Talk To Me Tuesday: Topic 3!

Good morning, my favorite blog community! I was so thrilled to hug the necks of about 50 of you Siestas at the Spokane LPL. You can rest assured you are this teacher’s pets. Thank you so much for your participation here and for your genuine warmth when I get to meet you face to face. Your sincerity and reciprocal love comes across and makes me think again and again how God has blessed us here with something unusual and maybe not all together explainable. He’s so gracious and He meets our needs in all sorts of unexpected ways.

I have LOVED our Talk to Me Tuesdays! This topic ought to be fun, too. In fact, I might especially like this one since I am one who has often fallen victim to the malady that we are about to spotlight. Talk to me about a time your mouth got you in trouble. (Believe it or not, all of these have ties to the James study, whether subtle or outright.)

Ground rules:

*Keep it clean. Of course. In other words, if your mouth got you in trouble with profanity, please refrain from sharing it. Grin.

*If it involves someone else (and the nature of it means that it usually does) either don’t identify the other person(s) involved or make sure it’s fine with them for you to share it.

LET’S HEAR IT! I’m already smiling. Maybe that’s because misery loves company.

Lastly, you Houston area girls come to Living Proof Bible Study tonight if you can and help me welcome that darling young thing, Sarah Reeves, as our vocalist and worship leader for this event. Let’s make her so glad she came to serve us. We’ll also wrap up our series on Imago Dei and I’ll actually try to have more than one point we “get.” God help me. This session is very applicable and, if you haven’t attended either of the other two sessions, it would stand on it’s own. If you’ve never even come before on a Tuesday night, I think you’d get a word from the lesson. He’s spoken loud and clear to me even just this morning. May He be glorified.

I love loving Jesus with you, Siestas. Let’s press on toward the goal. He’ll be standing at the finish line.


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  1. 351
    Laurie says:

    Several years ago I ran into a girl that I went to school with. I had not seen her in years. We were doing the typical “Are you married?” “Do you have children?” type questions. She said she was married and she had children. She started saying her kids names. I was listening but have a bad habit of thinking of what I am going to say next and tuning out. After she finished I said “So are they all J’s?” She got a weird look on her face and said “Well, Yes!”. I guess I wasn’t listening when she mentioned that her husband’s name was Jay. I was just asking if all their names started with j’s and she thought I was asking if they were all her husband’s children. I not only wanted to eat my foot, but my whole leg! πŸ™‚

  2. 352
    Dana says:

    During my quiet time right now I am doing the Esther study…for the third time. Our awesome God just keeps teaching me new lessons through repetitive studies I’ve learned….this morning though the words on the page that God spoke to me about is my life being difficult because it is purposeful. I don’t want to miss my purpose in this life for comfort. Now come Monday morning when I will be faced with a pretty big issue, that’s where the rubber will meet the road on that lesson. Please pray and God Bless!

    • 352.1
      Joyce Watson says:

      Dana, I watched the Esther DVD’s three times and learned something every time. Our class has one more session and the ladies have really enjoyed…we gained two new ladies too. It has been the best Bible study!

  3. 353
    Volleyball Ginger says:

    Gosh…..unfortunately, this happens more often than I’d really like to admit but one time in particular……I was snappy with someone I work with and right away, I wanted to take the words back. A God lesson in that once spoken, you cannot take the words back…. I was convicted about my actions and knew what I had to do. I called her to apologize and ask for her forgiveness. Humbling for sure but very necessary. Thankfully, she gave me her forgiveness. I sure wish my words could be used for the edifying and building up of someone rather than tearing them down…..ouch!

    Still learning to be careful with my tongue!
    Wetumpka, AL

  4. 354
    Jane says:

    Mine wasn’t something I said, but rather did. I am good friends with a woman that I see two or three times a week. She was pregnant and every time I saw her, I would pretend to pat her stomach. Her beautiful daughter was born and everyone was thrilled. Three weeks after my friend gave birth, I saw my friend and pretended to pat her NON PREGNANT BELLY! I had seen her daughter! What was I doing??? After a few pats, I realized what I was doing, and hurriedly said, “No baby in there.” She laughed and said, “Yeah, but it looks like there is.” I said quickly, “Nooo. You’re beautiful. Your daughters are beautiful. You’re all beautiful and nice!” After we said our goodbyes, I just groaned at my mistake.

