Talk to Me Tuesday: Topic Two

Good morning, Sister Girls! It’s Tuesday and time to talk! I am so happy to have gotten the joy of connecting with you over the weekend. It was an unexpected gift on a rare lazy day. I’ve really been excited over how many sisters have chimed in lately for the first time. A heightened number of you have said in the last several weeks that you’ve been reading the blog for a while but you were commenting “for the first time.” I just want you to know that it’s the comments that turn this place into a community. Not the blog posts but the comments. That means it’s more your part than mine. That’s a pretty cool thing I think. All that to say, I love seeing somebody who’s been watching finally imparting. Welcome! You are freely loved here in the gracious Name of Jesus Christ. We cannot replace counselors or local churches or face-to-face, life-to-life friends but we gleefully do what we can do: encourage you in your walk with Christ.

OK, let’s get to today’s topic: Talk to me about someone Jesus brought into your life who really stretched you but won your respect. Maybe a very unlikely friendship or relationship that you know God brought your way to grow you and to open your eyes to the wide-sweeping work of the Gospel. Put another way, who sort of broke a mold for you? This should be fun. Only share a name where there is nothing that would make your person uncomfortable or embarrassed. This might be a good time to tell you that this community, because of God’s grace alone, gets an average of 10,000 independent hits a day. Only share what you mean to be public but, by all means, have joy in the process! Just don’t tell us a secret. Grin.

I love you dearly. I can’t wait to read these.


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  1. 1
    Tiffany says:

    Good Morning Beth!
    I just wanted to write to you quickly this morning and tell you that I absolutely love how God is using your teaching in my life and the things He’s done since starting your in depth Bible studies (I’m totally in love wtih A Woman’s Heart). I love you dearly!
    Keep up the great work for the Lord because He’s working in/on me through your teaching! I love you!

  2. 2
    Annette says:

    The Lord brought a young man to my life via the Net. He’s not a believer but has asked many questions about Jesus and the Body of Christ. 1 question he asked was how Christians pick and choose what to believe and what actions are acceptable and which ones to dump. I realized how non believers really watch our actions or lack thereof and hear our words. At this season in life, I am no longer around 20-30 yr olds. The friendship has made my husband and I much more aware of what our military endures, and how different life is for non believers.

  3. 3
    Becca says:

    My best friend, Heidi, and I met the first day of our junior year of High School. She came up to me and said in one single breath with micromachine speed, “Hi, I’m Heidi. I heard your dad is a pastor and I’m just a baby Christian, I was just saved at Bible camp and I read the whole Bible in August and I have a few questions and I wondered if we could be friends.” (That still makes me laugh!) Heidi was ON FIRE. I was a pk my whole life, but she had something that I wanted…it was personal for her and I wanted my walk with Jesus to be personal too. 13 years later we’re still best friends and continue to challenge and encourage each other to press on.

  4. 4
    Redeemed says:

    Well, this may sound sorta weird…..but YOU. I’ve never met you in person, but the Lord introduced me to you via Life Today when I was at my most desperate, and I thought “she has a story that sounds similar to mine, and God is USING her! Surely there’s hope for me too!”

    And there was. He reached down through your testimony and began to heal my broken heart….now, years later, here I am -in a few minutes off to teach a Ladies Bible Study. Being USED, and being LOVED by the gracious, merciful Lord who saw me in my need and used a TV set to get my attention.

    I just love ya, Beth. You’ll probably never know how much you mean to me, this side of heaven.

    (hope that doesn’t sound weird)

    • 4.1
      Tess says:

      You sound “normal” to me because that’s how I feel. I may have had different issues in my life, but oh how Beth has impacted me, her teaching and her sweet self. I was first acquainted with Beth with Life Today, also. I also introduced her to my bible study ladies and we have done several of her studies as a group, over the past few years. Blessings to you, “redeemed”!

  5. 5
    s says:

    Years ago, I met a godly woman a few years after her own sin had caused much devastation, and even though she was totally humble and repentant, the community we lived in was completely unforgiving. I want to make it clear that this was the first person who was ever “Jesus” to me. She lived the gospel every day, and in our every conversation and interaction she pointed the way to Christ in a natural, real, unaffected way. My relationship with Christ did not “take off” at that point, but very real seeds were planted.
    Then a couple years later, I was living in my own sinfulness and rebellion as a very immature and lost reaction to some very painful events and I became friends with one of the “wildest” gals I had ever known…she sensed what had been done to me, as she had lived through it herself. After we had been friends for about 9 months she told me I was the only real female friend she ever had, and it totally floored me and at that point I started looking at what makes a real friend and remembered my first friend I wrote about…. and it hit me hard my responsibility to my friends and I started studying about Christ….and it set me on the path to a real love relationship with Jesus Christ. There is so much to the story, but these are the two friends of my earliest experience.

