Talk to Me Tuesday: Topic Two

Good morning, Sister Girls! It’s Tuesday and time to talk! I am so happy to have gotten the joy of connecting with you over the weekend. It was an unexpected gift on a rare lazy day. I’ve really been excited over how many sisters have chimed in lately for the first time. A heightened number of you have said in the last several weeks that you’ve been reading the blog for a while but you were commenting “for the first time.” I just want you to know that it’s the comments that turn this place into a community. Not the blog posts but the comments. That means it’s more your part than mine. That’s a pretty cool thing I think. All that to say, I love seeing somebody who’s been watching finally imparting. Welcome! You are freely loved here in the gracious Name of Jesus Christ. We cannot replace counselors or local churches or face-to-face, life-to-life friends but we gleefully do what we can do: encourage you in your walk with Christ.

OK, let’s get to today’s topic: Talk to me about someone Jesus brought into your life who really stretched you but won your respect. Maybe a very unlikely friendship or relationship that you know God brought your way to grow you and to open your eyes to the wide-sweeping work of the Gospel. Put another way, who sort of broke a mold for you? This should be fun. Only share a name where there is nothing that would make your person uncomfortable or embarrassed. This might be a good time to tell you that this community, because of God’s grace alone, gets an average of 10,000 independent hits a day. Only share what you mean to be public but, by all means, have joy in the process! Just don’t tell us a secret. Grin.

I love you dearly. I can’t wait to read these.


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  1. 151
    LindsayA says:

    when I moved to Las Cruces, NM (the second time) after marrying my hubby, I we joined a music/ outreach ministry through A.G. church there. Every single person we served with in that team streached our personalities completely, but I would have to say the girl who I now view as my best friend really sharpened me. Not only did we serve in ministry together for over 4 years, we also worked together and lived together (she rented a room from us). We drive each other crazy sometimes because we’re so much alike and so different in many ways, and we know eachother so well, but I think my friendship with her is deeper than any friendship I’ve ever had before (this excludes my husband, because that’s a completely different level of friendship). I know she’s the one person in the world I can pour my heart out to and she won’t think less of me for it. She is always encouraging, and we tend to go through seasons in our lives together.
    We’ve chosen to keep our friendship a bit more distant until she finds her one and only, because I never want our relationship to be an out for some of the little frustrations in marriage.. but I cannot wait till the day we can really relate to one another in our marriages and families. I know it will only make it that much deeper. I love you Meli Chong!!

  2. 152
    KristinaNicole says:

    The person who stretches me the most is not even aware she does it. She is a childhood friend, you know, the kind you can’t even remember meeting because they were just always there. Over the years we have both grown in our walk with Christ, but we have had very different life experinces. While Maribeth is always willing to step out of her comfort zone and put herself in less than ideal situaitons when called, I prefer to stay safely in my box surrounded by familiar places and people. For example she is currently working/ministering with prostitutes and their children who are at risk to continue the same lifestyle. She goes out with a group on weekend nights to walk the streets to pray with the men and women who are out there working. My reaction when she told me about this opportunity was “That is not safe! What are you thinking?” Yet she felt that this is where God wanted to use her and He truly has.
    She is a constant reminder that life is not always neat and pretty, but rather it can be messy and ugly. God give me a heart that is willing to follow you even into places outside my shelterd life.
    My favorite thing abbout Maribeth is that she does not make decisions to purposefully push boundaries, she only follows what God has laid on her heart. Nor does she make anyone feel less for not ministering in the same way. She believes that God can and will use anyone in any place.

  3. 153
    Wonder Woman says:

    When I was a young mom, I took a parenting class offered at my church. Carla was the teacher and she set me on a path of honoring God in my parenting. She showed me that all the answers were in God’s Word.

    Through the years our relationship has grown and she mentors me, and many others, to live our lives sold out to Christ.

  4. 154
    Karen E says:

    Denise! That idea of opposites getting together — she’s a full-time computer hardware engineer and I’m a mom-at-home for 22 years. She’s big-picture and I’m all about the details. She’s a talker and I’m a listener (but I’ve trained her to listen, too, and she has helped me learn to talk!). She was a “bad girl” and I was a “good girl” growing up. We joke that we would have been in the same classes in high school, but never sat beside each other because I would have been too scared of her. I asked her to do a bible study 5 years ago because our women’s group wasn’t going to do anything over the summer. She said, “Oh, sure, what the heck.” The foundation of our friendship has been studying God’s word together, one-on-one, with a goal of growing our faith together. With the intimacy of weekly prayer and permission to ask each other the hard questions, God has developed a friendship that stretches both of us even as we support each other through some incredibly difficult times. God is SO GOOD.

  5. 155
    Shannon Costanzo says:

    Well I believe that I am presently being stretched by the Muslim doctor I work for. He has asked me questions of my faith and I can honestly understand what it means to thirt for knowledge in the word. I have been really reading the word and praying to retain all the information of truth so when a question arises, I may have an answer of truth. He has addressed me as “a Christian” in front of patients and fellow doctors. Of course this means that I must be extra aware how I react to situations. I am the office manager as well so how you react is important. I have to let the light of Jesus shine through me, even when I don’t feel like it. I do believe my mission field at present is my work place. I work for 4 Muslim doctors, 1 Hindu and 2 who don’t believe in anything. This is breaking the mold for me as I am really having to get into the word so I can put on the armor of God daily. I am also learning when to speak and when to zip it… it’s not an easy lesson, learning to zip it!! that is a moment by moment process.
    Anyway siestas, God is King and there is power in the blood of Jesus!
    Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kissimmee, Florida

    • 155.1
      Jennifer says:

      Yes, you are really on the spot. I read something on learning when to zip it recently, it’s called KMS, keep mouth shut. I read it at a Christian Women to Women event. For some reason, it humorously sticks in my mind!

