Hello Saturday Off! (And a Little Announcement)

Hey, You Darling Things!

I’ve had the best week because Melissa’s been in town since Monday. We’ve been together with the Joneses a ton of times and having everybody together brings me so much joy. I’ve told you before that my girls make me laugh like nobody else on earth. We just sat at FreshBerry and laughed until we nearly threw up our FreshBerry tart. (Are you guys into that yet? And, yes, I already know it’s a knock-off of Pink Berry but, since we don’t have Pink Berry in Houston, uh, we’re just going to knock it off. You just can’t be cooler than you are.)

These were our choices today. Amanda got Fruity Pebbles on hers which was a throw back to her childhood and reminded me of her little sister who tends to have the taste buds of a first grader. She also got blueberries and strawberries so that, true to form, her fruit could stay in the same color palette. Melissa is our riskier one with a menu but it doesn’t always pay off. (For instance, she’ll try the club sandwich at a Chinese restaurant or pasta and marinara at some place like Chili’s.) This time she tried the Key Lime Chiffon with graham crackers because the guy at the counter said it tasted just like the pie and, even though it was good, it was not as good as my traditional fare and she mostly assisted me in scraping the bottom of my cup. (I think I also licked it.) I got three fruits (mango, kiwi, and strawberries) but I also got granola which is like 70 cents extra (the fourth topping is extra) but there’s a reason why my name is still Moore and theirs is not. I was addicted by my second trip to FreshBerry and have sworn there is some kind of drug in it that drives you back. Of course, that’s a lie, lest I start a rumor.

Since many of you have commented along the way how close we seem (not me and FreshBerry but me and my girls although FreshBerry and I are moving forward in our relationship), I just want you to know, we don’t laugh together and get such a big kick out of each other because we don’t have problems. We each have a full plate of them. We just laugh because we might as well. Life’s just funnier that way. We also get a lot of satisfaction out of making fun of each other. If we cross the line, though, we apologize profusely and feel like dogs and tell the other one to say something mean to us, too. If they won’t, we’ll say something mature like, “Well, hit me then!”

Melissa’s been in town this week for us to start a very special project together. I would be so blessed and thankful for you to stop a split second and pray for us. We have just begun research for the next in-depth Bible study, God willing, and it will totally preoccupy us for at least the next full year. (She actually started on it months ago but I’ve just turned my attentions to it in the last seven days.) This will be a seven week, eight session study on the life and Book of James.

This time, instead of contributing through research alone (which she does masterfully and like no one else I know), I’ve asked Melissa to write brief segments from her own perspective and research each week throughout the workbook. I will write the main body of the lessons like usual and, unless the plan changes, she will have a box in each lesson where she brings her own voice. I will do the lecture sessions as usual, too, but she will also probably be in some of the cutaways or what we call “outros.” All of this is what we believe we’re sensing from God right now but it will no doubt develop as we go. We’re super excited and yes, nervous as always, but we feel like we’ve got a window of opportunity for a little co-writing and we’re going to jump through it. Amanda has already been right in there with us helping us shape the concept but, as you know, her hands are full with small children right now and this is not her season for this kind of titanic undertaking at work. She is my favorite editor and I so hope she’ll be able to look over some of the lessons along the way as her schedule permits. In one way or another, our lives are always intertwined. Amanda may not co-write but goodness knows she has provided a preschooler and toddler who, in turn,ย  provide no few illustrations.

Anyway, thank you for caring about what’s brewing around here at Living Proof. I am never more stressed or overworked than when I’m in the middle of writing an in-depth Bible study but I am also never more fulfilled. It is the work I love best because it immerses my poor brain in the wealth of Scripture day after day after day. Hour after hour after hour. Some people’s brains simply need washing. God is gracious beyond comprehension to allow somebody with my kind of past to serve people like you.

Which reminds me, yesterday Hawk and I taped my SSBS greeting for you. (It will be your post on Tuesday as we launch our third gathering.) I thought you might get a kick out of how professional we are around here. This is our camera set up.

No one can say we don’t keep up with all the latest technological advancements here at Living Proof. No sir. (In case you can’t see that tiny camera at the top of the tripod, that statement’s a bit of a joke.) We tape in one of the offices right on the second floor where a bunch of the staff works and Hawk and I love to shout, “Quiet on the set!” (By the way, they’re usually not.)

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Work a whole lot of Jesus into it and maybe a little frozen yogurt…and find somebody in your neck of the woods to laugh with. It does a body good.

I love you. That’s the honest truth. You are the FreshBerry Tart of the Blog World. I just keep coming back.


