Talk To Me Tuesday: Topic 3!

Good morning, my favorite blog community! I was so thrilled to hug the necks of about 50 of you Siestas at the Spokane LPL. You can rest assured you are this teacher’s pets. Thank you so much for your participation here and for your genuine warmth when I get to meet you face to face. Your sincerity and reciprocal love comes across and makes me think again and again how God has blessed us here with something unusual and maybe not all together explainable. He’s so gracious and He meets our needs in all sorts of unexpected ways.

I have LOVED our Talk to Me Tuesdays! This topic ought to be fun, too. In fact, I might especially like this one since I am one who has often fallen victim to the malady that we are about to spotlight. Talk to me about a time your mouth got you in trouble. (Believe it or not, all of these have ties to the James study, whether subtle or outright.)

Ground rules:

*Keep it clean. Of course. In other words, if your mouth got you in trouble with profanity, please refrain from sharing it. Grin.

*If it involves someone else (and the nature of it means that it usually does) either don’t identify the other person(s) involved or make sure it’s fine with them for you to share it.

LET’S HEAR IT! I’m already smiling. Maybe that’s because misery loves company.

Lastly, you Houston area girls come to Living Proof Bible Study tonight if you can and help me welcome that darling young thing, Sarah Reeves, as our vocalist and worship leader for this event. Let’s make her so glad she came to serve us. We’ll also wrap up our series on Imago Dei and I’ll actually try to have more than one point we “get.” God help me. This session is very applicable and, if you haven’t attended either of the other two sessions, it would stand on it’s own. If you’ve never even come before on a Tuesday night, I think you’d get a word from the lesson. He’s spoken loud and clear to me even just this morning. May He be glorified.

I love loving Jesus with you, Siestas. Let’s press on toward the goal. He’ll be standing at the finish line.


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  1. 301
    Katie says:

    My mouth has gotten me into trouble more times than I would like to admit and in many different ways. One thing I really struggle with is interupting people. I get so excited about sharing my thoughts and opinions that I just begin talking over the person talking at the time. It is really rude! It is almost like I think what I have to say is more important that what they are saying or if I don’t share my thoughts NOW, I won’t ever get a chance. Later, after I have gone home and am lying in bed, I re-live the scenario over and over again in my mind. I feel bad about it and I worry about what people are thinking about me. I am aware of this behavior and I am hoping that I can one day break this bad habit.

    • 301.1
      heather says:

      Katie…I often do this same thing. I re live the scenerio as well and get so annoyed with myself. I wish I would “catch” myself more and real in my annoying tongue.

    • 301.2
      Terry says:

      Katie, you are not alone! I have always struggled with this. In part, it is because I am an extrovert and I do most of my thinking/processing aloud. I know it is wise to think something through before speaking, but it is not my personality to do so.
      Thankfully, my husband and 2 sons jump all over me when I interrupt them, so they have done a great job of making me aware of this bad habit. I find I’ve gotten better with age, but there are still times I give myself a silent kick for having spoken out of turn.

      Don’t be too hard on yourself; recognizing and admitting we are wrong about something is the first step toward change. I pray the Lord will give us wisdom and insight, and equip us to take the next step toward overcoming this rude behavior.

      The Golden Rule just came to mind. Maybe the Lord is reminding me that if I would just remember to treat others the way I want to be treated, I wouldn’t interrupt! πŸ™‚

    • 301.3

      I have the same problem and have to try to remember that if I don’t get to share my thoughts is it really that big a deal? Everybody can’t share all their thoughts or we’ll never get anywhere! I love to talk and get very excited too. I have good friends and my husband who constantly let me know when I’m interrupting again. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with this problem! I’m working on it! I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll pray for you and you pray for me, okay. I’m writing your name on my prayer list with a brief note about this right now.

    • 301.4
      Jenny says:

      Katie- I do the same thing too and kick myself every time. I’m a quiet person and enjoy listening to other people talk but once in awhile something will just bubble up that I MUST say NOW. Too often, it comes out as an interruption. I feel most terrible when I realize I’ve interrupted another quiet person. I’ve been asking the Lord to help me with my timing. Because on the flip-side, I do need to learn to express and share myself with others. Hang in there….He’s not finished with us yet! PTL!! πŸ™‚

  2. 302
    Holly says:

    My mouth gets me into trouble daily. I’m one of those that people might say has no filters. I especially lack self-control with my words in my marriage. I say the thing I reeeeeeally want to get out on the table, then instantly regret. You know what I mean? Those mean words that sound real good in my head, but as soon as they become a spoken word, I wish I’d held back. I am prayerfully committing this disability of mine to the Lord. I do NOT like my unfiltered mouth.