    • 155.2

      Wow. That is amazing…I will pray for you right now–that the Lord would really shine through you in every situation and that the Love of God would be what they see.

    • 155.3
      Kim says:


      I used to work at a financial services office where my faith was often the topic of conversation and questions, even though I tried to love quietly, without judgment or preaching. It was very similar to your situation. For the past several years, my church (in St. Pete/Tampa) has taken part in praying very specifically for Muslims during the month of Ramadan. We obtain a prayer guide that is packed full of information on the Muslim faith for people groups all over the world. I find that my heart is growing for the salvation of these people. If you would like for me to send you my prayer guide from this year, let me know. I’d be more than happy to share. ๐Ÿ™‚ ([email protected])

    • 155.4
      Patti says:

      Praying for you,
      Patti Hayes

  6. 156
    Jill Wade says:

    Ok. this might not be the ‘correct answer’ and might even sound a little, hmmm, ‘teacher’s pet’, but the two people (besides my sweet husband), that God has used to challenge me, encourage me, and help me to see that there is a PERSONAL relationship with God to be had, is Louie Giglio and you, Ms. Beth. Although I do not know either one of you personally, man, have I learned a lot from you. I said this a couple of weeks ago on an earlier post, but your love for God and His Word is CONTAGIOUS! I WISH I WISH I WISH I knew a piece of God like you….just a PIECE. I just have been struggling lately; just got married in June, started going to a new church here in atlanta in June, and I am probably a little distracted. But anyway, for what it is worth… answer is you, you broke the mold for me!!!!

  7. 157
    Blair Edgar says:

    You never know who God will use in your life and how but it is exciting to see Him work even in the middle of a horrible situation. Amy and I meet during a church workday. I was a new preschool parent at this church but not a member of the church and it was VERY out of character for my husband and I to volunteer at a WORK DAY not knowing anyone from the church. That day I met Amy, the preacher’s wife, and she was so easy to talk to and we hit it off right away as we spread mulch and hammered nails. We worked together about 2 hours that day and spoke briefly on Sundays between services. Never really built our relationship but were fond of one another. About 1 1/2 years pass and we were simply acquaintances on FB and through the halls of church…one lunch date in the mix as well. Amy was so inviting and sweet but our lives were pulling in different directions (mother of a preschool and a mother of two teenagers). Amy was on my heart for about a week or two and then I found out that Amy was facing a divorce that she did not want! She was devastated and our church was hurting for them. I reached out to her and she accepted…all I could think was how could she reach out when facing such a public divorce all I would want to do was run and hide. She shared her pain, she was REAL! God used Amy and her situation to break me free from myself, my pride! I had read So Long Insecurity which was a stepping stone for what God would teach me through Amy. God used Amy to show me a strong woman facing unimaginable circumstances, holding her head high while being humble and real! Amy started a blog for people facing an “Unplanned Journey” of divorce…what encouragement for others struggling with marriage or divorce. I was blown away…how could she be so open, so confident, while still hurting herself and trying to adjust to this new life as a divorced/single mom. I was encouraged is an understatement!!! God really spoke to me and used Amy to lead me out of an 11 year period of not singing in church. Singing was something I loved to do in high school and college but eventually grew insecure and down right fearful to sing again. Man, God has brought me far…Thank you Amy for all you have taught me through your Unplanned Journey and for loving me and encouraging me!

    No record deals but here is my 11 year debut (Better than a Hallelujah) Praise God for using us though we are broken!

  8. 158
    Queen says:

    hello siesta mama,

    It really is you that has molded my life to this point, I have known about you for over 10 years, I only heard you, during the last 2 years I Hear you and am so grateful, I am currently doing the partiach and wow, thank you for all that you have gone through to help me and others like myself. We reviewed lesson 7 today and I can honestly tell you I Snapped in 2007, but thanks to God, Get Out of that Pit, Loving Well and Wednesdays with Beth, I am able to be okay wih my life. Thanks Beth for your transparancy and breaking the walls to cultural (I thought) differences, pain, shame, and guilt have no cultural boundaries, I am growing more in Him and desiring a quiet walk (less ego) to be a good stewart and servant. Keep doin what you do so well serving us. I love you.

  9. 159

    My dad! He taught me how to die with grace and keep the strength of the Lord even when his physical body was dying from cancer. I was only 17 when he died, but I learned so much from him on how to love the Lord and have strong faith in Him! God blessed my family and I by allowing us to be present in the room when he went to heaven. What should have been a sad moment, was a beautiful moment. We praise God still for that gift!

  10. 160
    Bejoyfulbetty says:

    Thank you, Beth, for encouraging me to participate in this community.

    When I was a fairly new Christian an Associate Pastor mentored a friend and me in evangelism. He encouraged us to take every evangelism class we could get to and taught us himself too. I grew to love witnessing, sharing the gospel and seeing people accept Jesus as their Savior. I still do today, but he was called home to be with Jesus a few years ago. I miss his enthusiasm but my friend and I think he had led so many people to Christ that he “won the trip” to the best destination ever.