  6. 6
    Kathy Knoblock says:

    I’ve had the priviledge and honor of caring for some senior saints through the years. I must mention three in particular: Jo, she LOVED God and trusted Him and praised Him no matter what came(she had cancer,twice,while caring for her husband who suffered a traumatic brain injury).
    Mildred, though her eyesight was poor we would listen to scripture on cassettes for hours. She also appreciated Bible teachers who challenged her thinking(we are never to old to seek and learn and grow spiritually). Dear Lloyd, who lived simply and humbly yet generously. He quoted and lived by,”If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him,” 1John 3:17. These saints are all with Jesus now and tears burn in my eyes as I share how they blessed me with their lives and examples. In Jesus’ Love Kathy Knoblock

  7. 7
    Candace says:

    That would be Luann, my friend and long-time pastor’s wife who challenged me when I announced I was leaving my husband and trying to find happiness in a new life. I had “grounds”, we had years of dysfunction behind us, but she called me to task over my plans. That night, God opened my eyes and turned my heart to my husband in a way that I knew was a miracle from God! Now, 42 years of marriage and 12 grandbabies later, I still cry over the thought of how close I came to devastating this family. How I beg girls who are unhappy in thier marriage to give God a chance! It is so worth it in the end……

  8. 8
    Joyce Watson says:

    So excited and glad you ask this question this morning, because I found a friend I dearly thought the world of growing up and haven’t seen in 33 years or more. I found her on facebook of all things.
    My Dad was stationed at Elgin AFB in Florida when I was in the first grade. Our neighbors were Christians and I became good friends with one of their girls. I remember eating supper with them, having slumber parties, and going to church with them. They never said an unkind word, always treated me like I was part of their family and always prayed together.
    Later, my Dad was stationed overseas and my family had to move. For four years my friend kept in contact writing back and forth. When we came back to the states we moved back to Florida again, so we had a chance to reunite with our dear friends. After my Dad retired we moved to Mississippi, but kept in contract with my friend.
    My sweet Mother became very sick and had surgery, but after getting alittle better we went to Florida where she decorated and made my friend’s wedding cake. It was not long after that my mother got sick again and past away. But these dear people welcome us into their home to stay with them and prayed over my mother while she was there, I will never forget the love they showed us.
    Years later after I married I took my husband to meet these sweet friends of mine and once again they welcome us into their home as if we were family. They are so precious to me. God sent those people to show me what it was like to have a Christian home and took me to church to learn about Him. I grew up thinking that was what I wanted more than anything in the world_a Christian home.
    Thank God, I became a Christian when I was a teen-ager and now have that Christian home I dreamed of.
    God does give you the desires of your heart when you trust in Him. So thankful for the people He puts into our lives.
    I had a wonderful Sunday School teacher who helped me grow and know God’s Word better through the years. Now,
    I am going through another growth spell, studying God’s Word diligently…in your beautiful Bible Studies.
    Beth, thank you so very much for all you do. You truly are a blessing! thanking God for you!

  9. 9
    kendal says:

    I had the opportunity to travel with a mission team the last two years to a Carribean country. One of the ladies on the team tested my patience. My husband could tell, and called me on it. I was forced to search my heart for the root of the problem. Found it. And it was ugly. Jealousy. i attempted, to no avail, to treat her more graciously. Then SHE called me on it. Sweet, courageous woman of Christ. I had to tell her. Her mercy was overwhelming and the lesson timeless.

  10. 10
    Kathy Down says:

    I have to be honest – the thing that radically changed my life – was the Beth Moore Bible Study, “Living Beyond Yourself”. Oh my, I lost so much joy over the years, because I was living in self pitty. I have started to write a letter to you on several occasions and then stopped. Mostly because I just thought you received too much mail. There just are not words than can explain what that study did for my relationship with the Lord and for my life – Thank you!

  11. 11
    Marla says:

    My grandmother lived in San Diego and we lived in L.A. When she would come to visit, she would be joyful in doing the housework for my mom and cooking the meals. More importantly, she would never sit in the den much with the rest us us watching t.v. She would sit in the living room with her Bible reading and praying. She would hand out pamphlets about Jesus any place she went and loved when religious groups came to the door, so she could share. She knew God’s Word so well. On Saturday’s I knew I would be listening to Whit’s End on her radio if I was staying with her and I would be playing Bible Trivia at night as well as a little reading from again the Bible. I always thought of her as a little over the top as a child and was a little resentful of her “preaching”, but what they say is true…. parents or in this case grandparents actions speak louder than words. Everything she did was unto the Lord including her job of cleaning the church. Hands down.. she broke the mold for me and as an adult, I so love and appreciate her and her example.

    • 11.1
      Billie says:

      Wow…what a saint! God bless the legacy she left! What a crown she has to give back to Jesus! You are blessed siesta!

  12. 12
    Zenobia Wise says:

    For me it would have to be my children. Being a mother of three outspoken sons (they get it from their mom) has developed me spiritually in ways that I would never have imagined. They will not hesitate to speak me back to me when they think I need it. They continously keep me accountable for living the faith which I profess. Their candor is refreshing. God has used them mightily to reinforce spiritual priniciples or trust, love, courage and charity. When you have children, you think about all that you want to impart. However, my three (now 16, 18 & 19) have poured into my life every bit as much as I’ve deposited into them. That is nothing but the grace of God!

  13. 13
    Tracy says:

    Well, I have to tell you about Jill. A few years back, she came to work in the office where I was at. I wasn’t actively living a life pleasing to Christ, and Jill is a Christian. A very strong Christian. And one not afraid to share her faith. She has a wonderful gift to be able to speak truth in love. I wasn’t sure at first that we would get along, and I almost did not want to be friends with her. I was afraid that being around her would make me confront the sin I had in my life, and the need to run back to God, and anyone who has been under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, knows what an uncomfortable place that can me. And it did make me confront my sin, because you see, you can’t help but love Jill. She is a wonderful listener, friend, and encourager. I know she prays for me. She believes in me. And from our friendship, I had a wonderful example of what a godly woman, wife, mother and friend should be. There are so many of her attributes that I admire, but most importantly, she loves Jesus, and she loves her family. In that order. And she works to serve both.She has the most common sense of anyone I know, she is kind, and patient and giving and her desire above all else is to love and serve God. Seeing her live out her life like this, has impacted me in ways that I can not write here, because there just isn’t enough space. She is beautiful inside and out.

