Talk to Me Tuesday: Topic Two

Good morning, Sister Girls! It’s Tuesday and time to talk! I am so happy to have gotten the joy of connecting with you over the weekend. It was an unexpected gift on a rare lazy day. I’ve really been excited over how many sisters have chimed in lately for the first time. A heightened number of you have said in the last several weeks that you’ve been reading the blog for a while but you were commenting “for the first time.” I just want you to know that it’s the comments that turn this place into a community. Not the blog posts but the comments. That means it’s more your part than mine. That’s a pretty cool thing I think. All that to say, I love seeing somebody who’s been watching finally imparting. Welcome! You are freely loved here in the gracious Name of Jesus Christ. We cannot replace counselors or local churches or face-to-face, life-to-life friends but we gleefully do what we can do: encourage you in your walk with Christ.

OK, let’s get to today’s topic: Talk to me about someone Jesus brought into your life who really stretched you but won your respect. Maybe a very unlikely friendship or relationship that you know God brought your way to grow you and to open your eyes to the wide-sweeping work of the Gospel. Put another way, who sort of broke a mold for you? This should be fun. Only share a name where there is nothing that would make your person uncomfortable or embarrassed. This might be a good time to tell you that this community, because of God’s grace alone, gets an average of 10,000 independent hits a day. Only share what you mean to be public but, by all means, have joy in the process! Just don’t tell us a secret. Grin.

I love you dearly. I can’t wait to read these.


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  1. 101
    Maria says:

    I hope you don’t mind, I have to talk about a group of ladies vs. just one. (Though one of the ladies teaches me so much and mentors me through my faith)

    Early in my marriage I was spiritually empty. I didn’t have much faith in God and just kind of went along with church and being a “Christian”. I had a lot of pent up anger over different experiences in my life. Then one year, I decided to join a women’s Bible study group. I was very apprehensive and I was ready to drop it if I didn’t feel comfortable. I was one of the youngest ladies in the group and had a chip on my shoulder. The ladies were tender and wise. Lo and behold the ladies were studying “Believing God”. The study, the ladies, and my mentor from that group changed my spiritual walk and hence my life.
    We went through about 4-5 different Beth Moore studies together. After awhile we were no longer able to do Bible study together but my ladies and I continued to meet on Tuesdays for prayer and fellowship. Now roughly five or six years later, my ladies still meet on Tuesdays. I am unable to make it most of the time since I work now, but I always know they think of and pray for me.
    I’m super excited because this weekend some of my ladies and I will be going to Living Proof Live in Spokane!!! It will be like a reunion and I look forward to the laughs, love, and encouragement that will come from our time together.

  2. 102
    Yanna says:

    As I read the stories, I feel a tug in my heart; “I want to be like that for someone”. Make a difference in someone’s life because I live for Jesus. Each of the stories are so beautiful, once again, Beth you know just the right question to get my heart yearning. It is such a spiritual awakening for me to read testimonies and life stories on this blog. Thank you Siesta’s. I want to comment after each of you, I am blessed.

    • 102.1
      Tracy Stoffell says:

      I was asking for God to place a young woman in my life to mentor and encourage, then when I was not expecting it there she was. Hang in there but get ready.


    • 102.2
      Joyce Watson says:

      Yanna, You are a blessing and I am right there with you on this. Each testimony just really is encouraging.

    • 102.3
      Michelle Gourd says:

      God brought Carol into my life in 2007. She is a Christian author but to me I just know her as Carol. We share a love for dogs and every evening we walk our dogs through our neighborhood. After knowing her for a year, she said to me, “Michelle I have noticed that you don’t talk about God as much as you used to is something wrong?” Little did I know that I was in for a big storm in my life and if I had just opened up to her I would have been saved a lot of heartache these past 2 year. Last night I walked out of my house with my dog and there she was standing at the end of my driveway and I joined her walked and talked and then I told her of the turmoil in my life and that I know God put her in my life to encourage but also because she is the only one brave enough to tell me the truth even when it is a warning. I thank God for Carol and those he placed in my busy life to speak encouragement, warnings, and hope I learn to listen better.

    • 102.4
      Rebecca says:

      I too feel the same way.I feel like my life doesn’t really matter. I joined a bible study this September and have been to 1 meeting because life got in the way. Do you know everyone in the group has my email and phone number and NO ONE has called me to see if I am still around.
      I wrote to you over several weeks ago. Maybe you missed it. I had a question for you because I am reading your posts and you have been a support to at least one on this blog. Keep posting Yanna. You are a help…Rebecca

  3. 103
    Julianna says:

    Okay well for the past 2 years I have served overseas teaching at an international school. One of the things that has been the hardest for me has been being away from dear friends and family. I’ve always felt like I had good friends here, but nothing as close and easy as I had in America. The key word there is easy. Within the past year God has shown me that easy friendships aren’t necessarily the best friendships. This one girl and I are different in many ways. We see situations differently, we react differently, we like to spend our free time in different ways – and over the last year that has caused some tension between us at times. But you know what – she challenges me to be a better person even if I dont always want that. She asks me hard questions and always brings me back to the Gospel. And she is constantly reminding me of the riches we have in Christ and the Lord’s kindness. It is the most informal accountabilty I have ever had and I praise God for my dear friend Kendria!

  4. 104
    Lyn says:

    I’m shopping for a new Bible after many years. Using the NIV Study Bible and love. Was wondering what your latest bible purchase was. You mentioned in the “new breaking free dvd’s” that you recently purchased a new one.

    Thanks, Lyn

    P.S. You and your bible studies are a blessing to me and my ladies group. You are in my prayer:)

    • 104.1
      KMac says:

      Hi Lyn, While Beth uses many translations in her research and study, she teaches from the NIV Key Word Study Bible. Other study recommendations are on her “FAQ” page at Blessings!