  3. 303
    Emily says:

    I have often said that the valve between my brain and my mouth is permanently stuck on “open” and that’s why whatever pops into my head seems to come out of my mouth. It is amazing how deftly I sweep away that still, small voice nudging me to silence. In fact, throughout my youth, my mother would recall the prescient words of my kindergarten principal, “Her mouth will get her in trouble.”

    So, like many of my siestas here, I find recalling one instance where my mouth DIDN’T get me in trouble far easier than when it did. And I don’t want to recall them, to be honest, because I don’t want to feel that adrenaline rush of embarrassment and shame for yet another sin covered in the Blood and especially when I know another opportunity for repentance is coming or just arrived. These are not the cute slips of an unintended double entendre or cultural faux paus (of which are legion). These are truly that brackish water that spits forth where sweet water should flow. Here I am again on my face, Lord!

    I love James and James 3, in particular, primarily because it constantly challenges me to acknowledge my sinfulness so that I can grasp the feet of Jesus to receive grace and mercy to become the woman of God Christ calls me to be.

  4. 304
    Pamela says:

    When I was a teenager, my father told me when my mouth opens, my brain disengages. Now that I am 62 years old, I have a bit more control over the connection between brain and mouth! But not always . . . Love you Beth!!

  5. 305
    Kim says:

    Ok I am going to try this again. The first time my Internet access went haywire. That was yesterday and I figured I was suppose to share the story I did. So I decide to wait a bit to make sure it really didn’t go through. Wow, sorry I am so wordy today. To get on with my story. I was on my way to a woman of faith conference in Glendale, Az. We were going early so we could hear you speak. Anyway, on our way there I suggested we eat at olive garden and they all decided they did not want to go there. I can’t remember why, I think it was because they did not think we had time for a sit down meal. Well one of the ladies( whom I already had a strained relationship with at the time.) said something about macaroni grill. Now I never, ever state my opinion about restaurants nor do I ever say where I want to go, but I blurted out that I hated Macaroni Grill in a very force full manner. I was as shocked by my response and she was. She let me know that I had crossed the line. I felt so bad and tried to back peddle, but was not able to repair the situation. So I just apologized. I seem to find myself trying to back peddle more often than not. Oh the tongue can be such a problem.

  6. 306
    carol says:

    I’ve got so many but one of my ‘great’ blunders took place after a woman’s meeting when I had encouraged the women to find a place to serve and plug in and get involved. I quoted an old quote: Everybody is somebody in God’s body. Afterward we had a fellowship lunch and one of the gals turned to me and said, “I know you know your job – you’re the associate pastor of the church.” We’re Southern Baptist and that is not even a role I would qualify for (being female) and I turned to her and said, “Friend, I am nobody in this church just like you!” I totally meant that I was a regular church member just like her – it just didn’t come out that way! Oops…

  7. 307
    valerie says:

    Oh Beth, when DOESN’T my mouth get me in trouble? *sigh* I think so often of your teaching in Believing God that God is far less likely to use our words powerfully if we have been using our mouths in ways that don’t honor Him. I am trying – TRYING – to learn to just! The most recent I can think of was when our PTA was getting things ready for the new school year, and our VP was decorating a bulletin board. I said, (being snarky) “Wow…that’s a lot of stuff.” She said yes, but we really wanted something to go with the school’s theme this year. Again, Ms. Snarky (me) – thinking someone else had designed the board and she was just putting it together – said, “Well, I’ve always been of the mind set that less is more.” I can’t remember her exact reply, but it clearly indicated that SHE had designed the board, not someone else. Ugh! It may not sound too bad, but believe me it was awful. And what makes it even worse is that I tend to do that sort of thing all.the.time…usually much worse. Oh Jesus, please help me.

  8. 308
    Ceffie says:

    I get myself in trouble with my mouth more than the hours I sleep in a night. My greatest problem is that I talk to much and while talking I say more than needs to be said. My daughter will be complaining about her husband and when I agree she goes into defensive mode and then I’m the one who is wrong. I pray every morning for a guard over my mouth and that I not speak useless words.

  9. 309
    Vicki says:

    This one makes me laugh. When I read your topic, my mind immediately went back to Sunday School in about the 5th grade. I was reading the Scripture passage (in the King James, of course), the word was “bullock” but I read it “buttock”. As the other kids were snickering and I realized my mistake, I just wanted to climb under the table. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t the least bit funny then.

    • 309.1
      Cynthia says:

      Oh Vicki…

      I can so relate. In fourth grade the teacher chose me to inspect the other students homework really just to ensure they had completed it. I pridefully walked around the room and stated, “I’m expecting” (rather than INspecting). Needless to say my pompous attitude turned quickly to embarrassment as the other students jumped on this error to humble my arrogance!

      Isn’t it amazing how decades later we still remember these humbling experiences!