  5. 355
    Kelly says:

    A few years ago – I was so frustrated with a lady in one of my bible study groups who attached strongly to me. She was bitter and mean and deep deep in the pit of depression. She refused to get help or do things to help. It wasn’t a healthy relationship by any means. I let a codependant situation go on a bit too long. While I was at the peak of my angst with this lady – I was also in a Christian book group. The topic of depression came up one day. I just let my frustration loose and said some really nasty things about Christians and depression. Gosh. I am ashamed to repeat it all here. Things like you can’t be a Christian and live a life of depression. I went on for a while and am pretty sure I said even worse things, too. The thing is – I didn’t even truly mean it. I was just sick with the abusive situation I was in & I let my mouth go unrestrained. In this small group were a few who struggle with depression. I greatly offended these sisters in Christ. They never spoke to me again. To this day – although I live 1200 miles away — I am really really very sad about that.

    40, Houston

  6. 356
    Hilda says:

    There’s the inimitable “When’s your baby due?” – probably the WORST! But I remember about 30 years ago; we had just moved to Houston when my 2 daughters & I (ages 4 & 6) waited in the long line to sit in Santa’s lap at one of the HUGE Texas malls (not a native; used to them now, but at that time they loomed LARGE); the Santa & I kept catching one another’s eye. When it was finally our turn, I totally forgot myself and blurted out, “Are you Jim Cullinan?” (a jilted beau in Fla. from days gone by…). He looked for the world like Jim, far as I could tell. The Santa was taken aback & said, “Well, no, I’m Santa”. I then realized what I’d done to my innocent offspring & recovered quickly to say, “Oh – I thought you might just be one of his helpers”. I was mortified initially, but have had many a laugh at myself since. Dunno what spiritual significance it might have, but I’m just sayin’, I definitely suffer from Foot-in-Mouth disease.

  7. 357
    Nancy says:

    I have friends who have asked me to stop complementing them.
    A friend of mine sewed some work outfits from scratch. I didn’t know my friend sewed much less how well she sewed. She modeled one very sophisticated blouse and skirt outfit for me and I went on and on with how great the outfit looked on her. Unfortunately the thing I said that hurt her feelings was ….”and it’s so stylish, too!” My mind was comparing her skill to my personal sewing experience of making a little odd shaped blouse and not about her ability to create fashion. I was just quite impressed most sorry I had offended her with my misstated compliment.

    • 357.1
      Rebecca says:

      I have sooo done that. A lady stenciled her walls in ivy and in what should have been a compliment I said, it looks so professional. She just looked straight through me. OHHH ^-^

  8. 358
    Terri says:

    Sometimes my mouth seems to have a mind of it’s own! This is one of the funnier incidents I’ve experienced lately…….Earlier this spring my husband and I were out golfing with a couple that we had just met. Coming up to one of the greens, my husband (Mike) hit a great shot close to the pin. I wanted to tell him “great shot” – and TRIED to call him by name (we’ve been married for close to 25 years) – anyway – what came out of my mouth was, “Ma… Ma… MARK!” All 3 turned to look at me – the new acquaintences said, “I thought his name was Mike!” – My husband said, “Who is Mark?” All I could do was laugh! I DON’T EVEN KNOW A MARK!!! I have NO idea where that came from!!! So, the rest of the round we all had alias names! I still laugh when I think of the look of confusion on everyone’s face! Taming the tongue……makes me visualize a lion tamer with a whip and hearing that CRACK/SNAP sound……if we only had a physical instrument to “whip” our tongues into shape!!!

  9. 359
    Robin stuart says:

    I wanted to let you know that Jesus has used you in helping me learn about His Word and having a hunger to know more and faith to trust Him through His word. Thank you for being honest about your struggles and how God is bringing good from it. Also sharing that your scared a lot of times doing what God has called you to do and sometimes you just do it scared. It gives me such encouragement. I met you in new jersey on October 2 or 3 at the airport I just arrived from israel and saw you and only talked to you for a few minutes but it was a blessing to finally meet you though I have done all your studies and went to some of your speaking conferences. I pray for you reguraly and I am one of the woman you pray for as they do your study. I want you to know your producing much fruit and God is being glorified our lives are changing and most important our hearts are in love with Jesus and desire to tell others in words and in action.