      • Nothing Catchy says:

        I remember Beth mentioning on here a long time that she did a study many years ago that really got ‘hold of her and made her fall in love with scripture. Can you please share with us what that study was?


        • KMac says:

          This is from Beth’s online bio that explains it best: “A love for the Word of God was embedded in Beth’s life when she took a Bible doctrine class at her church. Her teacher was Buddy Walters, a former college football player who taught the Scriptures with tears streaming down his cheeks. She fervently prayed for such a passion for God’s Word. It was Buddy who first taught Beth, along with Keith, how to study the Bible.”

  5. 105
    Stephanie Billings says:

    I think my time at the church we have been for the past two years.
    My pastor’s wife is the epitomy of grace and mercy. She is a shining example. I have been given many opportunities to grow. I have been stretched and shown how to love many unlovable people. She has shown me how to lead with grace.

    We are getting ready to move, so I am grateful to God for using her in this season of my life. She will always be an example to me.

  6. 106

    I have a friend whom I’ve never met who
    has made a huge impact on how I view myself,
    I mean it is literally like how u can throw a rock
    at a window and it breaks everytime, but
    then you find it doesn’t always break just because
    you expect it to. That’s the person this person is.
    And believe me when I say that I would probably
    not have met them on my own without God; they stretch me
    more than even on a biblical side of it, but
    they also have helped me learn a great deal about myself
    and I think that’s the best sort of friend you can have
    Is one that you face yourself in knowing,
    You grow together…in this crazy world. I’ve had a lot
    of pain but its worth it because of the friendships
    that developed out of that pain.

  7. 107
    Tree says:

    People who broke the mold for me… There is not way I could pick just one… I grew up in a non Christian / abusive home so the mold I needed broken was huge… From the youth leader who was jammin to Christian music who taught me that Christians can have fun, to the friend who invited me to church over and over again who taught me to never give up, to the mom of a college friend who taught me how to love unconditionally, to a college professior who taught me personally about forgivenss and Grace, to a friend who is 10 years younger than me who taught me how to cheer for someone else with no jealouly and no malice, to a friend who I almost walked out on who taught me how to fight for honesty, to the man I married who has taught me faithfullness in ways I have never seen before… to my Savior who continues to show me how much he adores me, even and especially when I don’t adore myself!! Praise God for people who are willing to be used to do HIS work…. I have heard it said before that I guess since it is people who hurt us that it makes sense that it is people who will help heal us.

  8. 108
    Kristi Walker says:

    About eight years ago, I became better aquainted with a woman I had known in passing from church. We are both homeschoolers, but had never really had any specific contact. “Amy” is an odd woman. Not odd in the bad sense, just odd in the unique sense. Frankly, I love that kind of woman.

    As God would have it, I eventually became the leader of our homeschool co-op that we both attended and over the course of the last 6 years, as homeschooling has grown, so has our little co-op. We’ve gone from 40 kids, to 125 kids. This placed me in a position to influence young lives…more so than I could see from my perspective.

    One Thursday about 3 years ago, a woman who is in a leadership position in our church happened to wander over to the homeschool co-op area. For whatever reason, we’re like oil and water and I tend to slip off whenever she’s near to avoid the confrontation that almost always follows. I’d just rather avoid it. This particular Thursday I must have missed that she was there because we ended up smack dab beside one another and sure enough the first words out of her mouth were mean ones directed at me. And, of course, my big mouth that SHOULD have remained firmly SHUT, flew open. >>>sigh<<< Please, Lord, remove that sin from me and please increase the size of the filter from my brain to my mouth in the hopes that nothing but grace and your wisdom should flow from it! Amen.

    Anyway, later that afternoon, "Amy" called my home and gently reminded me that I am the messenger that God has chosen to influence these young people, and that while the leader in our church wasn't "right", either, that didn't give me leave to forget the position that God has placed me in. She gently and lovingly reminded me that her own teenager daughters admire me, and look up to me, and she would be hurt if MY actions hurt THEM. Without even realizing it, she also reminded me that my actions, and most assuredly my mouth, had hurt my God, along with any young people who may have heard us two grown "godly" women speaking in such a way to one another.

    This woman has influenced me so many times through the course of the years. We are not great friends, nor are we close companions. We are both lovers of Christ, though. What she is to me is a constant reminder that we should be authentic before God and that no matter what, we should speak in love and try diligently to avoid judgement of other…even if our personalities mix like oil and water! While "Amy" isn't perfect, nor professes to be, she most certainly is a great example of someone in my life who I admire and respect and who I truly believe that God has placed in my life on numerous occasions to rebuke me with love and with godly motivation.

    Have a blessed and Christ filled week, siestas! By the way, I'm getting my copy of "Radical". And yes, I'm a little nervous about reading it! 😉


  9. 109
    Courtney says:

    I have a dear sweet friend, Jenna, who was the person who defined what it meant to stick it out when the going gets tough in relationships. We had reached a point where things were so tense in our friendship that I eventually told her I wasn’t sure how to make a friendship with her work anymore. But she was one determined girl. We had to part ways after awhile, just completely unsure how we were ever going to restore our friendship. God somehow changed both our hearts and our attitudes toward one another and we came out on the other side, both being better friends and better Christ-followers. I would have walked away from her friendship all together if she hadn’t said “we’ll figure out a way.” I look back on it now and see how tenacious she was, in both her faith and desire to make things right.