  11. 161
    Dawn says:

    About 5 years ago, I was invited to take a team of Christian high school students on a service ministry trip to France. God has used the pastor and his wife we worked with in Paris to ‘re-shape’ my view of kingdom work and has blessed me with a precious friendship that ‘sharpens me’ in the process. Stepping into many evangelical french churches is like stepping back into the US church ‘culture’ from the 70’s or 80’s … all kinds of things went through my mind on my first ‘missionary partnership’ with them, most of them very prideful and not consistent with a ‘servant’s spirit’. But these dear people are not really concerned with ‘image’ or the latest, greatest ministry ‘fads’. They just truly love God with a pure heart, show respect and honor for the older gentlemen who began the work there and mentored them, and boldly share the simple truth of the gospel with their neighbors and people God brings to their very small faith community. At the same time, they care for a special needs child and choose to see his life as a precious blessing and ‘open door’ to build relationships for the Kingdom in ways they couldn’t if their child was ‘normal’. Their truly humble, servants’ hearts rocked my ‘ministry mindset’ … I love them for it! I have watched in awe at the opportunities God has provided these dear servants, ones we would ‘judge’ as a little ‘behind the US Christian-ministry-timetable’ … writing books & blogs, speaking all over their country, even being granted interviews on the state-sponsored, normally ‘secular-only’ television stations about spiritual issues! In the midst of a very ‘anti-God’ culture, they keep the main thing the main thing … sharing the good news of God’s love each and every day – verbally and with a heart of love. They challenge my ‘Martha mindset’ by living with ‘Mary values’ – and they are making a difference ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 162
    Marcia King says:

    The person God brought into my life that has stretched me more than anyone else, is my husband, Darren. Before we meet I had been scared and singed by the fires of life; with the scars of having been sexually violated at a young age, becoming a single mom too young, followed by two abusive marriages and divorces, the unpreventable death of my oldest child at the age of five and dealing with the issues of being a divorced mom with two boys to raise. I was so damaged, I should have been seeking professional help to deal with all my issues and scars. But, I didn’t know enough to realize that I even needed help. After accepting Christ as my Savior, God drew me into a relationship with Darren, a godly man like none I’d ever met before. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the Lord spoke to Darren’s heart through the book of Hosea telling him, “I am going to use you to heal Marcia, you are to marry her and love her.” He married me and trusted the Lord for the strength to love me, in spite of all my issues and ugly wounds. Praise the Lord, that’s exactly what the Lord did. God has used Darren in mighty and awesome ways in our marriage to bring about the healing that He promised and I so desperately needed. I praise the Lord continually for how He has used Darren, teaching me to trust and to love like Christ loves. I am a different person today because my husband obediently trusted the Lord and allowed Him to use him in a mighty way.

  13. 163
    Lisa says:

    The friend who stretched me for many years is you, Beth, even though we’ve never had a face-to-face conversation. I was in your Bible studies way back in the chapel and LEARNED from God through you. You provided a place for God to teach me and amaze me. I haven’t been able to do Tuesday nights much in the past few years (kids keep us hopping)
    And God has brought an old friend back into my life lately – she’s suddenly widowed now, and scared to death, but watching her trust God to meet her needs blesses me. And she’s not just trusting Him for financial needs – she trusts him to bring lost people to her (He does), ministering opportunities to her (He does), prayer needs to her (He does). I can’t tell you what it does for me to have her call and tell me she’s praying for me. Not for anything in particular, just praying for me. I want to live that like – to desire the things of God, and then trust Him to put them in my path. And then show me exactly what to do with them!

  14. 164

    For me it was a dear friend I call The Redhead. She was the first friend I met when I moved from Georgia to Oregon. We met at a Southern Baptist Church in Portland. Her father was a banker. She lived in fancy home and wore pearls nearly everyday. I, on the other hand, grew up in a 12×60 or a single-wide. As the daughter of a soldier killed in action, I was raised by a single mother who was having issues of her own. The Redhead was the prim and proper Martha Stewart type, where I was the always candid Dolly Parton type.
    The Redhead died last year after a 10-year battle with breast cancer.
    Not a day goes by that I don’t weep for missing her. We knew each other longer than we’ve known our husbands. We married the same year. Had four kids each. She often traveled with me on book tours around the country.
    This past weekend I spoke at scholarship fundraiser for the Christian school where she worked.
    I read to them something she told me during that last year of her life: “I use the pain, fear and uncertainity as a trigger to practice the presence of God. They remind me to praise God rather than to focus on that which could overtake me easily and negatively. It is not automatic,” The Redhead said. “It’s a choice every single time.”
    Her fears were real. Her praise deliberate.
    The Redhead not only taught me how to live — she taught me how to go about the business of dying too.
    How does anyone replace a friendship that has spanned a lifetime?
    I am looking forward to hearing you in Spokane this weekend, Beth. It will be the first time I’ve attended your events. Coming with Sister Tater and our daughters.

    • 164.1
      Pam says:

      Karen, the quote was profound! How beautiful are the lives that are lived for Jesus.

    • 164.2
      Karen E says:

      Praising God with you for The Redhead’s wisdom and blessing! Praying for you — for God’s presence and comfort and grace and joy as you grieve.

  15. 165
    Betty Marschner says:

    Who has stretched and pulled me and helped me to grow??? Without a doubt my Tues eve Bible study group! Yes, we meet Tues eves too. We started out, (has it really been five years ago already)as a small group of gals living in one 20 mile radius who wanted to study God’s word and grow together Boy! Have we!! We have prayed together, laughed together, cried together, hoped together but more than anything we have grown together all of us in God’s Word and Way. We have matured in the faith. We are all from different denominations but are one in the Word. We have gone through triumphs and trials together. Of our original group there are three or four of us. We lost some through moves, one through an untimely death of cancer in which we all stood by her bedside and thanked God for her great warmth and love. Some have taken on other commitments but we still have the same amount of gals we started with just different people. We have just started studying your studies, Beth, and I have felt so blessed that I was introduced to your ministry through these gals. I suffer from chronic depression and many times have felt that life has just not been worth sticking around for but their prayers and love have kept me going. Sometimes through some very difficult times. As a result of their friendship I have found my depressive times lessening and my resolve to find new and different ways to serve the Lord increasing. This year has been almost a totally depression free year for me something I have not seen in many years. I consider it a real gift and because of the increased level of purpose in life I have started teaching a small Sunday School class which I have not done in many years and I am volunteering to do Hospice work for a local hospital. I praise God daily for them and for our Bible study and for your ministry your love of Christ and the Word of God is very catchy!!!