    Thank you
    Robin stuart

  10. 360
    Florence Ginter says:

    I have to share something funny. This is our eighth year with your Bible studies. Right now we have started “Beloved Disciple.” Introductory Session – I had explained to the new ladies about the answer sheet. THEN, you fooled us and at one point you said, “I want you to put your pens or pencils up. Go ahead, put them up.” Immediately everyone’s hand went up in the air with pens and pencils high. It took us a moment to realize that you meant to put them “down,” which we all sheepishly did.
    Just thought you’d enjoy a difference in what words mean in different parts of the country. Hope you are grinning at the mental picture of eight women sitting in a circle with hands up in the air – being so obedient to what Beth Moore says to do! You are our favorite Bible teacher!

  11. 361
    LMP says:

    I Live in a small community and really want to be friends with the moms of my daughters’ friends. I was at a sports practice for my girls not long ago and just started talking to one of the other moms(who has always been very friendly to me and for some reason I REALLY want to be her friend). I started talking about a lunch that my girls had attended that day for the all-A honor roll and “wasn’t that fun”? She acted a little funny to me and when we got in the car I asked my girls and they told me that her daughter wasn’t at the lunch b/c she made a B in a class. Seriously, this mother is FURIOUS with me and thinks that I pointed that lunch out on purpose to make sure that everyone knew that her daughter wasn’t included. Nothing could be further from the truth. I apologized the next morning and have tried to talk to her, but she has decided (& even told another mom) that I am on her list of people on her “bad side”. Very innocently I hurt her feelings and I feel terrible about it. I have prayed for her to forgive me everyday since that day and prayed that I will be genuinely friendly to her everytime I see her. Time will tell…..

  12. 362
    DM says:

    I think very quickly—and I am not bragging. I have wanted and asked for a quiet spirit from the Lord that expresses itself in painting. (Looking forward to having that prayer answered! Ha!) Expressing verbally what I think about without waiting for others input has gotten me in trouble lots of times. I can think all the way through a situation in a logical way even leaving room for different factors that make different outcomes. This can be a big very frustration in communicating with others who have there own opinions and I haven’t even considered them before coming to my (right) conclusions. Guess what?? This is particularly NOT good for communicating with my husband!! I can imagine he doesn’t talk to me at times because he knows I will eventually convince him I have it all figured out anyway! How sad that I have said too many words!!

    Another thought: It is not just our words that get us in trouble; it is the body language that goes with them.

    You said Beth: “Words are powerful.” Oh, that we would use them wisely.

  13. 363
    Madelin says:

    Initially I couldn’t think what to write about perhaps because taming this tongue and getting my foot out of my mouth is a life long pursuit. While growing up my mom always said two things to me. 1. Your mouth is going to get you into trouble. 2. Don’t verbalize every thought that comes into that head of yours.

    Picture this..I had been married less than a year and was meeting my husbands extended, extended family for the first time. They had gotten together at a family members house for the repass after a funeral. People were standing around sharing stories of old uncle so-in-so! One story after another which were all pretty funny about how obsessive this person was about everything, how he insisted that he eat before the children were fed, how everything had to be just so or there was a big price to pay. After listening to a number of side splitting stories I said “sounds like uncle so-in-so is really anal”. All the laughter stopped and everyone looked at me strangely including my husband. I exclaimed what??? Uncle so-in-so is anal as in anal retentive.

    Much to my chagrin I learned they all thought I called uncle so-in-so another 3 letter word beginning with “a”. I felt horrible and wished I could have literally disappeared. Needless to say I didn’t make a great impression on the extended family.

    I love the expression “Lord please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth”.

  14. 364
    Ashley says:

    I intern for the youth ministry at my church where I have grown up. My mouth (which never ceases) always finds ways to get me in trouble. Recently, on a youth trip I was sitting in the back of the bus with a girl who was laying out her frustrations about one of our students. I listened and responded with what I figured was appropriate. I ended up saying a very inappropriate thing (that one of our students was turning so far away that I “wouldn’t be surprised if he got a girl pregnant by the time he graduates”) OOPS! Well, word got back to my boss and as a girl who is a people pleaser my heart just did not take well to being reprimanded. I was not in any serious trouble, only told to watch what I say. I need to be an encourager, not one tearing down my students.

    P.S. This is the first time I’ve written here. And I just want to say thank you, all of you beautiful women. You are all such an encouragement in my life.