  10. 110
    ginny says:

    It’s funny…when I read the topic for today, the only people who came to mind were the most difficult relationships in my life. (probably best I don’t mention names, huh?) I thought, “Surely, there is a Godly pillar you can think of who Jesus used to minister to you.” And there most definitely have been a few. But if I’m being honest, the people who have stretched my faith the most are the ones who have driven me the closest to insanity. These are the people who have stretched me to live beyond myself; the people who have required supernatural amounts of patience and self sacrifice….those who have forced me to just get over myself and love in spite of the difficulties. These people have served to chip away at my self-serving pride, my selfish needs, my conditions and expectations, my insecurities. Some days the only place to look has been up, with my face flat on the floor!! (I think that is actually quiet possible in the spiritual sense) And isn’t that the best place to be??!! Amen! God put each one of those people in my life to help make me more like Jesus. And I am so grateful for that.
    (I also would like to express my gratitude for this sweet community of women. I’m a newbie siesta and this place has been an oasis for me in a lonely season of my life. God bless each and every one of you. You are special to me!)

  11. 111
    K says:

    Okay the person here that I would talk about is my friend Elaine. She graduated to Glory in June of this year, just a couple months after turning 51. She was widowed suddenly in June of 2004, leaving her with 3 teen aged boys to raise. 8 months later she found she had an incurable rare cancer. She fought tooth and nail, all the while giving God the glory, through 6 years of medical mayhem, doing all she could to be there to see her youngest son graduate high school….and PTL she made it.

    And what she taught was to lived based on what you know, be authentic, tell it like it is even if it is to say the word cancer, say the word die…it is reality… and release it all to Him because it is all to HIm we owe…to His glory we live and we die….she prepared her sons in an amazing way to step into the world without earthly parents present, but knowing their Heavenly Parent would always be there. She was the most remarkable soul I have ever she loved the Lord, it just made you want that too…and she made me grow, become more real, and hunger for God, and the day I will see Him face to face…..

    OH and here in Iowa we call them “sistrens”…..

  12. 112
    Kristina says:

    My two crazy little boys!

    They broke every mold in me that I could ever imagine. I have laughed, cried, and thrown my head back with a big old smile on my face to God just giggling at myself and His ultimate wisdom. My boys are one of the greatest teachers in my life…they reflect my behaviors right back to me which, in turn, helps me draw closer to my Heavenly Father. I would have never thought that two little miracles could teach me so much about myself and God’s immense love for His children.

    My son, Noah, accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior this past summer. I had always imagined this moment with him over dinner at the kitchen table, or while taking a walk, or saying prayers at bedtime, but where was he when God was tugging on his sweet little heart?

    While he was on the toilet!!!

    Right there is a lesson that God sometimes speaks to us in the most peculiar places or ways.

    See you Friday Beth…so looking forward to it! :o)

  13. 113
    Kristina says:

    My two crazy little boys!

    They broke every mold in me that I could ever imagine. I have laughed, cried, and thrown my head back with a big old smile on my face to God just giggling at myself and His ultimate wisdom. My boys are one of the greatest teachers in my life…they reflect my behaviors right back to me which, in turn, helps me draw closer to my Heavenly Father. I would have never thought that two little miracles could teach me so much about myself and God’s immense love for His children.

    My son, Noah, accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior this past summer. I had always imagined this moment with him over dinner at the kitchen table, or while taking a walk, or saying prayers at bedtime, but where was he when God was tugging on his sweet little heart?

    He was on the toilet!!!

    Right there is a lesson that God sometimes speaks to us in the most peculiar places or ways.

    See you Friday Beth…so looking forward to it! :o)

  14. 114
    toknowhim says:

    My husband… During our early years we clashed and brought out the very worst in each other, but God wanted that to happen… I was very fake, and my husband (a minister’s son) would have no part of it… God used my hubby to surface the “Pharisee” that I was inside. It was rough for a long time, but we have been together for 17 years now, and God gets glory for us staying together…

    I will add that for a long, long time I did not respect my husband because I did not feel that he was worthy of it, but that has changed too. God has worked in both of our lives and now I truly do respect my husband and he has turned into the spiritual leader of our home…the one I always wanted, even when I did not realize it. I could say so much more, but for time sake I will just end with how awesome our God is…The Restorer, Healer, and Rebuilder of our family…

  15. 115

    My daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Honaker! She is an amazing woman who loves better than any person I have ever been around. I love that my kids get to experience such love each Tuesday and Friday. Sometimes you wonder if it can be real, this whole “love” thing, but she totally shows you that it is. It is, by the power of the Spirit in you. I love that woman. I want to be like her when I grow up. 🙂

  16. 116
    Cynthia Petersen says:

    Greetings to all of you,
    I moved to the Pacific Northwest three years ago and had a hard time leaving my church in Long Beach California. God brought me to a warm friendly, loving, bible teaching church with down to earth people who love Jesus! The women are amazing. Love Beth too. I met someone strong in serving Christ that inspires me every time I see her. She teaches, leads, cooks and worships with the body. She writes me cards, sends messages, gives me gifts and laughs a lot. Today her youngest went on the mission field and her testimony is a witness of letting go and letting God. She is younger than me and God uses her to stretch my faith. I love that. We all need people like that in our lives.
    love and friendship to all of you.

  17. 117
    Melissa says:

    I was led to start a women’s Bible study at my church (there was none before this), and I was surprised at the women who came. I was the youngest (33) and we have a snippet of every dynamic of woman. One thing that was a little bit odd for me was the fact that most of these women home-schooled (of which I am not opposed, but didn’t grow up with it), use primarily homeopathic medicine (again, not opposed just not my thing), and if they have kids, there are many (I have chosen not to have any). Very different women from me, but each one has wrapped me up in their hearts and prayed for me and my sister through her 2-year adoption process and even gave her a baby shower 4000 miles away! We all live in Alaska and my sister is in Kansas, so we sent pictures! These women have shown me love and in a place I’d have never thought to look. I’m so glad I was obedient to start the study!

  18. 118
    Tracy Stoffell says:

    Funny you should ask, I have been thinking on that same subject. I have a friend of mine who 6 years ago was my worship pastor, we did not hang with there family during that time. Both our families moved and we lost touch. Then we found each other through facebook now he and his wife have become mentors to both my husband and myself. He is continually encouraging me on my writing and always commits on my blog. Both of them keep us accoutable which is so very important. My husband and I desire to do full time ministry and there family have given us good sound advice.