  10. 310
    Laney says:

    I am cracking up just thinking about one time (there have been countless others)when my husband and I ran into a hearing impaired person from our church at the local Walmart. The hearing impaired guy was with his girlfriend who I thought was hearing impaired as well. So, as my husband began to talk to her I interrupted him to say “she can’t hear you”. Well, needless to say she could hear him and gave me back a “yes I can”. I just smiled and said I’m sorry and something about needing to get milk or something. I was so embarrassed.

  11. 311
    Elizabeth says:

    Oh, goodness. I’m afraid I open by big mouth every day. My husband and I tend to bicker and we both hate it. It’s over silly stuff, like when I asked him to turn on the light and he groaned. Silly, this habit we’re in.

    I have the kindest three year old boy with a true servant’s heart. I pray every day that I would do nothing to quell that gift from God. But…tonight, my boy said, “Daddy’s coming home? Guess it’s time to argue.”

    Oh, geez.

    With those words, the Lord showed me that bickering in my son’s presence is squashing that sweet, kind spirit.

    It distresses my sweet boy. It distresses my husband. It distresses me. AND it distresses the Holy Spirit.

    Gosh, a woman’s mouth is powerful.

  12. 312
    JM says:

    One day I was on a conference call at work using a head set when a coworker started asking me a question. In the midst of my answer, I started bashing a group of other coworkers and how stupid they were. My back was turned away from the computer screen where several coworkers on the call were trying to instant message me that I was NOT on MUTE! UGH!!! Needless to say, I was so embarrassed. Caught!

  13. 313
    Heather B says:

    I met some dear family members of my husband last year at his younger sisters wedding: his uncle, aunt and their adult children. We were seated with them at the dinner reception and they were excited to get to meet me in person for the first time. His uncle has been enduring a grim battle with cancer for several years with periodic radiation treatments that make him very sick. Its been so hard for their family to watch him go through it all. While we were chatting during dinner, the conversation turned to health and sugar. Someone mentioned that high fructose corn syrup is in so many products and how bad it is for your health and weight. I piped up and said, “Yeah, that stuff will kill ya!” And AS SOON as I said it, I was appalled and so sad at my complete lack of empathy. My husband didn’t think anyone noticed, but I was so aware of how he and his wife and kids must’ve felt knowing that he could pass away at anytime. I still feel mortified thinking of it over a year later!

    Generally speaking, I’m learning that is truly takes hard work and focus to keep my voice soft, my attitude glorifying, and my words encouraging day in and day out with my family. That is what I strive for daily, but lets just say I have to apologize often. Its so easy for me to get worn out with saying the same things over and over (nagging them) and then getting frustrated when they don’t seem to “hear” me.

  14. 314
    Paulette Chase says:

    It is so refreshing to read all these post. I am not the only one who has this problem. I love the comment about the value between your brain and your mouth being open all the time! I pray every morning before I even get out of bed that the Lord will help me guard my mouth. I fail to control it far to often.

  15. 315
    Tashi says:

    Hi LPM!

    On Tuesday night Bible Study we lifted up a precious lady, Carol Ann (sp?), whose husband was in a coma – do you have any word on how Justin is doing? I just wanted to see if there were any updates to be praying for and/or praises due the Father πŸ™‚


  16. 316
    KMSmom86 says:

    I learned a hard lesson several years ago. I gossiped about my next-door neighbor to her ex-daughter-in-law. They did not have a good relationship, and she agreed with everything I said. (My relationship with my neighbor was shaky as well.) However, she called her ex-sister-in-law and told her about our conversation. That woman called my neighbor, who confronted me about what I had said. She told me my Christian witness was fake and phony, and that she was very disappointed and hurt. I asked for her forgiveness, but our relationship was never the same again.

  17. 317
    Judy Anderson says:

    I just wanted to share a God Stop we had while in Spokane for this last weekend’s conference. Those women who prayed so hard for months before the event should get credit for asking God to delight us. My friend was checking into the Red Lion Inn at the Park and it seemed to take an unusually long time to get it done. Since I had arranged to pay for my friends room so she could come to the conference, I stepped up to the counter and asked if there was a problem I might help with.

    My friend seemed relieved I was there and smiled when she told me the young lady at the counter was just asking her just who is this Beth Moore that so many women are talking about. She couldn’t seem to get a satisfactory answer when she asked others. She heard that Beth Moore was a very inspirational speaker, but she wanted to know more. My friend and I sensed an opportunity to witness to her about the fact that yes, Beth is inspirational, but the reason is that she’s passionate about who she talks about…God!!

    The young lady said she was Catholic but they didn’t read the Bible at her church so she didn’t really know too much about God. Somehow in all the warm conversation she shared some major relationship problems with her mother that she wishes could be resolved. We told her since her first big question involved who Beth Moore was, we would get her a book to read. My friend had already told her before I walked up that she might want to get your “Breaking Free” book. I didn’t know that when I was prompted by the Spirit to suggest we might want to find a “Breaking Free” book. My friend and I were thrilled with the opportunity and that the Spirit helped us converse “as ONE” with her.