  16. 166

    Wow, 12 years ago I began my in-depth bible study journey with “Breaking Free”. I have had a workbook as my constant companion to drive me to Know Him at all times since then. There have been many times where I was like Mama Beth I have that baby about to wake up and run every way and I am not sure if I can draw the tabernacle this morning but I pushed through anyway. In times of loss I have had the homework speak specifically to me that day. Then the tough lessons that I need to hear but don’t necessarily want to…yet thankful that the LORD loves me and corrects me in the same breath. When I dated my husband, changed jobs, had health crisis’, struggled to love others, had a bleeding heart, felt unloved and needed a strong dose of the medicine of the Word…I have had one of those studies push me. The Lord always uses you and others through the Siesta community (what a strange relationship) and my beloved Moody Bible Network to challenge me.

    Then, I would say one of the most profound relationships that God uses daily (is the one “you asked for” like you talked about in the updated David) to see how sinful I am and how I am not even capable of loving those “that I can see” without His help.

    <3 and prayers!!

    • 166.1

      I love you Jenny! So thankful for you! You are an inspiration to my world, I know your life is crazy, and you don’t get a chance to always talk to people…I just wanted you to know that!
      We are all on this journey together, and specifically I just know we relate to so much, and I’m so grateful to God for it! And when I watch Breaking Free and saw your face, it was as if you were there going through it with me at the same time…it helps me:)


    • 166.2
      Kim Safina says:

      Jenny, GOD truly uses US DAILY!!!!

  17. 167

    I have a friend who was a Christian but had very strong views about certain things. It was always hard to interact with her in Highschool because of it… well, we both have growned so much over the years and we now can relate in so many ways. It’s neat to see differences in the way we think but so much of what we believe is now the same! God is good!

  18. 168
    GrowingInChrist says:

    God brought a very special couple into my life almost 3 months ago. They are missionaries from my church just back visiting due to an injury. I sought them out to get accountability in Bible reading because I was not in the Word like I wanted to be. They took that and ran with it ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been learning about who I am in Christ, how to witness to others, and how to apply God’s word in my life. They are constantly in prayer for me. Their love for me just amazes me. God has used them to ignite my fire once again! I am so grateful, and I will miss them when they return home in February!

  19. 169
    Judy says:

    Believe it or not, when we started dating in highschool my husband stretched me & challenged me. We now joke about how we were never supposed to end up married or make our marriage works. We couldn’t have been more different from eachother. I hadn’t grown up in a church, and neither had he. But I was a recent Christian and thought I had all the answers. My husband challenged me & frustrated me, but God used that to strengthen our relationship and solidify my faith. He continues to be one person who subtly encourages & strengthens my faith.

  20. 170
    Karen says:

    Hey Beth! I’m finally posting! Love the topic and have to share. This person would be my husband, Chris. Born as a preacher’s kid and had a lot of Bible knowledge. I am crazy mad in love with him (high school sweethearts), but he got into the business world and got caught up in the rat race of more money and higher positions, along with the lifestyle that all that brings. He had a near death stroke at age 34 (almost 5 years ago). I had been praying for him for years to return to that childlike love he had for the Lord. This stroke completely changed his life. He left that life behind -the positions, money, etc. and now serves the Lord in whatever aspect He chooses. All this to say, Chris has stretched me. I didn’t know the Lord would use the very things I thought He needed to change in Chris to refine me! I thought I loved my husband before, but I realize I didn’t know this kind of love. God saved our family in ways that words cannot describe. Chris has put my feet to the fire on where my values lie – my checkbook or bank account or for example, a God-starved area like Romania or Guatemala. Who would have thought! Chris has won my respect in that every day he wakes up with a few after effects of a stroke and takes all those weaknesses to show God’s strength. Wow! Thanks for allowing me to share.

  21. 171
    Mary Vigil says:

    For the past year or more, I have been mentored by a woman that challenges me, stretches me, tells me the hard stuff, draws the crappy stuff out of me and loves me no matter what. She is a woman who loves high heels, I love tennis shoes, she loves to dress up, I love jeans and a sweat shirt. I adore her, I admire her, I have been changed by her.

  22. 172
    Samantha Ohern says:

    Everytime I read your blog, it goes so much inline with my life at that momment. I love God and His ways!! I just had a conversation with one special friend of mine tonight. I know God has brought her in my life to challenge me, lead me to search myself, give me new insight and more than anything, that beautiful Godly friendship that he has designed for us to be blessed with. So many times my dear friend had to be the one who spoke truth to me, even when it was painful. At that time I didn’t even realize what a blessing that was to have. The life I had growing up gave me so much mistrust in people. I expected my friend to walk away many times and I even tried to push her away. Thank you Jesus she stuck it out and gave me a glimpse of how God loves us and never gives up on us. Love her so and forever grateful to God for blessing me with such a friend. Truly iron shapens iron!!Much love to all my sisters, Samantha Ohern

  23. 173
    Joelle says:

    When God kept putting a certain person in my busy little path in life and nudged me to befriend her I dragged my feet. A lot. I actually thought ‘no way can we ever be friends. We are too different and we would butt heads way too much. NOPE no way!’. He used us both to grow the other towards himself. She is now one of my dearest friends. Thank God for pushing me out of my comfort zone and into His!