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  1. 151
    Marcy says:

    Yipppeee!!! I love love love the book of James, when I was new to Bible study and all things church, I told a friend I wanted to read the Bible I just didn’t know where to start..She said, read James, I did it was great! So for the last several months I have been doing some Chip Ingram studies, and one of my gals said we should do this other Chip study next…I said..you know I am gonna be needing me some Beth before long..it’s been since Esther…I am NEEDY! So so full of joy right now, woo hoo

    • 151.1
      Amanda K says:

      Marcy – I am jumping up and down right now (well bobbing in my chair)!!! So excited with you girl!

  2. 152
    Linda says:

    How exciting!! What a blessing to have your girls along side of you in ministry. I cannot wait to dive into your James study. I know I will be blessed. Thank you so much!!
    Love ya ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 153
    Carol Gray says:

    I KNEW you were going to finally get to James! Love.That.BOOK!!! Can’t want for y’all to complete this study!

  4. 154
    Denise says:

    So excited about the study on James- I’m looking forward to it! How wonderful to be working with both of your daughters in your ministry! Will be praying for you as you prepare this study.

  5. 155
    flip flops says:

    I have spent much time in the book of James. It is one of my favorite books, so excited you are doing that book. Will be praying you through it.

    Ok what is fresh berry? You all have the neatest places where you live. Up here in the woods of NH there are no such things. LOL!

    Just wondering how you like your ipad that you got for your birthday?

    Love you much,

  6. 156
    Village Sister says:

    In April 2007 I attended a LPL event in Columbia, SC. Your message was on James 1:1-25 and it was wonderful. I have 11 pages of notes from that event that I refer back to often. I also have the commissioning from that weekend framed in my office – keeps me mindful of DSFX. ๐Ÿ™‚

    May God bless you both as you work on this new study. Love ya’ll bunches! โ™ฅ

  7. 157

    I just loved when you said we laugh “because we might as well”. And you know it is just plain fun. Prayed right away and will continue to do so. I am blessed to have a wonderful Jesus loving, Bible teacher, prayer warrior Momma right here in SC and love when we are studying together. Will be praying for God’s revelation as ya’ll study and write and many many laughs along the way.

  8. 158
    Sheri says:

    hey beth,
    i loved this post for so many reasons. first of all it gives me hope that my daughter will eventually turn into a human being. she is a precious 9 3/4 and i swear she is going on 13. we butt heads alot, but do get our chances to bond here and there. i know she will eventually grow to be my best friend and i am trying to make our bond one that can withstand the strains of teenhood (is that a word?)
    secondly, i could not be more excited about James. i absolutly love this book in the scripture and can’t wait to get into your study. what a blessing it will be to pray for you while you write a study that i will one day participate in…kinda cool in a circular sort of way.
    thank you so much for sharing with us/you made my day!
    KC MO

  9. 159
    Lori says:

    Fresh Berry looks so good! I don’t think we have one of those here in Atlanta / West Cobb. I so love hearing about your relationship with your girls. I am also a mom of two precious daughters ages 18 and 15 and it sounds like we have the same type of relationship as y’all! I will be praying for you, Melissa and your team as you embark on another wonderful study! Blessings to you all!

  10. 160
    Sandi Hester says:

    I only got as far as Fruity Pebbles in the post and had to stop and write a comment. My 4 year old nephew and I were having a conversation the other day about fruit. I was telling him how I have fruit in my cereal every morning. I could tell he was in deep thought about something and then he said, “Aunt Sandi, you don’t have to put fruit in your cereal – you can just buy cereal that has fruit in it. It’s called Fruity Pebbles!” I didn’t burst his bubble and tell him there’s actually not a hint of fruit in that cereal because he’s very inquisitive and he’d want to know why they would name it that then. He would never be able to eat that cereal again without having a deep conversation with his mom about the fact that it’s name has fruit in it but the cereal has none in it. I laughed my head off!

  11. 161
    ncmama says:

    Yea!!! What a wonderful post to read this beautiful Sunday morning! Glad to hear about the great time you’re having with your girls and ecstatic to hear about your upcoming collaboration! Will indeed be praying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 162
    Hannah R says:

    I love you, Beth! You bring tears of laughter and joy to my eyes like nobody else! Happy Sunday!

  13. 163

    Wow when I read what you and Melissa are doing and the book of James I about fell over I was like yes you go God because He knows exactly what we need in our lifes, about 9 yrs ago I hit a ruff patch in my life and a dear friend of mind pointing me to the book of James the part I remember that she told me do not be swayed in the wind by other people pretty much listen to the Lord and He will direct your paths.
    Lord I pray for these women as they journey in writing this bible study
    help them LORD may they be women of Valour Lord strengthen them Lord , protect them Lord as they study guard there minds, Lord thank you for Beth , Amanda , Melissa for there serving us women here in seistaville we love them. Give them more laughing times together as they journey on this study and Lord I can’t wait for the study.

