serve a divine purpose and powerful restoration and we ask it in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.”
    (Praise God Melissa for your faith and sensitivity to allow us to come together in one accord on behalf of one of our “own” siestas, that we might see God “show up and show off” as your own dear mother has taught us!)
    Lovingly in Christ,
    Pam H.
    Buena Park, CA

  24. 274
    Vickie says:

    Gracious Lord,

    I cry out to you on behalf of this family….you hear all our cries…..please Father, do a mighty work in Jesus name….alway,in Jesus name.

  25. 275
    Courtney says:

    Praying quick mercy and healing

  26. 276
    Elizabeth says:

    Praying now sweet sister!

  27. 277
    Sharon says:

    Just got on and I read and prayed with all of you. I prayed your prayers over as they are such good prayers. PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE HEALING!!!!

  28. 278
    Shana H. says:

    We have been in prayer for Joanne all day today…

  29. 279
    Joani says:

    She and her family are in my prayers! I don’t even know her but I am in tears reading the Twitter posts. I strongly dislike the pain in this world. I am so sad for her and her family.

  30. 280
    shaminder says:


    Father God, I lift up Joanne Heim upto you in prayer. Lord, you are the Great Physician, and Lord you know her fully and the current situation she is in.
    LORD reach out your righteous right hand and bring healing uopn her body. Please strengthen her family and fill them with your peace.
    In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray, Amen.

  31. 281
    Melody says:

    Father, your eye is on Joanne right now and I praise you that you are fully aware of her health needs. We ask that you begin a complete and full recovery inside her body. For the Doctor’s to give precise care and know the right treatment plan. For the family to be comforted in this time. The children to trust you and to have peace that you are caring for and have a perfect plan for their Mom. Would you bring back movement in Joanne’s body and let her have full recall and memory in time. Attend to her with your angels of mercy. And thank you Father for hearing the prayer of the many here who have never met this woman but is part of a community of Christ. What an amazing picture of the Body of Christ. Thank you for designing it that way. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

  32. 282
    Jane Wood says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. I just got home. 7:48pm CST I am fasting and praying for you and your family!
    My dear Siesta sister remember you are loved and you are not alone!! All of us are praying for you! Our heart-to-heart sisters in Shawnee OK are praying as well! please keep us posted! We are expecting a miracle!!

  33. 283
    Michelle R says:

    Dear Joanne,
    I pray that with every day God will strengthen you and make you keep fighting through tough time. I have been walking along a close friend who has had a stroke as well, and I know the days can seem so long…but what you have is something that she doesn’t, Our Father in heaven. God can move mountains.
    I pray that his arms are wrapped around you sooo tightly through this whole journey, and I believe this WILL be a journey for you. I pray that God will bring you peace and calmness as the process of healing begins. I also pray that you are comforted knowing you have tons of sisters in Christ who may not even know you praying each day for you recovery. Keep on pushing through this…there is nothing in your way. You are a warrior for Christ, and will be an inspiration to many.
    Be Blessed.
    Michelle <

  34. 284
    MamaJack says:

    Daddy, I come asking for You to work a miracle in the lives of Joannie and her family as well as those they are touching in the hospital and as the days come may Your strength and purpose give peace and comfort. May the only memories her sweet children have are one of peace and comfort knowing that You are with them and holding them and Joannie. You work all things out for good and shape our lives through trials and give hope through these difficult days. You are the one with the answer, knowing the future, and are so powerful with a tender touch. May You today make a marker of hope, joy, and love during difficult times because that is what You are and You are all we need. May Your light shine brightly for others to see as many will be touched as we are expecting a miracle. You are able and we trust You. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!!

  35. 285
    beccaB says:

    I do not know this sweet woman, but I have been following her blog. I am from Dallas Texas and have been storming the throne of God on her behalf. God is our almighty physician and we put out hope in HIM.
    “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is work within us.” -Ephesians 3:20

  36. 286
    Susan says:

    Heavenly Father, I join the many, many voices praying for our sister, Joanne, and asking for Your Mighty Healing Hand to be at work. We know that You are Healer and Restorer. Please be so very near this family and let them feel Your love and the love that you have put in this group of sisters in Christ.