  19. 119
    Carrie says:

    I agree with the sister who said “I want to be like that for someone”. I don’t have a story to share but need help. A while back I read on here about a siesta who used to be a Morman and got saved (I believe she is in VA too). If she is still on here, I would love for her to contact me. The Lord has brought into my life 4 Morman families that I see almost weekly and am praying desperately for the Lord to open a door to show them who Jesus really is. Thank you~

  20. 120
    Blessed in Okla says:

    I met my husband in the 3rd grade;however, I didn’t know that until many years later. He was in every class I had up until the the 6th grade. He was a outgoing little boy, class clown, onery as can be, and crazy about me. He went to many lengths to show his affection for me only to have his tender heart broken by me ignoring him. I wasn’t mean, I was shy and embarassed and didn’t like his attention, but he did always make me laugh. He moved away when we were in junior high, a few times he crossed my mind but I rarlely thought of him.

    He literally walked back into my life while walking down the sidewalk my freshman year at college. He looked familar, he approached me and we laughed and chatted about the past. Without a doubt the Lord sent me my husband during one of the most difficult times in my life. I learned to love, laugh, relax and enjoy life in a way I hadn’t done in so long. He and I are opposites, most of the time I’m thankful for that ; ), and the Lord is molding us now even more in our marriage. I’m thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness and mercy. If only I’d known in the 3rd grade what I know now. God answers our prayers in ways we least expect, and blesses us beyond we can comprehend. His will truely is the best!

  21. 121
    Holly Smith says:

    After the Life Today taping in Ft. Worth I attended in Fall 2007 with Bev Brandon, I had the worst stomach virus…sick right after the conference and all night long. Next morning? Plane ride. Oh, I was afraid. The Lord prompted me to buy a Mt. Dew (which I never drink, ’cause yuck, but this time it was just the thing). I met a woman on the plane named Deb. She was be-decked and blitzed with southern cowgirl attire and jewelry. We visited and I heard her Christian testimony. BTW, I never got sick until after I got home. She shared she was going to Colorado Springs to represent a prisoner, who was testifying in court. Months later, in the Spring, she came back to the Springs and introduced me to her mentor. That night, after dinner, three women of God prayed over me and anointed me to walk in God’s calling. It was beautiful–and very much outside my comfort zone. I knew that God was stretching me. And He blessed me through those three women, who prayed for me.

  22. 122
    Briana says:

    The person who has stretched me lately is a professor I have in seminary. I disagree with his positions on nonessential matters. However, he is the most loving, kind, gentle man I have ever met. His eyes are even kind. He is never pushy or mean about presenting his side and never hateful in replying to our comments. I have never loved someone so much that I disagreed with. I have learned how to lovingly disagree with others. His foundation in the word of God is humbling. He is an example to any one who is around, whether they agree or not.

  23. 123
    Leah Adams says:

    In March of this year I was at a planning meeting for a start-up ministry. I was not supposed to be there by man’s plans, but by God’s plan I definitely was in the right place. It was a small gathering–only about 7 ladies. I had no way to know that I shared a history of an eating disorder with one of the young women. I had been dealing with my anorexia for almost 25 years, while she was only beginning to recognize hers. The Lord used me to help her begin to name her issue and move into the first stages of recovery.

    I was thrilled to be part of helping her, but really did not have any idea how very much the relationship would impact me. NO CLUE!!!

    As the relationship between us grew, I experienced an pretty big emotional crisis because I was being forced to re-live my early years with this devastating stronghold as I walked with her through the beginnings of her recovery. I saw how insane some of my thought processes from that time were as she and I would talk about our feelings about the disease. I remembered experiencing all the same feelings and thoughts that she was now describing to me….and I was amazed at how I had rationalized them in those days. I spent lots of time in prayer for her..and still do.

    What I did not realize until recently was how therapeutic and healing it was for me to re-live and process through all those old feelings. Finally at 46 years of age, I am able to see my body in a different light than I did at 26 or even at 36. I am so thankful that the Lord brought this young woman into my life. I pray that I have been an encouragement to her. I’ll always be eternally grateful that she allowed me the privilege of being the person whose ear she bent about her battle with this devastating disease.


  24. 124
    texatheart says:

    It was so good to hear from you this weekend. I think I truly have been really blessed with special people. One of the people that really touched me is our Youth Minister’s wife. She brought indepth Bible Study back to our church about two years ago. She loves the Lord and desires other’s to know Him also. She is a prayer warrior. Her love for Him, has rubbed off on so many ladies at our church. I have been truly blessed.

  25. 125
    Connielynn says:

    Hi Beth,
    One of my most favorite people in the whole world is my friend Carol. Carol and I met at church and about the only thing we thought we had in common was a love for Jesus and a love for women’s ministry. There is a big age difference, a big difference in backgrounds, likes, dislikes and the list could go on and on. Carol introduced me to your bible studies and she has taught me so much through the years. We have traveled together, served together, studied together, prayed together, laughed and cried together. This year we are encouraging one another to continue to memorize scripture just like we did in ’09 with all the Siestas. I am so thankful that God made Carol and I friends.

  26. 126
    Heisfaithful says:

    I’ve been blessed with two friends in the last few years who have broken the mold for me. The first friend…I had pegged her as so proud and arrogant, I didn’t want to go near her. But we ended up, somehow, by God’s own design, becoming friends and even leading out bible studies together. What I found in her is a true friend who loves the Lord. We don’t jabber on for hours about nothing…it’s always, always about the Lord. What is He up to in our lives, our children’s lives, today? It’s been such a huge blessing to me. And we truly have very little in common other than our love for Jesus…which is everything, really.