    Loved the picture of the fresh berry I want one now but I do not think they have one in albuquerque nm so I think I will have to settle for a Keva Juice it is like a smoothie and it is good on these hot days here in Albuquerque.

    I will find someone to laugh with although sometimes I can crack myself up at some of the silly things I do and my dog will give me this look like are you out of your ever loving mind and I just laugh at her sometimes, I am the crack up in my family the rest are more serious than I am but I could go on and on .

    Thank you seista mama for Loving us women and serving us here in seistaville you are my fresh berry and you are a breath of fresh air to me love you so much and thanks for all you do.

    By the way loved your video taping room and saying quiet on the set I just smiled when I read that and thank you that you will be coming back.
    Bless you and yours
    Love you Carol

  14. 164
    Esabelle says:

    I just want you to know that I believe it’s exactly because of your past that He is using you in such a mighty way.
    Thanks for the willingness to be open about your past. He has used you to teach me to be open about mine as well and to always let others know that He is the One who has changed and redeemed and restored me. Worthy is the Lamb.

  15. 165
    Melissa Ford says:

    I’ll have to try Fresh Berry. Although when it comes to dessert I prefer to leave the fruit out…next time you 3 are together…hit up Cold Stone Creamery for the Birthday Cake Remix. Yum! Glad you got to have some girl time. I always look forward to reading about the adventures the 3 of you embark on. Have a great weekend!

  16. 166
    Carolina Cheesehead says:

    I know every teacher/writer has a different approach to how they put together a study or message but I was wondering if you, Melissa and Amanda might be willing to share bits and pieces of what you do on this journey of writing the James study with us siestas. Just how you go about doing it…ie How you decide what points you will cover (do you have a whole outline hashed out before you start writing) what helps you decide what resources to use, just what the journey looks like in general. I think many who might do this on a MUCH smaller scale in our own churches and communities would be so enriched just to hear how somebody we admire so much goes about it. Not that everybody would have to follow suit as our God is so individualized…it would just be a great learning and equipping opportunity to glean pointers from your journey and what it looks like bit by bit along the way.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    • 166.1
      Beth says:

      I’ll try to do that some along the way, Carolina. I’ll tell you now what we’ve done so far. We’ve each done pages (and pages) of research already about his life and the broad sweep of the Book. We’ve also studied every place James appears in Scripture. We will get much more specific as we get to each part and study stacks of commentaries on that particular segment but for now our job is to get more and more familiar with the overview and themes. Our major goal that we needed to accomplish over the last week was to outline of entire Book into seven weeks and 35 days of teaching. Praise God, that was accomplished. I never start writing without an outline. In early September I’m thinking I’ll probably begin the actual writing. It’s a very slow process because we do research in advance THEN research as we go. It’s a mind full – but that’s what I love about it. When I get my “days” written, I will send them to Melissa and she’ll then work on her additions to it.

      • Beth, Thank you so much for answering Carolina’s question! And thank you Carolina, for asking it! I have wanted to pick our dear Siesta Mama’s brain on this very subject for so long. I too write studies that I teach locally and often say outloud, “I wish Beth taught ‘How to Write Bible Study’ classes.” Love you and your ministry so very much! And can’t wait for James! One of my favorite books of the Bible.

      • Bobbie says:

        Beth, Thank you for putting this and so much more into your research for your studies! No wonder it takes a year to write one study!!! I’m sure that working with Melissa on James is going to mean the world to you and you’ll pass that ‘love of study’ on to us. What a blessing for all involved!!

      • Carolina Cheesehead says:

        Wow! My heart just skipped a beat. Thanks so much for sharing this.

        We are doing your Revelation Study with our Ladies ministry at church now and last week you kept saying over and over “too much” its just “too much” regarding what was being revealed to John. I thought, oh I want that! I want to be soooo immersed in Scripture that its just “too much” to bear – that I feel the strong need to get down on my face with one hand in the air as you stated before God can even reaveal any more. Just loved that! and am LOVING the study.

        Just from reading this bit so far I can see how you become so familiar with whatever you are studying before you even think about teaching or writing. Very inspiring!!! No wonder you know it so well by the time you are ready to share it. Thanks again so much. I will be praying for you all and will greatly anticipate the unveiling of the James study.