  37. 287
    BethPAtl says:

    Lord, I fervently pray that you will bring complete healing to Joanne, that she will grow to old age, all the while testifying of Your great love for her and for us all – and for Your great, miraculous healing power. And, Father, that we will all be changed by this experience. Thank you for Joanne’s leadership and example in memorizing Scripture and teaching it to her children. May we all be motivated to hide Your Word in our hearts and our family’s for such times as these. In Jesus’ precious name, I believe…

  38. 288
    Angela says:

    Lord, We thank You for being the same yesterday today and forever. We lift up Joanne and her family right now. They need You more than ever. Comfort them, let them feel Your presence now in the name of Jesus. Touch Joanne. Heal her. We thank You for the victory!

    In Your precious name, Amen

  39. 289
    Leah says:

    Praying right now, Melissa. I’m so glad we have this sweet community of prayer for each other. Romans 15:13

  40. 290
    Margie says:

    How right and good it is to use this common ground we have as siestas to allow us the enormous privilege of praying together for this precious family. 9 years ago, my mom suffered a massive stroke and I was the one to find her on the floor. We had people across the country and in many countries around the world on their knees for us and I will never forget the stunning reminder of that power when even the doctors acknowledged that “something” must be real about prayer.

    I don’t remember if it was Melissa or Amanda who’d said to Beth that “God knows it’s scary to be us”. Now is certainly one of those times.

    Praying for much grace and strength for the family….. like none they’ve ever known.

  41. 291
    Paula in KY says:

    Holy God, please come in the mighty way that only You can to Joanne and her family. In Jesus Powerful and Magestic Name. Amen

  42. 292
    Denise says:

    Praying for Joanne!

  43. 293
    Renita says:

    Gracious Heavenly Father we know that there are no mistakes in your world and you use all things for your glory. As this dear siesta and her family are going through we ask that you comfort them with your Holy Spirit Father God. Grant them the strength needed to endure this time Father God we ask that whatever your will you bind this family to Your heart, let them feel your presence and experience the manifestation of your power. In Jesus Holy, Healing and Precious name. Amen

  44. 294
    Kerri says:

    O Lord, we pray for Your comfort and protection for Joanne and her family this very hour. You alone can saturate their hearts and minds and bring calm and confidence…please let them feel Your tangible presence as You work all things out for their good. We love and trust You, Abba!

  45. 295
    ginny says:

    Oh, Lord…you will just not let me rest over this precious sister of ours…may You display Your Glory beyond measure in this circumstance…bowl us over with it, Lord!! We beg of you…in Jesus precious name.

  46. 296
    Eposi says:

    Mercy, Lord Jesus, mercy!

  47. 297
    jackie says:

    Abba Father,
    i pray tonight that your will would be done in a mighty way. that your glory would shine over Joanne’s situation….over her life and her daughters and her husband loving friends. Jesus, i can’t think of anything more exciting than finally meeting you, so i pray that if it’s your will that happen,that you would be merciful and take joanne home to be with you quickly. if not, Lord, i pray that her healing will be quick and complete. all for your Names Sake, Jesus. all glory be to you.

  48. 298
    Patty says:

    praying for this young lady. It brought tears to my eyes to know what she has gone through at such a young age. And to have children. Praying that God answers the prayers for Joanne to heal in a way that this family can be together again as 1.

  49. 299
    Nancy says:

    A difficult journey is being recorded by Joanne’s family. We lift Joanne and the entire family up in prayer. Ps. 46:10

  50. 300
    Gail says:

    Dear Father, I praise you because you are Jehovah Rapha, the God Who Heals. You raised the dead, you give life! And I know that if it is Your will, You can and You will raise this dear sister, mother, wife, friend back to fulness of life! I pray that now for her! I pray that now for her children and their father. You are all powerful. Show Your power here, Lord! I thank You, Father, that we don’t have to bring our sick physically to You on stretchers, across miles, through mobs of people, just to get a glimpse of You. I thank You, Father, that we can come to You from where we are, and we can lift someone up to You from where they are, and You see and You hear, and we hear from You! Thank You, Father! In Your Son’s precious name, Jesus, I pray it all. Amen

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