  14. 14

    My neighbor broke the mold for me–forever. I didn’t know if I could be friends with her–we were so different, and her life seemed out-of-control and so hard. But everyday we walked our children to school. She wanted to change her life, and so we started talking about Jesus. Over the course of the year, she met Jesus. She lost 100 pounds, and I nominated her for a local extreme makeover contest. She WON! God taught me that you can never judge a woman–or your potential for friendship–by how someone looks on the outside. Here’s our story: And here are our pictures:

  15. 15
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Unquestionably, our youngest daughter, “Hope”, who is now 11. She transformed my faith in Christ radically. I thought I knew all about being a mom until God literally gave me Hope. She has turned my, (and my husband’s and two older daughter’s), world upside down. She had a seizure disorder that went without an official diagnosis the first 6 weeks of her life…dr’s gave her a poor prognosis of surviving, let alone thriving. Through MUCH prayer, patience, and trust God has not only allowed Hope to survive, but to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. I have a little picture on my desk with an unknown quote, “When I see a fence across my path…I’ll make a gate…or climb over…but I’m going!”, and of course, there’s a candid picture of Hope climbing over the fence in our back yard b/c she wanted to go play with our neighbor’s granddaughter!

    In His Love,
    Donna B.

  16. 16
    Carole says:

    Jackie. She asked a few of us to your simulcast which we LOVED! Also I’ve been trying to get a Bible study going at our church but with funds very tight it has been hard. Jackie started coming and through her resources tonight we have about 12 women starting “Loving Well.” Alleluia

    • 16.1
      Diana A says:

      I hope you don’t mind a comment … our small church could not afford the dvds and workbooks etc, and so our group of women each donate $10 towards the dvd cost and we then each pay the $20 for the workbook. The dvd series is then property of all us ladies and have a small library of Beth’s work that any of us can take home and rewatch.
      (Canadian funds)

  17. 17
    Cynthia says:

    Billie came to our quiet little church one day. He’s a small man with long hair and an earring, ex con, HIV and he’s inspiring us all to reach out and do more! He’s a regular volunteer for both Kairos and Habitat for Humanity. I’ve now gone on two mission trips with him and it’s amazing to hear his story. He is always the first to volunteer to work, but he is also the one who will stop and listen to the people we are working for and really make a conection with them. He has opened my eyes to our true purpose. He also doesn’t just read Scipture, he feels it. He is an inspiration and my life and walk are stronger for having met him.

  18. 18
    Mary Bess says:

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the most awkward, somewhat unpleasant aunt, and everyone, even in towns far removed, knows it and has their own stories about her. I despised her because she would correct me in public in ways that felt invasive since my mother didn’t see those traits as faults.

    But over the past 5 years or so, I’ve been seeing that her overbearingness and strange way of speaking is more about compensating for her own insecurity, and in the very areas I share. And every piece of awkward advice is given totally out of love and often a reflection of her prayer life. She uses her true gifts every day for countless young men and women, her encouragement, though not always comfortable, is always remembered. And more than anyone I know, what she wants is a close strong family bond for us all. I can’t help but admire her now.

  19. 19

    Back a LONG time ago, I attended Capernwray Bible School, in Carnforth England. A professor there REALLY had a word for me and at the time I did not like it. He started by saying to the group that in the processof time a good many of us would fall away from the LORD. That REALLY got me mad! I had been enjoying an unprecedented time of learning in Gods word and I felt that was a TOTALLY unappropriate thing to say.

    So of course I stood in line at the end of the lecture to give him a piece of my very young mind. When it was my turn I said to him “Dont tell us that we can fall away, tell me exactly HOW we can stay close to him! He replied with this: “young lady how does your body protect you?” I was silent, not understanding where he was going with this… “your body feels pain. Feeling pain protects you. The Lord Jesus will allow you to feel pain.. to protect you!”

    I was 19. Young and beautiful. I did NOT want to hear that. Now I’m 52. The LORD has been good to me. But I am here to tell you, He allowed pain to protect me. But what he didn’t tell me was that in some of that pain I experienced the sweetest embraces with the LORD Jesus, and some of the most extraordinary moments in his presence. The professors name was Major Ian Thomas and he has written some extraordinary books on walking with God. One I recommend to all of you is “The Saving Life of Christ”.

    The pain was the blessing.


  20. 20
    patty says:

    Doug. That is the name of a (now) great friend of mine. In fact, I call him my BGF (best guy friend). During the past 20+ years, Doug has served on the mission field on 5 different continents. His folks are members of my church and so, throughout the years, I have seen Doug and his children many times. For the past 2 years, however, he was Stateside and served as our youth pastor (my daughter is a youth). During this 2 year period, I got to know Doug as a youth pastor and a friend. He shared experience after experience about his walk with the Lord. He taught, showed and lived how to have a relationship with Him (not just a religion). Honestly, I have heard you talk about this — desire this for all of us so much — but until you see someone actually walking it out, living it … it’s hard to understand. Doug showed me (and many others) the difference between religion/relationship, doing/being, knowing about/knowing. Doug showed me what it is like to really speak to Him (understanding of prayer), to gaze on Him (beholding His Beauty), and to not only love Him (not just with words but heart) but to be loved by Him (truly believe He loves me). Over and over during this 2-year period of time, I did think of something you said in the Patriarchs study (I believe) which was that God has a promised land for us here on earth. I believe that. What I just could never do was actually hear Him clearly. That has changed. Doug helped me (and many) with learning how to have a relationship — not just a salvational relationship, but a growing, loving relationship — with Him. It has been a glorious ride!