    We gifted her the next afternoon with that book we purchased at the conference, a Bible we found later at LifeWay Christian Book Store in Spokane, and the little booklet with Beth’s picture on it entitled “Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life”. We each wrote a little blessing in the front of the book and gave her our phone numbers if she would like to ask us anything. Please ask your team to pray for Marianne in Spokane that she will come to know and love Jesus.

    We had several other things in our group of 14 women from Hamilton, Montana, that showed us God wanted to surprise and delight us. God is good….all the time. Thanks for a great conference and thank that prayer team for us.

    Judy Anderson
    Hamilton, MT

    • 317.1
      KMac says:

      LOVE. THIS. Praying for Marianne!

    • 317.2
      Stephanie W says:

      Dear God, I praise your name, for Your impact is far reaching and that You have given us the gift of salvation so freely. Now, I lift Marianne in Spokane high before the throne of grace that she may continue to be impacted by You and will be saved by grace through faith and bring You so much glory. Bring water to that seed that has been planted by your servants Judy and her friend, and bless them greatly as they know they were used by You. Glory and honor dear Father are Yours alone. In the wondrous and holy name of Jesus our Savior, Amen!

    • 317.3
      Alexis LeBars says:

      I ask you… where is the like button? maybe in this case LOVE

    • 317.4
      Karene says:

      Thank you for sharing this divine appointment with us. I love how God brings people together! I will pray for Marianne too.

  18. 318
    Mary Vigil says:

    When hasn’t my mouth gotten me into trouble! I often find myself with my foot in my mouth, which leads me to justify my pedicures to my husband on a regular basis. Pretty toes are a must if you have your foot in your mouth as often as I do!

    Most recently, I found myself teaching the youth at our church and I happened to recount an occasion in which was perfectly acceptable for the topic at hand when I was studying prior to this lovely event, but literally, as I was speaking I could just hear the emails and phone calls coming my way… For those of you out there, the lyrics to the song “I like big butts and I cannot lie” is NOT an appropriate reference in terms of youth ministry. Save your self some emails and phone calls and pick a different song to reference!

  19. 319
    Pam says:

    The time that is still in my mind from many many years ago I was living in Englewood Calif. with new friends. We were going to airline school. One evening at supper we were talking about peoples names. Well I said the one name that really gets me is Claude, I think we were making fun of names. One of the girls said that is my Dads name. Foot in mouth !!! I never forgot that but I NEVER made fun of a name ever again. And there is nothing wrong with that name. We were just being dumb. A few years later turned out my Father in laws Dad’s name was Claude. God is good isn’t He. πŸ™‚
    Love you Beth

  20. 320
    Kristi says:

    It simply amazes me how much I don’t realize how much my mouth gets me into trouble. We have a 17 year old son who is very atuned to people. We’re sure God has given him this heart and we can’t wait to see what will happen in his future.(grin) However, he also quickly picks up on the little sighs and moans and groans that leak out of my mouth when “certain” people are knocking on my front door, or calling on the phone, etc. It apparently got so out of hand that one day he flat out told us he thought we were arrogant. I stopped dead in my tracks! Arrogant? Are you kidding?? I didn’t know whether to be angry or hurt. But I was crushed that my own son thought such a thing about me.
    Well, needless to say, we have put a lock on our lips! My husband and I are both hyper-aware of what we say, or what sounds comes out of our mouths in front of our children. We have a peaceful home and don’t struggle with unkind words between us. But we have become aware that even in private places, we need to control our tongues. And that includes sounds!
    Trust me, these kids are watching us! And I want to be a proper example to them.

  21. 321
    Amy says:

    If you have time to read this, brace yourself to feel embarrassed for me. I’m a photographer, so I’m accustomed to people being excited and calling/emailing to see when their pictures will arrive, as well as making many requests (can you move my head to another shot; remove my tattoo; make me tan; digitally put my husband’s pants on my son (I kid you not). Anyway, there was one particular woman–as dear as she is–who called me all…the…time. Even my husband was thinking, “What now?!” And then there was one particular night where I kind of, how shall I say it? Snapped.

    I was on the phone with a friend when you-know-who called me (again), so I got off the phone with my friend to take her call. Then, I promptly called my friend back to finish our conversation. She didn’t answer, so I left a message. I remember thinking, “Weird. She doesn’t have a pre-recorded voicemail message anymore” (it was the automated one), but I left the message anyway, to the tune of: “I’m sorry I had to jump off the phone, but there’s this one lady who calls me all the time about her pictures, and I’m like, ‘seriously! I will CALL you when they come in! I promise! You can stop calling me now!'” and possibly just a few words more, but it’s all white noise now. You see, I had accidentally dialed the number at the top of my call history on my cell phone. And you know what that means.