    I have another friend who I thought was so sensitive and fragile, I was afraid to have a conversation with her. Months after our initial encounter where I developed this impression, she called me about your study that I was leading out. It led to a deep friendship in the Lord. Again, all we talk about is our journey with Jesus. What is He revealing today? What do we need prayers for? Every time we get together, we end up doing serious intercessory and petitionary and praise-filled prayers.

    I was so lonely for friends when the Lord did this for me. I had been so burned by secular friends and toxic friendships that needed to be released, I thought it would be just my God and my family for the rest of my life. But God is so good! He chose friends for me I would never have chosen for myself and He knit us together into Kingdom sisters. I am now so open to people that He brings along. It has been truly healing. Praise Him!

  27. 127
    Pam Houston says:

    About 4 years ago some of the leadership in our small Baptist church decided to get involved with a “Celebrate Recovery” program in an on-going, come rain or shine, holiday or not, every Friday night. I didn’t know how much I needed the program myself, and began to volunteer to do some cooking for the meals for the group of around 20 on Friday nights. We began having a very needy group of people come. Alcoholics, drug-addicts, anger problems, people with hurts, habits and hang-ups that had made their lives become unmanageable would show up. This was a different crowd than our usual body of believers. One of these was a homeless man, I’ll leave unnamed, and he wore a garb that made him look like a bona-fide pirate, including a bandana tied in such a way, with a fierce looking black hat. I wondered if he ever got to bathe, where and how? Little by little, I learned some of the facts of his life and how he had chosen life on the streets. I couldn’t help but notice his limp, it was obvious he had had a stroke and I thought I might be able to get some social services help to “fix him.” Wrong.

    He was incensed at my daring to try and help locate a decent home for him, and told me so in 4 letter words. I wondered: “How dare a homeless man speak to a mature, caring Christian woman with such gutter language, when my only motive was to help him?” I told my husband about him and his “potty mouth” and then proceeded to go to my Pastor and spill the beans too. The Pastor must have said something to him because I never heard him speak that way again. I chose to cry grace over it, and prayed for him from afar, steering clear of any contact.

    Lo and behold, a change came in the leadership of our Celebrate Recovery, with the new leaders coming “up from the ranks” and having taken part in the program, rather than acting as counselors and “better than”. It was at that point that I decided I had need of myself, and jumped into the discipline of the CR program. I had to submit to some rules and regulations as a discipline that involved no “cross-talk” and my penchant for trying to fix someone. (A little Messiah complex maybe?) Nevertheless in the discipline of the program, I was finding the Holy Spirit on the move, and lo and behold the offending “pirate” was becoming softer around the edges, and even sharing his profound gift of writing spiritual poetry. He was giving and receiving love and acceptance, mine included. God provided an old Mobile Traveler mini-motorhome, just perfect for him to live in, and now he was off the streets. A month ago, our “pirate” came forward to confess his love for Jesus and his desire to join our church. He was welcomed in love and joy.

    On Sunday, a special vocalist came to minister to us concerning the Agape Love of God, and His outrageous and unmerited grace to usward! The “pirate” and I were so moved, we stood to our feet in worship and praise and “one in the bond of love.” Just last night I had read in Oswald Chambers “God continually introduces us to peope for whom we have no affinity, and unless we are worshipping God, the most natural thing to do is to treat them heartlessly, to give them a text like a jab of a spear, or leave them with a rapped-out counsel of God and go. A heartless Christian must be a terrible grief of Our LORD!” I had to say a hearty AMEN, with a humble heart for I had learned a lesson I wouldn’t soon forget. How I pray that my relationship with God and others keeps me in a pure stream of intercession whereby God can and will work His marvels of grace.

    What perfect timing this post came up in order for me to share in God’s marvels and give the glory where it belongs!
    Love to all my sister siestas in Jesus name,
    Pam H.
    Buena Park, CA

    • 127.1
      GJ says:

      Pam: This is SO Very good! You are a good writer – my vivid imagination filled in all the visuals for this story…especially the pirate. And I love the Oswald Chambers quote. Sometimes my ADHD self has to read him several times over before I glean…but I do love it.

      Blessings siesta,
      GA Jan

    • 127.2
      Warm in Alaska says:

      “our” pirate – I love it. I love the Body of Christ – where we really do belong to one another. Your pirate indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  28. 128
    Sue says:

    Praise the Lord for another week Dan,wonderful husband,over the road independent truck owner is safe,son Stephen senior in high school loves the Lord. Sunday night has the honor of serving at Make a Difference a World Vision event Max Lucado, Toby Mac, Third Day and Michael W together to focus on Child Sponsorship. Praise to Jesus I have never so many children receive sponsorship. Absolutely amazing. I have serve since 2004 and this beat it all!! 1997 our oldest of had leukemia we attended a World Vision event for Christmas Matthew took me to the back of the arena during intermission Matthew said I want HIM!! Stephen from Nairobi,Kenya then 2 y/o came into our life what a blessing. Matthew had 2 more cancer went home Nov,2003 Praise Jesus!! Matthew is now helping Jesus everyday we miss him but he has HIS JOY! now our Stephen in sponsoring Stephen Think World Vision!!

  29. 129
    Susan says:

    Hi Beth! This is the first time I’ve ever done this! Thank you for your encouragement to share!

    About 15 years ago, I went back to work when my youngest was in 2nd grade. There was an ‘older’ woman that I worked with, very quiet and very Christian. She was not the kind of person I usually would seek out for friendship. She was much older than I and also way more “Christian” than I was comfortable with. I was still seeking at that time and trying out all kinds of spiritual things in my search. I only worked with her for 2 months and then got transferred to another department and I assumed I would never see her again. But she kept in touch and asked me to have lunch with her every week. I agreed still thinking it wouldn’t last. This went on for about 5 years, and she was praying for me even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time. After about 5 years, I decided to go on a spiritual retreat but I needed a sponsor and she offered to sponsor me. Three weeks after the retreat, I got saved and committed my life to Christ. She has always been there for me no matter what. She kept praying for me even though she knew I was looking in all the wrong places. It’s been 15 years now, we’ve become close friends and we are still having lunch every week. I can always count on her to encourage me and to hold me accountable. Through knowing her, I’ve learned to not automatically discount someone as a potential friend just because they’re much older or much younger than I am. I now lead women’s Bible studies and mentor several much younger women in their faith walk. Knowing this woman changed my life.