  21. 21
    S says:

    Linda started working for our church’s academy at the beginning of the school year. I am on the church’s staff. I found her to be very brash and she kind of scared me. Because I was so quiet around her, she assumed I was stuck up and judgemental. Truth be told, I kind of was. One day I felt the urge to ask her if she was expecting a baby. (Totally wierd, I know.) As soon as I asked she teared up and told me how scared she was that she would lose the baby because of her past. I teared up, too. I felt had felt the exact same way about my first pregnancy. We talked for a long time and realized how much we actually had in common. I encouraged her about God’s goodness. 4 months later, I was walking out into the waiting room after a scary first OB visit for our new child. I was terrified. Imagine my surprise when Linda was in the waiting room staring back at me. I hadn’t even announced my pregnancy. The Lord used her to encourage me that day, just as I had encouraged her a few months before. Every other week for the past 3 months, we’ve had our ‘high risk’ visits together. It’s been a hoot!

  22. 22
    Jle says:

    Having come from a very hard childhood and a few relationships that left me victimized and battered, in 1997 I started working at a local church. Soon after, I met a man whom I am positive that God placed in my life (he came to do a job at the church, not attend). Our attraction was immediate and our romance started quickly. Having been in several bad relationships, I was horrible at “love” and actually did everything I could to sabotage the relationship, but he stood steadfast. Pronouncing his love and patiently waiting while I threw all of my childish tantrums. We married a year later. Also during that time I was just beginning a relationship with Jesus. I knew of God, but to me he was mean and angry and swallowed up nations should he feel like it (having read the first five chapters of the old testament as a young girl, and being unchurched will do that to you.) I knew I was bad and I knew that I was going to Hell. My husband was instrumental (I believed used by God) in helping me change my mindset about myself, about love and about God.

    Sometime later, as my relationship with Jesus deepened and I understood His love and my place in him I came to realize that from early childhood until (probably after) our marriage, I did not trust men. I honestly believe that God placed my husband in my life to teach me to trust. How could I trust my heavenly father, unseen, if I had no trust for men on earth? These days, I know that I am loved by God. I am totally and completely in love with him. I also have a deep respect for my husband for sticking with our situation and allowing me room to grow and mature, in marriage and in my faith. My husband is so patient and loving and steadfast in his love of the Lord, for me and for our family. We delight in what God has done in our lives and in our marriage. This Valentine’s we will be married for 12 years. We are raising a blended family and our house is full of joy and love.

  23. 23
    Michele says:

    Two of my professors at Northeastern Seminary. Dr. Paul Livermore is an amazing biblical scholar/theologian/Patristic Era expert. After his 4 hour class my brain was mush, but I loved it.

    Dr. Doug Cullum is an awesome teacher as well, but he stretched me through the Personal/Spiritual Formation program, which is a small group format integrated into the curriculum. At first I hated PSF because I was there to learn facts, don’t bother me with “fluff!” But God used that group in so many ways and taught me valuable lessons while cleansing and healing some old, deep wounds.

    I’m so thankful for them and NES.

    HEY MAMA!! I submitted a Genesis study tip that I originally learned from you to Bible Study Magazine and it got published!! p.46 of the Nov/Dec ed. I feel like a kid who wants you to see my A! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. 24
    juliet says:

    Okay, the first person that comes to my mind is someone that I don’t know personally but like you(!) has broadened my thoughts on the power of the Gospel esp here in the South where looking like a Christian is often more important than actually being in love with the Lord. This person is a pastor in Seattle named Marc Driscoll and the church is Mars Hill Church. Not just him but people he recommends, other pastors and contributors associated with them.

  25. 25
    Kathy B says:

    10,000 hits? Yikes. That’s unnerving. Anybody else feel that way? Well then, the “names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

    Hands down, the most unexpected friendship I’ve ever had that has stretched me the most has been…my hubby. I hope that’s not terribly predictable, but it’s perfectly true. Yes, that’s his mug shot up there by mine. You see, I’d never even dated outside my own denomination (can you say, “Pharisee”). And this guy just oozed authenticity right out of the gates. He says what he means and means what he says and asks the same from me. He continues to be God’s gift to me of “motivation-check”. I’ll have some lovely scheme all worked out of “do-gooding” and he’ll give me his silly grin and ask, “Now why do you feel the need to do this?” If my truthful answer is that I believe God has laid it on my heart, then he’s nothing but supportive.

    Ever see that movies called, “The Family Man” with Nicolas Cage? At the end he says something rather profound: that seperately he and his (would be) wife would do just fine, but together…they were something quite extraordinary. And by God’s grace that’s what He is doing for me: making me more like His Son as a result of the influence of this dear man.

  26. 26
    beth galvin says:

    Honestly it has to be my husband! I have many spiritual parents in my life but none has God used as profoundly as my husband. We have been married for seven years the first three were full of iron sharping iron. but lately i have reread some journal entries where I was crying out for God to bring me a friend that would challenge me, draw me closer to God and to be open and honest with. That answer came through my husband. God is good.

  27. 27
    Kate says:

    Great question ๐Ÿ™‚

    My family and I started attending a church pretty close to my husband’s hometown. During our first visit – we ran into my husband’s high school sweetheart’s parents. We have since become very close to this couple! I have especially gotten close to the Mom. She speaks into my life, prays for me, encourages me in my parenting and in my marriage. She teaches me and blesses me and I’m so thankful for her. Your husband’s ex’s mother is an unlikely friend and mentor, indeed! I love it.