      • Lindsay says:

        What a great question! It’s so neat to see/hear behind the scenes info. I’ve always wondered how you put together a study so thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to hear more. I always want to know more about the history of the bible and I guess that just involves patience and studying! Two things I do not do well:) SO, thank you for tackling that for us. You do the work and we learn from you!… I like that! haha! Thank you for all you do. You truly do help encourage/motivate us all to stay on the right path – growing closer to the Lord.

  17. 167
    Catherine says:

    I have an off-topic question that I know one of my Siestas can answer for me. I reveal myself as an unfaithful member of the body, I’m afraid with my question: In one of Beth’s books – I believe it was Believing God – there was a quick list of things that people routinely do as Christians and that are the foundation of our actions as Christians. It was very simple – attending a local church, but there were four or five other very basic things. I’d love to find that list again – if anyone reading can help me out, I’d be grateful.


    • 167.1
      Beth says:

      Would you believe that I am not even sure of that one? Believing God had the Five Statement Pledge of Faith. Does that sound familiar? What throws me is that it doesn’t refer to attending a local church (but I do refer to that A LOT) so it’s probably another one. Any of you Siestas know what she could be referencing?

      • Catherine says:

        Hi, Beth (!!!!! Pardon me while I hyperventilate a minute. I’m a little verklempt. There, all better now.)

        No, the five-statement pledge of faith is something I still recite daily. This was deep in the book (maybe another book?), and was about how to get involved in the Body once you’d made your commitment of faith. I know that faithful attendance at a local fellowship was primary, but there were others – the basics that are the starting point to a walk with God. I owned the book for years, but donated it to my church and now it’s blessing someone else, so I can’t look it up easily.

        (I’m taking the opportunity to tell you (Beth !!!!!!) that during your Daniel study, you talked about God taking you on a field trip during a season of pain in your life and you didn’t mean it in a particularly pleasant way. But I heard “field trip!!!” and got all pleased and excited, because really, I am six.

        When I was taking my car to be serviced, I scooped up “Jesus, the One and Only” to read while I was waiting, all excited to see what God would do because maybe He’d take me on a field trip. And did he ever show up! A total stranger, a young man that I’d normally be a little skittish about talking to, asked me where to get the book, having glimpsed the title. I told him, and then, I swear, had a conversation with the Lord that went, on my side, a lot like, “Give him the book?!? Are you kidding me? He’ll think I’m nuts. Seriously, God. He’ll laugh in my face. I’m making this up, right? OK, if he comes by, I will. I’ll try. No, not try – I will.” And, of course, he came back and sat down and, of course, I fumbled all over myself asking him to let me give him your book. He graciously accepted, and I wept with joy all the way home feeling, deep in my soul, that my dear Jesus was pleased with me. Because I’d been on a field trip with my God, and it was one of the best things ever. Thanks to you.

      • Sharon in Frederick says:

        My first thought was:
        1.God is who He says he is
        2.God can do what He says he can do
        3.I am who God says I am
        4.I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
        5. Gods Word is Alive and Active in me

        I hope this helps.

      • Holly in MI says:

        Hi Catherine! Believing God is one of my favorite studies. I am wondering if you are referring to the list of precepts Beth includes in the study on how to believe God. She includes that “Faith comes through hearing the Word of God.” She adds that one of the biggest faith-builders we have is a relationship with God through His Word and we expose ourselves to God’s Word through sermons, teachings, lessons, devotionals, and Bible study.
        1. Faith is a quality of the fruit of the Spirit
        2. Faith comes through hearing the Word of God
        3. We can ask Christ to increase our faith
        4. Confess our unbelief to Christ and request His help to overcome it
        5. We can grow in faith
        Hope this helps!

    • 167.2
      Jessica says:

      Maybe you’re thinking of the spine vs. rib issues in the Psalms of Ascent study? Things that are core to following Christ – like the virgin birth, Jesus is the only Son of God, etc. (those are spine issues) vs. things like Calvinism and Armenianism (which would be a rib issue).??? Maybe that’s it?

    • 167.3
      Kathy B says:

      Dear Catherine, thanks for being so honest. I’ve just flipped briefly through my Believing God workbook and didn’t see a list such as you described, but I could’ve missed it.

      But I do remember Beth saying that when she is asked about the secret to her obviously amazing walk with the Lord, she replies, “The secret is…it is no secret. It’s prayer and Bible study, prayer and Bible study, prayer and Bible study.” It might not seem flashy, but I’ve never heard a better or truer answer.

      When you mention “foundations of our actions as Christians,” I think Beth’s answer holds true. And yes, being active in the body of Christ is very supportive to our growth as well.

      Hope that’s helpful and that more siestas have more info. Blessings!