    • 129.1
      Tanya says:

      That is awesome; this encourages me a lot in my relationship with my best friend. I love her so much and anxiously await the day when she (and her family) will be saved. This story of tenacity encourages me! Thanks.

  30. 130

    A couple of people in my life have truly impressed transparency and authenticity on me. I have seen that my life, my testimony, my ministry is more effective when it is shared with the truth of who I was and who I am. Anything good in me is Jesus. I’ve never felt more freedom to just be real.

  31. 131
    Sparkling Chaos says:

    In the summers of 2005 and 2007 I was on Summer Project with Campus Crusade in SC. On these projects I met amazing Christian leaders who broke the mold for me in the fact that they truly lived life during the week the same way they did on Sunday. I was BLESSED to be discipled by a wonderful lady, Laura. She challenged me and changed me all because she was willing to yield to the Holy Spirit in her own life and in her relationships with others. I am forever thankful that God showed me through these times of living in Christian community that there really are people in the world who live their faith. This is where my life with Jesus all started!!

  32. 132
    becky says:

    I am the Women’s Ministries Director at our church and joined the staff in this position three years ago. It really never occured to me when joining the staff that I would gain such a tremendous friend in another staff member. I am old enough to be her mom and we laugh about the age difference. However, she has become an amazing friend and has broadened my world to include the perspective of the next generation of leaders. She calls me her mentor but in reality, she mentors me just as much as I ever will mentor her. We have often expressed our thanks to God for bringing our paths together and look forward to years more of growing friendship!


  33. 133
    Laura R says:

    I would have to say my friend “H”…She knows the stuff of my life and past but she and I have grown closer thru the studying of the WORD thru Beth’s bible studies as well as others as well. To be able to share my heart with this person means so much to me…GOD has matured me as he and I have gone thru this stuff together..I thank him every day and my prayer is that I’d be a blessing to those around me.For his honor and glory.

  34. 134
    Lindy says:

    In 2003 God brought a very special person into my life. I met this person at small group at my church but what was different about him is that he was a recovering drug addict. I grew up in a Christian home and had never been exposed much to people who battle addiction. Over the next 2 years, we became very good friends. God used this person to teach me about addiction and the battles that addicts face. He opened my eyes to their struggles and taught me to be compassionate and understanding and how we should not judge other people, especially when we have no idea how hard it is to walk in their shoes. The Lord only knows how many crowns they accrue each time they choose sobriety over using! God also used him to show me what true unconditional love was. This person remained sober for a little over 2 years but has relapsed off and on several times since. Because of what God has taught me through my friend, I am able to love and encourage him each time he takes another step towards sobriety. It’s sad to say but had I not met this person and had my eyes opened by God through our friendship, I never would have even considered loving or encouraging someone who is currently walking in his shoes. I also would have missed out on knowing an amazing person and watching someone try to walk out their faith against extreme odds. Good thing God loves me enough to grow me!

  35. 135
    Sandee says:

    My two daughters. I adopted, 4 years ago, a little China princess…a month away from 3 years old. Little did I know that this tiny piece of a spitfire would rock all I knew about being a momma. Only to discover, 4 years later, that part of our challenge all along has been ADHD. Add to that mix, my now 11 year old daughter, adopted from Ethiopia in June. This young beauty, coming from a very hard place, yet already so in love with Jesus….sees everything through a lense of what should be. Add still my two home grown sons, and the fact of being a single mom….

    can you spell s–t–r–e–t–c–h–e–d??? But these are the children God saw fit to bless me with. And is using to mold me…and mold them….into a beautiful masterpiece of his design. I am so blessed to have found support ..those who are coming alongside and helping this momma not lose sight of His dream.

  36. 136
    Rebecca says:

    I have Wednesday morning coffee and whatever, with 2 great friends that I just love to pieces. We do not talk about other people, hubby bash or church bash. We talk about God things. How we have change in the last week, what Jesus has done for us, a new mission He has put on us. What we have learned in a Bible study or in our alone time. I do look forward to this because now I look for those God things in my life I want to share. It could be a punishment recieved or a great thing He has given. A new light that now shines or something that needs to be given up. Good or bad we share these things and we pray for each other through the week on something we talked about. Boy have I grown these last few months of sharing. I always look forward to my Wednesday coffee just to see what He is doing in our lifes.

  37. 137
    PatW says:

    Talk 2 me about someone Jesus brought into your life who really stretched you but won your respect: even if replace the But with an And,result the same,sometimes the stretching that is Painful makes room for positive growth.this has happened 4me.a college advisor stretched me and infuriated me and ticked me off and inspired me and encouraged me and ticked me off some more and kept showing up and kept asking tough questions and didnt let me quit till i graduated. and even now has showed up again asking more tough questions and waits for my answers and when i dont like the answers i have to give him, it ticks me off at myself to stop letting myself slide due to fear that i dont fit anywhere, not really, even now with him retired and me out of school, he is still pushing me, stretching me to get up get out and stretch a little more… i know that a few weeks ago i was in a rough place and seen him at an estate sale and just that encounter of him following me around room by room and standing in the doorway engaging into my thought processes, -inspired me to reach out and stretchhhhh….. and try to help myself by letting others know i need them too, that there’s more for me to learn, there’s more for me to do than just what and where i’ve been coming to pieces in,… another is my counselor whom has stretched me and is one whom encourages me to have the willingness to be stretched beyond my comfort zone in baby steps a little at a time, cause when i take a big leap without the stretching done first i can be like a giant rubberband slingshot that goes one way as far as the band will go and then zooms back the other way in retreat, so -stretching is important cause it prepares me for the growth that can fill that space the stretching openned up.