    Love to you,
    Kate ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 28
    Tara G. says:

    I grew up in Christian home, attended a conservative Baptist church, and graduated from a very reputable Christian college. During my 20’s, God began bringing individuals into my life to challenge some of the traditional thoughts I had been taught and made me a bit uncomfortable. Additionally, after I was married, we received an update from the Jesus film people; I read testimony after testimony of people coming to the Lord because of healings of various types, and my eyes were just opened to the fact that God is much bigger than I had ever thought. Your study Believing God said it well- God is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do!

  29. 29
    Isabella says:

    I am a church secretary, My pastor is who God brought into my life. I have realized that I have, in the past expected any Pastor to be on a pedestal. So not fair. So God sent me to this blessing job as secretary of my church so that I could and would see that I expect too much out of our leaders, not fair to them. They have the same struggles and questions as many of us do. I never meant to put them on a pedestal, but in realizing that I have, God has shown me humbly, that He is the only one for me. Not to be so quick to look toward man. By the way our Pastor is great! Just knowing him on a different level has given me new perspective.

  30. 30
    Pam says:

    Denise Glenn – we met in only a way God can orchestrate since we live in two different states and she became an incredible mentor to me. Then I watched as God moved her husband’s job and her ministry (MotherWise) to Indonesia and then most recently to Australia. I have stood in awe as the gospel has been shared worldwide – on every continent except Anarctica to my knowledge – through Denise’s life and ministry. Women have come to Christ, many for the very first time, and many have been changed and encouraged through the Bible studies.

    It was through Denise that I really learned what prayer was and how to pray offensively and defensively (Yes, I have watched too much football lately!:-)) and to intercede for others. Life changing to say the least.

  31. 31

    My Friend Kimmie in 2001. We are both Navy pilot wives and were living in Oak Harbor WA at the time. I was not a Christ follower, Kimmie was (but I did not know it at the time).

    In late April 2001, Kimmie’s husband was one of the Navy pilots on the EP-3 spy plane that went down in China while doing surveillance over the South China Sea. Pat and his crew were detained for 11 days. During this time Kimmie’s friends rallied around her and her family. The guys were all released without incident and I watched Kimmie give God the glory.

    Not too long after this incident (early 2002), Kimmie invited me to a “small group” at her home. There were just three of us that ended up sticking with it. On the first day, I showed up with my 3″ think fancy religious KJV Bible my husband and I got for our wedding (had never been open). Kimmie was using a curriculum from Campus Crusade for Christ (like a Christianity 101 course), and for the first time ever, I learned how to look up Scripture. It took about two weeks for me to figure out I didn’t understand the old style wording in my 3″ KJV Bible; all so formal and confusing to me! I purchased a NIV Study Bible and fell in love with God and His word after that!

    WOW! God used Kimmie going through the hostage incident to show me first hand that through her faith in Him, He completely carried her during the uncertain time of her husband being detained. And through the small group Bible study at her home, He used her to open my eyes and heart to Who He REALLY is and how much He loves me.

    Directly after our first small group at her home(an 18 week study), Kimmie invited me to “Breaking Free” at the church led by a sweet godly woman; this was my first Beth Moore study that God did a mighty work through.

    Kimmie now lives in VA, me in TX- I love that God brought her into my life and she will have a forever imprint on me and my relationship with Jesus.

    Corpus Christi, TX

  32. 32
    Jessie says:

    Well, back in ’94 I was part of a missions team, and I kept in touch with my leaders, Phil and Robyn. In 2000, I married my best friend, Rich, but he had been married before. His previous wife was a challenge to say the least in those early days, and I held quite a bit of anger and bitterness for some of the hoops she made us jump through. I’ll never forget chatting on the phone with Phil and sharing how angry and frustrated I was. I was just so FULL of anger. He then told me that I was just as sinful as she was. That Jesus LOVED her as much as me, and I needed to get over myself and pray for her. OW! I still struggle at times, but his advice was RIGHT ON. I didn’t like hearing it, but those words still echo today. Still in moments when I feel anger and frustration towards someone, I hear his words echoing. I am so thankful for him speaking the truth to me, even though it hurt.

  33. 33
    Tammy says:

    Good morning Mama Beth! I pray your day has already been blessed by our sweet Jesus. It is funny that you ask this question. I had the privelege of going to Women of Faith this past weekend! I have been wrestling over a few things with God. He has a sense of humor. There were two speakers who truly touched my heart and made me realize I need to get my butterfly wings on and go with it. One was Mary Beth Chapman. I have to tell you that she mentioned in a such a loving way. I had to chuckle when she said she couldn’t quite get teh big hair thing. She truly is a down to earth person who shared her journey in such a real way. I thought what great courage she had to come and speak even when she didn’t want to and yet she obeyed God. I was moved to tears and thought I need to obey and do what God has asked of me. The other one was Lisa Welchel. I grew up with her show and her words cut me deep to the heart. I knew God was using her to say what I needed as final confirmation in my heart. So I have been praying the past few days that I will let my wings come out and just do as God would ask. Funny how my bible readings have centered around God being with me. So I ask prayers that I will be obedient and disciplined as this journey is not a short one.

    I am sorry I wrote a book but it seems that God has really been working and I needed to just breathe and share.

    love you much

  34. 34
    Crystal says:

    We call him DM, but his name is David Michael.

    In college, I was just astounded that anyone could be so devoted to a God I was aware of, but barely knew. Michael made passion look so easy, and he was so in love with Jesus.

    His devotion brought me to a whole new understanding of a life in Christ. I enjoyed our group time together and learned so much about the Bible at this time…but that knowledge transferred to a heart knowledge I was missing.