  24. 174
    Kara says:

    I can’t believe for a second I thought I didn’t have an answer. My friend Dana has be an example of great intimacy w/ Christ. She has spurred me on to recieve from Christ so much more than I ever thought was possible. She has such an ear to hear from the Lord and I have seen His glory b/c of it. It is like having a front row seat to one of the greatest glory stories ever told. I am blessed by her example.

  25. 175
    Mollie says:

    Here’s what came to mind: Father brought a certain friend into my life at a time where I knew He was revealing and freeing me from old ways. He took us back to our family traditions and asked ‘why do you celebrate what you do?’ and talked to us about His family traditions in the Feasts of the LORD. He showed us how we’d fallen into some traps and identified holds in our family. So at a time where we felt so led away from certain popular culture and church traditions into celebrating the Feasts, the LORD brought a special sister who was deep into liturgical, high church traditions. I wondered if she was stuck in repetition. I wanted to resist her ways of worship and even felt critical of her at times. However, Father showed me beauty in that they had personal meaning to her and brought her into intimacy with Him! (And He convicted me not to judge but just follow Him, not worrying about her worship per se.) I loved how He was expanding our view and reinforcing how personal and intimate He is with each of us–no matter how we are being drawn into worship of Him! Our family is closer to Him in how He led us but I appreciate how she is responding to how He is leading her! No cookie cutter worship, no one way. Just One True God worthy of our praise and worship!

  26. 176
    Chanda Locklear says:

    There is a lady that joined our church and began helping in the ministry of children which is where I serve. She would help me in any way she could, but she is brash, and sometimes even harsh; a very high maintenance personality. Hard to get along with and did not win the favor of others, but she liked me and respected me and in time God showed me how to love her and respect her through Him. It would have been hard to love her and respect her had it not been for the Lord. He gave me a good friend and a wonderful encourager in the ministry. I am thankful for Her but more thankful that the Lord used her to teach me how to love people the way God would have me to.

  27. 177
    Lynn Kelly says:

    Hi Beth & friends,

    I was at Walgreens in Sugar Land today and saw a John Moore truck and the driver was just leaving the Walgreens. I wanted to say soooooooo bad, “Hey, I know Beth!”……..tee hee but I didn’t!

  28. 178
    Joni says:

    A woman named Cate(she does not mind:))came into my life and church about 7 years ago. I never attended a church that was big on showing your excitement and worship for the Lord nor did my family. We are Baptist;) She has the biggest heart and loves the Lord more than anyone I have ever encountered, other than my father-in-law. She showed me by example how to not worry about who is around or who is looking at me when I am worshiping my Lord and Savior. She said to me on one occasion when we were doing worship practice, “As you sing, picture Jesus on his throne bent over looking down at you and what you have to offer.” I try and remember that everytime I come before my God. Just last week my little 8 year old was in the back of the church worshiping with both her arms raised high, swaying and singing with all her might. What a change from all those around her. I looked at her and realized I was letting all those around me affect my worship and I joined her with my hands raised high.

  29. 179
    Lindsay says:

    I would have to say that the first person that came to mind would have to be my mom. She is an unbelievably strong and giving person. She is a breast cancer surivor and during all of her treatments/surgeries her mom passed away. She never gave up, she stayed strong and kept pushing through and taking care of our family. She is always saying that she wants myself and my siblings to have more opportunities and success than she and my dad. They have both worked hard to put the three of us through the best private school and now in college and never stopped pushing and encouraging us along the way. She has made so many sacrifices for our family. She has also shown us the importance of giving to others by helping families every Christmas by buying clothes and presents and having dinner with them. This doesn’t even begin to do her justice and I don’t know where I would be without her right there beside me. She is one amazing lady who doesn’t get enough credit for everything she does and I pray that I will be half the woman she is one day.

  30. 180
    Rhonda says:


    The most unlikely person in the world. I was working with her at the church. She made my life really miserable. I always felt like she wanted to out perform me, or one up me. I really felt like God placed her in my life for a reason. But I really wanted to run. Head for the hills! But as it turned out, things began to change and we ended up working on a project together. Our Woman’s Retreat. She was so honoring and respectful to me. We had to walk through some difficulties together and we developed a unique friendship. Now we’re pretty good friends. I’m very surprised that because I tried to honor the Lord in this situation, He gave me a very unlikely new friend! I’m glad I allowed the Lord to stretch me in a most uncomfortable way!

  31. 181
    Debbie Barker says:

    In 1980 the man who became my husband introduced me to a friend of his. She was wild and fun and we all partied together a lot. He and I got married, had kids and her life took a different direction. She became a meth addict and at one point I was calling the social services to try and get her young daughter removed from her home. Through many bad experiences with her and the man she had in her life we decided she wouldn’t be in our lives anymore and that even if she cleaned up, it wouldn’t be the same. Her little girl started going to the little country church nearby and praying for her mama. Eventually prayer was answered and she gave her drug life up and gave her life to Jesus. She started coming around our biker crowd again (my husband and I were not Christian) and though we were cordial, we still felt it could never be the same. She just kept coming back and let us all know she was with the Lord now, we were skeptical, but she just kept up her spirit and letting us see who she had become. We started cautiously letting her back into our lives. In the meantime, the Lord was working on me. Finally, last year about this time, I accepted Jesus as my savior. She and I are closer than we’ve ever been, sisters in Christ, and we are sharing our testimony with our biker friends whenever we can. She is an amazing woman who is a prayer warrior and loves her family and extended family with everything she’s got. I believe that seeing the work the Lord did with her helped me realize how He could love me and change my life. It is truly Gods work that she and I are precious sisters and it is one of my most precious blessings.