  15. 365
    Laura says:

    I dont really want to dwell on the ones where I hurt someone else so I’ll tell you my favorite foot-in-mouth story….I had been living in Spain for about a month when my sister came to see me. We stopped in at a cafe and I struck up a conversation with the older guy behind the counter and a few along the bar. When asked what we wanted I thought I told him I wanted him to make us a traditional Spanish drink. Once everyone burst out laughing and it got quiet enough for me to hear my thoughts, I realized I had asked him to make me a traditional Spanish Baby! Now it was my turn to laugh and turn beet red!!
    I returned to that exact cafe about 4 years later and asked for the man. Since he wouldn’t be there until later that day when I would already be gone, I asked them to let them know that the girl who asked him to make her a traditional Spanish baby had returned from America just to say hi! They laughed and said “was that you?! He will be sad he missed you but we’ll most certainly tell him!”

  16. 366
    Sparki2003 says:

    This one is an easy one….

    This may have been the first time that I remember the words from my mouth got me into trouble, as I was just a child when it happened. I am the youngest of 4 girls in my family, and we always had chores to do in our household. And, doing the dishes was top on that list, as “keeping our bedrooms neat and tidy” was simply an “unstated requirement” for us. Well, each of the 4 of us “girls” had to either wash the dishes, dry them, put them away, or vacuum the dining room floor each evening after supper. Well, this particular time, I was frustrated, as my one sister always got what seemed to be “the quick and easy” job of vacuuming, and the rest of the chores took longer to complete. So, knowing that, I blurted something out to my Mom about why J. always got the “easy job”. And, I am guessing that I must have used a “sassy voice tone” along with it, as for the first time in my life, my Mom slapped me in the face, and sent me to my room.

    Later on, I found out that the reason why J. always got to do the vacuuming because she had/has excema [extremely dry skin], and even working in clean water makes the condition worse for her.

    In Christ’s Love,


    Janesville, Wisconsin

  17. 367
    Linda says:

    I was invited to the birthday party of a little four-year-old neighbor several years ago. I met a number of the little boy’s relatives that day and was trying hard to be a big girl and talk with people I didn’t know rather than hide in a typical introverted corner with someone I knew. So I engaged the little boy’s grandma in conversation. (She has beautiful, long, silky gray hair… I can still picture it well in my mind.) After a while I asked the young man next to her if he was the little boy’s uncle. The grandma quickly asked, “Him?!” with her thumb pointed to him and a rather disgruntled look on her face. (“Well, yes!” I thought – somewhere in the conversation I had heard mention of an uncle being able to come to the party as well….) Her expression grew even more displeased as she strongly said, “This is my HUSBAND.” Her look and my goof completely did me in. I slid into that safe little corner with all haste before politely making my way home.

  18. 368
    LindsayN84 says:

    All of these comments are so entertaining to read! I have wracked my brain trying to think of a time when I said something embarrassing/funny, and while I know I have stuck my foot in my mouth many a time, for the life of me, I cannot seem to recall any of those instances. Unfortunately, all I can think of are the many times I have let my temper or stubbornness get the best of me. I am very, well, “passionate”, and I have let my mouth get the best of me more times than I can count. Sometimes I just want to go back to bed, get up, and start the day all over again . . . what a mess I can make of things! However, I have found that Scripture memorization and constant conversations with God GREATLY helps! There have been so many times when I have been about to blurt something out, and I hear Him whisper in my heart, “Lindsay, shut your mouth!”

    What can I say, I’m a work in progress . . . !

  19. 369
    Sharon says:

    If I am not careful–I would get in trouble all the time!! It seems I’m always speaking before thinking, or as a friend says, “I always know the right thing to say after the right time to say it”!

    Pontotoc, MS

  20. 370
    Indiana Jamie says:

    I tend to state the truth when people are seeking my opinion or my input. I do not sugarcoat things. I say things deliberately; but sometimes what I say is so abrasive, or in-your-face, that some people think I just blurt things out. Honestly I do not speak out of judgement, malice, or with a mean spirit. I don’t even do it for the shock value…because what I say sometimes shocks people. I just say what is true. I will add that I can take it when others do the same for me. I just pray that the love of Christ comes out with the words I speak. Not everyone appreciates it, though many do. I also pray for humility in this knowledge i get when people do share with me, because i do not want to be Miss Know-It-All, and cannot help what i learn about people through a simple conversation.
    As far as slips of the tongue go: my most memorable one was about 14 years ago on a youth field trip. We were delivering fliers to a neighborhood in downtown Houston for a worship service. I walked into the wrong yard and was chased out and down the street by an angry Great Dane. I cussed like a sailor the whole chase. That wasn’t good at all.