    There was a large group of people we spent time with in those days, but DM sticks out as the one who really pushed me to grow. I thought he was completely weird and rude when I first met him…who knew he would end up being the catalyst that would change my relationship with God.

    He’s still a good friend.

  35. 35
    Tiffany Morse says:

    When we moved from New Jersey to Texas, I had had it with the “status quo” life that we had been living. I had three kids in three and a half years and my oldest was still only 6. I needed to honestly let the Lord some in and heal my wounded and proken past and I was desperately longing to know His Word. After numerous friendships that were “toxic” I was in no real hurry to fill my life with new friends that would drain me. I asked the Lord to pick my friends and my life for me here in Texas. There are amazing friends here that the Lord has brought in and out of my life, but one that has stuck is my dearest sweet Kara. She is almost 10 years younger than me, but she loves Jesus and loves His Word! I met her through Bible Study Fellowship, she introduced me to the Christian dance studio that we both currently teach at. We also fell into catering jobs together. She always comments on how life is an adventure with me {it is}!! I am blessed beyond measure that the Lord brought me young woman as a “bestie” and how even though we are currently in two different seasons of our lives, bring value in our differences to one another, we celebrate life and can laugh at our faults together, it is the sweetest God honoring friendship!

  36. 36
    Sarah says:

    I had the priviledge to meet Allison Crino this summer. Her passion is to reach the “least of these” and her place is the Dominican Republic. She was the missionary we worked with and God used my time with Allsion to stretch me, break me, and mold me. Our group sat in awe as we listened to this 26 yr old, single, American girl share her heart for reaching those that seem the most unreachable and her willingness to give it all so that they could know the Love of a Savior. She chose to live by herself in the very heart of the ghetto. She wanted her home to be refuge the teens in the community. As a 26yr old, single, American girl in ministry we immediately bonded. Her sacrifice and faith shook me to the core. Allison reminded me of the great calling and priviledge we’ve been given to proclaim the name of


  37. 37
    Lisa the PW says:

    The person who comes to mind is one who tests my faith every single time I’m with her. As in, I want to choke her but the restraining power of the Holy Spirit has has gained so much muscle in this relationship that I feel I’ve won a spiritual victory every time I hold back. Shoot, I look forward to seeing her just so I can flex. I don’t think that’s quite the answer you were looking for but it’s a testament that the biblical principle of denying flesh for the greater glory does indeed work when there is opportunity coupled with hard fought obedience.

    I think James has something to say about not just knowing what to do but actually connecting the thought with the action? *grin*

    • 37.1
      Siesta OC says:

      I love how you mentioned you look forward to seeing her just so you can flex – flex the glory of GOD – HE brings healing that just flat out shocks us!

  38. 38
    WendyB says:

    A hundred years ago I was masquerading as Mrs. Perfect. Inside, I was dying – married to an alcoholic who ran around with every skirt in town, hurled hateful words at me, and undermined every effort to raise my beloved daughter well.
    My friends were in happy marriages, and invited me to a summer women’s Bible study. I had been clinging to the Lord, but on my own, as I didn’t dare leave my girl at home at night with her dad. This study offered childcare, so I went. I arrived in the sanctuary to hear everyone cooing about how WONDERFUL this particular Bible teacher was, and how I was just going to LOVE her. I had never heard her name before. A few minutes later, my stomach turned. There on the screen was the real Mrs. Perfect. She had long, lush, thick hair (mine has been falling out for years from stress), she was beautiful (I was exhausted), she spoke in a sweet, sweet voice as if we were best buds. I couldn’t stay. “What,” I thought desperately, “would this woman know about real pain? What could she possibly teach me from the obviously happy bubble she lives in with the rest of my friends? Who does Beth Moore think she is?” I slid out the back door, picked up my daughter, drove home, and cried myself to sleep.
    Fast forward to 2006ish. Newly divorced, still bruised, I joined my first small group as a solo – of course it was made up entirely of married couples, but they loved me and never made me feel like the fifth wheel that I was. Guess what our first study was? Daniel. Beth Moore. I was trapped. Then I went home and read one of her books.
    And that night, I cried myself to sleep again, because I owed Beth Moore a BIG apology. How I shot myself in the foot all those years, ignoring the gifts of a woman I judged out of my own pain, and judged so wrongly. She knew plenty about suffering.
    Full circle came on New Year’s Eve (I think 2008) when I sat happily alone in my living room and ushered in the new year on this very blog, with a handful of other girls having a less-than-perfect week….including Beth. We posted about the kinds of popcorn we like and all sorts of delightfully unimportant stuff. Thank you, Lord, for stretching me and humbling me to this wonderful place.

    • 38.1
      Joyce Watson says:

      Wendy, You deserve a big hug for that touching story!
      So glad God blessed you with Bible study from Beth!

  39. 39

    An Unexpected Friendship Marvelously Redeemed

    I moved into my college dorm 8 years ago with three “Christian” roommates. As you can imagine we ran into some ethical issues going on in our apartment. I approached one roommate in particular [April] in a very kind way, but my rebuke was not welcomed. There were a lot of locked doors, mean words, and harsh times that followed. Some even moved out because they couldn’t stand my position on certain subject matters. It was a very lonely year for me.

    Fast forward a year, I’m walking to school and become very ill, I am laying in the grass and the only thing I can think of was I just saw my ex-roommate, April, walking home from school. I still had her number in my phone. I called, a humbling request to come pick me up. She did way more than that, she stayed with me all day and nursed me back to health.

    As it turned out, she had joined a Beth Moore bible study during our time away from each other, and realized she wasn’t living right. She apologized. Then, she became the best friend I’ve ever had.