    And yes, this dear woman promptly called ME back. (Were it not for grace, my stomach would be churning and my face burning more than it already is as I write this.) She was so gracious when I didn’t deserve it. I apologized profusely and told her there was no excuse for the way I talked. I told my husband what I had done, and then I called her back (who’s the stalker NOW?!) to apologize again! Can you believe what she said to me?! “I’ve forgiven you. You have to forgive yourself now.” The nerve! I needed more time to punish myself and wallow in remorse. It took a really long time, and sometimes I still struggle with that moment (and many others), but I finally let it go. *sigh.*

    Ah, thank you, Jesus, for teachable moments.

  22. 322
    Sharon says:

    This happened many years ago I hadnt thought about it for many years. My friend/neighbor were outside talking when her 4 year old son picked up gravel/stones and threw them hitting me in the face I blurted out, β€œyou little bratβ€œ needless to say our friendship ended that moment. I regret opening my mouth, hurting my friend. I am not that person, thank the LORD.

  23. 323
    Gwen says:

    In elementary school, my friend and I really liked one of our 4th grade teachers who also went to our church. In school we called him Mr. so and so, but in private in long phone conversations we always said his first name with a y added to his name. As I saw him one day as a greeter at church, He said “Hi to me with my name, and I responded accordingly by saying his first name the way my friend and I always called him. He was both flattered and embarrassed at the same time. I could not look at him straight in the eyes for the rest of the school year.

  24. 324
    Ruth from North Idaho says:

    Loved seeing you and ‘hugging your neck’ in Spokane, Beth. It was a blessing and a joy!

    As I read the other entries, I wish I could think of something funny to say, and I have certainly made many hilarious word-mistakes in my life like the ones I’ve read above. But what comes to mind, are words I wish had never been said.

    I wish some of the words that have left my heart/mouth and destroyed little pieces of my husband’s spirit over these 42 years of our marriage had never been said. Trusting God that He will redeem those words set on fire by hell, as James says. Thanking God for that fountain of ‘fresh water’ available to me every day, and wanting only it to ‘flow forth from my spring’! Looking forward to your thoughts on this in the James study.

    Bless you, dear mentor/teacher…10 years younger than I!

    • 324.1
      Sarah Pearson says:

      This comment speaks volumes to me. Thank you for finding that in your heart-it was used by God to shine on the sin in my own heart and tongue. My husband and I have only been married 11 years, but I want it to last 50 more and if I don’t give control over to God with my tongue, we won’t make it 12. Thanks again, Sarah

  25. 325
    Karen says:

    Worst time ever….my grandparents were visiting and my best friends mom wanted me to send her home and I called her an ugly name…(witch…that is really what I called her)….I did not know my father was standing directly behind me….til his shadow fell over me….and I knew I was a goner. He picked me up under his arm…carried me to his bedroom….pulled off his big, thick electricians belt….and I thought I was going to die. He hit the bed three times with the big belt…I nearly passed out. When it was over….he held me in his arms and talked to me about what I had done wrong….Is that not just like a father….here on earth and in heaven?

  26. 326
    Jane says:

    We have a blind couple in our community. I have known them for years and they recognize my voice when we meet in the grocery store or a local restaurant. Without a doubt to end a conversation I will say “see ya later”, or “good to see you”. Duh

  27. 327
    Angela H says:

    How about every hour, on the hour!? Thankful that I am clean because of the Word he has spoken to me-and though I am condemned by my mouth, my confession of his Lordship will acquit-cause otherwise…take the coal, touch my lips-here I am(love that song).

  28. 328
    Emmie says:

    I handle events at work. Over the summer, we sent our top leaders off for a retreat. When they got to a restaurant for dinner, they found it closed. I called the restaurant repeatedly and couldn’t get an answer. Then I got on their website to find that they had been closed for a week! I called back to leave a very heated voicemail about their need to inform those with reservations if the restaurant closes down. I had placed the reservation a month prior to the night, and confirmed it a week out. Needless to say, the next morning when I arrived at work, I had a very sincere voicemail, with apologies and asking for my forgiveness…they closed down for the week because the owner’s son had committed suicide. My foot is still stuck in my mouth thinking about that experience!