  32. 182
    beth says:

    My first time posting. I am a missionary in Eastern Europe; almost nine years now. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy in Austria breast cancer.
    Over the past few years, God, through various means, removed almost every American women from the city in which I live. There is one woman that was there that I had been friends with, but not close. We have different personalities and it never seemed like we might be close friends. God removed every obstacle so that we were left with one another and we became close friends.
    I have learned so much about grace through this friendship. I have learned to look beyond what is ‘seen’ in a person and understand their history and what has shaped them into the person that they are today. I do not think I would have ever learned this without this friendship and I am very thankful for this dear friend and the lessons God has taught me through this friendship.

    • 182.1
      KMac says:

      Thanks for commenting…all the way from Eastern Europe! So thankful the Lord hears our prayers no matter where we live. Our prayers are for your healing, and for God to delight you with His sweet presence each day.

    • 182.2
      Patti says:

      Hi Beth,
      Just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you.

  33. 183
    Ginger says:

    I think it would be my friend Jennifer, she is a few years older than me, I was actually friends with her sister from junior high on up and lets just say that was a really long time ago. She and I have developed a friendship. We are so much a like yet very very different. I am the anylitical one, she is the carefree fly by the seat of your pants one. I am reserved to extent and she out their afraid of nothing. She stretches me to look at things differently and outside the box. Sometimes it isnt real comfortable and she will even say that she knows she drives me crazy. But the thing is, I think God put us in each others lives, I bring a calmness but she has helped me overcome some fear and learn to wing it. I have wondered several times how we have remained such close friends because it gets difficult at moments but He has used her to help me to let go and just appreciate who she is and she appreciates who I am. Though it continues to stretch us both.

  34. 184
    Nancy Smith says:

    Hi Beth. I too have been a watcher of late. Just wanted to say good morning and ask my Father to bless you richly this day. You led me to Christ, you know! In a “Fruit of the Spirit” video . . . it was a physical thing and a glorious time for this (at that time) 57 year old sinner. I’m coming up in November to four years saved and born again. Battling cancer now for the third time in 6 1/2 years (two primary cancers). Fought the first two times lost and this time found. What a difference a Savior makes! Thanks for leading a wretch like me to the feet of my King. I love you, Beth Moore.

    Nancy from Sebring FL

    • 184.1
      Patti says:

      You are in my thoughts and prayers. Indeed, what a difference our Savior makes whatever we’re facing.
      Patti Hayes

  35. 185
    Allison C. Lee says:

    My sweet friend Beth Breacewell broke the mold. You will find her in front of around 100 children ages 1st -5th grade every single Sunday morning leading kids church. She is a fire ball of energy, spends 30 hours a week in preparation for the service. Her worhip is alive and always on her tounge. Her dedication is relentless. Her example for me was ground breaking. I will never be the same. Unlikley friendship because I have never been around someone so unselfish or giving all the time and it made me nervus…but she is the real deal.

  36. 186
    Erin says:

    One of my dearest friends is a woman who’s thirty years older than me, and we became friends when I was in 7th grade! She is such an encouragement to me, a fellow nurse, and despite the generation difference…one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She has dropped everything to come to my help before, and this past summer when she almost died from major health complications, how could I do any less than drop everything and be there for her? Life’s been tough for her. And she persists with a smile and encouraging word for other people. I want to be that for someone some day. She’s a wonderful, godly example.

  37. 187
    Bec says:

    Hi Beth… I am enjoying reading this blog. The answer to this discussion question would be you! God brought you and your studies into my life at a time when I was desperately needing spiritual food, and not walking closely with Him. We started as a group of 3 friends studying “Believing God” – then we grew to 5, and then we moved our study to our Church, where now between 20 and 26 ladies come each Monday night to study God’s Word. (we live in a country town in Victoria, Australia) Our small group time is wonderful… it is so exciting to see the ladies open up and share what they are learning to apply in their lives. Right now we are up to Week 4 in BREAKING FREE… you know – the week you said there may be less people at Bible Study the next week! Please pray for us, that we will continue to faithfully study the Word & be courageous enought to break free and live in the freedom that is in Christ. I thank God for how He is using you… and yes, I am praying too that you will cross that finish line with your eyes on Him! It’s my prayer for my life too. Thanks Beth.

  38. 188
    Denise says:

    When I was 23 and “oh so wise”. Newly married, husband in seminary. My boss at the seminary challenged by “baptist” unbringing. Not that he was against baptists (it was a baptist seminary) but he wanted me to think and know why I believed what I believed. It often made me mad but it grew me in ways that I will never forget. God through him took my childhood faith and religion and made it my own. He made me question in a good way why I believed what I believed. I haven’t talked with this man since my husband graduated from seminary but I will be forever greatful to him for challenging my faith.

  39. 189
    Melinda from Alabama says:

    My friend Robbie. He had recently been divorced and recently become a true follower of Christ. I knew him as a brother of a friend of the family and I found myself in the middle of a love triangle where I knew all parties involved. When God told me to write a letter to him encouraging him in his marriage, I had no idea what friendship would come to be. I joined with him believing that God would restore his marriage and we became best friends. God used him in my life to sharpen me and encourage me during the throws of Grad school and me to encourage him as he walked through the pain of a failed marriage, believing God to restore it. We would “remind” each other as Peter tells us to do of the TRUTH rather than the lies that are so easily believed. He has not been reconciled to his wife, but I continue to pray that God does a miracle.