    Fast forward another year, we’re living together again. Fast forward another year, I’m moving out to marry my husband, who she introduced me to by inviting me to her college group.

    Over the last 5 years there has been more Beth Moore bible studies [including the ones we are both in now], weddings, babies, and lots of traveling. She’s a flight attendant and I travel with my husband for business and my three boys. [Which she attended their births and took care of me the same way she did that day of reconciliation.]

    What makes this relationship so unique is that I would have never expected the only person I ever came close to hitting [ha ha] to end up being my best friend, birth coach, long-distance-phone-buddy, sister.

    We’ve walked through a lot of things together and I couldn’t have done it without her. We’re known as CanApril.

    Candra Georgi
    [story used with her permission]

  40. 40
    Laura says:

    After I graduated high school and started into college I turned “buck wild” as many people called the group I hung out with. We paried, drank, experimented with drugs, and alot of other things that Im to ashamed to even mention! I was on the WRONG path. I quit going to church even though my devoted Christian mother had raised us to follow “the road less traveled”. I knew what was right and what was wrong, but the wrong seemed to be more “exciting” then the right. Even though I was doing all these bad things I would often pray that God would help me find my way out of the mess I was in, that he would do something or send someone to help me to come back to him. Then one day while hanging out at the lake, I met an awesome man, the Lord had sent me my wonderful husband! After a couple of dates he told me up front that if I wanted him in my life, he wasn’t putting up with my crazy life style. I promised him I would turn away from all the bad things that I had been doing because I knew in my heart that God sent him for me to help me turn back to Jesus. We have been married for 7 years now, we’ve been through good times and bad but we always keep Jesus in our lives and marriage and with HIM we know everything will always be alright!

  41. 41
    BecomingMoreUndignified says:

    I started to become friends with our worship leader who was definitely further in her walk than me, and I was looking to her as a mentor. She was in the middle of a difficult situation, when her husband took his life. I didn’t have a clue how to help, but I showed up and we walked and talked. AND walked and talked. AND.. I did everything I could to minister to help and support her. God really pushed me during this time, and I know I have grown tremendously in my own ministry. Thats the cool part of it…As I was attempting to minister to her, she ministered more to me, and I am so much the better for it! Our friendship has become one of the most important treasures in my life!

  42. 42
    Rebecca says:

    “Maybe a very unlikely friendship or relationship that you know God brought your way to grow you and to open your eyes to the wide-sweeping work of the Gospel”

    It’s funny you ask this. I moved to the city that my husband was from, 4 hours away from home. I had friends, really good friends, but none that were Godly. I really prayed for God to bring me a friend who I can speak freely to about my faith and would be the basis of our friendship. God answered those prayers about 2 years after I moved here. She was a new resident to the area and had no friends. I was introduced to her because her husband worked with my brother-n-law. After we hung out a few times we started talking about churches they were visiting to try and find a church home. That was my “in” to talk to her about her faith.

    Long story short through that process, I realized quickly this is who God sent me. We were instant best friends. We talked about everything a lot, especially our faith. She was non-denominational and I was Catholic! Wow, what a difference but the commonality was we both loved Christ and wanted to know Him more. She challenged me a lot about my faith because I was a fair weather Catholic, only really went to church on Sundays and that was it. I was not involved in anything else-no prayer life, no bible studies, nothing. That’s why she was an answered prayer because she was that person who pushed the envelope for me. Challenged me to step out of my box and realize the love that Christ has for me! I went to my first Bible Study at her church and loved it! She was asked to lead the next women’s study. She prayed so deeply and felt led by God to do your study “Believing God”.

    We were about 3 weeks in the study when I got a call from her mom telling me to go to the hospital because they are running tests on her and think she may have leukemia. At this point my faith was so strong that nothing could tear it down, not even this. I was Believing God that He would heal her and it was not cancer. The test showed that it was in fact leukemia, acute leukemia, and it was fierce. That was October 19, 2008. At this point I knew my best friend for only 10 short months.

    She was admitted right away and started chemo right away. She didn’t even have enough time to process the fact that she had cancer. The leukemia had done so much damage in such a short time because they didn’t catch it right away. She spent most of the time in ICU trying to fight off internal bleeding. That first few days before her ICU stay she called her bible study in and we did a class in the waiting room with her. The whole time she was in the hospital she prayed for us and for people who didn’t know Jesus. Here is a 25 year old girl fighting for her life and she was praying for other people to come to know Christ. She was truly inspiring. I went to the hospital every single day to let her know I was praying for her and I was believing God! She fought that cancer for 28 days. She died on November 16, 2008.

    We are in the season of her fight. For the second year in a row I can feel it. I am still fighting for her. My faith was shaken because I believed God but I guess I didn’t know what I was believing Him for. My new best friend in Christ was taken from me. I felt the world was at a loss because she was gone. She was a beautiful Christian and she loved the Lord mightily. Everyone who met her knew that instantly.

    It is still a fight but after two years and a heavy depression, Jesus spoke to me in bible study some weeks ago (I am still attending bible studies at her church) and said, “It is time you forgive me. Come back to me because I have never left you.” I am still a work in progress but I am Believing God.

  43. 43
    Church Lady says:

    My BFF Lisa. I am by nature a melancholy personality…she is a sanguine through and through. She makes me think of you so much. She is my polar opposite and I love it! She is full throttle all the time…amazing. She has always had the freedom to put her finger right on the issue that is troubling me at any given time. Totaly honest even if it hurts. She will say “If you don’t want the truth…don’t ask.” I find myself often wondering why I let her get away with saying things to me that I wouldn’t let anyone else get away with. And I know it is because she loves me. She is a pastor’s wife and a she herself says “not your usual pastor’s wife.” She has helped me to grow so much in the Lord. She challenges my thinking and doesn’t care to ask why. Although we don’t see each other very much…we still keep in touch. When we do get together it is like we never have been apart. I thank the Lord for her.