  29. 329
    Erika says:

    I’ve experienced the “speaking without thinking” syndrome that is shared in many of these posts, but one of my struggles is “speaking with the intention to cover up something” or better known as lying. I don’t exaggerate to get attention, but I do it to save face. It’s an out of control sinful habit I’ve had since I was a young Christian girl. I’m not perfect, but God and I have made a lot of progress in this area. Some of the reasons, besides my sinful nature, He has revealed why I do it: I’m a people pleaser, insecure, a procrastinator, and want to avoid conflict at all costs. Most of the time I don’t do the mundane things: making phone calls, mailing a bill payment, or buying a card for someone’s birthday. Then I’ll be asked if I’ve done so-and-so yet. Instead of telling the truth and saying no, I tell a lie to avoid that few seconds of potential disappointment from the other person. I want to avoid being labeled as unreliable, undependable, and lazy. Instead I’ve chosen to side with the the Father of Lies. This sin produces frustration, worry, and anxiety in my soul. Now I’ve amped up the potential for conflict and being labled as dishonest if I’m found out. And I’ve been found out, aside from God, who already knows. It’s embarrassing and humiliating. The good news is there are many opportunities for me to practice humility. I get to practice asking for forgiveness, seeking reconciliation, and making amends, and my need for God because clearly apparent. Finally, when God has shown me a root of my lying, I have the potential to change it through the renewing of my mind with God’s Word (Romans 12). With God’s strength and power, I can stop procrastinating. Jesus is a man of “Now”. Please God, not man. My security is found in God, and God alone. The cool thing is that when I cooperate with God to tear out the roots of why I lie and the Holy Spirit heals me with His Truth, then some of the conflict I fear encountering with other people doesn’t exist anymore.

  30. 330
    Nancy says:

    Goodness sakes! There is not a not enough room in cyberspace for me to tell you all the times my mouth has gotten me in trouble. I am delighted to see that I am not the only sister who forgets to engage her brain before she opens her mouth!

    The most mortifying time was many years ago. My supervisor at the time had fallen and broken her leg. She came in with her husband who was sporting a new eye patch. I wise-cracked “What did she do poke you in the eye with her crutch?” and he says, “Uh, nooooo, they found cancer in my eye and I had to have it removed.” I had no idea. Where do you go from there? I seriously wanted a hole to open in the floor so I could disappear from the entire scene. Horrible. I fumbled a red-faced apology, but felt so awful. I can still feel the dread of that moment just typing it.

    Oh dear Lord, save me from any other moments like that!

  31. 331
    Sherry says:

    MANY years ago when I was in college, I attended the wedding of a friend. I was pretty introverted, and I waited painfully in the receiving line trying to think of what to say when I got to the bride and groom. When the moment finally arrived, I said, “I’m so glad you could come,” and then just hoped the floor would open and swallow me up.

  32. 332
    Hannah says:

    Exactly a week ago I was on the phone with my fiance, we were talking about how we would like to spend our Thanksgivings once we are married. My family all live far away, while his is just down the road. Our discussion turned into an argument, and I was really ticked because, well he just didn’t get it! When we were parting ways I should’ve just kept my mouth shut..but in my torked off attitude I called him a donkey :). Now we laugh about it, and I did apologize!

  33. 333
    Sarah Pearson says:

    Of course I have had this happen to me by “rude” strangers, but NEVER expected to be the one delivering the insult. One of my friends was either pregnant or had just delivered when I had my 3rd child-I couldn’t remember. When we first encountered each other months later, after her baby was about 10 months old, I asked, “When are you due again?” And she said out loud to all of our friends, “I want everyone to know that Sarah thought I was pregnant!” and I died. I still haven’t forgiven myself and I doubt she ever will.

  34. 334
    Emily says:

    I’m a very competitive person, and I seem to have this evil twin that comes out on the softball field. This is not good, especially when your softball team is the church co-ed team and you see all these people the next day at church. One night, I absolutely lost control of my tongue. Our opponents were short a player, so my husband went to play on their team. Not only did he play on their team, HE DID AWESOME for THEM! He started off by getting a homerun against us. Then when their player showed up to the game late, they kept my husand in the game instead of playing their own player. Needless to say, I was steaming because he was no longer needed on the other team, yet he was still playing against us AND they were winning. He finally came back to our team just to shut me up. I had said the stupidest things and had some major apologizing to do. Each season, my twin shows up less and less….one day maybe I’ll conquer her and she’ll be forever gone!

  35. 335
    Nancy says:

    I’m so glad I’m not alone with problems with speaking before I’m thinking! Sometimes I feel compelled to share my opinion like an expert – even when I don’t know where I am! My friend was driving us to an event at an unfamiliar location and she asked me if we should take the next turn. I suddenly I became the navigation expert and said with an expert’s authority, “Oh yes, turn left here.” Realizing what I just did, (thank you Holy Spirit) I had to confess to my friend that I didn’t really know where we are much less where we needed to turn. Thank the Lord for the ability to laugh and forgive!