    • 167.4
      Jody says:

      At first I thought you were referring to the Five Statement Pledge of Faith, but as I have looked through my study guide I find on page 26, at the top of the page Beth talks about Faith that comes through hearing the Word of God. The paragraph is as follows: ” Without a doubt, one of the biggest faith-builders we have is a relationship with God through His Word. The more we receptively expose ourselves to God’s Word through sermons, teachings, lessons, devotionals, and Bible studies, the more fuel we will add to the fire of our faith.”
      This may be what you’re referring to. I don’t know if these are the “foundations of our actions”, but my experience is that my Faith is increased in spending time with God and in His Word and as a result I pray my actions will reflect that and if they do it is to His Glory! The amazing discovery, for me is that His Word applies to me, it is active and alive and unchanging… It Is God! I used to think it was a story…
      โค jody

      • Catherine says:

        Thanks so much to all of my Siestas for responding – I didn’t mean to sidetrack the discussion of James. I’m a big fan of lists, and this list was very, very basic stuff, on the order of “go to a local church, support that church financially” and two or three other really fundamental things. It’s the two or three other things that I’d like to know, but God knows what I need, and I’ll figure them out eventually.

        I’ve recently had a period of … coldness in my walk with God. In all honesty, I walked away from God when things didn’t go the way I thought they should. I’m finding it hard to get back to my place on my knees before Him. (I can no longer physically kneel, which, stupidly, is part of the problem.) I thought a list would help.

        Thank you for letting me take your conversation off-track for a minute. I appreciate your concern so much.

    • 167.5
      God's not-so-little Dutch girl says:


      It has been a while,but as I was reading Beth’s Believing God book, I think I came across the list you were asking about. It is on the bottom of page 212 and the top of 213. Beth is talking about doing the day-in day-out fundamentals which are: Prayer. A daily time in God’s Word. Praise and worship. Attending church.Serving a church body.Giving.

      Is that the list you were asking about? Hope this helps, hope you find this, sorry it took so long. Joan

  18. 168
    Lori Anderson says:

    Oh wow!!! This was such a super surprise for me!!! I always say when in doubt or you dont even know what to do or say….Read the book of JAMES!!! I have read it many many times and found great hope in the book! So happy that you are getting to share this with your girls in one way or another! Cant wait and I will be praying about this. I stopped immediately and added it to the top of my prayer list for today! I cant wait to see what God has in store for the many women who have had the great pleasure of diving into one of your in depth studies! Praying for great blessings to all!
    Much Much Love,
    Lori ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 169
    Shawna says:

    Beth, Amanda, Melissa:
    I love love love that your family laughs. I am also blessed to come from a Christian – and imperfect home… but of all the things that I am grateful to my family for, second to introducing me to Jesus – it is laughter. Through tears at times… but I would always smile when I would bring friends home to meet my family and they would be amazed at how frequently all of us would be in utter hysterics. Something in our DNA just gives each other the giggles… when were weren’t trying to kill each other of course… : ) And as I have watched families around me, none of them are perfect – but the ones who allow themselves to have some good belly laughs over the smaller things, are certainly happier!


  20. 170
    Gloria Beary says:

    Hi Beth,
    James will be awesome! So glad you will be writing that! What a blessing it will be. Your blog makes me so happy-love getting to know the relationship between you and your daughters. So fun! I stood up once in a seminar and asked if you would ever write a book or study about “marriage”. You said that “the seasons” just never would settle down enough for you to begin. And I think I heard a teeny tiny “yes” before you walked off the stage.(We were in the overflow room) I believe with all my heart you should and every time I pick up one of your books (everywhere) I think “that girl should write a book about marriage-she has something to tell”. I, for one, would recommend and read it. Jesus loves you. Gloria

  21. 171
  22. 172
    M says:

    Jesus is working in magnificent ways through all types of people. Check out the blog for this missionary who is preparing to serve on a US Military Base in Europe working with military teens and their families:


  23. 173
    WorthyofLove says:

    So much on to say….First the power of suggestion is strong…took my boys to TCBY last night for a little yogurt and fruit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Church today was powerful. The Word was preached boldly. I feel my heart challenged to live more openly for Christ. I also felt heartache for the people in my Sunday School class. We talked about belief and dependency on God. Many men admitted to not believing or being able to really trust God. My heart feels burdened -I’m not even expressing it well. Walking by faith and not by sight…that’s the challenge.

    How much do we miss because we’re so caught up in the here and now. It’s so easy to stand in church singing praise songs and feel full of faith, to hear the Word and be encouraged. The problem comes when I walk out with my family, sit in our van, or step foot back in our house, to really act like I believe. To choose humility like Jesus did.