  38. 138
    Courtney M. says:

    This one is easy for me…my Jennifer M. When I first met her I instantly loved her…not liked her…my heart leapt for her (I know this was God drawing us close). As we got to know each other through school (we teach together), we were like iron sharpening iron…which was MUCH needed! She gives me insight that I never would have found in the word by myself. I’m one of those believers that just “feel” the word and take it and do it. She has strengthened my desire to dive into the word for more meaning and brought me to this wonderful Siesta community. I had never even heard of Beth Moore until I met her…now, I’ve completed 2 summer bible studies, became more secure and I’m really looking forward to what James is going to say to me. My Jennifer M. is God’s answer to my unspoken prayer. My whole life is different because He brought her into it! I love His plans and how He weaves people in and out of our lives.
    Thank you God!

    In Him,

  39. 139
    Lisa H says:

    I love reading your posts about your life down in Texas. I can just see you curled up reading that coffee and would love to be able to join you in drinking a good cup one day!

    Jesus has definitely put so many people directly in my path the past 3 years that if I didnt acknowledge they were there I would have crashed into them! They were not hidden or made so I had to search them out. He placed them square in front of me at very strategic times for each one of them! A bunch of women that he knew I needed for this time in my life and forward. Without them I would not be where I am right now. One in particular he guided to me after I finally submitted a prayer request “please pray I just have issues”. He made it so I would be able to trust her immediately because he knew I would most likely run from her just for acknowledging my request. Dumb I know but still. She has been a very patient women with me, teaching me, helping me, counseling me, consoling me, loving me, correcting me when needed and using tough love if necessary. But over this time we have bonded and I do not keep any secrets from her. I’m not sure I can say that about anyone else. She has prayed with me countless hours it seems and with her at my side I felt like I was sitting at Jesus’ feet praying for the first time in my life. I am so grateful and thankful that Jesus picked her to help me find him again! I am so thankful he knows exactly who I need in my life and he makes it so it happens!

  40. 140
    Linda says:

    I can’t think of anyone recently that fits that criteria, but the Lord has prompted me to join in Prison Fellowship at our local detention center. So, tonight will be my third time going. Meeting the fellow Christians volunteering there and the inmates is how God has opened my eyes to the wide sweeping work of the Gospel. I have joined in a church service there as well as one on one discipleship. Last week, I got to tag along with a husband /wife team and we were able to have half hour visits with 2 men inmates. The week before that, I was privileged to join with the women. It is not a scary thing at all. These inmates are lonely, hungry and they are in a big “time out” right now, so it’s the perfect time to share the Gospel and many are reading the Bible with all the “free time” they have. So, you might say that God Himself broke the mold for me by opening my eyes to what He is doing in prisons. I am tickled that the Lord would ask me to join in such a ministry.

  41. 141
    PatW says:

    also, jesus. jesus stretches me all the time. stretches me beyond what i do not know; beyond what i dont wanta do in a surface way but deep inside yearn for. jesus challenges me and convicts me, like when i took the liberty last tuesday to dance through and comment on everyone else’s comments, and that conviction afterwards just nearly did me in, as in “what’s up with That, pat?” “don’t you know you didnt get you here all on your own?” and then the guilt and the oh shit i’m sorry god, please forgive, and then just knowing, KNOWing i gotta suit up and still show up for Life and not quit, and there jesus is, there god is, doing the impossible again and again and again,…earning my respect for the god that loves me enough to let me be stretched enough, just enough for me to know, just really know who is doing the stretching, sometimes.

  42. 142
    Michelle C says:

    Definitely my friends Ronda and Jolene. Over 10 years ago we all decided to go back to school to get our Master’s degrees. I firmly believe God put us in that first night of orientation together so that we would meet. In the last 10 years we have walked through good times & bad times but always managed to laugh and love the Lord completely. It was their influence that made me desire a relationship with God and I had the honor of having them baptize me in August. I am so blessed to have these amazing women in my life!

  43. 143
    Katie says:

    I have soooo many! I am blessed. But a very significant voice is Beth Moore. Her words seem to be like oil on my head, her stories fill my heart until Jesus seems to be squeezing me. On months when I was alone overseas (before high speed internet), I would take a flashlight (no electricity when you really needed it), a Beth Moore book, and pray that Jesus would let us be friends in the spirit and take away that ache that being an extreme extrovert in a no-English-speaking world would cause. It worked! Not in a weird way, but in a soothing, peaceful way, to focus on Jesus again and again. She challenged me, still does. Loving all these stories

  44. 144
    Melissa says:

    My dear friend Angela opened my eyes to a more REAL, more Personable, more Holy God that I had ever imagined existed!!! She also opened my eyes to the needs around the world and took me to Thailand with her and a team and I am forever bitten by the int’l missions bug. Every year my yes and my passport are on the table for this sweet Jesus!

  45. 145
    Debbie says:

    The person who made me really think twice about myself and my “christianity” was my Jewish neighbor! We talked a lot about God and faith and I always thought I’d be the one to teach her BUT God humbled me by having her teach me. I was hoping to lead her to Christ and used every opportunity I could to bring God into our conversations. Michelle was going through a very difficult divorce and her soon to be ex-husband became ill and hospitalized. He hurt her very badly and she had every right to be angry at him, but when he became sick I witnessed compassion in her that would make any Christian proud. She took him in, nursed him back to health and then tried to work on the marriage. She was truly an example of how Jesus (even though she’s not a believer in him) would want us to act and I’ll never forget the moment it dawned on me that she (unknowingly) was teaching me how to be more Christ like. I miss her terribly since she’s moved away but believe God put her in my life to teach me lessons in love and compassion.