  40. 190
    Sandy Royals says:

    Precious Beth and fellow LPM bloggers…I have been following but not commenting! The relationship that has stretched me the most by far….my husband!!! When I hear Beth share about her maverick, Keith….I think she must be married to one like mine!!! We were not Christians when we married and polar opposites. Have you heard it said that opposites attract and then they attack?! Long story short…the Lord used it all for good and His glory! By God’s grace alone, we have a good marriage, great kids, and years of generational garbage is being redeemed!!!!

  41. 191
    Amie says:

    I know this is the wrong time to ask, but can anyone help me find a Beth Moore Bible Study in Northern VA? I live in Fairfax Co, but certainly can go to a surrounding one! I work during the day, so need a nighttime or a weekend one!
    Thank you!

  42. 192
    Stephanie says:

    Good morning! Last week was my first time commenting, so thanks for the shout out, Beth! I am looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks at Ridgecrest in NC.

    I am in this process right now. Our new pastor (well, not so new, but about 2 years) is totally different from any pastor I’ve ever had. I do not agree with many of his “ways” but I know they are not “wrong” just different from mine. I am having to learn to be stretched in the way I see things!

  43. 193
    Amie says:

    Our daughter, Heather, who is 32 yrs old and has Down syndrome. She works full time at the Dept of Congress in DC in the mailroom, involved in Special Olympics and a dance group and exhausts us with her social life! She is the only “normal” person in our family – A type personality, always has the right answers cause they come from her heart! I never dreamed I would appreciate her more today than ever, she is such a joy! But her love for Jesus knows no bounds. She definitely has no problem asking God for what she needs! She is taken to work both ways through the DC Metro system – which is a nightmare, and one morning the driver turned around to physically touch her, she later told me “Mom, I told him to “turn around and drive me to work” then I looked right up at God and said “send me one of those angels right now” and He did! She sat next to me all the way to work, whew.” Can you NOT have a greater faith in a LIVING GOD who would do that? I admire that in the face of difficulty or crisis her FIRST thought is ALWAYS God. She asks and she receives because she believes – she knows without any thought of it that He will do what He says He will do. She inspires me to have more faith. Once, her second day at work the “normal” person put her on a city bus despite her protests that she was to go in a Metro car. She said at the first stop she got off and tried to find a phone to call me. I worked across the bridge in Crystal City. I was coming out of the parking garage when she called me- an hour after she was to be in the car heading home! She could not tell me where she was as most of the streets don’t have signs and I had just learned the day before how to get to her work. I told her to stay on the phone and tell me if she saw me. I was in afternoon traffic on the left side of the four lane road, three cars back at a traffic signal when she said she saw me! However, she was on the opposite side of the road. There was no way to easily get her, I would have to take a left and try to approach the same road by going back to where I started! I just said to God “please help me, I have to get my baby” and the light turned green, the cars in front of me went, I turned my head to see if I could slide across three lanes of bumber to bumber traffic and there were NO cars on the entire road as far behind me as I could see! Where there had been cars and trucks – nothing! God had parted the road for us! I heard a voice say “move” and quickly drove at an angle across the 3 lanes, as I reached over to unluck the car door for her I heard horns blasting and I looked back to see bumper to bumper traffic both beside, behind, and in front of me. All things are possible if we only ask and receive! Since her birth and her complete childlike faith in Him, I have found Him to be the ONLY person who is truly there, who truly loves me and does not disappoint, who always does what is best for me. Although I would not have asked to have my first child have Down syndrome, the gifts she has given to me and others far outweighs society’s view and my own struggles. Praise God!

  44. 194
    Nancy says:

    I prayed about whether or not the Lord wanted me to share this, and I really feel like He does. A few years ago I met a parent of one of my son’s friends. It turns out that this person used to be a man but was now a woman. I must admit that when he/she told me that, I wanted to run away and pull my son out of school. The Lord had another idea. It caused me to step back and examine myself. I found that I was very judgmental and unaccepting because she was “different.” After my initial shock, I knew that the Lord wanted me to accept her and as one of His creations and share my faith (she was raised Jewish). We became friends and had many talks about lifestyle choices and whether or not God could forgive her for what she did. I said yes, He could and that He loved her very much. We have lost contact thru the years, but I often think of her and wonder how she is doing. Thank you for letting me share that story.

  45. 195
    Katie says:

    The person that has stretched me most is the person that lead me to Christ. I wish that I could say that this relationship is healthy but it is not. It started out on the wrong foot so to speak and has been up an down since. There is an a part of this relationship that only God can take care of. I struggle to understand how God works sometimes. I am challenged daily and I wonder if God is trying to show me that given enough time all things work together for good. I can only pray that this is the case. This person does keep me honest and has been a great example of how to be a student of God’s word and I have grown so much. I want nothing more than to glorify God through this. Please pray that God would reveal what lay ahead for me. I know that as long as I continue to seek Him He will give me the strength to press on.

    It is only because He lives that I can face what is ahead. Thank you Lord!