  21. 371
    Shelby Spear says:

    Ruth Bible study by Kelly Minter and are excited to attend her break-out session as well.

    Many prayers for everyone involved…and God’s abundant blessings!
    Shelby Spear & Linda Sopchak

  22. 372
    Shelby Spear says:

    Hi Beth,

    My dear siesta and I are heading down from Chardon, OH to attend the Women’s Leadership Forum at Ridgecrest this week. We are looking forward to hearing you and the other wonderful speakers share your wisdom and insight. A group of us took part in the summer siesta Ruth study and we are so looking forward to meeting Kelly and hearing her speak at the breakout session.

    Many prayers for everyone involved…and God’s abundant blessings!
    Shelby Spear & Linda Sopchak

  23. 373
    Colleen says:

    Well, finally realized that I have said the wrong thing(s) many times over the years. Now I have to reflect in that I hurt a very wonderful and patient man. Finally did it in because I could not get in my mind that he did love me, but that my “confidence one moment, then insecurities the next,” which were the more often. Well, now will have to deal with it and grow and let myself trust that God has a purpose and it is not to see me keep “beating myself up,” and saying the wrong thing all the time. Thanks for the site and the books for study.

  24. 374
    KaytyBRawson says:

    This is a hard one for me. Not b/c I’m short on material but b/c I have so much material concerning this topic narrowing it down is next to impossible πŸ˜‰ I remember a certain Sociology teacher when I was in college in MS. To say she was “challenging” ois definitely an understatement. Every time I was in her class I counted down the days until I would be through with that awful class…and the teacher!! She loved to embarrass people and when I would come in late (which any self-respecting Southern woman does on occasion πŸ˜‰ she would stop class, make a big ordeal and embarass me to death! One day in another class a girl was asking which teachers to take & I, w/o thinking of course, blurted out: “Don’t take Ms. ____, she is THE DEVIL!” Imagine my horror when the boy in front of me turns around to say “that’s my mom.” ahhhh! Die! I assured him I meant “devil” in the best sense of the word. ;-/

  25. 375
    Linda H. says:

    I still regret, and have asked for forgiveness, for the time I lost it upon a 16 year-old boy. You see, I was a back seat passenger in the car our daughter was driving when the young man pulled out from a shopping center entrance. He was making a left-hand turn in front of a waiting car in the lane to the right of us. We were rolling in the left lane, and our daughter didn’t know he was approaching. She hit him in front of us. When he stopped and got out so did I – before anyone else in our car did – and gave him a LARGE piece of my mind. No profanity, thank goodness, but the young man was quelled. I must have been quite unglued as another passing driver rolled down her window to yell at me to quit yelling at the young man! To this day, I still can’t believe I lost control that way. Though my family explains it that I was simply in a protecting mother role, concerned for my own baby. God forgive me.

  26. 376
    patty says:

    Oh my — how many times, just this past month, have I stuck my poor old chewed up foot in my mouth? I’ll choose this one to share: we are in the middle of the revised Breaking Free. During the 2nd video (I think) Beth was leading us through prayer and I was intently listening to her words and preparing my heart. But apparently I got wrapped up in my own prayer for a bit, then started back listening to Beth just in time to hear her say “now say these words, only if you mean it” and I said OUT LOUD “ONLY IF YOU MEAN IT” — No one laughed or even giggled and even though I usually am the first to tell on myself, I couldn’t bring myself to bring this up after class. I laughed all the way home!

  27. 377
    Kim Donaldson says:

    Dearest Beth,

    After doing all of your Bible Studies and leading a few of them, I feel that you are a dear friend. I may not get to meet you on this side of Heaven, but one day I will get to thank you face to face. I wanted to thank you for putting your Jeremiah lessons on your website for free. Through some pretty interesting and unusual circumstances I gave my ticket to someone that I thought really needed to go; she did. I did however still want to glean from your lesson – you allowed me to do that. Thank you so very much.