    • 43.1
      Kathy B says:

      She cuts to the chase, doesn’t she? My husband says, “Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to.” Ouch!

  44. 44
    Allison says:

    Hi Beth, lovely to see you Sunday and I always relish those moments of connection. Thank you. Back in April 2009 no job, I may be repeating myself but there came a friend who helped me with my finances. She spent early Friday to early Saturday going through my credit card debts. God used that woman to break me from a habit of foolish spending, it was hard but she was faithful and stern and so was God in and through her. That broken step lead me to stop drinking. I was broken by God’s grace, need Him to help me to be so broken before Him and what I so, so want, so want to turn from the dark lurings of the enemy to the hope in Him. So i’ve digressed a bit but the friend who is and still a friend showed how my bad habits of spending brought bondage. She was a military sargent and I needed that not a cushy “it’s ok” to help me with my debts which lead to stop drinking.

  45. 45
    Tesa says:

    My relationship is not with a person that stretched me, but with a church. God brought a number of us out of a church where we were very dry spiritually. We were hungry for a touch of His hand and for His Word, and out of that, this group of people started their own church. We have been a church now for almost 7 years and God has really used it to teach us about Himself. However, the last year has been a year of turmoil and God has taken us down to the bare bones. We have less than half the congregation we once had, only one staff member who is pulling double duty, and only a few young families. We have nothing left but Him. Though it all, I have prayed that God would stir up in us a spirit of prayer, that we would do things differently and bathe our church in prayer first and foremost, & that we would be the hands & feet of Christ to our town. The enemy has hit me hard in this area lately, so I feel that is confirmation that I am to keep praying this for our church. I feel God is trying to stretch us and change our mindset from an “inward” church to an outward focused church. And He has to get us on our knees before we look up!!!

  46. 46

    For me it was a friend in college. When we met we did not like each other and had nothing nice to say. However, over time the Lord changed our hearts and now Stefanie and I have become wonderful life-long friends. I think many times we let our own opinions make the first impression instead of looking at people with the eyes and love of Jesus. May I be a woman who strives to truly interact with people with the knowledge that I was created in His image and that I bring glory to my Father when I reflect that image in all I do.

  47. 47
    Michelle Carter says:

    Hi Beth! I have been a long time member of our praise team at church, singing and playing. We recently hired a new worship pastor who, well o.k. , I was in college with his parents and I’ve watched him grow from a toddler to the young man he is today. He has been gifted with the amazing ability to use his talent for music to serve the Lord in a mighty way. I must admit I have been intimidated by his talent which comes so naturally to him, where my talent has developed through blood, sweat and tears. ๐Ÿ™‚ He has been gracious and approachable and has challenged me to take my ability to the next level, which is definitely out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful for his passion for using musical worship to lead the congregation into the presence of the Lord. I’m also grateful he is willing to use us “older folks” ๐Ÿ™‚
    My small group is currently doing “Here and Now…” and are being challenged daily to get into it! Thanks for your dedication to the Word and for your affinity for a good dose of “Girl Time”! Love ya! Michelle

  48. 48
    patty says:

    Good Morning Sweet Beth!

    Years ago while I was still married my husband was a supervisor of a Japanese company. We would go to many company functions and there was this one woman who was not friendly to anyone and to be honest, I just didn’t like her. She was always at the functions but never talked to anyone.

    One night she knocked on our door. I opened it and there she stood crying and desperate for help. I invited her in and talked with her for hours. I ended up counseling her for a few months and invited her to go to church with me. She did and eventually God gave me the honor of leading her to Jesus!! We became the best of friends and there were many times she helped me. The bizarre thing is that I helped her through her divorce and she was there to help me through my divorce. We had a fun and close friendship! I haven’t seen her in years as we live in different states but she will always have a special place in my heart . I promise you I would never in a million years thought her and I would have been friends …but God!!

  49. 49
    lori says:

    well actually that would be you. I was sitting pretty comfortably in my friendships so when I got to a really hard place, I was introduced to the sweetest voice I had ever heard, then I found out that sweet little voice could flip your whole world upside, she could step on your toes and hug your neck at the same time. Two days before my whole world was rocked I had statred my first Beth Moore study Beliving God. Throughout the study my life was falling apart, and I wanted to quit that study so bad but I knew God wanted me the hear those words, he needed me to change, and at that time I dont think anyone else in my life could have done for me what God did through you.

  50. 50

    I have been thinking, and I don’t know if that has happened to me yet in terms of a person I’ve met, but, my most stretching has been from reading various authors. Actually, I have met one of them briefly, but I read their work first. I am happy to say that they exceeded my expectations in their kindness to me, a virtual stranger when I met them, even after speaking to them for all of maybe a minute…those authors that have impacted me the most so far; challenged me, stretched me, and won my respect are Kay Arthur, yourself, and now, most recently, David Platt and Francis Chan. God has used you all to stretch my thinking. I’ve learned much from what God has sent you all to write and teach others, and am still learning…if I had to speak of any person I know like what you all have challenged me in my walk to do, I would have to say my Pastor. He has challenged me every Sunday, and I have respect for him, as I do for you all. I want to be used by God to challenge others too; to encourage them towards a deep and lovely walk with Him. So I thank the Lord for using you, Kay, David, Francis, and my Pastor Phil:)

    Blessings,((HUGS)), Love in HIM,


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