  46. 146
    Linda says:

    Your question makes me think of a girl I met in college. She was the teacher’s pet in English literature from the moment the class began. She had a very plain haircut, wore a very plain dress, very plain shoes, and knew the answer to every question posed that first day of class. Our professor’s eyes were absolutely sparkling at this brilliant new pupil. Probably mostly from jealousy, inadequacy, and wanting to be the teacher’s pet myself, I immediately placed her in a little “bookworm” box… until we went abroad on a study trip together. Then I learned just what a delightful treasure and beautiful gem she was and is. It makes my heart smile every time I think of her. …At one point during that trip, I shared with her something my mom told me. My mom said, “Linda, when you gain weight, you’re like a pretty peasant. But when you’re thin, you’re elegant.” My friend’s eyes brightened and she said, “I want to be elegant.” Sure enough, she began to lose weight. A few months later I was talking with two guy friends in our college post office area when this friend came floating by, almost like in a movie – thinner, more comfortable in herself, and oh so elegant. BOTH of them completely lost interest in what I was saying as their heads and eyes turned to watch her walk by. It was such a cool moment. Her outer appearance that day was reflecting a glimpse of the beauty that had been inside all along. She is why I love going a bit out of the way to get to know people that I would otherwise have thought an unlikely friend. And she is the story I still tell my boys about now–why they say back to me, “You can’t judge a book by its cover!”

  47. 147
    Delia says:

    This is perfect. I became a believe 18 years ago this month, as a young mom, in between the birth of my two children. The Lord brought a beautiful woman in my life who taught me to read the word, hide the word in my heart, and listen to God. She was my mentor for one year, and she stretched me, challenged me and loved me.

    After seventeen years, last week, I travelled across Canada, from Alberta to New Brunswick to visit her after so many years. God did so many things, healed so much and get this! He put your Esther study in my hands at her house, she just happened to have an extra copy. God has used the study to stretch me as I’ve been put in a position, “who knows, for such a time as this”.

    Thanks to the love our our Saviour and the listening heart of my friend, I have again, been stretched, and encouraged in so many ways.

    Thank you Beth, I’m not finished the study, I worked to section 4, still hunting down the DVD’s but I’m being so stretched and encouraged by the guide.

    Thanks for this place of community and sharing!


  48. 148

    Hi there seista mama

    I have a friend that has broke the mold in me a made sure I hold on to the word of God. She has encourage each time I have called upon her, If it wasn’t for her and the many hrs and time she spent with me a leading me to the Lord I would have not been here today. She lead me to the Lord in 2001 and she has taught me how to as she says bloody stretch even though I have not wanted to. She tells me you can do in the strength of the Lord. I love her so much she is one awesome lady always laughing no matter how ruff the road is. Thank the Lord for her
    Thank you seista mama
    Love you too
    P.S. I can call and if she is busy she will always call me back to see whats up.
    And is always praying for me and carrying me to the Lord on her knees. As the song says ( WE ALL NEED SHELTRING TREES FRIENDS IN OUR LIFE THAT WILL GET DOWN ON THERE KNEES AND CARRY US TO JESUS.)

  49. 149
    Jennifer A. Sims says:

    My college roommate Missy. When I started college, I was not a Christian – I was a believer but did not consider nor refer to myself as a “Christian”. She was the first person to ever truly love me despite my weird, and usually worldly, belief system (ie “If I am a good person and do right, God will see that and I will go to Heaven. . .”, etc.). She was the first person who showed me the true meaning of a relationship with God, not “religion.” God used Missy in subtle but significant ways to draw me into a relationship with Him. And I am so very grateful that she was a willing and obedient sister in Christ.

  50. 150
    Roxanne Worsham says:

    My most recent and most precious “unlikely friendship” was birthed on this very blog. One of our Siestas named Kim is the person God put in my life for such a time as this. God is growing me in my relationship with my husband of 18 years and this Siesta challenges me, loves me enough to be honest, speaks from her heart to mine, and sets an incredible example with her own spouse. I just texted her today that me and my man are on our way to becoming a power couple like her and her man. Kim is the kind of friend that I want to be to others. She is so uplifting and encouraging. She is a giver; not just of her resources, but of her love and her time. She always has time for me and is the BEST LISTENER I have ever encountered. I have only known her for a year but feel like I have known her all of my life. Kim is the best friend I have ever known or ever had. Miles may separate us, but other than that we are two peas in a pod. How I praise GOD for this magnificent woman of faith and Godly integrity and character.

    Another precious friendship that continually challenges me, stretches me, encourages me, and ministers to me is my friend Victoria. I have known her since our boys were four and always felt a connection with her but this past year we have really gotten much closer. She is a high profile and well known person but is the most down to earth person you would ever want to know. She walks and lives her faith authentically. Victoria is the epitome of a gracious lady who does not pass judgement on others. No matter what problem I take to her, and I have taken some whoppers, she stops whatever she is doing and prays with me and for me. She has so much love to give and she is a total blast. When she speaks to me about certain areas I am all ears. She leads me straight to the WORD and gives Godly counsel.

    When my mom was living, she was always my “go to gal” for everything. I have missed having someone like that in my life for 5 years. Now I have been given a double portion!! 🙂

    I am blessed beyond measure to have such strong, Godly women in my life. Thank You, JESUS!!!

    • 150.1
      Kim Safina says:


      I am sitting here in California with tears streaming down my face.
      I am truly touched by your words,love,and heart!!!!

      “Whatever is good… comes to us from God above.”
      James 1:17 (NLT)

      … After I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints/siestas, Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers…
      Ephesians 1:15-17 (KJV)

      Harvest & “Heaven Bound” Blessings and love,
      Kim Safina
      Looking forward to seeing YOU and VICTORIA Soon!!!!

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