  28. 378
    M says:

    Just praying for you & Melissa today & for the upcoming James Bible study! I’m lookin so forward to what God is gonna show me through it one day & what God is teaching you even now.
    Also if you & the siestas could please remember my son who will make a big decision of going into the Marines next week. I pray he understands everything he will be signing a commitment to & for God’s favor.
    Thanks for the prayers,
    A siesta in distress </3

  29. 379
    Emily says:

    Too many times words have come out of my mouth that I wish I could have pulled right back as soon as I said them. One of those times happened at a church service that I went to with a friend of mine. She had invited me to come with her to the Saturday evening service at her church. Now, I usually go to church on Sunday mornings. So when the time came in the service to greet people, I’m shaking hands with the person sitting in front of me, my brain goes into auto-pilot, and I say “Good morning.” Yep, the moment I said it I couldn’t believe that I did. This was definitely one of those humbling reminders to think before I speak.

  30. 380

    I am one of those people that talks just to ease any type of uncomfortable situation. It always gets me in trouble. I want to take to the verse in Proverbs 17:28 that says

    28 Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent,
    and discerning if they hold their tongues.
    Dang I must look like a fool to so many. I don’t have to think back far at all. The other day I got a phone call from my man about something I said a year ago. We went on a cruise and one of the activities involved riding on a scooter around an island. So, all of the guys got on the front of their bikes and the girls on the back. Yet there was one couple we were with that the woman got on the front and the guy on the back. It just cracked me up so bad because that seemed to be the order of their relationship. However, I would be scared to death to drive anyone even on a bicycle…much less a motor scooter. So, I joked about it later and then thought nothing of it…then just the other day I get a phone call from my man saying that someone was laughing about that just that day. It didn’t seem like a biggie to me at the time because I was getting a laugh but a year later it was to him…so it is to me. Grrrrr. Anyway, the tongue is by far one of my biggest issues. I am forever asking the Lord to help me and forgive me for any idle words that profit nothing!

    Matthew 12:36 But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.

  31. 381
    Beth says:

    It would almost be easier to tell you when my mouth HASN’T gotten me in trouble!
    I have quite a few instances running through my head right now, but they all have a common theme: extreme emotion.
    Usually my mouth runs away with me when I’m highly upset, angry, or just plain moody. I don’t think about what I’m going to say and it all just comes out, hurting other people and in the end hurting me.

  32. 382
    Church Lady says:

    Hey Miss Beth, I just wanted to hop on here and tell you about what a wonderful weekend we had. I don’t know if you have told Mr. Keith about having a hunting Siesta or not. This weekend my brother, husband and I all three killed deer with our muzzleloaders within about an hour of each other.
    Then to top it all off…we are so blessed…at our high school we have an event where the students get to come into the school and spend 8 hours doing all kinds of fun things (beauty parlor, packing shoeboxes, making candles, making blankets for Haiti, video games, talent contest, inflatable games, movie rooms, rock wall, and all the food anyone could possibly eat). The gospel is presented and the students are allowed to respond…and boy did they!! We had 527 students, 175 chaperones, 25 KIDS SAVED, and 58 rededications!! PRAISE GOD!! Our school has been doing this for 11 years!! I am so blessed just to be part of it!!

  33. 383
    Barb says:

    I was going to say the same thing Beth (on November 8, 2010 at 8:01 am-laserlemonyellow) “…easier to say when my mouth HASN’T gotten me in trouble”!! I used to claim the verse in Proverbs for God to put a hand over my mouth (loose translation). Often, my temper has driven my mouth – so much that I now try really hard to think thru everything before I speak – when I am angry, because you cannot undo words! But I have also had to eat crow (not my favorite meal) when I have gone to someone else about an issue with another person, then that person finds out what I said – and I have to then admit my words and try to work thru it with said subject at that point. I also tend to grumble under my breath – maybe not so ‘under’ sometimes – instead of being clear about whatever my feelings are. Most recent issues have to do with work – where I found out that I actually don’t have my temper under control (especially where “what’s right” seems to be wrong-in my opinion) and I haven’t stopped mumbling my negative thoughts (thought I had that one under control). I don’t know if my most recent mumble caused someone to quit – there was quite a stir going on from many of us about a situation and my comment came from some inside heat as my anger started growing. We have a very open working space so I may have been overheard. I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with it – based on work place protocol and the possible ‘politics’ of who can say what. But when I got to work today, I got the news that the person had quit. I feel bad that I want to praise the Lord for taking care of what seemed like an impossibly wrong situation. I don’t think I will have the chance to find out if I was over-heard – more importantly, I know I need to seek God’s forgiveness for not being loving and will most likely have to learn this lesson again. (if you want more details about the issue you can send me an email). I have to admit that I am in a slight pit right now, realizing how far I am from where I want to be!!! Barb