  36. 336
    Yanna says:

    Ok I remembered one. In high school I worked for a dentist. The back of the patient’s chair faced the door. I pulled the patients card, walked in talking and noticing crutches against the wall said “hello Mr. so and so how did you break your leg?” by the word “leg” I was in the room by his side, and he didn’t have one. I was so embarrassed, he replied “you sort of put your foot in your mouth didn’t you dear” we both had a good laugh but as a teenager it was a good lesson on knowing someone before you say something you wish you hadn’t!

  37. 337
    Liz Pruitt says:

    The time my mouth got me into trouble was when I saw a girl that I hadn’t seen in years at the store and I ask her if she was pregnant. She said “no”. Trying to fix the situation I ask are you sure? She said “NO” trying to save face I said I talked to Lucy the other day and she said that you were going to have a baby. Again she said “NO” my baby is 3 years old. So being the quick thinker that I am (not) I said gosh has it been that long since I talked to Lucy? Time sure goes by fast. Meanwhile my husband is trying to pull me away from this girl so that I won’t humiliate myself and him any further. Needless to say I never ask anyone if they are pregnant.

  38. 338
    Mona says:

    This one is one you’d think I’d have learned by now. I work at a church. Oten we have to share information that is sensitive whether it be about a member, minister, or something in a ministry. Sometimes, this sharing can turn into gossip or a gripe session. Most of the time, I try to walk away when it gets to that. But the times (I wish that were singular instead of plural) I don’t, then I decide to add my two cents, whoever I am talking about, walks around the corner. Ugh! Shoe leather does not taste good no matter how nice the shoes! I often pray what the scripture says in Psalm 141:3, “Set a guard over my mouth, Lord, keep watch over the door of my lips.” I just picture those fierce little pearly whites watching for that tongue to trip up so that they can chomp down on it. I often wonder if that verse is where the saying, “bite your tongue” comes from. Better to bite it and feel a little pain than say something hurtful and have to repent and make ammends!

  39. 339
    Andrea says:

    Once, I was dating a new guy and I went to have dinner. I had known them for quite sometime, so I knew fair well that his father had been blind for years.

    This guy and I were sitting on the couch and he took off his glasses and laid them on the table. I picked them up and tried them on for size. When I saw they were obviously very heavily prescribed, I shouted “What are you, blind?!”

    His dad was sitting in the same room. GULP!

    *On a different note, Beth, I have to share this with you. My husband and I were invited to go on a four day retreat with another church. I brought along So Long, Insecurity because I was almost finished with it. The church had picked up a young lady from a homeless shelter who was suffering from alcoholism. She stayed in a certain room and each one of us girls took turns checking on her. When it was my turn, I went into her room and found her reading a book. It was a very old book by Jimmy Buffet that she had found somewhere in the house we were staying at. She said she loved to read anything she got her hands on, so I passed on your book to her. For the rest of the retreat, I never, not once, saw her without your book tucked under her arm.

    Sweet, sweet Jesus, you surely are the restorer of our strength and dignity.

  40. 340
    Keri says:

    I challenged my junior high gym teacher to do 2 pull-ups once. He was not in the best shape and he wouldn’t give me (a decent athlete) an A in gym class because I couldn’t do 2 pull-ups. I still remember his face turning all red and sweaty as he tried. I made him look bad in front of the entire class. Not cool. I did get an A in gym class next report card though.

  41. 341

    I was on a conference call with a large radio station (in Houston) preparing to come speak at an event for them. They were trying to explain to me that there would be a set change at the end of my message and they hoped I wouldn’t be distracted by it.

    I told them I thought I’d be fine since I’m used to distractions with 5 kids and all. Then they replied, “Oh you’re the bomb!” (or so I thought that’s what they said.)

    So I excitedly said, “Oh I’m not the bomb, but y’all are so sweet to say that.”

    That’s when one of my staff members piped in, “Um, Lysa, they didn’t say you’re the bomb. They said you’re a MOM.”

    Oh heavens.

    Beth, I believe you have taught us how our very legs will be cut out from underneath us if pride starts to creep in. I was leg-less that day. And quite red.

    • 341.1
      Nancy says:

      Lysa, Thank you for sharing that. You are right. It only takes seconds for pride to sneak in and carry us away. We all like to be praised and complimented, but when it causes us to gloat and feel better than others, that’s when we know we had better get a grip on ourselves. Something I have to work on on a regular basis.

  42. 342
    Vickie says:

    Through all the humility and stinkin hysterical stories on here, I have found that this blog can become quite addictive. I catch myself “catching up” through out the day. I just love all you siestas so much and enjoy your company. We are all SO much alike, I love that about us.
    No matter the age or station in life….our most common thread is our Savior and I love that about us most. Thank you so much Beth for asking this question. A tuffy but after reading this, I don’t feel so isolated in this area anymore.