    Sunday musings…

  24. 174
    Leigh Ann says:

    Yea!!!! Can’t wait for the new Bible Study!!! And I am so excited to be hearing from Melissa too! Praying that God’s anointing will be all over it and that He’ll gain much glory!

  25. 175
    Dionna says:

    Awww – we don’t have a Freshberry or a Pink Berry so your little new yogurt indulge is new to me!

    Your new Bible Study sounds great – especially Melissa’s part in it. Melissa..I’m looking forward to your “outro’s” and your voice contribution to it!

  26. 176
    Kate says:

    I already prayed about the James study ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you and Melissa are blessed beyond measure as you prepare it.

    Speaking of Bible studies….I’m currently working through Living Beyond Yourself. I can’t even put into words how timely it is. Goodness. My husband and I are seeking the Lord’s guidance on some major life decisions right now. Yesterday I listened to Session Two: To Live by the Spirit. And girl – it was good. Just so timely and so needed and so God. Just thought I’d let you know!

    Have a wonderful week ๐Ÿ™‚

    Learning to live life in the Spirit,
    Kate ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 177
    Mandy says:

    You have been prayed for.

  28. 178
    Nicole says:

    I am so excited to hear of this joint venture. What a privilege to grow in God’s Word from your diligent research as well as watch you work together in such a loving and inspiring way as family. The three of you have inspired me as much through your family living and honest blogging as you do through your studies. I thank you for being willing to share your growing pains and joys with us – all to the glory of God.

  29. 179
    Shon Tetik says:

    It is so cool to have Amanda and Melissa walking this ministry road with you, Beth. We are all so blessed that they have felt led to take this journey with you. Can’t wait to see the new study completed–as well as all that Melissa contributes to it. I know that God will bless this work and that it will bring spiritual growth to multitudes.

    My daughter has also turned me on to the frozen yogurt craze. We have our knock-offs as well. The “Orange Leaf” is our local spot in Stillwater, OK. You can’t beat that cool freshness in this heat!

    Praying for you, the girls and all the staff at LPM as you continue to minister. Bless you guys!

  30. 180
    Jennifer says:

    Beth, I love reading about the fun you guys have! I also love your Bible Studies! I can’t wait to get in to your study of James.

  31. 181
    carla says:

    Oh, Beth I am so with you. Laughter is good especially when the going gets tough. People often when they hear for things going on with me wonder why I smile and joke. There’s nothing I can do but pray for my circumstances because ultimately the MASTER is in charge. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It always gives me another reason to smile.

  32. 182
    Kim B. says:

    Sweet Beth (and all your other Sweets too…Amanda, Melissa and those yummy sweets you ate yesterday!)…
    DID YOU KNOW that today, July 18th is National Eat Ice Cream (or Yogurt) Day? Apparently, Ronald Regan instated this day years ago and made July, National Ice Cream Month. Then they narrowed it to a DAY….TODAY!

    So keep eating cold yummy ice cream or yogurt all weekend!
    And totally Walk in Freedom with the calories Siestaville! They don’t count when it’s a National Holiday!
    Indulging and lovin’ it in Orlando!
    Kim B.

  33. 183
    Brenda Johnson says:

    So excited to hear that you are working on a new study for all of us “Beth Moore hounds”, that can’t get enough of your teaching! I got a tingling feeling when I read it will be on the book of James…so much good stuff in there! I am enjoying your teachings on Proverbs right now each Weds. at my church and am lovin’ the Ruth study with some dear friends…it’s all so good. Now I am going to go have an Edy’s frozen fruit bar that is the closest thing I have to the fresh berry tart, which looked delish!!
    Love and hugs,

  34. 184
    Rachel says:

    The study on James sounds so exciting! I was privileged to attend Christian schools growing up and one of my senior projects in high school was to memorize James in entirety. Along the way, I did quite a bit of exegetical study in it as well. Since then, this book has been one of my favorite places in Scripture because of its rich wisdom and challenges regarding the imitation of Jesus in every day life. I can’t wait to hear what you two ladies have to say about it!

  35. 185
    Donna Benjamin says:

    Prayer? You got it! That’s something that I’m real good at doing, and am able to do in the midst of this week of packing. Our packers arrive in the morning and will be here all week, then we head up to Tuscaloosa on Friday! We are still not sure where exactly we’ll end up, for now we’ll be residing in an “executive apartment” fully furnished with maid service. Hopefully we’ll find a home real soon though.