  34. 384
    Monica Metcalf says:

    I was a teenager, working at the local grocery store as a cashier. I took pride in always remembering to double check if anyone had coupons or on Tuesdays if they had their Buckeye Card (a senior citizens discount card in our area). One day a very petite and friendly lady came through my line, with a beautiful head of long silver hair. She had quite a large cart of groceries and we struck up conversation. As I went to tally the bill, I innocently asked (and stuck my foot in my mouth) if she had her Buckeye Card. To which she stopped dead in her tracks while getting her purse out of the cart. Looked at me with an open mouth, and then very angerly informed me that she was not THAT old. I was extremely mortified, and simply couldnt get her out of my lane fast enough. I didnt stay there much longer, looked for another job out of our small town….for fear of seeing her again. Now 15 years later, I still see her around my hometown. She still has that beautiful silver hair…and I realize today, she doesnt look any older then she did 15 years ago. Not sure it would help to tell her that now though!

  35. 385
    Nancy says:

    When this was posted last Tuesday I really couldn’t think of what I wanted to say…until yesterday! I went to church by myself (no one else wanted to go which started my day off poorly). When I came home with BBQ, I was a little miffed that no one had set the table or prepared the drinks. I started to complain about it, and realized right then and there something quite profound: if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!! My mood so deeply affects the atmosphere in our home that is it almost frightening!! I decided to get over myself and be cheerful and happy and non-complaining. Boy, what a difference that made. I pray that each day I will realize how much influence I have on my family and pray that the Lord will guard both my heart and my mouth.
    I love y’all!!

  36. 386
    Kelli says:

    My husband works away from home a lot and I always tease him about the amount of time he spends on the phone when we are together and he is at home. Seems like his job always needs to talk to him regardless of time of day or day of week. He has 3 or so guys who call him regularly so I nicknamed them – his wife, his girlfriend, and his ole lady (each with their own special ring on his cell phone). When his phone rings I wink and say ‘Is that your wife again?’ This teasing game has been going on for quite awhile needless to say. Well, just a couple of days ago I was driving to a 90th bday party when my cell phone rang, it was my hubby. He informed me that I needed to stop teasing him about his wife, his girlfriend and his ole lady. He said his phone rang while my son was with him and my son piped up and asked “Dad, is that your wife, your girlfriend or mom?” We live in a very small town and my hubby said that is how rumors get started.

    Now I mind my words cuz little ones say the darnest things! haha

  37. 387
    Jami says:

    I was a nanny for a lady who often went out of town with her horses. One time, she realized too late that she had forgotten to iron her husband’s boxers–something she always did for him. She offered to pay me $1 a pair to iron, so when the kids were at school, and the baby was sleeping, I went upstairs and tackled the basket of them. Midway through, I heard the front door–her husband was home early–and someone calling loudly, “Hello!” I ran to the railing and called down,
    “Up here. The baby is sleeping though!” He hushed his voice, but asked, “What are you doing up there?” I realized it would look a little suspect, and in a moment of defensive honesty, I figured I should tell the whole truth. Oh. Cringe. I said, “I’m ironing your underwear.” We both turned beet red and I wished I could just disappear! I blush just writing it!

  38. 388
    Kimberly says:

    Wow I was at the LPL in Spokane but was unable to get down there for the Siesta’s picture which would have been great. I was part of the Wives of the Worriors in Washington when you did the “no other gods” study and we won you kitchen gadgets. I would have loved to share that with you. It was such a blessing just to be there and you are such a moving speaker. Love Love Love the LPL.