    In Jesus,

  43. 343
    Karen C. says:

    Warning: this is not funny, you will not laugh. I am a Silver Sneaker instructor and stand in front of a group everyday to lead them in the Nations largest older adult exercise group. On this day, I must have been tired from extra activities with my two darling grandsons, leading the class as I usually do when all of the sudden it hit me, “I smell Chinese food.” I REALLY did, but unfortunately I happened to be standing in front of my only two Asian participants in the group and my big mouth blurted it out before I thought about it. I felt awful and prayed all day that God would cover my stupidity and that it went right over their heads and I prayed no body even heard me. He covered me, they returned to class and nothing was said, and for now, I am more careful about blurting stuff out. I told you it wasn’t funny.

  44. 344
    amybhill says:

    it was the 1st day of my freshman year of high school and i was talking to a friend about my classes and my teachers. my friend asked me about my math teacher and (trying to be funny) i said that she was so old and boring and some other unkind comments. a junior girl sitting a few seats down from me responded, “mrs. (blank) is my grandmother.” she wasn’t kidding. i felt awful and apologized but i was never able to befriend that junior girl and we were in art classes together for the next two years πŸ™

  45. 345
    Margie by the Sea says:

    It took many years, but I learned that although “the tongue is a small part of the body” it can get you into big trouble.
    Sarcasm has always been a part of my family’s way of communicating with each other. It was always done with love and we “got it” that it was not meant to harm or mask any hostility. It was just how we joked around with each other.
    But I had to learn through many embarrassing, sometimes painful, situations that the sarcastic tongue can hurt others unintentionally, and so I just don’t do it anymore.
    Period. Lesson learned.
    Thank you, James.

  46. 346
    LeAnn says:

    I am so encouraged to know that I am not alone in my struggle to control my tongue!! Don’t we often think that we are the only ones struggling with something. But, how wonderful to be able to share those struggles here.
    My main problem is judging a situation, a person, or both too quickly. In my judgment I usually speak to soon, think I know all the details and find that I definitely do not! i pray for God’s grace to help me control my tongue, for my words to be pleasing to Him- I am working on it.

  47. 347
    Kay says:

    I’ve lost count of the times my mouth has gotten me in trouble but one of the funniest was years ago at a church supper out in Midland, Tx. I sat down and commented to a friend, “Did you see that purple stuff out there? What was that?” The lady who had prepared the “purple stuff” was sitting next to my friend who sweetly informed me of that fact. All I could manage to say was, “I’ve just never ever eaten anything that color.” Actually, it was a delicious combination of jello, cream cheese, pecans, and maybe cottage cheese (I think). I ate a lot of it. Guess I was trying to redeem myself.

  48. 348
    R says:

    Many years ago I sent an email to my mother in law and sister in law because I too “snapped” and I did it through email because I couldn’t work up my nerve to say it in person…I too am a huge “people-pleaser” personality…Well, I just spewed all my hurt, rejection and issues onto them and reacted to how they had been treating me and speaking to me in a terrible way. I didn’t call names or get ugly, but the Lord has convicted me over and over that I should never have sent that email.

    The worst part – I feel I should apologize, but everything I wrote was the truth! The basics of the words were that I was very hurt and sad that they weren’t including me, my husband and our children in their lives. That, as they profess Jesus as their savior as my husband and I both do, I thought we should be striving for unity and working things out…

    Neither one replied to me, in fact they’ve ignored me pretty much my entire marriage. Yet it still nags at me that I should have let my husband handle the issues and not sent that email. I’m fearful if I even attempt to apologize I’ll regret my words in that situation too. They have held the email against me this entire time, by referring to me as “inappropriate” with my words and actions when they talk to my husband.

    Lord, help me bite my tongue and reign in my fingers on the keyboard!!! Heal my hurting heart and help me humble myself to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. Amen.

  49. 349
    Janel says:

    I was expecting our first baby. We’d spent about 4 years talking about what we would name this precious little one when she finally came along. We had a boy’s name, which was easy – it was a family name. Choosing a girl’s name was MUCH more difficult – we couldn’t find one we both liked. One night I was at an event at a friend’s church, and several of us were discussing my dilemma. I said offhandedly, “My husband wants to name her ____ after his mom. ____ is a very nice name, but I don’t want my child to be named that.” The friend who had invited me gave a little embarrassed laugh, when I realized that one of the other women in our group shared my sweet mother-in-law’s name. Yikes! There was just no way out of that one! (But we still didn’t use the name!:)

  50. 350

    I have to laugh, because this happens to me all the time. However once when I was about 13, I was all high and mighty because I was now a “teenager” so I thought I was above all. We were sitting in the van and my mom told me to do something I didn’t want to do. So I get out of the van, shut the door, and then told my mom to “shut up”!! What I wasn’t smart enough to realize was that she was watching me…as any good mother would do…and when I got back in the van, she asked me what I said. Let’s just say that I talked back to my mom in my head from then on!!!

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