  46. 196
    Sarah says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words Mrs.Moore! I am currently enrolled in the Daniel bible study that you have!! I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. The time I spend with the ladies in the church and the information that I am able to learn,you put into perspective in such an awesome way. The study when we first began was just a WOMEN only type of study. But our pastor heard about it and he now attends making it a very awesome time. He can bring things to light that some of us who are not as well studied would not know!! I would like to tell you that I think (personal opinion ) you have an AWESOME FANTASTIC WONDERFUL gift and talent from God. That talent is being able to understand the word of GOD and relaying the facts from the word for the rest of us to learn from and to grow in faith through your words!! Ok I am done with that now for your question for today!! > Everyone has a grandmother its obviously a must for life to go on! Not everyone has a grandmother that cares about them, who is envovled, loves them, and is able to have a converstation and be fully engulfed by each others words! I have that! My grandmother has all of this back from me because we have a close enough relationship. She has been with me through the fire wether it was from the fire,or through the fire. I fully believe with all of my being that I was placed into her care for a reason. She has helped me grow and be shaped into a young lady, a holy temple for christ, someone I am proud to be. God knows what he is doing ALL the time, but I thank Him everytime I pray for someone as AWESOME as my grandmother!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ <3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. 197
    Elaine says:

    first of all, can I just laugh? I literally sit down for my tuesday night bible study (we are doing “living beyond yourself”) and I start hearing your voice on the DVD and then in pops your blog entry on my phone. I also truly wholeheartedly believe and lean on the sovereignty of God… the fact that His timing is perfect, blows my mind. You wrote this study years ago…. taped the sessions a few years later… and even to this day, it all fits together like a puzzle. I’m also reading through the bible in a year with a girlfriend… and it just blesses my socks off how perfectly one passage read ‘here’ fits perfectly with one you have us read ‘there.’ And on to your topic… i’m not sure if this counts… but currently, the one “breaking the mold” for me is my 18 year old. He’s not the same little child I held and rocked… he is coming to his own and is fumbling through quite nicely. He challenges me more so than my other two teenage (tweenage) boys… and I’m almost beyond myself. I do try to show him respect, but it’s hard when he mouths off to me and shows no appreciation for what I provide for him and how much i struggle to do just that (I am single mother…. which sometimes seems like the worst job on the planet!)…. and in today’s study (another example of God’s perfectly timed Word)…. on faithfulness…. Beth, you pointed out that His ways are faithful and they are ‘nailed’ to a ‘firm place’ because of Jesus Christ… and that ultimately, His promises will come true… for me… and for my son.

    so, yes… God placed this child in my life 18 years ago… but i am just now feeling the heartache of letting him go so that God can fully grab onto him and bring him to His own. He is stretching me… and allowing me to grow through this difficult time… and trust me…. once again…. if you knew the WHOLE story, you would see that His timing is so perfect. He knew my son would turn 18 THIS year… and that these circumstances would arise during THIS chapter in my life…. and that things would come to light THIS week…. WOW… God’s precision absolutely amazes me. Leaning on His Word that cuts and causes me to bleed a little…. and then His same Word is a soothing salve that heals me.

    thanks for letting me share….

    • 197.1
      Nancy says:

      Thank you for sharing, Elaine. It gave me encouragement today. May the Lord continue to bless you as you raise your sweet boy.

  48. 198
    HurstMom says:

    A group of women called the “String of Pearls,” along with reading The Message and Dr. Larry Crabb’s book, 66 Love Letters are what is challenging me and stretching me unlike anything I have ever experienced. The String of Pearls is an online group of women (@28) reading the above together throughout the year. Many of us had never met until recently when one of the members hosted a retreat! I was blown away at how God worked in my life through these women that I had never met before face to face! What kindred spirits! While at this retreat, one woman leaned over to me and whispered, “You’re not invisible.” She had never met me and had no idea what I had been going through and for God to use her to speak what I needed to hear! God is good! We have been reading the Bible through from The Message as if it were a personal letter! I know God’s word is personal but haven’t always read it from that approach! Wow! I’ve been reminded about God’s holiness and convicted about my present circumstances if I am seeking the “good life” above seeking our Good God. I am grateful for privilege of calling these women “friends.”

  49. 199

    Many years ago I used to strongly dislike China because of their policies–forced abortion, Communism, etc. Every time I saw “Made in China” on something I bought it made me angry. Then two Chinese businessmen visited our church because their American business partner invited them. I was curious about them. I wondered what they thought about American Christians. Turned out these men were seekers, and they found Jesus in that little church. They remained in our area for many months, in intense study sessions with our pastor. They went back to China and P R E A C H E D the Good News with such love and compassion to their families and friends. It wasn’t long before the government suspected something and began watching them. The wife of one of these dear men was arrested and beaten in a vain attempt to get information. Miraculously, she was able to get political assylum in the US…and once she was safe on our soil we learned she was expecting a second child! Her husband and son were able to join her in the States and they are now expecting their FOURTH child! He is a pastor of a Chinese church–never losing his love and compassion for China. The other gentleman still lives in China, and works in the underground church.

    These men and their families challenge me in so many ways. I think the main thing I learned from my relationship with these men is that God is not limited by man’s laws and restrictions on Him. In fact, the Gospel will flourish in an environment such as China. The Christians there have such faith. They realize that He is worth dying for.

  50. 200
    Dedra@DFW says:

    WOW! the pirate story got me. I have a similar story about a mentally challenged aunt who I took care of for 3 years. She pushed my buttons so many times. when I started caring for her,I tried to make her fit my ‘WORLD”! She wouldn’t conform! How dare her! I was a busy business woman on a mission. Didn’t she realize that?
    God showed me sooo many life lesson thru that 75 yr old mentally challenge aunt! Thank you God for breaking my mold! She told me things about myself that people were afraid to tell me. She did not care how “professional” I was. It was childlike mentality, pure “cut to the bone” honest criticism. I needed that.
    We buried her on December 26th 2 years ago. I miss her

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