  39. 389
    Robin says:

    Beth, how I wish I had nothing to write. I am called to be a teacher and in college was headed to law school, so I think you know my type! My ability to talk is my gift from the Lord and what gets me in the most trouble. But actually, I think it is my heart attitude from which my words pour forth, because as God changes my heart, I am having less mouth attacks. One that is brought to mind now is just last month taking my grandson to school I noticed his fingernails were dirty and voiced it. I should have learned from raising his mother, but the lesson finally hit home as he hid his hands. I reassured him they weren’t that bad and no one would noticed. I then prayed and ask God to cover my mistake and grant him peace about his nails. He is such a precious boy, always wanting to please. I now resolve never to speak about something that the person can do nothing about at the time. Grace: I receive it and I’m determined to give it! Love you Beth

  40. 390
    TheresaGregorcy says:

    The day my mouth got me in trouble: I have 2 sisters that never got along. At least for as long as I can remember. They are the 2 oldest in the family. My other sister and I are the youngest. We have “tiptoed” around these two for our whole lives! We are now in our High 50’s. One day I called the sister in Houston to ask her to pray for sister #1. She said she was upset because sister #1 never called or emailed her even after she sent her numerous cards with her numbers & addresses on them. Well, since they never got along, WHY would sister #1 respond? She never even responded to ME. She was closed up for 7 years in a depression so deep it cut all ties with us. I have recently been blessed when she “let me into her world”. She said Sister #2 yelled at her at Dad’s funeral., When I asked for prayers for #1’s health, #2 said why hasn’t she answered me? I said, “She said you yelled at her @ Dad’s funeral.” There. I said it. Then it ALL broke loose. She said what happened between her and Dad doesn’t matter. Why is this family so crazy? I never yelled at her!”, I said, “You yelled at me at Dad’s funeral.” Oh NOW I REALLY LET MY TONGUE SLIP!!! YIKES!, So now, here I am 2 months later. Not on my sister’s good list. We were more than sisters. We were Sisters in Christ! She became a Christian and we have been inseperable even after we moved and then returned and she moved to Houston. We talked constantly. We prayed for each other and texted and emailed….I apologized. I love her. I would never hurt her. But I did. I was tired and was not on guard. Pray for us both!, Theresa in IL

  41. 391
    amybhill says:

    beth- i already posted on this question a few days ago but i thought of the funniest example today that i had to post again. bear with me, i will make the story as concise as possible. how my tongue got me in trouble: i had been getting annoyed with people driving down my street too fast. i have a 2 year old daughter who likes to go for walks and people always seem to be whipping around my neighborhood like it is a highway. so this one day, we are walking, and this young girl flies up to a stop sign where carolyn (my daughter) and i are standing. when the young girl came to a stop, we made eye contact and i shot her a super-mean look. i immediately felt the Holy Spirit convict my heart. who knew if i would ever have the opportunity to witness to this girl one day – i should be more sensitive to my testimony and (in light of all i’ve been forgiven), i should show some grace. instead of taking this to heart, however, i immediately rationalized the conviction away and deemed my “protective mother” instinct to be justified. the next morning, as i was putting my daughter in her carseat, a maroon van came speeding down the street. i had had enough. i began waving my arms like a lunatic and screamed like a freak-woman, “slow down!” beth moore, you will crack up when you hear who was driving that van. i kid you not, it was my pastor’s wife. to say i was humiliated was an understatement. thankfully, my pastor’s wife is one of the kindest, most gracious women i know. she of course forgave me immediately and we had a good laugh about it. i was so grateful to God though because she was probably the only person who would have caused me to see my hypocrisy and come to grips with the fact that my self-righteous, protective-mom attitude was actually sinful. God also taught me a lesson in that it is easier to take the correction of the Holy Spirit the first time. Otherwise, you never know what He’s gonna have to do (or let you do to yourself) to get your attention! lol πŸ™‚

  42. 392
    Lynn Dickey says:

    My very first time meeting my boss’ boss –the head hauncho– he made a comment about feeling like a giant when he stood beside us because we were so short. My colleague, Olivia, and I both top the height charts at about 5’1″ and we are both rather petite. Before I could stop my irrepressible mouth, I spouted off, “We’re not short, we’re fun-sized.” I meant small like the candy bars. The look on his face told me he did not get the reference. (Yikes!) Thank the Lord, Olivia forgave the blunder and actually thought it was funny.

  43. 393
    Deja Brown says:

    Hello beth,
    i just wanted to say i read ur book schemes of the devil and i just wanted to say u r a winner! god really does gota a work in you ur not no wheeeeerrre done yet. thank u for your wisdom it always always is so well put.

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