    I just gotta say that the Ruth bible study is so perfect for me right now! Last week, we were up at the University of Alabama for my oldest daughter’s orientation, and I got a bit behind, (or so I thought on the study). On Friday morning, I told myself that I’d just jump in where I was, do the study, and then wake up by daughters so we could all go to Dunkin’ Donuts together for breakfast. Well, I got to the last paragraph, and wouldn’t you know it…Kelly ended that day with telling us to go get donuts! So, I think I was exactly where the Lord wanted me! Of course, my girls thought that was the neatest thing, as did my husband! I have one more day to finish of this two weeks now, so I’m a little ahead. At least with the study, but if I don’t get off here and start packing clothes etc., I’m going to have to wear these same clothes for God only knows how long! Much love and prayers to all the Siestas, (and I’m so glad that Melissa and Amanda are so involved with your ministry)!

  36. 186

    Oh my… I’ll never forget my first day back at Sunday school after burying my baby boy. We had just started studying James and the passage for that morning was James 1:2-4

    I can laugh about it now (you’re right, Beth, life is funnier that way) but you should’ve heard me then! (Sam died on March 17, 1996) I snapped something like, “Consider it pure joy? Consider it pure joy? Do you mean to tell me you can go through what I just went through and consider it joy?”

    The poor teacher. He was speechless. (Something I don’t imagine our Mama Siesta would ever be! … and I mean that in a good way.)

    We Siestas have cried a lot of tears together. And we’ve laughed a lot too. I have a feeling we’ll do more of both when we dive into Beth’s new study on the book of James.

    I can hardly wait!

  37. 187
    aussie monica says:

    I love James! Looking forward to it!

    Getting back to work is what I am also doing tomorrow. Going back to work full-time after one year off with my little one. Husband will be looking after the 4 kids until, God willing, he secures a well-paying job. Please pray for us! ThankS!

  38. 188
    Amanda K says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to study this together ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying for ya’ll!!!!

  39. 189
    Susan Knowles says:

    Wow! James! I did stop and say a prayer for you re writing a study of James. Even though I’ve helped lead workshops on James, it’s only in the last few years taht I can claim to love the book. God Gets in your business through that scripture!!! Looking forward with great anticipation for the finished product. Thank you for your faithful diligence to do the hard part for our benefit.
    We don’t have Fresh Berry, but here in Bradenton, FL we have a lovely locally owned restaurant/frozen custard shop called Sweet Berries which is YUM! Whoever is available after our Wed. morning Bible study goes for lunch, so we’re not totally cool but we love it anyway!
    (The shop is in a building that was the ballet studio I attended when I was a girl and my old ballet teacher still lives in the house behind it that her husband built in the 60’s and she is, I’m not kidding, 105 years old!)

  40. 190
    Praises in the Valley says:

    oh, i can’t wait! James is my favorite book of the Bible! it is clear and to the point, and yet each time i read it, there’s more to glean! i will most definitely be praying for God to open your hearts as you study his word and share your insights and thoughts with the world.

    also, thank you for reminding me to laugh this week. its going to be a huge week for me, regarding my job in this coming year and i am trying to leave it in Abba’s hands. so, i will laugh this week, in the midst of unknowns. thank you!

  41. 191
    Robin says:

    Beth –

    I love to hear about your relationship with your girls. We are raising two girls right now, ages 8 and 11. Did your girls always get along and have they always been close? Mine do pretty well, that is something I pray for daily though. That they will have a strong bond with each other throughout their lives. Raising girls is tough … You know what I mean???

  42. 192
    Lori says:

    Dear Beth,

    I am praying for you and Melissa as this study progresses. You, Amanda, and Melissa are precious to me! Thank you for serving Him and allowing Him to speak through you.

  43. 193
    Mary Watkins says:

    Well, I have just suffered the biggest senior moment of my life. I have been trying to post a comment for three days. I wanted to tell you, Amanda, what my favorite things were about VBS this year. Today the light bulb came back on. FINALLY! Praise you Lord! I have been so stressed thinking I could not speak with my Siestas. Amanda, it was my bad. Please disregard my plea for assistance.

    Does anybody out there relate to this? If you do, please join me in a good laugh at myself.

  44. 194
    nita daniel says:

    Hi sweet Beth, just a note to tell you I am praying heaven down on you for this new study this is going to be so good to tie into things we are living today. I am writing a study for a class I am teaching on Wed. nights at my church about the 12 sons of Jacob. And I can in no way compare to the way you put together a study but I can understand the hard work and time I have books and research all over my house my poor husband says could you just please stay in one room I am so neat and orderly until I begin something like this. Beth I also just found out today you are coming to Lubbock for a conference. I have so begged and pleaded for ya’ll to come and GLORY it’s happening. I have been on the phone and on my email, facebook all that jazz to tell everyone I know your coming and to get their tickets bought I am even offering my house for a place to stay so we may have the sheriffs office visit and charge a permit for all these crazy women. Beth I want to help in any way you might need me. I would love to be on your prayer team if needed I don’t want to be in the way. When at the Oklahoma Conference a few years back you spoke about the letter I had written about the loss of my Kandance and you gave me a word I have so prayed for that word since she died and it was Harvest and Beth I have seen me some Harvest and it belongs to my Lord. I have taught classes I never thought I would be able to do, prayed for people in the oddest places you would never believe some of them just sought me out and ask me to please pray for them oh the power of the Holy Spirit I can’t believe He can love me so sometimes I wonder how He can even like me. But please let me do something if you need me why I will even cook for you I am so excited. Lubbock is a good town with lots of Godly people and after you come we will have some women full of fire in them and we will take the rest of our city back for Jesus. I love you so because of how you love our Lord and us goofy women. I will pray and God will prevail. Nita Daniel

    • 194.1
      Beth says:

      We are so happy to have Lubbock on the schedule! I said yes almost before they could get the opportunity out of their mouths. Oh, Sister, yes, I remember about your darling Kandance. My heart aches all over again about all you’ve endured. I am so thankful and blessed to hear that God is bringing about a visible harvest. You are a great joy to Christ, young lady. There is no doubt in my mind. You are also living proof of His faithfulness and power.

      I will pass on your offer about serving. Thank you!

    • 194.2
      Julie says:

      Nita – when will Beth be coming to Lubbock? I can’t find it on the Living Proof website, but I want to get it on my calendar and get my tickets as soon as they’re available. Thanks so much for this information!


      • nita daniel says:

        Julie she is coming in Aug of 2011. My church Southcrest Baptist is selling the tickets. This is so great I have been on the phone, email, facebook everything letting people know. My computer is full of messages my phone ringing off the hook. Why girl I have been letting people know in Amarillo, Midland all over our area. Lubbock is going to rock for Jesus I can just feel the ground moving. You get all these precious woman in one place singing, praising and opening His Word to study you know satan is pulling his hair out. If I didn’t have a bone spur in my foot I would be doing some mighty big dancing but right now it’s a little loop sided. If you have never been to one of the conferences you will never be the same. Get you ticket girl and tell all your friends. Beth is coming to Lubbock.

  45. 195
    Jessica says:

    What is this FreshBerry you speak of and why have I never heard of it???? It sounds YUMMY! We must not have them here in North Carolina.

    So excited about the new Bible study. And I’m stoked that Melissa’s playing such a unique role in it!


  46. 196
    Janet Rawls-Cazares says:

    Oh Sweet Siesta Momma,

    Can you please tell me if you are kidding or serious about them fighting like cats and dogs???? I am raising four, on my own, and am constantly preaching to them about how we are family and we should love and prefer each other. PLEASE give me a ray of hope!!!!!!!

    I love you dearly, by the way!

  47. 197
    Renee says:

    Hey Beth …

    I love hearing about your fun times with your girls. I’ve got two of my own (almost 12 and almost 15) and they are already a ton of fun. As you always say about your girls, nobody makes me laugh harder than them. We’re all pretty close at this point and I pray fervently that it remains that way.

    I’m wondering if sometime you could post a bit of parenting advice or host a Q and A on parenting questions. While this season is easier than those baby/toddler years in so many ways, nobody warned me that it would nearly tear my heart out to watch them going through their own “junk,” getting their feelings hurt, finding their way through life. I’ve already lived through those tumultuous years once, thank you very much, and didn’t intend to do it again. Any nuggets of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

    Know that I appreciate you so very much and am already greatly anticipating the James Bible Study. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. 198
    Donna says:

    The ice cream looks yummmy!!!!! oh wait… I was going to say, I’ll be praying for you as you work on the Bible study ~ James, I can hardly wait for it to come out. I’m going to get some ice cream now…yum!

  49. 199
    Sarah says:

    FreshBerry looks great! I wish we had one close! Will be praying for you and Melissa in this new adventure. This is their heritage! Praise God!!!!

  50. 200
    Donna says:

    LOVE the book of James and can’t wait until the study comes out. I am praying that at some point you will do an indepth Bible study on “So Long Insecurity.” I know you did the ‘thang’ on your blog but would still like to see a regular indepth study. I am almost finished with it and I can’t tell you how awesome it is. Our group did session 9 of “Here & Now…There & Then” tonight and we were totally blown away….maybe someday you can do that 22 week thing you talked about in the beginning of the study. I just about have your Bible study writing planned out for you, don’t I? :o) Anything you write for us, Beth, is okay with me….just having a little fun with you. Love you, Siesta Mama!!!

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